Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 11, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1887
Page 1
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•Wi'JMi',*-,.,, •j'^'viP < "»>"«* w .' wi i if^/ir ».j *v» "j^ <- 1,1 ,iv wt * . * i ' ' l <„ / i ii ' ~fn i S»V-*J*V-.^! l 5-Y r /(:,U4t -<A>,.-!*iiwwrf.*(>. Sr.^*4 l Sf**,f-W<-!iC'' / ^i'"^'"*-«».''«- »\ r,i *v, . , „:,! ' V r OLTJME 26. ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY FEBRUARY 11, 1887. PYSPEPS1A Up to ft few weeks n«n 1 consUerod inyselt tho champion T)yBi>i>)itlc of Amotlcn. During the yours that r hnvo l>o'en nflllitetl I have tried almost ovtrytl.lng uhitincd to bo a spe- clflo fur, Dyspopslu In thn hope of finding something tliut wo'ild afford permanent re- liel. I had about made tip tny mind to atmn don medicines whim 1 noticed an endoise- merit ol Slrninonn Liver Regulator by n pi om- niont Guoi'glan, n Jurist whom 1 knew, und concluded to try Us effects in tny cnso. I have ii'ed but two bottles and am satisfied that I have struck tho right thing at. 'ait. I .felt It i beneficial effects almost limnediiitely. lUnlUco.ull otner propuratlon of n tiuiilar kind-no special Instructions is required as to vrunt ono aluill or ahull not ent Thlsfaot alone ought to ooiurncud It to all troubled with aMjflopsln. J. N. HOLMES. VlrUilHhri, K. J. CONSTIPATION. A regular habit of body can be secured• without changing the diet or disorganizing . tho system, by taking SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR. Sue tliut you get the genuine. 1'ro- ,pared by. JJU ZUI1JN& CO., I'hllndolphln, 1'u. , —2 ih>23mwl wkly tfSE -V We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and- oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. SILVER SOAP is made of FERE TALLOW, by a clean process, and can bo used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned, ASK YOUR GROCER FOB IT. EMPIRE SOAP GO, ST. Lom-s. ivio. Patents. to ny persons wIsliliiK to otiCHln !eit«, pAtunt on now Invontlous. improvnraonts o /iaslgns, I will uxecnto drawings ixnd siieclll .mtlonH and make, applications for PMi«jiu ft i '.ous iltitttnn, In pnrsuu »r br !i»ttr . nvi w'CAS pFBii? K'KN » R it u. •• ;i,' A.IMMI, III. A. J. HOWELL, —DEALBH IN— FURNITDRE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OIU>E1> KOK TFPHpLSTERIlSrG Noatly ami promptly exoeutod. Belle st,, bet. Third and Fourth. —ALSO— IIKSIDKVOEOOU. STATK4 8BVKKTII 8T.S TO ADVERTISERS i'or a chock lor $«9 \vu will print u tmi-llne ttAvui'tlHumunt In Ono Million Isnuas nf Iciin. liiK Amerkini Novvnp ipurg, Tltl« Is m Hiu • uta of only una (II tli ofucontn llno.for l.OHH-liou liitlonl Thu ndvoitiuoniont will bo plncud Ijoloro Ono Million nu'KiiiiKNT nuwmiiincr purelninir^-orKjvKMILLION UBAUICIIS. Ton IllH.'H will HO oiilinolliitu ubnut 7A WOrdB. AM dro*n wltlj copy of mlv anduliiioli, o i-innl.'(i oontb lor liooU ol 176 |)u OH. QUO. I 1 UOU P ELL * UO.. in Bpnumm-.. N. V. <-i|.vilm . 000,000 ACRES OHOIOB HARDWOOD FARMING AND I In NORTHERN WIB- 'OONSIN for»«leal$a AN ACRE on lonv time. The molt proiporoiis unit promliln» Held lor luUlemenl In tli< V. 8. Pull liiforniatlon with good map free. Aridmw MID _ - ,«HmilkM,Wll. Fnvorlto Bpoon 1'nttorn*. Artlcloa of sllvcrwni'o for tho tab's repro- eont nowadays tlio hupplt>Bt artistic conceits executed with lliu greatest skill of tho art!