Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 11, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1887
Page 2
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ww. DAILY TELEGRAPH. W W. X. MOBTOM, M>« VlMft ttTMtl, Alton, HI {'<•* SX f ERtDAY EVS.. FEB. 11. Tn» Wellington, Kan., Quid-Nunc •»T« that "Wichita has had her boom —that she has already outgrown it entirely j that she baa now no more chance for substantial improvement ;that price of real estate there must depreciate m- itead of advancing; that thecolumns of the Wichita papers are filled with notices of buildings to rent at prices Which do not pay a per cent. Interest on their cost I" Of course these state. Daeme must be taken with some allowance, coming from a rival town, but it must be evident to all that the prices of real estate In Wichita have advanced beyond their intrinsic value, a nondl- tlon of affairs that can only be maintained temporarily. Vast sums of money have been made there in the past and much more will, probably, be made before the tide turns, but those who are too slow will be caught when the decline •ets in. The speculators recognize this, but are all calculating on "atand- ing from under" iu time U> escape disaster, aw 14 «eo 80, 6, 10, 8800. Wm. S, Combs and wife to Joseph Spence, w d, lot 17 blk 9, Comb's atd other* add, Collinsnlle, $76. ***' . V. Grossman and wife to Q. A, "7. W d, lot 7,blk 48,Alton, $2,500, i rv.^f 1 ' 1 ?*» Bl . to Eliza Gross, w d. lot* 1, 8, 8 and 4 bib 86 Hunter's add. Alton, fo, Wm. Uftdfield to Mary Francis, w •800 Look's; add. ColJinsvlJlf, WHEN NIAGARA WAS DBV. A lt«ni»HMbl«> Uny, F..rly Year. Ago, In thollMloryoftlmUroa " ••Thirty-nine years ngo next spring," snid an old resident of this village «n alls of 'I- V,' UPPER ALTON. 1; ' The following clipping from ihe Boston Trantcript is taken from the New i- York Tribune and shows that this place is becoming noted for other things be> Bides its educational advantages and the salubrity of its air: Massachusetts must look to her Ian' ™ 80ri »he will soon lose tho proud distinction of being the home of super* Hnous women. In Upper Alton, III., for i instance, there are 187 marriageable young women and only eighteen eligible i single men. We are bound to say that the disproportion is not greatly over-stated. An "old members' meeting' 1 at Sigma Phi ball, is announced for this evening, i The Town Council have applied to toe Railway Commissioners of the State for an order to compel the Chicago and- Alton R. K. Co. to establish a station on the cutoff where it passes through Upper Alton. WHAT THKT SAT-Oscar Reeder says U is by all odds the finest boy in this county. Charley Campbell says it is a bigger job to publish a newspaper than a feN low who has never tried it would sup» pose. President Kendrick says he enjoyed his recent trip to New York. Male Malson says that if the gardens of Upper Alton are not properly seeded this year it won't be his fault, Mrs. M. A. Congdon says she is going to farming. C'apt. Weeks says his children are all right again. Paul Harney says he will have a painting in the Paris Salon next year. Ed. Lapp §ays plow shoes with buckles attached are in demand. t Prof. Roach says the College Corn e band is progressing flnely. I John Levorett says that wali paper trade is opening