Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 9, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1887
Page 2
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DAILY TKLEOSAPE BS W. X. MORTON, Cot, Third M>A P1MB at*e*tt, Alton. IU. WEDNESDAY BYE., FEB. 9. v Et-tAH. JTeb. 8,'&J. , ; Hatti* FranoU U »hm year* old. When ' w* Kartea down town the told .us not to drtnk tMer, and when wo asked h«r what we should drink she (aid "Ooino book and gat a oupottea." Herels a solution of tbo temperance question by it baby. It every one could be made to think ol the loving hearts and the warm cup of tea or coffee waiting at borne they might be saved from tbe temptation to drink that which causes lieadncheB aad many boars of remorse afterwards. Eltth Is to have a depot. General Manager B. M. Fisher told T. F. llansell rim the St. t. AC. 1. B. R. Co, would build a depot last west of the old distillery. We suppose this may b« considered as reliable. But for tho. kindness and courtesy of T. F, HaneeH and Kd Doron In admitting them to the warehouse and mill offices, passengers would have suffered often from oold and Inclement weather while waiting for trains, We hope the managers of Plasa Bluffs will get to work in earnest noon and show people tbat they intend to make a permanent thing ot it. Here is where the whole thing binges. Peo ' pie do not feel like putting their money into an enterprise that Is apparently dead. We hav* to* same grand old bluffs and scenery that w» bare always had; and the promise of hotels, cottage*, amphitheaters, eto. Now let theM promises take a tangible form and tbe enterprise will not lack money or friends. Tbe tlm* for making up slates for township officers U drawing on apace. The Republican party ot this township U in a Rood working condition. We have a reliable township committee, and T. F. llansell is tbe wide awake, stalwart/chairman. Tho old weak- knoed cry "W« can't elect any body," was disproved in tbe county election last fall. We hope, when the time cornea, tbe Republican committee will bring out a straight ticket. A. H.8. ALUAMBBA. AlHAUDRA, Ilia,, Feb. 7, '87. The ground hog will be In a demoralized condition if he doesn't seek bis hole during the rainy days. Street cars are booming now, and are greatly appreciated. Katnral gas has been "strnok"—but not in paying quality. It don't burn well, as It explodes too easily. The protracted meeting nnder the auspices of If. B. 8. clergy is progressing finely, having had several secessions and prospect for more. Rev. Ecndrlck is an able ^minister of the gospel and draws large crowds, notwithstanding bad roads. There is a meeting of tbe Free Methodist near New Douglas at the present time that is attended largely and sermcmo listened to with ranch interest.' X. FOE'f UUSJSELL .TOWNSHIP. Report of the Qrovo school for th«- month of-January: CLASS A. Bch'p. llopt. LewlH Dlerklng. »7?{ 100 Edward Clerking 97« 97 Arlon 0. Pullen 9S» 95 HettloOox: «3X 100 Maiale B. Kstabrook .93 2-7 ,100 CLASSES B. & 0. Willis Jackson 96% 90 Frad. BohooneweiB 958-B 00 Nellie Dlorklng 9916 05 Bessie Kstabrook 915-6 Wi ' Samuel Lawrence 8-7 35 98 Kdward Lawrence 014-5 92 John Stilwell , 911 5 93 Wm.BuU 903-5 98 Willis Stilwell 90 96 MaokSrtlwoll 89K M George Lawrence .....88K 10Q Thomas Jackson 94 95 Xmmalosko 91 90 Lizzie Heeron »3Jf 93 Kale Lawrence 93« 90 Tlllie iieoren ,.W3f 94 In the above report 100 aignlHea perfect; 90 fair, 75 required. Numb or of pupils enrolled A6. Average attendance for January, 34. Parents and all interested in our school are cordially invited to visit the same. L. O. BLUME, Teacher, MISS ING A prospector found a nugget worth §02 at Big Creok, On;. In Arizona man with fur caps arc sot down as temlorfeet from Ihu East. There are 101 persons who boar the natuo of Smith in Bourbon oounty, Ken- tuuky. Gov. Lee of Virginia m credited with being the cliuniuion oheokor-player of tlie South. The interesting- imsortion comes from Paris that iu the last yeur the dogs there killed 1,700,000 rata. The -wiuo makers of Los Angeles,Col., have decided to send someone to \Vnsh- iugtou to secure needed lu^islation. An ordinance requiring the removal of all swinging signs from tho sf.roots of