Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 7, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 7, 1887
Page 4
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but It 1* . ** painful bat among the most some member of new U tht M SeeomdVolM. «• »t Alton, BAZAR. * ' of e .i urn's ailuuB QOttblnes ' the floeit umntra l *nd tbe most ttoMM, poems iteri, anSits h nsurpaised. It* paper* n MONDAY EVE. The Indian Qlrl'» R«p| r . us branofflii cookery ,'Bto., m household. ** tlie for«.*t, abandon tbl* bright aod *" "**' * Ter * recn troe '• * pl<Uuil '* kci * nd thM111 mts m«M(th» • • . ^ > ,»»» keari »«azar.WW... ......... ...,* 4 oo ....* 4 ,,,. 4 «...»•.•,.(• 3 00 Librury, one * " W 04 fascinating, her eyes and hcr.twd horns Hg«ttfea"Briout'1« r -a \tby th'otils? sbrife^lmt* t<6rtg^htivi) of «• -dWiro johs , ' M , Mlc ! " nd P"M«ooe onthroVl' ., «mplo of mammon li fccld SB at -* '- tlieiBir, r ,b,ut,$lie . MOST PERFECT MADE with the (Then trill beat .time of re- for Wrote - us"this «t lhclds«Mri' thtt letter' the boy's .pass,. and asked'inls-to send Ptop«r»a wth Strict UeStbf oltteut'Or. to be Incur*! "*•>»«, proved to " «•«•, In ... «VTTLf"»." "»•.'•roedy. If. to the of Athlophoros, the bowels are k< «P% its success Is etrtafa, and to i Athlophoros Pills are reco which,, while providing the\ will be found to be a nnection -- ,-y-••»V'Yy w l •«» rueumausm and nralgl., and k mired complaints. Used in connection with, that JwStejIjy «i ther of thewkW^ioin. t diseases. They have i in valuable remedy are e*. that dream wilt'ere Flit BWBJ; from thy heart like the Tou may lore for a moment, may flutter ae May praise tbe dark looks that enotrolottojp In ! h «S?wLS? d *°°* ln ™ foblon5i F^7WW"f"?* 1 V* BI * a '' n 8» ( ! "fr:L r'patiori, loss of appetite, --- sJl stonuch or liver troubles; For •wowes of women they are invaluable. fpl —«pllls arc perfectly harmless and may f Sl^f\ ^H 1 " or ehUdwn. •»—"«-•"-f tho* who have been free ott application. / . | -'•-""-^"thlophdroi; re they can* the Atblo" York, will .-_, -_j receipt of JH^Iti *"v lvw< nul « n » H-OO per bottle *r Athlophoros sad We. ft» KUM. I • ce, I answer my homo ,1s the ilUf Dri « ht . ."Murc's Blttd cr * dl « to ea«h iforest ohl'd, Whether born 'neath the cloud or the! inn't ruddy glow. •< i ,In the storm or the tempest, the mist or the or tbe . iqi, good ewoot hay, and plenty « pfi jfresh'i water. Sho^ooS not core for a —,„„ C ww«.-^,.«Ji'ivery much. Her quatSttrslarei-how tho finest of any animal's in~Hhe menagerie, and the ffaer . It ' - 'jcboleSt p'rojpdsftfo'n I had -'' •• • ••• •• • or tbe ««« ««o>e. Indian My fftlr forest home Is all Bdon to'me' Wo snnrrs for tbe soul, no forbidden-fruit treet Here put ity dwells, and tbe charm of'love's' dream , t,nearly ) all,,aay wing- ,,,, ing her forelegs around the j ' Oo ask the wild dove to forsake the s-reenv For a ong-e in some parlor I In some tinselled bondoir to lanfful*fc ' and etijierlt — —>mv». l her or a desire to becomeftasttefttaeijuaintedi could n!ot,be determined. i>--!