Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 9, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. B ALTON. WEDST ESDAY EVENING. FEBRCJAEf 9, 1887. I/p to slow weeks ago I oonsUerod myself tB« champion Dyspeptic df America. Durjng the years that I have l}«m,Affllo^<l I have tried almost everything claimed to be a npo- clflo 1 foi' Drsrropslo In tbO, hope of finding oOitottWuff tiiKt.wo\|ld liftoriv' permanent ro- 1 U«t, 1 hail about vtndo tip my mmd to abandon medicines when I noticed eW'cndoiso- uumf of StminoniilAver begulatdnby a prom- lAii, 8}iiM»tfWhpm I knew, and ~'' , , havenased bat two .-bottles and>nnl satisfied' thatliiav^ atruok r thortslit thlDgjBt 'ast. I talt itsibeoeilolaletfeetB'alttiOBt > immediately. Onlltfo all'"otherVprepaTaHoa of « similar -kind no special JiiBtrucltoiiB IB required as to ., i ,,Thl« fact * alone ought' to \cointneua lt< to all troubled with' dyspepsia. " J. Xs HOLMES. , . • .Vtaeland, Jfi (ft e" .-••••••.•." i '•••• ! ;•• G O N STIP^TICXN. A regojar habit of body OBB be seottred > without changing ^thoiUot or disorganizing ". ' thiBjs^s^t^by.takln^;; ^';. 'I; if hi ' SIMMONS liivBE REGULATOR. • : < ' ' ''.I'." • ''" '• •' I See that you get the genuine. Pro- pared by JIU KKtLlK ^ CO., Philadelphia, Fa. ,•. "f wltly We do not -manufacture' Lard, .Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truckj we do hot. first squeeze the t fat and oil out of our stock, and then ' convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. BOATOB SOAP is made of rTJBB TAL- tow, by a clean process, and can be used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOCK GROCER FOB IT. " . EMPIRE SOAP CO. ST. xouia. MO. Patents, fo ny pel-sous wlahlnn to obtain lettui fjutunt on new inventions,- UaprovemontB o aealgns, I will oi«oiito drawings and spooitl cottons • and nmkB applications for Patents Ail couaaltatlQu, in person or by |Btte , tree LfOAS ] H. 4.J.HOWELL, —DEALKB IN- FUftNITuRE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND.. ALL OUDEP :. :-;:'' _ ^ !; : FOK : UPHOLSTERING Neatly anil promptly .executed. Belle st., bet. Third and Fourth. —ALSO— UBStUENOB COK. 8T.VTB& SEVENTH 8T8 Vor u elieck for 120 wo will print n tou-llno iverttaetnuut in Ono Mllllui) ismioa ol lending Amei'lcmn N<iurap«]>urn. ThU la lit Hie vuU) of only on 0 flttUotdoont u Hno.for l.OiWolrou . Intionl •• TUp nilvertlsemont will bo plnoed bof0r«; Qno.Milllou DicfBuuNT nowannnor purouasers:— or FlVBMir/MON nEADEits, Ton UneH r Will Juii'oiniiidUttto nbout 75 words. Ail- arose witb copy ol adv. a»U oliuoU, or send tto ooutB for book of 176 pauoo. QUO. 1'. ltO\V- BLL A 00., 10 Bpruoe »t., N. Y. AN AORI m lung, lime. Tb« inoM proip«roui uit pnnuliuiH C«W fpr KitU«m»ni 10 tin V, s. Pull. Uifonn«tlon with good map - «OMUUIURR.~ ' ~ Lori e. Morton's sign, put up be conducted n tiillor sliKp and dry S oods commission business iu Hanover, . H.. is still Visible) to,the students of Dartmouth Colloprt ft's thoy tnko their wnlki thrduga that vjilnge. Mrs. JohnC Jtillor, of Koysvlllo, Mo;, bM a ship ftlsoult wbloli, It is snid, WRI brought from England in 1630, nnd wlilob bus boon hanilod down from con- cnuion to generation. It h kept <Tn n glass bottle, and is as hard as a stone. Mrs. Catharine McCoy, an need, blind, and very.poor widow who lives in,Huntingdon County, PminBylvania, claims thitt sho bus iu bur possession Indisputable ovidenoo to prove that she Is a second cousin of Georgo Washington. '', Charles E. Grover, Into Division' Superintendent of the Boston & Albany Kailroad, began