Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 10, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1887
Page 2
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ste, $ J( DAILY TELEGRAPH. E^!£.^*"° 1 V U1 «'» ««,,««»... Put o cange the MM*. down another gbi tor intone Schneile. THDBSDAY EVE» FEB. 10. EUWAKDSTILLE. WHIPPLB&SMILIY^ KD1U«>»T«,:u«. FBb. 8 -W, AWrs»jrtirr»_A*UntUtobegin in a f.w 4»7», our peopJe hare concluded to crowd (Ul UMn>enU vening between now and the lenton season Thursday evening the Jn'venilo skaUng Club will hold a masquerade carnival at the Opera House. Friday evening next the ladies of the Presbyterian church will give an oyster supper at the Bt. James Hotel. . Saturday evening, at the Opera House, Mr. Augustus Thornarwill lecture on-Our Girls," for^the benefit of the Public Library and him. A tbeatre company will give an entertainment at the St. James Opera House every evening n«t week, with tho exception of Friday evening. On Friday evening, Feb. istli, the Knights anything In that line that has occurred hero for many months. diet will give a masquerade bail. The balls given by our flremon have always been popular with those who trip the "light foutas- »c, and from what we have heard of the one soon to take place, we know that It will bo no exception. Let all who can be sure and attend. * H Is not definitely settled whether the •Donkey" party will be given, but the read- lust clreln will hni.i <»« « A. - .. MOBO, HI, Feb. 8, '87. -,... Auoutty, 1st Init., being the . 'third birthday anniversary of Mr. S. Dorsey. a number ot our young society people arranged and tendered him a pleasant surprise party in the evening «t hi* he*- pltable home, whore, as is always tbocaie, tney were warmly welcomed and spent a most delightful evening; no one seeming to enjoy it more thoroughly than did "Uncle Bam ' himself. The ladles of .the party turn, ishodthedelioleus birthday cake while the , gentlemen presented the host with a box of flne cigars, both of which were highly appreciated. Variousgames aud finally a taffy pulling (served to while away.'the hours all too quickly and when the party finally broke qp good wishes were showered upon Mr. and Mrs.Dorsey; with the fervent hope that they might see many happy returns of the pleasant event. Taken as a whole the party was one ol the most enjoyable affairs of the season, . . F*H80NALS-Mr. Al. Blvens has been entertaining his Mend, Mr. Williams, of Glllosple. for the past few days. Banke J ; HlT"* *"* 8UDday wlth Mm *° •» e« r 'o J v°.!:«!%" / "* n ',°/ CniKOr ' IU - Bt °PP»1 — °* tsuen, Goi'tnanv, disburse ftmone bU men. Kt-npp employ, 10°. and Cnrnegle'8 various -in. " T.;** * re operated by 6,000 Ine ulfferonro In t|j e The ' % ' v , *' '''j --•••-•• it » - r ——-~wiro»iv. f uimu, and in ^Otonsof U8<!ll ' lnakiD V° r "'^n'Sw 101180 '"Mount at or 4U.OOO pounds, to a our the USD of 300 cars • In * •—'-.f ""»MW(IIVWU, UUE cue reau- lug circle will hold its meetings, the sewing societies have their talks, the guild Its reunions, so of course tho most of our ladles and gentlemen will be able to ppend their Idle moments at some of the places nnmed-per- haps at most of thim. VAKIOUB— Branches 18 and 15, of the C K of I. are attending the State Council now [In session at Belleville. They left for that city thU morning, accompanied by thoBnterprlse band, also of this city. Someot our people felt the earthquake Sunday morning. It is rnmored that spring will cause several bnnness honsos to change their locations. Tilfl Pf*A»}»v4^»r^».