Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 11, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1887
Page 4
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Cancel, ft* : Ttt T*T That rheumntUtn and neuralgia are so prevalent T Thl* quwti.on has not been swsfactorily answeretJ, but It it certain Unit these diseases are not only the most painful but among the most common, and some member of nearly every family in the land is the victim of one of these dread tormentors. Ladies seem to be peculiarly liable to neuralgic attacks, which, in the form of neuralgic headache, pain in the buck, or nervous pains are of constant occurrence. Not until the discovery of Athlo- (ilioros had any remedy been found foe cither rheumatism, neuralgia or nervous headache, and they were generally conceded to be incurable, but Alhlophoro» luw been proved to be not only a certain •;ure for these diseases, in all their varied lormB. but a trtfe remedy. If, in the use of Athlophoros, the bowels are kept/r«/u 'yen. its success is certain, and to aid this, AtlilophoroB Pills are recommended, which, while providing the necessary cathartic, will be found to be a valuable nitl to the action of the medicine. Athlo- phoros is no experiment, it has been tested and has proved its wonderful elh'cacv. The Athlophoros Pills were originally prepared as a remedy for use in connection with Athlophoros. for rheumatism and neuralgia and kindred complaints. Used in connection with tfiat remedy, (Jtcy are 11 certain cure for cither of these very common and distressing diseases. They have also been found to bo an invaluable remedy for any and all diseases arising from vitiated blood or general debility. They are especially valuable for nervous debility, blood poisoning, dyspepsia, distress after eating, headache, constipation, loss of appetite, and all stomach or liver troubles. For diseases of women they are invaluable. These pills are perfectly harmless and may be safely used by adults or children. Testimonials of those who have been cured will be sent free on application. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but where they cannot be bought of the druggist, the Athlo- phoro^Co., 112 Wall St., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1,00 per bottle fir Athlophoros and 50c, foi Pills. plnPuU.'lml'lgeiillnii. Mild bntWecltvis UTMOI'D 11 y JHUJGOIHTS. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, —BV- Ruders&ausen & Sonntag.. .„. ,. • " For Sale. - -Aoorivonlont and pleasant home at a reasonable flguro, holng u two-story framu house on Eighth street, near Henry, Ifor Snle. A clioloo farm of WO acres, with first olasn Improvements, situated 2K miles cast ol Uruna\v1ek. Oharlton co., Mo. For Sain. A ono Story fnimo dwelling houso In good condition. In Topping's addition to Allou. For Sale Cheap The residence ot Oapt. W. t obloj two •itories and mansard roof i 12 room 4 halls, closets, cellars, eto.: a acres of groiv Most •leslrable property In the ctty. JTar Sale. ibu acres of land near city limits, i •» ., twa story bnck anil tnnne dwu r. notise, both situated on the nay o i.ate street between Oth and 7th 11 cots • ao tho brick block ol atorus on Soeon .rent, between Honi and Rldifu utroot ,iown as HnnterV rpw. For tjale. A nujaU frame ' -»tn(? houso within n nt olockH of the (I i for $37S. 160 acres f (,'ood turmiiiK land, and nnothei tract of 00 torea, both unimproved. Situate in Moi . <,o., Kansas, at $10 and $1(1 per acre respectively—one -third cash.balanco on time For Sale. A larin of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. .4 aoort two-story framo dwoUlug on It. Price $3,«00 Vor Snle. A choice farm ol 1'2U acres, situate 1 mile south of Shlpman, Maconpln county, 111., al H low