Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 12, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1887
Page 3
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IP* feuP cc ••H 'H - H 03 « PH & to T^'H i*M O nsj'C o e p, OS 03GG UO 1T/\T 1\VKPO Sooonii ptToot.near TO JELU MAI/tin O« corner of Henry -FOB- FINE ? STATfONERY, Such R* Crane's Floral. Wbltlnit's Standard Papers, Hiirlbut'* French Linens, Kollpse UajgedEdire, Elite Ragged EdKe, Balmoral Linen, Qrifflu'a Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, f't'ioti Blow, Mikado, Obitrred Kdite, Oroam Latjl, Mourning Note, and e'latye ua*ortmont ot Illuimnatmf and Ddcoratfd Htatlonery. Dennison'a Wax and Heal*. School TabletB and Stationery. docedwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CaEAP FOKOA80 ON TIUB PAVMSNTS Piano* and Organ* tuned and repaired St-w- h^MaChlnoe repaIred N 8upnUe u B o ,oraM Ma- Mn*lo Denier, Third street, nearly opposite Belle, Alton, 111. decMwly WATCH rOR THE BARO »IM8 IV JOB'S KKW COB. BUILDING, HKNIIY ST., AT "• • HB». D. HEI1'KAMJ"S, All bind* pi Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- «i> t goods, Hoods.TobuKRuna and Mil*. Men's Sbari* and Faaclnator* at very low price*. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sewing and Stamping D >ae. Oome and fttre us a call. Don't lorget tbe place, deca dwly GREATEST BARGAINS I ' - • -ATC-M. Crandall's Crockery Store 203 THIRD ST., NEARLY OPPOSITE BELLE. NEW GOODS! Comprising the best Iron Stone China; finest quality Thin Opaque China, Imperial aud Vitreous Cliinaware; ' a splendid stock of Plain, Heavy, Thin-blown and Engraved Glassware; a great variety of Lamps—best Electric, Rochester and Incandescent, also Lamp Chimneys for each; best quality Silver-plated Ware; Fine Assortment of Table Cutlery, Tea Truye, Bird Cages, aud House Furnishing Goods generally, which I offer at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL O8k» ou Third §t.,one door we*t , of KM*, ttalr* «oo». the rear 1887 w« »hall MiArgo th*fol lowing rate* for tranaUnt totloe* la o«r too«l column*: smotweltVln»7rtton7. . . BATBB or ADTXM?nt!f«i THAHSWirr.-ir//'rr wnt* p«r Inth ttret to- •ertlon, and TtTSltTT-tirs cents per loo for each subs, quent Insertion. W per Inch nr*t month, fl.M per Inoh eaob month thereafter. LEGAL ADVERTISING: $1 per Inoh for the flnt Insertlon.'and 00 cents per inch for oaob subsequent Insertion «r Above rate* will be *ti letly adhered to TUB DAILY TELEGUAPlt 1« delivered by carriers to all part* ol the city of Alton am Upper Alton, for ten centi per week. Moiled to any Addroii at the rate of £,20 per year. TUB TBLEORAFH haa the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and la the be* medium for advertisers. OORKBR TRIAD AMD PIABA nnvn. T»t» PHONBNo.88. PROP. Foster's great storm is dua to* morrow, the 18th init. If you need hard coal get it from . Nconan. 102 Third Ureet, over Star Shoe store. d8t TUB Star Shoe store big ad. Is cans DK things to boom at that establish* ment. Mr, A. H. Stanhope, of Elsah, made this office a call today. He u always welcome. Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rudershausen A Sonntag. Third street. dtf THE addition of tbe boy choir in urpllcei to the already excellent choir if 8t Paul's church, which will take place tomorrow night, promises an uhanced choral strength, guaranteeing he beel of mnalo. We hare just opened 40 roll* of new larpet, Tory choice and new patterns. Now is the best time to select your carpet fora Spring, as we will store them or you, Call soon at A. Neerman'i. 113 A universal remark by every smoker if Cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magno- ia are the best cigars in the market. CONSOLIDATION—Mr. Won. Siem ha» ecided to consolidate his two stove ad hardware stores and in order to educe stock will offer his entire stock, ntil March 1st, below cost to saw noving and storing. Sec his new double olumn advertisement ou first page. Dr. Bull will put in an upper or lowej ot of teeth for $8. Office closed Wed* esrtays. d s wtf ROBERTSON'S bright play entitled 