Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 10, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. WOMEN flmifi THE BEST TON 1C. en Iron irith pore vogotdblo io (or Dliwueo neoollur to e«d Bjdiraluy Urea. It En- tbo BlopdWtlinulatta "iidnlcs an uoe CMiitlpatlon—oil of/.VDroJrni'rcJirfiTtTdo' ° r «n». Euzinxxtt BtBtn, 74 Fanvell AVe.•Milwau- 1»«, WliTSh, under dato of Deo. Jtth; iw4: "I h»™ used Brown'a Iron Baton, tnd it bat been mm than a doctor to m», having cured me of the wealtneu ladles hare In llfii. Aim oured ine of 1 iv. ac Complaint, and now my comulorion Is clear and food. ; Has auo been btmutialal to tuy children." - . Mas,I/oin«.t O/BliAOlw*, Ewt iocknort, N, T.. M^B: * I bave Auffored uitold misery from jfeinala Oomputnte. and oould obtain niUuf from uotlllfie •xoapt Brown'i Iron Blttora." , • -,-. * Oonnina las abbra Trade Mark and urosfted rod llnoo on wrapper. Takn no oilier. Madeunljby mtOWN,CllEMHJAL CO.. IIALTIMOUE, MIK HAY-FEVER ELY'S CREAM U A LM- Is not a liquid, snuff or powder. Applied into nostrils in quickly ab^rbed. It cleanses tlichcad. Allay i inJlammMton. Heals tJit tores. Restores thesenses of taste and smell: 60 cents at Jtruggiate; by matt, rcgtetcrttl, 60 cents. ELY BRQTHERS.l)ruggists.Owc g Q,KY. Havo boon onjoyod by citizens of every town and city In tlio U. 8. Marvelous Cures Imvo been wlt> neitod by thouaandH of people, who can testify to TIJE WUKDBnVDri HEALINO POWEIl OF Hainlm's Wizard OH. Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache, Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Biles, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, are quickly rolloved by lliln muelcnl remedy. Try It . qnco itml you will never be without it. For sale by druggists. Price. SOc. Our SONO DuOKfroo to nil. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY, CHICAGO. Patents. To ny persons wishing to obtain lettei ljutent on new Invontloua, Improvement o destRjiSjl wtU (jxeouto drawings and spoclfl cations and make applications lor PutunU A'i sons Utetlon, In person or by l«tt« , tiv« 'CAb* A.iton, in. A. J.HOWBLL, IN- FURNITURE! , A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ; FOK AU, OHWI5I' 1 ' and prbinptlv uxcouled, . Hollo pt,, bet. Tliirrt aiul Fourth. •: ,-r.AI^IO- TO ADVERTISERS For H cliook Inr $30 wo will print u u<n-llno udviM'llHOimiut In One Million IHSIIMH <it Juii'i. IMK Aniurloiiu N<)WH|>'ip<'rn. Tliix It HI UK, i-»t u of only one Itftli of nooiit H llno.foi 1 i.onootroii • lutloul Tim ndvei•tUnmnnt will bu plncoil bflfora Ono Million IJICKKIIBK'!' wivramwar purolm"org:-oi'KiVK»liu,i()N KBAUKIIB. Ton IlnoH will uocoiiiinoiluw itUniit 7ft wurdu, Ail- drum wltli copy ot tidy, uiul uhmik. oc uund HO ountd for book ot i;i)pmte«. UKU. I'. ItOW ". V. •Murineri mill Cuntomi Practiced In Po, lito Hocloly. Gentlemen In society,'whether ftJngla or murrlotl, h.avo "Ml 1 ." ohgmvod on their prink A small oblong ctml to proper for gentleman. A gentleman nhonld not call on a young lady without asking for hor mother or her chnpp. ron; nor alimtlr) ho le>nve cards for her alone, hut always leave ono for her mother. Whni cnlltaff on a young j/uly who is visiting nt a friend's house, the guest ought to inquire Of the vlnitor if the lady of the house will see him, thus giving liern chance to nrccpt or <lu- cllne. The liontcKs will probably lo Intro- 1 dui'ed and soy a low. woivln,aflcruiuvl leaving thi' guest and young lady 1 <u onverso together. A Word About Mnnuii. If one la about to entertain n ceremonious company use unhesitatingly the