figure. Parties Intending to buy Ueal Kwtato in the city ol Alton or vlelnltv will Itnd it to their Interest to cull ut iliooiireof Itndorshausen A Sonnt'in and o.Mimtne their list 01 propor- tlos for sttlo as only jtart thereof Is adver- tlxod. PLASTER CORNS M/ 'J? A common scnso euro, by a combined medical and mechanical action. Unliko any other pro- punitlon, thoy rollovo llio proHsuro whllo curing tho corn, and novor fail wlinro directions itro followed- Five sota of jilastisra iviul tmx of ointment put up in liundHomo tin case, convenient for UHO. Pnco 2!5 cents, complete. Ask for "Peducunv" and tivko no other. Tlie Peleg Wh i te Proprtelar? Go. MANUrACTIlKUKS, 113 W. Broadway, N. Y., U- 8. OK FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. U. AV. CHA.MBERL.AIN, Dint. Agont for Alton. Mi«dv«illllnglp»c«v<h«nlnCiiicai;o, v.ill d i AMOK DlILt TELEGRAPH. (liat«r«d n» R«cond>olotii Matter at the P, U. nt Alton, 111.) FRIDAY EVK., FEB. 11. WHAT SHALL WE WEAR1 STYLISH COATS AND SUITS FOR LITTLE GIRLS. lion Ladles of I'aqlilon tiro Ornftftliif; Thplr Mull-—Itcvlvul of (lie Opnl—Some oT the Ni-iv Kt-ittiiri'fi of Frvncli Walk- Ing l>rc<ttt(>i,. This graceful design from Uurin?t8 Dazar, represents some of tlio new (itUun«, of French tvnlkliiK dresses. It is) made of Suede colored Indies' ulolu combined with plaid brown ant) Mucde velvet, T''e vuhet w.-rvra for the \M8ITJNO TOILET. round sltirt, and for the fxmis Qnntorze coat, which is inudooniind forms part of a polonaise of tlio Suedu cloth. Plain brown velvet is used for tho rovers, cuffs and collar, and also for trimming the round hat of Kuede felt. Tlio crown of the hat In covered with a panache composed of ostrich tips and wiugH shaded from Suede to dark brown. Little Girls In and Out of Doors. This week nre presented two attractive models for little girls—tho one suited to indoor wear, tha other a prurty coat for tho street. CHEVIOT SUIT. GHETCIIEN COAT. Tho house suit la of English striped cheviot, trimmed with velvet. The waist has a full front of surah with rovers of velvet on cither side, and a strap of velvet acrosu the bottom that fastens with a metal ornament. The back of the waist is finished in jacket style with broad Japa of velvet on either side and tho skirt is laid in broad, box plaits. This style is worn by girls from 4 to 10 years of age. Hough English cloth fa used for the Qretchen coat. The double breasted body is finished with a rolling collar and a hood lined with bright surah silk; around the waist is a broad belt of the goods fastening with a clasp. There arc deep pocket laps and the skirt is box plaited. Those coats aro very serviceable in seal brown or golden brown colored cloth, and are suited to the sumo ages as fs the cheviot suit. Stylos In •Ifalrdrcftslng. While tho majority of ladies wear the hair dressed high on tho head, there is no set rule as to how it shall be arranged; and the more irregular tho disposition of it and unstudied the effect, the better. Small combs aro in high vciguo and are placed according to the fancy of tha iratrer, but wlioro they will apparently do the most good. Sometimes the hair is parted down the middle of the back, and each Ktrand Is twisted separately and disposed high on tho head, making n sort of double French twist effect; or ono strand is carried over the other, and u comb with a fi(|iiaro top ornaments the place of crossing. Tho front is disposed in loose waves and short, IliilTy curls, shading the foi?head only slightly. For dressy wear, hows and pompons and feathers and aigrettes aru placed well forward nnd a little to one side. Very beautiful ornaments in thi'so styles for the hair can bo found ready made; clusters-of short lips, cream or l»ink, or pulo blue, curling over