Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 12, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1887
Page 2
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Anon Dim THLEGMPEL *1 W.T. HOBTON. vot. Third SUM riM» itMMts, Alton, HI. 8ATDRDAT JBVK., FJCB. 12. HAC Abraham Lincoln hred until to _r he would hare tatn 78 years old. The annirersary in being obssrred by Bepublloan olubs m various parts ol tkeobantrjr. A rftOJiOT tson foot to extend the LitohQflld, Carrollton A Western from Colnmbiana, the western terminus of tbe Illinois rlVer, thron«h Calhoun, Pike and Adams counties, to Quinoj, thereby MKmring direct conneotlou With the Qunoy, Uissouri & Pacific and other western roads. •AM amateur hunter of this city says that the best rao/o that could be made to presorre wild dnoks from threatened extinction would be to prohibit the peo- pie who lire near the northern lakea,tbe breeding places of the birds, from rob- ;bing the nests of eggs. It is stated thai. tne «KK« procured in this way by thousands arc Sold in northern markets in the spring. Ll'lKtUltY JKUTKH. The Jltle of Robert Browning's iiew volume contains forty ••even word*. The authorship of «'Uonstance ol Aoadla" U ascribed to Rev. X. P. Tenuey. Dr. Sturtevunl left an autobiography, which his son U revising for publ<catlou, and wbloh 1» said to be exceedingly entertaining. Harvard Collude library contains about MO.OOS volumes, and almoat AS many pamphlets. Mebrly W per cent, of the uh'ler- 1 graduates make use of it, - . Recent deaths include Prof. B.L.Yon- mana, editor of tbe Popular Sclnnoe monthly, and DavU A. Watson, one of our ablest and mo«t brilliant essayists. It has been discovered, through land- vertenoe on the pan of the writer, that tbe widely discussed "Count Paul Vaslll" Is none other than Mme. JulletM Adam, the versatile •nd vivacious editor, whose salon Is the cea- ter of all literary Paris. . ... . Constance Fenimore Woolson is spending the winter In an old stone villa ojose to Florence! and has, from the western •nd of her reception room, a view of the moot beautllul landscape in Italy. Walt Whitman is thus characterized by an English writer: He is a Hebrew bard .translated to the American backwood",where he hoe turned . himself Inside out, thence going ou to study pantheism on the quays of New York. •••.-•• One hundred numbered copies have boon bsued of "A Tribute In Memory of Helen Hunt Jackson," containing a portrait, views of her residence nt Colorado Springs, of Cheyenne Mt., and of her grave, and a brief biographical sketch. Say* a London correspondent: A new form of annual was recently proposed. It was that of a story by eminent authors. Each was to write • page, which was to be produced In fac-dlmlle. The Idua was aban doned bocau ie tt was found that many of the pages would be utterly illegible, aud some would contain' only twenty words, while others would comprise as much as a news' paper column. '~ ; ,JJome of the promised and promising •bobksare; "A Tramp Trip:'HOW to See Europe on Mfty cents a Day," which describes a trip made mostly on foot, and treats at some length of rura 1 and manufacturing England. Mr. HUglnson's "Hints on Writing and Speech making"; "Dr. Ohannlng's Hole Book"; William Morris's translation ot the Odyssey; and "A Week Away Irom Time," a volume of stories by a circle of literary amateurs. shoulders, and started west bast Mr. Bowman's barn, On mohing Tenth rtr*et, nearly oppoMto Mr. Bowmaa»« residence, they, hflard the report of a pistol and saw the flash. Smtdt iwears that he saw Mr. Bowman rtcl aadfsll to the ground and thit be also saw Officer Voice standing by him with a revolver ifl hand, (tmidt nnd Bunks swear that Voice was the man who fired