'School," 10 popular in New York rhen given at Wallaok's, will be given y St. Agnes Guild, at the City Hall, n Friday evening, Feb. 18th, and a matinee on Saturday afternoon. See apers for advertisement next week. Coal. Buy yonr Hard and Soft Coal of H. , Winter arid get the best. Ofllce at Jook'B Pharmacy, Third street, and in oh's now block, corner Second and lenry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 54 augl4 d7m Lrcfu*t--Tbe Young People's Ly- eum met at tbe Methodist church las* vening, and the following programme was rendered: Prayeri »»r H. S. Bisti- p; chorus, Mrs. H. C. Priest at the rgan; reading, Mrs. Qniiton; sither olo.Miss Lon Formhalls with an encore; eadlng, Miss Jennie Browning; recita* ion, Mr. Hyslop. SEVENTT-EIOHT.— Thursday was tbe 8th anniversary of the birthday of Mr. U. Appel and a number of his frlendi- earning of the fact called on him in tie evening, at the residence of his aughter, Mrs. A; Jacoby, on Tenth treet, and tendered tbe old gentleman belt congratulations. They did noi ome empty handed, but .brought a umber of presents as souvenirs of the coaslon. Mr. and Mrs. Jaoobv rovided a choice collation tor the isltors and a pleasant evening was en- oyed by all. A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. i. Morns, Third street. 26tf ASSIGNMENT—Mr. Merman Hegelman, dealer in groceries, clothing and loots and shoes, has made a voluntary jslgninent to Mr. John Dow, for the eneflt of hlsjcreditors, and the dned WHS Ulod for record ut Edwardsyille oduy. The liabilities are about 92,600, isselfl over $6,000. Dull times and ifiiculty in making collections are the eaiona for the assignment. There are a large number of creditors, the liabil- ties ranging in amount from 91 to $400. Adrlce to Motuers. Mrs. WiuMow's Soothing Syrup, for .bildron teething, Is the presorption of )ne of the best funmlo nurses and phy- ioiuiiB in tto United States, and nan joen used for forty yean with never- ailing success by millions of mothers or their children. During the prooens >( toothing us value is Incalculable. It uhovoH the child from pain, cures tyscmtery and dmrrbam, griping in the uuwulH, and wind-colic. By giving lealth to the child it rests the mother •noe 860 a bottlo. la 16 m w • wk |jn is an, it » gttest of Opper VlMII "Mar In this ol r Win Morris, of at. of h«r aunt, Mrs. U, F. Alton. Muses Flortno* Bearmn and Ilia Lynch, of Brighton, are the guests of fnendsin this city, Mr. Louis Clover, of Springfield, 111, w»s with his cousin, Mr, H. 8. Baker, J>., durli g th» week 4 Mr. and Mn. Lorenzo Swettenham of Muttoon, III. are the guests of Mrs. •fos. Jarrett on Second street. Miss Julia Buckmaster entertains tbe Ladies of the Round Table at the resl- dene* of Mr. Jos.Growe, on State street, this afternoon. Mrs. J. W. Cary entertained a number of her friends in a social manner on Thursday afternoon when they were invited to bring their sewing and re- mam to tea. Th« occasion was a delightfully informal one, the ladles prei- ent being: Mrs. Ella Phinney, Mrs. H. K. Phinney. Mrs. Dr. McKinney, Mrs. G«o. E. Bayle, Mrs. Ohas. H. Randle, Mrs. Byron Pierce, Mrs. Crane, Mr*. P. L. Belt*, Mrs. Ridgway, Mrs. Cuas. H. Barry, Mrs. A. L. and Mrs. D*pnty Clerk BudmtauMn has U* n*d » narrikg* uo»n** thw to Henry Weniel and Mary IS. Canno* van, both of Godfrey. The ladies of the High Noon Cooking Jlub were elegantly entertained by Urs. F. W. Morell in her rooms at the iotel Madison, yesterday afternoon. Favors that were artistically designed and executed with the handiwork of tbe hostess, were at each plate. The table service was ot royal Dresden exquisite- y wrought, and silver of rare design. The menu was very elaborate, embrao- ng the following bill of fare: Veal loaf, Oyster pates. Biscuit, Baked Beans, Brown Bread. Tea and Coffee. Salad of Shrimps. New Tomatoes. Frlcassw of Eggs. Spiced Pears. Cakes. Fruits. Sliced Oranges. Neufchatel Cheese. L'Harmonle Club was entertained his week by Mr.and Mrs. G. R. Hewitt. 