« D~.»J_ Jt » . «ntr, trip to Lakuvllle, Moi Mr. J. W. Crosby was down from Bunker HU1 recently, visiting relatives and friend, Mr.E. D. Peer,, ana bride.j'of ColllnsvOle. made a short visit to Mr. and Mr.. B. r Bowler last week. Mr. James Morehead attended the wedding cen* WWeh t0 ° k Place ln 8tl Bell « __ uuu . vo ^ uuuage tueir locations. The Presbyterian Sewing Society met at the residence of Mrs. Dr. Jos. Pogue last Friday afternoon. There was a large attendance. The next meeting will be held at the rosl- uenoe of Mrs. Wm. H. Krome, on Friday afternoon of neat week. ^The Ladles'Guild of the Episcopal church met at the residence of Mrs. J. W. Oorchthis afternoon. There are « boarders at the poor farm, but the county is only boarding 10 guests at Hotel Cotter—or, the county Jail. Tbe 36th monthly payment of the Building Association was made yesterday. The total amount paid In by Installments Is ?18,000. The Association nas about $21,000 loaned out. wta one of the popular institutions of the city. . ntKSOKAL-Rev. Theodore Leo, of the Presbyterian church, returned from his trip to Dulnth, Minn.. Saturday last. On Sunday he held the usual services at his church. A. Farrer, of Pralrietown, was bore last week. Rev. H. O. Dyer will conduct services at the Episcopal chutch next Sunday. Judge Oaok, of the county court, Is grind- ins out Justice tills week. Charley Glllesple, Is back from his Wichita •rip." Major Newsham is pushing the G. A. 11. celebration to take place on the 4th of July Miss Bessie Nowsham Is qnlte sick ., ™ '• owing to the serious illness of Mrs. D's father, Mr. A Mutohmore, who we are sorry to say, is still very sick and little nope 1s entertained of his recovery Mr. Jos. H. Smith has been nursing a sprained ankle for the past few days, and Mr. LoeDorsey is laying off with a gash In his foot caused by ». glancing blow from an axe Mrs. A. V. Ellis la suffering from a severely bruised arm, as the result of a fall on the tee some time ago. Empty cisterns have been replenished by the welcome rains of tho past few days but we dread tee mud that la to follow. jf, tiODFKEI. cars more. ^UBIUUS hSied° dBt0l !r,^ n ,?',' r » w steel "ftra nnnuied at rim-tr-third street. Tho iiquiu metal, 660 tons dully, handled at arn n.n i i M ' is , lnuisforrocl lu who are called ladles. In makin vitliin bounds it'™ 0 ,, lu M cnrs nro required every da' -. —a raw nnd iinisbed Carnegie's mill. _..«./e engines, or one locomotive tor every forty cam, each being thirty to"Jong, added to the. 375 onnTwouli IQ&KO & tr/lln nt ?0 QOA /,.„* , •*" *» ""in or i-'.asu foot, or inure tnan two miles in laiitftu. For 300 «- V w U W ? UlJ t!llte Hi-Wears. This would make a train 3.3.W.OOO feet Ion-' vhioh would reach over a distant* Sf oJU niiles—from Columbus to Now York ""i plants owued by the C:irne<Hes <JOO ft(MV»u nf t+i*f\'tv\rl I1_ ,i « are INSURANCE, RHL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, fHK FOLLOWING THE ATLA^TJO FOB 1887. mil contain. In addition to the best Sho Stories, Sketches, jBssay*. PoetrV •» Ortaolsm, two serial Stories!- 7 ** The Second don, By UBS. it. O. W. OUTHANT Paul Patott, 22CB BEST EEmra von Waslliingand Bleaching In Haii or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. '£!£§ I-ABOK, TIME !»m1 SOAP AMAZ- SSf' lr ii l ff <i 8lvea ««>lv?«al •ntlnlUctlonTtS rtmlly, rich or poor, should be without It. .Bold by Ml Qrooani. IJISWAHK of Imitation* roil dostoed to ui!si-i? «TJ T»T:WE iBiffij >MjY SAVE .Btx.-._» lu , vomi«nnd. ana *'- »r»y» beam the i^Doveiymbot and namo"™ jrAftm^j PVX.VL JUVir %rrkn«r KASKINE ,- laid and niulntiiined thirtv- ot tnek*. ».:.-< t.'-.o > Arm own '-""-, ruu. o, loot, Mrs. W. f. traKKoner returned home from Lebanon last week where she had been visit- Ing her son, Prof. K. U Waggoner. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.Tuttle. oj Sooorro, New Mexico, are visiting at Mr. Raymond Gregg's as is also Mrs. Oliver Maurice, nee Nettia' Havens, of Chicago. Rev. Charles Virden, ot Wanda, called on old friends here last week. ' Mrs. Hiram Mather is visiting her 'father Mr. F. W. Virden. Mm. John Y. Sawyer. Jr., has been quite sick with rheumatism. Rev. J. w. Balno preached lu Brighton Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Mr. Ben). Calvin, of Missouri, is visiting his )1H fi'lnnria t** /in^*» n _ (THE NEW No bad effect No headache No nausea. so ringing ears, C a ™ quickly [Pleasant,!" 1 ™ A POWJbiBfc'UL TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, MSRVODS PROSTRATION, and nil Germ Diseases. ". Y.: "Universally sue- Flrst-Class Ins. Oo.'s: • Ina. Co. of North America: Hartford, Phoonlx, Franklin, of Philadelphia! German American: North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London: Lancashire, Manchester, EBB.- Continental; Glrard: Glens Foils, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. Papers on American History, urn . By JOHN FJSKIC, ?«il?5 e y l ?i u *F/ lp . et>i httTe 'i' 6011 *> ta eating, full of Information, nnd geher- French and English $20,000,000. WB AL80 RBPRKBiJNT THK Essays and Poetu*, By OUVfiB WBITDJDLL HOLMH8. Occnslonal Papers, By JAMBS ItCSSBLL LOWELL. ""- uuo. ot IVewark. i " ''.2 ua T *ftveler f s J^ife and Accident Inn. Co..Hartfo*l. Office; Over AJton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. St. Francis HOS.N. Y, J w FLOSS & EABE. ___^^^^^^^ mch!Sdw«m Ears and Scalo Covered with tec- zematous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cnticura. ^^#' S?h '-^«^S& I!! kltB°hn S ?onf l !i po ? thousands write that Kns- Kine nas cured them nttnt- «n «.!,„.r.^r,... UaiTtllDroMrS- wnriVS'S 0 ? *?"'.?" J« the Merrill ton, or ^WWP'ffif^^a^. Honglitou, Mllflln & Company. 4 Park street, Boston, Mass. WMUQCI Ul hJ» S m ILIltl TV ft fat ome. '^ THB DIBKOT ANflMFAST LIXE TO Cincinnati, Ix)uisville, Washington, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. «»wu. u ^lUTTQuituj m (jniie BiOKr Dr. B. w. Flegenbaum made a flylnj? trip to Missouri last week, to see a sick sister. Miss Allle Mumme entertained tho St.John's M. K.Younjf Ladies' Missionary Society last Saturday afternoon. Wm. Sohnelrle, of Wyandotte, Has., was visiting his parents, Bev. and Mrs.M. flchneir- le. last week. ADAM. BETHALTO. BKTHALTO, ill., Feb. 8, '87. r We are requested to say there will be preaohluK at the old Bothelom church next Sunday^ ISth Inst., morning and evening. A cordial invitation Is extended to all. BHev. W. P. Baker, pastor of the O.P. church, has boon engaged In oarrylnB>>n amootlng'at another point for the past week; hence, was absent from his congregation here last Sabbath. Bev. J. K. Ooombs, of Upper Alton, preached two excellent sermons on last Sunday at the Baptist church. He noemi to be a very able young man and will bo heard from • amongthe expounders of the gospel. SIOK—Mrs. Battles has been quite sick for ' several days pnst.1 Little Lottie Noisier is afflicted with mumps bnt In a light form. Mrs, L. J, Lawrence Is recovering from her recent Illness. PKKSONALS — Miss Km inn Davis, of your elty, Is visiting relatives at this place and Moro this week. While in St, Louis last week Marshal Glass purchased a splendid little steed. Mrs. F. li. Black, of St. Louis, came up last Friday to visit relatives and Irlomls. Meiar*. John Largont, Jr., and W. J, 'Eti- banks are at Pine Bluffs, Ark: Mr. J. V. Lawience and family have moved toLltohnold. where Mr. L. will work lu the railroad shops. Mrs. Itattlo Massey, (dress maker) . has moved to the property vacated by Mr. Law- renoe on Third street. '. Mrs. Wledmer and Mrs. Bills vUItod Mrs. M. B. Montgomery at her residence on Monday. They report her condition very unfavorable. SOLD-Mr, Frank Bllyeu. has sold out his interest In the coal business. In this village to Mr, Henry Meyers, who will carry on the business with full force. We wish the now firm success. 