Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 9, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1887
Page 4
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•t^.,,,.,.^., ,, fc *,., ....„, ^.**« TV** ' IB HP That thfiumaliHn" ana BrtualgU «v to prevalent? * This qnettion hu not UTO Mtlsfaetorlljr anairered, but It ii certain that these dueues aw sot onlj thB.niort painful but among the most connic*/*fid some member of nearly etety feinJly'lnilla 'itid 1« the victim of one of these dread tormentors. Ladle* seem to b« peculiarly liable lo neuralgic attack*, which, In the form of neuralgic headnbhej j>Wn'for the back, or nervous pains* art of consWnt do- eurrenc*. Not until the discovery of Athlc- phoros had any remedy been found for either rheumatism, neuralgia or nervous headache, and they 1 ,ter* gtrfdttll^ conceded to b* incurable, \ttit Aihlbphoroi has been proved to be not only a certain cure for these diseases, in all their varied forma, but a tqfc remedy. If, in the us« of Athlophoros, the bowels are kept/rw/y . open, its success is certain, and to aw'this, Athlophoros Pills are recommended, which, while providing the necessary cathartic, will be found to be a valuable aid to the action of the medicine. Athlo- • photos is no experiment, It has been tested and t hal proved Its wonderful efficacy. ' The Athlophoros Pills were originally prepared as a remedy for use in connection with Athlophoros, for' rheumatism and neuralgia and kindred complaint*. Used in connection with that remedy, they fare a certain cure for either of these very common and distressing diseases. They have also been found to be an invaluable remedy for any and all diseases arisingjrom vitiated blood :ttt general debility. They are especially valuable for nervous debility, blood • ninfc, dyspepsia, distress after eating, headache, constipation, loss of appetite, and all stomach or liver troubles. For diseases of women they are invaluable. These pills ore perfectly harmless and may b» Mfely used: by adults or children. Testimonials of those who have been , carol wlllibe cent free on;;application. ; : Every diflggiBt should keep Athlophoros -.' and Athilophoros Pills, but where they cannot be bought of the druggist, the Athlo- phoros Co, 112 Wall St..1Sew York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle <*r Athlophoros and 60c. fov Fills. l,VWSlR,f-e^fi^ REAL ESTATE FOJft -SALE QJ£ »EOT, _B»- RudersnauBen & Sonntag. r B*or Sale. A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-slory frame house on Klghth street, near Henry. Bor Sale. A cUotoelannof 320 acres, with first clasp Improvements, situated 2M miles east oi Ilrunawlek. Oharltou co., Mo. For Hale. A one -story frame dwelling house lu good condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap Th« residence ot Oapt. W. I 1 oble ; two stories and mansard roofj 12 room 4 halls, olosete, oollars, etc. ; 8 acres of groan Most desirable property in 'the olty. ; ' For Hale. 160 acres of land near olty limits, S.*-Q ., two story brick and iramo dwe. n uouse, both situated on tho oos' . o : .jiata street Ixitwonn Oth and 7th -ri nets- so the brloh block ot stores ;on Secon i. street;, between How and Ridge street nown as Hunter't row. . • '. ..•-.•'•• -.- - ' •' For Sale. , A nuiall frame' 1 .itnig house :'wlthla oloolraofthed .tforMYB. 