Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 8, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1887
Page 4
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'•«*« XT _, . .. That rheumathm and neuralgia are w pntvtlent? , This question has not been •atiifactorlly answered, but it it certain that these dlseaien are not only the inert painful but among the most common, and eome member of nearly every family in the land U the victim of one of these dread tormentors. Ladies seem to be peculiarly liable to neuralgic attaclco, .which, in the form of neuralgic headache, pain in the back, or nervou* paina are of constant occurrence. Not until the discovery of Athlo- phoros had any remedy been found for either rheumatism, neuralgia or, nervous headache, and they wero generally conceded to be incurable, but Alhldphvros has been proved to be not only a certain cure for these diseases, in all their varied forms, but a to/is remedy. If, in the uso of AthlophoroB, the bowels are kepi freely open, its success it-tertain, and to aid this, Athlophoroi Pills are recommended, which, while providing the necessary cathartic, will be found to be a valuable ., aid to the action of the medicine. Athlo- V tihoros is no 'experiment, it lias been tested : „ f" "and has proved .its 'wonderful efficacy. *> The Athlophoros Pills were originally prepared as a remedy for use in connection with Athlophoros. for rheumatism and neuralgia and kindred complaints. Used in connection with that remedy, they are a certain cure for either of these very common and distressing diseases. They have also been found to bean invaluable remedy for any and all diseases arising from vitiated bl6od or general debility! They are especially valuable! for nervous debility, blood poisoning, dyspepsia, distress after eating, headache, constipation, loss of appetite, and all stomach or liver troubles. For diseases of women they are invaluable. . , JThese pills are perfectly harmless and may ,' \ ^be safely used by adults or children. . f ; Testimonials of those -who have been : cured will be sent free on application. ; * 'Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, btit wnere they cannot be bought of the druggist, the Athlo- phoros Co., 112 Wall St.,New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle ftr Athlophoroe and 50c. fot Pills. : Vor Headache, BIHomineiii, X plBlntl, Indigestion. Mild but effective. "OF BOI.D BY DRUGGISTS. REAL ESTATE FOft SALE OR RENT, -BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sale. A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-aiory frame house on Eighth street, near Henry. „ For Sole. A oboloo farm of 320 acres, with first class Improvements, eituated 2x miles east of Brunswick. Obariton cp., Mo. For Hals. A one-story frame dwelling house in good condition, in Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap The residence of Oapt. W, V - oble; two •stories and mansard roof) 12 room . 1 nails. : closets, collars, etc.; 8 acres of groan Most •loslrablo property in the city. Jf»r Hale. 1WJ acres of land near olty limits, Sc<i>.a ., two story brtck and frame dwo! nv, nouse, both situated on the eas< o rftata street between 6th and 7th meets • BO the brick block of stores on Secou ."troot, between Hom< and Hldge street nown as Hunter's row. For Sole. . A small frame' 1 .»lng house within n ne olocksofthed >t tor $376. 100 acres f good farming land, and another tract of - 00 acres, both unimproved. Situate In Mor. co., Kansas, at |10 and $16 per acre ; reapoottvoly—ono-tlUJdoiujb.lialttnpoon time. • '• ' ' ' '-.• ' For Bale. Alarm of 140 acres on bottom laud, all In cultivation, near Madison, in this county. A xood two-story frame dwelling houoo on it. I'rloe ,53,000 : For Sole. A choice farm of 120 .acres, situate 1 mllo south of Sbipihun, Macoupln county, 111., at alownguru. Parties intending to buy Uoal Estate In the city ol Alton or Tiolnltv will flnd it to tbolr interest to call at the oflloe of Rudorshauson . & Sonntag and examine their list of properties for Halo as only part thereof is advertised. .