Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 7, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 7, 1887
Page 3
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UO TTAY T\ WQ Second •troet.near JU ttU JAJkJJELn Q, corner 91 Henry -FOB- FINE ' STATIONERY, B«eb a* Crane's Flora'. Whiting's standard {••pen, Hurlbnt's French Linens, Eollpte ••rfgeaKdKe, Bllte. Ragged Bd»e, Balmoral Linen, Qriffln'i Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, J*veb Blow, Mikado, Otaarred Kd«e, Cream (•liliUournlnit Note, and • laru» assortment ft I&uminatfld and Decorated stationery. Wax and Seal*. School Tablets »»d Stationery. _ deotdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! •liBAP FOR OA8H OH TIMS PAYMENTS Ptcnoi and Organ tuned and repaired 8t w- tea Machine* repaired Snpollen lor all Ua> eKInoi. N. I). LAMOBKU.X, MMio Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite ••lie, Alton, Ul. deoMwly WATCH • OB THE BABOUNS 1H JOB'S WKW OOB. BUILDING. HENRY AT., AT MBn. D. HKITKAMP'B, AOlrtJidjof Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- •a tgooaa. Hoodt.TobagnanB and Mlu. Men's •MTU and ratclnatori at very low prices. Abo Dr«MBiaktnf. Plata and Family Sewing asd Bumping D ne. Ooma and give u» a ••II. Don't lorgot the place, dec4<lwly IN GOODS! C.M.CRANDALL will offer his AT ABOUT COST for thirty days, rhlrd street, nearly op'.'.,:. poaite Belle. ' Patents. To ny pereovs wishing to obtain leKoi , Mlwntonb»w Inventions, improvement* o JUsigiui. I will execute drawings and ipeolfl cations and make applications for Patent* •*JlooiUutt»ttan,Mip»r»onorUy lette , tree LUCAS lsf DAILY TELEQHAFH. *w,Bie tsar i*? we shall etui** tb* fcl- lowing rates lor iraiutfMi notices in rat frtta 1 Insertion r MM. Iftwutu. HATKS or AIIVBBTISIHWI e«ttu per t«*h flrttli* •erttoutaad TirtSTt tlft May per 1Mb H per intib dret month, |LM per tooh each month thereafter .-,.,.. UCOAL ADVBBTIBINO: II per Inch tor the flrtt tn*ertlon, r and to cents per Inch lor eaoh lubseqnenl Insertion. <ar Above rates will be siiiotly adhered to. TUB DAlLT TBUEGBAPH is delivered by carrier* to all purts of tb« olty ol Alton and upper then, for ten cent* ptr week. Mailed to any addreM at the ram of S8 M prr year. THB TKLKOtlAPH has tbti Uryett circulation of any pa»er in Alton, and Isthebett TM,». eM ur itdTwttMrt. OO*WIB THIBD ADD PUM Cixr Council meets tomorrow. Ta« let In Alton faaibor is still solid. Tat wtatber is as mild ai with wind from the south. BOOMTT circles in St. Lonls were tn* reued last week by the arrival of 27 oars leaded with peanuts. Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rndershausen ft 8>nntag. Third street. dtf It is said that the "!. B. * Q. system of railways is making; preparations to do its own express business. A universal remark by every smoker ! cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. TH« thaw baa been so general and complete that the bottom has dropped out of the country roads, and an embargo exists oft the Mo Adam. Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPP1,B A SMILES*. A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. U. Uorlte, Third street. THB earnings of the C. * A. road increased 15,189 for the third week in January, over the corresponding week last year. The earnings of the St. Louis, Alton and Terra Haute de» oreaaed 9408 for the same period, Miss Etta Wise,daughter of Mr. C. P. Wise, attorney of law for Madison County, Illinois, bati who resides in S I umis, has entered the Lorelto Ordai near Lebanon, Ky. Ttu> young lady ii a graduate of Loretto Academy of thin city, baring closed her scholastic course in 1885 with the greatest honors. She * a brilliant and accomplished ' young lady.