Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 8, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1887
Page 1
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smmun.vtimrmtr+^r.imf.,,**,*^^ ••».*,,»,.,„.,. » , VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY PHI MY BACK trtry atraln or cold attackn that weak back , . . and n«srljr prwtrattg von. THE , BEST TONIC Btcnillc* the Nerrsn, EnrUhM the Blood, Gives New Vigor. DaJI. L. Mt«M.F»lrteld, Iowa, «an: " Brawn'* Iron Bitten In the boet Iron medldiio I i bar* known In my BO yean' ptaotteo. I h&vs found it . ppeoial]/ benenaul In nerrous or phrjrioal exhaustion, •no In all (ubUitatinff Bllfflfttitfl tbat boar ao hoaviljr .on the iratem. UeeTt freely In my own family." Ma. W. Jt. BBO.WTI. 687 Math St.. OoTington. St.. aan; "I wu ootnplottly broken down t • tronblBd with pains In my back. 1 Bitten entirely mtored me to health." Qennlne hu ihoteTraae Mark and eroand red llnet on wrapper. Take no ntber. Uadeonlyby lUtOWM CHEMICAL COM BALTIMOHE, U.O. J- I CATARRH HAY-FEVER '•V- : .ELFS CREAM BALM Js'not a liquid, snuff or powder. Applied into noitrila i» quickly absorbed. It cleanses ih* Tiead. Allayi inflammation. Heals the toret. Bcitores tJiesenses of taste and smell. to ccntlat Druggists; by mail, registered, 60 ctnti. £LY BROTHERS. Brngeists,0wego,inr. D OIL Offffi Have been enjoyed by citizens of every town and* city In the n. 6. Marvelous Cures Imvo boon witnessed by thousand* of people, who can testify to THE WONDEHFUI. HKAL1NQ POWER OF Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, 'Toothache, Headache, Earache, Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, SUM Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains,' Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Sore Nipples, Cakod Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, are quickly relieved by thin inimical remedy. Try It onoe and you will nover bu without It, • For salo by dniRglsts. Prlco. fiOc. Our SONQ BOOH free to all. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY, CHICAGO. Patents. , ,ro uy persons wishing to obtain ,Ietti» patent on now, luvontlonn, 'tnprovomeuta o "tt*8t({n8, 1 Will execute' drawing* and spoolfl cations and make applications for Patents AJ1 ooiuraltatlon, In i^erson ov by lotto. , frpe Ll'€A8 , ' Alton. HI, A. J. -DEAlBIi IN- FURNITURE I A Full and Complete Stock ON HAND. ALL OKDB1' ' 'FOR' - . , Neiitly'and promptly ozoputod. Belle st.j ; bot.!Tliird and Fourth. I V; t .. ..'I: Trra*-.T---,-Ai-j. . .' •'•'-•• ••- '-ALaO- UNDEETAKER8 UK8Il)BNbK dbll. STATE 4 SEVENTH STS TO ADVERTISERS Kor a obeolc tor 120 wo will print u tan-lino advertlnommit lu Ouo million l»»uo» of lead- luu Amorlcna Nuwnpiipura, Thin la at iho nito of only ono tlftll oludenl a llno.for ],ooo olrmi • lutloiil Tliu ndvurtUomont will bn plnood 'before Onu Million DIPVUHBNT nuwHiiuuor purchasers:—or Vivu MILLION HKADKIIS. Tun lines wIll'aonomraodHto about 76 woi'cln, Ad- dco<« with oopyof adv. nudobook. or unnd Sil oonts (or book of 170 paues. QICO. I'. H0\\'. , KLli 4 00., 10 Sprtiue St., N. V. JulBdlin E. Bo'rry \Val1, onoo the king of tho duties.In Now York, is in WnsTiington and bis gnrb at a* reoent ball IB thus dosoribod: "Ho worb- tho couvoiltional suit of bromli.Odtll,' olnW-hammer coat, wblto vost, dud trnusora with silk stilpB down, the sido." With > a white tuckod shirt was woni a lilgli, plain collar, the odgo tnoetiiif; in frout nud ratbor high- or than nt tlio buck. His foot wore en- easod itr dnnolng pumps: and. black silk Btookings, wilb lino horizontal stripes of white about mi incb apart and small diamonds .;,umbroldorcd botwoon tho stripes. T Light peurl kid plDVos, with threo rows of honvv blnok siituhlng on tho buck, encased his handn. Tlio regulation whltii tio wns worn, wliilo a^.a boutonuioro was fastened a large white convolvulus." 