Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 7, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 7, 1887
Page 2
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ALTOH fllttl TBLB0.UFH. 10 W. «. VWMUft. •• - .. baa VIM* 9t*«*t», AttMi. MONO AT BVK., FEB. 7. The Uort of WoT«rame»t. 1 Mr. Edward Atkinson illustrau* the »ttr»K* ooit of fowament la America pod Boi-op* by ft rery striklnjf statement. He ihointh»t the wstnal annual oott of all the Junction* of our goTcm* m«nt, Including tbe maintenance of government la the Territories and oi armUi and narlei and payment of the war debt is equal to the yearly earning of (00,000 men; that of Great Britnin ud Inlaid to the labor of 1,674,000 men; that of France to the united in«. dortry of 8.000,000 men; that of Ger- mnt to the earnings of 2,400,000 men; that of Italy to the molt, of tb« labor <sf a.860,000 men. U'rBsUUT RUMS. Three or fovr dollars oonld hardly be invested in a way more likely to afford an alraoel inezaanitlble fund of amusement, iMtrMtton, and general mental aud moral preti, than la the purchase of a bound roUuM ot Harper's T*vnf Fttpli. Long storl** and short stories, versee grav* and gay, bits of adrtoe, talk) and anecdotes olulr** and dogs, elephants ana bears, pa pert on boating and riding, game* tor Indoort amd out, sketcbe* ot travel and exploration, account* ot boys who became famous, pnx- sles, sports, tan of all healthy kl»d»—In fact, It wonld be difficult to lay what is not to be loaud within these WO ample pages. And the* the protttio and delightful pictures 1 Surely never were Touog folks to favored ui tkose who can count this among their possession* I (A. 0. MoOlurg * Oo.) Tbe criticism might be made npon Frances A. Humphrey'* "Children ot Old rark'« Tavern" (Harper * Brothers,) tuat the children hare old beads npon young shoulders, and that though profoisedly u Inventle; the book contained much that only "big folks" can appreciate. Nevertheless it ts a story to be «u)jyed by young and old. There are plenty of adventures from the flnt chapter to tho last. Xaere is an evening wltb Daniel Webster at Marshfleld. There are ipelUng-malohe*, amateur menagerlae and art gtlUrl«i,wurna- mente, Thankglvlng day*, military ball*, and what notlAndthrongnall then U an old- time flavor wbleh adds to tbe excellent qual tty o< the story. These children will make many trtends.-(A.«. MoOlnrg * Co., Uhioa- go.) To many, the soluilon of the labor problem «eem» as far off as ever, yet It is al • Ways lateref Untf to know what clear beaded thlmker* bare to say upon this maoh dlscui- ted topic. Mr Simon Kewoemb's "A Plain Man's Talk on the Labor Questlm" (Harper A Bros.) U a ronoise and extremely lu jld pre- Mntatton of the case, abounding in olau.lblo argument* and pertinent Uluitratlont, and so readable that once begun the little volumu will not be laid aside U'lfinlshed. Dividing his subject into three parta: Society and Ita Wants, Capital and it* U«es, The Luboror and hit Wngaa, the author shows that society la u oo-operatlve union with common lu-ereats that labor orgaulzutlonn might Do of Immensu benefit to their members, but thus far havu proved an evil j tnat the railway question has two ildea; that rloh men and capitalists have been » blosaing rather than a ourae, vhat never before could an indimtrlona laborer make ft living so easily as he can today, with much more that is pertinent and auvgvstlve. While he does not claim to have settled the question, ho nay well oluj 11 to have brought forward aome views upon it which are well worthy the candid oonnidora«*on of all olaag. •s. (A. 0. McOlurg A Co.) Ax American dollar in Mexico U said to be worth 85 cents, just the value of a Mexican dollar In thu United Status. There u