- - Globe Dtmoerai . THB engineers of the Central Missouri road are busy with their work at the St. Louis office. Director Phinney received a letter from them this morn- Ing, askmir for the difference between the high water mark of 1858 and that of 1888, the information being wanted, it is presumed, in perfecting the plans for the bridge. The new Board of Directors will meet in about two weeks to complete their organization. FUNERAL OF CHARLES JONES —The uneral of Mr. Charles Jones took plane it 2 o'clock p. m. yesterday, from the Union BaptUt church, with a largo attendance, Rev. Mr. Turner officiating. The bearers were: Messrs. Wilson, Vm. Baker, Solomon Howard, Henry fox, Albert Jackson, Jas. Brook. The •emaini were buried in the city ceme- «ry. ' MX. Philip Phillips' series of enter- ainmento closed Saturday evening with he lurgest audience of the week. The eries, considered morally, historically , duoationally and musically, was a uocensand, undoubtedly, or great ben» fit to all who attended. The financial esnlts were satisfactory. Mr. Phillips went from bore to St. Uuis where he will give his entertainment* for. three nights in the First Bap'.lst church. EARTHQUAKE.- -A very perceptible hook of earthquake was felt in this city about 4; 16 o'clock yesterday morning. Windows and doors rattled loudly. The shook was accompanied by a low umbling noise. The vibration was very brief but long enough to arouse many persons from their ilumbttni. The shook was felt slightly in St. Louis, ml reports from all over Southern Illl- ion are lo thotjffeot that the disturbance. was quite sever*. M>98Bi. Pfansohraldi <t Dodge, of 3bloago, manufacturers of the patent North Star Waobboard, have established an agency in Australia. We have seen a copy of the Sydney Telegraph, of Duo. 8ih, which notes the oatabliuhmeut of hn agency ibere and speaks in Bommnndatory terms of the invention. ['bis firm Is now extending Its opera- ions widely. Two o( its members are sftr*. A. V. Dodge and Sieve John* SIOD, formerly of Uii* city. Mr. Johnston baa 'charge of the eaMeru branch of the buaineii with headquarters in Mevr York. Claim.' 111., February ft.~0»*< grtisman Worthtogtoa h*J WrUU» • Uttnr to a puty in thi» «Ity, !• which hi «tat«» that kt lia.8 two. the plats that hay* beta mad* for tk« hair* of Philip Renault, wh« claim tht ground on which Peon* it located, which have Just been completed at tht Land Department and they do . not include any )iart of Ptorta. H« finds that tht land it not within 160 miles of Peoria, but touches the Mississippi river and it in Maditun county, being in townships 4 south and 5 south of range 10 west. Mr. Worthington aayt tbt plats have just been filed and he hat given them a careful examination, with i he result above stated. If this be true it will end tht Renault excitement BO far at Peoria ia concerned. Mr. Worthington cannot have given the plats a very eareful examination If be assert* that the gran to named art in this county. A gianc* at a township mao will show him that townships four and five touth, range 10 west, are not in Madison county, but lit part in Moa rot anJ part in Uandolph oountiei, old Fort Cbartres being at tbt southwest corntr of the tract. Townships four and five north, range 10 west, are in this county, 6 being Alton township and being part of Chonteau island ia tht Mississippi rivtr. Philip Renault, whow beira now claim a grant of land ta this State front the French government, was Dlrt>«tor Geueral of the famous aid ill-starred "Mississippi company." He sailed from France in 1719 and located with his colony in what is now townships 4 and I south, range 10 west, In Monroe county, a part of t. 4 extending into Randolph. If his heirs have any claim it is, doubtless, to the lands on which he located, as above noted, but history states that after the collapse of ihe "Mississippi company" the lands granted to it reverted to the crown. There is no probability that Philip Renault's heirs have any claim, but if they have it is to lands in Monroe and Randolph counties, not in Madison as Mr, WortbiBgton figures out, UTBB 51y?i. The river is rising slowly. The Spread Eagle