Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 11, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1887
Page 3
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Aitptf DAHY TELEGRAPH. PKtDAtEVE., FKB. 11. v.OQ *«oil«E TO Tor tiu year IBS? we thall cherso the following ratei tor transient notlc«i in our local columns i Per U*<. Single insertion . , , loeentt, Three to flvo insertion!, , » 7 " "t to twelve iuiiArtloni, , . 6 " BATES OP AOVaBTIBHfQ! tuainvtn.—pafTr cents per laon Ont insertion, and TirUJfTr-firS Oeuts per Inch for each oubsi quont Imortlon. $3 par taoh first mouth, $I.M per tnoU;oaoh month thereafter, LEGAL ADVBBTI81KQ: |l per Inch for the flrat tniertlon.tand So cents per Inch (or each subsequent Insertion. 49- Above rates will be etilotly adhered to, TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH Is delivered by carriers to all pnrte ot the city of Mton ana Upper Alton, for ton cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of $9.20 per year, TUB TKLEQItAPH hug the largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and Is the beat medium for advertisers. OOIUmU TlHIlD AND PUSA. 8T11KBT8. TBI.E- PHONE No. 88. WAt. JttWt has been the guest of friends the 'past few days in Upper, Alton. ' , ' Mrs. 3. 8. Clarkson has returned from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Oilman, at Lamar, Mo. Valentine!. The largest, finest and best assortment of valentines to suit all tastes and ages, Large valentines* small valentines, cheap or costly, to suHt your pocket book, or your feeling's. Valentines, ooraio, witty or sentimental, Call and examine bur stook. — Seely & Son, Third street. IDS THE BenediotH' 'Club intend giving a party at Boot's Opera House, the 18th lost. . . ' • j :'-.'.'If you need bard coal get it from D. Ncoaan, 102 Third street, over Star Shoe store. dSt TUB man who drinks river water, now-a-days, has a good deal of "sand in his craw." THE Turners 1 annual masquerade party will take place at Turner Hall tomorrow night. . Money to loan on improved .real estate. Apply to Rudershausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf A BRAND new blizzard from Manitoba ia reported en route, and due in this Utitude to-morrow. NEWS. The river is rising slowly, and was free of floating ico today . The Spread Eagle made a trip to Grafton lust evening, the first to that point this Reason. The packet will hereafter make daily trips to St. Louis and go to Grafton "three evenings a week. • '• ' • ' • 'I". "• ' . • "' . CITY COURT. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars : Nemiuger's Fig nnd Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. THE Arion Quartette club left this morning for Carrolllon, where they will' sing at an entertainment tnis »ve- GO IT/Yf TVfWCf Second otroot.noar JO Jti\/Jjl/Jun Qt corner of Henry —FOB- FINE I STATIONERY, Such, o» Crane's Flora', WUUtuR'8 Standard •'Papers, ttiirlbut's Frene'i Linens, Bcllpse : Ragged Edtre, Kllte nnutcod Edge, Balmoral Linen. Griffin's Linen. Turkey uald Linen, PfMcU mow, Utkiulo, OUnrrod Edge, Cream ? LftUi, Mourning Now, nnd 0. large usMirtineiit *• of Illuminated and Dacowtwd Htatlonery. '; Dennlaon's Wax and Seals. School Tablet* ; snd Stationery. decfldvrly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! MESSBS. Neff & Oberroueller have a ne«v advertisement in this paper, which will interest every "one intending to make repairs and improvements this spring. . ' . ' • WHY does not the new packet Hudson arrange to connect with the St. Louis and Central Illinois railroad at EUah in stead of Grafton, and thus save passengers going north both time and dial ance P TH* Young Woman's Christian Temperance Union will meet at the rooms ot the W . C . T . U . on. Second street tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. __ __ _ Tux Bee Line announces a new route to Springfield "via 'Litchn°9id,''but , no one from here is going to take' the new route and change cars at the Junction while the C.,'& AV' is ^running ..through trains direct to the State capital. , Whiteness, L'srlitnese and Sweetness are all necessary for good bread, and to secure this result you should use only La Belle ttour. 29d eod 2w wVt Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and got the best. Oftloe at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sis. Telephones No's. 21-and 64. cl7m Court was In session today from the transaction of business on the chancery docket. • The case of the Ursnline Convent, of Lake City, Minn., vs. John Haley, Special Commissioner, et al. The suit is to secure, the transfer to the institution mentioned, of Carolina GotHob's share of the GottJob estate. Caroline Gottlob was an an inmate of the Convent at the time of her death, which occurred recently. The case was continued until next term for service. Geo. F. McNulty for plaintiff, J. H. Yager for defendant. Court was adjourned until nest Thursday. SEW RAILROAD. At indicated in last week's Onzette, there Is renewed interest in the Peona & St. Louis Air Line Railway. It is understood, as wa* there stated, that interests are at work which will probably pusn the project to a succes:-fu1 conclusion if the necessary aid is provided along the line, and a special effort will be necessary between Car- linvllle and this place. The conces* sions expected are, free right of way, and suitable grounds tor depot buildings. Peona, Pelcin, Petersburg:, Carlinville and Bunker Hill are made points on the line by tbn articles of incorporation.