- zan. Tho elaboratonesa tt ornament,. employed, not only on solid *tlvei', liutf on first- class goods In plated Ware, Is well oxemplin«l In most of tho now styles of spoons, At the Bnme time, astlstlo skill produces some very attractive ofTocte In simple patterns. Two favorite sty It BotRpoonsnre hero illnstrntod. "COLONIAL" AND "ST. CLOUD." Olio of these, the "Colonial," Ls suggestive of the unpretentious but elegant ware used in the early days of our country, from which it takes its name. The other, the "St. Cloud," is a beautiful specimen ot the elaborate floral designs now BO popular in silverware .and jewelry. Absolutely Pure, Thii. powder never varies. A mnrvel ot purity, sire igth wholosoinonajs. More economical thun the ordinary kinds, and cannot be Hold in competition with the multitude ol low test,short wot|flit, a'iinn phOKphu'e pow di-rs. SOLD OKLY IN CANS. KOY.vL BAKING l'O\VDEHCO.,10UW(il)et.,S, Y. ' SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PUBE GOD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only preparation of COD LIVKR OIIi th»t can h» takca readll)%aid tolerated (or a lung tiiuo by dullcvte BtonmcliB. AKH AS A REMEDY FOB SCUOUJtOLS AI'KECTIOKS, AKAEMIA, OKX KI14L IM.llll.ri'V, COIKUIS AND THROAT A?- I'KtTIO.NS, and oil yASTIXU UlSOliDl.llS OF (llll.DIll.'X It U miirrellonB In Its rfsnlU. J>roBorlbed and onilor.i J by tbe brat I'byilcluu \n tuo couiitrlci of the world. RflLF «V .«!. W.Jb*. ENS1JNGE11, ni Plain an<? Decorntivc Paper Eanp \L! WORK PBOMPTLV ATTKNDKD IX) AT LOWEST TKKM-J. OUFICK AMU SHOi' OM SECOND gST., NfrHR PIAsA ALTON. . . . 11,1^ JOMKd'M UVERY STABLE) fllON'l JiTHK^X, |IKTWKI'..\ ALItV Wli (I'.VMTO.N. Al.TO* ll.l IM)i '«r I»«. Tlui Wiioilruol pnipiii-iy, A * Htory truiui- liousu ol B roiiniH, on Filth ami Alton streets u I rouin fruiue IIOUNU on K'Mth stnn t. ' W11IWLB A SMll^KY, NEWS. President Cleveland gave an elegant reception lost night to llie onuy aud iiftvy officers. The United Stntes government \vill pay for pensions for the quarter ending March 4, prox., $18,780,000. The Missouri'' Senate yesterday voted to indefinitely postpone consideration of the submission resolution —22 to ll.jj Host of the factories at Kockford, 111., have been closed on account of the flood, and hundreds of cellars are full of water.' The inundation is the most serious ever known there. A man can "get high" by going to Denver. It io 6,175 feet above the sea level, and the highust State capital in the Union. Annapolis, Md., is the lowest, being just, four feet above the sea levej.. A canvass of the Kansas Legislature shows great strength, for Cleveland and Blaine as Presidential candidates against all comers. John Sherman and Governor Hill rank si cond. Senat/r Ing.ills receives two votes and Senator Plumb one. The railroads wh ! chhi!Ut their cars in winter by other means than coal stovps, and light them by other agencies than coal oil, are going to be immensely popular in the near future. The ''traveler does not wish to take chances of being roasted : as well as wrecked. •-..'.. In the case of the Iowa Steel Bai'b Wire Co., of Marohalltown, against the Southern Barb Wire Co., of St. Louis, Judge Treat rendered a decision against the latter company, Tues> day, holding that the Ross patent, undi-r which the St. Louis concern is operating, is an infringement of the Burnell patent, owned by the Marshalltown people. John Lucklum's house, near Jefferson, Iowa, was consumed by fire Tuesday afternoon, the owner's father, wife and son perishing in tbe flames. Neighbors found the door fastened when the fire broke ont, and could render no assistance to the unfortunate occupants. There are rumors of foul play. There was some sky-scraping work in Chicago bucket-shops yesterday, and managers are reported to have enjoyed a two and a half million dollar picnic in profits Pork went higher than for two years. Wh* at fluctuated erratically, but on general prices there was no very material change ...,.