*» PLIABLE PLASTER CORNS:; A common sonso euro, by a comblnod medical and luoclianl- cnl action. Unlike uny other preparation, they relieve tho pressure whllo curing the corn, rind novor full where directions nro followed- Five sots of plasters and box of olntmont put up in handsome tin uaao, convenient for uso. Price 26 cents, complete. Auk for "Pod.icura" and take no other! The Peleg While Ppeprtelarv Go. HANUPACTUKIIUI, 113 W. Drpadwny, N. Y., U.S. OF FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. , U. W. CHAMBERLAIN, DlHt. Agent for Alton. thlt |< a P9'i of obttin eitiaaUa on idvottlllng iptct wh»n In CMctgo, will lincl l( on H»It ALTON DAILT TELEGKAPH. M S«cond.olB«i at«tt«r M O. at Alton, 111,) TUESDAY EVE., FKB. 8. HOW HE GOT EVEN. A Dude's Brilliant Idea and the Trouble If Couied. It Would never do for the West Sld( to Ingr behind (lie South' Side in thi» innrcli tiif progress. As tin- South Side Btreet-nirs hnvo been hcidcd llu* win- tor tho West Side Coiii]>iiny has kivpl up \vitli the procession, mid, if anything, has excelled ilsrivtjl in thvhomi- tiful siiuplieityof its lio:itiu<;a\>}>nnitnK. The n]>pnrtitus in <|itestioii oonsisiJt o) two parts—n hnndsoiue bntss lati-h, which keeps the fi-ont door of the eat Ipckctt, ami a rule which lorbtds thf lifting <>f the Inteh. The ruUnsa most excellent rule arid entirely orthodox in that it works both wuys—nnd therobj hungs n tnle. During the bitter cold weiither u day or two ago a little dude whose overcoat consisted.principally of fur i-ollar, urn) whoso legs were, so slim that Jitok Frost passed them hy in disgust, step-' ped languidly on the''front platform, and gripping the handle. ]>ushud feebly tit the door. The conductor happened to be collecting a farcclosn to the door, and, seeing the situation, laughed in the little fellow's fare.. "Let, me in!" said the dudo, witb great dignity. • , "••'-. j; : "Nnwi" rei>lied the epnduetor, with a grin and a chuckle.; "You'll jiavc to come around to the back dobr."« "Open the, door," exclaimed he or the outside, rattling tho handle. "Can't; do it,'my dear. It's bach door or nothing with you, Dickey," replied lie on the inside,; :shoving a bad quarter and three dilapidated nickels into ay passenger's • hand .and ringing his little gong by way of emphasis. Tho duties unbuilt enough to almosl lose, his temper, for it was cold outside arid tlie passengers were hugely.amused at his predicament; but all of a sudden a thought seemed to strike him. It nearly knocked Mm oft' into the street, but he managed to rally; and in n'mo- incut ; more all that appeared of him was a' coat;collar arid a pair of . logs leaning contentedly against tho door About this time the conductor pushed back the slide in the door and poked the dude in the back. The little fellow turned around audv looked blankly and innocently into the-conductor's face. : "Fare!" said the conductor, sticking a grimy paw through the aperture. The dudo smiled in a wearied sort ol a way ami .disappeared in his coat col- 1 lar. ' ••• ''•'• "•••;•• "Fare, there!" repeated the conduc- .tor, rattling the slide. ; "You'll have to come wound to the —ah—fwont platfphm, doncheknow deah chappie!'' replied the dude, emerging for a few seconds and disappearing again before the words were well ou< of his mouth. The conductor was six feet tall ant) had a whole bearskin on. Ho looked as though ho could crawl into a hole and die. Tho passengers nearly wenl into convulsions. The dude was buried in his collar and apparently far away in his thoughts. .'Once-more the big man in the bearskin yelled' "Fare!" and stuck out o threatening'hand. "Deah boy, it's fwont platfohm aw