Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 12, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1887
Page 4
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it"*** *p ** P. T aUntf "1& Sffflft'** »• •tkfeiorfb aMw^TbS Jt 1,* h ;hree Peculiarities . .. - r —r — ••*••» •mnnn ^m»**»pt iiating medicine, U characterized by « , , member of nearl , , lr mr/ ftmUr i, th. f onfcKJfttoiiltiM 'l : jWAiho^bj;ri(u #«ttpjMffrijf*fi " '° n «U"l8ic attaekt, w of Muralglo headache, pain to "OUT OF TUB COMMON." t«_ Th^ pfcporMft earnest you must Ui>sis, lietJst,barb«tf liidy upplfed « ' *" Hpw lint It fiid Jl thu8(» am tln.vH .— .........JfOnulft ,1'lint scvuiuti to ' fiiOL'. . Thntilimic ntmVi ' • Phoro, had any • o no experiment, It has been tested Tl^ M /, I L 0 i re< l lt8 »°««J«f U l efficacy lophor ° pilli and warmth about know she disapproved of —- -" "heart „„,..„.,,.. you do'^oFtiilnk by patient proving bow earnest Mother •nitfv'.Mnum.snpunln't it, hadn't, been [fice,, worklnci'hard / eye's loften'hrtr. ietiffiBtfto lelltmu., ,.„„, i older, than you." kindly, tils : honest • "It cloefl one good arc - If „.,„'„ i Itaswedoi cannot look all the ..and own at' and •oaroelv nnUentaifd1 it," old and sad while I on 8tttrtedl There »«• *> caution suggested in the words. "P"«« oua deb! itr, Wood r, oo olwafng, djr.pewia distress after eatin eadache, constipation, log, o f annetlt nU tbb brown color" me tho rest. Clarice. And«we were en on application. °' ha ?P' ne " »»P by because you~aro bound to me. It j g not th / £,£] FOB: SALE OltltENT, —B»- ,..,'. Rudersnausen & Sonntag. •tjme, Mhud, __, .... „,,„ "staying with me—always." Ho rose and turned partly away from n <>r,,quijejtilj, loanjniif his arms on the mantelpiece." "Mand-Brahsoh' ; -rose"t»io and came toward him, her ' ' oettutifu^face full of concern. " "" " ''out John Rogers to av - nn i^»*^k^u!f w u ns a ver >" P lain Win, no longer^qjn^ but he had at least' some-cli»fcm,t>f iiilnd or soul which had won the love of a very beautiful wctt man. Her dress clung in graceful fold* to her slender .h'snre. n fillet of bliif ffi p ? , tne K°'. u «n nair. wo"on ww Si?," •*0'in»classio simplicity about her head. He turned and looked at her. taking mf'h- th ' de i ai i 8 oflh « P^ure then & put his head down dejectedly on his , , illil -----—. „. anything. *bbut> .'Harris. >'So i ,u here to see nio;Vartd 'he : children,, the house' id I..,can't tell you- —-'"ttio- he 'ifraV-'ehttriffed 'but h« was restless, and it worried V !««w he careil. I, am proud, Mi though we are poor now and i £^^wi?sS I S novels, and I thought lifa(wiw-'a fa'irv W»andAove,was. beautiful. ,I alwava u^ed to thipk..When some, onl^S to love me Til 'neVer : be"sad'br vexed — is said by somupebpla.thnt poverty la degrading. H hud certainly proved so with Mrs. IXian. t "Madam." said John Rogers, With dignity; rising and laying hlfThanUjon the chair, -if I had not already ktarueil to lovo your daughter this talo • mljrut Work Upon my 'gynipntiilos" and "appeal to my homiiY but H could never' tiiiikj words of lovo puss from;inv lip* thiit my heart could not ucho.,.1 oannot-applnrid your coin-so in nivdalirigyourilaujriiter'F emotion, und whiolishb Wbuld iio\loUbi bitterly rograt. 1 lovo Clarlooi she stole Into my heart wlmn it WHS soro rtiid .bleeding; and if 1 have awakened any response I mil a happier liiid more honored man than 1 had '-believed," Ho bowod with the guiHle ; . courtesy which John Rogers always uaod towhrd' woman, and piisVod otu 'of thb room, leaving MM.-lk>»n very.innoh'-rolluVod,, .