service,on that road M Watetbo'f;on n'traini' Bat thil^iiby no nieatis the'only'instnTi fc ; a;' ih Which rall- roud men ; haTO risen" to place aud wealth through water. ; ' The Kmpcror of China is tho shortest monarch in tho world, being only five font tall; the Emperor William of Our- many ia tho tallest, being just six feet; Prince Albert of Gcrrhany, nephew of thoEmpuror, is six feetisix inches tall; thtf'Emperor of Russia Is noarly six feet i The* feasibility of using the telephone upon moving' trains BB pool all v where the traffic is,not crowded, has ceou sat- isfactorlly demonstrated,by experiments upon thirty-thyao Gcrmau railroads. On heavier lines, it appears, the telephone has uot proved suuiciont. for the purpose, and has been used'as an auxiliary to the telegraph. ...'... • < Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. 1 A marvel ol purity, strength wholnsomoneBS. More ooo- uoruloal than the ordinary binds, and cannot bo, sold in competition .with the multitude ol low tost, short woluht, alnm pllosplmio now- dors. SOLD ONIT IN CANS. ROYAL BAKIKQ ' ., 106 Wall St., K. Y.. JanSdwly SCOTT'S OF PURE GOD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only preparation of COD LITER OIL that can bo taken re&dil}%m(t tolerated (or a long time by delicate etowachs. •AKP AS A ltEMBT>T,.yOB ^ SCHOKULOLS AFFECTIONS, ANAEMIA, OK KlUIi i l)KBlLm, COUGHS ANP THBOAT FEC'l'lOAB. mid all WA8TISU BISOUPKUS CHILDREN It l« mtrrolloni in Pnucrlbed and euiloreoa by tho twit FiutloUoi la tliecoun trio, of the world. >' • ' FOR J, SUITER! SON, }KAIVUB8 IB V PINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Full aud Complete Stock Alon Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CAL£ BEFORE PURCHASING. >»UH FUIWmjRB BOOMS ABB ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILi,, apBdwtv W. Jb\ ENSUNGER, Plain and Decorative ,U.' WOHK J'KOMPTLY ATTKtJDKB TO AT LOWEST TBBMB. AMU euoe UN SECOND 1ST,, NMR PIASA ALTON, , , . l6. LATEST NEWS. .The Louisiana Supreme Court has declared the aw Sunday Inw of that A bill Introduced in the Missouri Legfgldttfj'o ,ye6ienA&y toUkes option dealing a' misdemeanor. Great floods dud aeVero rain and dttow storms ard Deported from Western and Northwestern States and Territories. A number of pvortfoexSt Mormons are on' their way to Washington to lobby against the Edmunds-Tucker bill in Congress. , The Central Traffic. Association at Cleveland concluded to continue itself and to obielVe thY'new 'Int'et-State Commerce bill.) . The French.ehaTOtaerhas p&ssed, '."withotit d^aW , or scrutiny,'' the extra army and navy applop nations. This tvHl inciif^tttje^a^fever. A bill; to ptfnish etrtij&jfB who interfere with thff IjfWful., ejii|iloyment of Other person* fey a-fine of 8500 and, imprisonment ,for six months ha» passed. the Te$& Senate^ '. Mrs. Joh'tf A.. Logari' is to visit ' .v. tendered'for thej&eneraljs monument; the, intendsrta Eaye this final cere- ;mb'riies on t)dc6Mtibn day. ' '^T'he^sWtie^sion^pl *' the :'..' J)ennison ^Papej 1 company; 1 of 'Mechanib Falls,? Me., xtitti liabilitteis! -Of $450,000, is* nnnouncedii- A 'bifelve'ry Company at! TorontOi'J Ganada.ohas also failed; ;, Henry eUay, Dean, once a prominent Democratic political orator of ; Iow>, whb r aciitj irbd cprisiderable notoriety from his eccentricities of dreis di?d Sunday at his hohio: in .Putnam; cOuntyvMoi : Parnell made an- elahOrate speech Monday ! in;, the^Britisni Mouse of Commons; denouncing;' the" policy of the Tory Cabinet toward Ireland. and predicting that; ;Joei'cion