a story of a man who to >k a drink of whisky in a saloon at Kl Paso, Texas, presented an American dollar aud received & Mexican dollar in ohaaflo.the prloo of a drink being 16 cts. Then he crossed the Rio Grande to Paso del Norte, Mexico, entered another saloon, took a drink, presented bis Mexican dollar,and was handed an American dollnr. tie continued to alternate between tbe two cities, drinking even time ho crossed the river, till ho wnf blind, drunk, bat still had his dollar Intaci. . • ( Ho sooner had lightning struck. Alton, 111. than half a docun towns in Ohio got up la the night to have themselves hit. It Is a rery cold day in Ohio when the people are not on the outlook to catob whatever lightning of one sort and another may b*> hanginir around in tbe atmosphere.— Chicago Ntw». *jle«. Augustus Sala in the Troplei. (jflorxe Augustas Silft, the well-known English writer, on his last Australian trip wrote as follows to tbe London J)aily Telegraph: "I especially bare a pleasant remembrance ot the ship's doctor—a very experienced maritime medico indeed, who tended me most kindly during a horrible aprll ot bronchitis and spas modio asthma, provoked by the aaa fog •which bad swooped down on us just after we left San Francisco. But the doctor's prescriptions and tbe increasing warmth of the temperature as we •eared the Tropics, and in particular, a couple of Alloook's Porous Plaster* clapped on—one on the chest and another between the shoulder blades— Mon set me right." "Oh! it I had only known that in time." Known what! "Known that a simple cold In the head may develop into chronic (Jatarrh." Well, it isn f < too late, far Ely's Cream Bulm will win- catarrh even after tbe sufferer's life ba- become a burden to him, and he a nuisance to his friends. It is tbe on.y radical and thoroughly foienuflo catarrh e jr* known. Not a «nnff. Mot a Uqu'd. Price W oenta. 10*8* A Deceived Wtnan is t«« lady who uses cosmetics, face lotions, white lead, bismuth powders, arsenic, eta., in the belief of earlohug and baantlfylnjr. the complexion. It i« bat temporary, and ultimately destroy* the skin beyond the power of nature to restore. Stop It! Btop it now. and VH only Dr. Barter's Iron Tonlo.whtoh imparts the vigor and..loveliness of ywuh. wit A »TUDT OF A BLOB-JAJT. Investigating everything in the room it ota of inj, bird's greatest pleasure*, and moat atcraottve of all he fl&dA tho drawer of my desk, on the edge ol Which h» stand* delighted and bo- wlkiered by the variety before him. Great would be the hnroc If I were n6t there; and the ourlooa tldng about it is that h« will pull things over oarelwslr, with one eye on me, to see If I objevt If, on touching som» particular thing, he sees that I do not approve,—and he recognizes my sentiment AS quickly ns •a bright child would,—that thing, aud that only, ho will have. At onoe he enatehos it nnd flies away across the room, and I may chnso him in vain. Ho regards it as a frolic got up for bis amusement, and DO child ever equaled him in dodging; he cannot be driven, and if cornered ho uses his wings, simply put my wits against his, follow him about till he hiw to drbp his load to breathe, when a sudden start sends him off, and I secure it. Ml cover up anything, he knows »t onoe it is some forbidden treasure, and devotes all his energy and cunning, which are great, to uncovering and possessing himself of it. He opcne any box by delivering sharp blows under the edge of the cover, and hides my postage-stamps in books and magazines. He hops around the floor in a heavy way, as often sideways as straight, and holds his toes as close together as though he had worn tight boots all his life. If startled, he bounds up into the air in the oddest way, a foot or two, or even