~~-~~- •" -••' : BolvH,wia bi, to all callers. i& PerUhabi«>Ciu-Ko. ,-» Mr. William, PnrspnB;"th^lecturer,- -•Was'one 'day^ a-pa«sonwer; b|i a -big/ roadafcdy&metnanbtbEiS sleigh")ridtiaearr °" "~ "i(*uwp^n-uTh.e'lititle4lciBi v*. *.„ *l_ ,_ • j .11 •' * ,t I .'/-;«; !'Whafcj iwas; they, congressman's ,curioufljby8tandcr..i . .. , L .. , ... sn Kftirtin'l ( &'!t'Li or ea .° v TOWnj 0 f~tiiM»BbIo for BlndliiK, »ill be sent by JOiall, (postpaid, on *%r*cei|>t>ofsi.oa«i»pb. V* • p ' on icon snftWU be*ffiSde 0* Postofflce ohauou of r rt -~rJ advertise- order ol lUm-in REAL ESTATE M*~#J '«-•.'> FOR SA|JE OR RENT, ''-' "' -"'' ; ' ' - • • iroc* affections 1 ar> iased Ilka hearts in the towns by the .SPSi"^- wbera «ns^are buhallow** irtJ&jy&fctJLin the forest so road, and kind of turned v. u .»» uui. um J fcUi«ea'M«i sleighycleaf'-over ! ai ed his six or seven -' '"' Just as hekd "-BIT-- Rudersnauseu & Sonntag, '•?. -\>~ .a'j .-•- ,>!• •***-; •,'<• -..~.^*Y, A '?i nv 2 nl ' mt ? 1 '. rt Pleasant home at a ren-' J2?w? Srt. gu iI2. > bo'ng atwo-slory frame houao on Eighth street, near llonry. .., . »or bm. ; • ,,- ..,• A choice farm of >0jo<aoros, with flrsti'olasi- Improvemente,' situated 2X mllw i easrS Bruiuwlek, Ohariton oo., Mo. For Male. oxTJ?5? ••toryframe dwelling house In gooo condition. In Topping's addition to AUon, „. ....... For Bale Cheap The residence ol Oapt, W. *»,»• , oble: two Btortesand mansarflroofi &-room" 4 iaSa etojet*. cellars, eto,j 8 efcreiofj^in.* Moit T 4estnble property in the eitrTr ™ " ™ "*„ SF»r Hale. ' J*° aowe of land near city limits, 860.0 ., ' d ^ame'awe. n, nouse 8lls ' "• 0/ •*'•*• e^e* -trcew . eo the brick ' ! A BHIMOCEB08. ted Up forBbhn «Bign ciear-over : ana plang- or seven passengeifsWn. to oitih'e<rts4nJ%Kr<on'l"lly jdnft, ; as they happened'to ^MShjjt in d firtt.b'rf feot/'foreriibsK- "Boud wa^' ir ',wrath! w ;Tfl'ey;A WnhteiV.'''^ (mob 1 if'jjcowa'rflly/ariver.' a -"Whv dlrlnJf WW< . A* flfunterf* ^iSt^S^J;'* *«*»'arming land, and. another tract ol 00 .ores, both unimproved. Bltnatt In Moi to., Kansas, at lio and S16 per aort reepeotivelv-one-third OMh.bsaaAoepn tuwi r n r4Alwmor ; MOi|»preB,'on o: t cultivation, near UMllson —""• *wo-st(>ry..' -•- U IUM • ( ,« eJioie* i f»rm;»f yO.w city ol .Alton, or. vloiiutv. .will ftnd it to their interest to oall at the olnVe of Kudorehauson A Sonntig and examine their list ot proper- u52d? r * IU8 M olUy part tnere0 ' «* adver- ft vv .*• i^-*.;-, J rrpY^vV?-'*** v >**" ; " lv & l31 *ei Stilt*- abltf toiiKeri rank J fond condition, to which she was transferred yesterday morning. -Since her arrival atHhtt tparij BohUxh|dibecn forced to content* heWelf witK-'tKo old caravan cage in which she traveled through the country when she was the bright and! par-' ticular star of Cole's circus. There^her glories were more than half" obscure^,'' ajW.jS.dRtoConklin beganvsorae weeks a |°'!4 eA | si ?l ways,and,means; for her pppe'r exhSbitioato"thepUDlio'. fler, rival, the hippopotamus, Jiadxbeeii jiuti in possession of the, riorthoastxxxrner, of tHe t J)uild!ng, where>ho wafl'^provided "With-a.nice,.deep '.tank/pf.,-water!, and Snpt Conklin determined tb do as well jfor Bohu,' , ^eyeral hyenas,..a cinnamon bear 'or JtahgarPos wore- dis. possegscd, and,by this a .space .,„..