160 acres f good tanning land, and another tract o( ; 00 .101-09, both unimproved. Situate in Mot- co., Kansas, at $10 and $18 ,per,aor« respectively-one-thlrd oash.btUauee on time. ''' '"' " ' ' ' ''' •. .. . A larm of 140 acres "on bottom land, all -In imltlvatlon, noar Madison, in this county. A good two-story frame dwelling house on it. 1110658,600 for Sale. A oholca farm of 120 acres, situate 1 mile south of Shipman, Maooupin county, 111., at H low flguiti. I'artieglntondlni? to buy Real Kstato In the olty ol Alton or vioinltv will find it to their InTerest to call at the oflloe of Uudorebauaen A Bonning and examine their list oi properties for Bale as only part thereof la lulvor Used. PLIABLE PLASTER CORN A common sense cnye, by a combined modlcnl and inechoni« anl action. Unlike any other pre- paratton, they relieve the pressure whilo curing tho cornj and nevqr fell where directions aro followed- Mvo sots of plasters and; box; of ointment put up in l\and»omo tin tttso, convenient for use. Price 25 cents, complete. Ask for "Pedacura" and take no other. MiNVfACTUBJtXB, 118 W, Broadway, N. Y., U.S. H. W. OHA.ftlBBRt.ATN, Plat. Agent for Alton tKK (.jp.i.m oboln «itliut«9 pn sdv«f*hln» ip«<» w(i«n In Clilwgo, will! 't en I'l (Entered M SeooBd-olnis Matter at th* P. O> nt Alton, HI.) ; : . WKDNE8DAY EVE., FKB. 9. •rFARM AND GARDEN, VENTILATED BARRELS, ALSO 0AR- C: REL8 MADE OF ONE STAVE,,,. Hom*ittndo Contrlrnncei for Tightening Wire—Crop 6tatUtlc» and Otliof Agri-, cultural Netvn*»A(lVBntage> of tlie Japan Chestnut Over Other Foreign Varletlci, Considerable Interest has been-manifested of late in the Japan chestnut, \Vhlch has thus far seemed to thrive better 'Mere' than other members of .the European chestnut jfami]y,;(castanea vescn). i Our nttrserymeri gdhorally'riVe reiitly to epeak a good Word f Or this trco, and aro recommending It, not only for Its frtdt, but as a pleasing object on the lawn. The picture .here given Is an admirable representation of one of ft>n • burs that were the first', to ripen in last sett- son's .crop at the Monmouth nurso 1 - ry, Ijlttle Silver, N. J.; where tho Japan chestnut • has been tested along with other foreign varieties. Tho cut shows n bur * containing ... s .», three ; nuts, and J *? AN », may be considered as ail avenge Bpeclroen, though some burs contain.? as v many as six nuts. •• ' .-•'••'-.'• .' ''' ••-• -•• ; In regard to this tree Mr. Lovett, proprietor of the nursery where tbe-burr shown in the cut was grown, says: "The tree seems to be a good and thrifty grower and nicely fitted for a place on the lawn, as it branches' out lowiand forms a close compact head//It should he understood, however, that'th'e Japan /chestnut varies as much in size of tree and nut and in bearing quality as our native sweet chestnut or tho English walnut." About the fruit of this tree* Mr. Lovett very frankly says that it Is neither as brittle, tender nor sweet as our native chestnut. But since, when roasted, it compares favorably in quality with the Spanish chestnut so largely sold in cities, he, has no doubt'bnt that the Japan chestnut crop, If ;profl,uced'ln this country, wouldiflnd-ready,sale foriithe purposes of the now Imported Spanish nut and prove profitable to the producer. The great advantage the Japan chestnut has over other foreign varieties of the chestnut r ,faraily:y seems its more dwarfish' habit" bit' 'growth, remarkably early fruiting, its apparent hardiness, which': so far jnppears to be equal to our antfve chestnuts. • Practical SUeep Culture, Statistics make it appear that •medium wool commands a, better price now than flno wooL- In consideration of this fact a Michigan sheep breeder, at the late meet-^ tag ot, the American Merino Sheep Register association, <adVises'; First, the common breeder of the native ranger—raising sheep for the market—couple his flock of coarse t wool ewes with a good selection of thoroughbred'merino rams, and thereby increase the weight and improve the quality of fleece without decreasing the weight of the carcass. In crossing the breeder further advises that no one be led by any false notions of economy to use anything but a thoroughbred slre'on the flock. In case one owns ;the-common natives of- the country, tUe ••use of a well bred sire is all the more important, for