'he usual members of the old* being resent, six tables were used. Prize* »ere awarded as follows: Mrs. MoMil- an, first ladies'; Mr. Cbas. Barry first entlemen's. Lowest pnsos were taken jy Mrs. Brenholt aud Mr. Barlow. Miss Caroline Uaagen entertained a arge party of her lady an 1 gentlemen riends at the family residence on State treet, the occasion being .complimen ary to tbe Nemo Club. Progressive nohre wa» the pastime of the evening, he games were scored upon tablet* ol moire ribbon. Miss Mattie Wooldridge won a very elegant white satin fan, rnamented with ostrich tips, for first rize; Henry Root had a wisp broom nd holder to signalize his success. The owest prices fell respectively to Mis* arne Hart and Mr. Rabe. Miis Jessie Roper and Her brother ave a large progressive euchre part) otheyoang people of their set, last vening. Over sixty invitations were ut, 67 of which were responded to, making the occasion replete with en. nyment for those present. The mem- ers of the family were untiring in theii fforts to render the evening a most eligbtful one to the merry young eople. An elegant supper wa« erved at seven, after which the contest f the evening began. Mm* Emma Cuhn bad the first ladies' prize, an ele- ant toilet set; Mist Jessie Adams, who layed the part of geatleman, had a andsoine Russia card case. The lowest adie*' prize, a paper weight, fell to Miss adi« Phianey; George Huskmion was imilarly diitiugulihed with a bras* lacque. The 15th recital took place at the ome of the Misses Cole, 6f Upper Alon, on Wednesday. The afternoon was evoted to renditions of the compost* ions of Rubinstein, of whom it has been aid, be it tbe greatest pianist of living omposern, and tbe greatest composer t living pianists. The program was penod by a duet for piano, Barcarole. Vsong, Longings, was sung by Miss .ucy t'oTillo; apiano solo, Melody, was layed by Mi*s Lucy Biggins; Miss iatlio Doibee read a paper upon lubansteln as [A pianist, after which Romania was played by Miss Mor^ bant; Wanderer's Night Song, a duet, was sung by Misses Lizzie aud Lucy Jlggins; Valso Caprice, a brilliant ompomtlon for the piano, was glvon y Mrs. Mills: A Dream, contralto solo, wa* sung by MUa Grace Cole; Thou rt like u a to a Flower, was given by lias Jennie Soim, in compliance with a t quest. The program was closed by 1m. Robland, who played the largo of he L minor sonata, op. 12. Most of the Rcompaniments wore also played bv ilr», Rohland. The accompaniments of tubonstelti are gems of Instrumental armony that supplement in a most rtUlio maunur thu beauty of bis songs. Money to loan on improved form roporty, For particulars, apply 81 BJTBH HET?». The river U still rising rapidly. Ths Ice has broken up at K*okttk,ftfid the liver is now op«n to that port. The St. Louis Bfpvbliean says: H«nry Tatnm, agent at Alton, of the steamer Hudson, was on 'change yesterday. Be reports the Altomans eager for the advent of the new packet and profuse in their promises of beany support. The Spread Eagle will commence her regular spring arrangement on Monday, leaving daily for St. Loais at 7 a. m; leaving St. Lout* for Alton at 3 p. m. and AlUn for Graf ton at 6:80 p. m., daily. The steamer Hudson ba* been'da* tamed on the Ohio river, by freight btis- Iness, and cannot reaek- Bt. Louis to enter the Alton and Grafton trade be* fore next Wednesday. She will arrive hero Wednesday evening aod leave for St. Louis Thursday morning. THE GREATEST 80 DAT CASH BOOT ARV 8UOK SHKEP ETEUMADU IK ALTON. WK1G11T * FETEBS' LADIES* PINK SIIOES AS FOLLOWS: Pebble Goat f3, button 92.60. Strait Goat $4, button 93.46. Strait Goat hand sewed 94.60, button 98.66. French Kid 96, button 94.60. AND OTUKB HAKES IN Our Ladies' 93 Kid Button down to 92.60. Our Ladles' $3.60 Goat] and Kid go at 92.16. Our Matehieea Line Ladies' 92 shoes at 91 65. 260 pairs Misses 1 shoes worth 92 at ft. 960 pairs Children's shoes, worth 91.60 and 92, down to 91.86. Nettleton's. Men's fine 96 shoe, 94.26. A broken lot Lilly, Bracket ft Co. 96 shoes for 94. Men's Hand Sewed Shoes value 96,at 94.76. Boys' 91.86 button and bab., knocked out at 91.60. No Monkey Business, not Old Stock, every thing good and at cut prices for dash.