more, generally turning half around, and coming down with hie head the other way. If much alarmed, he will bounce up in this wav half a dozen times in quick (accession, and should he happen to be on a table, at the time he usually ends by landing on the floor. His alighting after any flight is most singular; he comes to the floor in a crouching position, k'gs sprawled, body horizontal and nearly touching the matting, looking like a bird gone mod; then instantly springs up BIX or eight inches, half turns, and stands upright, crtot erect, and looking excited, almost frightened. If much disturbed, he cornea down with wings half open, tail held up, aud every feather awry, oa if he were out in a gale, uttering at the some time a loud squawk. He ie a most expert catcher, not only seizing without fail & canary seed thrown to him, but even fluttering bite of falling paper, the hardest of all things to catch. The blue-jay is a bird of opinions about most things, and able to express himself quite clearly; on, for example, when he found himself under a chair without rounds, on which he likes to perch, he stood and looked around on every side, and made a low, complaining cry, plainly a protest against so unnatural a chulrt and again when he scolded at the rain thatcumeiu sudden gusts againat the window, or charged furiously at the crack under a door when ho heard sweeping outside. In general he is very quiet when one is in tbo room, but the moment tho door closes behind the lost person his voice is heard,—whistling exactly like a boy, calling, squawking, and occasionally uttwlng a sweet though not loud song, which is varied by a sound like rubbing a cork against glass.' The most quiet approach silences hirn. When under strong emotion he muy squawk or scream before spectators, but he nover whistles or sings when he knows uny one is in tho room. When out of his sight, and HO long .silent that he has forgotten mo, I have now and then hoiml tne song. The funniest thing this knowing fellow doeM is to stamp hix feet, and it is a genuinu expression of impationco or displeasure. When I "take something away from him, or ho thinks I mean to do so, or refuse him something he wants, ho stundu Htill, and jerks bis OM, in such a way that thoy stomp with a loud sound, us if they were of Iron. It is very droll. In serious anger, he adda to this, bowing and curtsying by bending tho legs, snap, ping the bill, pocking, and jumping up with tho body without 'lifting tho feet — Olive Thome Miller in Atlantic. An Unfortcuittn Occurrence- About eight years ngo, writes a correspondent of tho BoHtou Herald, I had apartments in a house kept by a Gorman lady of good family, but reduced financial stutiifl, living hero in New York. The lady of tbe house had two daughters, who were somewhere between 13 and 16 yours of ago. Both of them were pretty children, and one of thorn astonished the neighbors, as well as her parents, one fine day by running off with a rich mnn'tt son and becoming his wife. The other stuck to the family circle, and still lives with her mother. I hod not soon her in all tho long interval betweon that time aud this, until one aftornoon a month or so ngo a tall, handsome young lady, of stately carriage aud generally striking appearance, walked Into my office, and placed her viHitiug-card upon my desk. The little girl had grown to womanhood, and to vary beautiful womanhood at that. I talked with her for some time, and finally learned that she hod come, with some more or loeb vague notion of my wlndom and sagacity, to oak advioo in regard to the question that sooner or lator agitates us all. She said: "Tuoro la an old gentleman who Is very much in love with mu. He has a great deal of monoy, and bo would raako me bis