nowhere else will the evidence of his power to transmit his characteristics bo seen than on common stock. The experiment of crossing coarse wool 'rams'on: tine wool ewes produces disastrous, failures, the result being, so far as the work Is concerned, a grade not desirable, owing to Its variety. The result is generally o'light; dry,' tough 'wool to cut, and frequently a surface on the sheep of little • lino wrinkles, over which, it is difficult to shear; ' *"•"' " In considering the subject of public shearing matches, and tbe infatuation for producing a heavy fleece without :due regard to quality,-this Michigan grower believed that the ambition'; to produce heavy ;fleece cannot receive too much encouragement, provided the standard of excellence can at the same time be improved; then, and hot until then; should tills 'department of tho enterprise be considered worthy of attention. For what can be the object in producing twenty-five to thirty pounds pf wool which shrinks jto much in cleansing that fewer pounds Oi desirable wool are obtained than: fr'om a lighter fleece that has gained greater length of staple. It is often the case that a dense, short and very oily fleece weighs move than another that will cleanse out s greater quantity of wool of superior quality. ; New Invention* lii Barrel*. Numbered with novel productions In way of barrels is a ventilated barrel introduced to public notice by Isn«o A. Kerr, of Muscatlne, la., the inventor. This pack ago is described by those who have seen it as u bulging barrel, having it* sides constructed of straight parallel edged staves'or slate, convened longitudinally. The staves are secured by, woven wires in position to form between the staves, yen. tilnting openings enlarged from the ends to the middle of the barrel. There is an Inner pervious lining adapted to' admit ventilation through the openings. O.S'li STAVE BAUIIKU Tho cut here given represents a one stave barrel from the factory of tbe Anchor Manufacturing company, Detroit, Mich. It la sufficiently plain to be understood without any written explanation. Cerent Cronn of 1880. The are<i, product and value of tho crops of com, wheat and oats hist year, as prepared for permanent record by the NaM tional dvpurtinent of agriculture, In as fol low*! i Thet corn crop, in round numbers, ug grecntcs 1,005,000,000 bushels, grown on 76,000,000 acres, aud hus a farm value 61 J010,000,000. The yield is 22 linilicjs per aero—4 1-3 btwhols less t|iuu !.'-.!• year. ,tfhero -Is an inoraisoofJarea oi ..>^rB per cent., and a decrease In proit<; <>f 14 per cent., while the average ini ' doa to' . TI o nggrog'fito product of wheat . la 48?.OOft0001)V&hBfB,trom an arcaotileafly 87,000,000 ftCr®, having ft farm vMtttfot |tfr4,000,000. The k 'aVWii$e 'Value'ifl 08.7 cento per bushel, «tfs!iut 77.1 for the previous ctop and 04. 6 cents for tho great crop Of 1884. THis'is BS'per '«cnt. ; redue- tlon from the average value between' 1870 nud 1880. The general average for Winter' and spring wheat is nearly 12,4 buatols: perac,re.', '.' ' ," ' '"''"" htfprCHtttct of 'dots 8,00»iO«K)". less thatt la« ;year; area of over JM.000,000 ac,res r producing tt value of $180,000,000.' The average yield Is 20.4 bushels, against IW.'O 'Jast year. Tlie average Valtto'id 3f),8 ienW per bushel; laat j-«tr,. 28,r> ccnte por Ailvantnge* of the JeiyiBy«. The advantages Of thS;Jbi?SeysoVer other eeasi 'kceordliig : to HThb •• lilvo i Stock', Monthly, ittre: : •-,..• , . : : ' 1, Jerseys irittke niore butter nnhuallyt ttjmparcd -vvtth the'food they eat, than any other 'breed. • ••••••'•.'. • .-;•-. 2. Jersoys make better butter tluin any other breed — better grain ' and better' ilavor. ••• '•"•" '•••••• " •:'•• - :-.-••••.