215. Prof. Palmpr, of Adelbert college, Cleveland, Ohio, has gone to Europe to have packed and shipped to tbis .conntry the library of Pi'of. Scherrer, of Berlin university. This collection of, books, comprising about twelve thoug^ and volumes, is regarded as among the mOfrt valuable: In tho late • professor's 1 lino.of studyi^-that of Gorman language and literature. , Durins; his studies in the old,country'Prof. J'ulmor,was for a time:a student of' Prot Seherrer, and thereby became awttt'e of the', valuable charaotpri ot the library. Soon after the deatb of tho professor during the pust year Prof.' Palmer ( wrolo to the family inquiring whether tue library was to be disposed of, and by subsequent coiTe.spoiidenco ho finally suc- CHeded in securing it for Adelbert. The price paid for the collection hits been subscribed by.Clevoluud.oitizens. ' • : " Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvel ol purity, strength wholosomonoss. More oco- noruical than the ordlunry kinds, and cannot bo, sold in competition with the multitude ol low test, abort weight,' alnui phouplmto powders. ,SOI,D ONLV IN CANS. KOYAL BAKING POVVDBEOO.,108 WaUst.,N. Y. ' ]an3dwly 5OO.OOO ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING AND In NORTHERN WISCONSIN for sale at $3 AN ACRE on long tlmo. The most prosperous and promising Held for settlement In the U. S. Pull Information with good mop free. Address LAID COJUUSSIOSER. Vtoniln Ctatnl .R. E., JHIwaoluUfU. rSUTTER&SON, ra :"., • rare AND COMMON;j •; ; •'•:• FtJRNITDEE. A. Full and Complete Stock Always on Hand. . DO NOT FAIL TO 'GIVE'lis A CAI^ BEFORE PURCHASING, • .JUIttfURNITURBUOOMSABEON Slate Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILr,. ...•;. apBdwlv W, t\ ENS1NGER, Plain and Decorative WORK J'UOMPTLY ATTKNDKU TO A1 IX)WB8T THUMB, OHFICB AND BHOP ON SECOND .ST., NE4R PIASA ALTON. . . . MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVEEY Wholly iniltko AvtlllcUl Sysloins— Onro ot BIInil H WitndorliiK— Any book Inurnod In ono nmdl if. I'njupuctiiH, with opInloiiH i,f tilr, r , , thu A»trnnoinor, HOUR, \\ r . W. Aur- OH, JUDAIC P. Ill'.NJAUIN, I)rg, MlNDlt, \VOUI) UIKl OtllOI'U, Blint'lKIDl KHICK. 1)V 1'IIOK, LOISKTTK, ' ))37 Fifth Avenue, Now York LATEST NEWS. .• : .A (lye foot vein of coal was struck at a depth of 300 feet at Gharleston, Coles county, 11)., on Saturday. It is reported that the British Government will equip the army with a peculiar pattern of American rifles. Tue new State Department at Washington hue 150 rooms, and cost $5,000,000. -< The new War Department hns 173 rooms, and cost 82,500,000. The building has 412 windows, '-••/••....:..'•,•., Mr.,Parnell's illness is so serious that ho will leave Great Britain for a prolonged residence abroad.' Circumstances seem to combine in all directions for the benefit of the Tory Cabinet. , . .. ;, : There is a startling story abroad in Mrope to the effect that Germany I is .determined to force Prance"' into war and that's declaration, of hostili- tipsmay occur within, a ^week. Prince Bismarck's, campaign must be making unsatisfactory progress.- Charles F. Orban, a.'newsboy in Philadelphia, was pushed .off a cable bar, by the conductor, last summer and had one 1 leg'amputated. He has just recovered $18,000 damages from the company.;' The case was carried through the courts by the manager .of the Newsboys'.Mission. '.'''