Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 12, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1887
Page 1
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JtlR 1 , -^ £j -^ • —•"^— l •*+&•• *e**iA ' • 5K&_"**W3r : T"'>*'**"*" WTCr *». fiatgltudcg „, Uajjk9giiUlneff(\M^.lt hainoequal.. ,.-n •ronedcgdunei on wrapper. Take no other. ' HAY- FEVER ELY'S CREAM BALM Is not a limtid, tnuff or poudcr. Applied into ttostrib is quickly absorbed; It cleanses tM Matt:' AUayt.faJlanimatfon. ffeals the loru. Rettoretthesenitea of taste and smell. SO cent* at Dnwilittt; by mail, registered, «0 cento. ELY BROTHERS, l>ruegl8ts,Ovrcgo,NY. Hare been enjoyed by iOlllzons of every town and cl iT 12 ">« U.B. Marvelous Cures havo boon wit* nwsed by.thouinnaiiof. people, who con testify to - TH1C WONDERFUL HEALING POWER OP Hamlin's Wizard Oil, Toothache, Headache, Earache, ,, Catarrh; Crdup; Sore Throat, Lame BacVJBtlfl Jolnls, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, - Bruises, Burns, Fever- Soret, Wounds, Old'Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites^'Sore 'Nipples,•!Caked *Bi»essts, and All Ached and Pains, re quteUl y relieved by this manloal remoi ' ~ i once unit you will never uo without Iu, Koi druggists. • Pffco. 8O«. • oilr SONO BOOK fr arequteld; rollovocl by this maulciarwraody. Try It once »mt you will never 1)0 without IV,. Kor Bale by drugglBts. Pfloo. 8O«. • oilr SONO BOOK free to alt Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY.' CHICAGO, Patents. ro ny persons wisbin« to obtain lettfe) patent on new inventions, improvements o assigns; iTvtll execute drawings and specif! • cations ami make applications for Patents, AM oonu-.iltmlon, In person or by lotw , frw ; Alton. III. . J: HOWEJLL, — DEALEIt IX— FURNITDRE I A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Abb OBDKP ..'.'•-' • .'•• ••'. :' fl i , lr ^« ' UPHOLSTERING Belle Bfc., bet. Tlilrd and Fourth. -ALSO- UNDERTAKERS nUSIDKNOKOOR. 8TATB& 8EVKNTU 8T3 ApvEETiaas WOwo will print a tnn-lino advonlletutmt in One Million IIKUOI o( leaning AmoriuHn Nowup ipors, ThU I* At ilio into pf only on* flfth nf aoont a lluo.for 1.0.K)tKiotr latlanl Th« advurtu«m«nt, will bu plaoad before One,Million UIPKBRKNT iniwsniiDer 6 0™!!!)*!!!-!!!—or KIVEMILLION UBAUBBS. Ten nun will ao' oininiKliiti) abDiit 7.1 win UK, Ad ~ '" lyol.Hilv anU«li«ok, o HDIVI si - , „ ..JF.?_'.J?«P»iJ».-. 0«<!>-.»J.BPW. •idi Congress, oij, /Feb. ii—Senate'— A number ,pf ..railrbad^righ^of-way bills were ispaased-^The, commlttiee' on Education and Labor was instructed to sit during the recess aud investigate the conditions and rtlatfolasi of capital and labor, 'atid report at the next session—The post-offlne appropriation , bill-was, considered, Mr. Plumb;-beingsthe: only Senatorito, speak on it, House—\ message was received- from the president announcing tne* veto of the dependent tiension bilK —Jamt-s Johnson's liquid-evaporaf i^| n K,process, for whioh au extensiba. tiph'all; jthe afletnoorii:. ifal 'it th« night session, pension bills were' looked after. Another Veto. WAsHrNOTbw, Feb. 11.—A message has ; beenreceived in the Hbtase .of,JlepresentiBtiv'eB ; . from, the Pr6si- fe^S?^^??^^^. NUMBER 219. LATEST NBiys.. .