('.8. . Jevsoy-imUk- Is tho i most .profltablo because it contains more butter per quart than that of 'any other breed,' ltd oJeAm' rise* cjtricker atid ittbuttfer ooVieS qiilokef i ' 4n Jersey butter; brings f row two to teft cents more a pound than any other, as a rule, throughout the tThited'StAtes; : hence, on ninety farms out of a hundred where' butter is a specialty the Introduction of Jersey blood- will change butter making from a dead loss ,to ft n«t profit, , "'•'•'' • fj.' Butter foiTutng' ls % more' prontable, healthful and refined than truck -farming, beef farming, poultry of pig raising. -,•; 0. For every cent lost on account' of the Jersey's; stnuH ch'rcassVtliero arb two cents gained on accoiint of b'er better butter and' larger aniiual yield. . . We want Holstelns and Ayrshires for the general cheese omL milk -supply; "ft e wnntShortborns and'-Hercfords for their beef* bnt the: country .wants ; the i Jersey for her bnfter— sb let iis httA'e' an end to the oppc«sit!i'ott : whltU> this breed has met with-f or forty : years. He who specializes wins. The "general purpose cow 0 ; ls an Impossible animal. Let each' farmer; do- dae-wlietiior all'-olrctiihstancesl point to a boef^ft milk or a butter breed, ami choose his stock accordingly. • . ' •; .•__•' ' Good Cider VlncBttr. -; '. . Good -•' cider vinegar• can ' be>made' easily and quickly if the following directions' are followed: .When the ciuer is made, save tha pomace and put it in tight' barrels or hogsheads, with one hoad r >out,-and put in enough, rain water to cover-it.. After it has begun to ferment, draw off from the bottom 'all : that' yon cany dilute the cider with 'it,/ a nd,;.nearly < info barrels of vlnegDr?- can-be .mado of one! of cider. 'Do hot fill the barrels iti which tho elder is to be'made quite' full, as there should be a space for air. .Leave the bung hole open, but protect it -from • files by a covering of wire' screen or i gauze. Put into each barrel one or two pounds' of bread dough, in the condition it Is in when your wife is kneadinttX-it ont into loaves. Once a day, for a few-weeks, draw ont from' each :barrel a gallon of the cider and pour it into the bung hole, so as to get;air into it. A quart or tt«o of molasses are recommended as a help, and beech shavings and brown paper are often used to hasten the acetic fermentation; but we think the bread dough is best. If the vinegar is made in summer, It may be made 1 out of doors, but late in the fall it'shbuldfbe in a room where the'temperature catt' be kept 70 or-80 dogs, by.stow h^at. There is, a good demand, for cider vinegar, and the making of it Tvill be found quite profitable If duo attention ; is glven ! to it and an article:.uniformly good produced;—Kural New Yorker. . , ; , "I wonder how it is that Lawrence Barrett .always keeps bis yoioo so clear and resonant? 11 "Why'Isuppose, like every other sensible man, he 1 keeps a supply of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup." llhoumatism had had hold, of trie for .two or three ye^rs. I tried Salvation Oil; it quickly pave me relief, and 1 have not had it since.—Wni. Chirk, Clifton, Baltimore county, Md. . Waiting tor her to Retract. "Orlando, I'didn't see yotrwith Miss Brown ot the concert last night." "No, Percy. I'm not calling on her any more. .1 can't until she. retracts what she said the other, week." • "Ah—what did she say?" "Well, she said I needn't call any more."—i?*. Cure of Kidney-Disease. Northeast, Erie-Co., Pa.,- Nov. 25 1886.