- "-"Why dldn?i ,,- that little fellow^ turn Out.?',' 'hy didn't you upset himP" ''Why didn't you v run«over himP" they de'? m ff n ?^-' P-''.9 Q »M,of r< lt$ said the ajnyer, groping about' iri the snow for stray vaHSes,'«'b [ i>j;'T i lcrnd 1 b' ; ha'ted to spoil his load." -"What was!: he haul- .IngP,": domttnded.'the lecturer/ :> -, "Dyna; mite,, for tho.imiuesHNsaidr, the driver.' tEhcy.:ac<;eptc(^ hU>; apology withbut a .division,,,and,the work',of, excavating for the L buried Troy, the entbmbea dresBrSU4t, 1 and«'/3:i|e^oroes of Homeric Age" : went." on i.m,;silence.,— frookityri r All. ' i « vo 'aU » ohanoe,tb test it, and thus be oonvinoed of iti wondgrful curative 'powers, D>; Eing^"N6w Di"' covery for Consumptionr Coughs and S&l ' ?M * e A ffl ^° »niued ; time, given away. This offer is not only Hberal.vbut . shown unbounded faith in the 'infanta of this great 'remedy; « All 'who sufferi from Boughs. ,<Jold8j'iOOnf.nmpMbn; -Asiihma, °[ oncniti(1 . or : .anyj aSecuon of Throat, Cbtsto.r Lungs, are especially requested to'tsal at ErMkrsh's brug' JJtpre, and '-i' large bottle 91. . . = v,-, r . hof be Chesley, . Fete spn, i Clay co., Iowa, 'tells, ton 1 following ,-:' remarkable-story, the truth Of whibh is'vbuohed s ior by the « residents ;of tteiitown- "I S-u'^l^ *' B ' ?Wt! hasre '-been .troubled : *> tn Kidney eomplaint .and, lamenpss fbr many y^ars, could, not 'dresS myself 'without help'.' '-'Now I am -free from all pain; and soreness, fl nd am able to, do ?/f, mv- v pwn , houpework.! I, p(ve my thanks to Electric Bitters for. having renewed mv youth, 1 rind 'removed .completely i all-disease'-ahd paib."'; Try\a bottle,... only f .,6.0o,, ; otE. Marsh's Drue Store - fbldwlm . ;The Grown Prinoe of .Goi-niany, like •YonMoltke;!is a^ver^sileht ma'n.. He lives in-aiquiet^donioatio'' way',>'iand is said to be bitterly opposed tb 'the i sen- •timente' of Prince' BiHmai'cki and ;this is -' ' _., uvw »*4l'»t*.M* ^<fW| SlrllVI, l>Utd 1O a;''source' of''considerable J annoyances _. salve. The Best Salva m the world foricnts, bruises, spresju.oers,; salt rheum, fever sores,, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,' corns and all skin ernptibni, 'and -ppsi- lively cures piles, br-nb' 'pay required. U is guaranteed!