the shot) that they had known him Intimately for yeats and could not be mistaken. Thuy swear that immndi«te< IV atier seeing Mr. Bowman fall Voice turned and ran through the gate. He deposes that as soot, as they bad somewhat recovered from their astonishment, Banks and himself realiced that a crowd would gather, nnd that if they were caught with the stolen tobacco in their possession, they would be called upon to answer 'Unpleasant questions; that almost simnlUneouitly with the flight of Voice they turned and ran north. He "wears that at the time the shot wu« nred he was not more than twenty.five feet distant from the spot where Mr. Bowman tell. Food For Consumptives. Scott's Emulsion of C'od Liver Oil with Hypophosphltes, is a most wonderful food. It not only gives strength and increases the flesh but heals the Irritation of the throat and lungs. Palatable fts milk and in all wasting diseases, both for adults and children, u a marvelous rood and medicine. FEU80KAL. Heavy fall ot Snow. MILWAUKK, Feb. 11.—-A terrific •now »torm set in early last night, and it quickly turned into a regular Dakota blizzard. The fall of snow is heavy, and it has drifted badly. Street-oars were blockaded for sev- several hours this morning. Railway travel is very much impeded, and trains are behind time. GHEENVIU.E, 111., Feb. il_Wil. liamson Plant, a man who has been a central figure in Bond county for nearly forty years, died this morning while sitting in his chair by the fireside. He has held a number of public offices and was three times elected Sheriff. At the time of bis death he was Secretary of the St L., V. and T. H. B. R., Caving held the position continously since the organization of the road thirty years ago. £Mr. 9. 8; St&lle returaed from a bus. nest'tHp this morning. ^ Hon, J. M. Pearson returned irom Chicago yesterday, where he spfent the Week oafrymg but the w«rk of lie Ltvt Stock Communion, Senator Hartley favore tho T§a«, OBAFH with an admirable railroad hmp of Illinois prepared under direction of the State Railroad and Warehouse Com- miislouers. • . . . Mr. W. F. Enslnger was taken seriously 111 yesterday afternoon but, under the care of Dr'n Haukell and Gibson was better by 11 o'clock last night. He was able to Bit up today. Mr. T. V. Oallahan.of Wichita, Kan., accompanied by bis friend Mr. Sieele, of the same place, mBde the TKLE- GRAPH a pleasant call this morning. Mr. 0. is her* on a brief visit to his relatives at Alton Junction, Both gentlemen leave for,;Chicago this evening. Col. A. F. Hodgers, Capt. C. A. Herb and Capt. 8. 8. Hobart leave for Bock Inland next Tuesday evening to attend the annual meeting of the Grand Armrof the .Republic. Depart- 'Alton P°08t °"' •**' del *5 al ?* f rom - Three PectillaHtfe* Hood's Sampftrffln, tho great Mood putter add relating medicine,'is charaoteHied by tto«« peculiarities, namely i > I «5* • Th« combination of' tho various • 9 a> • tomedlftl agtnts Used. The proportion In which the rooti, lifttTt, barks, «tc., DEATH OF PROF. J. B. WniM-Prof. John B. White, ol Greenville, a veteran educator, and for many years President of Almira College, died at his home in Greenville' Ihis morning. Prof. White for, some years conducted a young ladles' school in Upp'er Alton.known as Elright seminary, aiHT many Of his former pupils still reside m this neigh, borbood. After a long and active career of useful labor in the cause of education he has passed "through the gates Into the city." •«•., • /. ALTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS. BtMlstioal Jteport of "the Alton Public Schools forth* month ending Feb.4,1887. A CHILD'S Bars and Scalp Covered with Ec- zetnatoUB Scabs and Sores Cured by Cutlcura. y--i^^s^^i^j^^^ «'»«» a great