—I first .used ^Allcock'S; i'orous Plasters for a severe cold 111 iiiy chest some three years ago, add the relief Wai so prompt and decided that I conclude to further test them for a kiitney trouble which I had had for many years; during this time my back ached almost constantly, I had to pass water very frequently; always, feeling the bhulde did not expel all Its content B. I hac always to get up in the night sevora times for this purpose, 1 arid there was always a reddish sediment that sunk to the bottom. I had great pain under the shoulder blades; upon rising in tho morning I was always tired and unro freshed; my bowels during this time were flrst very loose, ihon constipated I bought a dozen of Allcook's Torom Plasters, put two low down on my buck two higher up, and one over ray blaiiclei and lower part of tho stomach. In four vveokw I felt bettor than in yeur before. The pain in my back complete ly passed away, ana the other trouble were relieved. FRANK STHET1NGEK. ' A "Jnnibo" Bedstead, A remarkable bedstdad,made to-orde by a Milwaukee furniture firm, is 2-1 foe wide and has nine oompitrlmunts, oncl intended to hold 1 one of the purchflsor'i children. Gjyc tho Rico Coil CiiiTingo Spring a trial. .Nothing claoin tlio world in tin sDapu.of a spi'mg touolios It. It has n! tho good ruling qualities. It combines every easomiahof a perfect spring. Th most'skeptical udralta this on trini. ,Uwtw "Ii Is worth lln weight In gold," is a common nxproision. But, while the value of gold Is easily nffonted, the worth ol Ayer'a Sarsapnnlla, os a blqoif puriliur, never dupreclates. It will eradicate scrofula from the system when everyittlng pise/Ml8. riwlw ^Hunter,* TjrolU. JT. JS> ,\ttx I Monthly, says: Jtt may be useful nty^^We^e'e 1 ?Mth'"'flWf>hlde of »te8slumr -»fo,'ft' «0ld grapety; : through leglect, on a very-hot day in Auguit, and not.'sulTltffentf nb> having' **<in. given, I,. r ,attrlbute ; :the i s.ottuse. of , mil- de\*r, which I fpund gaining rapid hetid- \Vay When' I went "Mo' the 1 ! Mu^ft' o lay or t\^o ntterivhrds,•>, Myflrst thought [ cannot describe, for. -tho vinos were Set wllh ah abundant cifop of Wnit. , A decl- elfth' 1 to 1 '8% "thb vi tfiv8^*''i»t v tfhoe was quickly 'formed,' as < the, use' of ittlphlde of potassium occurred to mo. Therefore, it d'o'clock next' morninfe t vvont into the vtrttry- 'With Q pound of the Bul- phlde. I put a, quarter of an ounce tulo two gallons ,pf water ,and commonCcd to syringe the vines. As Bobii as I had gone all over thorn with the solution ;I com- rtlohccd td wash' the foliage 'With clear wativ by. turning it on through the hose. In order to bo aecuro ngnfriHt any evil that might occur from too great strength. I repeated this twoniornings inqro. The gropes nt the time were'three parts colored, and tO'day f they'are in perfect condition. 1 may say tlmt sulphide of potassium is the quick-dispatcher of mildew, and the frleud of the gardener. , I A Olit for All. In order to givo all a chance to test it, ind thus bo, conyinood ot .its w.otldarfni oui-iii'ivti powers, 1 Dr. Kl'tig's New Diss covery : for "Consumption 1 , Coughs and Colds, will be^ior a limited time, given away,; This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of his great remedy. All who suffer frotn JoHghs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, 8roDchiti^, ; or'• any affuotioh'of Throat, Dhust or luungs, tiro especially requested to call at E., Mnijah's ; Drug. SUn'e, and ;et a trial bottle, free, large bottle 91. Her f6nth. Mrs..Phoebe Cbeuley, Peterson,.Clay CO., Iowa, tolls tbo-following.- rdrnark- able story, the truth of which is vouched for by>the •> residents' oiMthe town: ."I am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and: lamenoss for many .years, could not dress myself without h'elpi Now I ; arn frco frbni all pain and soreness, und am able i to do ill -my ; own ; housework. I owe'my thanks to Electric Bittet;s for having renewed my voutb, and removed oom^ pletely'all disease' and pain ; ."' Try a bottle, only fiOo," at-E.-Marsh's Drug gtore,. ,- ..