Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 10, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1887
Page 3
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DAILY TELEGRAPH, THPB8DAY LEGAL ADVBBTI8UCQ: Mvtmi Inertlo gAbove m«i wUlbeKHetly adheredto. THE DAILY TELBQBAPM 1* delivered bv * evere carrier. to all parts of the city otAHon * ' ° to any address at the r GROUND. Money to loan on improved real "Btate. Apply to Rndershausen & Sonntag. Third street. , dtf *~ ' ' for . Southern Illinois'- fair weather, followed by local rains- nolder. ' This morning a cairn or monument of loose stones was seen alongside the crossing between the Savings, bank and Seely'a book store, on Third street, on which a wooden cross was erected with the sad words: "Burying ground of the Alton City Council." The supposition is that the rooks wore piled on the last resting piaoe of the "lamented" Aldermen that there might be nu dun- gor of E, resurrection. Sparks says the National Mills "Ml begin buying wheat next Monday and commence running about the 1st of March; • Fresh Soa and Lake fish, at Connor's. . dlt Bivor business at St. Louis is boom- PBU80S1L. Jfottit 'Johnitoo but rttnrned from it rtilt to Chloago. City Clerk -M«Nalty ha» been con, fined attorn* thra« we«k« by rh*t«u». turn. . Mr. fi. 0. MoPike hu tlmoit recovered from nil severe Ulneii. Mr. and MM. B. F. Sargent started for 11 Pa»o, Texas, Ihii morning on a visit to their son, Mr. E. L. Sargent. Valentines. The largest, finest and best assortment of valentines to suit all tastes and ages. Large valentines, small valen- tinea, cheap or costly, to suit your pocket book or your feelings. Talentines, oomio,£ witty or sentimental. Call am examine our stock. — Seely & Son Third street. NOW WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO UATTLK. >» •MNK. S en oo > CD 111 A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemingor's Fig and Magno"» »re the best oig arB j n the market. THE mercury at 2 o'clock this after, noon marked 70 deg. above zero. This 8 almost summer heat. The cold wave flag u flying and a fall in temperature will probably take place thie evening. iMPROTiNQ.-The many friends of Mr. Aug. Head, of Alton Junction, will be glad to hear that he is recovering from the injuries he received m being gored bya bull. He is still weak and feeble but 18 improving faster than could have been expected. CoaT Buy your Hard and Sofl Coal of H L. Winter and get tho best. Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 64. augU d7m GO' JXJ HOLDErV'fl Seoond """.near **V*JAfJUil O| corner of Henry -yon- FINE I STATIONERY, THB Illinois House has postponed the consideration of the permanent looa- tion of the State Fair until February 23, in order to give the various cities in the State further time to present their claims. The rise in the rivor continues. But little floating ice visible today. 1 The Missouri river U open to Lexington. The Spread Eagle goes to Grafton this evening. The steamer .Hudson will commence making regular trips next Monday in the Alton, St. Louis and Grafton trade, running in connection with the St. Louis & Central Illinois railroad. VETERAN RKCHlOff. The Central Illinois Soldiers' Association, which includes 21 counties, will hold their annual reunion in this city on the 4th and 6th of July next, under the auspices of Alton Post G. A. R. assisted by their comrades of Bethalto Post. It i« estimated that the reunion will bring together nearly ao.000 aid soldiers. In entertaining this vast number the Post will need the assistance of all our citi«ens, and as such-a gathering will be very beneficial to retail trade, liberal .contributions should be made for necessary expenses. Last week's TKLEORAPU gives an ao r £ tof ,! he 8° rin « °1 Mr. Ullrich, o Godfrey, by a bull. These accidents are ooouring every few day*; two this week in this county, and cattle are scorine each other every day. When there in a sure way to prevent injury by cross oat- tie, why should we run any n«k P Dehorn la jj 100 head of cattle, if all the palu they would suffer could be added together, would not cause the amount oJ suffering one nan is now bearing from the horns of a cross bull. There seems to be something wrong tn a bull's horna. We have made a machine that when we get a bull's head in it. we just saw off his horns, and with the nornslcut him loose from ail evil in- I I»t" < i n %M are ^ r - , Therel » n° niis. take in this dehorning for we have tried it on all kinds of cattle. 