portion of the body/ eve? since he was two years old. It hmrin'A,, nj 8 ears. Tho process by which the net Ire medicinal propertiesurs secured. Tho result U n medicine of unusual strength and curative power, which effects cures heretofore unequalled. Those peculiarities belong exclusively to Hood's Sarsaparilla, and are Unknown to Others <• Hood's Snrsnparllla Is prepared with tbe greatest skill and care, by pharmacists of education and long experience. Hence It Is a medicine worthy of entire confidence. If you suffer from scrofula, fait rlicum, or any disease of tho blood, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, or kidney nnd liver complaints, catarrh or rheumatism, do not fall to try' Hood's Sarsaparilla "I recommend Boon's Barsapsrllla to all my friends ss toe best blood purifier on earth." Wu. GAIT, druggist, Hamilton, 0. " Hood's Sorsnparllla lias cured me of scrofulous humor, and dono mo worlds cf good otherwise.'? C. A. AIUCOLD, Arnold, Me. A book, containing many; ccMillonal itate- meats of cures will be sent to all who desire. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. Cl; six for $5. Hade only by & I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. 1OQ Doaes One Dollar. KASKINE (THE NEW QUINJNJS.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. so . ringing ears, C"" quickly Pleasant,!""' INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, _ LOAN AGENTS, UEBUKSBNTlNa TfTU FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: I no. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelphia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Coin. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eug. 1 Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; • Firemen's Fund, Western Ansuranee Co, Master's Safe, STA^pflLUKolS,! Olilllon vs. Thomas Ohllton, George enson. kilftboth AnnWuilntni, Doroth. Burn, Thomas Burn, Jntnes Burn, Barh»T Jerguxon, t) tab June Bum, wffiiam" * John Thomas Hum, imroihy Ann 5 Isabulla Bnrn, Jatnei Bum, and H« OnnlUnir, eiesutor of thn latt will testament of John (Jlillton, deceased — yi'l lor sale ot Buol Kstato. ^^' Under ana by y'r ue of decree of I.M court, tnad« I* the uliiife entlllsd Csuse »t said tDrm.l.the niideislnntMl, ^m, p5 ' ** BATCKDAT, MA1IOB 18, 18S7, of tho tpntbrait .quarter "j thrt northwest quarter, tontalninfe |«n (ill Acres; and the east half of the soiVthwen $20,OOO,OOO. • WK ALSO llKPaK8K>Cr THB Mntnal Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J,, and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office: Over AJton Nat Bank, dor. Third and State sts. six (6) nrrth of rang Appra fend value, Is.ioo ?«. ; - gnlH Mt commence nt one o'clock «i t ni, TKBWs Or HALK.. Twenty por cent, of th» pnrnhMSo inon«y to bo paid ttsh rtowni anS tho balnno* on a orcdlt of nix and twelve uyinth>. seonwrt by hotu and approved Veou? rlty, and n mortiraKo on tlib premises sold on tho elocution 61 whl U, knit "Don contlrmn »<#tn nff •..! «»1. • «_!(. -_1 *T _Ti_ ^ .. * "*** yoni of SH| gale. 1 win ex<:cute,»nO deliver a fleed to the luiiohaser-or pnroha.-«TS of said lard, an'by satd <l«oro • r ~ " ' v iror data. Seven tots with good brick dwelling and outbulldluge.ln goid repair, In UpperAlton. Keuldtmoeof !). E. Oolltu*. and known a* the Merrill property. WUtt'fL.K ft BUU^BY, Alton, or I). W. Collet, Uppar Alton. l<orBiut. A 7-room frame dwelling, North side BluflBt. .. -, T » «,T • nntu iivwiu 4 s»'ii UiroUkea. COn* lying all th- ilxht, tide and claim of the said parties-nsam suit to said w ALONZO S. •""'. Waster In OhRnoi M, W. WKIB, 6ol, : t IRXECUTORS'; NOTICE, Estate of John W. Sohwcppe, deceased. Tbe untler«l>nu)d, - havlnir been' an. pointed Kieoutors of, the last, will