-..,,. ,fbl,dwlm Bnciuou'8 Arnica Salve. The Best Salye in the world for cut*, bruises, 8ores,i..sers, salt rhoum, fever sores, tetter; chapped hands, chilblain's, corns and all skin eruptions, find positively cures piles, or no .pay required. £t is guaranteed to givp .perfect satisfaction, or rnonoy refunded. Price 25 oe»ts per box. . fV>r sale by E. Marsh, Alton; IU. mchTdwlin An Improvident dlirl. "Maud has taken a severe cold," re« marked Clam. "She is threatened with pneumonia." "How did she take cold P" asked Ella •'She went sleigh riding the other evening with her brother. 1 ' . "With her brother? How Improves dent!"-#. T. Sun. "100 Doses One Dollar" is true only of Hood's ijarsapanlla, and it is an un answerable argument as to strength anc economy ' 38 Paring corns don't cure them, but ''Pedncura" does. Sold by iirst-cla«s druggists. "^ r>cfson« In advanced itaBts ot tho Ulsoaso. Prlco25cts. Caution. Ilia Genuine V><~ Hull's Cattail Syrup • tk eolcl only (n while iftnJprvrj, Dud lM l al-4 our i'SYrtp Caution-label, and (no ttpf John W, ^^* ~'^f$£{^.W5Z' Cli'aw'Lauen'H Pliico—'Vlin (.'rentTobacco if ota!— l'r/uo'lo< 'i «.-«'- :>! fivtiliDniggUra. Au« LIVERY STABLE FHONT eTBBKT, BBT\VKKN ALBY AND BLA8TON, . . . IX.LINOI : Chancery Notice' STATE OF HUSOIS, I R a County of Madison, j ' Oil cult court ol Mfttliron county, Mavoh term A. D. 1887. Henry O. i'rloBt, surviving partner o{ Henry 0. ewootsor. deceased,. Into pitrtnura undo tlio name ol 8woot8nr und Prleet, vs. T)avli II, SparltSj Anna i>. flparks, .Ills wife, .Wcs Joy Best, tlio Alton National Hunk, the D It. Sparks Milling company, Albert Wad and Frank It, Mllnor, In chancery. Notice IB hereby given to thu mild U'cmlo\ Best ttiut Hio abovo named, coinplulmui hnretoforo Hied Inn bill ot complaint in oak court, on the chancery »ldn thereof, and Urn a summons thereupon iBHued, out of suit court UKulust the above named defendants roturnttulb o» the llvat Ur.y ot tlio toi'm of tin clrcultcourt ol Madluon county, to bu hold a court house In Ktlwnrilsvlllo, in ga<u MuiUsot county, on tho third Monday of March, A.II 1887, as IB by law required, an't whicn stilt 1 Htlll ponding, liQUKHT aAONAOKtt, i IJl*-il< WISH * DAVl8,pompl'ts Bol'is. ja)jd7v SOO BA.GS HIGCJINS' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy aud Table U««s Injl'4 . U). linen sucks and CfO.Il>., for Halo by MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVEBY Wholly unlllce ArtlflQi.U ByHioins^-Oure ol Mliiel,! WandorliiK—Any hook Inarrtoil In one f "iidl if. Prospcuhm, with oiilnlinn ut Ale, 'IIUOTOR, thu AHtroiifimur, lion". W, H'. AST- OK.JUDA.II I'. IIKNJAHIN, DlS. MlNOll, WoUll uua otliui'S.fiont nuut rituB, by VROV, LO1UETTK, OTT Fifth Avonue, Mew Turk jttdlm MOST PERFECT MAdE iMoawWatTittWstrtWPiwI^iBfrongth.B.i thfulnees. Dr. Prfte's BMnngPiWder confal. lutnonifttLlniOjAlHtQ or. 'acts* V&flUlft* iiomoD|.o fp/Kf. Bimepowofff CtL and Ina BAII.WAX OIIIOAGO AXl/ 'ALTON. On «ud after Sunday, Nov. 14th, 1BU6, train on tho OhlofEO and Alton, railroad, will leav< the Dulon Depot, Alton, standard time, (is (allows: ; VOT OhioaKO and the Knsti OhicogoMall 1 ....... ... ............ • Ohloago iAdcommodation*....... .:00p. For JackHOBvlllo, Keohuh, Qulnoy, Kan- .sad Clty.nnd all points west. Kansas OityAloll*,. .. .- ..... •• 9 100 a. in Kansas City Express*, ... ..... '.-.. jslfl p. n Denver -Express! ......... ....... ...7:0op. in. JactttBOiiViuo Acebmmbdatlont. . . / :M p. ui B"or Ht. Louis i , Lightning Bxpross* ................. 8;*5 a. m Ohluogo Acoommodtttion* ......... 9:80 a. m Alton Specialt;.... ................. 12:86 p. m KivneasOltyMall*..... ........ .. ..,.8:40 p. u OhlcagbAlnllT.. ............ ( ...... 6:30p. ii ntAINBI<EAVB ST. LOUIS TJNION DEP01 JOB ALTON. t7 Mtt.m. , . tfl 00p.m. •460 p.m. »7Mp. m. '. (8 48 a, m. Sundays only). *Daii y r^eptsundag ^ Sup't. St. Louis Division O. G. NOKiUS, Mokeli Affont. . CniOAGO, Tvftlua leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: c •' Oolng Nortl^i . f:, Express (except Sunday)... . 