would 1 be followed by. greater resistance and- distress, .while a policy bfcforbeari , anee would lead to tranquihty. He is reported as speaking with great force, but adroitly, and as making his points with unusual skill. Legislature. : : '; .' • ' SENATB. • :•' SPRINGFIELD, Feb. 8. —Senator Shutt offered a joint resolution submitting to the people an amendment to the constitution prohibiting the appropriation of money from the treasury for the, erection ^ of , -a monument to commemorate any individual ; the amendment not to apply, how*ever, to any monument for which ah' appropriation has already been made, or that is. under piroces8 ! 6f repairer construction. Senator Jones offered ; a resolution aslting for the appointment of a committee of three from the Senate and .six from the House to. investigate the: question of the best 1 means of employing convict labor other than by contract system. Senator Johns introduced a bill to restrict the right of aliens to hold- land 'in this country. • Senator Gibbs , desires to prevent pool selling and book making. Senator Qarrity introduced a bill allowing each candidate to select a judge for himself at, primaries. Senator Knopf introduced a bill to compel the attendance of witnesses on Coroners' inquests, and another to fix the fees and salaries of Coroners in counttes in the second class; Senator Cochran introduced a Ijill for. an act to regulate the attendance of teachers upon teachers' institutes allowing leathers not exceeding three days in one term nor five days. in :6he year to attend institutes held under the direction of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and that no deduction of wages shall be made by the district on account of such ab- seu e. The same gentleman introduced a bill to '.'encourage the planting of trees." The bill requires the gov^r- nor to annually, in the spring of the year, by public proclamation, designate a day for the planting of trees, said day to be known as "Arbor day."*— Adjourned. UOU8K. The judiciary oommlttea moved to refer Mr. Merritt's bill requiring fire insurance companies to pay the full faoo cf the policy in case of destruction of property, to thecoramittee on insurance ; but the House, on motion of Mr. Merrill, ordered tho bill lo n second rending. - Tho roll was called for tho introduction of bills with the following result: Mr. Archer wants persons applying for injunctions to restrain tuo collection of taxes, to deposit thy amount of taxes with the county cleric before the in j auction cad bo granted. Mr. Baker introduced too b ills one providing for licensing and taxing express companies; the other requiring fire escapes 10 be attached to all four-story buildings, except private re.^denceB. Mr. Brown of Fayette thinks much valuable land can be reclaimed along tho Okaw river if- the State Will give 85,000 for surveying the same. The same gentleman believes 160 degrees should be tho coal oil test , A State coal oil inspector should He appointed, and that omnibus and hack fares to and from depots should not be more than 25 cents for each passenger and 25 cent*. fo£ each 100 pounds of baggage, are Mr. Cbase'i ideas. Through Mr. Clark the Chicago Eye and Ear infirmary want $28,000 per]annum for ordinary expenses, 62,000 for repairs $4,000 for new funiture, and $2,500 for new boilers, aggregating,. . |p6, 6QO, The same; gentleman desires' a law , to prevent ' option selling in grain; stouk, etc. Mr. Collins introduced o bill establishing. a'tefdM school fbf i girls. ThretJ comWisSlbriers ,'•: are' tb locate and ; builc| duuh i; e^ta|ilMment,. to erect; ;whi<ih, ;.i» ane to conduct, af'ter'esitaDlislliea, f60,- 000 more is asked— total,- $i75'iOOO. Mr. Decker believes that all per- jsonir gettirig oti 6rJ off? moving ttalhs BhoUld be plipisheH by severe penalties; alsb J 'that4h%*8ale of ail baking powders containing alum shall be BS^ :Ad}burned. 