wife to-morrow. Ho Is a man of cultivation and refinement, and his homo is almost a palace. Thnro is another mnn who in much youngor than this one I have mentioned, and ho, too, loves me. Ho i» not wealthy, bnl he has something of a buaiuuss poMtion, aud hU prospocUi wo very good." "Naturally you nrofor'tho younger man," I luterjoctod. "Naturally. At tho same ttme the circumstances of my family aro nol what thoy should bo, although wo llvu comfortable enough. Tho question that troubles me moat is as to whether it is not my duty to marry for the ad- .t my parents, who have ifi good Oftre of me, and for whom I cotijd certainly afford to. make •otna'iaorifloe." , ' • I am rather afraid that the advice 1 gave the young lady was somowhat unroinantio and cynical. It Was to the effect that she had better become tbe old man's darling, mainly for the treason that he would probably die In the course of a few years, in which cose sh» would, by reason of her fortune thus acquired, become nil the more charming in tho eyes of the more youthful, but financially the less solid, lover. The young laxly Raid she was much obliged, and went awny. I didn't see her Again .until to-day, when she once moro came into the office and sat down at the end of my desk. "I shall have more confidence in your advice hereafter," she said, with a demure expression of countenance that was somewhat mnufi-ng. "Why," 1 asked. "Have you concluded to marry the old millionaire?" "No," she responded. "The fact of the matter is that he died last week. Unfortunate, wasn't UP" A CEILB'S Bar* and Scalp Covered with Eo- zematotu Scabs and Sores Cured by Cntlcnrn. M l little ion, aged etrbt year*, has been afflicted with Eczema of tb* icalp, and at tltaes a great portion of the body, ever since he was two years old. It began in his ears and extended to bis sca'p,which became covered with ictbs and sore*, and from which a sticks fluid poured out causing intense itching nnd distress, and leaving hi*' hair matted and lifeless, underneath these scab* the skin wa* raw, like a, piece of beefsteak. Gradually tbe hair came out and wds destroyed, nntil bnt a intuit patch was left at the back of the head. My friends in Peabodv know ho«r my littlo boy boa suffered. Ai night be wonld (cratch hi* head until hi* pillow was covered with blood. I used to tie bis hand* behind him, and in many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but It was no use, he would scratch. I took him to the hospital and to the best physician* in Pea. body without lucres*. About this time, so-ne friands, who had been cured by the Cutlcura BemeiUe , prevailed npon me to try them. 1 began to u*<> them on the lith of January last. In seven months every particle ot tbe disease wan removed. Not a spot or »aab remains on his scalp to tell the story of his raftering. His hair bos re'urned, anc Is thick and strong, and his scalp a* sweet and clean as any child's in tbe world. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful can by the CuUcurtv Remedies, and wish all similarly tffitctvd to know that my statement is tine and without exag geratlon. CHARLES McKAT, Oct.». 1885. , Peaboiiy.Mftss. I have teen Mr. McKay's boy when badly affected wltb the Ecctma. He was a pltllu sight to look at. I know that he bos trier, our bnt physicians, and did all a father could do for a fullering child, but availed nothing. Iknowth t the statements lie has made • •' a* regard* the curing of his boy by V' •JfOV.lcura Bern' dies are true in ever] paxttciuur. \V11UAUJ MCOABTHY, S3 Foster sti eet, feabody, Mass. I do not know of any instance in which the Cutloura Remedies have failed to produce satli-factort' results. I believe I have fold more of them than of any otber skin reme cles I have ever handled during thirty-three Tears of my experience as u druggist. A. D. TRYON, Batavla, S. T. Hold everywhere. Price: Cutlcura, SO ct*. OuticuraHoap 2& rents; Outiunra Hesolvent SI. Prepared by Potter Drag and OhemlFB Co,. Boston. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases.' P1M soap. and Baby Humors, use Cutlcuia A Word about Catarrh. "li 1* the mucous membrane, that wonder ful semi-fluid envelope surrounding the dell cate tu-uesof the air and food passages,tlmt Catarrh m&kes its sti-ongbold. unce established, Items Into the very vitals, and renders life but a long-drawn breath of mlieo and disease, dulling he sense ot hearing trammelling the power of speech, destroying the faculty of smell tulntlng the breath, an>l killing tbe refined pleasur< s of taste. In- •idlou-ily, by creeping on from a simple cold Iti tbe head, It assaults tbe membranous lining and envelops the uanen, eating through the delicate coats and caui-ing Inflammation sloughing «»•! death. Nothing short of erad Icatlon will secure bealtb to the patient, and all allevlutlyes Hie simply procrastinated sufferings, lending to a tatal terminuilon bunford'K lUdloal Cure,by Intaalatlon and by Internal administration, has never fade" ••yen when the (llsease has mnde frigbtfu Inrosfis on nelirate constitutions, henrlng xmeyl and vatic have heen recovered, and th dlocase thomughly driven nut. NANFOKP'S KADICAI. Cuss consists of one bottle oi the Radical Cure, <<ne bnxOata rhai Solvent, and one Improved Inbaier, noatlj wrapped In one package, with lull direction* price ?1.' POTTBB DBPO & CHEMICAL co.i BOSTOM. HOW IT ACHES. W»rn out with pain, but still com polled by stern necessity to stand up to the work before us and bear the .pain. Bellnf in one minute In a Ou- tlcura Anti-Pain Plaster lor aohlUK sides and baoU.woak A painful muscles, tbe sore chest and hacking counh, unrt every pain and ache of dolly toll. Elegant, new, original, speedy, and infallible. At druvgtstb, S5o.; five lor O; or, postage iree, ol rotter Drug and Chemical Co.; Boston. KXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Scbweppe, deceased. Tbe undersigned, having been ap pointed Kxecutors of the last will and tnstament of John W. ftcbweppe, late of the county ot Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby irive notice thst they will appear before the County Com I of Uadlson county, at the court house, In tbe March term ,on the fourth Monday in March noxt, at which tlm- all person* having clalm-i agalnit inlii estate ure nnttaed and requested to intend for the. purpose of having tlm «auie adjusted. All perionr ndebted to *ald estate are requested to raalct immediate paymf nt to tbe undersigned. Bated this Jnd day of Febmary. A n. 1M7. El JlZA F. SOnWKPI'B, WILLIAM E. SCHVVKI'I'B, HENUY U. 80HW f PPh, UPPER ALTON, ILLS, D. B. KITTINGER& CO. Dry, Qond*. Of ooertee, Noilnn*.of Ml kinds, Kiour, Saxony Yarn, Peed. Mile * Mam Thr«n<J»,Cif,r», Bo'Urjr of Ml de Tobnooo, •orlpllon*. Queen* and Tinware. Fre»U Oysters and Celery; Drank Bros'. C«iiid(«*8 and Nuto; Keith's Breud. D. B. KITTINGER & CO. Mnrphy'n < Hd Stand. • 28w8m vrtsa Baby WM skk, w« g, n k*r OMt«rta, Wbea *be ww » Child, sh* «rUd for CastorU, WTian ib* bMsas UUs, ih» elnn( to Cutorls, Wliwi *b* bad GblUna, »bs gave tbsm UMtoris, IIREBOUT! a DMOioin* tnu u not f njunoqs. v* the Blood, urna-orate* the ettoree Appetite, Aid* Ulfetuon It doe* not bliokm or Injure tb* teeth, MOM ho*d- ftohs orproaaoa oonitlptUOD—ort«r Mm nutteinet da Dn. q. H. BntKLrr,»ludlnc phrctelu of Bptinc- flnla, Ohta.u/*i. " Brown's Iron Bitten It > thoroachbr good medl- elne. I DM It la mr pnotloa, tnd dna ft* tctfoa ex- eeli til other form* of Iron. Inw»*kne«,oralawo<m- dltlon of tb* tjrtem, Brown', Iron