Baltimore, Md., has gono into eftijot. In Now York city thoro uro snid to bo 8,600 fuiuilius who receive help from obaritublo ussooiutions nnd tlio uiiy. la the stomach of a bullock killed a few days ago at Adln, Cul., wore found horseshoe nails, screws, bolts, and lacks. It Is claimed that Sau Diego county, California, is raising raising that can compete successfully with tliosu pro- duood in Spain. Mayor Hodges of Baltimore gays a true Marylandur would halt outside the gates of Paradise to eat u dozen raw Chesapeake oysters. W. G. Doslilor, a millionaire banker of Columbus, O., has presumed tho Wo- mon'a Benevolent Society of that city with a chock for $100,000. As proof of the Democratic tendencies now ruling iu royal Britain it is said that Mins Gladstone dancud recently yrith bur father's coach man. Tbo bouHo of Mrs. Hicks-Lord, in New York, look* like a big brlo-ti-brao btorn inside. She get* out very strong punch ut her entertainments. Kx-Kmprass Eugtiuiu it* now at a villa just out of NHpies, in such olose retirement that ttveu h«v tw.viv.M. {vioiuls havo diflloulty iu securing luhuisskm to her presence.• Tho need of n strong lender iu Fninoe to-day ia rondo plain f>v the enthusiasm avounud by GumneUn s nuine nnd by tho praise lavished upon him l>y lormor enemies. Congrewmnu Tillnmii, of Souili Carolina, never wuan an overcoat, und in the oolileftt weutuor lenvos hia sack oont unbuttoned. He i« sixty yuars old and in good health. .' Tha atnoteur dramatic company of Felongo City, W. T.,,broke up in a fight with gang and knives because It could not be decided which one of throe men should ploy Macbeth. Queen Victoria never eats nny but stain bread. This, however, IB believed to be more » matter of taste than necessity. She U probably able to buy fresh bread if she deslrud It. There is a dog at Magog, Quebec, tbat will mount the toboggan sled, go down the slide, draw tho sled bank, and go down again as many times os his owner commands him. Jordan B. Noble, tho drummer boy at tho battle of Now Orlcmnn in 1816, and a veteran of thn Mexican \Vtir, is still living in Now Orleans, He Is 87 years old, nnd quite iutlrm. Miss Bessie White, who, by tho decision of u Konlnuky court, in allowed to dispense medicines iu that stute, is 'a sister of ox-Congressman White, of Kentucky, and is a profound mathematician. A tunnel twelve miles long is to be run in Nevada county, California, for the purpose of draining certain mines in that woetion. A company with #1,000,000 capital has been formed to do tho work. ••••'. John West, colored, who in his titno had been a alavo, a doctor, ami a proafhw, and who was the'oldest man in Huntcr'lon county, died at Lambert- vlllo. N. ,).. ro..-nntly, ageil fl? years. He waa-boni nt Ktliiigti. Ono of the ino^t sm-cn-sful commercial travelers in York stittn i« a nogro. Ho knows his business thoroughly, is respected by all who know him, and, so far as known, is the only colored drummer in the country. . ' In Eastern Europe politics is in its usual state of deep complication. The report that the Czav'u mind is affected is generally accepted as true, and any sort of an explosion may be expected in that autocratic quarter. John C. Calhonn, grandson ol the groat South Carolina millitior, is the second largest cotton-plautur in. the United States. ' He was a Captain in the Confederate army at 18, and is now only 41 years ol age. , Oanitht ,hy n B!K Squirt. "We were lying about half a mile oil the beach at tho Bavbndoes, overhauling the standing rigging," said James Gillis, able seaman, to a New York Sun reporter, -'when the mate ordered John Webb, an apprentice boy, and myself into*the yawl, which had boon covered and brought around to the port side, that some painting might be done just abaft the mainmast. It was a terribly hot day, with the water vory warm and the men having littlu iiuorgy. The paint was lowered down to us, and while I used the brush tho bov held the yawl in position. Wo had beun at work for about u quarter of sin hour when (he boy suddenly yolled out, in affright, and as I turned to him he declared that he had seen a horrible-looking object pass under iho boat, and so under the ship. Thoro are plenty of strange creatures Boating about