--buLsouiuwJiai, humiliated. : ' it J ,°h.u «ntur«,| uis room .and shut the door. • H,,. ' struck ii light and' turned on the-gas,- pullod' down the 'Shade; 1 aiid Mrresolutor. ! JLjifee >ono in >a- drejatt .against the, pillow. It was sligb.'tV damp. Hbsiilik down'in a chair and covered liiMfiieo with his Wands; For a Jong tiine Iturai..Hu-ro nio:ionloss;( then be aroso. took out his evening news,• paper, and Jiglitt'<l,JiiB cigar as,.usual It was a calm .lime afternoon. '•John^' s;ijii .Clarice, .touching 'his ,arm with a. certain timidity aha had •never quite outgrown; "lifo hTa fairy tale, and love Is beiiiitlfulj 'only it comes m a dillerent way." is.thelpvo we nf Our homo Bho ( HH • Our loviroi Tet home W"8tlioroi for tlm( flml hiiim o rcloe •!«»! Ciillrili u« o'.-r tx> bflifil ns ' Biln'n'i we* ,vliti utiio moi'e' mvoot, . Work u niiu^l HBI ilfi; stooU mi oc\f>. Idly hy. Tunonfnjr (HO finppy |,,'.uwho» Hi fly. A <<•• . .hero >vnrk,h"liM!inro|'iR tl Ilin flllld'o wl'IMiB'lipiivv'- Imt'l! Ihoro "iviiHj w'iiiidi'ili)(ta'lii' iho '•>""> I" ' iiliiiilu. MOST PERFECT MADE . With i in U oy OB- I hat only locgrjiM'or roetl l W * r' ,'"' l's V (ih^Virniv)n(ptty l ilmi wn« sll OiilljiriJ:i 'flf. H8.'flll t n,.n | •.IIIrfl. H8.'lll Ol.Itimon • l louuM not rJeu! whou qulto tvovu ,uut ' .••... Imlli . .... Or olilliircn'B orlca, J long- a for sloep i«(fiiln. Jslippotl BPiae unwlitliig-hut In dre«iu« ' .-•I BHwiiiliiuo oiioo mort ihiit'linpiry time : .Ery work o u d separate, ' ' 1 "" 1 ' '^ { ' ecn; imlil not tlniff i,| m UDWII Trom f.nlrylimd. Porho Is.hnppy, »ml Ills llfn IB aircut, NorrcohB i.o tl.ut'Bu fur'I inir'bcb'liid IVio nnoo buyonU life's mists uuoo muro We'll '*' 8lr ' Mld ° Ur " Vo8 * baU thcn <•_-., :'Anii;tuis is.thc lovo we-havci droain- $v°£?'.«And John.Rpgera looked Into the, dewy browtt'eyesbl the little girl in the eahcO'eowiC and •Tiiittir.w Mt, n ,.^i ••On««f«MsoBtrpa|r...Ui»b»ll Our fcenrts togother-bolmf OIIB onoo iiioro. —All tin. r ( .ar . — r _ 6 hisarm 1 -.-.-_ „ f waist, pressed •••her' close to- .aw heart > - tf? 11 ^. sunlight .danced in at the window and touched ' tb'e sweet lips \i-' _i.i: _ . ; r^ , , iic ttttfid appeallnglyl "John, you will take it?" • - he , answor <«l. . tounce it." "He patte^the soft once or twice, thoughtfully. surfac that Ki'T ber ?u Wn ? suchn nobl ° sadness in h ff? tb f l ll touche d her. Tho proud head bent lower, until it rested on John Rogers' shouWer., She raised herself With eyes still wet. '•Good-by/John. Tho world can't give just what we want." "No, dear. What is UP" "Your ring." He took the pretty " sapphire ring he ' ind °"° da y '*& P tu «.«nd sllpped- et. ."V iT ~~ "* tt J° v .* that would out of the common, and that whon I went awayJwith my 'lover -IthbWht I *° 0 - w °u' d bo bettor, lust as he ,w?shed me to be.'- So, Itol4,hlmj Mr..Roo-ers it was all over, and he saidvperhapsi we W«rB.not i htted to njak^each.other happy^^And thett,he went away, ahd the wort and the. noise and, the boarders .fretted me as they, never had b"fore For somehow, although I could not love him as much for truating me so.itho thoughtfl^.about •him-. an3 tho dr°arm about him wero all gone-nnd I missed them so. t "Poor child!" said John, tenderly "But it's my own fault, 'Mr. : R 0 'ers. l expected too much. There is no^uoh love as I hnv 0i dreamed about, and love as riinvo^ dreamed about, and Bother says I did very, wrong to break itoE She was very anr with me ' 'For Sale. a. imall trame'' .ine otooksolthe.) tlor$5Vc IMacreB fKoodtaruun f 1r h$to$ fe'"K^i K> ^5i?ff l>roV « Ili: " s " f '»aM ' - "fev^v^^^m^^cfe ' ' ' for Sain, ,,..,. _ left the honse indedihis way down through the' «*•'.'J* 1 ' eets% The » un l'ght still-danced- pypr him warm and beautiful, kissin^ "^Sraveface, his hair, his hands. " ... ^ n , e ' a 'l other 1 opportunities pUdp r bj\, ; he, repeated the words to 'It's not the old- to a.oi.. >nnu,f una oiamluo tliolr 1 at of prow " d. ° "" only pnn 'hereof; to aSve? - any nc.