Bltttn to ntailhi • PodUn D«e«ujt7. It j< ul that to oitlawd for ft." Dk. W. M. WJ.TXM, lilt ThMj-»eoon« Street, OaurntawB. p. O.. ufit. BFOWQV Iron pltKn I* tbe Toalo of tb« M«- Hoi appetite, (!TM (tnocth ud Onraln* h»« tbortTnd* M«A not erewed nd ltae« oil wrapper. Take no other. Mule onv bj KASKINE (THE NEW QULMINJfi.) Wo bad effec No headache No nausea. HO ringing ears Pleasant, t" A POWfcBtfUXi TONIC. th&t the^ most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALABIA RHEUMATISM, NERVOCS PROSTRATION, .and all Germ Diseases. BellevneHospital, N. T.: "Universally sue oewful." ("EYOrv paf lent treated St. Francis Ho*. K. T, < with Kaskine baa been < dlsohurged cured." Dr. L. R. White, U. 8. ExarnlDtnit Surgeon write*: "Kurtlne is the beat medicine made. Dr L. M. Uleosner. 880 Kflst 121vt st , N<<w York city, has cured over S90 oatlents wlt[ Ka»Viiuft aiier qulnmei and another drag* biv lulled. He saya: "It l* undoubtedly the be* me Heine ever discovered." Pro l. W. P. Holoomba, M.O., M Eastlbth *t. N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Mud..College) wrlten '•Kaskine 1» superior to quinine in Its «cec fl P'.wer, and never produces tbe slightest in Jury to tbe hearing or constitution. Kev. Jas. L. Hall, UhnplHin Albany Pcnlton tlary, writes that Eu.-klne ban cured bis wtfu alter twenty \cai-8 Buffering from it-aUit and neivous dyspepila. Write him for pur llrmlars. Tliousandsupon thouaandcwrlte tbat Ess klne has cured them alter all other inedl einea hud fulled. Write lor book of test! mrmlaU. Kaoklne can be token without any specla col advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by roall ou receipt of price. KASKINE 00., 6» Warren St., Now York lodwlin The Century For 1886 87. THE CBHTDKY is nu Uju.-tratnd monthly maguzlnu, having a regular circulation o about two bunnred tlioumiid copies, often reaching and sometimes exceedlug two nun dred and twenty Qve thousand. Chief »mong its nmnv attructlons lor thu coming year is t serial which bus been in active prepuratloi lor sixteen yearn. It is a history ut our own couutry In its most critical time, as net lort! THE LIFE OF LINCOLN, By bis Confidential Secretaries John U. Nlcolay and Col. John Huy, This great work, begun with the sanction of President Lincoln, and continued under the authority of his son, tbe Mon. Hubert T Lincoln, is the only lull and authorltatlvi record of the life of Abrahum Lincoln. Uu HUthorn were f lends of Llncol i bt-lore bio proHl lenov; they worn most Intimately associated wltb h'm as private secreturlfs tliroghout his term ol office, and tu them were translerrod upon Lincoln 1 •,deutb all his private papeis. Here will be told tua iHSldo Iildtory of i lie civil war and of President Lincoln's administration -important detHlls of wblon Uave Mtberto remained unrevealed that they might first appuitr In tola authentic history. By reason of the publication of this work, THE WAR SERIES, which has been followed «lth unflagging Interest by a groat interest by a meat audi etice, will occupy loa» space during the com ing year. Gettysburg will be described by lien, liunt (Oblef of the Union Artillery), tien, Long sir o t, Gen. E. M. taw. and others. Chlcamaiiga, by Gen. D. H. Hil; Sherman's Murontothe ea. by Generals Howard an" Mocnm. Generals Q A. Glilinore, Wm. P. Smltli, Jolin QIDbon,Horace Porter, and John 8. Mogby will deacrluu spculal battles and Incidents. Stoilos of navai engagements, prison Hie, etc. etc. will aj pear. NOVELS AND STOKIES. "Tbe Hundredth Man." a novel by Frank R. Stockton, HUtlior ol "The Lady, or tbe Tiger," begins in November. Two noveleaei, by George >V. Cable, stories by Mary HullocV Kooto, "Uncle Kemuu," Julian iiawthorno, Edward 1-gKlcston, and other prominent