. ; Belgium has'passed a la,w, making drunkenness a : trime. Any person found intoxicated outside; his . own doors is fined, and -imprisoned. A second clause of the bill hits.the seller of the liquor. In Switzerland a man can not get a drop of liquor except through agents authorized by the government. ' • ••• . , •• "One of the newest things in !New York is a stenographer , and type writer who pays rent' for a. place in the reading rooms and does work for the patrons of the hotels. ,The merchant from afar can dictate his letters just as he does, at .'hoin'afor... a small fee. The idea : is proving to be quite popular. . , A man has been released from the Michigan .penitentiary after thirty- three years' confinement, it' being found that he was convicted of murder on perjureo> testimony. His property is dissipated', his wife and children dead, and in his decrepid old age he now appeals to the State Legislature for indemnity and relief. Allen G. Thurman, of Ohio, William Wmdom, of Minnesota, Railroad Commissoner Kernan, of New York, Gen. J. H. Wilson, of cavalry fame, Judge Cooley, of Michigan, ex-Gov. Smith', of Georgia, and ex-Gov. Stoneman, of California, are named as the probable members of the Interstate commerce commission. ,, Agriculturists in Council. SPKINGFIKLD, 111., Feb. 7.—Forty members of .the House and Senate, either farmers, stock-raisers, or men interested, in agricultural pursuits, held a meeting lately and organized for action. Thsy to'okiup the report of the revenue commission apd unanimously agreed that May Ishould be substituted for Jan. 1 for the date of assessment, the present law fix 7; ing it at May 1. They also- dis- ^apjjroved of the plan of assessing property j'as laid down by the Commissioner's report, thinking the present law better than the one proposed. They hold the present law providing for township assessors better than the new one proposedof County Assessor and deputies. The meeting was a significant one in that the farmers of the Legislature are preparing to look out for their interests in whatever way they may be imperiled in the revision of the revenue law. It is not so much an attitude of antagonism as one of self protection. xhe State Fair SPRINGFIELD, 111,, Feb. 7—If Chicago wants to become the perm»- nont location of the State Fair, she must look sharp. The time is now ripn for action. The Board of Supervisors of Sangamou county has voted to appropriate enough to buy 150 acres of land near this city, with $50,000 additional for improvements. Sangamou county is rich and can do it. She was becoming alarmed at the preparations making by Peoria and Deoatur, not to say Chicago, to secure the prize. Bills Authorizing tho permanent .location of the State Fail- urc already in the hands of committee, and will, of course, be put through both Houses.' Chicago is understood to have been moving quietly but effectually in the matter. Within a few days she will send a bill down authorizing the South Park Board to set apart enough of the grounds for a State fair, It will leave St. Louis at lho« quarter pole. Chicago is expected to raise for the purpose $500,000, of which 8250 000 -Is to come from the rnil- roads,<8100jOOO from- mttnntaoturing interests^ and the balftttoefroin 'other nurces. IMPORTANT MEASURES IN TRODUOBD IN THE An Aiitl-Plnkorton Ing K»iir<*a<i BlU—Ucat Sl'KlHGflELp, 111.,, Feb.; 7—Both Houses held brief sessions this evening. In the Senate .nothing wfts (lone, but in the House several bills were intrdduced,'the most Important of which was a bill by Mr. Messickl*' requiring all railroad companies to heat their passenger cars by the most improved safety appliances, and then only upon a certificate to be issued by the Railroad and Warehouse Com- mi*8ione'rs:;al80, one by Mr. D. O. Dwyer of Cook, prohibiting the or- giiuization of special, police forces, .like Pinkerton'8,, arid, not .allowing any, such to quell riots, etc. i and providing that none but the sheriff, constable OP other' lawful officers shall take any part in arresting breaker's of the peace; also one