8:2» a. m - WM.L. ELUNE Ready-Made Coffins, Metallc Casesj Caskets And Burial Robes • For liatUes, Gentlemen and Children, Office and Shop on State street OverHart B Livery Stable. Wlllftttond to Job Wortan(? K6uali*nRFnmlfc«rft. ja5 TUo undoralgnod have oiioned a new mualo tore at the corner of Third . and Plasa sts ORGANS AND PIANOS! of the .finest workmanship > for sale atreo sonalilo prices. Call and examine our instrn ments before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSS &.RABE, mcli2'2(lwl'.ni Sore Eyes The eyes are always In sympathy with, the body, and afford an excellent index of its condition. When tbe eyes become 'weak, and the lids inflamed and sore, it is an evidence that the system has become disordered by Scrofula, .for which Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the host" known remedy. , Scrofula, which produced a painful In- flammationin iny eyes, caused we much suilerine for a number of years. By the advice of a physician I commenced taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. After using this, medicine a short time I was completely Cured My eyes are now in a splendid condU tlon, and lam as well and strong as evf r. —Mrs. William Gage/Concord, N. H. ' For tt'number of years I woi troubled with a humor in my eyes, and was unable •to obtain any relict until I commenced using Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This medicine has effected a complete cure, and £ liolievo it to be the best of blood purifiers.—C. E. Upton, Nashua, N.'H. From childhood, and until with a few months, I have been afflicted with Weak and Sore Eyas. I have used for these, complaints, with beneficial results, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and consider it a great Wood purifier. —Mrs. 0. Phillips. Glover, Vt. , I suffered for a year with inflammation in my left eye. Three ulcers formed on tho ball, depriving mo ol sight, and causing great pain. After trying many other remedies, to no purpose, I was finally induced to uso Ayer's Sarsaparilla. By Taking three bottles of this medicine I have been entirely cured. My sight has been re-. stored, and there is no sign of inflammation, sore, or ulcer in my oye. — Kondal T. Bowon, Sugar Tree Bidgo, Ohio. My daughter, ton yoars old, was afflicted with Scrofulous Sore Eyea. During the last two yoars she never saw llohVof any kind. Physicians of the highest standing cxerUsd their skill, but permanent success, On tho recommendation of a friend I purchased a bottle of : Ayer's Sarsapnrllla, which my daughter commenced taking. Before she had used tho third bottle her sight was restored. Her cure is complete. —"VV, B, Suther.. land, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. .*,•'. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, r. J. C. Ayer k Co., Uwel), Mtw. 0aldby*IIPruggliti. l'r|c«(i: ilxboUI«i,»i. FOR SALE; »«v»nly iiluht aora farm In F>>slor Town. nil H.MmltHMii county, 111,; 40 avr««i in imltt- vutliin, bulano'i In pantuit. aiul timber. Oood one story inul half liouno with nix rooms, l e lUfttte, deoomtlve art, nonse mooviu* m nil L°4 plates anil pattern 1 'sheet aupplsmenM enable ladles to save many tlw*},*™ <*>«» ol iUbserlptton bv lieinK their owtt'ttfeBBmakorg. w lar, two cisterns, well, good , col- and out (Jwlm* HABjPER'S BA25AB, we «m 8 uiiJtts.e<i. us V^o»W^>MM- iuetto, deooi'atlve art, nonse KMPIQK u nil s »ho«VUio- rioit Iastialou» taiite. HAttfcER'S PERIODICALS. '"•per keari :'"'"'" ' !rarpor' i . , ............ .;,.; ..,..$ 4 M 'Iurpov'a-Miign«ln«t.i ................... • • f 00 InrporVWtjflltlyt..... ...... ..... «>.'* ..... JM »»• ,.. ....••"•••• lu Square Library, one ) >yenr(64»mmbcr8).... ...... •••"•••.ijj 10 °° HaiW's Handy 'Sorios, one -year, (M numbers ) • • .......... ..... »»••»; .... 