•fl90.djL7.'MDonUotie in BlloWgan add: Indiana rlirera. ',! niiacbb,3U;ill^i ; ;qf liebjaiijTii' Olf ttas ifobbedAif. $27;,aob, in.ca9]i,:jyliUe;:;»t a i hotel imAtlantat Ga. , . increased IH0 reWard'fbir tUe Ra- ' Bitter -warfare ''Irboingr 1 waged I at : .' *aloo,n . i venerable:' Joha, Bright; nritten'anothef 1 letter eevrreiy-- Absolutely Pure. Thin powder never varies. A marvel o( purity, atre >gth wbolngomenees. More economical than the ordinary Muds, and cannot bo sold Ui competition with the : multitude o< low teat, Bliprp weight, JanSdwly Plain and Decorative &.L: •'wtms PBOMPTLY ATTKKDK^ TO AT LOWEST TERMS. OBX7OK AND SHOP ON SECOND, 1ST.,: NEAR! PJA8A ALTON. . . . JO8KRH LIVEIIY STABLE ' „ .6pyernqr Ogiesby ia's approviea tti6- biib'jtppropriatiijg*.' 850^0 ; to crect'a hronutient tO l ttae<lat«'6^Dbr> al J6bb A. Logan. •;,.,. . Barclay _Peake, of Moiint: HolJy, N. J ., hu been arrested, charged iwith'murflerlrig'hir beautiful cotoaini Mary 'C. Anderson. l ' ^Wm; R6sbll, tftriack^walker for the .L ASt. L. roadfateyei-millioa, 111... 'tras^andbaggejdj'/itibtaed in^l left ia- aensible on. •thfe^aok;i : It is stated tbat»;a^peo|8ilif sessioa (of .the United State* Senate;i» now inevitable, iu ord«S!;t6 jatify) a- new .treaty, with GreatrBiitain. V Goveriior OglegB^ left Sriringfleld. Thursday/ night? for New^orJf; to attend the first annual dinner of the ; ]Sew;> Yprk^ $epuMU$n,?p]'ub, to > be held this evening, v r AtfBrydgesji Ontario, iwreign of terror, is .reported to exist on .the tem^ perance, issue, . advocated of enforcement of 'thb temperance law be-- ing roughly handled! ;by* friends of liquor, interests Jar Gould bar ti" brother, Abraham Gould, who has never, .been heard froniiuntil lately. He is Sup* ply«Agent of the Missonri '"Paciflis. Railrbttd;at St.; Louis, and :is described as'a pleasant-and" uno8tenta-i <tioua citizen . War rumors, continue to ;be put. in circulation and denied iu Europe. ;0ne of the war reports is to ttie. effect that Boulangei-'S: plan of 'hostilities- against Germany' includes the invasion of Alsace-Lorraine and a decisive victory to open the campaign. • The retired list of the < navy is swelling.. There, are. fifty rear admirals, fifty 'commodores, fourteen rcaptains, twelve commanders, twen^ ty lieutenant commanders, forty-one lieutenants, forty-six .. surgeons, twenty paytnastets, and seventy -two engineers. The., -Ancient Order of United Workmen now has 18,000 'members' in good 'standing, , in Hinois, Four ^iewv lodges werfri organized > last month. From>the»8th of 'January to: the 31st, the grand recorder has i%sued orders,, in' payment of beneficiary certificates amounting to $34,000. 5 ' ito.appolnfc-a Superintendent 'and As- BiBtBtitoupwribtdoiloQt.of' fft*ound0* > BUls^werAiatroduoecl. :a», vfollovTs: By Mr^ provide for: the .establishment ,.ot a State i Board of Labor,and Capital. ' ' • '.. By Mr. .Macmillan, Appropriating $12,000 fbr^the School for Deaf and Dumb at Chicago. ' iBy Mr. Nfielcy; to provide that the premium 1 of-loans made by home- 'stead and' lonu 1 aisociatlons* may |be deducted' in on* amount or • iw pro? portionateiiums.. By Mr-'Symondsj 'disfranchising voter* 1 Vrho ^have 'bpiight br sold yOtesT : By-Mr.' ,Coie,'to jprphlb,H bpvcpttir/ «nd attaching a pfcnaliy ,ftt ,iha ,rio> lation of the law, if adopted, of five •yearBiin.'.thepeDitentiaryi-ora>fine of t2,00a,,or ,botb. = By Mr. Baker, recmiring, the I11U 1 ,noi» Central Eailway to, make ,a ,conj ; - • plete report of, its gross earnings t6' the Goyernpr, and in making the division of, jjaid groas earnings, the question of mileage only shall be taken as a basis 'of" passenger 'arid freight rates. A resolution'wav adopted "requiring all,stock yards-in the 'Statei to submit, to; the Legislature *• list ctf' their charges. • Resolutionsoi-respect in honor< oft the ^,M4rtyred i';President, Abraham 1 Lincoln, .were > adopted* ?andjiOrederd ; spread upon* the '-journal. '•''• « A.resolution:was. oUopted-. stating'. thatMyhereas^IllinoiK wa»f the fore-' mqstvStatela tbfr'Union m railroadi.i : one/of,the Bbard.'