in those waters, and a patch . of seaweed will sometimes assume a queer shape. I laughed at the boy's fears, but at tho same time saw how"pale and frightened he looked. "I iwjgau to vrork again, and had been at it only three or four minutes when the yawl heaved nway from the ship two or three feet, and at the same instant the boy screamed oul agaia. His voice bad scarcely reached my ears -when something flashed before my eyes, something caught nry arm and E ulled it down and pinned it fast to my ody, and in live seconds more I knew what had happened. A devil fish had flung one of his arms about me. Webb was screaming at tho top of ha voice, and as I got a look at him 1 saw that two of the beast's feelers wore clutching him. The arm or feeler which had reached me pinned my arm to my side as if in a vise, making a clean wrap around my body, and the extreme end of the feeler crept up along my neck and face. Talk of piiin; 1 never felt anything like it. The teeth of a bulldog couldn't have hurt worse. It was a burning.-biting, blistering sensation, as if a-live coal had been laid on the flesh. I added ray yells to those of Wobb, but before any. one came to the rail I was jerlted to my knees in the boat nnd saw that the creature's object was to pull me overboard. I hoard the boy go down and thrash about, and then three of the men came to our assistance. "Tho devil fish had outwitted himself. Ho bad gone under the ship and fastened to her bottom or keel, and as soon as he began pulling on us he of course pulled the yawl close against the ship's aide. That closed the gap, and he could not pull us overboard, although I think he would havo upset the yaw/T for wo were both down on her starboard side and she was almost on her beam- end when the men jumped down. They began to cut and slash and buck with their knives, and after two or throe minutes they had us free—not of the arms, but of the creature. VVo were hoisted on board howling arid groaning, with the feelers still biting, and they IHU] to be out from us almost by inches. Wobb got it far worse than 1 did, as he wore a thin cotton shirt and was barefooted. He was bitten on one foot, both hands, and across tho breast, and it was n long two weeks before he was on dock again, bis faco swelled up until one eye was closed, and the poison made mo ill for many dayx. Wherever one of (In) cups or suckers took hold tho skin was entirely taken off, and It scorned as if pins hud boon stuck into Iho raw -llasl), A native doctor brought mo some herbs of which to make a poultice, and, though tbat relieved the pain and helped me to get around again, it was months before my tupe was entirely well. "The devil fish minded tbe loss of bis tliroo arms for only half an hour, at the oud of which time be clutched the empty boat, half oupslml her, and BWKin twice iirouutl the ship ug a deti- unco to tho orew. Two or three musket- balls were tirud into him and ho sank cs£ ii aliroi to be soon no moru during AUf «tW." 4 ,J'' Paper Collnru arid Cuffr, "Paper collars nnd oufl't are becoming popular again," said a Fulton Street haberdasher to a reporter of the Brook* JyU Sayte. "In lal« yoara It was considered vulgar to wear thorn, but now they are ntfoated by all classes of society. I havo ma ny'won It hy customers who will wear nothing .else. Thev ara mostly elderlv gentlemen who "havo been educated to the Kle^ from boyhood nnd are loath to discard the aiyle of linen worn by thtiir diuldies. Taper collars have tho boat flairs in tin; rural districts. Farmers, if tli<>y wnnr collars at all, affect pa per nnpK A'linen collar is almost unknown in HOIUU parts of the country, particularly in Uus wost. O/ late I havo noticed , lluit many youmf and dressy muh'u'oar, paper linen, and more especially iu 'warm ,woathor. Paper collars c.omo oho:Vp. Some brands are worth moi'o than others. An excellent quality can bo bought for 25 cents a box, which contains.ten collars. Cuffs cost tlm' snmc for » tox containing five pairs.. In hot weather paper collars aru luxuries'to men who pcrHpiro Iroely. Tlmy cun bu changed as often as desired, and are comparatively cheap whim it is lakou into consideration that a box can be purchased at about the same price us would be paid for 0119.. linpn collar, But few men can toll paper collars at "a glance. Borne brands make uoai'lv as good an appearance as linen. Cofluloid collars and cuffs are now seldpm worn. Some years ago they were very popular, but only in hot weather. False, or paper bosoms, have also almost wholly disappeared." —' :— !