liliu tho leaves of a lily, with bristling aigrettes standing in tho center; rosettes of narrow, plcot edged ribbon, in dark as well as light colors, with the inevitable, aigmtlii in tlio middle, sometimes of silver or gold; |H>mpons made of pii'Ot ribbon, with upright loops of wider ribbon used as an aigrette; a cluster of roses surrounded with foliage of Jetted leaves; and In KOI nu (lowers, tips and ribbons nro combined. —Domorertt's Monthly. Kiivlval nf I he Opul. Numbered with important revivals u, that of tho opal. Tho restoration of this beautiful gem to fashion is duo in |jart of Queen Victoria's penchant for this so called unlucky tiUmu nnd American women's foudnebs for everything Unit Is stylish. Another reason for the Introduction of thu opal is tho fact that tho lire and peculiar Khuding.s of a duo gem cannot bo reproduced In Inferior materials, and in these days of cunning Imitation this is u ixnverfii] Incentive among fiishloimblo folk. Fine Hungarian anil Bouth American opals have beon imported In unprecedented num- beiti, and what IH moro to the purpose, hulie.1 aro taking to thorn very kindly, not only In rings but in brooches and other ornament*). ill Jmvelry, Gold jewelry in ninny instances takes for its models insects, birds and flowcii), as well as lets rcallntlc subject*. Tho btirfaco Is variously finished; Bomotinics it in bright, sometimes dull, and often engraved or chased, the latter JlnUh being the incut popular one, \ Much of the gold jewelry is made lit open designs,: formed by .graceful ;coll.i and inter- twinings of rope, wire and bead patterns. Pierced .typj-k continues in favor, nnd of Into bavo appeared somo exquisite effects In gold filigree. Th6 light, lucelike nppearanco of fiiiB filigree affords an admirable background for smell gems. ALL AROUND THE HOUSE. I'p Stairs, Down Stairs, In Kitchen nnd In tlio I,udy'K I'nrlur, Linen sheeting comi-3 in vnrlou* qualities, widths and makes. There arc Irish, Hootch, English and German linous, ca 'h linvlug its polntK of excellence. There is n wide range of values in theso goods, llio prices ranging from 70 cents to #:).f)() por yard, according to liitoiie.-s, weight and general Mulsh. Irfi.h lini'n is line, ilrm, smooth and q\illo expensive. Many housekeepers consider tlio belter grades too fino for ordinary use, ns it has n tendency to wrinkle and roll tip. liariwley or English linen is an excellent. article, probably among tho best of tho middle grade goods. A quality suflicieiitly lino for general uso can bo bought for $1. in to i? 1. 50 por yard, Good, strong grades ims sold us low as til) to 75 cents per yard. Scotch and French and German linens aro also i;ood, nnd many eomjwtciit authorities give uitlicr tho preference according to their own particular taste ami their uxpericn '-'" in iisinc; them. There are excellent points in all, and' in the middle and heavier grades they will give the most perfect satisfaction. H is n mistake to select very lino linen for shocl.i, whatever tho mako may bo. It soon rolls up and becomes stringy, to tho despair of every neat housekeeper. Tbn Art of Jtnrquotry. Marquetry, which Is so tastefully ompl(jv<' r l nowadays for tabla tops, also for fl oo.^3l|fij signed to be partially covered witu^ftwST consists of bits of wood or other material, inlaid nnd arranged in various patterns. Tho art of marquetry consists in cutting out tho planes of wood according to geumetrirnl and other designs, anil placing these ,10 us to form a pleasing mosaic, not only iw reg'irds tin shapes of tho various bits, but tho Much of tho beauty of tho i'HV;t results tV'mi the contrast of colors and of tltti grain, developed by tlio high polish. The woods nvd in the best marquetry are holly, box, uinplo, beech, poplar, for white-; )lgniiiiivlt:n, ••vai- niit, teak, partridge wood, for brown; fustii and satin wood for yellow, tulip,, amboya, mahogany, logwood, camwood, for rod; ebony or stained wood for bhick. Potato SaUul. Small potatoes which are wasteful to peo' and cook with larger ones ought to bo sortei! out nud utilized in salads. Boil these small tubers with the skins on and, while warm, relievo them, of their jackets and slice thin. Mince chives, parsley and onion very Hue, and strew it over tho potatoes in tho salad bowl. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, pour over two or tlireo spoonfuls of oil and moisten the whole with vinegnr and water mixed, that it may not be too sour. Chives or onion may, of course, bo omitted. Several things aro mixed with potato salad, both for flavor and appearance, such ns pickled beetroot sliced, a fresh cucumber sliced as usual, a JDutcli herring cut up small or a fow sardines miupw! • Unljt .,m<i ut these things, be it understood, and it should bo mixed with potatoes before the oil nnd vinegar. I*emon Dumplings, Shred one-quarter of a pound of suot, and chop it very line; grato the yellow rind and squeeze tho juice of ono lemon. Mix together the suet, half a pound of bread crumbs, three ounces of sugar, two eggs, tho rind nnd juico of the lemon, and enough milk to moisten these ingredients; divide this into six equal i>arts; dip six small pudding cloths into boiling water, dust them with flour, tie up a dumpling in each, and drop them into a potful of boiling water; boil steadily for an hour, keeping tho pot covered all tho time, or the dumplings may. bo heavy. When they are done take them up, tum them out of tho cloths, arrange them on a dish, dust thorn with powdered sugar, and servo with lemon sauce. Ii'd all very well to talk about lnnld» ing now railroads it nil steamships— but how could men, women, and ohiU dren travel on ihnru without Or. Bull's Cough SyrupF Think of it. Ponder it. "Neither u borrower nor a lender be;" but take your own twenty.five ceutH, and go round to your own druggist, and buy yoursalf a botUe of Salvation Oil for your sprains, aches and pains. Ho and Quo Favor to Astt. "Prisonor at the bar," snid the judge, "is there anything you W'sh to nay before sontenue is passed upon you?' 1 "No, judge, thuro \& nothin' I care to say, but if you'll clear nwuy tho t;ibl<'s and chairs long enough for me to thrash my lawyer, yuu can give mo a your or two extry."— I'uvk. Give tlio Hice Coil CttrniigR Spring n trial. ^Nothing elfe ID tho world m the. shape of a spring ic.iiuhus it. It has all the good riding qualities. It combines every essential of a perfect spuug. The most'skeptical admits this on Uw 1 . dwlw •'Ii is worth its weiplit in gold," is a common expression. But, while the value of gold is oa-ily affcclcil, the worth of Ayur's tiarsapiinlhi, as a blond ptinlier, never depreciates. It will onidiciue hurofulii from tho syatom when everything dsu fails. dwlw A Itoasoanblo UiiqupHt. Magistrate — "You urti aci'ini'd of cniinj? chii-.kmis, Undo Hastui, Ar« you gmliy or not guilty P 1 ' Unelo llnsliH—"1 pluad not guilty, yo linnah, an' inqtio-a do privledjjo n» [rowing niysti'jfon do mcitjy ub tic unu't In OHSO (In evidence goes agin inc."— N. T. Sun. •i ho 1'hllosopli} of Lli'o. Tho philosophy of I ; ianoi« Uncoil IN tho philosophy of lift). "Ucspino no new nroulent in the bo r iv" 1 fluid lio, "but nsk opir.iou of it; iu sickm'gi prinripnlly rcspcot health, ur.d in ho.tltli aelion." Them am many so- calUul h ight nffeolioni which men ihink it brtivu not In initiou. It is not biiu'oiy ; it is folly. A-i [Jiieon miy-i; "diMpiHo no now aocidnnt in tho body." Itrnmlrcth's I'ills will removeeffeolually and nl. mien cu11' a Iliiiii-uinl ami oiK-nt tlui hi lie ills of life llnitoflen, if noglei'twl.tnki 1 yunrs to mint.. Ho .Miii'H to l)!ivi' witli you always n box of ilraiulruth'H Pills. Tho new remedy for Klii'umutism nnd 1'auiH in tho Chest, Is '•Pomoroy's J'uiro- line Plasters." •A*i» cani t'lates. New card pltites aro outthat closely imitate cloisouno work in (joltl nnd colors, and have composition gems, imitative of real gettw>.