nothing," was the response from thf littlo man' f ih the collar. Then the conductor retreated to the back door, and his eyes bulged out o foot in his'eagerness -M catch sight ol a policeman. , He called .the first one on to thp car'itndtold him to go ahead and piilveri'/.o' the'fur" collar arid the logs. The conductor stopped the. car, and the majesty of the, law walked sternly around to the front door. 13nt the collar and legs seemed'to have no fear uind didn't •'pulyori/e Worth'.'u cent. ,Thii,v expressed ti feverish 'anxiety to p.y tho faro and held up a nickel so that tho conductor could see itthrough thu door. But put it through the slide they would not, and they coolly informed the majesty of the law that all the' policemen in Chicago couldn't makothom do it. Then the passengers laughed at tho policeman, and tho policeman suddenly discovered that he hud urgent business somewhere else and sliti off at the first corner. Then the conductor ran around to tho front door. The passengers supposed ho was going to eat up the. little man. Tho conductor had a sort, of an idea to that efl'oot. himself. Hut the dude didn't. He came out of'hin coat collar, straightened up, and fixed a very bright and rather wicked eye upon the conductor, while one hand came up jn a careless sort of fashion nbhut breast high. Then the conductor extended an open hand, and the dude dropped into it a nickel, unlived his eye, and disappeared in his coat collar.— Cln'myo Tribune. toy SUIuwalkH In I.oiil.ivlllH. . She was a real nice middle-aged "cul- ludooman," and carried a bustle hitched to her spine as big as a dog-house. She carried an ancient-looking cotton "omhril" in one hand, and a yojhnv leather bag as big as an elephant's ear in tho other. The ley sidewalk made her walk pigeon-toed and tender-footed, for ohc slopped like she was afraid that Hho'd hear something drop if she wasn't careful, and she'd bo there when it fell. Several persons looking for tho cold- wave Hag arrested her attention, nnd just as she- lifted her eyes mid head in tho direction of where ' the ilag should have been there was a yell and Home- thing dropped. It was tho old lady, anil "what a fall was there my countrywomen." She sat down no quick nnd hard that her- bonnet strings cracked like a pair of whiplashes, and her eye- bu'.ls shot out of their sockets like plus on a hall-lick. The "oinbril" went up twenty-five feet, closed and came down wide open, and lit half a square off. The bug went up sixty feel, opened its month, and came down amid n •thowol- of httirpKiC bKronlb-oardaJ dry-goo'da" samples, some ftfHe' bangs, shoestrings, and a general assortment of a little pit everything. .The old lady crawled to the gutter, fished her upper teeth, out of the snow, stuck them In her provender receiver, grabbed an iron post,, pulled herself to her feet, rested awhile,' arranged her bustle, gathered up what she could of the contents of tho ..-.bag, and, after getting* "good and, reajdy," took the middle of the street nndliail- ed every riinu slie met with;" 'XMister, Iz you seed nnyborly gwlne 'rouri' wid a h'lstcd ombril look in' for it Indy dat f rowed one awuy jcs' now?" Tho old Indy looked liko a wreck of her former self, and had boon wrestling with a (^old-wave blizzard, When' the business erid of a cyclone 1 had strut.