— Bunker Hill Gazette. There is no public demand for the above road and it will never be built. The Jacksonville and Southeastern road has, this week, secured a lease of the Peoria, Pekin and Jacksonville road, and intends to run through trains from. Peoria to St. Louis, using the Wabash tracks fro;u Litchfield to St. Louis. This move alone is sufficient to checkmate the new project. THE GREATEST 80 DAY CASH BOOT A«D SHOK SWKKl' EVEKMADK IN ALTON. OaBAF FOR OA8H ON TIME PAYMKNT8 Henon and Organs tuned ana repaired Svw- \nu Mftohines repaired ^PiSfnn&frv- ' olitnea. N. 1». LAMORKUJC, 1 Music Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite Belle, Alton, 111. decBdwly Two men yesterday got into a religious(?) discussion and became so warmly engaged that from words they proceeded to blows, one disputant — WATCH 1KOB THK BAROVINB IW JOB'S NKW COB. BUILDING, HENKV ST., AT MKS. D, HKITKAMP'S, " AU kind* o( Fancy, Hand made, Knit and Croon tgoods. Hoods,Tobagga»g and Mlts. Men's jjjScai'i* and Fascinators at very low prices. I Also DreBOmuklne. Plain and Family Sewing and mumping D mo. Uoroo and Rive us n call. Don't lorgot the place, doc6<lwly GREATEST BARGAINS I —AT- J.M. CrandalJ's Crockery Store 203 THIRD ST., HHABUY OPPOSITE BELUK. NEW GOODS! Comprising the best Iron Stone Chi- flnest quality Thin Opaque Chi- ua, Imperial and Vitreous Cuinaware; in splendid stock of Plain, Hoavy, |Thln-blown and Engraved Glassware; la great variety of Lamps—best Eleo- ftrlo, Rochester and Incandescent, lalso Lamp Chimneys for oaoh; best Iquality SUver«plated Ware; Pine AB- Jsortmont of Table Oiitlery, Tea liTrays, Bird Cages, and House Pur- |nlshing Goods generally, which I I offer at ; THELOWEST 0 ASHPBICES Lucas Pfeiftenberger ABCHITECT, , HUPEHINTENDENT 1M according to theotber's story—plugging I his opponent twice. In this case the principles of the church militant seemed to prevail. A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's'Wear, lately received, by H. C. (i. Moritz, Third street. 26tf Money to loan on improved form property. For particulars, apply to WHIPP1,R& 8MILEY. SUDDEN CHANOB—At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon the murourf marked 70 deg. above zero. This high tompBra* tare remained almost uauhanged until late in the evening. During the night a cold wind sprang up and by day light the ground was frozen and ice had formed on sUallow water. Tho fall of temperature was about 45 degrees within twelve hours. There are a few families in and about Alton that do not use La Belie Hour. They should try a sack of it at once. 20 d eod 2w w2t Ir the Mississippi Is bridged at Alton, Bt. Charles will boom.' U tlio Mu«oud l» brulgod at Howell's ferry "*t. <Jlwles will retrograde.— St. Vhnrles Cosmos. Correct. The oltlzons of St. Charles should realiio this fact and oxovt themselves to scoure the complete right of way from St. Charlei to Alton without delay. TUB hearse in which the remains of 1'renldent Lincoln were conveyed to their lat.t resting place, was burned Wednesday night in (he lire which destroyed Jesse Arnold livery stable at St. Louw. One llremon lost his life, The total losa was abouV $125,000, ovor 200 vehicles of all kinds and 00 horse* b«|ng oonjumed. AVKIGHT &. PETEU3 1 LADIES' FINK SHOES AS FOLLOWS: -Pebble Goat $8, button $2.60. Strait Goat $4, button S3.46. Strait Goat hand sewed $4*50, button §3.65. French Kid $5, button $4.50. AND OTHER MAKES IN Our Ladies' $3 Kid Button down to 82.50. • Our Ladies' $2.60 Goat] and Kid go at $2.15. Our Matchless Line Ladies' $2 shoes at $1 65. 260 pairs Misses 1 shoes worth $2 at $1. 850 pairs Children's shoes, worth $1.50 and $2, down to $1.25. Nettletoa's Men's fiuc $5 shoe, $'1.25. A broken lot Lilly, bracket &.Co.; $5 shoes for $4. Men's Hand Sowed Shoes value $6,at $4.76. Boys' $t .85 button andbals., knocked out at $1.50. No Monkey Business, not Old Stock, overv thing good and at cui prices for coon.—Star Shoe store, Hlg 102. VV. .N, OARHART, 4dw2w Manager. THE stone crusher w turning out an average ot 18 car loads ot MoAdam a day, 86 oirs being used in the work. The MoAdnni Is now being deposited along the C. & A. track between Carlinville and Nilwoad. IN THK MUD.