Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 14, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1887
Page 1
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ALTON. ILL.. MONDAY .•«• tr,Ji:1, -..- tMil . . trom Sick Hen ilaoh* and BU- A^iM^ft^feEy^t Ws&si&ipz* «»«5S '.fiPSSaMTOffiws MOftvea^bnt, cored, ni,-BO, T* •guiRtor ,T««gvapli' Bsa iBiiioaTbolio. ourad «» lng -Billotta oollo after ns»d. i "T; /i'LAMlEB, PeWMbttrs. Vft. ONLY OBND1NB *.' „'-•"••• Monuf aotnrod by J. H. Zellin, -& Qo.,, Pblla., Pa. ..... ...... " ,,-.--_,-.,, 111.February 12.— Dr. Rauch, Secretary-of the State Bo*rd Of -'Hebltb,' ikl'rfeHly to D. W. SmlthV PriftBldCnt bf "theUnlted States Con'SolldftWd/'Caiile-'growers' ,Asso- clfttion,; aslilng tlie results of the In- vestlsjatlon ipf tlie disease alleged to be pleuro-pnuimonia, saye: "I have carefully investigated the recent outbreak at Chicago, and un- uCSitAtfn^ly' pt*bflotiDoe tbo disCftBB e6'nfiigi6us jiletirB-pneu monia, and not the ordinary form of the pleuro- pnetfmohiav'whiiih' Is not contagious. I am also convinced that the disease is exotic", and that the sanitary 1 con- u ?"!. °* the|i Chicago distillery .sheds had nothing^whatever to do wi.tft is origin; there.' '; ' ; JXWDON, Feb. 13—Our Berlin advices to night ore not favorable to prolonged'continuance of p^eaoe between France and Germany. The uheasiiiess'reflected by the boursei haTejctended to the diplomatic rela- tipns of tKe'.tWo .coiintries. The at^ ?t of Lord Salisbury to ^ 'unoffi- y m^diajie. -tia's receiv'ed no en- Western "wheat prospects ar« not very entering to farmers^ ! 'A. public meeting of Scotch Socialists was held in Glasgow yesterday. The Usual street row followed. •• The opinion prevails in Washington that Congress will sustain the President's veto of the dependent pension bill. ' ^ NUMBER 22O. w the true •ourc«-of the Mississippi River Is not stiob in reality, but that the real sou ret of R«p«rt of gorcetn ueneral Hamiltei. '''" tfiajority of Bostonlans are ' °' * «' « of 400- . - •-,''• f The" suggestion of simultaneous disarmament has not been , considered >^fOrthy of serious aiicussibn." •••--•'•-- >„., not' mhnuf&oture Lard, Candleis,' Butterine, or an^' kindred truokj we do not first squeeze the -fat and "oil outof our stock, and then convert the refuaa Into a worthless Boap. We are not near stock yards , buy no diseased rnaterlal; Absolutely Pure. « •. . 000 it is said 220,000' are Ihsh by birth; 'or descent. Colonel Gilder, who aspires to sit on the 'top of the' mythical ! north polej writes from Hudson Bay Territory 'tb'at he ;and hi* party^re well. The joint committee of the Missouri Legislature has agreiid on a railroad bill, which will be introduced simultaneously in bdth homes. A "Mendelssohn service" was held yesterday at the Church of the Messiah, St: Louis, the music being all from the works of the great ; composer, and Prof .James K. ;Hosmer delivering an address on his life. :? > 'SeyeraiEa8t ll Sti ! iJouis friends of .Ppiiceman Voice declared Saturday : that his arrest on a charge of riitif- dering e*.Mayor>Bowiia*tfvwas " not - ttiat'hls "Innocence -SL^3a J * l i lh ^*/ to !t ,re^ae rnaterlal; •^fVBBjfPAJP Is rn&djd "of 'PURE TAL- tow.'bS' I-ole'an'proce8e> and pan bo -- , —.» v> W*UM< » i^i WWW) CM 114 Veld Oil used freely .without danger of having the ekln diseased or poisoned. ; bitOCBitt FOB IT. EMPIRE SOAP LOUlJt. MO. CO, To, uy.persons wlatung to obtain lettei patent on now-Invohtlona, improvements o [lAslgna, I will execute drawings and • sneclfl cations and'matte appllcutlonB for Patonte AN^ooi!