-k and purftlyzed her just ns she WHS getting away- with far-Louisville Commercial, Tho I'cHtK of Modern The odd incident that occurred the other day in connection with young Bovei-ly Cadloy's visit to the president of one of tho great railroad corporations is bound to conic out, and may, as well be related forthwith. I should hardly regard it as entitled to remain safe within the awful circle of jthe club's inviolability, since Cadley is said to have related the incident himself, with some suggestion of pride in it. It scorns tho young man called on the president of the corporation that I have referred to during business hours, and got into his oflice,without being announced. ,,Tho president didn't know him, but glanced up at him Inquiringly. Cadloy -is a,tall, smooth- faced young man; he .wears a silk,hat flaring at the top, and a long, dark- green overcoat, with large buttons, tight at the waist and full in the skirts, ancl always carries his gray-pearl gloves in his hand. As the railroad man Se'emed to be 'siriiply waiting for his errand, Cadley said: "Mrs. Cadloy wishes to know whether she shall send you the securities which you conferred •with her about the olher.daj'." "Tcli her I think she had better, at once," said the president, and then resumed dictating a letter to his"secretary, as if no brie were in the 'room. Cadley reflected a nioirieht on the barbarity of all trade and all business, and then took himself out. Next day Mrs. Cadley came down with her .securities. The president ; saluted her with;old- fashioned courtliness. '"The'develop- ments in the market," said lie, "since your coachman called yesterday—" Mrs. Cudley did not slop to hear more. "My coachman, indeed!" she exclaimed. "Are you not aware that it was niy son who called on youP" !5The railroad official was aghast, but was, perhaps, presently inclined to make light of the whole affair, though Mrs. Cadley was unquestionably seriously offended. As I have said, however, Cadley himself considers it rather a good joke, and, as near as I can make out, he is actually dressing as closely as he can .to be taken for a coachman. — Jioston'1'ost. The greateit cure on earth for pain, Salvation Oil; sing the refrain. S "Ton out today, my friend, in this cold wind* I thought you were sick in bed with a cold. 11 He said nothing but smiled a jolly smile and led me to the apothecary's shop, and pointing to a big advertisement of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, said: 'Thereby hangs the tale; that tells the story." "• THE surplus which made Thomas A. Hendricks'last days so miserable bids fair to disappear. With Democratic extravagance in Congress and Demo-, cratio book keeping in the treasury department, it is vanishing like cold tea in a Senate committee room.— Springfield News. Charles A. Roberts, of East Wilson N. Y., had thirteen scrofulous ulcers on his face and neck. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured them. 54 Backache, Lung and Kidney Troubles onred by "Pomroy'n Petroline Plasters, —of Druggists. 1 Decrees ot silence. "It wai so still in tbe house," «aid Dobbins, speaking of the concert, "that you could hear a pin drop." "Was there a large audience?" asked Peterby. "The house was half full." "Is that all? H'm! yon ought to hear tbe silence there when there is a full house. Oh, it's something grand!"— TidBits. K -VFo Tell Yon Positively that Simmons Liver Regulator will rid you of dyspepsia, purify your system, enable you to sleep well, prevent malarial diseases and give you a brisk, vigorous feeling. It acts directly on the liver and kidneys, cleansing, purifying, Invigorating and fortifying the system against disease. It will break up chills and fever and prevent their return yet is entirely free from calomel, or quinine. tu th s wk Just Illi Lncb. •'•Comoin, my poor man," said a benevolent lady to a ragged tramp,"and I will get you something to oat, " . "Tanky, mums don't core if I do." "I suppose," continued tho lady, sot- ting a square mbal before him, "your life has been full of trials P" "Yis, mum, an' tho wust of it wuz I allus got oonviqted."— Judge. Give the Rice Coil Carriage Spring a trial. Nothing clsom the world in tho shape of a spring touches it. It has all tho good .rjdlnir qualities. It combines every es»engal of a perfect spring. The most'skeptical admits this on trial. dwlw "It is worth its weight in gold," is a common expression. Hut, while . tho value of gold is easily affected, tho worth of Ayor's Sarsapanlla, as a blood purifier, never depreciates, it will eradicate scrofula from tbo system when everything elae falls. dwlw An estate in New York valued 1 al tOO',000,000 finds toiw' ofitlie'tttirs In this city, writes'ti SunduskjvOi, correspondent of the- Cincinnati Enquirer. 