*^- terspersccl in tho designs. In son^o*** tllese there Is n. sprinkling of sinjui'-'ftl turquoise stones, with a large, deeKuued carbuncles atsiiosed at regular>*Sfvals on the rim. Young MliuncHecperg Should Know That coda will clean tarnished tin. That vinegnr and salt will clean copper. That butter is tho test polish to put into starch. That a heated knifo will cut hot bread without making it soggy. That a small paint brush should bo used In cracks and crevices while dusting a room. That disease often lurks in a dirty dish cloth, a greasy sink, an unclean tea kettle and. a poorly ventilated oven. That silver should bo washed with acha mols skin, saturated with silver sonp, each time after use, thus avoiclng a general cleaning, That windows should never be washed while tho sun shines upon them, us It is impossible to polish them without leaving blue, streaks. /tmotiff tint Kldcf 1'lclans. Applications of electricity are daily bocom- iiig more varied. Among the more recent ones aro tho tele-barometei's, tele-tlierinotne- tcrs, tele-ni.'inoineters, tele-hydro-barometcrs, which respectively nvord, at distant points, air pressure, heat, steam pressure and water stages. A (>Ut tor All. In onk'r/o yivii all achunuc to lest it, and thus be convinced ot il^ wonclurful «nruliv«, Dr. King's Nc.w Di-^ covciy fur Coiisutii|itio!i, Uoughs and Cold-s '.nil bf, for it limned limn, given away. 'I'his offer is not only liberal, but, show* unbuunilcil lailh in llio meril,-* of this gie:it remedy. All who i-uffor from CnHglis, (Joklf, CuuMimption, Asihmti, Broucliilis, or any :iffefinm of Throat, Cln si or )>ut)»- c , are. espceUilly ri-quoslud to call at, K. Marsh's Drug Store, and get u tnul biillki free, large buttle SI. Kenews Her i'outh. Mrs. 1'hcobu Chesley. Pete son, Clay CO., Iowa, tells the following remarkable ctory, the tiuth of winch is vouched lor by the roMiletits of the town: "I am 7;i years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from nil pain and soioncs-s, anil atu j\blu to do all my- own housework. I owe ray thanks to Klecnio Baters for having renewed mv youth, and removed com- pleiely all di-ease nnd pain." Try a bottle, only 60c, al E. Marsh's Drug Stoie. fbl ihvlru Uncsicii'8 Afiitca Sftlvo. The best Salv•; in the world for cuts, bruises, sores.u.jsrs, salt rhe.uoi, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and nil aKin eruptions and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. F'»r salo Ivy E. Marsh, Alton, 111 mclmhvlm Hnrd J.uck. "You say you have met with lack ?" sho queried of the tramp who etonrt on the doorstep. "Yes, inili-Kil, very hard ." '•What was ii P" "Why, ma'tim, 1 invesied my hist $2 in a lottery ticket ami never drew a blessed prize. Ah! If you rich people onlv knew ilia misfoiluno of llio poor!" —Detroit Free Press. Pure blood is absolutely necessary in order to enjoy perfect health. Hood's Sarsapnnlla purihVx the blood and st,ron»'\lions Iho system. -11 Curei Coii[rli9,Col(l8, Iloarsenca 1 ), Crolip, Ar.thrnn, ) "ii« Cou«h, liicipicut Cousunn* tfon, nna relieves con? umptlv I x'r.-MMis In nilwuK-fiil stages of lit) illM'nse. I'l-leo Sflcts, Cnii- limi. Tim Orniiliifi Dr. Hull's f'tii'iih H'lriijt ii Bold only In '.t-ln!-: ti-ni/'i'ci'*, nn'l Ijrnr.t our ITIfltlr-lVll Ililllt'^.UVkS tO Wit. \A linll'ullniliaa d'Kte.a Knt- i,Wr(ii ranllmi-ljiM, nnij llio ;.'"