American authors will be printed during tnu year. SPECIAL FEATURES. (with Hhixtratonn) include a vorlos of articles on affairs In liui-sla and 8lb»rla, bv Geo. Kennau,author of "Tent Life In Siberia," who has luHt returned from a mo»v uvnntful vl it to blberian prisons; papois • n tuu F> nd Question, with reference to It* beuri g on tbu Labor I'robKm; Engllnh Oathedrols: Ur, Kgglosion's Rellgloun Life In the American Colonies: Olulrvuyaucr, t-plrltuulism, Astml- oio.etc., b> Kov.J. M. HuoKluv, U,D,editor oitbuChrlotian Advocate: axtronomlccl papers; tlirowiog lighten Blblu i Istory, etc, PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, tt.Oo a year, 8» wnts a number. Dealers, pootuiantcra, and publishers take subscriptions. Heud for our benutl- fully llluHt ated 24 nage ciitalogua (frr«), containing full pioypectiH, et^., mo uillng u special iirtor by which now readers run get aok numbers to the beginning oi the War Sorles at a "ery low price, A specimen Copy [back number) will bo sent on reqnutt. Mention thin paper, Can you afford to ba without the Ocnlurv TJUC OKNTUUY LO., Now York. Subscriptions received at thli olttoe. fU* pnptr I* kupc on Ol« at tke office at OVERUSING GENTS PHIIADEIPHIA. AVER A SON'S J. HOFFMAN & SON Stoves and Hardware HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS And other cl*M heating *tor*s tor wood or ooal. Also Ranges and Champion Monitor Ooo Stoves, the best in Alton. Outside WorKmpedaltjri Roof ing, <*nttering, eto. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYBON UAMD. SKdOND AND AI BT STB. WHIPPLE& SMILEY INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS THK 4 Fiim-Class Ins. Oo.'s Inn. Co. of North Amerietv Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyhla; . German American; North firltiah and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.r Continental; Oirard; Glena Fallg, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fond, Western AMarance Co AND OTHEB8: A OAflH OAPITAJ IN THE AQGBEQATE OF $20,000,000. . WE ALSO BEFBtWtlMT TRB Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Int. Co.,Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat Bank Cor. Third and State Bts. For Bale. Seven lot* with good brtck dwelling outbuildings, In gone! repair, in Upper Alton Healdesco of (). B. Oolllni, and known astb UerrtU property. WHlfPLK * BMtLEY, Ai ton, or a. w. Collet, i;ppsr Alton. Dor Bent. .A 7-ropm frame dweUiav, In good repair, on North Bide Bluff at. WHIPI'LE ft SMILBY. For sale or tuint. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mm 8. J.Dutro. . WHIFFLE iSMILKY. The late residents oi J. >. and W. B UitcheU, on Mill §t., two oifc «i best pieces o residence property In Alton, Tae property known as '"The JPark, eastot above; It lot onMHJ and Huminlt streets, an U a number o OH In Miller * Mitchell's addition to Alton Any or all ot above at a great bargain. WtOPFT.E* SMILEY. Jror OHIO. The Merrtman property on State streo In Miller K Mlobell'g add., to Alton, IX etor liouso, 8 room* and out-buUdinv*; all In per loot order. Can be had at a bargain. aMujrr. For Hale. A IK story frame drolling, corner Pe and Fifth streets. WHIPPUB A 8MILKV Veslrabio it«*ldeiiees tut Sale. A two »toi7 brick dwelling on State street known an Win. A. I'lutt humestead, lately put lu good repair. A two story iratue dwelling onUolii street, nearly now. A two «ory oiluk dwelling on 8eventb street, all tor sale uiHsuorlttue, owner Having decided to nr < »' .WUIPPLB ASUILKV Jror mut. A convenient Jai-m of 120 aoras, moat all ti cultivation; situated »n tbe Bethalto road. 