'Amnziab rind-Mary iWllllhtnS : have resided in this elty for i more than fort* years and arc known nil through this' section. Ho is 86 and #ho is 84 year? of age. They, came from'New'"' York state here, where botltwera born and raised. For more thntU, thirty c years they have lived on ColuiubUs 'avenue, the second door south of' S"fJ Peter and Paul's church, One daughter still livoH* Mrs. Clemens. For more than sixty years Mrs. Williams has known of th'o above-mentidiie'd 'estate, intiny times having heard pm'cnts'imd grandparents speak of it. It is known as tho t'overt estate, the mini having' been leased ninety-nine years ago by Klisha Covert. Covert'had one dfingliter.' who married, but died childless. This left the estate without direct heirs, in which event Covert's brothers and sisters, il he had any, would become his ' Imirs. He had four waters, one of whom iriur- ricd a llorlou, ivnd ivas the grandmother of Mrs., \yillianis.' . For sonic tinio past various relntlve's'of Mrs. AVilliams have written her eo'iieeniin«jfihi.H estate, knowing 't-lirtt she was the oldest living heir, and hence would probably know considerable iilxhit it. Recently, Mrs.. Williams received a letter stating, that' she was a rich woman, as the lease ha'd expired, and tin; heirs wero., being advertised for. Steps,, were immediately taken to further investigate the matter. Mr. John Cherry, a grandsbii' \1y:mar- ringe, wrote to tlm surrogate of New York county, .while Mr, IK. T. Cm-ran was retained as legal adviser. No time has" been lost nor pains spared in expediting matters. The estate is valued at $00,000,000, $10,000,000 of which will fall'to''the -heirs of Mrs. Williams' grandmother; . 'Out of tho $10,000,000 Mrs. Williams Will receive from $300.000 to . $400,000. This morning Mr. Cherry' received o letter from-the surrogate of New York county, which stated that the Covert 'estate was located in .that part of the city known as Harlem Hats. I.M^. -» ..!• I , II A Gift for All. In order to give all a chance to test it, and thus be convinced of its wonderful curative powers, • Dr. King's New Dis*. covery. for. Consumption, .Coughs!and Colds, will be, for a limited,tiriio, given away. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of this great remedy. All who suffer from Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any affection of Throat, Chest or Lungs, are especially requested to call at B. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle SI. Renews Her South. Mrs. Phosbo Chesley, Peterson, Clay Co., Iowa, tolls the following remarkable story, tho truth of which ia vouched for by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney eqmplaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and am able to do all.- my own housework, I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed completely all disease and pain." Try a bottle, only 50c, at E. Marsh's Drug Store. ' fbl dwlm BncKieu'8 Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuta, bruises,-sores,u.C!ers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all akin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. Fnr sale by E. Marsh, Alton. Ill mch7dwlm "The Greatest Ouro on Earth for Puln." Will reUoromoro quickly tUan any other known rom- edyi KlicumatlBm, Neuralirin, Bwolllnps, Btllt -Neck, nrufeon Burns, Scnldn, Outu,, Lumba- , . s, Hcadnoho, Toothache.. Sprains, otc. Price 25nts. a bottle. Bold by all lilnivrglsta. Cautlon.