-. St-rling Submerged. STERLING, 111., Feb. 9— Rock River continued 'rising rapidly all last night until noon today, reaching the highest point in thirty years. All the •water power is gone, and the first floors of all factories flooded. The low lauds above and below Sterling are overflowed, and the fair grounds in the west end of the city are bsdly damaged by ice and water. .Several families surrounded by water during the niglit were rescued with boats this morning. The new bridge of the Chicago, Burlington und North a n road at Milledgeville is destroyi-d. Congress. WASHINGTON, Fob. 10 — Senate The election of Mr. 'Purple as U. S. Senator was protested by Indiana Republicans. The Housi; substitute for the Chinese indemnity bill was passed. House amendments to the bill to repeal tho timber culture acts ware debated and a conference ordered. House — Republicans fillibustercd and prevented action on the bill proposing changes in the management of divisions of the general land office . The diplomatic appropriation bill was considered in committee of the whole, and Mr. Allen (Dom.)created considerable surprise and interest by criticising his parly in Congress for alleged extravagance in expenditures authorized by appropriations. UeathN. COLLIHSVILLK, 111., Feb. 10 — Wm. Begolu. a well-known farmer, died suddenly of heart disease, at home, six miles south of this city, this morning. He ate a hearty break - fust and died in about an hour afterwards. HWHLANU, III., Feb. 10— -Frank Tomlinson, 9 years old, son of Sam TomliiiHon of St Jacobs, a town five miles west of here, died this afternoon, The attending doctors claim his death was caused by eating colored candy which he obtained at n New Year's entertainment. Why lie t'niildn t (Jo. liricvftit (,'iitru— "Von prou'iiil io |»vo m.". and yd. you will n»i uk» me tint Mi:i<jh riilm^ OH Churl, >v Sinuli .|i,| l.lley H inpor IrtM Illicit." llim|.|i|i (iiuir^o (IIOL Io tin enulunl) —"Well, vi'ti kmiiv ho bornnvud ihn niiini'V of me. Tina'-, lliu nnind'i I could not ask you to-niglit."— Jitdqe, Pliil(>Ho|>liRi> initl WnllcrGlrl. He wns stout, of medium height, about 66 yunrs old, ruddy face, prnj «ye», Iron-grny hnir and ultln whltiker, und u prominent nose, upon thf cxirome tip of which was balanced o pair of steul-rltmnod eyeglasses, tlirougb which he pcorod at tlio bill of faro. Slip, tho wailrosf), was slight arid fragile; hor fncu was pale, ; her hail llnxt'n, hor uyon light blue, her voice so low that it seemed as if it were modulated so that lliu sound of it should not startle its owner, her inrvnnor Umid and Hhrinking; a creature to bo potted, lind ono whom it seemed that a middon priisl of wind would blow away or a harsh word kill. Sim was not tho typical pert, saucy, smart, "masliublo" waitci girl- She glided silently up to the table and lam the writer's elioek upon it as noiselessly us it cat. "H'm, 1 said the philosopher, studying Ihn bill of faro, "do you suppose But the girl wns off like a flash before ho could complete the sonlence. "H'm," grunted he, "she doesn't s'poso notliinV By this lime tho girl bad glided back to the table again. "Do you s'pose the polled pigeon't ready P ft "1 don't know, but I'll see." was the answer, and she was ofl' again like a shot "Well, hold on; s'posin' you wail aud get the rest of my oriior." But tho girl was in tho kitchen investigating; the potted pigoon businnsi lonu; before ho had drawled out his hall ansrry command. . In a second almost tbe bunch o) nerves w;is back n train. There was just the slie'utost suspicion ol color in her face, hor under lip was trbmblins inipercaptibly, tho light bluo eye bad takou on a iriflo dartur hue as though a r'aiu-oloud had passed, over '.its surface, and her tone was even yot lowei than before. These changes might have been due to the hurried manner in which she did everything, and they might have boeu caused by the philosopher's remark. Perhaps tho philosopher saw those things too, for he snid in n kinder- tone after tho girl had s.