by Mr. Barger, authorizing the State to, pay $25 to bury, all honorably, discharged Union soldiers, to ; ; prevent pauper funerals of Union soldiers. It is the Ohio law updn the subject. Several bills "regulating" tele phone- and ..railroad companies, .the .latter as to fencing, copies of measures already!in the. ; ,House, Were in- produced by .Mr. J3aker ; and others. Mr. Viele, of St. ;Glair, introduced a resolution which was adopted,offering a site on the capitol grounds, in this city, for the Logan monument authorized by the 'legislature. : 'A Chicago lobby is here, -proposing an amendment to the revenue law, which provides that at tax sales the person bidding the lowest *ate of in? tei-est shall become the purchaser of the land offered for sale. Under: the present .law the person taking the smallest parcel of land offered for the taxes due gets the land. The present law of the.State .relative to the incorporation 'ot •companies is quite liberal as the daily i reports of these organizations atte'st;, ; ' Mr. Decker, of Cook, will some time this week introduce a bill taxing these companies l.per cent, on the first $10,OO'O of the authorized -capital, 1-4 per cent, on all capital over 810,000 and under &)0,000, and 1-8 per cent, on all sumBover,$50,000. Additions to the List of Victims of the White River Horror. ' WHITE.RIVER JCKCTIOH, Vtl,\Feb. 8.—A gang of ievcnty-flvemen have been working all the morning through holes in the ice, raising portions of the wrecked train from the bottom of the ; river and searching for 'bodies which 'may yet be-:among.the ruins. Thus far no .bodies have been recovered/ .Nearly all the signs of the terrible disaster have disappeared, except the -gaping space between the .piers of; the bridge. • Trains are Tunning regularly to either, end'-of the bridge, .The condition of the wounded i&. about the .same.... i John'..»I-ienfjr. 1 Hazen, ; '.bne of the board' of selectmen/ 1 of; -the town of .Hartford, says thatj : his opinion, the bodies of forty-six persons killed, have thus far been tafcen from the.wreck', although this is not by actual count. Isaac Gates, .undertaker, says thirty-two bodies have been ^brought to His'sitfe, ; seven of which have: been identified and re- mtfved, and perhaps five.'more are susceptible of identification. What True Merit Will Do. The unprecedented sale of Boaoheo's .German Syrup within a low years, has astonished the world. It is without 'doubt.the safest and best'remedy ever discovered for the speedy and effectual cure of Coughs, Colds : and the severest Lung troubles. It acti) on an entirely different principle from the unutil proscriptions given by physicians, us it does not dry up a cough and leave the disease still in the system, but on the contrary removes the cause of the trouble, heals the parts affected and leaves them in a purely healthy eondi* tion. A bottle kept in the house for use when the diseases make their appear- mice, will save,doctor's bills and a long spell of serious Illness. A trial wi|l convince you of iboso fnets, It is positively sold by nil druggists and general dealers in the land. Price, 7fi ots., large bo.Uloa. . . jalOdwIwood No sooner harf lightning struck Alton, 111. than half"a dpnon towns in Ohio got up in'tlio niffut to have f liornsulvos Jill. It is a very cold day in Ohio when tlio people ary iiot on the outlook to catoh wlmtoviir lightning of one sort and nnnthur may I>P hanging around in the atmosphere.