-Tho gon- fao-slmllQ 'uinu"8almtion 6'tl bears our registered Trade-Mark, and our 4. O..MoJer & Cn Bale . . Proprietors, Ital'.liuoro, Mil., U. S. A. Dr. Bull'M Ooueh Syrup will cure your Couith ol "Men. I'rlce niilv U5 (,'la. n boltlo. JOSKfH JAKtlETT'S LIVERY STABLE^ FRONT STREET, BETWEBN ALBY AND KA8TON, &.UTOI • . • ILI.INO1 Chancery Notice. STATE OF ILLINOIS,) nn County of Mudlnon, ) HB> Circuit court ol Madison county, March term A.U. 1887. Henry 0. Priest, surviving partner of Henry 0. Swentaor, doccnseil, lato partnnra undnr the name ol SweotBm- and J'rloHt, vs. David H. Sparks, Anna i>. Sparlcs, lila wife, Wcs- loy Best, the Alton National Bunk, the D. R. BparkB Milling company, Albert Wade mid Frank H. Mllnor. In chnnceiy Notice Itf horc'by Blvon to thu mild Wesley Best that the' ahovu named oomplalnant h«rotoforn filed lilablllof comphdnt in Bald court, on tho ohancory side thereof, and that a summons thnreupon iuHuud out of Biikl court riKiiltiet tho above namod dofcndantu returnnulf- on tho ft rat d«y of tho term of the oiroultcourt of Madison county, to bnhrld at court house In Kdwanlsvlllo, lu said Mudlnon county, on tho third Monday O f March, A,]), 1887, as IB by law required, ami wlilcn suit Is still pending. ROBKRT HAONAUKR, WISH * pAvi8,Oomi)lHBjpj!ig. ' UOO BA.G8 HI.GGINH' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table UH«>, ln'14 Ib. llucu sacks and 5« lb." suckH, for sale by J. A. RYRIE, MOST PERFECT MADE Preparedwith strict regard to Pnrlty, Strength, an HcalUif ulnoBs. Or. Price's Baking Powder contain no Ammonia,Llme,AlUm or Phosphites. Dr.Prico' JJittacUs, Vanilla, temon, etc., flavor dellclously. RAILWAY T1MK TA1II.K. OHIOAGO AMD AJV.l'ON. On and after Sunday, Nov. 14th, 18M3, ti-aln on tlio Ohlcpgo and Alton railroad, will leav tho Union Depot, Alton, utandard time, o follows: , •••••'..!••..•! ,,• : •• For Chloneo and tho iSastt ; •OhleagoHall*.:, ••..;•..;.,....'. ....' Ohlougo Accommodntlon*....... .6:00p. Lightning Express*..-..,..;........... 9:10 p. Poorin and Rook Island Fast Lino t,9:00 a. For JnokHonvlUe, Kedliultt Qnlitoy, ' Kan .ens City,and all points west. KansasOity Mall* .... ; ...9:00ft.n Kansas Olty Exp»oaa*, 0:liip. > Denver Express t.......... 7:05 p. in Jacksouvillo Accouunodationt... 'I'M p. n For St. LonlH i LlghtnlncBxproBa*.. ...0:10 a. u> Ohiuagp Accommodation*. 0:30 a. n Alton special) 12:95 p. ni KansasOttyMail*. .<.. .5:40 p. : ChicagoMallr...... fl:80p. > TRAINS LEAVE ST. LOUIS UNION DEP01 FOR ALTON. , 17 BO a. m. . . • fe 00p.m. *4 BO p. m. *7 SB p. ni. (B 45 a. m. Sundays only). % *Dally .Tfixcopt Sunday. ' Sup't. St. Louis Division O.Q. NORMS, Ticket Airent. ' OHIOAQO, BURLuVGTON AOT) CjUIVOY. Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: ' Going Nortlu' : Kzpross (except Sunday) . . . L 8:25 a. m Night Express 7:06 p. in W.W. ARNOLD, Agent. :. L. SLUNK UNDERTAKER, AND DEALER Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Uobes Jfor Ladles, Gentlemen and OluUtrim. Office and Shop on State street OverHart s Livery Stable. Will attend to Job Workand!Rei>ftlt!nE Furniture, [njs The undersigned have OTIC nod n new rauslo tore at the cornnr of Third , and Flnsa sta ORGANS AND PIANOS! of the finest workmanship for sulo at,r<m sonable prices. Call and examine our inatru merits before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSS & RABE. mc)i'i2ilw(mj Sore Eyes The eyes are always in sympathy with, the body, and afford an excellent index of its condition. When the eyes become weak, and the lids inflamed and sore, it Is an evidence that the system has become disordered by Scrofula, for which Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the best known remedy. • Scrofula, which produced a painful in- flammation in my eyes, caused me much suffering for a number of years. By the advice of a physician I commenced taking Ayor's Barsaparllla. After using this, medicine a short time I was completely Cured My eyes are now In a splendid condU