.;of,;C6minissib'neti-' i;equired 1 by the^pOTsag^pf the-Inter•State,Commerce bill,should;be taken irdm;thlg, State. Adjourned: until * o^clock' Mon- I am gotag-to consolidate my two establishment., and h«Te to make&roomfW new goodtr,and offer my entire stock until March lit, at Cost ttf save coat of moving and uterine Tk. yi Stoves, Hardware, Tinwar* Grattite*WAre, ( lock8, Springs, and eve- i J thing kept in .any hardware store. A11 these . . .Senator' HilL; ihtrpaiiced;,;a' joint repolutlon'orderfng 1 -the"State- iCharii- ab'Ie,«ommittee,of;the Senate and the i 'committee on "State /Institutions of the? House be required to visit Elgin, Anna and. such; other, places as ai-e asking for'such additional bui|dings and, appropriations for such .purpose; investigate'the wants ;and feasibility ,of. such additional- -buildings, the probable coat of the same,, and report their conclusions to 'the/General lAssembl y- with., as much, speed as possible,; Jtbjsefher with the estimated cost-per capita'for maintenance at eaoh :place asking.apprdprtations for said purpose; ' FEONT BETWEEN T. L. FOULDS & CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles, STIJLI, SLOP FOB 8ALB. aei 7dwflm BAUER, DKALKlt IN'AND MANOTAOTURER FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, OP1>; City, Jtf »U, AUTON, If^L. All kinds o( lino and -ooramfm farnltur 1 * ooudtuuHy on liand. ALto u»d«Tt»ltor. oto. __ _ _ EMPIRE MILLS. 8BOONU aTllBBT (Near Plaia). ALTON; I _ . _ *\lu oALU.; Ground Oatn, Ground Corn Hay, Oat*, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Grohuw tflour,e PHOMPTLY DBLIVKRKO TO ANY J»AHT '• M.WILKI T JVSQN. Jjeglslftture. • HOUSE. 'SpHiKaFittLD, Illl; Feb. 11. —A 'message- 'from the- Governor announced that he had signed Emergen- oy House bill 73, turning over to thV Live Stock Commission ; the. $35,000' received by the Commission for ihe sale of carcasses, during the pleuro pneumonia' among the cattle in Chicago,;and bill 18,- api»ropriat- ing .850,VOO to erect a' monument to GenecalLog;an-i also.Senate bill No'. 6, providing for quarterly payments' of county superintendents; also expressing his approval of the resolution passed by both houses providing for the appointment of five commissioners for the Cincinnati Centennial Exposition. The committee on County and Township Organiz ition reported favorably on bill No. 70, to provide for the proper care and management of cemeteries, and bill No. 91, (jroviding for ihc annual election by- ballot at town meetings of one Supervisor, one Town Clerk, one Assessor and one Collector, and .such other offlcers-as^are required by law, and provi -ing for the election of additional olllcers in towns and cities in proportion to the number of inhabitants. Millie committee on the Judicial Department recommended for pass* age b.Il No. 207, .requiring Justices of .the Peace and Constables to give bunds in sums between $3,000 and «10,OOU; also, Mr. Myers' bill prohibiting imprisonment for debt; bill No. 228. reppalingynn act cf'1859 whereby certain;school dis 1 riots wore created, aud Mil No, 22tf, amending the law iu relation • ton change of vi-nue; it .provides, that, In caiei