—Star Shoe Btore, Big 102. W. N. CARHART, 4dw2w Manager. UPPER ALTON. The "old members" meeting at Sigma Phi hall, lost evening, was attended by an audience which filled ihe hall almost to suffocation. Dr. E. C. Lemen presided, L. M. Castle acted as beoretary, and W. L. Fairman as critic. The programme was as follows. Prayer, Rev. Dr. Kendrick; vocal quartette, Miss Grace Cole, Mrs. Bnlla Cartwright, Dr. T. P. Yerkes, Prof. L. M. Castle; recitation, Miss Cora Cole; reading, Miss Jo Stanley; essay, Dr. T. P. Yerkes; vocal quartette, (same as before); paper, "The Budget," Mrs. nmmie Castle; declamation, Dr. H. T. Burnap; essay, Mrs Brilla Cartwright; piano solo, Miss sadie Lathy; recitation, Mrs. Helen Fairman; oration, Mr. Ben. 8. Mawyer. Valentiaes. The largest, finest and best assortment of valentines to suit all tastes and ages. Large valentines, small valentines, cheap or costly, to suit your pocket book or your feelings. Valentines, comic, witty or sentimental. Call and examine ou^'s'toot. — Seely & Son, Third street. 10 H CHUBUH MOTIOKS. ( Tf MCttn'initrUfn, ntUctt tnutn-IM* t\tttu»<* t< kandtd in ttftrt 21 *. m.) O. P. OHDKcn—The subject for the morn- Ing IB: "Walking Fearleaily In a Hidden Path." E vening inbjoot: "Uurloiity." S. 8. at R:M a. m. Beat* free. ••Come thon with us and we will do tbee good." Num. 10:», BT. PADL'D OIDICH.—Holy Oommu»ion 8:M a. M. ; morning urvlo* aad wnno» 10:Ma.m. Kven. BOOK and continuation of reading from "Ben Hur." 7;M. All are cordially tnrited. Uvher* at the door. The inrpllced choir ol boy* will be added to Ihe regular choir Sun day evenlnr. BAFTIIT C«U*C«.-B«T. L. A. Abbott, D.D., paitor. Service* to-morrow at the usual hour*. Preaching in the morning by Rev. Win. Green, Sunday *ehool at 0:30 a, m.; Ilunteretown chapel 8.8, at) p. •>, Touag people'* meeting at I'M p. a. All ar* cordially Invited to all lerrlce*. PBXIBTTBBUN Council.—Preaching by the pastor, Rev. A. T. Wolf, D.T)., at 1«:40 a.m. and 7 p. m. "Subject In the morning, Abraham Pleading for 8oJo»," and IB the evening, "K arrest Times, or No Help fron Egypt." Thl* subject, which w«i postponed from lost Sabbath eve., will be ipcelally to young (oik* und business men. 8. 8. a* 9:10 a.m. Toungpeople'* meetlug at «:IB p.m. Stranger* In the city and everybody cordially luvltod to be present. Th«BeginningodbaKnd, . •/„ The betflnnlDK of dlMM» I* a alight debility or d I solder of *ome of the vital or*an*, the *tomack,tbe liver or the bowel* uraally. There are dyspeptic •ymptom*, tbe liver 1* tioubUtome.tbe skin grow* tnwney aid unhealthy lookln', there are pain* In the right ilde or through the right shoulder blade, rhe climax I* o'ten an utter prostration of the ph> vlca' energlei, perhapi a fatal Isrur. But If dir dlfflculiy Ismeiln tt'i'C with Uo>tet- tei'«lro«ucb Bit er*. wht uUalway* efooi- I TO a> a remtdy, and Itshnu d b* retorted to at an cnrly nag*, tuere will be no reaion to appreheuil those Injurious *ub»nau«nt ef- fucts upon th<< uyetem rften entailed by f n- tlrely ouieJ ilUoisfi'. VarbelMr i* It, alM, to«i»pioy thUmfe remedial avent In fever and auue, and oihrr malHrial oouplalnl* tbun qulnln-»nd other potcut diugs, which, even « bun thny do prove eBnetual for a tlm», rain the itoraatb auU Impair tit* general health. , WE DEVOTB ATTENTION J TO « . Embroideries, AND White Goods, YOURATTIT10I CALLED TO SPONGES, for carriage and bath. CHAMOIS SKINS, large and small. SILK SPONGE TOWELS. Marsh's Drug Store. Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and bott Coal and Wood Cook and HeatingJStoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON . The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They have no equal. Also BOOKING and GUTTERING and JOBBING don* atreaooaaUe rate*. Call and examine my stock before purohanln^ elsewhere. A T .«J. 632 ^ Second at,, ,5th door west of Henry Pants, Pants, Pants, For Fat Men, Slim Men. Bojs, and Children. fS S, S, s, H. M. Schweppe Third Street Clothier. Branch, Second and Ridgejstreets. L. J. HARTMAM, Manager.

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