• • »• . A Bold Home. ' "There Is a gentleman In the anteroom, sir," said the railroad President's secretary "who says he owns $40,000 worth of shares in this road, and he will trade all the dividends for the next twenty years for n pass to Memphis." "WhatP tell the porter to put him out. A man who will try to swindle us in tbat barefaced way would steal overcoats*"- -Ex. Ears and Sculo Covered with EC- zomatous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticnra. TUp little son, a«ed oiirht years,, nas been af «i. fllotea with Eczema of the scalp, nnd at times a great portion of the body, ever since he was two years old. It began in his ears, and extended to his soa'p .wlilcb became covered with scabs and sores, and from which a Rtlcky fluid poured, out causing intense itching and distress, and leaving his hair matted and llfoless. Underneath these scabs the skin was raw, like a piece of beefsteak. Gradually the hair came out' and was do- stroved, until but a small patch was left at the back of the head. My irlonds In Peabodv know ho* my llttlo boy has suffered. At night he would scratch his head until his pillow was covered with blood. I used to tie bis hands behind htm, and in many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but it was no use. he would scratch. 1 took htm to the hospital an<l to the best physicians In Peabody without success. About this time, sotie friends, who bad been cured by tho Outieura Uemedlo-, prevailed upon me to try them. 1 began to us« them on the 15th of January last. In seven months every particle ol the disease waa removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his scalp to tell the story of lils suffering. His hair has returned, and is thick and strong, and his sculp 03 sweet and clean as any child's In the world. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful cure by the Outlourit Remedies, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that my statement is tiue and without exag geratlon. CHARLES Ala KAY, Oct. 6,3885. Poabody.AIass. I have seen Mr. McKay's boy when badly affected with the Eczema. He was a pitiful sight to look at. I know that he has tried our best physicians, and did all a father could do for a suffering child, but availed nothing. 1 know th it the statements ho has made yon as reuards the curing of his boy by your Untlcura Remedies are true In every particular. WILLIAM J MCCARTHY, S3 Foster street, Peabody, Mass. I do not know ot any Instance In which tho CuUpura Itemedles have failed to produce satisfactory results. I believe I have fold more of them than of any other skin reme- ies 1 have ever handled during thirty-three rears of my experience as a druggist. A. D. TRYON, liatavla, N. T, Sold everywhere. Price: Outloura, 50 ots.; Outieura Soap 24 cents; Outloura Hoeolvoni, $1. Prepared by Potter Drug and Chemical Co.. Boston. Send for "How to Cure 9kln Diseases." OT VVPLKtt, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes Soap. and Bnhy Humors, use Outieura A Word about Catarrh. "Ills the mucous membrane, that wonderful semi-fluid envelope surrounding the delicate tissues of the air and food passagos.that Catarrh makes its stronghold, unco established, it oats into the very vitals, and ren- tiers Hie but a long-drawn breath of misery and disease, dulling the sense ot hearing, trammelling the power of speech, destroying •he faculty of smell tulntlnu the breath, an>l killing the rollned pleasures of taste. In- •.idluunly, by creeping on from a simple cold In tho head, it asauulta the membranous lining and envelops the bones, outing through iho delicate coats and caunlng Inflammation, sloughing ami death. Nothing short of erad loatton will secure health to the patient, and all alloviatlves are simply procrastinated uutfertn^s, leudine to a latal termination. Stanford's Radical Inhalation and by Internal administration, has nevw falhyj; <-von when tho