French bill of fare. If, on the other hand, tha guests arc plnin,' practical people, who In all probability do not rend French readily, employ an English trill of fare. If' the dinner is intended fc> be a fine one provide one tnenu-for each guest, written on BinaH sheets ot paper or on French bills of • furp; cardX-which come for the purposo. When expense is no object, liavo cards for your own use especially encravod, with your monograms or other dovlro at the top of the card, and forma for different courses. following, so beaded tliat you' have only to^lll but the places with the Bpodnl dishes for the occasion. • Wooilon Wedding*. • Wooden weddings occur after flvu years of married life, and afford this briilo miich refurnishing of the kitchen, and nowadays some beautiful -presents.of. wood earring. Tim wooden wedding, which was original); begun in Jest with a stopladder and a rolling pin, now threatens to become n very splendid anniversary indeed, since the art of 'cawing in wood is so iKipulur and HO much practised by both sexes. Every one i« ready for a carved box. picture frame, screen, sideboard chair, dressing table, or other carved object Let no one be afraid .on these anniversaries to oiler a bit of wood artistically carved. An Ottawa, Canada, dispatch say 0 at an English syndicate has bean formed to open big wheat and stock farms along the line of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. The capital of the syndicate is £1,800,000, or $0,600 It is now stated that the President will not name the Inter- State Commerce Commissioners until iust be™'.° ^ e adjournment of Congress, llus is taken as an indication that namcinber of. the present Congress will be appointed* It is thought the JSTew Yort strikes will now be settled by arbitration, lhat would have- been a good way fn linvn oat-1-\nA '*!. J.'*^: -'• ~A. i t f •'« . , at, the begin- Absolutely Pure. Thin powder never varies. A marvel ot nurity, strength wliolcBomeneHs. More economical than tlic ordinary lilnds. arid cannot bo. sold In competition with the multitude ol low toat, Bhort weight, altim phospUn'e powders. SOI.D OXt/r IN CANS. ItOVAL I1AKINO l 1 OWDE.ttOO.,JOB)VRllBt..N.Y. '»»'«« i ' '___ _ '_ jaiiMwly UUTTER&SON, " JKAWCKfl IN FIN13 COMMON FUEJflTURE. A Pull and Complete Stock Al- ways on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A C ALL BEFORE PURCHASING. • .."It FUKNITUKE KOOMS AKK ON Siale Street, opp, Third, ALTON, apadwlv W. EN81JNGER, l Plaiii an<? Decorative M.; WORK PROMPTLY ATTKNUKI) TO Al U)WHBT TKUMS. OVX70B ANIJ 8HOH ON SECOND |ST,, NJi'-lR PIAsA AI^TON. !£.!/ AN ACRE on Ionic time. Tho and proml.ln,, n.ld for wlUtmtn with good man LIYEKYHTABLE: BKTWBBN k'HONT HTI'.KjtT, .\r,nv AI.T<» . ILL1NOI nivldlv to have settled 'thetti ning... At Memphis. Tenn., Miss Nellie Thompson, who is the proprietress of a shooting gallery, while shooting nt a target by: IpoWng iii .a mirror and firing over her shoulder, shot and killed Willie Finley, a 16-year- old boy employed as marker iu the gallery, .j The Purchasing Committee of the Wabash Railroad have declared their intention to pay the $l,QOO,OOo ordered by the United States Court, give bonds for $1,000,000 as ordered, and take possession of the property on March 1st. 