early this year. Harry Tatum says the new packet Will come as near landing at Upper Alton as any of the boats do. Mark Dickson says he is glad valentine day comes but once a year. | Harry Swift says the Alton bridge will be built. Harnp. Montgomery says we must pay our taxes and save costs. • Dan. Klttinger says he hasn't had auy more burglars lately, f Al. Hastings says he will get the "daisy" grader on the roads in his dis- t triot as soon »s they will bear it. [ Prank Sargent says he will build him a house this year. James Tarbell says ''P x p «, pusaant mate." J. P. Burton says this Is the time to set out fruit trees. _r^t was witnessed at the Fa. Niagara that had never been seen" before, at Icmst by people then on earth, and In nil probability such n sight will never be witnessed again. It was noth ng moro or less than the running drv of the groat cataract, or at least so near- y dry that It is no exaggeration to call t so, in which condition the falls remained for one whole dny. "The winter of 1848 Lad been one of ho coldest on record, nnd such ice has never been known on Lake Erie since, 1 guess, as formed that season. It was InfoT 1 '?! 0118 tj , llck »«* J« wns quite ate in the spring before tho ice was oosened, even about the shores of tho lake. One day-I think It was near the end of April—a very stiff northeasterly wind came up, and its force was so groat that it moved the great fields of ice, then entirely separated from the shores, up tho lake, piling tho floes in groat banks as they moved. The sight of those ice-banks is described by those who witnessed it as one of most awful grandeur. • Toward uight the wind changed suddenly to tho'opposite quarter, and grow nuo a terrible gale from that direction. The lake's surface was packed with minature icebergs, anc these were hurried back by tTie gale with such tremendous force that an im penetrable dam wns formed in the neck of the lake from which Niagara river flows, and the great current of water which finds its way from the lake in the rushing channel of that stream, to be dasijod over the gigantic precipice of the falls, was so held in check that no more than one-quarter of its usual volume could find a passage through the immense pack of ice. . s"iuu "As this piiuk was stubborn, it was naturally but a short time before the fall had drained nearly all tho water out of the river. This, of course, occurred during the night, and we people who lived m Niagara village knew nothing ot the phenomenon until next morning I remember that I awoke very earlv that morning with the sense of something ejCCGeniTlO'jTT ait*nrtrm AH«»« ! .° have most nt heart The yotthgef people notice this, and think it IsTiocnuw we are growing lukewarm on these matters. ^Tiiey deplore us, ahwng themselves, as being "lost leaders, lp or lost followers, of this nnd the other flu« eause.. But they do not understand. Hie thought is deeper tuid Stronger in us now, porlmps, limn When it .was visible at thu surface and made more noise. We are beginning to runlteo tho unless- ness of perpetually .miking, that is all. If there is a thing 10 bo mud, wo profei where it will hit spnwhmi^o'r'sorno. body, Moreover, if the youngsters will observe us a llttlo, they may see that we say a number of Uiiiipi-nJiul Protlv forcibly, too-by slmpft takln-Worn for grunted. 