8KKSATioNAL-We are creditably Informed that Mr>. Herman Ueeron, a lady residing three miles south of this p)aco,'rocently give birth to three children. Two boys and one girl, all living and doing well. DEATH-Mr. id. Plegge, a much respected farmer who resided two and a half miles southwest of this place, died at his residence on Monday morning last, aged forty-nine tears, lie leave* a wife and several children who have the sympathy of all. Tho funeral writ I tntrA Mln/iA ttT.*y4M..•.**..«. ~A i —... w..,, v^«t,*T»ii| ui a old friends In Godfrey. Miss Maargle Waggoner vlalted at Uev. Chas. \ Irdon's in Wanda last week. Eighteen ot Mlsa Pu BS Steward's friends gave her a surprise party Thursday evenlne In honor of her birthday. AH report having' had n nnlnnrtlil t<m« had a splendid time. Quite a number of the "west side" literary, were In attendance at the Bethany literary Saturday evening. Messrs. Frank Lea.Jas Starr. Andrew Merrlman, Elmer Copley and Bert Stamper, and Misses Pierce and Edith Copley, favored n* with a dialogue entitled, What's In a Name?" It was finely rendered and highly appreciated. Mr. Alex Crawford has rented the Col Doty.plaoe for three years and will move thereon next month. Mr. C. Is going to rent his own place here. We are very glad to be able so say that Mr John Ullrich is getting much better. MOKE ANON ELSAH. .. „ . . ELBAH, Feb. fl, '87. Hatlie Francis is three years old. When we started down town she told us not to drink beer, and when wo asked her what we should drink she said "Come back and gat a oupoftea," Here is a solution of the tern- peranoo question by a baby. If every one could be made to think ol the loving hearts and the warm cup of tea or oolfee waiting at homo they might bo saved from the temptation to drink that whlc'h causes headaches aud many hours of remorse afterwards. £!lflfth is fcfktinva a dniink. s\ . .. <£85F^^^'^ *tW^j»^$3&* - __._ lu dwlm ' •H The Qentury For 1886-87. •H D DAILY TREST8 to TWO DAII/ST TRAINS To Washington in 28 houre, To Baltimore in 29 hours. m 83Fosterstieet.Peabody, Mass. Joim'G. Wo'laV and'CoT John Hny. •tun of I Dr. Humbert. -.Bjjb SMILBY, . —-.jyHHjfojSAaMlLEY. ct, Dctwoon Cherry nnd Vina - - ——yjgggL&jt 8M KY L uMbivui u ZlUIIlcUlQS satisfactory re^ulls. "7 believe S2i' e ,°,' ' Uan ' u '"° <" an —•« u>w«>j UWLUOUI Luuiursu (uccrwfirus Elsah Is to have a depot. General Manager H. N. Fisher told T. F. Hausell that the St. L &0.1. R. R. Co. would build a depot Just west of tho old distillery. We suppose this may be considered as reliable. But for the kind- noes and courtesy of T. F. Hansel! and Ed Doron in admitting- them to the warehouse and mill offices, passengers would have suf. fored often from cold and Inclement weather while waiting for trains. W« hope the managers of Plasa Bluffs will to producp I have sold skin s^ssssss h ™£WAB_SBEEES, AlionllerlilliMCfl Palace Buffet Sleeping Cais are run by this lino On nl«ht ex. press from ST. LOUIS TO NEW YOKE. -DAILY— W Ithout oh auge in 37 hours. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WINTER. RESORTS IN THB SOOTH- JUatavia, N. Y. n,?Mi? ev l rywhere> Vrt™- Outloura ( OutlouraSoap 26cents: Our'••---•• ' . 