- to givei' perfect satis- ' perec sas- faction,, or mpney refunded. <=P.rice 26 . . Per box. For sale by E.. Marsh, mdhTdwlm Altpn.Ill. _ Try «.p 0meroy .g p etro l lno . pb r0nged Plasters," when - everything else fails- Pi Druggists, so * JEREMIAH Williamson died at aonih Otter, Macoupm* county, Jan. 23, aged 84 years. He was a native of ~ . This was Inclosed and covered with u stout fencing, , con- .sistmg,of tljick ch.prry. wood ..posts and- .r»ils,finto*>vhiph.araTfastenod inch and p half iron bara^boutn throai inches apaft5-l%^ieripjosjirejs|s|x Mt jhigh — hv : ' Boliu : over ' wishfes to 1 raise hothead,. for she dpp,s gpt ^lobk' down upon Her visitors with "disdain, but pokes her horns > tippcalingly -'at them for cake's and other dainties, ! for v . she has a sweet tooth. ;. ,-•> "'i l Bphu can bo conxed, but she can not' be'4riven. Supt Conkliu had noticed' . oce i and yesterday, when the proparti* ' '' ' South Caroliria has no divorce laws upon its. statute-bookK and does not grant a "divorce for any cause whatever. •. i .... •• •'.,' We have one, satisfaotipn of beanne from several sources that Dr. Ball's Cough Syrup is all it claims to: be—a genuinely good ' preparation.-^Publ. Molly Stark, Tonlbri; III. ' "Oh! it is excellent, tb have a giant's •trengtb? 1 , and walk the earth fr«e and happy again was what the man! said when he had cured his ten year rheumatism with a bottle pf Salvation; Oil. 26 cents. •- ' • .; • "•' - : ';. - • . • —- •* "MM ii uabivc VI I "Illloyi" vaniajtnd came to Illinois in J857 j set- tling.flrst in Jersey .county, and four .years liter at,South Otter. He.Ieaves M widow, aged .,83 years, , children i and ffrandohildreD. , "It is worth its weight in,gold/' is a common, expression. But,,., while the valu eofjeolU is easily affected, the worth of Ayer's Sarsapanlla, as a blond purifier^ .never- depreciates, it will eradicate scrofula from tho system.when everything else fails. .dwlw - tioris for tho transfer had been made',"' hef.s,Rctod accordingly. During; tub eigjjt yoai-s that she lived in her carii., • vaUjCBgo, which is only ton feet'bv » T T~'' ~~^ four feet, Bohu, who is eight feet Ion/-' ,i,f x P erI «PCe;,T8. wa^able to take only two short steps" Xt '* *- tta * tMI "' " fojTyard, and two short steps brick- ; ward, and she of course has never ! m that time been able to turn herself' THOSB who-revere^ the memory of Logan;in Illinow are said; 'to -be toextend their isuppi^t" toS Mr. il^he nivatof Blame. for the a to»*->Mi'*nn8 far^ Sherman ( and if Ohio adheres torhimv;iiti mav be f.haf t (IA MAM*. i. i* t. _ ..11 ,OHIOAOOiAHl> . Nov ' "«h, 1B86.! train will leavi "me, Newspapers a mont without tb .* ; ...... -D.II kjsland Ka«Wn»t,»:00 £ m Knn w. w«vu«awuvu«fi, x& «n» Oity,»nd;»Il pol KansasOHy Mall-.. position InAinor- - and con- the pres- HAEPEB'S ——ntaofone, .t novels of the b rtiwrt stories, of Important . .. agp Accommodation* Alton Speolalt.. Kansas Olty.MaU Ohloago ; Mallt . ,18:flS p. n ..6 40 p. •• .i 0:3Op. , DKPO1 puny^o, OKUKOne current tonica b Mp.m. ; , (848a.m. Sunday 6 only). •Daily t«»ieptsvuiaay., -'' •' • " • '' s: v: 1 • QTJ1NOT, ipct, Alton The Volnmos o/the Wo befcln with the ' h*>e»r. -.When tions will begin i^4 receipt of s W»BKI,r, for h binding, wU orjto express. . treifbt dues not volnnie)l^;»7porvol. Ol The Volumes of iiig flrst NumriTtf or Jand™ , no time is^mentloneO 9 . su Bound Volumes of HA AND BBAtBB ffl Re^Madef-Cpfflns,!; ' Me talic Cases, €aakets • •• ^j. . _ . And menfWHhotit the For Ladles,,Sentlemeni.and children. ned a n?w; mmlc ilrd,. and Plaaa ata DreuLL's ORGANS AND of the finest'workmanship for sale at rim-1* • rjusauu -' - J »• ffi~ »bttp^|»^«- - FLOSS & BABE •::''l?VSL u ,sfi!tt.»