'fh<y ^fa *>]&»"£ around,. A and U and C, and a hull n,Tf"n m ^'° ° f ", s , oklcil ' 8 ' nncl llste " '<> pur talk for a whole wook without over lioitnng from usasinjrlo nrgumont ot exhortation on tho subject, »ny, of the Intellectual llights of Women' or the Rascality of Thiuk-nnil-'J'liiu Partisans, or tho Curse of tho Ignorant Vole. iJut they would soon uotioo that what we quietly take for granted iu uur i,,|b would furnish n number of tolerably strong (.'roods or platforms. They might como to the couciusioii, too.'Mint this quiet taking of certain tilings for granted by sensible aud vigorous nioii and women m not to bu despisud. as a working force, iu compnriMoii with whole of vuciCwou.1 cluitiM- - luntia. -4 QV£ST/Otf ABOUT Browtis Iron Bitters ANSWERED. thouMndi MttSS JP° l >«<>n "ked thouMndi ^^-sass [mi hoi — .'«& that ..>.,. ,„ , iporUnt factor In nuc M of iron t ia»- /™» gsEs=is^sr^ •' ' • 'TolhadiaooW •IS no perfoct- >vor been found. medicines • cnre*Iti'~ ..... *""***" "ri'TKUS ^-..^ n ...y. HUffll((ll , HlllonBiiess f \Voui(|| CB(t . TCfC'Vi iu ?! tt "«' P h '"» nml pS"e« ^^^$3^J&W&.'*£*to»» INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, TJ1E ATLASTlO n tiken iptom ot i muscles f hon boo- fliSSSKSHS SfflSSMPT^wsS &»'$ ?<"™""-""•< ' ®~ --"• d - lv -".*'""i 1 "!" Tbe Oonulno ]ua 1 »n »nni|»r. ireetimmtn Mark nnd crossed fed Ifnoa " OTHER. Past Fre'ght & Passenger LU e I THK AT* 1 fYTTTU Auvr ILLINOIS K. It. Oo'd Palace Steamer Hudson. KASKINE (THE NEW QUINJNJK.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. ING THR FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Oo.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyhlaj derman American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester. Bnir.- Continental; Glrard; Glens Falls, Araercan (,e«trait Firemen's Fund, Western Afuturan«e Co. Will ootitaln, in hddttfon to the best Short , storioi, Sketches, «s«ays, Poetrv «ii OrtHcUm, two aerial Stortei i- ^ * na ' Tlio Second 8on. By MRS. M. O, \V. OLtl'lUNT Paul Pntott, ' ' • By F. MAKION OUAWPOHD Author of "A nojnnn singor," "SJrT'ji*a4«, ' ; eto, • v I Keal Estate Males of Kecord. Tr*04ifers of real estate hied for rt c. in Recorder's office of Madison coum Illinois, for week ending Feb. 6. Ii Herman Kabel and wifi- to Jt Ii •1 U 125 W d< 8B 1 ' 4 Dt J ^ 4 8eo '^' c ' H. L. Wiokliffo to M. Ambrosius, d, se 1-4 ne 1-4 soo 84, 8, 8, $2,000. *,£ ""*°£ ri? n ?, 0 of . U ' R .« Spark S, 8, 4, 6 and 6 blk 92, Alton, "Alton National Mill*," $50. W. W. Bell and wife to Annie ! BoJoff, w d, Jot 16, Upper Alton, $60. 41 Samuel M. Smith and wife to Chris tUnTontz, w d, 8 3-4 stores in no 1 «e 1.4 sec 4, 4, o, $200. Ulysses Grant Duggor to Fredrick Bonier, w d, no 1-4 se 1 4 sec 16, 3, 6 , (except 7 acres off n eud) f 1,000. Enly Tillcv and husband to Jos o i w . <1< two lrft °t« 0 ' lund in nw 1-4 loo v, 8, «, $1. Jos. Klesbl and wifo to Enly Tilloy and husband, w d, two tracts of land in nw K4 8eo9, 3,7, $1. Charlotte H. Crocker to Kdmond Bu»», w d, lots 6 and 7 and 08 feet w onH Int. ^ ( g ( ^ ^ n( j jg jjjj^ ,. . . David SUrkey and'wife to Starkey.w d, lots W nnd 66, D. °- -'• ' 8d add, Bethalto, «6UO, Mary J, Laughleas and husband to , John M. Irfvl, q o d, 1-0 mt In BO 14 .„ ,,.