-iid that the pigeon was all ready: "Wull, givo mo some potted pigeon, cup or coll'ee, and or corn cakp with it" ' "There," said he, addressing the writer, "that's just liko a woman. Ofl she Uies, tho minit you ask her to do anything for her. Ynr might just as well put er two-yoar-olo colt in a pasture and tell him to come to yor. He'd bp off all over the lield in a second, kickin' up his heels and yor couldn't ketch him at all. "It's just so with a young, woman. When a mairgoos tur work in u public place ho undoret;iuds ihnt bo's a wage earner. Hutu girl, when slm comes into a place like this, she soo:> gits preferences, and preferences moans admirers, and ad mi run; in -ans lovers, and a lover moans :i husband. "Aud so she acts all thtsr time as il she were saying: 'I'm an auiatoor; 1 ain't a perfeshonnl; this is only a step- pin' stone; I ain't doin' this ter earn my livin'.' It's just like a dog,. a cat, and a mouse. "Yer lake a ,Skyo tarrier and say ter him, 'Hero, I've got or mouse for yer,' aud he'll grub it quick us er Hash, .and yor can't slop him: ld:l ynr let • n cat have or mousn under a chair and to try- iu' lo git at il, ami yci 1 r<nne up and try io poke ilio out from under thor chair for hui, aud Lord! ',olV. she goes and hides in a haymow in yer nabur's barn." A dunlist at Hi''dg"|ri)rl, Conn., was called on a fi-w ilav> ;I^D \>y a woman, wiio bruuvht With ln-r a chunk of gold thi! S'/A) 61 <\ h.ckury-niil, which she said iitul clroppt.-d out of ono of hor leeih while sho was ealin^' breakfast. The dentist assured hor that she had no tilling of that in any tooth, and a careful examination showed lh:il she Inul lust no liilinjr whaluver. The quosiion now ngiliiiin^ the lady is: "Whore did that nugget comu froniP" A young man in Nobrask.-i City oll'er- oil a proinininil i-iii/,,:ii :'-,'i(} io goi him ;\ wife. Tlui ollei' was aeeepted, and tho girl sell; led agreed lo I ho proposition in consideration of a sowing machine. Tlio iwii wern ni.'irrio'l. anil a|>pareatly lire as li:ijipy as Uvo iunle dovo.s. Whnt True Merit Will Do. Tbe unprecedented sale of Bosohoo's German Syrup within a low years, has itstoniHhod tho world. It is without doubt tho safest and best remedy over discovered for tho speedy and effectual euro of Coughs, Colds and tho severest Lung troubles. It aots on an entirely different principle from tho iisiiul prescriptions irivon by physicians, as it does not dry up a cough and leave Hie disease still in the system, but on the contrary removes tho cause of tho trouble, heals the parts affected and loaves them in u purely healthy condN lion. A bottle kept ID tho house for uso when tlio disoasos make their appearance, will save doctor's bills and a long >poll of serious illness. A trial will convince you of these I'hcU. It is poj'- tively sold by all druggists und general denliTH in tho land. I'nce, 76 eta., largo botilus. Ja ]0 dwlvv ood Croup, whooping cough, soro throat, Midden cold, and the lung trouble- po. culmr to children, aro easily controlled by promptly nd'ninititorini? Ayor's (Jlii'iTy 1'eutornl. Tliis remedy m safo lo take and certain in Its action'. dwlw 3d Three Peculiarities Hood's Sttrsaparllla, the grcnt blood purifier and regulating medicine, Is characterized by three peculiarities, namely: I n4t • The combination ot tho various IO fc • remedial agents used. Tho proportion in which tlia