dlseaso has made frightful Inroni's on delicate constitutions, hearing, imo 1 1 and taste have been recovered, and the disease thoiouxhly driven out. • SANFOHD'S HADICAL CUKE consists of one bottle 01 tha Radical Cure, one boxCatairhai Solvent, and ono Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in one paokaito, with lull directions; price $1. .,BOSTOM. HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still compelled by atom necessity to stand up to the work hotoro us and bear tho pain, lielinf iu one minute Iu a Ou- tloura Antl-Puln Plaster lor nohlui; — sides and baok,wcuk& painful imio- olos, the sore ohost and hacking couxh, an'i every pain and ache of daily toll. Klogant, now, original,' speedy, and infallible. At dru«gt8t«,tto.; ilvo lor $1; or, poBtaae iroo, of Putter Drug and Chemical Co.,lio»u>n. Thl» paper U kupt on Ble at tbe oOlco of YER^SOH OVERUSING GENTS iis BUILD Hfl Sggig PHILADELPHIA. «KlW.WS»J Bfl FREE '; AYEP. « SON'S MANUAl WIRE and FENCING newaveofoldTStylebamrvnottlnf;. My pat, inflexible netting, with parallel wires, never SUBS between pons, shipped rcady-mado In •oils; or license, model, wire and tools (or homo-made netting nv picket fence tuvnith • ed, Iloforo buying tmooth or bnrberl wire, ron posts, oates, farm, oily or trravoynrd encon.wrlio for my pi loci ana f tee catulQKUo, Sunil stamp for private agency terms, A. 0. Uulbort, m Olive »t,, St. louts, Mo. 10-4 BITTERS Combining IttOH with PtJIlE VEGETABLE TONICS, qnlcklr and complete!? CLEANSES and ENRICHES TUB BLOOD. Oalckeni the «tlon of the Liter mnuKldnoji. Clean the complexion, nuke* the tkln smooth. It dot! not Injure the te6th,c»n«8he»dMhe,orprodnc« ton- Htlpitlon V 1LL OlilEU 1UOS MEDICINES DO. Itwdoluu aad Dfngglsts netyvhwe reoommeud It. ;S, of Muton, M«M.. p»y»! "I " i Bltton w a valuable hmlo DR. N. tecoinui' for eniri „ lyinptom*. It don not hurt tb« uxitli.' I)n, B, M. DEtZELt, Itaynolda, Inil,, tayi: "I DATO proscribed Brown's Iron' Bitten, la bamat of anfenua and blooa atoeaM*. alto when a tonlo wan needed, and It has prored thoroughly satisfactory." MB. Wit.BTBUB, S8St. Mary St., New Orleans, La., ura: " Brown's Iron Bitten relieved mo In a oaaa of blo&d polBonlnft, and I heartily oouunenti it to MB. W. WTMONARAK, Tiucnrahla, Ala., tan: " I iav« been troubled from ohildtiooa nlih Impure " ' " in my face—two bottltw of effected a perfect cure.' I iviliabli - ' ~ Blood and Brawn's Ir . cannot *p#ak too highly of thin v&ln eruption OB i my n's Iron Bitten e , lo medicine,* 1 Genuine has above Trade Mark and croeaed red lines on wrapper. Toko no other* Made only by BUOWN CHEMICAL CO., WALT I MOKE* M0. KASKINE (THE NEW QUINJN1S.) No bad .effect No headache No nausea. .NO ringing ears. C ure " quickly Pleasant,'!" 116 A POWJBJBFUL TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC F,OK MAX.ARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, •, and all Germ Diseases. Bellevue llospital, S. Y.: "Universally successful." ("Everv patient treated St. Francis HOB. N, T. I with Kaaklno has been (discharged cured." Dr. L. R. White, U. S. Examining Surgeon. Writes: "Kaskine is thn best medicine mude." Dr L. M. Gleesner, 360 East 121st 8t , New York city, has cured over 280 tmtionts with Kunlduo after quinine und all ^/tlier drags had fulled. He snys: "It IB undoubtedly the fcest meillclne ever discovered."' Proi. VV. F. flolcombe, M.D., M East25th St., N.Y. (late Prof. In N. Y, Med. College) mltaa-. "Kasklne is superior to quliilno In Its snecHo pi!wor, and never produces the slightest injury to the hearing or constitution. Eev. Jas.L. llall, Ohaplaln Albauy Penitentiary, writes that Ka^klne has cured his wife, after twehtv vears suffering from malaria and neivous dyspepsia. \Vrite him for pivr- tlrtulars. Thousands upon thousands write that Kas- klne has cured them after all other medicines had fai'.cd, Write for book of tentU ranntala. Kaaklne can he taken without any special medical advice. 