„„ L11CI auuau OI sometnlno- excoedmglj strange oppressing me. i° was some time before 1 discovered that the feeling came from the-fact that the cataract was almost missing. 1 jumped out of bed. and on leaving the house found that scores of often had been awakened by the same circumstance, and wore hurrying toward tho falls to see what the trouble was. We found that the great Niagara Falls was about one-quarter of its f6rmer volume. "We had not heard of the trouble at Lake .Erie, and tho terrible thought that the fulls wore running dry created a feeling of alarm noteasily imaginable. Ilio American channel had dwindled to a creek in comparison with its original proportion, while the British channel roaembled some ordinary river in the drouth of August. Goat Island was as big as two Goat Islands, ns the water had shrunk from every side of it, leaving a wide expanse of wet, slimy, jago-ed rooks which 110 eye in that vicinity fad ever seen before. Tho bod of the Cana- dam rapids far out into the stream, was dry, as was tho space between the lower end of Goat Island, nud out beyond the S we , r> lho rocks tbus exposed wore rlvJ^ dfltorblddln ft giving the dry i ver bed the appearance of a tract of charrett stumps. The Three Sisters looked forlorn in their enhanced dimensions. .Iho great jet of water which Had, from tune out of mind, leaped into the air about 800 yards south of this group of ishiuds in tho great rapids, and which is leaping there to-day, was not leaping that morning, and, so some one remarked that day, Hie tremendous roar of Niagara bad subsided to a moan. . "The scene was at once desolate, strange and awful to contemplate. The picture will never luave my mind. The whole village was out exploring caves, dark recesaos. curious formations in the rocks, and other remarkable features of tflo cnturaot and rapids that no mortal eye hud probably ever guzed upon b». fore. These explorations wore made safely to the-very brink of tho Horse. Hhoo Unmds. A Mr. Holley drove a horse and buggy from tho head of Goat Island clear to tho spot whore the leaping jot of water had always writhed and foamed. Ho also out several sticks of timber near tlio brink of Horseshoe *all. had them hewed there, and hauled them away with four horses. These 5t)cks-they wcro largo, fine timbors- aio in tho frame of some house at tho falls now. This remarkable condition oi Hllulrs at the cataract continued all and showed no sign of a change 1 tlio people went to bod that -.-„..„ When wo arose iu the morning however, the old familiar thunder of tlTo TJIUE DOBOE, b. 35th, wllUeave For fit. Louis at 7 a. m. of Vine NO Alton at 5:ffO p. m. for oaat. anU FARE. To 6T. LociS, stiisle trip, . " r- unn trip, . '• II •....„ j . rt .: . «.. Jelldtf KAGI.JI PACKET COMPAMT; ~ WINTER ARKAITQEMENT. The Steamer £3 P <S._„__ .CD a.UCYHB.Ma»ter. IB ..„., (Xo. BLOCK, Ui*r( i. ringing ears, C" re8 quickly (Pleasant,* A POWJKBFUL TONIC. th&t the most delfonte stomach willbetir. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases. sue (II $20,000,000. WE ALSO UKPRKSKNT THB Mutual Benefit Ll*e, of Newark. n. J., and Traveler's Life and- Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State ats. on American History. t«i. . 