1 can show you de-horned cattle that, oven if they were disposed, could not harm yon or eaeh other. There never has been a death, if properly done, ana never will be. The only trouble u to have them so confined that W oannont struggle. De-horn . the bulls before another man is killed or crippled. Yours, respectfully, V. P. RICHMOND. Mono, III., Feb. 8, '87. AFmr FacU About Cannibal.; Embroideries, AJVD Goods, Kcllpse ' P!ANOS,llRGANSand~ SEWING MACHINES! C.JBAP FOB OA8H ON TTMB PAYMKKTS Alton, m. deooawly WATCH y. Hand made. Knit andOro- > 'tgooas. Hoods.'robasrgaugand Hits. Men's Scans and Fowitnators at very low prices. ami° " tres8n } akln * «aln and Family Bewlne wa Stamping-; D .me. Oome aud given, a call. Don't forget the plaoo. dec6 <1wiy Call atC. M. Crandall's Crockery Store for beautiful Hanging Lamps, at the. lowest prices. i d4t w4t DIRECTOH Phinney says that the new Board of Directors of the Cental Missouri railroad will meet at St. Louis on Friday, Feb. 18th, to organic and transact business. That meeting doubtless, will settle all questions a» Vo the intentions of the company. IN tho LogUlnture, yesterday, t'Se House committee on Appropriations recommended the payment of the claim of M. H. Boals of Alton, amounting to about $6.400 for tlis wor k and ma- tenal fnrnished the Institution for the FeabJe ftlinded at Lincoln. Tun TKLKOBAPH did its best, two years pgo, to prevent the present city administration from coming into power but a majority ruled otherwise. We predicted at th« time that the result would bo calamitous to the best inter, ests of the city. The record of the ad. ministration has justified the predwtion. The people had a chance to choose and have had the benefit of thoir choice. A-complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H C tt. Moritz, Third street. 2Qtf MONTANA.^ Mr. R. Muirdian has received a letter from his sons, Otto and Rudolph, who are engaged in sheep raising near Melville, Montana, in which they state that owing to the severe weather, 40 degrees below zero, and the large quantity of snow that has fallen, it is feared that a large proportion of^the cattle in that section will perish. The inclement wealher is not so hard on the sheep as they are protected by their wool and can "roof amid the snow far grass. C1TI COURT. City Court was in session today and a number of motions were argued by the attorneys. As no jury oases were ready .for trial, Judge puunegan discharged the jury. Court adjourned until tomorrow morning when chancery oases will be taken up. Hard! ttras, JVew Oileaas, Feuy, 82 1887. Fur the above, C. & A. R. R. w ,u 8e |l excursion tickets Alton to New Orleans, Feby. Hth to 20tb, at lowest rates. Good for return until March 15th. Choice of six routes. 9 o wit vi '* i?r M ' on £ keen known, savs the New York 8nn, tbat a few tribes of cannibals lived in Africa, but there was H if!? contiy D0 reason to believe that the tribes of anthropophagi are numerous and that cannibalism is practiced in quite a large part of that continent nW " ew , diBC °very is the result of explorations in the Congo birtln. where it is now believed that cannibals are more numerous than in any other part of the world. Ihere are some striking differences with regard to this practice among the various tribes. 6 When Lieutenants Kunci and Tappen- 1 i wer n tr> } valln R between the Wambu ana itwilii rivers they came gentle and timid tribe of the who confessed that they were ers on a small scale. -It is "true" they said, "that we eat people when we buve any peO pi e to ea.. but that is not very often." This announcement has a tinge of sadness, duo to the fact that tho Paruballas, not being warlike, are generally the under dogam the fights that surrounding tribes force upon them, and they tlrink themselves lucky f now and then an enemy falls Into their hands. Quile different was the conductor the men-eaiew whom tho same travelers met a little farther ens!. -Why," they insolently shouted, -do you not give ut some of your men to eat? You are no friends of onrs. When the Majaecas come among us they never fail to bring G-ood Thing's! Liquid Sure Cure, and A-corn Salve for Corns. Toothache Drops, relieve at once. Lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & pains. Marsh's Drug Store. GREATEST BARGAINS I • " ' -AT- D-M. Crandall's Crockery Store 203 THIRD ST., MBAKLY OPl'OSITK BELLE NEW GOODS! fGomprising the best Iron Stone Chi- |n»j finest quality Thin 'Opaque Chi- tma, Imperial and Vitreous Cbinaware; aplendtd stock of Plain, Heavy „„ bin-blown and Engraved Glassware; ;: a great variety of Lamps-best Eleo^ ; trio, Rochester and Incandescent, quality Silver-plated 8 Ware?Fine As sortrnent of Table Cutlery, Tea F Trays, Bird Cages, and House Fur Dishing Goods generally, which offer at • S^fcjOWl 8LTCASH_PRIOES Lucas Pfeiftenbergei- ARCHITECT, IGBNEBAL HUPEEINTENDENT ». AND MEOHANICAI, DBAUGHT8MAN, on Tbird Bt.,ono door woat of Piava, third floor. FIXOICR CnusuKD-Mr. John R. G| eD arrived at home ye«terday from Sedalla, Mo., on account of an accident that happened to him while coupling oars on the Missouri Pacific railway. While engaged as stated, Sunday morning one of his fingers was so badly crushed as to necessitate amputation at the first joint. The operation was performed at the railway hospital at Sedalia. THE most sagacious and broad-minded railroad managers in the country evince a disposition to make tho best of the Inter-State Commerce act, to construe Its ambiguities favorably to the public, and to make tho friction as slight as possible when it shall uke effect. This is the purl of wisdom, and is the course that a sound and enllght- enea judgment would recommend that they should pursue. Monoy to loan on improved itirm propnrt.y. For particulars, apply to AcciDKxx.