left for St. Lous this morning at 9 o'clock the heavy fog preveniing an earlier start. The boat made a short trip up the river Saturday but got no farther than the Piasa dike, not being able to cross that obstruction on account ot the low stage of water and the prevalence of ice. CITY COURT. City Court convened today, Judge Dunnngan presiding. Deputy Sheriff Crowe in attendance, with C. Borat and L. A. Real as bailiff*. A jury was impaneled and the following oases were dUpofted of as per JnJge's docket: Appeal case of Simon H. Klinger v*. (ieo. Smith; appeal dismissed. Chas. Lamb vs. Philip A. Lanp, change of venue to Madison Circuit Court. C. A. Herb vs. Win. Bantc, dismissed. Eagle Machine Works vs. L. Ma- gowin and A. T. Score), continued by agreement. Milwaukee Harvester Co. vs. Byron Brennolt, continued on application of plaintiff. Johu Pal tier va. the Knapp, Stoat Cu., continued for service. S. R, Artm&n va R. H. Flagg, default, and referred to Clerk to assess damages. Wm. I. Bailey vs. Z B. Job, and Wm. Diamond vs. same, continued for declaration. U. Noonan vs. Piasa Woolen Mill Co. dUmssed. F. Dittmann vs. J. O. Kntuar, dismissed as per agreement. A few chancery cases were also disposed of. Court adjourned until Wednesday morning. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L.. Winter and get the best. Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and In Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 91 and M. aug!4 d7m THE Ohio river is still, rising and is now at flood height. Much d'iniagu is being done all along shore. At Cincinnati yesterday the record was 66 ont 1 Inch abovt low water mark. The danger Hut is 60 feet above. Advice u Mttner*. Mrs, Wluslow'i Soothing Syrup, for children teething, Is the presorption of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United Slates, and ban >een uited for forty yean with never- 'aillng success by millions of mothers lor their children. During the process of toothing iw value is incalculable. It relieves tht) child frovu pain, cures Ivsentery and diarrhoea, griping in tut* Ktwela, and wind-colic. By giving lealth to the child it rests tbt mother Prwt Sto a brttio. J* 16 w w » wk Mr. Philip Brtt^maan,, «f Foster* targ, was ia town Uday. Mrj J»ha italmr, ttf Ptrtaftt. ' down ia a buggy todaf. It* ftaad good roads atross tbt river. Mi Wm. A. Hn/chts, of Alttt J«tse> tion, a brother of tht latt Col. Haghtf, tilled at this offlo* today. Catft fiaglattr Hayes, el tat Flrt Department, Is still eoaflat* tt> tat a mat by tht lllatts at ttatratttd fro txpostrtat the trt at Ottttt't drag ttort. Wt rtgret to Itara by a Utter received to-day from Ma|. Jos. L. Morgan, that bis father, Mr. Janus M. Morgan, is quite sick aad kin strtatth falling. This will be palnfal aewt for Mr Morgan's maay friends » Alt m and wt trast later advlets will re port», favorable oaangt ia hie oeadi- taoa. THE GREATEST SO DAT CAKH BOOT AAV BHOK MWEKP ETKKMADB 1H ALIHIM. WBI«RT « MTBBS' tA»»S f Tin •UOKt A» FOLLOWS: Pebble Goat U, button 99 W. Strait OoattU, button IB .49. Strait Goat hand sewed f4.M, batten $8.66. French Kid 96. button 94.60. AMP OTUEB MA«* W Our Ladies' 94 &nl Button down to 12.60. Our Ladles' f3.M Qoat* aad KM go at 99.16. Our MatohltstLiMLaditt' 92 shtes at 91 66. 960 pairs Misses' shoes worth 92 at 91 960 pairs Children's shoes, worth 91.60 and 99, down to 91.96. Kettleton's Men's flue 96 shoe, 94.96 A broken lot Lilly, Bracket A.Co. 96 sboes for 94. Men's Hand Sewed Shoes valne 9M 1 94.76. Boys' 91 86 button and bait., knocked ont at 91.60. Mo Monkey Business, not Old Stock every thing good and at vat prices for CMh.