aad instament of Joliu; W. SoUweppe., fat* of the countv ol Madison and stath of lllUols, dei»a«i8n,' ueroby give notl'e that they will appear beforeIU« Ormmj UfTurl or Madison county, at tbe court house, In Bdwaril8vill«,at tlio.Mnreli tcrra.oh the fourth Monday In Alurcli • next, at which .tlm* all persons haylnp claims uealnst said estate ore notified and requested to Httnnd for the nur- pose of having tlm same adjusted. All personi ndebted to saVd estate are requested totaaini immediate pnymnnt to the undersbrnnd. Dated this 9nd day of FebroaryT£1). fa, 'S^.^ft.¥«y.fl«5t. 6d4w »J" •»•>(•. Kt Wja TT UllTX A, WlLtlAMJC.BOHWKp'pE. UKNKYM. fiOHWI-PPll,, Kxecutors. For Sale or jtteat. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned ov Mm B. J.Dutro. .'•• WH1PPLB A8MILET. Lincoln 3oh*ol flumbvldl " Irving » darfleld H '"»« 2»j 11» •U a* SI either nor Ta •si TOTAL iius 1087 93 78 eoi s Names of, pupils M and above m scholar vnip: . HIGH SCHOOL. SIK1OB CLASS. •nrollment 17. LoulAa Ha^se. 1 '0.- kfary Armstrong 100. Oarullne S-lhold, »4. FunnleUrhmTn'09 ' •iMdle Bialr,»d, Jeflnrsrn Blair, k ' Ma K gle LnPHIe.SS. AunU Allen.»7. Amanda OuPu^b, »7. B-in Harris, 97. Adttjfionolfl, »7. Carrie MoOarthy. M. - l No' other medicine is so reliable as Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, for the cure of ooujths, colds, and all derangements of tbe respiratory organs. It relieves the asthnaatio and consumptive, even in advanced stages of disease. dwlw TliK MUKDER OF HOW.UAN. An E-ast St. Louis I'ellcemun Arrested Cbarced with tbe Crime. EAST ST. Louis. Feb. 12-iTosterdav tuornidK Gnorga W. Vpi'oe, a mombor o( the Kast St. lx)uis police force, was arrested in St. Louis by Mr. TUouias Furlong, chief of the secret aorvice of the Gould s) me in, on a charge oi murdering ex-Mayor John B. Bowman of this city. A few minutes after six o'clock on the night of Nov. 20, 1885, John B. Bowman was assassinated in the street, not a dozen steps from hib residence. Last month Mr. Furlong found a clue, which was followed up until it led Tostetday morning to the arrest ol Voice, who in now in j ul at Belleville. Last night Air. Furlong declared his perfect confidence that Voice wis the ftuiltf party. The former gave a partial history of the clue, as follown: " Early in January Mr. Furlong was told that Christian Smidt, a young man who resided in Kast 8t. Louis and who . was wanted by tbe police on a charge of complicity in tbe robbery of a freight warehouse m East St. Louis, know something about the Bowman murder, and would tell it if properly bandied. Smidt was arrested on tho 29th ult.. And about ten days ago Wm. .Bank*, 4l Bushy," a young man who has always hred in EastSt Louis, was arrested ou » charge of robbing a fnngbl oar on the Ohio aud Mississippi railway, and was also looked up at Belleville. Snildt's ntatumeut made yesterday morning under oath to Mr. R. D. Hoi- dar, prowoiuiug attorney of Belleville, and corroborated by Banks, Is aj follows: Ou tbe uluht of November 19, 1886, Smidt and Banks robbed a freight oar on the Ohio and Miisissippi railway, and carried away a large lot of plug tobacco, which they buried la a utraw stack about 100 yards northeast ot ex-Mayor- Bowman's barn. On tho following wren- ing they went to tho,st<-aw slack for the purpose of removing tbe tobunoo. It waj quite dark when they left the slack with their plunder In bags over their ' '.'.. : '• M1DDLB CLASS. Enrollment M. 1 T H t (U ? Phlnnry. 10D. Lulu Lehnn M »"»*™lttoM.«. Mamie Baker, IW. , and from which a i; • —.-— r—«.w* out causing Intense mng nnd distress, und leuvln< his hair ?'""*£& £w 9 llto a * 6 J^%t^ f £$* ly the hair came out and was de. 'h.