„i.uuja. He lookud very tired as he ran up the steps and rang at the door of his board- ng-house:' CTariee noticed it, his landlady^s daughter. ^ ''ypujoofci tiredi 'Mr llbg«rs,;'V look- through the open door. Ho smiled,-wearily. And what are you h,, f r k~"~ ;V" v ? ry an g'T"with mo; but I knew these things' would »lWays fret him. and 1 could not bear it" "Clarioo, ; would it help you any to -know that I. too, h aye suffered as you .havesuffored?" askod John, for two shining tears had dropped on tho boy's Jacket "I, too, dreamed of lovo. and! found «> woman whom 1'bolieved had igivpn^me that love; but because.hor parents found m mo only a plain, po 6r gia.n, no longer young, s'lio guvo niojup. • She gave up^aith, and trustand hope because flho bad not : thatreal love which you describe. He stopped speaking. Ho had forgotten the little girt in her calico gqwn and was gazing abstractedly out of the window hard lines of regret and pas? sionaie despair,written on his face. Suddenly he fe^t a little,, warnvwft *"~ luid ««"»i-- -— »'••--. _ * i **• ng Xou are homo early from the 1 so fast office," "ies, . I had o'clock and did May: I come in and vvouP" "O, yos, if you care an engiigemont at 3 not care to go back. 1 '•"" - -' • with' have a chat H tais a bi e hol ° J am do wear out their clothing 1 to." with her ..«.oh her eyeji be* always seemed to Johii, to order." She pulled forward' on -I sit in her always do my ^^^•^•"•^^ ^^"•^•i^UiVIMUQINP ?LASTER , and spent tboir eve- n.ngapuMf not in their own robins. A fow tawdry doconitions only enhanced the ahabblniiH of tho threadbare car' W ' a " d ancietu A common aonso cnroi by *• combined modlcal and niec-linul.' oal notion. Unlike uny other pre. potation, they relieve th« prosauii" whilo curing tho corn, andijievor fall where diro'clions aro ; follOM-ou.' Fivo' BotH of plnstora and box of ohitiiioiit put uji in liuuilsomo tlu ciwe, .convenlont for uso. Pnoe 28 «oo^t%.tfdipplete.; Ask for 10 otbov. :"Do you never have any amusements; qiariouP" askod John, trying to forgot i wretchedness by j - L -' . in some one else. . , "AmuKomonisP" she repeated, ingtboourU off hor forohoiid in a'ptlz-' *(odwBy, "O, yes; thoro Is a Tilr/ Jonesi ho plays tho piano; and onoo Mr. Alkens, tho elocution teacher, read A piece and all tho boarders cumo In.'.' ,,1.*!-? Iln18tullod -°y«lng the little maiden Pityingly ns aho Btlwhod awnv. ; tile looked up duddunly and caught h|g eye. ' --"vyo <**t-noi always kooplioardora,/ 1 ehe »aid. proudly, roadin£ sojiiotaini- thoi'O'Sho dldMibtJIko, "VVhbal was at Bohool wo wore well off and-had a nioo house; but mamma i» a widow with "Mr.-Rogers. I nm so sorrv." He wrung tho little working hand, and then he, rose and went to his room and gavo way to his now sorrow. .Uaricc folded hor sowing and put it away;-but it comforted her as she wont about her evening duties ; that Mr. ttogers had listened to her Rtorv, and »o ! know that he, 'too.^hadt missed" the love ,,fle dreamed .of. CHAPTER n. niohths' 'IVad 1 'passed- away, rs had ofteft 'found his 1 way '*J'i*''""1 "A' a y '" l '' 6 parlor and ''olut't- Md^witbClarjce. - Oaofe lib had 'found ^a bunch of flowers on his bureaii. and no f . ro °W? n th.e house was. Buch'a 1 model of .order. ' • One day latintered into tho pnr- Ioct 0j ward dusk.'hoping' that bis little ,fnond would come there with her basket and mending and sit awhile, he heard •the rustic ofvfomiuine,garments, : and looking up, saw .that his landlady stood .beforeliim, .Mrs., Dean was a woman. Who prided herself on her former: dignity., bhe,woro a very