1000 Pontnge We to all subsorlUtirs In the TJultert StttteBorU.unnila, , for too years neat cloth Ijmclltig.wlU be aeni by m<ail pottntfo naW.dr by.Jxpreng, free orWpoaHO (pravWed the trefeht floes uofc sxoet-d one uollarpor vpMntio)£:J0r (ft ,00 nor V( o5>th" Oases for ouch ivWiime? suitable for j«.ij»» «*tl h* annfc hv mnll.r'ftOBtntllrl. nn '"Newspapers toenot to oopy thte aavertteft. uiontwTtbonttUe., > i'acpreJlB>ordSr ot DAIIPGR York. 1887 v Harper's Weekly. • IU.USTRATED.r~- HASPBR'S WBBKLir maintains its position as tile leading illiiBlratcd nf wspapcr In Anier- ion; and Its tioldapon public ostfli-m and con- Ifdcnce was nevei strouucr than at the pros- nut time. BnsldCB tho ploturas, lUlU'KB'S w EBKLt'ttlwaj s contains Installments of one, occasionally of two, of th* bestaovels of the ilay.ifinely Illustrated; with vShort stories, pouuis,Bhetoliew, ftnd papera'cof Important ourrentl'toplOB byrl&e most popular writers. The oare UmtluiB been enocessfuJly oxerclaoil In the past to make iijUlPBB&fWBEKLY a sale 118 Well as a welcome visitor towery house hold will not beWlaxed.ln theJoturo. HARPER'SPERIODICALS. ••- .•' • ' • •".•PerYe"i«>- , : Harper's Weekly ;'.V.'.... V . ..-....* 4 00 Harper's-Magazlne.. » TO Harpcr'8'Bazar....; „...•>,•' * M Harper's^ounir People..-...-.-."'' 2 00 Hatper'a Franklta Square Library, one .yenr (M numbers). .;..v....W;'i 10 00 natter's*-Handy" Series one year (02 innmbere) ...>•.'.-.'... WOO footage tree to all suuBorlberfi In the United States or Canada. '." „ The Volumes .of .the Weekly bOffln with the first Number for January of caolJ year. When nO time" is "mentioned, subsclptlona will begin with thu Number current at time of receipt of order. • • Bound Volumes of UAKPHR'S WEEKLY, for three voars back, In neat cloth binding, will Uo sonttiy mall, postagd paid, br by express, free of expense (provided the Height does not exceed one dollar per volnino).for?7 per vol. Cloth cases for each volum<v suitnblo for binding, will bo sent by in all, postpaid, on receipt ot $1 each; • •- ... fiomlttancos should be Jjt>stofflce Money Order or Draft to avoldfihanoe of IOSB. Newspapers are not to copy tula advertisement without ttro express order ot llnrjior* BrothorB. Address -'it, HAUrlSU & UUOTBEBS, New York. January Number, NpVl, Vol 1. NOWRBA'DY. ' G A Bill ETTA rRriOl^AIOTN.G THE JBE. VUBLIceirjfUANCE.JfrOT^upfcce. Trawn by JlowAjip' PVI-K. £ngrayed by KIUNK F»EiJbh. • f •• ';.'.•• ;. V *' HEMlNiaoENOFSOKTBE S1EGE-ASD COMMUNE OPPAKIS. I'irstPaper^TheDown .fall ot the Empire. By, B.-fillVAsHnmiN8, ojc-Utiilstorto i>ancol, WHh.lUnstratlolis SETII 8 BBOTniSH'S WlKK.'-^hnpterB 1,-v. UAUOtn KltEDBUIO. • TUB STOttY OF A NEW YOBK HOUBU.—I.— U. 0. BUNNBB.Hlusvrated by-A.'B.y«O8T, P. HOriUNSONjS.MITII and G. W.'Ur/WAIUJB. ' Ah'LO'BATES. OtiB pliFENOHiBSS OOASTS. P. V. Gni'.ENU Captain U . 8,' Engineer. With maps, sketches and diagrams.: ; , IN A OdPY OF THE I/YRIOAC POEMS OF KOBEHT .0EKIU0K.' A0ST1K DlOBSON. IN At EXIOO. A Stmy. TllOK AS , A. JAKVIEB. THE 11AUYIX)NIAN SEALS. ' Wi'iiJAM HAYB8 WARD With illustrations from seals In the author's collection, and after Dn OI.EI;O<J, 1'ifJoiiES and others. GLIMPSES AT.THE'.lilAttlKS OF GOUVER- NKUKMOIUU8. .Suolal Ufa land ;charaotor in tho I'cjlSi of ;the .Uovolutlon yirat Papor. ANNW OAnTiMonKis».-.'WUh portrait eu- Kravi>d,ny,G. KHUKU, from the painting at Old Morrlaanla. • 800IAU8M. FiUNCiS A. WAllUSK. TOBKISW YEAK. MATBUWVf LKMJNG. A VIOLIN OW.lGVm, 4 Story MAHO.UU5T OnosBT. , • S8.00 ,n Year, 25 cts ,, a Number, ' ' .", i' ' i •'*' » ••"' ••/' *,->" % ' Romtttnnoos 'should bo riintle' iiy'-'feheck or money order. OMABLES SOKlBNEJEl'S SONS, PubltHhors, 74.1 und TIK Vrntui-u/af, New Vork. n unit ill othor aait....- ,mil thcif faeUltlM k»

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