—Star Shoe store, Hig 109. W. D. CARHART, 4dwSw Manager Bttlee. W. F. Enmnger has not rea»oved~to Kansas as reported, but is on kaad to do your painting and paper banting during the ensuwg season, as heretofore, on short notice and easiest terms Please give him a call at the old itanc on Second street, near Plata. JalS 8 UIHsaadeartfens. It is a good plan to let your girls hove a flower garden. Teach them to love towers, and to caltivatt then, .both in the the boase and in the gar den. It stimulates in them a love for the beautiful and at the same time educates them in the art ot gardening so that when they are grown, and taeir husbands are obliged to be busy at the 1 idtre, or talking politics on the corners or in the saloons, tne wi/es can hoe tbt •oiatoes, weed tht onions and pole the b <ans. There u nothing like bringin| the girls up to useful employment*. Little I'hll'. Farm. When down in Perrv .county, the other day, writes a Columbus correspondent of the Cincinnati Enquirer, ] crossed over a corner of Gen. Phi Sheridan's farm ncur Bristol tunnel on the Baltimore and Ohio rood. For just what purpose he bought the one bun drod and sixty odd acres, be the same more or less, no one but himself knows, unless it should be Dr. H. C. Greiner, the ex-statesman, who is the general's agricultural agent. Greiner goes down from Somerset about once every three months and raises the devil with th* general's tenants, who occasionally get short on rents. If there is anything else raised on the farm the neighbor* are kept in profound ignorance of it I have an idea that Gen. Sheridan bought the farm BO M to Insure himsell exercise when he retiree from th« army, and it will be an excellent placv for the purpose. He can follow tbf chipmunks, squirrels, rabblta, quail, and ground-hogs the whole year round, and insure himself against the rust o< inactivity, to say nothing of the exercise that will be necessary for him to tickle the taxes out of the land. The price paid for the land Is strictly private, but real-estate expert* toll me that it didn't cost less than $16 01 $20 an acre, and the general's old friends are highly elated to think that he has lived with ao much frugality that he boa been able to save enough to purchase a fine farm alongside ol his uncle, Jimmy Clark, out of his salary as comraander-ln-chlef of tbf army of the United State*. There is a story told down in Perry county that Phil bought the farm foi the benefit of his brother, CoL Michael V., wbo is a great bird-shot, and who is able to bring down six farmers, at their boySpfor every bird. The story goes that whoa the bird season open* next year all the occupants of the fanr are to b« temporarily evicted, and Mik» is to bo lot loot** with bis gun. UK eviction ia to Uiko place because Perry county doesn't waut to have its population reduced, and preparations wiP bo made to board the exiled tenantry around until the season closes. Moreover, in a few years the whole county will be stocked with quail and ph«a» anU from G«n. Shoridau'a farm, for tlio more Mike hunts for them tho tuort rapidly they multiply. ALL, Permanent ein ploymcnt «l»en to en«r«etl8 inea and women everywhere, ISO* we«k anil expeniei paid, , 'lamnl*-s worth |» and all partlo. ulart tent free, Addr*i< at once P. O. vlOI- EKV, AugttttA, M«, Doct't Mitt «»>• Cbauw. Write *t>day, io-t now WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO B m b r o i deries, AND White Goods, Good Things I Liquid Sure Cure, and A-corn Salve for Corns. Toothache Drops, relieve at once. Lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & pains. Marsh's Drug Store. fTh* Largest and Most Com* pleto Assortment of Hard and > l ott Goal and Wood Cook and Heating .Stoves XVEB BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They kav* M equal AIM ROOniTQand OUTTBKINO ud JOBBING dome a«na****M* rate*. Oall and ezuMlng my (took bafor* purobiuln^ •liuwhera. A I HocrortharHf 532 East Second it, f .J. JLtegei C f 5th door west of Henry Pants, Pants, Pants, For Fat Men, Slim Men, Bo>s, and Children. iii; \nti PJJL . H. M. Schweppe Third Street Clothier. Branch, Second and Ridgejstreets. L. J. flAUTMMN,;]ffaiiaf6r,

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