Jong-and-dusty alpaca.. longer within hor Hraits to trail silt, she trailed alpa-a. Home .persons are of, this mold. Hollands, which she-folded ,majestically were veryerimy. Kogerfl. reuioiuborod learn ng rogmlle' with heiirti ; conteift and,th-e*i®e r fond face,of John Rogers. .. And ;lt,folded them -in Its em brrfoev warm and-beautiful; bright and golden, and it Is gloriti'edcvcn tne shabby little boardinfrilibiis'eiparlor.ianU lifted it "out of the,common.h "There was a sound of revelry bv nieht" and she hod a card but couldn't- KO, all on account of neuralgia. Her favorite dude, however, had a level head, and instead of a bouquet broueht Salvation Oil. They went; and were hagpy once more. _The proprietors of the Tarboro Southerner, Turboro, N. C., writes;- L»r. Bull's Gough-yyrup goes : so fast our druggist can't keep supplied." IT is much^to be doubted whether Senator Ingalls would be "eiven the «h e n,1iH n V, h , e - rnn of the oll v" « he should at this time visit Montreal or Condon, • u We TelMlou Positively that Simmons Liver .Regulator will rid you of dyspepsia, purify your system, enable you to sleep well, prevent mala' rial diseases .*nd give you a brisk, vigor- H^r 601 !??^' 111101 ' direot| y 'on the. liver and kidneyn, oleansine, purifying, against disease. It will break'upThUls and fever and prevent their return ret Is entirely free from calomel or quinine. . (,,.,i, „ ™ii'. Time to Start. thi t Ti the Oll ' loin bill railroads Bi,n A Pa8 ', fl9 must be surrendered, sns^r botter "^ Turn _„„ , : '• .'i wo great onemim—Hoo rt's >Sarsa> panlla and impure blood. The latter is utterly defeated by the peculiar mecii- A (JIU for Ail. ' In order to-glve all a chance to test it, and thus be Convinced o'r it9 : wohd«rful curative 'powers, Dr.."'King's New Dis- •coyery rforr.Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will be, for a limited time, eiven away. This offer is not only liberal; but shows unbounded faith Irt-the merit? of this great remedy.'>All:who'suffer from Coughs, Colds, Contraption, Asthma, Bronchitis/ or any riffo'cuorof throat Chest or icings, are espeolHlly requested to call at : E. Marsh's Drug .«iore, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle $1. Renews Her fonth. Mrs. I'hoabe Chesley, Peterson, Clay co., Iowa, tells the foHowing, remark- ablejtory, the truth ol which is vouched for by the residents of the town: "I am , 73 . 7 ears °'d.' have been troubled wun kidney eomplaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, nnd ath able to do all my own hounework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed mv youth, and removed corn. pleiely all disease and pain." Try a holtle, 'only 50c, at E. Marsh's Drue fbldwlm* BncKien'g Arnica Salve. ihe Best Salvo in the world for cuts bruises, sofes,i..sers, salt rhnum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands.'ohilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and posU lively cures pay. required, ft is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or morifly-refunded. 'Price 25 A > C' P ?"' bOX - F " r Bftie bV -^- Mflrsh ' Ready-Made a , Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial-Robes ,; J-or Ladles. Qoutlemen,:ftn<l OhUdren. Office and Shop o^State street A Clmmon Cold .Is often tjte; beginning^ lorlous afle* tions of the Throat, Bronchial Tabw, -and Lungs. Therefore, the ImportanM of early and effective treatment cannot be overestimated. Ayer'. Cherry P«o- toral n>»y,'»lwayj(vlfe5'iji}iei(u^a for th« speedy cure pi a ; CoW or' bough. Httl " 80n '» lhree Veaw of age, was offl.o'ed with scrofula? ' His bond was entirely covered with scrofiil. . - < 's baronpanlla cured bottl « 8 him "— VV __ dwlw ' Cullom's Inter-Statn