51.00 pot-bottle: Sold by or sent by mall ou receipt of price. i KASKINE CO., 51 Warren St.,New York. IU dwlm The Century For 1880-87. THE CENTURY is an illustrated monthly magazine, having a regular circulation of about two hundred thousand .copies, oiton reaching and sometimes exceeding two hundred and twenty live thousand. Chief nmonc Its manv attractions for thu coming year Is a serial which has been in active preparation lor sixteen yearn, It is a history of our own country in Its most critical time, us sot forth In THE LIFE OF LINCOLN, By his Confidential Secretaries, . John G. Kicolay and Col. John Hay. This great work, begun with tho sanction of President Uuooln, and continued under the authority of hlsaon, tbe Hon. Robert T. Lincoln, is the only full and authoritative record of tho life of Abraham Lincoln. Ita authors were filends of Lincoln befnro hU presMencv; they wore most intimately associated with him as private secretaries throghout his term of ofllco, and to them were transferred upon Lincoln'a death all his private papeis. Hero will be told tho Inside history of the civil war and of President Lincoln's administration -Important details of which have hitherto remained unrevealed that they might flvst appear in tula authentic history. By ruaaou of tho publication oi this work, THE WAR SERIES, which has been followed with unflagging Interest by a great Interest by.a front audience, will occupy loan space during the coming year. Gettysburg will bo described by (ion. Hunt (Chief of tho Union Artillery), Gen. LongstrO' t, Gen. E. M. Law. and others; Uhlcamaiiga, by Gen; D. II. JI1.1; Sherman's March to the ^ea. by Generals Howard an'l Slooum. Generals Q. A. Glilmore, Win. F. Smith, John Gibbon,lloraco Porter, and John S. Mosby will describe special battles and Incidents, Stoi-los of -naval engagements, prison Hie, etc. etc, .will aiTear. NOVELS AND STOKIES. "Tho Hundredth Man," a novel by Frank R. StooUton, author ot "The LaJy, or the Tiger." bPglus In November. Two novelettes, byGeorse w. Oiiblo, stories by Mary Hullool, Kooto, "Uncle KemulV' Julliin ifuwthoi-ne, •Edward J-gnloston, and other prominent American authors will bo printed during tno year. SPEC fAL FEATURES. (with UluMrations) fnolude a vcrlcs of articles cm affairs In lluHslH-and Siberia, by Ueo. Konnan,author of,"Tent Life in Siberia," who has Just returned from a muac uv<uit(ul vl-lt to Siberian prlsuns; papois • n tue Fund Question, with reference to its boarl-g on tho Labor Problem; English Cathedrals: Dr, KKglfimon'B liollgloua Llfo In tho American Colonies: Clairvoyance, spiritualism. Aatrol- ogy, etc., l>\ Ucv. J. M. ftuoklov, D.D., etlllor ol tho Chrlitum Advocate: astronomical papers ; urtlotos throwing light on BIblui iatory, otc. ' PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, J-i.OO a year, ~S6 cnnta a nuiiibifr. Di-uluru. iKJotmuatorB, and publishers take subscriptions. Bend for our beiuiil- lully Illnst.atod 24 nago OHtalOKUO (five), containing full PIOI<POC[IIH, ev., tha udlng a special ollur by whlcn now readers i-an uot Mtck r.nuibtira to the beglnnuiK ot thu War Buries at a vury low price, A apooitnon copy (back numbor) will bo scut on request. Mention this paper. Can you afford to bo without the Century TilE OKNTUHY CO,, Now York. Subscriptions received at thU ofttco. EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Schwoppo, deceased. Tho unUui'Hlgnod, linvlnpf boon up. pointed Kxnoutors or the latit will and ;<i«tiiinpnt of John TV, ,^chwoppo, loto of the county ol Madison and Slnto of Illl.iolH, dec(iast><l, horoby vivo notlco that tlu-y will app«ur befiivw tho County Court ol Miullnon county, at tho court houuo, In the March tonn.on the fourth llonday In March noxt, at which tlmr nil por- soni hiwlnu claim* niiulnBt isulu estate uro notllloil and roquoatad to utinnd for the purpose of Imvlnuthosuiiui adjusted. All lioruoiis idebtcd to aalit octtate iwti vuqueiitnd to inulca luiinBdlatopayinHiit to tlieuiul«rHlgii<d. Dated this Slid dny of Kubruary. A. P. 1887. KI.J55A K. SOIUVKI'I'E. W1LUAM E. BOilWKl'I'E, llKNBVtf, BOaWKl'l'fc, iCsooutort, WHIPPLE &SMILEI, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Oo.*s: Ins. Co. of North Amorlcaj Hartford, Phoanlx, Franklin, of Phlladelyhia; Oerman American; North British and Mercantile, London! Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bng.'