Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 8, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1887
Page 3
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ALTON DAILY TELEGBAPH. GO", -•••', ' •" Q£ .9 .00 •M if Kg u •"> 8o°ond streot.near , corner ol Henry -FOR- JFINE STATIONERY, Buoh a.n Crane's Floral. Whiting's Standard Papers, Hnrlbnt's .French Linens, Eclipse Bagged Kdee, Bllte Ragged Edge, Balmoral K^»S'i>? rlffl 'j'.?v. I '', nen j. Turkey Laid Linen, p,..,,,h in,,.., «iw»^ 0i Oharred Ed«e, Oroam ii.' . , L*KI. Mourning Note, and a large assortment ot Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. ^n'soj'a Wax and Seals. School Tablets and Stationery. decOdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! OliBAP FOB OABH OH TIME PAYMENTS Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired Sew- rag Machines repaired Sureties lor all Mau ii r. , N. J>. IM.MOREUX, Maslo Deijlor, Third' street, nearly opposite B«Ue, Alton, 111. decBuwly WATCH AM kinds of Fancy, Hand mode, Knit and Oro«o t goods. Hoods.Tobaggans and Mils. Men's Hearir and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sewing and Stamping D jno. Come and give us a oall. Don't forget the place. ', decBrtwly GREATESTTARGAJNST -AT— C.M. Crandall's Crockery Store 2O3 THIRD ST., WEAKLY OPPOSITE BELLI). NEW GOODS! Comprising the best Iron Stone China j finest quality Thin Opaque Cui- na, ; Imperial and Vitreous Chinaware j a eplcndld stock of Plain, Heavy, Thin-blown and Engraved Glassware; a great variety of Lamps—best Electric, Jloohester and Incandescent, also Lamp Chimneys for each; best quality Silver-plated Ware; Fine Assortment of Table Cutlery, Tea Trays, Bird Cages, nnd House Furnishing Goods generally, which I offer at, Baddies at Connor's. , - beautiful weather'ha* oeeded the protracted storm. Single Insertion ' ",S'.~*"" & f° fl , ve y-wrtton., ':. ' . '? "•S"' six to twelve insertions, . . « » BATES OP AUVKRTISma t ttuttststn.—Fjfir cents per inch first in. sertton, and VB cents n»r tnoh for each subsequent insertion. LEOAI, ADVBBTISWat \^ r 'J 101 * tor tho flrst Jttiertlon/and 80 5f ln ° h ' Or each """sequenl insertion _gr Above rates will bo stUotly adhered to. »nnlversarr of Lmoola'i birth* day will occur uert Saturday, the 12tl» day of February. Eastern Republican club* will celebrate tho event. A. new invoice of Spring Flannels and Tricots, ubBurpassed in quality and price, in this city.-H. K. Lehne. • • 8 2 wit -UoHvored by Pftrtsof the city of Alton and " __ TUB Captain inquired If. the 'black flag was displayed over the City Hall this afternoon to announce the meeting of the Council Pj THE Secretary of State has licensed tke Alfon Electric Light, Power and Steam Supply Company, at Alton j capital stock, $10,000; inoorporators, George N. Black, B. D. Lawrence and 8. H. Jones. SMELTING works In St. Louis, on an extensive scale, are to be established. M*. 0. M.Tjrandall offers the Greatest Bargains in a new advertisement. ST. Valentine's Day IT approaching and the pictures are beginning to appear. Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rndershausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf Mr. G. G. Pierce, of Godfrey lately had a valuable Gold dust colt badly lacerated by a barbed wire* fence' A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. O. G. Moritz, Third street, 26tf CAPT. StarrTavs the ferry boat Altonian IB still confined co the chute at the head of the island by ice 10 inches in thickness. A LADIES' chorus, under the direction of Mrs. O. B. stelle, will soon be organized in connection with the Mendelssohn Club. Whiteness,"Lightness~and Sweetness are all necessary for good bread, and to secure this result you should use only There are a few families in and about Alton that do not use La Belle flour. They should try a sack of it at once. 29 deod 2w w2t Notice. W. F. Ensmger has not removed'to Kansas as reported, but is on hand to do your painting and paper hanging during the ensuing season, as heretofore, on short .notice and easiest terms, Please give him. a.ball at the old stand on Second street, near Piasa. ja!8 8m La Belle flour. 29d eod 2w A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the beat cigars in the market. THE people outside of the Me/Vda- mized streets now travel on the i'lower road," that is, froa six to efghteen inches below the'usual track. THE Hunterstown Social Six will give a dancing party atBickel's Hall to morrow evening. It is expected that the "east of Henry streeters" will be on 'hand. We invite the public to call and ex. amine our extensive line of seasonable goods which have arrived lately. Timely buying has placed us in a position to offer rare inducements—Haa«en & Fuess Dry Goods Co. The river is rising rapidly under the influence of the. general thaw and heavy rains. Capt. KUison left St. Louis, for Pa- dueaH last night to bring round the steamer Hudson for the Alton and Graf ton trade. The fgorge broke last night at Blsah and heavy ice was running by this port this morning. The river is now open as far as the mouth of the Illinois. The Spread Eagle will leave for Graf ton this evening and probably make daily trips to St. Louis hereafter and triweekly trips to Graf ton. There is considerable disappointment among shippers, between here and Grafton, we understand, that Capt. Bruner is not to command the new steamer Hudson. Not that there is any feeling against the commander appointed, who is beyond question an excellent and well qualified gentleman, but simply because every one "all along shore" knows Capt. Bruner, and has a pleasant remembrance of his unfailing courtesy to passengers and his careful attention to the interests of shippers. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and get the best. 'Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 54. . aug!4 d7m Money to loan on unproved farm property. For particulars, apply to THE Farmer's Institute for this Congressional district will be hold in Waterloo, Monroe bounty, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 16th and 17tli days of February, under tha auspices of the State Board of Agriculture. Di B. G1LLHAM, Vice Pres. 18th district. THE ladies of this city of literary tastes have organised a reading club. At, the weekly meetings, each member in turn reads from some popular work while the listeners engage in some occupation, thus combining instruction, amusement and utility. THK Chicago Inter Ocean makes a correct diagnosis of the situation when it says : . Time flies carelessly in Missouri. A man in that State has just been sentenced to nmety-nlne years' imprisonment. It is thought his sentence will expire in time for him to attend the dedication of the new St. Louis bridge. MB. Eli Stone, a cooper by trade , but for several years employed in rarir ous saloons in the city, died yesterday afternoon at the Sisters' Hospital, pro' sumably from the effects of alcoholism. He was 47 years old and leaves a brother and a daughter.livlug m Peorla. Mr. Stone wa» an old soldier and served in the army four years. , WHIPPLE A CITY COUNCIL. THE LOWEST CASH PBIOE8 Lucas Pfeiftenberger ""ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT 'AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, . at., one door west of PJUMO, (bird floor. ; — Mrs. Esther McNeil, for nearly forty years a resident of Alton, died yesterday afternoon at 2 o'nlook, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. James Cousley, in Sudalia, Mo., whore she had been spending vhe winter. During a long illness Mrs. McNeil bore her severe suffering with that patience and fortitude for whiqh ahe was well known. Hero where she has lived so long, she was highly esteemed and beloved. She was a devoted Christian, a member of the Presbyterian ohuroh. Besides a large number of relatives and friends, aha leaves three daughters and a son to mourn her death. She Imd Just passed her 76th birthday, and up to her last illness had itn unusual degree of vigor and activity. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 10 a. m. from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Duncan, In Middletown. The Council met m regular session today. Mayor Coppinger and a full board present. Owing to the illness of Clerk MoNulty, Mr. George McNulty served in his place. The petition of M. H. Boals for a sewer at the north side of Sixth street, between Market and Alby streets, was referred to the the Street and Alley committee. That of V..A jek, to have water turned from lot 4, block 10, was also refer red. Petition for a crossing at west side of Alby street, was granted under sus pension of rules j also that for B water plug, corner of Fonrth an! Walnu streets. The petitions of Goo. N. Black et al. of Springfield, who are organizing an eleotrio light and steam heating company; the Heisler Electric Light Co., of St. Louis, of St. Louis, and the amend ed petition of the Houston-Thompson Co. were referred to the Gas committee. The petition of Illinois Glass Co. and Z. B. Job to have certain streets near the Glass Works vacated by the city was granted. An ordinance [to build a limestone flagging sidewalk on the east side of Henry street from Second to Front street, was passed on Nuspenslon of the rules. The Gus committee reported favorably on the petition of the Alton Eleo- trio Light and Steam Heating Co., the plant to be- m operation by the 1st of next June. The question caused considerable debate in which Aldermen Meyer, Bis* singer, Curdle, Pates, Thornton, Elble, Coppingor took part. The report of the committee was approved and, on motion, the Ordinance committee was instructed to draft on ordinance covering the case. The resolutions appropriating $200 for the improvement of Eighth street bo- tweon Alby and George; for a crossing at west sldn of Eighth and Langdon Capt. Hansell, of Elian WM In ton* y«8t«rd»r. KOBTBALTOH. A publio meeting was held at North Alton last evening to hearth* report of Messrs Rutfedge, McGlnnls and Krug, the committee appointed to obtain subscriptions to a fund for boring for a deeper vein ol coal, The committee made a favorable report of their progress, althoneh they had not obtained asjlarge a response to their efforts as they hoped. They were instructed to proceed with their work and Messrs. B. Sohiess and Louis Betz were added to the committee. They will continue their canvass in this city and hope to receive many additional subscriptions. We are informed that the cost of boring 1,000 feet will be about $8,000 and the committee