corainarce bill on account of ihe long and short haul feature, will force the west to secure a home market for produce, or eloe quit producin£^« y fem^_^p«wic«» What: people want in a oarriace Th P(l R a "^ dur « bll "y«n a rough road" The R, ce Col] Spring ft/i s tho b fj|_ ___ _ '•-'• dwlw "Tho removal of Col. PorclTfro-ni the »? D «i>l'|!eneral«hlp to Mex.oo," 8gvs ihe Philadelphia Press, "was prompted bv nothing more nor less than reports of Enyny Spdg'wiek's ade Jn the City of Mexico after taiy Bayard ' ' ' whiiowaah to that man." ^isa^SHSffiSSS ifo 1 pc.«- ; i:.\T'-n'.,.^'.'"iST Luinbrt- ss fS^l^i "• Cautli- — ' "' ., . Jt'ri' «Ror«iiir»Md from aMvera I con. th. but recoirod : - W »• o my children, aoit ''iBonihUr It Mlull8(n < "»'"ty, March term C(> ^ l '»:'»i8aimlt'.Tliro»( ana M ',* vw ««xHn,iny family, vVanderpool, M«»Uvllf« ( Pa. e.«cap. "neTfcKkiriminor: iNotiuols • '•"anceiy , and Ira* yerr^r alwayr ' . 118 A Or FIRST-CLASS DR.UGQJSTS. U. W, OHA.MBERLA.rN, Agent .for Alton, .;,.i » uiri •••-"••"•* «• » •vHiuff, wicii eight children, you know, and I have (6 Jielpaier.KboBt the work." •, at littlo Clarlcu with so mnnii U 'D.,,,,...I.!; ADVbRTISERfi "- - l ** n »*' ... »wh.n |n Chlp^o, will fi,, ( , l t or Vi« at littlo Clarlco" with so'muoh Wuibutii that «ho oulto wiirmod toward tinf. uud continued ooniliiQiuially: •-VU'JW'i'hiid a, boKutiful' tiino~tliat 'wai a'gbod while Agoi-a^irl 1 know a , wiiool lifintod mo up. wrote to m.,, am l ''"•""•' '- visit her. It was 1 B! ftii: - t .' fc«.*«J. AW^UIO' IUUJ1 with ipleaauro,that Clarice was neat ,"Mr. Rogers,^ began 'the lady with unusual diguity, "-pray bo goated. I havo noticed for ssoma time past that •you have frequently of • evenings found your way Into my parlor and passo.l the tituq in conversation with my daiighmr Uarioo, .1 should, not S|)eak of tnis • OJro Hnis.(*nciB had not events which havo >alrandy come,to paas 'taught 1119. ito bo •guardod. .. Clarico-isno longor a child, •shOjis.a .woman, with all woman's roadi- 11088 to path.otifiilly, Ypi), though , not a yoMiig man., are u bAohelor. and 1 (asu yon,, as,a mother, to spnro my daughters («oling«. As 1 said before.-i *liou(diiot havoispokgn of this hail not a'^oironmstimce which••iransp'liwl this '& lad mo'to.'oolioye' it was my ny tuos t Mir {{out duty. Mv duiigh- r , ,- .u tho hnbifof 'asslsting'witlntho ihougowork, jn olflanlng and putting in ordor tjie room* of mV.goiitlem.m bour«|. ors. HUH morning fonuirtid vour room cxpochng to Hud Clariou-'dustlni'—dusi. iDffivlili nil iha llghKionrted/Tt-ss in. spired by a woll-falrtllod dutv;" ooiiiin- uod Mrs. Jlouu, waiting eloquent -»lm. agio* my oou«Urqation when I found T :/f' rne Mer lt Will Do, German Syrup w'iihin^ "ow yuars" 1ms astoniHhed iho world. It ,s with m •dpububeiafrat and b flst remedy dixcovorod for the Rpuedy and euro of Coughs, Colds and the Liiiiff iroublHS. It ads on an vl > different princinlo from the usu h | pro- sonpfons K'von^ by physicians, as H 1 in iho system, but on the irr.nhh.' ;,*' raOVe , 8 *l>0 CBUSO Of Iho ire?^ 0 Saturn flfffl0tednnd lion. A botilo kept in the whon thu di«oa*m make their nnnoar- ance, will save doctor's bllln and a Ion.' M>oll_ol shrious illness. A trial will oonvmoe you of thoso fccte. Ji is no ". lively sold by u l| drusgists and ' 10 dwlw ood 2OOBAO8 FUREKA FINE for Oalry and Tiiblo wo ^, 1U lo. HIIPU Hacks and 50 Ib ' H«dt«, fop Hale by ' J, A, DU. K. Physician PrtH«»:«U tMUN, »« A. P'«yBicJan A.ND COMMON 01 •« '« to i, and e p. m and Compl e t« Stock Al ways on Hand. Om « «»"»-« a. TO* GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PUEOHASING. State Street, -opp,Jliird

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