« if ,\. c. Jltiier it Co., SiMo J'lV"'.', llaltl-iioro, JW., U 8. A. Chancery Notice. STATIC OK ILLINOIS, ( „„ C.'iinty o' M iili-on. j ' Circuit rriin. 1,1 Mudtwii county, March term Ilnnry (J. I'rleHt, surviving pnrtm-r of Henry U. .->«•<!' ttiur. dui't'iiHiiil, in e pni'lneru ii'ic.ei the nanm ol SAMIOIS r Hud I'rlext, vs. D-tvid It. Sparks, All'ill . spui-kit, bis .rife, \Vi 8- ley Ui'81, tlie/Mtnn Niitirinal Dink, tlie I). H >parl(H Milliiitf liomimiiy, Albert Wade and Frank It. Mllnur. In i-liuneery Nollni! IM hCH'b.y jjlviill to Hie mild Wcslnv HeM (hut, ihe it'mve niinied eoniplalnunt iiornnfine Illed h!i bill of complidut in -odd coni-l, on Dm i.'InitK.'o/'v Nliiii ilinrcdl, un<l (dm a summon-* thoienpun issued out of HI|I| conrl tiifiiliixl ilm almvo inimi-fl (liifi'iidimiH ifittirnidil. fin the III 1 :,!. o> y o: the term of Hie elri'iilteonrt ol Mudi-on futility, to be In |il iu iioiirt house In l-.du'iir-iluvlllp, In Hnlii .MiKll-ii.i fiiunly, tin Hie ihlnl Montbiy ol Mureli, A.I) 18H7 IH IH b>- law l('f|llll(Ml, K n'l \\'llien stltl ir* Mil! pending. UOIll'.ItT 1IAUNAHI< If, _U'lKH_A_IUvis,(;oiiipl'ti» Sol'iM. Ja'«n7w J7SUTTER & SON, 3 KA 1*118 IN PINK AND COaiiHON I MOST PERFECT MADE Pronnrntl with strict regard toParlty, StrenRth, nnd llniiltlifnlness. Dr.I'rito'BDnUmB'PowdDrcontnlna no Aminwnla.Llme.Ahnn or Phtmpliates. Dr.PrlCo b lixtnicle, Vanilla, Leninn, etc.,flavordoliciously. RAILWAY XI MM TAKl.l'. AJ.TON. On raid after Sunday, Nov. 14lh, 11*6, train on tho Ohtci'Ko and Alton railroad, \vlll loavi tho Union Depot, Alton, standiird tlmo, i.fl follows: (Tor ClileiiRo anil tho Knnti Chicago Jlall' 0:00 n .n Chicago AceouiniodaWon* B:00p. IJitlltulnuExpreBB* OslOp. foorla and Kock Island Fast Lino t,9'OU a. in S-'or .Incknonvlllo, Kookuk, iiuluoy, Kan- BIU City,nnil nil potntn west. KiinsiiH City M nil* 9:00 it. in ICimsas City Bxprosa*, !l:lt)p. :• Denver Kxpiesst..., ,7:Wip. in Jacksonville iVceon.modatlont... 7:05 p. >i •for St. Louis i LlKhtiiln^ Kxproaa* ...0:46 a. n Oliloago Ace.oiniiiodafioii* '.1:30 n. • Alton Spoclalt 12:Wi p. n RanKiisOityMall* « 40 p. v Ohlna^o Stall r d .-30 p. • TRAINS LEAVE ST. LOUTS UNION DEPOT FOK ALTON. (7 Wn. m. IB 00p. no. +4 80 p. in. *7 85 p. in. (8 4B a. m. Sundays only). •Dally tKxcopt Sunday. S. D. 11EKVK, Sup't. St. Louis DlvlBioi, 0. G. NOIUtl?, Ticket Aitvnt. OH10AGO, nUKutNGTON AflD QUINOV. Trniiia Ifiivo tiio Uulon Wepot, Alton follows: ^olug North: Express (except Sunday) • • • - 8:SftB. m Night ExpresH 7:05 p. in W". \V. ARNOLD, AKOIIC. WH. L, Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Uobes For Ladles, Gentlemen and Ohildrou. Office and Shop on State street OverHeu* sljtvory Stable. H'111 attend to ,Jol> '' Sore Eyes The oj-cs aro always in sympathy with the body, nnd atlord an excellent index of its condition. "When the eyes become •weak, and tho lids inflamed and sore, it is an evidence that the system lias become disordered by Scrofula, for which Aycr's Sarsaparilla is tho best known remedy. Scrofula, which produced a painful inflammation in my eyes, caused me much suffering for a number of years. By the advice of a physician I commenced taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Atter using this, medicine a short time I was completely Cured My eyes aro now In a splendid condU tion, and I am as well and strong as ever., — Mrs. William Gago, Concord, N. H. For a number of years I w.-j troubled with a humor in my eyes, and was unable to obtain any relief until I commenced iisiiiff Aycr's Sarsaparilla. This medicine has effected a complete cure, and I beliovo it to bo tho best of blood purifiers.