!9Pft«.«ia»*i 'ono ritii) 'i ._ HW vw.. •••lACf ( ^»H *-UU J '• A/O Will bei»eUled(,wii bout a ,$»• . . reKr 1 et,,, intro quoinj; aood's,Sawaparilla,'it8 proprie torar '' round. Her cugo was rolled up to tho new apartment, its wheels were taken' ^T " ' TT' ~ r y"" T| '*«ll~"'T i **'''™.-4' 1 "P* 1C" . r I ooi'Ked to'ovorooma, a ,certain aiBtrnst.'by some people'who have un ,i * -.-—r RWM*«, .|joypii0 TTI4U M»TC tin* for,innate)y .bought , wprihless compounds mixed by persons ignorant of ,-, v.v-^«^.,.,, u , tu n ,»jti8t against ; lenoei and they make-no clulms for f entraucp of the now cage, wasislip- Hood's Uarsapanlls,> whlob> cannot be i|,pedput. During all this time Bohu' ;*nbstanlis,tedjbf strongest woof. And n»n m'tii- ilVA' fnv,-*** .*U»_A ^LL. ^ i_\ _ > * A common senao oore^^y a combined medical and J * '"' oalactiou. Unlike auy T . paration, they reliera'thv while curing the corn, ur... lHD ,,, v fall whore directions! :»re 5fol^>wod- Five sots of plasters. and bpjc ot ointment put up ii| ^handsome tin ease, convenient for use. Price 26 cents, complete. Ask for "Podaouni" and toko no other. exhibited signs of nervousness. Sh'e' doesn't liko noise, and tho rolling Of 1 fte cage disturbed her. Her keeper, ; ajjr. Williams, as soon aw the avenue for removal waa clear, stepped up b&- side her, a littio behind her head,; and held out a loaf of broad. Now Bbliu likes nothing better for breakfast than nice fresh broad. And she was hungry fojj- she had nothing to eat that morn ing. Her little eyes twinkled; she turned her head and endeavored'.to roach it. It was no go. She took her accustomed couple of steps backward and then stopped. Still tho di" ' ' morsel was out of roach. Was siblo for a well brought up young rWnoctnw^ tak#inoro ctpntfro stops , 118 W. Broadway, N. Y., U. S. ist. Agent for Alton. m kd**Mb«««l>«fi wlmt In St., Ibit tjro was .'b'ut provoking ly near, and the experiment of taking auoth,pr buckwa^l stop socinod iweH ! y?|[%jWrtj» ?• #'"« took It, oontlmiod to fondwHhfi v brood until she at last found hersolf lu a room larger that uho oould remember over Iwlug iu liefora /v * i snuflod over every portion of the Upmirfl. |p doing this she - •.we sayi to .those whk>lack>-confidence, 'Wadvthe unsolicited itestimomals inifav- or of rHuod's AS»rsaparillarf,i<and .then ,prpy» its merits bv actual, .personal ites. vW* are opnfidaot you,will not, be^disai pointed^, but-will, tfad j|n ».. 1 njedioine of n»n,,i,..