-Mrs.D. B. (Jillham, with another lady, was driving m u buggy, oa Socom street Uils morning, and' When crossing the- railway track on Piasa atruot one of the uoroe'a slioos being loose caught on the iraok throw- Ing the ittmnal down, brink in" the shafts of Hie buggy and damping the harness. The Indies wore rescued without being hurt. The hor*« also as. ouped uninjured. VfOl. At City Hall last ovnning, IVof. \Vm. IcAdam-ueiverad his famous , Mlure PAnxv — The Uuntomtown Sooia Club gave a dancing party at Wood bine Hall, last night, with an atton- danoo of about 80 uouplox. It was a pleasant affair, the mualo, by Prof. Oossruu's orchestra, being especially enjoyable. Mr. Wra Gerhardt acted as floor manager. Refresh ran tits wore served thn guests at Winters' restaui rant. Among the guests from abroud were: Misses Gorlohteo, Holdetuann, Strobel, and Mr. J. A. W. Fernow, St. Louis f and Mr, Harry Foroun, Be bnltQ. nk » r ' " 8 Hooks,'' jo pne of the mu« iitoigent uidionoos that it has buen our pleasure to uotijio, and close attention was given t,± L 0 , 0 !"™! 1 8 " he lol(1 of lhe di ««- > ent HtiigoHof ddvolopmontof tho world which bepa in tho alaioBt universal soa." Irof. MoAdaras proved himsulf a most entertatomg talker, and ha<l we the room wo woultl , iko ye muoh a fuller synopsis of tho Jooiuro. lie will eoture again lo-nlglit, and his audience last evening iisdiirw him another good house. Tho Profauor is scholarly and his eotures should bo heard by all 8tu dents.- Litchfield ttcws. Other tnbes m the Congo basin deny that they are uiau-outers, and will not admit tut) truth as long as they can oonoeal it Few of the Lugalls' will talk on the subject to wltito men. The practice in their tribe is generally con- toed to their ohiiift .ncf loaders, they being considered as specially privileged. H is impossible as yet to say what causes conlirm some [ribes in the prac- tio« of eannibalisui, while nearly related tripes abhor the very.idea. The Mon- bnttes, on the Wollo Makua, who are oxceptionnlly udvanuod in their art* and industries, are imnuibals. The Wag- andas, on the -other hand, who liva atioiil four hundred miles southeast and who are of tho same stock as the Alonbiittas, nndlike them in their devet opment, wouldn't dream of eating a human body, notwithstanding the Fact that they are vury fond of moat, which i« the grontflst luxury tho common people can have, as thoy ar« confined almost wholly to a vegetable diet. One of tho femur.;* of H drama given on« mght rnwinilvsitSuu Auuiulo, Tex was a lianging 8«!i.«. In O1 . t | 01 . , 0 ra i' the strain 01 the no^c around iho neck v^ l uVa a uVnuTtl«"j !U w, ll ' C ^ ° f "' fl jxroiiiii! |u* ij ,,|y. |'|,,. ( , 0 ,, fll . a ],. ( , ,, lai.uu in eoiim-ui ihi, mil,,! --• tne man. nficr « ri'iili- Bveiir, win inn ii.nvii fin- work iiiuVn-in'w!!!, 1 !'," 1 !',!',.,,, 1 ""' l} - v '""''' IK'jiS. « JJ I V I JUKJt Th* Largest and Most Coin TT , P" 5 !? Assortment of Hard and toft Coal and Wood- Cook and Heatingistoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove A.J. 53 2East Second St., »5thdoor west of Henry Pants, Pants, Pants, For Pat Men, Slim Men» Bojs, and Children, Notice. W. K. BiiMinger has not reujovod to Kansas BS reported, but I« on hand to do your painting and paper bunging during the ensiling HUHSOII, as hereto- foro, on short notice nnu cnnlest terms Pleasa glvo him a oall at tho old stand on Seoond street, near WBBB. Jal» 3 m Tronbl* Ahonil, Wlieathe appetite /Blla.anel sloei. grown reatlen.unrefreahln/r, tliwe la tronble »Ue»u. The dl«e«tlva orgiu,.. W i 1( . n honltliy. crave food, tbe norvoiw •j-item, ivlien vigorous and tranquil, Blvw Ua poigousor MO uueauluusB at night A toulo, to be of eotlve, glmuld not b* n mere appetizer, nor nre the nerves to bo strengthened and ioothed by the unaided ao Hou of» sedative or a narcotic, what la re (julred U a mcdlolue which InrgjoraWt the stoniaob, and promote* lualmllatlou of tout by I lie system, by wlilob meani the uorvoni «y§tem, a, well ai otliar parti of the physical organlam, are itrengthened. TIte»e are the effect* of Uoitetter'iBtomaoh Bitter*, a mod. lolne vlioiu reputation I* founded flnnlyiu publloconndence.iuul wliloli iihyslolcuia cow- mund /«r lu tonlo, 8)) tJ bJlloui and otlter piopertle... lti» uied with the boat ro.uH. la fever and ague, rheumattanj, klduoy and •terlne weaknAii, and «Ui«mi!ls(]|w. H.M. Third Street Clothier Branch, Second and Ridge t streets. I. J. HARTMAJVjy, Manager,

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