— C. E. Upton, Kashua, N. II, From childhood, and until with a few months, 1 have been alllicted with Weak and Sore liyos. I havo used for thesa complaints, with beneficial results, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and consider it a great blood purilier. — Mrs. t!. Phillips. Glover, Yt. I suffered for a year with inflammation in my left eye. Three ulcers formed on tho ball, depriving mo of sight; and causing great pain. After trying many othef remedies, to no purpose, I was tiuaf- ly induced to uso Ayer's Sarsaparilla. By Taking thro.o bottles of this medicine I havo been entirely cured. My sight has been restored, and there is no sign of inflammation, sore, or ulcer in my cyo. — Keudal T. Bowon, Sugar Tree K'idgo, Ohio. My daughter, ton years old, was afflicted with Scrofulous Soro Kycs. During tho last two years she never saw light of any kind. 1'liysle.ians of tho highest standing exerted thoir skill, but with no permanent success. On tho recommendation of a friend I purchased a bottle ot Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which my daughter commenced taking. Be.foro slio had used tho third bottlo her sight was restored. Her euro is complete. — AV. 15. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Mr., I.e. Aycrfc Co., Lowell, Mat«. Bold liy all Drugglm. I'rlco $1 ; nix bottlei, ft. BOO 15AG8 HIOUINN' FbREKATINE SALT A FulS and Complete stock AI- i on lluiid. ! 00 NOT KAIL TO O1VK US A f'AI.L HKI-'OUK 1'UKClIAStNO. • : U ft'tiKSITWllK llOOJIIb Allhi UN State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, lib, upSdwlv i' oulry a<Csl Table Usi', in 14 Ui. itnfii snoUx nnd 50 11>. Niifkn, fin- Halo by J. A. KYUIE. MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY ?",!!!!" u '" 1l ; (lul 'l»i-— Any bn'iili l> ap-neil'!n"o, C | 1 ,, I'/JIX'TUH ii!e'\'!,'f'('!,"' 4 ' "''"' "I'lnlii/iMi.f Mr, 1887. HAKPEE'S BAZAft. HAitPEU'd ruzAn combines tlio ouota&tt Ut. erntntf mid the finest llmntrfttlon»tnli tua latest fashions nnd tbe most usoful inrnlly roiullim. Its stoilon, pooma, ana essays nro by 111" best writers, and Its humorous skctoboi aro unsurpasiHid. MB papers nu social etiquette, deuiifntlva nit., ntmse hooping tti all UN branched, cookery, etc., nnika 1: ludlgnou. nnlilo in every hous«!uilct. Ita beautiful fn»h. Ion platen iitul piuiarii'HKuet mipiiletmmts i'Uiil)li'ladlt!9 to siivi) nmny times the cost of Mihserl|itlon Uv UiMitu t hen' own ilresunnliors Not a linn IB adtnltii'd to Its eoluimiB tlint could shock tho muni fustiilloUH tuute. HARPER'S PERIODICAL. fat tenri Iliirper'H Itnznr ........................ 1400 Ihtl -pur's Miignxlnn ................... .... i oo llaijier'8 Weekly ........... . .......... t (io llnrper't* Voting I'uoplt*... ... ,<.•.•..«,., 300 Hiii'Hor'8 1'ruTinllii Sqiinro Library, one your (92 number*) ................ in o« llnvper'H lliiiuly Scries, 01 o ynar, (Ai number*) .............. ..... .,1500 PoHtngo Ki'en to nil subsorlbora In the Uivltwl StitttiHur liniliulu. Tim volumes of the UA/Ait begin with Hio flr-t Nniiiboi for January of each yoar. Wbou no tliiui t» mentioned, subscriptions will bo- Kin with tbu Nuinbitr currant ut time of ru- CelOt of OHIO!', Hound Volumes of HAJIPKU'S I1AZAA, f,-,r throe seiirs bank, In nuatelotn b'liilttiK.wil) bu sum by ni'ill poi-tiiKupal'l.orby express, (reo of expense ( tlio trpitflit tlixm not exceed ono oollnr por volume), for $7.00 por VolllIlK!. Cloth Onnos for onch volume, Hiiltnblu for binding, will lio sont by mull, postpaid, on on r eelptof .fl.OO each. UcnilttaneoH should 1)0 inatlu by Pontoflleu Money Order or limit, to avoid chanoo of lOHR. Newspapers arc not to copy this advertisement without tlio exprcuJ order Ol HAUFER ,% lIHOTllicits. Addroaa HAIU'EK&IIKOTHKUS, V«w Torlc. 