1'yJ'HlN PI8KB, who 'f.P«'eyloHBi)iiner8 lmv« fioen BO inter eating, full of luformnttoh, nnd generally populnr. French and English. taper* oom- iror Sale. . • Jorlleut. A 7-room frame dvyelJi/ig, in good mnalr on North siUo muff at. Wiin-l-L¥& SMlLKi° Essays and Poems, By OLIVEtt WENDELL HOLMB3. Occasional Papers, By JAMES 11U9SELL LOWKIJL, . Oontrlhntlnnei miiy bo i-xpecti rt fi-om John Greenlwil Wlntll(!r,Tliom«» WfeBtwoitU Wa. gltiBon. unai-li-R UitUluy Warner, E, 0.8ted. man, iferriwt W. I'rogton. Sttriili Orne JBwett Hiir'iv 8 !?* M °'' ft(Jtl00 ' Arthur 8berbum* IKiraocs K. Soudder, Uonrge E. WooUDflrtv' Ocorao Pioclerk* I'ftiBonvMaurloaT Thomp' son, t,ticy Urcom, Onlla Thoxtor. John Bniv rnuRlm, JiunoB Fieoman Oltirko, JKlleaueth ' Boblns Jeouuell, BrndlorU Xorrey and niau» others, *«!»«> uuu uinuj TBBUS; Wayonrln advance, poitagofrMt 85 tients u number. With miporb flfe-ilM December.numbers of w Postal notoa'and money are at the rlak of be inadB bv S. n i?n«» eK> 'i Or " r , en il"anoe» should loiter to 1 *? one y o^er, drait, or registered Uoiighton, Mlfflln & Company, 4 Park itreet, Uoston, Mail. For bale or »ent. u » uu le teneui 1 'Mrs S. J.Dutro. WHIPPLK A8MILKV. Mlolcorabe. M.D., 51 EaatZSth at.. •it' a '^,'K™t ' ln , N> Yl Med..College) writes; Kuskine is superior to quinine In "ta snec lie ,J! v e t^' ??„ never produces the slightest In- r> y the hearing or constitution, tinm^.. i!' H, ll 1",vUlinplulii Albany Penitentiary, writes Unit Ka-kine Ima cured hi3 wife utter twenlv vears suffpring (rom nTaUrla fl"ulnr8 T ° U3 Oj>8pepsl ' l< Write .him tor par- Tliouanfcdsunon thousands write that Kas- hlno ItaacuiKd them niter all otlior ---* ? cinnH i,,,,i fui; oa . Wrtte , 0 b , or£ _, for hw. »,» S i? 10 ffWcnces of J. i. nnd W. H. Mitchell, on Mill St., two oiti.ii best pieces ol residence property in Alton. Tne propem known as "ThoParit, eaatot above; if lots o^^iS?!! 1 8 TVS lt P",??' 8 ' a " a tt number ol ots in JUUlor*MUeh«U'8 addition to Alton. Any or all ol above at a input bargain _ W.afPUKAHMILET. *or BIUB. xfn. 1 ? 11 ,??™? 61 ^ 011 State atree in Miller 4 Mlohell'a add., to Alton. IK storv bou«e,8rooms and out- budding; all In per? feetorder. Can bo had at a barKalnT . J __ WjUt'^Llii a a For Hale. and^'sSewf 1 " 6 dW ° mD8 ' °° ruer Po WHIPPLEA8H Desirable UeHldonoes for Sale. km)wn°tts t wX, l) A 10 i 1 5 1a « < i lllng on Stute Btroet i.,"?^.,"!^. 1 ?-- Al «?» homestead, lately put THE DIBKOT AtfO^AST LINffi TO Cincinnati, Louisville, Washinffton, . Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. A SOLID DAILY TRIN8 to ? ™S^"»^Mss*jpi« Cars and Palace Slenping - y * oliunt.o of oars for any does of nl, WEAVING AlTON FOR ST. LOUIS i., and 8t. Lome on retnri l »U Alton 101 .on. and »»> ', Wedue«d«j, W-The Whistle wiU be sounded minutesbefore ttartinefor St. Louis. L^SM SI i «*^_ To Bx. terns, SOUHDTBIT TWBHTT ElDBl' KaskinepnnbotaVeii wltliout any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or pc»nt by man on recelot of nrti.n KASK1NB CO.. 64 Warren St.,Now Yo^'k. IU dwlm . . a », ^?°. a r0 P' llr< A two on ilaln street, nearly now, A twti " irilloe, owner liavlnu decided to ur WUIPI'LE JtSMlLK/ Jfor Sale. ~ ~~~ A.convenient farm of 120 acres, most all in starvation; sit.iated on the Bethalto road, » w. iiiLrJ M ft N if ATE OF ILLINOIS, St. Olnlr county Master's Sale. . B /i: r r?^ U e I rw enson EllzBbPth An,, Williams, n o -01 Burn, Burn, James Burn, Burl an, K i e ^ U '^! 