want to raise that amount, if- possible, though many believe that coal will be found before a depth of 600 feet is reached. Belief in the existence of a deeper vein of coal at N»rth Alton is general among miners there, and we certainly hope their expectations will be realised. Even if no eoal is found many think that oil or natural gas will be struck. In support of this theory Mr. Sohiess says that oil exudes In the railroad cut near the crossing of the road from Up<. per Alton to Coal Branch. THE GREATEST 80 DAT CASH BOOT AMD SHOE SWEEP ETEuKADB IN ALTON. WJUOHT * PETERS' LADIES' run . SHOES AJ) FOLLOW!: Pebble Goat f 8, button $2.60. Strait Goat $4, button 83.46. Strait Goat hand sewed 94.60. batten «S.66. French Kid f5, button «4.60. AMD OTHBB MAKES IK Our Ladies' 83 Kid Button down to $2.60. Our Ladles' $2.60 Goat! and Kid go at $2.16. Our Matchless Line Ladies' 92 shoes at 91.66. 260 pairs Misses' shoes worth 92 at 91. ?60 pairs Children's shoes, worth 91.60 and 82, down to $1.25. Nettleton's Men's fine $6 shoe, 94.26. A broken lot Lilly, Bracket o\,Co. $6 shoes for 84. Men's Hand Sewed Shoes value $6,at 84.76. Boys' 81.86 button and bals., knocked out atSl.60. No Monkey Business, not Old Stock, every thing good and at cut prices for cash.—Star Shoe store, Big 102 W. N. CARHART, 4dw2w Manager. Bon Ahmar was receuuy rewaruau with the cross of the Legion of Honor for bravery as a liou-killer. In Algeria m twenty-six years, he killed over 200 lions. One lion is estmated to .destroy 10,000 francs' worth of capital annually and to keep it up for ten years at least: '" fl '" '•— '••"-- navGd Algoria, about . ' NOW WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO E m b r o 1 cieries, AND Goods, Good Things! Liquid Sure Cure, and A-corn Salve for Corns. Toothache Drops, relieve at once. Lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & pains. Marsh's Drug Store. An inebriated prisoner, on being led into a San Frunoisco police court, declared that he could "buy out this old prison," and as he spoko he slammed a big sack of coin on the prison-keeper's desk. The hitter calmly emptied the sack, hut as it only panned out $365.80 he rofiisud to sell, and instead gave the capitalist tho uso of a coll for the night They have what is called a "spotter" oar on the Now York Central road. It is provided with a tank of colored fluid and when tho whouls roll over a rough place in tho track tho fluid is spilled on tho spot. It is so arranged that the track suporintotfdent can, while seated on tuo msido of tho oar view the track, and thus detect any flaws that mav exist. J There are thirty-seven persons and corporations in Boston that are assessed for more than a million each. The tax on $1,000,000 is $12,700. Among the milllonnirns arc Frederick L. Ames, Samuel C. Lawrence, Ariooh Wont- worth, Jiimes L. Little, QuinoyA. Shaw, and Joshua M. Sears, who is the largest individual taxpayer. Mr. Sears' tax Dill this year is $47,531. A tobacco journal says that when a cigiirmiiker gets right malicious and deslrc.8 to do his employer great damage he gots to work on the" best brand and thon puts ii singlo hair from his head in oneh cigar. This trick is oxcoedingly diflicjiilt to detoct, and will destroy the flavor of ovory cigar it is appliud to with a fnr-renohing injury to the repu- Union of tho brand. f The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and Soft Coal and Wood Cook and HeatingiStoves EVER BEOUGHT TO ALTON . The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, A J *\. . 532 East Second st,, west of Henrj ? Pants, Pants, Pants, For Fat Men, Slim Men, Bojs, and Children, -,.. ,.„>,- •'**••' «• ••'•f^uiu nit** ijnuuuuil streets; for improvement of north side of Second between Spring and Cherry streets and some other similar Improvements, were referred to Street and Alley committee. DIKU. MCNEIL—At Sedalla, Ho., after a protruet ed Illness. Mrs.KBthorMctfell. aged 7« yoarii The remains will be brought to this olty (o nterment and the funeral will take place to morrow morning, at 10 o'clock, from tho real enoo of her daughter, Mrs. Sarah J. Duncan In Middletown, Frleads and acquaintance are respectfully Invited to attend. Trouble Ahead. When the appetite falU.and sleep crowi rostless.unrefreshiug, there Is trouble ahead. The digestive organs, when healthy, orava food, the nervous system, when vigorous and tranquil, Hives Its possessor NO unestlness at night A tonic, to beeffeotlv*, should not b* a mere appetiser, nor are the nerves to be strengthened and soothed by the unaided action of » aodative or a nai-ootlo. What Is required Is a mc'dlclne which Invigorates the itomaoh, and promotes assimilation of food by the system, by whlob means the nervous system, as well as other parts of the physical organism, are strengthened. These are the effects of Hostetter's Btomaob Bitters, a medicine whose reputation Is founded firmly in public confluence,and which physicians com- mond f*rlts tonic, antl-blllous and other properties, it Is used with the bost results In fever and ague, .rheumatism, kidney and atartue wcntnosi, tad otherweJidk*. ts, s, ; H. M. Schweppe Third Street Clothier. ^ Branch, Second and Ridgo.strcets. L. J; HiBTMAM,§Manager.

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