8— The DrxON, [heavy rains .-of; ;the ' la^t';:!thVee days have caused Kfick'river and the oth- ,e'f;str6am8"in:,'tK?s ; yibinity^,; to rise rapidly^ ..Rook -riyer is-" booming. The watferipower aV.tne mili's 1 is' use- lesai- Fears'ai'e felt; Jthati' the ice- gorge will, wh'en' it'"g'6es outj carry ,with it some'.pf :th£! r mills' atTthe water-power. The river is still 1 rising, and: eff o'tts are being made i to blast the ice above;the daitt. , ; ... '. WASHINGTON, ',-. Feb. 3— Senate — A petitibh.^M. presented ''.frjom citizens of Ohio asking "for negotiations for the , acquisition' of , -Canada; . Mr. Vest intrpduced' a bill to authorize bridgiug the Miaaouri' river near Lexington; .The 1 ' 0 ' flsheriei; question was debated under the head of a bill .On the-subject ..until;; Becreti Cession cutitoffi , House— Bills were introduced to payv clviliservice;; c'py missipi^rB' $5,- OOO'safary,; and to abolish feeisystfefflSiJand' .subslituto" salaries for certain officials of the department pf ' justice ;.,;ihe ,la^t . named measure /.was productive ' : of consi- djerable^ftrm Debate.! -tl/tiev Chinese ittdeninity,bill \ya3 passed* to' pay for dainage^byiihe feock Springs (Wy.) riots of 1885. Pardoned by Gov. Oglf sl>y- , JptikT, 111.^0^ 8-4W»i. ! Bowman, a young .convict from iLitch- neld,, serving-a, four, ; years' term for ;tti«i 'crime. 6f ; a'r5pb'iiWa8 ; 'pardoued by the ; 9o;^npr : thi8":|fa^ Bowman iiyes at Nebp.ilH;y and iis the son, of wealthyi p.eppleV •'.,: ,ll&;was only 17- •when the' crin>« " wa3; ; c|»nimitted, and the pai-i l6n is sft'id^to '' have been granted on. that '^icc L. S. BALDWIHJ the Senior member of the 1 (irm : of J t - 3 • ' ' Bi'^ 1 *' 'W fa* WBO are probably tbe largest shippers' of live stock in the countyi ;th(pks that the workings of the/ Interstate commerce law will be benefloial to tho shippers of thU'' section. He s>y>| ' that '.points In Missouri fifty or one hundred miles farther from Cblcaaro hHTe a lowar rate to that oiif 1 thau : >B '/^yeij frbnv\Vbite Hall or Roodbouso; so much lower 1 that it would ,pay to dri^p cattle Ifrpm this locally and ship them from these favor* ed section* .-Whitehall Beptibltcan. What True Merit Will Do. Tho unprecedented sale of Bosohee's G«rman Syrup within a few years, has astonished ' tbe world . It . is without doubt th6 safest aud best remedy ever discovered 'for tho speedy and; effectual euro of Coughs, Colds and the 'severest Lung troubles. It; acts on an entirely different' prluolple from the' UKUU! pro- soriptidus given by physlomns, as it does not dry'up a opuga and' leave tbe disease still in the system, but on tbe contrary remove's' the pause of the trouble, heals the parts- affected and leaves thorn in a purely healthy condition. A botile kept in the house for use when the disease* make tbeir .appearance, will save doctor's bills aud a long f pell of serious Illness. A trial will convince you of these facts. It Is pos> tlvely sold by all druggists and general dealer* in tho land. Price, 76 ots,, largo bottles. ' Jalp'dwlw eoU Group, whooping 'oough^ sore throat, sudden cold, aud the lung trouble* pe> culmr to children, are 'easily controlled by promptly adaiiuutorlng