1>S '»? J«n« Hum. Will- n Bu.n John Thomas Hum. lAitoihy Ann Kn Isubylla Burn, Joi DB »B u ,n, u,,d "?Pn"y R. 0.<allen< r, executor ol UiV lutt will am tesiBmentof Jolin ohilton. deceased TiU lor eulo ot ttuHl KstHte. Unrtur nnd by vtr.uo <•( decree of said cnurr, made !•> the above entitled cauoe, ni said temi.l, tho underalftued, win o-i SATDKDAY, MARCH 10, 1887, at and n •. the nroinlaUR hprelnnf tor described u 1 iu the hluiiebt tind bi-n biddi>r, thi f"i '"wnedMcfUbi-d land, eltuatPd in tliu conn- iyc£ Mndl8on,nnd(-t«te ot Illinois, to-vvlt n e w fst fourth of ihe i-ontheaat quarter 01 h« noi-t Invest qua-ter, conlalnlnir t->i(lo icrpsjand tho oast half of the gnutliwo" 'i?^! a . I i ln f eotion lhilt >' ^ 3 "'- ln towoal i 6) n'-rth of riinj;.' nl> o t 9) west. Appra'ged value, 13 «fl 7i. n.tnwi.'SS'S'PP?, 0 "«»"« o'clock P. m. IKUttls Of SALE.- Twenty percent, of th mirclmge uinnoy to bo paid cash Hown, ami I'o glance on a credit of six an.l "wolv" mnnth», secured by not^ and approved ,ecu rity, and a niortBBKi. on th« pruinlm s sold,..,, f{' ent '^ ocu «<'no' whi U, Mid upon coi.llrinn ,}S A! VJ 1 * alc - 1 wl " ex( cuto «" a deliver n •i?rt totl ' e > lll 'P'">|«'r or nuiclmn-B of tnlo land, aa by Bald < »ore • J a.,,, directed, edit The Century For 1886-87. ;THE CENTOHY is an lliu.nrated wonthlv maKuztue, havlnir a renuliir ciK.nK.ri',,, ^ about two bun»rt?d thouland cop es, o to° reuchins and sonietlmes exceeding two Imn- dred and twenty nvethousand. Ohlef Hraona Its many attractions I.,r tlio coining 5 oar Is a serial which has buon In active •prebarution lor sixteen veaw. It is .1 history o! our own country in its most critical time, asset lorth THE LIFE OF LINCOLN, By his Confidential Secretaries, John G. Nicolay and Col. John Huy. of l' l ™S5u^? r ? rk| . bl ' 8Un wltu tlle sanction oi i ie»kloiit Llncdln, and coutlnupd urnim. Uie authoijlt^of his son. the iVon. Kobe?t T. record ol ihe life of Abraham Lincoln." rt« Huthoi-a were f lends of Llneol •"•'"' -"" - . For Bent. Late residence ol M. J. Noonan on State street, known as the A. Flaw place? Good 9 room brick hoin-n. In nrst class fepair. _ WmpPLE & SMILEY . for Kent. of C l?mnn'ri'? 0m b u iol! bouso wl ' th nboutl acres Sj 1 8 r <"">'l.taeludtni{ oreuam. In Upper Alton. Former reoIUenoo oj Dr. liuinberi. '""'"• TWO DAILY TRAINS To Washington in 28 hours, ToJbaltimoiein29hours, This la FIVE HOURS yjJIOKKB than the fast ost time bv anv nf.hni-iinn ™" I .*^*" '" VI ^Ai-uESS runs entire train nnn statlnij of Day Ooaoheg and Palace '" ^ I oars from St. Louis to Wn.hino+^n. Buflfet For Sale or Ilont. with 9 rooms, ancl are run by this line on nisht ex. press from , ^^!^lSS! UE t d ST - LOUIS T O NEW. YORK, Vor Sale. i d y°' UnBr ? nd out Buildings , between Cherry und Vine. WlllPPLlii & SMEY. ,thi' with lifra ns private secretaries tbroHliuut hU term of i/mce, and ' l '" -o .... ... *.H»t, n-iM HIIU uitiim 01 *.n parties 'n (mm Knit to onlil nrcmlnes. ALONZO S. WILDEIIMAN «M. w. wl!B?so1 ohRnoei ' y of 8RW co j; 50 7d nrlvutefmpojs. JIpio will be tolil ci,o iuslde h story of ihe civil war and of President Lincpln'd administration -Inipoitaut detnils ?LY^vm7^ |l fl lhl!rloroiImllI ""»"'-°"««SoU t/mc they nifght urat appear In tnls autheutln history. Ity lensou ol the publication of this ' THE YVAB SERIES, which has bton followed «iih upftaiciiinK Interest by nxruat Interest by a Kient audi- puce, will occupy less space durljiff tlio com. "?