— Chicago News. .Croup, whooping cough, soro throat, (jiiddun cold, and the lung trouble* po» ouliar tu ahUdren, are easily controlled by 'promptly administering Ayor's Cherry Piictomi; This romudy IH safe to tnko and certain In its action. dwlw IOO Doses . Ont Dollar. Hood's Sanaparillft l» the only medicine ot which this can bo truly said; and It Is an unanswerable argument as to the strength and poiltlvo economy of tills great modldno. Hood's Sarsaparllla li made of roots, herbs, barks, etc, long and favorably known for their power In purifying the blood t and in combination, proportion, and procots, Hood's Sarsaparllla l» peculiar toUtelf. "For economy and comfort wo use Rood's Smnpsrtlla." Mns. o. BBEWSTEJI. Buffalo, "Hood's Bamparllla takes, lets time arid quantity to: show Its effect than any other preparation I ever heard of. i would not be without it In the house." Mas. 0. A. M. HUBBARD, North Chill, N. V. One Dollar Hood'i Sampartlla cures scrofula, salt rheum, all humors, tolli, pimples, general de> : blllty, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache. catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and Uver complaints, and all affections caused by Impure blood or low condition of the system. Try It. " t was severely afflicted with scrofula, and for over a year had two running, sores on my ; jBock. I took five bottles of Hood's Sarinpa- rtlla, and consider myself entirely cured." C. E. LOVEJOT, Lowell, Mass. "Hood's Sarsaparllla did me an Immense amount ot good. My whole system ha? been built up and strengthened, my digestion Improved, and my head relieved of the bad feel' Ing. I consider It the best medicine I have ever used, and should not know how to do without It." MABT L. FEBLB, Salem, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. (1 ; six tor $5. ' Made only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Maos IOO Doses One Dollar. PHYSICIANS AND SUKGEONM DK. E. Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE, OOR. AND HBNhY 8*8. _... Ia5-dwly W. A. HASKKMj, fll.D.,; Pbyslciaii and Surgeon, OFFIOE-SEOOND ST., ALTON,tLI.. Offi«o li ours—3; 12 to 1, and ' DR. C. JB. tCOIULiAND, • Dentist, IB THIKl) 8T1UET, ALTON, IIJ... Office Hoars-« a. m. to 12 m. j 1 to t p. u, febdwjy G. A. McMIIXEN, Dentist, OVER BKUEGGEM&NN'S OI6AR STOKE SECOND ST. - : . • 1o">.3 dtf 14 V i-earn ncn.nmi mta -irI T BOOII jmy. Situation) furni»liwl. Write. ValenlluD nro».. ,1«"»Evlllo Wto T. L. MOULDS-.S? CO., 8UOOE880R8 TO , f A. H. JIO'iJSNBV 4 qo., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn atid Pickle STItlj SLOP FOil SAL,!!!. BA€ER, 1N ! ANb MANtrFAOTOlikk ' • ••' <)j> •' .-.'•; ; ••:•••.< , FURNMFIE. SECOND STREET,!:' Opp. City Hall, ALTON^ It.L. All klndo of fine and common farnlturo conatontly ou hand. Also uudertiker, etc. •'•'• J, HOFFMAN & SON, : ' ' ''"'• :'_ i -"'DXA.l&B&"W; •••''•<''••••<• Stoves! aiiil' ; jiardiare, HARD •I BASE BtillElS! An Ibrwoodor ooai. ' Also HanKPfl and Obatoriion Konifor'Oook Stoves, th« best In Alton.«"':">- •••• ~.^^ Outside WorK a specialty: Boot ing, Guttering, eto. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON If AND. COB. SECOND AND ALBT SIS. EMPIRE MILLS, 8EOOND 8TJIEET (Near Plasa), ALTON, ILL FOB SALE : Ground Oats, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, " . Graham Flour,etc PROMPTLY DELIVERED TO ANY PAST OF THE OITY. ' M.WILKINSON. - • ' . Jy" atf II A ' • ' • :•..'-.. •,-.'.. Hardware and Farm HKADQUAttTBBS FOB THK Best Buggy in the World. in the city, at hard • times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. ' Agents for.the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAM PS, $1.75, $2, $2.50, $1, $6.50, $7.50 to $10. Headquarters lor EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready lor use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. CaiJL and .get'our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILJU THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BBEECH-LOADKG GUNS, From $16 to $30, f I-I J. ri. THE LEADING 9 JEWELEK,

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