'Vienna papers suspect that Russia had a hand in the Italian defeat in_ the Soildan; and that the event will add to the prospect of war in Europe. The report that Mrs. Horace Fairbanks, wife of ex-Governor Fairbanks, of Vermont, was among the killed in the White River Junction Railroad disaster, is not true. The Prussian Minister of Ecclesiastical affairs has adopted ..measures to modify and in some instances rescind the rales hostile to the Catholic religious orders. The Pope is getting substantial and prompt returns for helping Bismarck. Logan Memorial Services iu the Senate. WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.—Every seat in the Senate gallery, except thbse reserved for the-..diplomatic corps, the family of the President, and th0 Ladies' Press association, was filled this morning when the Senate was called to order. Mrs. Logan and her son, daughter and friends, to the number of twenty-five, occupied seats in the private gallery. The Chaplain, in his prayer, alluded to the late Senator Logan, asking that those who turned from the open grave with sympathizing, hearts might ever be filled with the spirit of Him who was touched with the feeling of human infirmities. As soon as the journal was read Mr. Cullom rose and offered a resolution that as an additional mark of respect to the memory of John A. Logan, long'a Senator from the State of Illinois, a distinguished member'of this body,business be now suspended, morder that the friends and associates of the deceased may pay fitting tribute to his public find "private ser- j vices. He then proceeded to address the Senate. He spoke of this being the third time in the present Congress that the Senate was callec upon to eulogize deceased members of that body. To-day they met to lay the tribute of their love' on, the tomb of Logan. But yesterday, it seemed that Logan had stood amon them in the full flush of robust man"hood, a giant in strength and endurance, .with a will of iron and a constitution tough as the sturdy oak. He had seemed to hold within his grasp more than the three score yours and ten allotted to man. No' one hud thought in the same moment of Logan and death—two conquerors who had come face to face, the weaker to yield to the stronger. It had seemed as if Logan could not die, and yet in.a moment, in the twinkling of nn eye, God's finger touched him and he slept. Almost without warning he had passed from strength to weakness, from life to death and decay. Had he lived until to-day, 01 years, eventful years, would have rested their burden as a crown his head, truly, sir-cere, a resolutely tmrlgk man. No guile, no evasion, no finesse characterized him, but he was a bold, pronounced, dignified, earnest, man^ ly, firm, generous, true man. Mr. Edmunds said that when he first made the acquaintance of G*n. Logan (some twenty years ago,) in a conference committee of the two Houses, he was struck with the characteristics of candor, simplicity, clearness of o iniou and of that Anglo-Saxon persistency in upholding an opinion once formed that had made our British ancestors and the American people the strongest forces in civilisation of which there was any account in the history of the world.- G«ri. Logan, was entitled to the highest praistl for those qualities. Now he thought of him not as dead but promoted, leaving them tomolim his departure, not for his sake but because of his conspicuous example, his conspicuous presence in public affairs, and so he laid his small contribution oh Logan's grave. Mr; Manderson spoke of the brilliant military qualities of Gen. Logan, lie had first seen him in front of the 1 confederate ^position on Konesaw mountain. The sight was an inspiration ; well mounted he Ipokod of his horse a part. His swarthy complexion, long black hair, stentorian voice, and eyes that seemed to blaze with the light of