„ y ?! U '' "^, l r 9liur F wl11 lo doferlbed by ffiJS^ttJ&K^^' Klirf^^Kyg^e^iio^S Hocutn. Gonernla Q. A. Oiilmore Wm F ffinlt \} t iloiin GlUbon Iloi" 1 "" •*"•"• * . .* . * PRICE LIST: -DAILI'- Without ohanae in 37 hours. Best Route to JaoksonvlUe AND VVINTEIt EESOBTS IN THJC SOUTH- The Double Dally tine^'of Parlor Oars and Palace Slee^lnK Ooaohee by thla St. Louis to Cin'ti & Louisville SSi^rtSJE? .=°, n »^9»? 9* both jx>int. . NOVELS AND STOlClES. "The IlunUrcdth Man." n novel by Frank LaBelle, - Fairy, - - Diamond Light, Fancy, - - FKK BBL —. or Transfers by this Houto. Ai-n . BARNARD, Gen. W. B. SHATTUO, Qea '-W«» rase. Agent $4,75 • 4,50 „ • 4.00) WHENY Oy TRAVEL • 3,50 Una nloctud by the tht «<>« 6»wrnmtrrt to ciny Jrl> e . l V'», Br8ljr " od "n^oonenad n now munlc tore at tho eormir ot 'Aird and Plas'i . sta . , " "B"'" oimsiiiir mo earth ns bofore, nnd tho rlvor and the rapids lT' 6 | ,!\^ alu tll<J scotlll "2. whirling, rrosIstlblo torront of old. The ioo m to lako hud shifted ti-ruin, and somo mno in tho night tho IonBTOStrained volume of wntor Imd rushed down and roclttlmod ltd oivn." ORGANS AND PIANOS SHent Ptoplo us NoitTy." t>r the ot th & flni j 8 ^ workmanship for sale at rpa sonable prloos. Call and examine our instra monts bofore purchasing elsowhoro. FLOSS & BABE. melted worn , -™...HUVB, Hull u tit** ani jaucceusful UUIIK n ISS«%B'£S« 3 ,. wng But M tho forenoon goes on. ol fo aftot nother drops gr,d u «lly Inio compar" vo quiot mid silonco. It is not liai n°«f l H o? T"' 1 V Wi ° y lll ° «™ n» n ? , 10thol ' > b , M lll ° " rst eflerves. Qiioo of iho uncorked otilnml spirit, ol Jjonior ' Tbb paper U kupi uu ute at mu oulco ai . In a similar fusliion, us wo get on .1SiKattn.% t 1Ji l S?Sff MS, .specially on the topics Vhtoh 'S — — — -^ ^^ w a „ yDVERTISINQ AGENTS Ps BUILDING Hfflffi PHILADELPHIA. VAVIIIL*JP*.D»«Dnfc«i«inB> ».«tnrr!^i^^"^ > *^"* FEATUKES. v .........ur.tiui, IMIHJ include a merles of nrfct. clfs on allulrs In H U > s | ft uml sib-rla bv Ueo Konnan.m.thor of "Tonr l.lfo I, siberlu."*l°» to i!nnH OIUI ' n< ', a fl ' om a II108 ' «vnntfu vl'lt to blberliin prlouns; nnnnis n tliu K, ml Question «ltd r B f el . en cu io lw benrt a on 1 Lubor I'TObl-nij KnglUh Oath.-druls" Dr oSfiSfe^rtal","" 1011 " Ufa ln "»« rtw-VloBM 1 OulOtllOS; OUll'VOVllUCC. MllrituilllHin Aurrnl SRi^KrVi.'i?'-' J ,' "• llue «'«""•«'.«< "or oi tuu uu-lmian Advocute: a^tronomloi.1 na- pers; ai throwli, K ll K hton Bible, istory, 'PKICES. A FREE COPY. WILSON WASHBOARDS. These "Washboards ate mado •with [alleut'Woodrim, The Strong- ott booida and best \vniliera in the wurtil. For Blue by all dealers. Take no other. SAWW.1W M'F'O CO., fully .llla»t,ut mine ( - .,,.j ....... „.„„ mf IMIKW contalnlni; full pio.-peciUH, on- mo m,, special ,,fer by whlo'h now reidcrs ,"u n Set llllHVM tn tin. K n ..l»...„.__. .; iff , ei.ywiu (•ark Riiuibui-B to Die Iho uUIng u SHORTHAND WRITING Burljjijftqn Route C.B.&Q.R.R. (Jan you ulfnni, to b« wlil.ont Iho, Oontnrv ___„_ Ul> Now York. Subacrlptlons rnoulvod at thu onice. EXliCUTOKS' NOTICE7 John W. 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