. Continental; Glrard; Glens Falls, > Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co, AMD OTHJSaS: A OA8H OAI'ITAI IK T11K AQQBKGATK Of $20,000,000. WS ALSO UEPHBHEK'l' TIIK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark* N. J.. and Traveler's Life and Accident Ina. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sta. JVor Sale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuildings,In goiil repair, iu Ccpov Alton, Residence of O. E. Collins, and known as the Merrill property. WHIf PL,HJ 4 SMILEY, Al ton, or D. \V. Ootlet, Uppar Alton. lor Bent. A 7-roora frame dwelling, m'good rnpalr. c North side Bluff St. WHIPPUS A SMILEY. For Bale or uent. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs S. J.Dutro. WHIPPLE 48MILEY. For bni» The late residences of J. J. and W. B. Mitchell, on Mill St., two oi ti.n best pieces ol residence property In Alton. Tlie property known as "The Park, eaatot above; U lots on Mill and Summit streets, ai v a a number of ots In Miller A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Anv or all of above at a grout bantam. WlOPPLK * SMttET. • Jfor aaie. The Merrlman property on State stree In Miller & lUchelT's add., to Alton, IX story bouse, 8 rooms and out-buildings; all in perfect order. Can be had at a bargain. WH1PF10S & 8MHJSY. for Sale. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Po nnd fifth streets. WHIPPLE & surucr Deslrnble Residences for Sale. A two story brick dwelling on State street known as \Vm. A. I'Uut huiuestead, lately pnt in good repair. A two story trauao dwelling onMoiu street, nearly new. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, all lor sale ut a aacriUce, owner having deoldud to ac v.<s- WHIFFLE A SMILEY^ JTor Sale. A convenient farm of ISO acres, most all in cultivation; situated en tbe Betbalto road, om Altoi;, For Kent. Late residence ot M. J. Noonan on State street, known as the A. Platt place. Good 9 room brick housn, in first olu'ss repair. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. tfor Kent. Good 9-room brick house with about! acres of ground,lncludlni» oroaard, in Upper Alton. Former residence of Dr. Humbert. WHlfPLE & SMILEY. For Bale or Rent. The 2-story frame dwelling with 9 rooms, including 7 lots; good barn and fine fiults, known as the Nichols homestead, situated on 12th et., in a desirable neighborhood. WHU-FLE * SMILES:. For Sale. A 7-room bi13k dwelling and out buildings on Thlid street, between Cherry and Vine. • WHIPPLE A 8M EY. PRICE LIST: Fairy. - • • Diamond Light, Fancy, - - VKK BRL $4,75 • 450 • 4.00 • 3,50 , WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tbcia'Wubboardiare rondo with t a Bent.Wood rim, Tho Strong- e«t boards and best waalien in tin i •world. For tale by all dealers. SIXOUi Do"Jl)i.g. If Saglnnw, SHORTHAND WRITING, by mall. Young men havo only to loarn shorthand to inulta It a suro source of protlt. Sund stamp for pamphlet and spnoi- uiou. W. W. llulwn, Pittuburs, Pa. lldlm T O ANNIHILATE TUB APPETITE FOR TOBAUUO USE TIIK TOU A 0 O O a'ASTB UKSl'lloyKK.-It eradicates tbe liuito for, and doutrnya ull bud olfcota, arls- lug troin thn «ao o! Tobacco. This pro,mm- tl>m strunnthoin tbo upputlto, clours the uilud iinu improvoa the moiunry. It is put up In tho form of lozonnou, whlou are p ou»am to take. One nox Is sulUalout to aura most casts, yet sonin require two boxes, Over 1,000 sold and ontlro butlsfuotlou given In cuoh OUBO. Hundr, ds of testimonials n-oolv- vd. HCOt to any uddroas, postage pultl—on receipt of $1.00 per box, Prepared by a grad nutii in i'barmaoy. Address It, S, Millor, Vth word, Wllmliiuton, Del. lidltu A dvertlHoru by addressing Con. P llowoll A Co., 10 upruoo Ht,, Now York, in good tiiltli, can ojtalu all noodod Information i.bontiiny proposed line of AdvortluliiK in American Newspapers. __ 17dlm W ANTKU— A live, enorgolio man, to rop- vw8i>)it us, *76 por uiontli and oxponseu, GnodB staple juvory ono Iniyn: outfit FllKK. bTANDAKD tJlLVKIUVAHl! Co., Uoston. L AUIIta wanted 'n get up Tea Oluba for our 1'uro Ttmu and Coffees. A host of useful iirtlclos to select from as pi'omlutnn. Send lor Uliiatrated 1'i-lto anil Prtunliiui l.lut, Hpg OUI. UFKEU: to every TKNTII poraou that un- hwors thisadvorilteiiioiit. wo will send FIIKE ouo pound choice Ton. Addre«B NAT'L 'i « COFFJCU (JO., Uoaloii, Maw. ocs»<t9m TUB