—About noon to-day a gentleman passing along Sixth street found two little girls, on their way home from school, ml red on that thoroughfare near Seminary Square. The smallest of the two children wa* first in the mire but was rescued by her companion, an overshoe being left; In the morass. The rescuer then stuck so (ust that thogontlemaa, who came along just then, was obliged to pull her out bv main force. NEW PACKET LINK—The announcement of the piiliicu nteamor Hudson, the new Alton, Uraflon and St. Louis pocket, appears in this paper, with lime card of arrival and departure. The ateamor will connect In the evening with trains for Jersoyville and Spring- Held. Ciipt. J. k\ Ellison will command the Hudnon with E<t. Anobutz and True Dodge, clerks, Capt. H. JC. Tutum will represent the interests ot the com*, puny m Alton. THE ILlCTBlOLtttBT MiTTKB. The orRfttt o! tn« *ttf tdmmutrstion ,o»me out last evening with) A colttnm •rttete to defenie ot the hast? »ot» on °* the Council on the Eleotno U^hi o.a*i* tlon. Among other things it falielf asserted that the TawtoaAPa had ber«« tofora urged the acceptance of th» Thompson-Houston proposition. The THLEOBAPH did no such thing. It has long favored the substitution of electric light* for the present wretched system ot street lighting tor which the city pays a bi£ price and gets a poor return; but it ^never favored any particular company knowing nothing of the comparative merits of the different systems. And this is just the point! the Council acted ao hastily in the matter of granting privileges to the Sprmgheld company that it could .not have known whether, or not, it was doing the best thing for the interest* of the city. The proposition of the Springfield companv was introduced at last Tuesday's meeting, referred to the committee on Gas, and reported on favorably at the same meeting, and important rights, privileges and franchises at once granted the company, without proper investigation of the merits of the proposition, or suitable comparison of the pl*n of lighting and heating proposed with other systems, itaoh action Is not defensible and the Democrat makes a mistake in. trying to bolster it up. The Democrat bases its defense of this action on the ground that the Springfield company u composed ot reputable gentlemen and that the 'emergency* was ''pressing." Well, now we would like to know just what that "pressing emergency" was. Will the Council's organ explain f There is a suspi» ciou that something was -pressing, but what was it? The TELEGRAPH has no prejudice against the Springfield Co. It gladly admits that the corporators are all gentlemen of high standing; but that does not prove that they represent the best and cheapest system of lighting and heating in the world, so incomparable, indeed, that ao comparison ot 1U merits with other systems is needed. Per contra, if their system and the proposition they make will bear inspection, as they doubtless will, why should the corporators, as honorable men, expect to have them rushed through the Council without proper examination or~ comparison P vVhat was the "pressing emergency involv- ved?" , ••';;/;. -'. "..'.' ~' ,'"!'. Now the TELEGRAPH wants to see the electric light in Alton, and it has. no bias in fnvor of; or against, any particular system; but it does object to the Council's granting a valuable franchise to any company in a hasty and irregular manner, and without due investigation and comparison. But we wish to add this: that from what we know of the corporators,/none of whom were present at the meeting) wedj not beiiove that the* were par* ties to the irregular prooedure > by which their franchise was granted. KOW WE BEYOTI ATTENTION TO Embroideries, AND "White Goods, Good Things! liquid Sure Cure, and A-corn Salve for Corns. Toothache Drops, relieve at once. Lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & pains. V " Marsh's Drug Store. AT LARGE. -A lady who lives on Twelfth street says that the cows that run at large, eight being seen within IHSS than a block in that neighborhood, at one lime this morning, damage her place considerably, entering the grounds whenever the gate U not securely fastened, and committing ravages almost beyond repairs. ACCIDENT—The C. & A. lightning express was five and a half hours late this morning, arriving here after 12 o'clock. A freight o»r at Plamview, standing on a side track, was blown by the wind so that it projected on the main track and when the lightning express came along the engine struck the freight car wrecking it and the engine and tearing up a portion of the track. A track was built around the disabled engine that the trains might pass. Nobody was hurt by the accident. The Chicago accommodation arrived a few minutes after the other train. Tho republican party is nothing if not inoonslNtent and hypocritical. — Alton Democrat. Good! But what about those who once counted theraselve* republicans, and are now among the ranks of the democrats. l» there anything "inconsistent and hvnicritical" about tbemP —Bunker Sill Gazette. ADDITIONAL local matter on second Largest and Most ConH plete Assortment of Hard ancUoft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating.Stoves EVEE BROTJGrHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They bavo no equal. Also ROOFING and UUTTEIHNG and JOBBING done atre»»on*W« rtitos* Call ftud eXHmlno my 3took Ueiore purcnaaiUe; oisowiwrc. A I ri^ry^»v-il-icii-Hf 532 East Seoond Bt,, .J. JL/egonncirLlL,5th door west of Henry Pants, Pants, Pants, ILL Mew and Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASSJ A Bpocle-ty, from Small to Larffeat tilt en. GOLD PAINT! UKOOIUTJNG ••tttblUlimtut of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, e«it of Belle it. , (*blldSai For Fat Hen. Slim Men, Bojs, Children. and ) J ) an an ants, s, s, H.M.Schweppe Third Street Clothier. Branch, Second and Ridge.streets. L. J. HABTMAM, Manager.

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