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. ITAnPEU's WEEKLY maintains lie position i\s thu lauding Illustrated newspaper in America ; and Its hold upon public catu. m find con- ifdeneo was novoi stronger tlmn ut tJio present time, Besides'o pictures, Il.viU'Blt's "> KEKI-V alwio s contains Installments of onn, 01 cahloii'dh of two, ot the bout novels of tho day, llnely" Illustrated, with short stories, poems, skutolioi, and papers of Important current topics by the must popular writers, Tlio care tlmthna beensuccesalullyoxorclaoU In the paat to » ako UAiU'KKS WEEKLY u sale as will as a welcome visitor to every houdu hold will not bo rolnxud in the future. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Pur Yean Harper's Weekly $400 Harper's Magazine 400 Harper's P.iizar , 4 oo llftvpor'3 HounjL? People.................. 209 HttrJjer'H Franklin Square Ubrury, ono year (52 numbers) ... 1000 • Harper's Handy Series one jcar (,',« nmnber,-), oo Poi-tago free to all subscribers in the United States or Canada. Thn Volumes of tlio Weekly bcalii with tlio llrst Numb rfor January of ea 1 bycar. When no tluie, is mentioned. subsciptlons will begin with the N mnber cnrrontat time of receipt of order. liouiid Volumes of IFAHi'Eit's WKEIU.V, for three years back, in neat cloth binding, win be sent Dy mail, pontage paid, or by express, free of expense (provided tlmlroljjht does not exceed one Hollar jier volume) tor $7 per vol. Clotli OP-SOS for each volume, suitiiblo for binding, will be sent by mail, postpaid, on re- ccfpt i<t ?l eiicli. Keinltiances should be made by I'bstoftlco- Morey Order or Hrult to avoid of loss. Kcwapapuis are not to copy tnls advertise. input without Miu e.\prcsa oi'dor ot Hitipcr i Hrothors, Aildroaa HAUI'Elf « nitOTHEUS, Now York j Jamvi y Number, No, 1, Vol 1. NOW ItKADY. NBwY()1 . k CONTENTS. O4MUKTTA PR ltd. AIMING THK UK. PUHI.IC ttKKWANCK, Front.apiece. Prawn by HOWAIIU 1'vws. Knunivod by KHAXK Fitr.xcii. ItEMINfSCISNCFS OK THE SIEGE AND COMMUNE OF I'AHIS. .Hirst Pipor—The Down full in tlio ISinpiru. lly R II. >VA8jinun.V£, ex-Minister to I'raneo. With illustruttoliB from portraits and documents In Sir, Wash- bnrno's posses-Ion, and from drawings by Tnui.STitiii 1 , JIiiUKKH, ItKioit, and others. SETII S lIllOTHElt'S AVIFK.-Ohapters l.-v. llAltllLO FllKDIJItlO. TIIESTOKYOF ANBSV 1'OltK ItOUSE.-l.- II. {;. ItliNNKii.llliistratoU by A. II. KIIOST, K. lloi-iciNso.v SMITH and G. W. KDWAHIIS. SONNETS IN SHADOW. AlU.O BATES. OUlt DLFEXOELESS COASTS. K. V. Glir.ESB i aptitin U. S. Engineer. With main, akotehos and diagrams. IX A COPY OK TUB LYIIH1AL POKAfS OK KOIiKItT I1EKIUUK. AUSTIN J)OIISOS. IN MEXICO. A Story. THOMAS A. JANVIER. THK IIAI1YI.ONIAN SEALS WILLIAM HAVES \VAIIII With llliiHtrutluns Iroin Heals In tlio anthoi's collection, and after DB t'l.KHCQ, I'lMJHES and others. UMMl'riKS AT TUB O1ARIK8-OK OOUVEB- -NKUIliMOllldS. S.ictul Life and character In tliul'i'ilM uf tho Hevolntlon First I'lipor, ANNIH UAKV Moniiis. With portnilt cu- (ii-av d ny o. K'liUKLi,, fmui the paintingnt Old MunlKHiiln. .soi/'IALlsM. KHANOIH A. WAI.HKH. THE NEW YEAH. MAVHUHY Kl.KMINi). A VIOLI.V OMLIOATO. A Story MAiiii.UtBl IJilosiJV, 151:1.CO n Year. 25 em. « Number. Itenitltnnees Nhonld bo niado by ehetik or money outer. ,13s SOHIBNEK'S SONS, Publishers, 743 mill 7»n llrmulw .V. N«« Yolk. to ulitnm p«7onn in Ooniidii. )Sn(ljLV d t '",', UBrmnnr, and «ll other coniitrlcp Thelreij «ncu Ii uMoquaTfid and their fnollltloi t» «' Drairinsi end iptolflottloni prepM'1 •«* }'^ In tbo I «t«nt Offloo on «iiort notice.. '»«™.'.V.a ..•II ii i«t«ot«M«nTt'l\f«of*T«rxliiVentVoii we«k. Try It four moutlii for »"• n n , r \>t all new»de«ler». II you h«,T» nn InvonUon to Ml unn i Oo,, DublUhgri ol Bol»oll " a —.dwwlRwVprk. a '»*~ f)9k iDgui pit;*»t> mMUd hw,

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