roots, • herbs, barks, etc., nrc mixed. Tho process by which the ncllve S medicinal properties arc secured. Tho result Is anicdlclno of unusual Blrenglh and curative power, which effects' cures heretofore uneq'.inlled. These peculiarities belong exclusively to Hood's Sarsapnrilia, and are Unknown to Others Hood's Barsaparilla ts prepared with tho greatest skill and care, by pharmacists of education aud long experience. Hence it is a medicine worthy of entire coiilldoucc. U you suffer from scrofula, salt rheum, or any disease of the blood, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, or kiJtiey and liver complaints, catarrh or rheumatism, do not fall to try Hood's Sarsaparilla "I recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla to all my friends as the best blood purifier on earth." WM. GAFF, druggist, Hamilton, O. " Hood's Sarsaparllla has cured mo of scrofulous humor, and done mo worlds of good otherwise." C. A. AHNOLD, Arnold, Mo. A book containing; many additional statements of cures will be sent to all who desire. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. $1; six for $5. Made only by 0.1. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. FBYUIC1AM8 AtfU lUKUi ON K DB. E. 017131,10 H, Pbyslclau anrt Surgeou, OFFIOK aND UKSIDKNOE, ron. COURT. AND HKNUY ST8. „___ tftV-»l\Vl\ W. A. HASKJ5LL, JW.D., Physician arid Surgeon, OFFICE-SECOND ST., ALTON, UJ-. ')rt)nn h oiirt- ? a. m.: "2 in 1, unu n i>.m . ' UKJST18TU*. DR. O. «. KOiri,AN'l>, Deutist, 13 THIRD 8T1KET, M/TON, ILL. Office Uoors — So. m. to 12 tn.; 1 to I ji, • '••'irt^-.x NUMBER 218. •"••—~_HMMWHKV^M^^^BB••«H^WMMB ^MMBV^MH T. L. FOULDS& CO., SUCCESSORS TO A. It. MclUNNKY & CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STILL SLOP FOR SALE. . aop7(lwflu> JOHN BAUER, DEALEH IN AND MANOFAOTURBB or FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, ILL. All klndn ol nno ami comiuoA farnltur constantly on hand. A]»o undrrt jkor, etc. ' J. HOFFMAN & SON, DKAI.KIIS UN' Stoves HARD SOFT COAL BASE BUHNERS! And other first claoa boating stoves for wood or coal, . Also Hanires and Champion Monitor Cook Stoves, the best in Alton. Outside Woru a 8 pecialty: Boot Ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies G. A. McMILLRX, Dentist, OVBR HRUK«GKM\NX'S C.'IGXU STOHK HEUONl) ST. _ _ itfg lit' KOK AL1 . I'crnitmonl. om- ployment nii-en to oiiRi-gntl: inon und wonusu uverywrere. $:W H \vei-k ami expenses puitl, 'Sumnli-8 worth $5 iind all pnrtl"- rn f<>nt frcn. Artilies* in onco-I*. O. VIC'lv- BUY, Auiiusia, Me, flon'l mis Hits clinncc. \Vrli" jo-U it) . i"-4 ALWAYSONIIAND. COR. SKOi'ND AND Al.ilT 8T8. . EMPIRE MILLS, EEOONU STREET (Near I'luau), ALTOS, ILL FOU SALE : Ground Outs, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Guru Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,otc I'ltOMlTLV DKLIVKUED TO ANY I'AItT OK TIJK C1TV. M.WILKINSON. lyl ill I fin iatliiiiery. H RADQUAKTEU8 FOR 'I HE Best Buggy in the World. in tho city, at hard limes prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps. FINE HANGING LAMPS, $1.75, $2, $250, ,51, '$0.50, .$7.50 to $10. Headquarters for EUPION and CAKMINE BURNING OILS- SIGNAL OIL.ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cist< rn, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our §510 lUig^y Harness. Call and g'et our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and Stut« Sis., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From .f 18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BRKECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30. f W ROOTW THE LEADING j. n. ow i n, JEWELER, myisdwly ^ A.!.

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