tion, and I am as well and strong as over. —Mrs. William Gage, Concord, N. H. For n number of years I was troubled. with a humor in my eyes, and was unable to obtain any relief until I commenced usinc Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This medicine has effected a complete cure, and I believe it to bo the best of blood purifiers. — C. B. Upton, Nashua, N. H. Prom childhood, and until with a few months, I have been afflicted with Wcak- and Sore Eyes. I have used for thesa complaints, with beneficial results,' Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and consider it a great blood purifier. — Mrs, 0. Phillips, Glover, Vt. I suffered for a year with inflammation in my left eye. Throe ulcers formed on the ball, depriving me of sight, and , causing great pain. After trying many other remedies, to no purpose, I was finally induced to use Ayer's SarsaparUla, By Taking three bottles of this medicine I have been entirely cured. My sight has been re- ' stored, and there is no sign of inflammation, sore, or ulcer in my eye. — ICondal T. J3owon, Sugar Tree Bidgo, Ohio. My daughter, ten years old, was afflicted with Scrofulous Sore Eyes. During •• the last two years she never saw light pi . any kind, Physicians of the highest standing exerted their skill, but with no permanent success. On the recommendation of a friend I purchased a bottle of Ayor's Sarsaparilla, which my daughter commenced taking. Before she had used the third bottle her sight was 1 restored. Her euro Is complete. — W. E. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Afer & Co., Lowell, Uui. Sold by (11 Drugglit*. Price »1; ill bottloj, »6. Seventy -elKlit iioru farm In Pouter Town- Bhlp.MadlBnu county, 1)1, j 40 acres In tniltl- vatlon, bulanooln putituruand timber. Good one story and liiilf liouao with six rooms, collar, two elsturns, w«ll, good barn and out buildings Price 11,500 cash. Address JoUn Cousins. Upnw Alton. Ill, « wlrn* HARPER'S BAZAR, .;- ILUJSTBATED. ; BiRrEB's BAZAR oombinei the ohgtoM* literature and. the finest niusttatloniSHp.fiM latest tathlons.aud the most useful iSmlly reading, it* stories, poems, and otiayi are by the best Wrltere, and iti humorous sketches are unsurpassed, Its papers on »ooliU otl> quette, decorative art, house keeping in all Its branches, cookery, etc., make Ic lu dispensable in every household. Its beautiful fashion plates and pattern-sheet supplements enable ladles to save many times the cost of subscription by being their own dressmakers, Mot a line 'is admitted to Its columns Hint could shook the most fastidious tunte. .$ 4 00 . 4 00 . 400 a oo HABPBE'S ' ,• . Vor ¥«art Harper's Ilnzrir.....,,,.,.. llnfpor's Magazine. . .'.' Harper's Weekly....... ........ ........... Harper's Young People.... ......... ...... Harper's Franklin Square Library, one . year (62 numbers),... ......... ........ 1000 Harper's Handy Series, ot.o year, (62 numbers ) ............ ...... ...... .... 16 00 Postage Free to all subscribers lu the United States or Canada. The volumes of the DA/.AH begin with the drat Number for January of. bach year. When no time is mentioned, subscriptions will bo- Kin with the Number, current at time of ro- colpt of order, '«.„ , Bound Volumes of HAiuncit's J1A7.AH, for three years bade, in neat cloth binding, will be eont by mull pontage paid, pr by express, free of expense (provided the: freight dOos not exceed one oollnrpor volume), for $7.00 per volume. •••./•<•• Oloth Cases for ouch volume, suitable for binding, will bo sent by mall, postpaid, on ou receipt of J.1. 00 enoh. . '• Remittances should bo made by Postoflloo Money Order or Draft, to -avoid .oil unco of loss. • ' •••'-' Newspapers are not to copy this .advertisement without the express order of lUiu'KB & BKOTHKRS. Address ' HAKPEK4BKOTHER8, New York. 1887;Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED; ; , ''JlABPBn's WBEKtY maintains imposition as the loading Illustrated newspaper In America ; and its hold Upon public esteem and con- ffdunoe was novei atroniterthau at the present time. Besides the pibtures.