ATLANTIC MONTHLY FOB 1887, Will contain. In addition to the n best Short Stories, Sketched, Kssays, Foetry »ni OrltloUm, two Serial Storlos :The Second Son, By MBS. M. O. W. OUPBAWT Paul Patoff, • By F, MAWOR r of "A Roman etc. , 'Author of "A Roman Bloger," "Ur. Isaaoi, • Paper* on Amorlcnn History, , JByJOllN F18KE, Whose previous papers have been so inUr estliig. full of Information, and generally popular. French and Bngllnh. continuation of the admirahle papers «om. • Essays and Poems, By OLWBtt WENDELL HOLMKS. Occasional Papers, By JAME8 UUSSEIJ, LOWELL. Contributions may bo ezpeotfd from John GreonK,af Whltlier.ThoroHs.Wentworth tng glnson, Uliarlcs Dudley Warner, K, 0. Stedman, Harriot W, Preston, Sarah Orne Jewett, ObRrlos Bubort Oraddook, Arthur Bborburne Hardy, Hnnry Oabot Lodge, Edith M. Tbomas, Horace K. Soudder, Georgb B. 'Woodberry, Ooorgo Ftoderick I*aTson\ Maurice Tliotnp son, Lucr r.arcom, Oolla Thaxtor, John But- ronirhs, Jnmos Fteetnan Olarko, KlUnbeth Robins Fennoil, Bradford Sorrey and many uthers, , . , , , TERMS: $(ayoat to advance, portn«o Ires; 84 cents a number. With superb lllOHate portrait of Bawtborue, Emerson, LougfeV- low, Bryant. Whlttler, Lowell, or HoluiM |»; each additional portrait,?!. ' ' The November and December numbon of tbe Atlantic will be sent tieaof ehargeto new subscribers whose subscriptions are received before December 20tb. , Postal uotea and money are ax the rtok ol the fender, and therefore remittances should bo made by money order, lirait, or registered letter, to i . ' • • Houghton, Mifflln & Company, 4 Park street, Boston, Ua*i. THE DIBKOT AND;PAST LINK TO Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. A SOLID DAILY TRIN8 to * Cincinnati and Louisville In TEN HODE8, with Through Day. Palace Oars anit palace Slesping Coaches. No chant e of oars'for any class of passengers. TWO DAULf TRAINS To Washington in 28 hours, To Baltimore in 29 hours. This la FIVE HOtJBS WCIOKKB tnan tho fastest time by any other line. TBE DAY EXPRESS runs entire train consisting of Day Ooaclios and'Palace tfteeptng cars from St. Louis to Washington. THE N1GTII EXPBEbS baa sleepers through without change. No other line from St. Louis offers a Daily Through Train sorvfM to the NATIONAL CAPITAL. Palace Buffet Sleeping "Cais uro nin by this line on night express f rofn ST. LOTUS TO NIjW YORK, -DAILY- Wlthout change iu 37 hours. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WIHTEB KK8OUTS IN THB SOUTHEAST. The Double Dally Lines'of Parlor Oars and Palace Sleeping Coaches by this Road from St. Louis to Cin'ti & Louisville making direct connections at both points with morning and evening Express Train*, having Falaoe Hotel and Bleeping Cars to OlmUtvttooRd, Atlanta, Savannah and Jaok- sonvllle without change. No Ferries or Transfers by this Bonto. ForTioketa Kates, or any partloulai In- foruiatIon, call on Tlchot Agents of connecting lines, West, Northwest and Southwest. Or in St. Loui* at 1O1 & 108 Fourth «t. JNO, F. BAUNABD, W.B.SHATTUO, Pres. Gen. Manag»r. Uen'l Pass. Agfc Cincinnati. O. L. t>. BACON, Gen; West. Pass. Agent St. Louis, Mo. ________ t WHEN YOU TRAVEL . Take th» Une iol«ctod by the Unitnd Stitoi Govemmont to ciny th« F««t Mall,—tho « , Burlington' Roiite C.B!&Q.R.R. Al It U the Lin a running Through Trains to and from (hj following: citiei and towns on tta own Unw; OHIOAOO, AURORA, OTTAWA, STRE&TOR.ROOKfORO.OUIUqUI, LA OR088E, ST. PAUL, MINK^APOLK. MENDOTA, PEORIA, OALE8BURO, 8T. lOUiS, QUinOY, REOKUK, BURUNDTDN, WASHINOTOl, 08KAL008A, DE8 MOINE8, OHARITON, CRESTOK, ST. JOSEPH, ATQHISQN, KANSAS CITY, NEBRASKA OITY, OMAHA, OOUNOIL BLUFFS, LlttCOltt A, DENVER, Making Direct Connections TO AND FROM NEW YORK. BALTIMORE, WA8HINOTON, OINOINNATI.PHILADELPHIA.BOITON, . NEW ORLEANS, LOUISVILLE, SAN FRMOISOO, .08 AHOEU8,8 ALTLAKE OITY, COLORADO AW ^AOIFID OOAST RESORTS, OITY OF IliXIOfl,. PORTLAND. OREOON, MANITOIA, VICTORIA AND PUOIT SOUND POINTS. . Good Equipment, Good Service, Good O Foi mlc(m«Hon confining the Burtlngtnn to th« ntxtlt Tlcktl Ag«nt ol Uio C,, B. ll Q, »' «* noting nllroAlk .. ilNRVB. STONE, PAULMW1TOH, UweriU Mtatgot, a«a'l!*Ml.<<TI*k*t,laAi CUJOAQO, IW..

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