——-BTaltte^which can he upon- SYRUP .. The eyesiare ialways- In sympathy^ with the body,.and afford an excellent. Index , of its condition..:, \Vhen.theeyes become] ' weak, and the lids Inflamed and sore, It Is an evidence 'that the system^ has become disordered by Scrofulai for. Kwhlch-Ayer's'SarsapanUl» i»i the/besti JOSlSPtl JAitttETT'S LIVERY STABLE) FBONT< (BTBEBT. BETWKSN A1BYANDBA8TON, lf Scwfula^iwhlbh!prodneed«jts1nful In; n ? Oil liajtrams. . - LyRIOALi iPOSajg i. AnaTlN IK)BIO». aavlceofaWsIc 1 a,,Tcom^^^^^^^ r™™ .Ayer's , Sarsaparillai I AtteriuSlng tHll,, L^WHK?!? 8 '* medicine a«hort tlm* T %»<.. »«™i"..i_ r NEDU'MC 'TtnePi'l THB BABYLONIAN 8EAU3 WltMAM HArKs » uv4u*uiu, [wiiionipn flammation in my eyes, cnuiecf m« much I ol.TiVtVio " ",',' •"«"w»w"n» irom snais j n the suffering for a number of years. .B^he | %$$& £ KSSf<f$ ***O*<Hx*$Z mwlrtv , .My.ey** •« now.ln » splendid,«mdU, ' Won. and lam as well and strong asever? ..,.»-Mwi Willtam Gage, Concord,"5! a. i wirt^flU? 11 ? f| ^' yi * n . * 'W«e troubled with a humor In my eyes, and was .toiobtaJn ahyirellif WllTe .using, Ayer's; Parpaparllla,,,Ihli r mrd|. clneTias-efrecied a completeci"re,Mdif .believe ,lt to be the besi df blow! purl* Aers.^c.-E,,Upton,Nashua, ff. a. , • s -.F^. 9 ^ ^ h ,'' a ? 10 S (1 > «P4 tuijtli .with.*,,few! aonths; I liaVe beenaffllcted With Weak and Sore Eyas., I ha complaints;' with BV f n^or. orti;alt en- painting gt UQOUI.ISM. JfnAijoisAifflrAijtsw.- -J-H THB SBW YBABi'.-'MAnJ6 l RT;Ft«IJtreo-.-" ' I isuffered for* year wlth'lnftsrnma- p&mss^'&EJffi Ifllnff f7rA&fc^nn.(n . .. ,. A #*>«• *M*«I J?-. ' 'KAM8AB' City proposes to bore for ^^"P&L All they will have to rto will be to strike a real estate dealer and give him'the'floor. * ) :. • .1 . • -- - rSendito C. I, Uood.eV V o., , Www,,,for a book containing.statnm-iu, ^ r » a PT| remarkable cures by Hood'a .hJ^i* -Rt'" 1 ' 8 i^WA/ican has a rnt.p ihoMnir' that. a large number of railroads run aronnd and paot °- • • w ui.^j u- 'omUc-nn. i ^-* A°D Ian""' Utt<llso0 county, Henry' O. Priest, ' ' term of Henry B. 1 Sparks, Anna . Ijy B^sfT the Alton —, Iw . u i^atbiiHrH unui* :*•* and Prlo»t, vs. D'iv|d -yJltrkB, his wife, Wis ) Nationnl JjHnk, HIP J> on, in chancer Ivoii to thu.Btti< I'wwov rkijuv tine iuooVA'i nampd ^nnn ""^etofo'nfllod his UUI of oomplulii court, on the chancery side^tiereAf. correct. - not ^Htt«r Cktan. ^^$$®^'&*i3B& •.{the ii-lii at [iWisil ^jUyisiOonij)l't« Oi-rk. FOB SAIB. -_...> -, causing great ,pain other renje.J eg, t ly Induced to u .After 743 and 74g nrnartwnr, New Tork. By Taking • tWee bottles of this meaiclrfe I have been ie»Urely -cuwd. j Myi sight has bein Hre^ st stored, aod.there •. Mon, sore, or Ulcer in my 1 eye. — Ke 1. Bo wen, Sugar Tree Btdge; Ohio; My daturhter, ten years old, wasafTllot. ed wltbcHcr"*"'""" B ~— «•••-•- «?- . the last two * any i kind. • .standing e» "^""'rocommen" ;hter, ten years old, was afflict- crpfulousfipw Bv«s,.4)urlng '0 years she neveV sawTWht oil ' Physicians: of thai hlRlibst* ^A»*A/1 Al__.l__l til • . •••HMWQV . 1 o Ayar'j Bawaparl 11», w iloh cpmmert^ tajring"' Before ,thff third, bottla hwsighCl. rnptred by Pr.J.O. Ajr»r»«qo,, For Nau. Tff f r .nRVWr *»

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