^HARpEtt's w EEKLY alwa> s contains iastullniorlta of 01111, occasionally of two, of the best novels of the day, finely Illustrated, with short storloa, poumsj sketches, and papers of important current topics by tbo most ^popular writers. The care that has been successfully exorcised in the past to u, akei • WAUPEHS WEKULY » sale as well as a welcome visitor to every house hold, will not bo relaxed In the future. HAMPER'S PEBIODICJALS. Per Teart Harper's Weeltlv..s ..!....$ 1 oo Harper'sHajjazlne.........;.;;......,.... 4 00 Harper's Bazar...,,... t ..\ 4 00 Harper's Tfoung People....i.i....".. s 00 Harper's Franklin Square Llbrat'y, bne year (62 numbers).......,...,......"... 10 00 Harper's Handy Scries one j ear (62 nnmbera) ...,....;.. ........ is oo Pobtage free to all snbsoribors Inthe United States or Canada. .,• -lv.,. The Volumes of the Weekly begin, with the 10 of receipt of order. .•.!..• Bound Volumes of HAnritB's WEEKM-, for- three years back, in neat tUoth binding, will be sent by mail, postage paid, or by express, free of expense (provided the Irolght docs not exceed one dollar per volume) for?? per vol. Cloth cases for each volume, suitable for binding, will bo sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt 01 $1 each. . Remittances should be made by JQtstofllce Money Order or Drait to avoid chance of loss. Newspapers are not to copy tnls advertisement without the express order ot Harper & Brothers. Address ; ••'••••• IIARl'ER & BROTHERS, New York. January Number, No, 1, Vol 1. NOW READY. CONTENTS, GAMBBTTA FROOL,AIMINC» THE IRK. PUBLIC 6Jf VRANCK. frotitlipiece. Drawn by IIOWABD Fvr,B. Engraved by. FRAKK FRENCH. , , •> , ,• •.' KEJIIN1SOENOF8 OFTHE.SIEGK.AlfD OO1I- UUNE OF PARIS. First •Paper—The Down fall of the Empire. By K. B. WAailBuitHB, ox-Minister to France. Witli illuBtratlolig from portraits.and documents in Mr. Wusu- burne's possesBiou,: and from drawings by THOLSTKUP, MJSUKBK, ItKicn, and others. SF/.CH S BUOTHER'S WIFE.—Oiiopters 'l.—Y. HAHOLD FIIEDEIUO. ' a'1115 STORY OF A NEW YORK HOUSE I.— II. O. BuNNEii, iHUBti'ttted bg A.' B. JPBOfiT, F. BopKiNsos SM^TiJUnd G. w, ED.WAHUS. SO^NETB IN 8H4pp\V. . ARLO BATHS. ' OUR'DEFElbELESS OOASTS. F. V. GREENE Oaptain U. S. Engineer.. With maps, sketches and diagrams. ' K. > N A COPY OF THE LYRIOAt, EOfiiis OF ItOBERTillEliHICK. AUSTINDOB8ON. N MEXICO. A Story.' TlIOllXS'k.";jAHVlER. THE BABYLONIAN SEAlJS. WILLIAM HATK8 WAUD With llluHtrations from seals in the author's colleation, and after Dn OLERCQ, I'lNOiiES and others; , GUMI'HES AT TUB plAUIKS OF GOUVKE- N BUR MOIUilS.' Social 'MW 'and •pharuoter In the I'pris of the IlevolUtion Fl?st Paper, ANNIE OAny ; Moiiitisi 'WlHi portrait en- aruvutl.hy G. KIIDCLL, from the painting at Old Morrlsauia, ' .., OOIAU8M. FltANOls A, .V 'HE NEW YEAR. MAYBTOY FLEMING. 4. VIOLIN OBLIGATO. A Storj/ : MAROAHBT OBOSBV. / , ...."..> > -S8.00 u Veiir. 80 oxn. a^Turaber. idmtttuhcos elioukrbo "made W "olieok or uionoy order. CHARLES ^GRlBHkm'8 SONS, Publisborgi • ' . ''•'•. • . \ ' 743 mid 740 Broadway. N«« Tork. Qtrmtnr, end all other countries, Thtlr «rp«n- •nos U unoqutled and th«lr fnollltles »r» uiuu* pusid. Drawlnn * o tin Ptttut Offlb* i. No oU«rg» lor tia »•• Ad ' thtnlcf, nt»ntlon§, »n||n«rln» «*W*i » •r dlparlmtnu oflnduitrlal profrtS'p" oountrr. It effijtaln».th. eamh all palfeti •uh «M BOJp PX ftu now««»i»r«. ' .. M. If 700 bar* »i( iDjtntlea to paUot wnjo.y Mann i Co., JjublliUiri ot Bol»BUflo AMP*?* ffel'^&^r* " ' illp«UBtiMjndtltl«ot«i... iaoh .wfek. <Ki it, four mooVlli lor oat i !oJdbxkirn»wid«aUn. II roil oar* an l»«ntli Uann 4 Co., JjuWliUtri i

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