^tl.'fVl but " ft •">*" Pi'ch wus left nt i^, ut T of tbe "°, a ^ M y 'rtendsln i'eabodv know-how ii.y llttlo boy hhs suffered. At night he would scratch his head until his pillow wus covered with blOOd I UHl-ll In ilo his hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent hls^cratci Ing; but it WBB no use. he would scratch. 1 to5t him to the body without success. About *tWs "tlifie sonie IrfjiiOrt, who had been cured bv thu Cutlcura Uemedle .prevailed upon mn toti'v them. 1 begun to us" them on tbe 1 .th of January lust. In seven months every parti- do oi the disease was removed. Not a snot or scab romnina on his scalp to tell the storv f'hlH suffering. Ilia hair has re'urned. anS Is thick and strong, and his sculp us swnet Hid clean as any child's In the worlil. 1 o&n- not„„«»«,.„„„ ,„„ |ny gratitu'dS,",. A POWJiBFUIj TONIC. thtt tl« most delicate stomach will bear. A SPJJCIFJC FOB M ARABIA, RHEUMATISM, NEBVOCS PKOSTBATION, and all Gerin Diseases. for bal» The late residences of J. i. and W. B. Mitchell, on Mill st., two OiW, n best pieces ol residence property In Alton. Tbe property known as '"The Park, eaatot above; U lots on Mill and Summit streets, an U a number ol ots la MlUor #• Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all ol above at a great bargain. WfOPPLK « HMILEY. Ada '._'•'' JtTJSIOB CLASS. : Inrellme.t 60. «"?*«• ^sssysr- m ^K-assaf s- MumlB, Caldwrli.W, Kdlth Himill, 6. uKSS^ r ;& »"^BeaU,ta. GIUMMAK DBPAHTMEVT. onSI Mnir?* 1 " 0 ^'!, 7 - rrank Blerbonm. W. 88SJSSSS: M ' .W«!!» M - Jttom fft. 4. enrollment U. : ^i'*u'}fV X io M> M»«««eO'Learr.M. iiSI5if..i 'J?' *dna Smith. S9. «"''^»J»'r.»7. Bte'C^Jk'iV.^. tvO*e Utilf Ullll. 97 ~ I^nttln T*MAt or aiwiss^^SS?-* M&W?- &t3s& Willie D JW ; RS. ^S Bfu'n'j^elde.«. 1RVIHO SC«OOL-flo«« JV». J. Enrollment, It Oct. 6,1885. PuabociV" anus 1 have seen Mr. McKay's boy whcii biidlv affected with the Eczema. He wns a pltllijl »Kbt to look at. 1 know that he has tried "'•"•.best physlclHns, and did all a father n«M d ° ,'? r a '• ufl «»»B child, but availed nothing. Iknowth t the Matemems he has made you as regards the curing ol his boy by yum i.titlcnra Keui' dies are true In mrerv particular. Wli L1AM J BJcOAUTilY? V 83 Foster sii eet, 1'eaoody, Mass. _I do not know of any Instance In which the Outlcura Itemedies have failed 10 produc" satl^fuctorv results. X bellovo I hove -old more of them than of any other skin reme- Uwi ??* ev ^ r ua , nulat ' during thlrty.threo Tears of my experience as a druggist A. U. TKYON, Batayla, N. T. Sold everywhere. Price: Outloura, 60 cts • Cuticura Soon. is <-ents; Outhmra - ' ired by Potter Drug and ;"ow to Cure Skln Diseases." LES, Dlaukheaua. akin lileralshes and Uaby Humors, use Cuticuiu „ _ •._•' c "Even-patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. T. ] with Kaskmo has bean _ , (diacliurged cured." Dr. L. R. White, U. 8. K»aniintnK Surgeon, wntf»: "huskme 1s the heat medicine mudo." Ur L. M. tiletsner. 860 East ISltt st , NHW York city, has cured over 290 uuiients with KubldiiHuhcr qiiiinno and all other drugs hud lulled. He says: "U la undoubtedly tbe best me Heine ever disco\ cretl." Pro:. W. F. HolcomliH. AI.D., 51 East»th St., NY. (iftte Prof. In N. V, Med. Uoliege) writes: "Kiisklne in superior to quinine in its suec flc P'-wer, nnd never produced the slightest In- Juiyto tlieheailngor conatlmtlon. : Uev. Jas. L liull, ulinplaln Albany Pnniten- tlary, writes that Ka-klne haa cured his wifn. alter twenty vears mlferli.g Irom lual.uin and neivous dyspepsia. Write hluifor par- tlrulurs. " Thousands unon thousands write t'.mt Kns- Kliiij has cured them after all other uiedl- clueslmd failed. Write lor book of tueti* Knsklne can be taken without nny special uiedicul advice. Si,00 per bottle. Sold by or punt by mall oil receipt of price. KASK1NU CO., 51 Warren st.,Noi York. . ludwlui Jror aiue. The Morriinan property on State stroo In Miller A: Mlchell's add., to Alton, in story house, 8roouui and out-buildings: oliin perfect order. Con Us had at a bargain. WH1PP.LK a BMTLEY. For Hale. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Pe and filth streets. WHIPPIJS 4 8MILMV Deilrnble Kesldeuoes fer Sale. A two utoi-y brick dwelling on State street known ax W in. A. Platt buuiestead, lately put In Kood repair. A two story Irume dwelllnK on Malu street, nearly now. A two story THB DIJIKOT AND-3-A8* UNB To U,/-^' ,-,<. Cincinnati. *' c ' . Louisville, Wasblngtou, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the, EAST. A SOLID DAILY THINS to , r now. wo story oiick dwelling on aeventb street, all lor sole having decided to WU1PPLE ft »M1LK\ JTor Hale. A convenient farm of ISO acres, most all In cultivation; sltaated en tbe Bethalto rood, m'lp? Tom Alton. Fast Freight. & Passe: ger Lii.e THE ST. LOUIS AND CKNTHAL ILLINOIS R. It. CtJ'8 PAt-ACK hTKAMtlt For Bent. Late residence ol M. J. Noonan on State street, known us the A. Platt place. Good 9 room brick hou««. in class repair. Wlill'PLK a tMILEY . J< or Kent. Good 8-room brick house with about< acres of ground.lnuludlnij orouam, in Uppor Alton. Former reolaenoo ot Dr. Humbert. 'L'LK & SMILKY. cars for any olaMof yasBBnge'rs. TWO DALLY TRAINS To Washington In 28 hours, ToBaltimoiein29hour8. This is FIVE HOUE9 yUIOKHBtuau the fast. cst tltno by IIQV otborlluo sUt™ oVDav^Ll^Sd «**-«•»?» °°°- Soap. .A Word about Catarrh, ., 1 ,i M8 , tl L e !5 uoou »n>«nil>rane.'that wonner- lui suml-fluld nnvelopo surrounding the delicate tls-uuaof the ulr and food pa*viages.tliut Otttarrh^makes Its stronghold. Jmce eitab- l!SI? 11*!° but a j°, n f a rawn y breath'o a f"mlserV f" a d ' 8 f.a8B. dolling ihe sense ot hearing, trammelling the power* f speech deatrovliu vJn, f nS u !h y °' s ™ e \l Dinting the breath/an.) ir,inn. , n e reflned pleasur-aof loste. In- u Ueo. Pl«l»flnberg t r. M.Jo"le Yoiuni. MMi e "? H ," UBO "-y«r Se-Prnnk Oonldli", II. Lillle Jaokoon, Si, Belle Perotr.lte tt-1« h."^"^- *""'" *™" ld • "•' nose Baker, VS. MaudOreuu M MlnuleHertH.W. Mi? wllJon 1 .' M! HDlJBOtPr SOMOOL-JJoow So. 1. (enrollment, 17. iji; B .- ThS ^niSli 11 "' 1 " °J 'C e H '* h 8on001 '• 107 - i4 Th« •urolliaent of ihe brammar ttohoois Is B. A. HA10HT, Supt. THE BEST THtNO KNOWN ran washingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. rf 'i 1 *. *^ .* "" lluul tt HllIlpIO COUI . .i«ad, It assuulta the membianous lining and envelops the bones, eating through thedulloate ooats and cau-ing liiflummation loation w1l?° ' d<!aUl ' Notull '« * hon o" erad till ullovititi\ cs sro fiiiuply -^ proc^tiBtiiiiitod »utferin<e, leading to a iatal terminmion. bunford's Radical Inhalation and by . S^. rn ^l auln | n 'Bt';atlon, has never fulle •; I'Veu wlivn th« dlsnase JIBS rnndo frightful ..Tfi, , on "« !l ! f ' at e constitutions, hearing; Mine'l and taste have heen recovered, und tho dl e eas« thomuKbly driven out. i, «?* OBI> ,'* '" AD 'OAL OUKB consists of one bottle oi ihe Radical Oure. one boi Cata rhai Solvnnt, and one Improved Inlmier, neailv prlie'l'l ' "" e nacka " 0 ' wltl """t"reotion«; POTTER Dnuo A CUEMIOAL co,, Boaiox. HOW IT ACHES. « Yl"I1 ont wil11 P Bln > but "till compelled by stern necessity to stand up ito the work before us and bear thn pain. Hellnf In one minute In a Oil- 'tloura Anil. Pain Plaster lor aching .... side* and baek.wpuk A painful mil ^^^'S'S^^la^af^&^SirSt 'otJ^&S^^S^ J. P. ELLISON, Commander. Kt> AXBIWTX, I „, , . TUOK DOOOE. jCleiks. Ai?on'dail l " tBr TllurijUB >'' Feo - ] 7 tQ . will leave For St. Louis at 7 