battle made a figure once seen never to be forgotten. In action he was the very spirit of wari; ais mere presence would make a coward fight. Mr. Hampton said that none were more willing to pay due tribute to the memory'of Gen. Logan than were ;hosc who had been his political op- jonents. As a Democrat, a southern mac, and a confederate soldier ic was called upon to speak «of Loan as a Republican honored by his >arty, a northern man"who had given lis blood to prove the sincerity of his convictions, and as a federal soldier whose fame was as widespread as it was fairly achieved. Wnat Trnci Merit WHMio. The unprecedented sale of BosohseJs erman Syrup .within a few years, lias astonished the world. It is without loubt the Hftfest and;'ever liscovered for the Bpeedy and effectual cure of Cough*,-Colds and the severest Lung troubles., It ao.ta on an entirely different principle from the Ustmrpre- cnptious ffiven : 'by physlctans. as it Iocs not dry up a cough , and leave the lisease still in the-system, but on the Contrary .removes ,the caUse', of the rouble, heals the parts affected arid eaves them in a purely healthy cobdi- ion. A bottle kept in the house for use when the diseases make their; appear- nee, will save doctors bills anil a lo.n'e> poll of serious illness. A trial .will onvince you of these factsi It is i)o : st- ively sold by all druj&ists, arid senerftl ealers in the land. Price, 75 otsi. large ' nft ' Aq jalOdwlwcod Bottles. Croup, whooping cough, sore throat, udden cold, and the ilung: trouble-" p6- nliarto children,, are easily controlled y promptly administering Ayor?s Jherrv JfBQtoraJ. This remedy ts safe o take and certain in its action. upon After sketching the principal events of Mr. Logan's life Mr. Cullom spoke of his poverty and said that in the last I'residontial campaign no ghost of dishonor in Ills pnst had rlsnii up and stood in his path. The eulogy closed with a quotation enrll lug; "Kent., soldier,sUteumnrj, re^j thy troubled life is o'er." Mr. Morgan spoke of tlio procec-d- ings of the day as "not nn unmeaning ceremony." He did not think of Logan as of a force Unit has passed away, but as a living, moving energy, still useful In the groat p>.ir- poaes of the divine economy. In all that Logan did and said he was a ALTON MAPKJBT. TELEGRAPH :OFriOE. ALTOM, Hi,., Feb. lo, las/' Staunrd'N Best, in sacks ..... ............ ^ J p «lrj' ^4.40 ; Blarhond Ltkht $4.00: Fairy f3.M>; 'LvJlfllle," (A. li. M. . do.) .. „,. , VTBEAT. Choice, per bu ...... ;.. '..,,..... FKED. Ship stuff, per 100 fts... ................ DO Bran... .... ............................... uais oonisr. No.2 Mlxdd, per bu .......... , ............ jig No.S White, " " .... ...... 4« BetaU, ....... . 4 70 78 ^^ . •Wholesale, per ton, bailed .............. f 8 f,0»» RGtlul **<•*•('*!•«(*.«* ( »*•«(,(• 10 COllN 11EAL. SKBD. Ctovor Seed.jer bu.,wlio!eaale. Timothy', " Wholesale, pei bu '. Retail " NUMBER 217. Rheumatism It it an'etlittiMtiiA /«<>thnt Hood's Bar- Wirarill* ho« proton an invaluable remedy to many neVCfo'chaca of rheumatism, effort- Ink tantarkbltta ctiifcrb? its )«>wortni ttctloh In coftftctlftgtheBcldlty W'thS blood, whlcji In the cnusfl ot the dlsciwie, and purifying and' clirielilDfe thrvltnl fluid. n 1* cfflfXii'.vfatf to au\ime ibht what Hood's iBarsaparillfl' lifts done for others It will do for yitn. Therefore, It you suffer Uie palm' ami noto ot riicumatisrn, glvo Mils potoHt remedy a Jalr trial. ,A Cure. "I was troubled very umcti with rlieunm- Mwn In, my hips, auHles, and wrist*. 