Ayor's (Jhurry Pootorttl. This remedy is safe to take and certain in iti action. dwlw A GreatYictory A Terrible Case of Scrofula Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla " In the winter of 1870 I was attacked with Bcrotttla In one ot tUo most Aggravating I onus.. At one time I hadjno less than thlrtoeri large abscesses over and'around my nock and throat, continually exuding an offensive mass of bloody; matter dlBBustlng to behold; and alnioet'Intolerable to endnra. It la Impossible to fully describe rirjr suffering!, M the ease waa complicated tvltt> Chronic Catarrh. After three years of misery, having been treated by three physicians, I was worse than ever. Finally, on the recommendation of YT. J. Buntley, dinggUt, ot Lockport, I wa»' Induced to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. And now, after having tnken twelve bottles, within j the dart twelve months, the scrofulous eruptions have entirely ceased, and the abscesses have all beautifully less.' I do not know whatlt may have done for others, but I do know that in niy ease, Hood's Barsaparlila has proved an effective specific indeed. As on evldende'ot my gratitude I send these facts unsolicited, and i am ready to verify the authenticity of this cure, by personal correspondence with , any one who doubts it." CBAliLBS A. KOD- KBM, East Wilson, N. T. . ...,..» ,This statement is eonfinne'3 by W: 3, Hunvi ley, druggist, of Lockport, N. T., wboctills ttie, cure apretit victory for Hood's Sarsaparllla, Sflnd for book ElTlngstatetarats of mary cures. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. «l;slxfor»i M&4& only by & L HOOD « CO., Lowe)!, Mass. IOO ^ Doses One Dollar. PHTSICIANB AJTO DB. B. Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE A ND EESIDKKOE. OOB. AND HEOTiY 8T8. __ i ia»-dwly W. A. HASKELL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE-SECOND ST., AlAON, ILL. Office boors—4a.m.; 12 to Land 8 p. m UKNTISXttk. DB.C. K. Dentist* 18 THIE]) STHEBT, ALTON, Hit.. Oflloe Hoars-a u. m. to 12 in.; 1 to i p. u. fabdwly T. Li CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Com anii,, Pickles. SLOP FOft- SALE. '• JOHN BAtJEK, ASD.MANOTAOTBBHH ... OP.,. ..'. , ; • .: . SECOND STREET, Opp> OltyHall, ALTOIf, II.L. All kinds Of flhe anii d6niittt>i v rarnltnre constantly on hand. Al«o UJiacrtikor, etc. • • : -•;..- . •:!!•; •: :' •:.•:. , ftpiWwlW " J. HOFFMAN & SON, ....... -. . •: DEALEBS 1H Stoves and Hardware. SOFT COAL And other first class heaHBg stoves .or'oo Also Stoves, the tmdjdhampoB .llonltor Ooek t Iri Alton. ' Outside WorK o specialty: Boof Ing, Guttering, etc. Uudertaker's Supplies G. A. McMILLBN, Dentist, OVER BBUKGGEUANN'8 OtGAR 8TOIIK 8EOOND ST. )e"J dtf K>«H| pay. mttmttnm Write Valoiulnu Dro*.. .iHn^ttvllJu, Wla ALWAYS ON HAm OOK. BECOHD AND ALBY ST8. EMPIRE EEOOND STREET (Near Ptasa/i ALTON, ILL FOR 8ALB :' Ground Oat*, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn'Meal, Buckwheat Flour, GrahamFlour,etc PROMPTLY DELIVERBD TO ANY PART OP THK. CITY. M.WILKINSON. fllJOli ,,jr , . • . • . ( • • Hardware and Farm Iacliinery. HKADQtTAItTBRS FOB THE Best Buggy in the World. in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HAN GJLNG LAM PS, $1.75, $2, $250, $4, $6.50, $7.50 to $10 Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State fits., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH I BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BBEECH-LOADINO GUNS, From $16 to $30, S LEADING JEWELER, wyUdwir

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