^:iltatloiii In portion or by lotte , froe U'CAS PFKHTENUKKOfiK, r . , ..Alton. HI. ,. , -•_ i^ ', )•'_'*y..i' • • Thx» powder never varies. A marvel ol parity, srreiRth wboloBomonoBs. More eoo- S2 t ^,°,?, 1 ,i^* h ?Jli: cli " a '?: ""Is. and cannot A. IN- I-. FURNITURE I • i • •....- I ;-, 6.. , • ; A-Fjtll and Complete "Stock LIVER OIL JfulHjpoptiosftiites^LimQ&Sria Almost 99 Palatable as Milk. Th» only preparation of COD LIVER OIL that can b» taken r«uHlj%ud toltnttllor a km tlan bjr delicate Momacha, •— AS A HEMEBT FOB ,-Very"httiovwork wiil" be done by Gongrestfdurin^thertimalriing seven- 0 ,_iW^"i.?.'^' )i '^'?f "tfi^ .l w &-^^ Houses'. Committee:wbrk",.,witti"-two'or three exceptions, w-'tinished, and there will oe no' fui-ther^iHeetingtf;" 'The proi ceedings on the^'n'dbi's wiflv f toor be "ionclucted with great rapidity, and $$ e .p 6 J? e d»y»' m'ay be thrown awa J m useless' debates, others will ,*?*'$!$,;$! 1.9?.^^!:! reiiilts. The . 8 f**Vi81' of the yaribus•." meaBures '-'des- tiaed for final passage" before the 4th of March contiMues to >be of such a chara'cter 'as tO-rnake : ' prognostica- tionB"o,uite uncertain. : "''~,._' The crisis in Europe is daily growing more actit£v: Nobody now 'believes that peace will last longer : than the winter. As soon as the roads are passable in tho spring the nations of the ( OId World will : be once more at each other's throaM. There is no more reason why they should flght now than there was last year, or the year before. The war will be a war of the dynasties, not of the peoples. Peasants from the Don, from the 5 a . n . u b e ' f ' om the Rhine arid from the Rhone will be herded to the slaughter, like cattle to th^shambles, not forsonie gYeat princlple'f or which men :inighfr/fitly ;die. but as : toWin the hands of military chieftains to be broken anfl"• (Snde'd^'iiii. part of the game of dipl6'niaisy.'''''•> • ;i .W.Jb'. ON HAND. AIX OHDBP • '. • •••• - .• -•! -rou • UPHOLSTERING •' llv r*^::-. 1 ! 6 ^/' { . J K.."-.t'> ,'.Wito'* - V<-. •.. , . , Noajfly ,iinrt proinptly executed. Belle St., hot. 'Third and Fourth. -AI/9O— 11K8LDBNOE OOtt, 8TATB A SEVENTH 8T8 AJ-l WOKE T0 AT Of E10B AMU SHOP UN 8BC.OND |S1\, For a check for $20 wo will print ' a ton-lluo advertlsemont In One Million IMUOS of leaa- lag Ameriuiin Newip .punj, ThU U at tho 'ato ofonly one flftli of nooutu lluo.for lA^oliou Intloul Tho adyortUcniont will bo 1 plaood .before Oqa. .Wlllnu DICFKIIKNT ntiwauanttr jmrcliawirt :-or KivB UILI.IOK UEAVKBS, Ten Ilium will ao"Oimn(Klnto ubuiit TB woi'd*; > Ad <TSM with oopyof adv anuohuok. O" Han't »i •ante 'for book of 170 pave*. UKO. I'. ROW- Bl.b A UP., in Bpruco at., N, Y. EMPIRE MILLS. 8BCOBTU' 8TKBHJ (Keaj-'Flaja), ALTok. '• cull HAm : Ground Onto, Ground Corn, -Hay, Oats. Corn, ' ILL Buckwheat Flour, ' Oriiliiim flbur,eto FBOilPTLtUBUVKUKIiTOANY 1'AUT OF TUU. 01TV. t M,WILKINSON. Jy7 <t« . President Ceyeland has sent back to Congress^thout his'approval the dependent peiiSfbn bilK-f Briefl^f the measure prd\*rded'for & pensioti to the soldiers of any of our wars who are at present' suffering ^rom any mental or physical disability 1 and in- capacjtatea thereby ffbm suppor'tinff themselves'-"By" ;;> datlf labon " ; The; Pri siderit, ib hifl ; message, points out that,'under the'bill/'ben wlio-have served only three wdnths in ; -'the army, were'neveri^an'engaireincnt, and sustained ; nb : irijurie8 aa the' result of thefr v bervice>'fca'n> draw'- ! $12- permpafh.; Titey are not required to b6 without property, but Ottly dependent to a certain degree on their own exertions. He" says that the Midlers' 'of; the rebfell on; have been better 'compensated 'than "any other .soldiers'"'''since 'mankind • first went' to Wari" and that l all 'really needy and homeless? soldiers^ have- been provided 1 ! for at Institutions tnaintained by the government. The proposed law' lie continues, would "p«t;h fih-ther pfeiniUm on dishonesty and mendacity," on account of the wide range taken by its provisions and the 1 number of pension frauds would be greatly increased. JOSlSPii JAMUBTT»S STABLE:- 8TBEKT. BKTWBKN AUJY AND KA8TOH, ' • ••'•••• . U.L.INOI T. L. FOULDS & CO., Higheat Market ?rio% Paid for Corn and Pickles. "" SI^^I^JP;FOJ^ SAI^B. :.'