in which a fair trlul can not be bad on' auoount of thu prejudldeof the oWul- ating Jiuljjo, another, Juciga may be called to prenldu \ bill 2PQ, fixing tbii terms of holdtiig the courts of Cook county. Uill 8H7, uuthonriuK direu- tors of incorporated park.companies' • Dr. CroBby'sdLdeas. •'•• NKvr,:yoKK,Feb*' 11—Dr, Howard Crosby, of this .city; delivered a lecture, on, ''The, Scriptural,,View of Temper,ance l f before'jthe'Btudents of the theological: -seminary at Bulgers' college, New,,Brunswick,- N.' J., last night.. The'lecture* has created considerable excitement among .the temperance peophrand: clergymen there, and a number of ministers .will reply' to Dr.; Cro8hy,,ftom;th|eir,pnlRits on Sunday. In'introduolnjfnis'remnrks Dr. Crosby- said: "For the past (twenty, 'yeatsiJihayevbeen , called a heretic, .and.Xam^gbthg.^o.give you rayxheresy; this-evening; Far be it fromimelo'decry^-the teylls of intemperance, but 'J ! claim.'th'at,,there are two;.- other . preTaiiing,, sins i which, while mteinpefahije;. cotinU Its:victims by thpusandsj ipotjnt'theirs by tens „ of., thousands. ..I'.refer to the social vice, impurity^ and^he:greed fori money. No method of iflghting intfimperanoe.., can , stand .fdr a moment 1 which condemns th«*uie of wine." Dr; Crpaby characterized the theory .of two ikinds of iwine^as the^great est piece,of,;stapidityi which the hu-, man mind .hud harbdred in these lat,ter day«i and deni«dithe existence of such ft tiling, aa,unfermented, Wme "V7e, must deal .with the sin of in- temperanc,«,V he continued, '-as with any,other sin. \V>need no societies, for it. , I don't,believB ju the pledge. I believe 1 the- history of th« pledge has »;to be a failure. I don't believe in • these - organifsations of young peopl«.feu.teraperanceiwork." Prof. JDdolittle ardse at this point and asked 4>r. Crosby ^whether, If a youngv man called atihw house, he w.iuld^advise his giving him; Mine a* (freely^s heivrouldi Idinonade or coffee. , Dr, Crosby. repMed: "I-don't believe aBr^^aiing, .but fill say this: If you.want(arglass- of claret with your bopfsteak to-morrow morning, aud can Afford to havo it, aud dou'.t have ibj ,ypu are, a' fool." A great fensation followed this utterance. before the recent advance In prices. To building this spring, I offer i;ooa: KE0s OF STEEL NAILS i atlactorjrPrices. Sememeber the placts: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. Thi» is no catoh-penny humbug sale of old and wora-out stock but a bona fide reduction solely to save expense ' of moving or storing. Call at Once and Secure Bargains ! 8 IB M. Hardware and Farm Winery, HKAI>QUAJtTER8 FOR THE Best Buggy in the World. in the city,;. at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, ftl;75,...$2*.'$250, »4, $6.50, .57.50 to $10, „ Headquiirters for EUPIOJV and GAHMJ1VE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and „, m CYLINDER OILS. Gistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL Ifi THE BEST ONEAIITH! Golden Wedding. - VIKPKX, III., Feb., U—One of those rare occasions, -the- 50th anniversary of »^redditta' l ' wan celebrated In this«ity,,bir;Mc. and. Mrs, J. L. Morrell, who were married in Jersey county, Joi 1837;' and hayevraslded horo.slnoe ilSfil. There . were prei- cut roUti v«»,froinj#r»«y and Gr««ne counties. BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to ^50. Warraiited 20 Yeai-s. BBEECH-LOAJDING GUNS, From $16 to $30, . H. BOOTH! \ JEWELER,

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