'r^n'? °, u , re Skln Diseases." LES ' B'aokheaas. Skin Blemlshns and Baby Ilumow^e CuMoSr" ing NOVELS AND STOUIES. "BICE LIST: HOW IT ACHES. pie do not leol llko putting their money Into an enterprise that is apparently dead. We hava the same grand old bluffs and scenery that we have always had; and the promise of hotels, cottages, amphitheaters, etc. Now let those promises take a tangible form and the enterprise will not lack money or frlonds. The tlmo for making up slates for township oftloers Is drawlngon apaoo. Tho Republican party of this township is In a good working condition. We have a reliable township committee, and T. F. Hansoll is tho wide awake, stalwart chairman. Tho old weak- kneed cry "We can't elect any body," was disproved in the county election last fall. Wo hope, when the time comes, the Republican committee will bring out a straight ticket. A. H.H. .... SPECfAL FEATURES.' Colonies: Cluirvg T ' H uVVp\X,V,H 8m ! LaBelie, • • Fairy, - - Diamond Light, Fancy, • • I'Klt FREE COPY. '^ssjSate.sffi 1 as-Brass isa aEftJfiS SUSSS^WiS"??* «? the IM wlli y aid iFSiSFF"«» «S SKttfiSS£;« Can you afford to be without thn THE OHNTUHY CO., ' Snbsoriptlons rocolved St. Louis to Cin'ti & Louisville For^l 8 ,° r ^ Un »te* ^ this Route. Agent WHEN YOUTRAVEL T*L& «k« Un. Tike tho , WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlioie'Waihtxmrdinro nude with a Bent.Wood rim. The Strong- eit boards and but wa«Uer« In t£« world. For sale by all de«!cM. Take no other. SAOIIVAW M1"« CO., Navlimw. Michigan. Burlington Route SHORTHAND WRITING lUUL'lH bV Illutl. Vnnn,, ... ". . " ' 'H*** :•••"•.••> inuu^n i runi w Ind from th* i« «nd towni on III own Lln«i: OHIOABO. AUROIJA, OTTAWA, iiiun. wuo nnve me sympathy of all. Tho funeral will take place Wodniiiday at 12 o'clock from the family residence. Tho remains to be Interred at the Lutheran cemetery, oast of town, 8IUV1N08 -Business Is a little dull-caused by the roads being just a little muddy. The President tfltls hat been running full time the past week—cooper shops have not started yet. Valentines will bo ripe next week—look one for them, The "Jolly three took In the "Future Great" last Monday-a partoHtat least. Mr. John Hnrom lost a va'uable cow last week. The 1,0. 0. T. installed officers last Monday evening. There U good material hereforaY. M. O.A., but perhaw It would ST. LOUIs. -oa a noH B *°- * Mizad Unrtur and by Tlriue nf deeron nf ««<, court, made I- (he above entlt!«d cau.n L'J said term, 1, the undersigned, will Si ' M SATURDAY, MARCH 10. 18S7, EXECUTORS' NOTICET" Estate of John w. Schwoppo, deceased. testament of J 0 ) m w11 WIRE and FENCING Beware of old-style baggy netting. Mv nut Inflexible netting, with parallelI wires, novor SJffI."Si"if an po " 8< Sn'Pl'ea ready-made "n ions, or license, model, wlro. and toou fm" homo-made netting or plokeVwoe fSrnish ed. Uefore buying smooth or barbed wire Iron posts, uutes, farm, city or gravovarti «l!irt fl !i wril V orln yP' l|o «»ttnafi«ocatalo:Kuo Send stamp for private agency terms Jtn Hulbert, txfi Olive at., 8fc!5«SJ. Mo? io?i _1".V" U """".' UO "outheant quarter ni northwest qua/ter, conlalnluV tt-n nn! Appra'sed value, M.446 fi. last will ana State »ie balance on a credit of st* arid 'tweivi m «v ntnb n^' oourt . d bv «»«« «nd approvedUeou. fhe y eK2ntto» iVMS 0 , 11 «'« Pf«ml«M •old.on tlonIS f?l Jli«' I W .M '' M1(1 " pon ootiilrma upn_o; sin sale. 1 will execute ana deliver a Illll ODflJpl* A* 1-vltfAVin j, u . _J . .. i . "-»;*• »T. PAUl, MINlftAlPBitt. OMAHA, OOUNOIL BLUFFS ' , UNOOLNftOENVIR, ' 'Making Direct Corineotions TO AND FROM ft (14 w , Kxiinnion. «M. w. iromlsei. n r A c tircc »«o-iusoii UtftrlltOOvour e ow U n l iwo-iusos, anu a new and ..,*,.^«...i OUBI5 «" one Bniu v0 o.', Boston. _._. ouatldam Good Equipment, Oood Service, Qood Oonnaotton. lor 'tln"«tratod U l'i-|fo und'l'r.illi'V.'fli. 11 !".''' S 01 " 1 to"thi"«M.«{"Ti '? n "' nln ll ";« BMillngten Xwtt, , xi&x&w&z!™' ^ u "»-»" ^^a^rf^^J 1 "ss. "frssF* >™" "» c ^ 8 -".* « T.S.PA«H, P( fo.,, t We.tS,.t, rt .,N. ? .«r ySOMSS^^S^lK "

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