. •' MpTowtim • ••• •• -v .- .; ':..U True Sauroe of the M.IHHU- slppl. ' ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 9.—For a number of weeks Captain WWard Glazier and his brother have been industriously at "Work' In varioui parts of the State eildea'voring to secure the; ih'dorsemehtli of citizens to the Captain's olftim tib'ai' he is the original 'discoverer of the true source of the Mississippi river. The State Historical Sooitey became .Interested :ih the matter, and last night gave formal expression of its views. After listening to an exhaustive paper on tbe subject by General J. H. Baker, the society adopted resolutions to the following effect; That we hereby express as the deliberate Judgment of this sooitey-, that the assertions and assumptions of said 'Gluz'er are baseless and false; that 'he is in uo sense a di«uoverer or ftlorer; that the lake which i j ~~ ~~i —•• **** *wv v« vi/uii ol Hflm* iltott. Supervising Burgeon General, is at nand., The .report, shows .that the serTioe, one; of the most Important connected with the general government, is practically self sustaining The total '•«»•«•«"•'— of the rear sndlne,Jt»»« . Mot whwh alt > 43 was tbe receipts . ----.- tax and repayments-for the treatment of foreign seamen. -'Tn* number ol sick ana disabled »*amen teltbved during the year was 48,WSrln 1886 small pox-wa».epldemic in Canada and the utmost Vigilance was rewired to prevent its introduction into tbe United Slates. The northern frontier was quarantined, and 88,881 persons cammed and 16.647 vaccinated. The effect of. this quarantine was to secure to ;he United States almost entire immunity from small por, without senouilr interfering with commerce^ * Few persons know anything 'of the importance and efficiency of thei qnar. antine feature of the hospital serrlae-as organized under/ Surgeon General Hamilton. When the small pox- epi- demio broke out he sent out from Washington by .telegraph brief orders to his subordinates, and in a very-short time the entire eoast from Lake Michigan totbe Atlantic was under iinspeo, Uoniv Infected or nnvacoinated persons attemptim? to pan fronMJanada'to the United States were stopped, : sent to h'ispitBis or vaccinated as the case required, nod-the people of Michigan, Illinois;' Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Kew Hampshire and Maine/' followed 'their usual avooa» tjons, unconscious that a force of intel- Mpnj men; directed by a central.head at Washington, was proteetinir them from the horrors of a small pox ent- demic.— Whitehall JB«pubtitan.'\ Dr. Hamilton is. a brother of Mrs. Johnj Letereit; of Upper Alton; Core «fBronchitis. Mr. B. Garey, of Brie, • Fenn., writes as follows: , •; , - , • *1>, had bronchitis for over two years. My life was made utterly wretched by it. _'It was oongb, cough, cough, until at ti-nes I thought -1 would- choke to death; I tried every remedy, it seems tome—some outride, 'more inside. Mow and then I would get slight relief, then baofc again It would come, worse nan ever. Last winter I sUrted using Allcock's Porous Plasters and kepi them on; I felt better almost immediately, and hare kept one on,my ohe-t almost ever since, using it as a chest protector. 1 cannot say too much for them for I am cured of ithat disease. •> » .