1 could hardly walk, and was confined to my bed a goed deal of the time. Being recommended to. try Hood's Sarsaparilla, I took four bottles and am., perfectly, well. I ebeorlully recommend Hood's flargaparlllh a» ona of tlio lM>st Mood purifiers In the wprld.": W. & WOOD, Bloonilngton, 111. For Twenty Yeatt 1 taw bean affllcte,d with rheumatism. ' Before 188S I (found, no relief , but grew w'ohnil ' t then began taking Hood's Sarsaparllla, and It did' me more good than all the other modlclno I ever had." H. T. BAMOM, Shirley: Mass. "I suffered from what the doctors called muscular rheumatism] • I .took Hood'g Sar- napatilla and- am entirely cured." J; V. A. PBOtrtiFoor, letter carrier, Chicago, 111. We -shall 1 be glad to send, free of charge to all who'm'ay deslnS, a book cbnt.ilrilne many additional 'gtatrtnehts 1 of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by MlKlruKgists. $1 ; nix for$B. Modi only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. T. L. FOULDS & CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. SLOJ- Foil SA.LK. JOHN BAUER, l)KAW:il IN AND MAKUKAOTOUKU FURNITURE. ':•,:.. SECOND STREET, Op|). Cltj Hall, A I /VON. 11,1,. All kliiflb of tint- Him vomfiiot iiunhui-' ronwapMy on Imnd. A|»O .-l iki-r, «,. • ' PHYSICIANS AND au IMJEON n DK. B. Pliyslciaii and Hnrgoon, •)KKIOK ANDJHCSIDENOK, OOR.FOTJJITH AND HBNhY ST8. ' W. A. HASKEIX, M.D., Pliyafcian and Surgeon, OFWOB—SKCOND ST., ALTON, ILL. office h ours—9 a. m.; 12 to li and6 p.m. • . inpo-awt UKMTlBTUk. »«.C. JB. Dentist; WTH1E1) ST'IKET, ALTON, ILL. OfBo«Hoarfc-8n,m.toiam.; 1 to*ii. n. fnhdwlv G-.'A. 'McMJrLTjBNV Deutlst, OVEIt HllUEGGKMAS.V^ OIGAIl RTO11E SECOND ST. • IB".-! rttr : tfOK ALL. 1'Bnnancnt employment Kiven to cmnrgi-tis men and womon evervwlioi-«. .. ~.*»»»? Wa week and expniiscw paid. ! • .-. Samplos worth ?r,and all particular.* sont Irce. Addr-es-i at once P. u. VICK- KKV, Augusta; Mo; Don't.'mks tliin ohnnce. .\rrtte_tn-iltty. K)^ •/.HOFFMAN & SON, DEALERS IK Stoves and Hatdware. HARD4 SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And otherflrst class hoatlne stoves for wood or coal. Outside WOPK a specialty: Boot ing, Guttering, etc. l' ndertaker's Supplies EMPIRE MILLS, 9EUOKD STREET (Kcar I'lasa), ALTOS. ILL Ground Oats. Ordnrid Corn, Hay. Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Grahiun Flonr,etc I'UOMITI.Y l>ELrVERRi) TO ANY PAKf OC ' THK ocrv. M.WILiaNSON. I.V7 ilt! FOB '\ HE Best Buggy in the World. Per hale.. 8THAW- I'Ol'ATOKS. per owt. , per bu fii)«TO Wholesale, per Tibl. Retail.. SALT. 1 IJ5 1 !5 in the city, at hard times priors, sold on weekly a»d monthly paymen rs. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, K $1.75, $2, $2'50, $4,- $6.50, $7.50 to $10. Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS- SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and ™ ,> ^ CYLINDER OILS, Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our.$M) Bnetrv Harness. Call and get our prices and yoii will save money. Cor, Second and Statft Sts., ALTON, ILL lllTJTKK, Obolte, wliolesalo; per lb.... retail ' , Per dozen, wholesale " retail.... Mve OlllOKKNb. , . Unwasliml Washed \VOOJ. jjorjl)., wliolmulu JflDKS. nt THE BEST : ON EARTH ! Sutfttr Oured, wholwalo 'orlb., wholesale. « " rotnil .5 HACOt,. Hhoulderii, wboletttlu, per lb a Clear Sldw.VlioiwiUo'.'.'.V.'.'.V.V.V, .'.',".','.', 1$ " retail ,..,.. ....,.""."" » From $18 to $5(). \Varranted 20 Years. , BREECIMOAMfVG- GUNS, From CIO to $30. J. H. BOOTH, THE LEADING •H2WEIJ2K,

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