a. m. Returulnar, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine bt.) at 2:10 p. in.! Leaving Alton nt 5:!?O p. m. for Portage and .Jersey, arriving at Graf i on at 7:45 p. m., oonnpctingwilh f nttezpres* on «t, Louis and Central Illinois Kullroad lor Jerscyvillu. Wu- veny, ap.lngQcldand all pou.U north and FAItE. TOST. Louis,single trip, ... Me. ' " r< und trip, . , , . ;BO. r,.," twenty riae ticket, . , J5.00 « A 5. K1 !11VO.TATUM, Gen. Agt; Alton. H. A. H-HKK t i.on'l Manug«r. ioildtf For Sole »r Rent. 1-he i-fltory Irume dwHlltug with 8 rooms, Including 7 lota: good barn and fine tiuits. known aa tbe Mlchols homestead, kltuatea on Utlist., in a dealraole nolghboihood. WHIl'FLEjt BMlLEy. For Sal*. A7-roombil3kdwolllng and out buildings on Thlid street, between Ohcrry and Vinn. WHIPPLfci & SM EY. PRICE LIST: Palace Buffet Sleeping Cars are run by thin line ou night express from ST. LOTTIS TO NEW YORK. -DAILY— Without change in 87 hours. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WINTJBB RESORTS IS TRK SODTH The Double Dally Llnos'of Parlor Cters and P-laceSiee^OoachesbytUs St Louis to Cin'ti & LouisvlUe both points PACKUT COMPANV. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Ste ttmer LaBelle, • Fairy. .- - Diamond Light, Fancy, • • PRB BUI, $4.75 4,50 • 4.00 a or Transfers by this Bouto. NU. F. BAHNAHD. W.B.8HATTUU, Pros. Q«n. Mansgnr. Gen'IPass. A«t. ' U. LJCYHB. Master. | K. BOSS POWBLI . I ED ULOOK, Uiui-r «. New nnd Beaatiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS A Speclaty, from Small to Largest WizeH. GOLD PAINT! n. TIMK and BOAP l E AVES J^lHOn. TIMK an SOLY. a-nOiiTves uiilv«r«al rally, rich or poor, should be without It I1KWARK ?" •**".? ^ be MtwT* sy«o_ ___ «.^.. » 4AHJM PVX.R. NKW VOIUC. /lost pop, u«e. «NEFF & OBERWUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st, On and a tor Monday, Feb. ll, tbo Spread atle wl njniiBlollows.vlzi | oprfBa LEA VINO ALTON ' FOR ST. LOUIS ?£ J °!°' nolt »• «";{ and St. Louie on return trip at S p. ui,, dally. And leaving Alton tor Portnue, Jersey Landing. Urn-ton, and wa points every evening aiB:8« o'clock. «*-Th« Wblstla will be louuded nfteer minutes before starting for at. Louis. WILSON WASHBOARDS. ThMsWuhbostds aro mud* with a Bent-Wood rim. The Strong«it boards and bett wuliers In th« World. For salg bjr all dc»lfr«. Tile* no other. BAOI!VA>r M'F'O CO., _. For Hale, The Woodroof pinporty. A 1 Htory framt- houne o« .8 rooms, oiilNtti and •AlwnstrSfi a « room frame house on Kltih ntrm-t. ' WIIIPIM.B4PMILET. KOrt Atl. I'orniiiiHint nm. lilnymnnt Ki--«n to unpru«tla incn and WOIIIIMI pv«ryw|j|in>. $:W n we»k and cxpuniicii imkl »"Ui"l'»woith?ftiind ail PHI-M.,: ut nuoo 1». O. VICK- SHORTHAND WRITING. liiiiKlit by mull. Young meu have onlv to learnsUoithttiidtoinakSlta sure Bourio ol prone, ouud stamp lor pamphlet und sneol tuun. \V. \y. umton, yttuburg, PH. I7dim T°TUBA" UI ' ATI: Twit AiU'ETiTK^Kon 1 toTK UKti i HOY Kit.— It crailli'iitoR ttm ta«U) for. and du»troy d ill bad offeotS aris" lug Ii'om tile, u«a ol Tobacco. Tilts prS'.ar! tl-n straiigthon, tho appetlti, cleart tho "• the mumory. It is puc J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALKB8 IN Stoves and Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other first clans heating stoves for wood or ooal. Outside WOFB a specialty: Hoof ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON UAND. JJOH. SKO..ND AND Al^V 8TH. JapSSKSS's ton? w'V'hi;"' 1 " 1011 have °*en6d a now musta torn at the oonutr of 'Alrd.andPlasasta ORGANS AND PIANOS I w P 1r V?"''"»hlp tor sale »l rim- menu h.!, 1 ° 8 , u »?<»«*nmiae our juntrn- menis boforopurohunlug eUuwbore, FLOSS &

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