•••., Fox drives seem to kill more men than foxes. Two men have ^already died from the effects of the^Poarldrive some time ago, and no one--know« how many ruined their health at -the -same gathering.-— Whitehall Ittpttb'.ican, , THE New-York Co-mmoretul Ailverti$tr patriotically remarks: "I* it,- then,; such ™u ™^ d , fn i' lhlDK to be mn 'American t i ne Knights of Labor are"trying 10 make m ashamed of it, bat we'propose to keep pegging away, ppmtjngi out the good .thlttes about us, ev.eri if we do occasionally have to speak a word of praise for a native." . >'.. THE untiring Captain Cowden lias finally obtained a hearing Ibofore the Senate committee for improvement of the Mississippi river. • And «the Lake Borgne outlet stands a good chance of being -again i opened.: .The; itbeory is that it-will be aissfety valve in time of flood;-and will deepen the main: channel of the river. .No man has studied: the old Father ofWatern mpre closely/than Captain Cowden. : ..,..',... , > , Free Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and the taking off of revenue stamps, from proprietary medicines, no doubt, has largely benefitted the oongumers, M well as relieving the burden of home rnanu* faoturers. Especially is this the case with Green's August Flower and BOB- oboe's German Syrup, as the reduction of tblrty.slx cents per dozen, has been added to increase tbe size of the bottles containing these remedies, thereby giving one-fifth more medicine in the 75 pent .sine. The . .August Flower for uyipepaia Vtid Livjar complaint and tbe German Sjrup'for • eongh and lung tronblearnare, perhaps, tho largest sale of aiiy medieines m the world. The advantage of increased size of tbe bottles wjllibo^reatlyi, appreciated by the ..•Ufc'k and afflicted, In wery town and viliaze in. oivilised < countries. Sample bottles tor 10 oentt remain the same size. v ,, r »,- ; .<:j» S.dwlweow Immediate relief,.' -,and .permanent cure ia uffeoted- with ^'Pedaonra Corn Plasters." / i.." : rls..v v, r> hare to I am g^ing to consolidate my two establirfiments, m6kegrotfmfornew goods,and offef my enti aom now nntil March let, at BELOW Everything must go to save cost of moving and itoriwr Ta- We-wwe,'Cutlery^Stovee, Hardware, Tinware,' l ,r raaite ' > 'W r are, Locks, Springs, and eve- , . jything kept in:anyhar& '*are»tore. AUtheie and were bought before the recent advance In prices. To thoee cbntem^lating building tiiis spring, I offer 1,000 KEGS QP STEEL NAILS! at factory Prices. Eememeber the places s H9-I2I SECOND STREET, AND us THIRD STREET. ~ < ' "• ' : j , T < This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old and wora-out stock, but a bona fide reduction solely to save expense of moving or storing, Call at Onco and Secure Bargains I SIB M. HKAJXJUARTBB8 FOB THE Buggy in the World. in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly paymenis. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, ^ ^ FINE HANGING LAMP8, K $1.75, 92, $230, $4, $6.50, $7.50 to $10. Head quarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL UIL, ENGINE and ™+ „, , ' /" CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paiins, rea<ly for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you wiil save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL JOHNBAUER, DEALBH m AMD MANtrTAOTUHEIi . . ...j ..,, ...» ... .oir........- . FURNITURE. THE BEST ON EARTH! Opp. City Hall, AIjTON, AU kladt of due BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $60. Warrantea 20 Years. BBEECH-LoHlNG GUNS, From $16 to $30. J H ROOTW THE LEADING *j. n. ovsu i n, JEWELER, '•••••' • mylMwly ;

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