'lf TOIXI Alter*, For Bent. Late residence ot M. J. Noonan on State street, known as tbe A. Platt plaoo. UooU 9 room biiok hounn, in flrnt oliui* repair. WUIPI'LK * bUILEY iror Kent. Good 9-room brick house with about 1 acres of ground,Including orcuaTi, in Upper Alton. Former renldenoe ot Dr. Humbert.. WHlf FLK 4 SlilLST. Fur Sale «r Bent. The 2-story trama dwelling with 9 rooms. Including 7 lutnj good barn and flue Units, known as tbe Nichols boiuoitoad, <ltuat«4 on Uth st,, In a desirable nolubboihood. ; WIUFPLKABttlLBI. WILSON WftSHBOARDS. Th«i« WoshbotTd* at* m»d« with » Bent-Wood rim. TtMBttonr- •it boud* and but VMUen in tn* world. For sal* bf all dwlcit. T*k*noeth«r. •AGIMAVT M'F'd CO., SHORTHAND WRITING, tuuitlic by mull. Young men have ouly to eornsboithand to make It a sure source ol millt. Suud stamp for pamphlet ondsprol- tnou. W. Vf. llulton, iltUburg, Pa. Udlm T O ANNIHILATE T0B API'BTITK FOU ToUAi;uo USE THK TOB&OCO T»8TB 1JE8IUOTER.-H eradicate* the ante for, and devtrnys ull bad effects, arls UK Irom the use of Tobacco. Thin pre.iara Ion strongthen-i the hppeKta, clear* tbe ulnd and improve* tbe mmu<iry, It Is put up lu the form of loienges, wliioli are p ea*. ail' to take. One i ox is sulUuleut to cure uost caiii s, yet som« r.quire two boxiis. Over ,000 sold unit entire satisfaction glveu in moll ouee. ilundr (Jiof tustlmonlal* n-oulv. ed. Bent to any addrois, poitagn paid—on receipt of $1.00 per box. Prepared b* a gmd uutu ai I'lmrmacy. Addres* B. 8. Miller, tin want. Wllintuatou, Del. ijdlm A dvortlsers by addressing aeo. P Kowell XX 4 Co., 10 npruow St., Now York, in good mill, can obtain all needed Information bout any prupoied line of Advertising In American Newspaper*. ITdlu •\ITANTKD—A live, euergeilouian, to rep. TT roscntu", TfB per uioi.tli and oxpcnae*. Quods staplei wvery onb buy*; outfit mKK, TAADAHDBIl.VKllVYABKOo., Uo.ion. ... ooWdotn L ADIES wanted 'n get up Tea Club* tor our I'uro Teitk anil Coffin)*. A )u>st uf usnlul rilulos to NOlcct trout us pi'i<inlum«. Bum] ir ilhiHtriitud 1'rlio mill 4'r«iuliMi| U»t, 81'SJ Ul. UVKKU: to every TBNTII jiei>on that HII- wermhliitulvm'ilMiiiiimt, we will tuttd tmua lie pound choice Tea. Address NAl u l<IRA oorrifs oo,, iioston, «;««•. THE ATLANTIC FOB 1987. fTlll oont«ia. in oddltim to tin* beM Shorl fitorlee, tk*tc£e*, Assays, FoettT tSIt OtWotsat, two BettHl >tonMh» The Second Son, BY uia. M. o. w. OUPHA«T Paul Patotf, - Bfr. itAMlOS CBAWrOBD, Author of "A Beratin SlBger,'' "Mr. Isaae*, Papers on American Btctory, Who's* previous papers' have bean *o tal«r ««tlig. full of Information, illy popular. French -And EnglUh. continuation of tne adnilrahle papers com* paring the French andKnalUU swopta. * ^ Jjyr.U.HAMKHttm. *""*— and Po«m«, By OLI VBlt WENDELL HOLMM. By JAMBB LOWELL. omHfl Wenlwotla fttg- E, o. 8tea- Contributions may be eipeoli d (TOM Qreenloal WhitHer, TnomHfl Wenl ginson. diaries iradley Werner, E man. Harriot W. Pretton, 8w«h Orna Jewstt, OharUb Egbert Otaddoek, Arthur Bhertjurne Hardy, H«niy Cabot JLOdir«,JWttb M.TbotBM, Uiiraoe K. (feudder, O»om» B. Woo*bony, OeorgeFiederluk I'»,TBonvM»«rte« Tbcttp von, Lury f.sroom, Delia Thaxtwr, John Burroughs, Jauiei Freeman 'Olarke, Kllmbetb Robin* P«nnell t Bradford, Torrvj and tueay other*. , „,., ., .,: .,., XEBUfl: U a year In Rdvasse, po B6 oenta a number. VPHU «up*rb portrait of Hawtuorue, Xinerson. low, Bryant, whlttter, Lowell, «r Helmet »•, •»«& additional portraWfl. The November and December nomben of the Atlantic will be i»nt tieeof ehwgeto n«9 subiorltttirs whose subscription* are rteetved before December XKh. •-; ..• , . Postal aoi»» and numey are at tbe rkik, oi toe Bender, and therefoni rcmlttonoe* iboutt be mad* by money order, draft; Or regta»»red letter, to • , •. .. •-.•>^ Boughton, Mlffllki A Company, 4 l*Mk street, Boston, MM*., OMo&Hississiif? THK DIHKOT AWO^AWT L0I tO • •• . ' ..;.'' i Cincinnati. Louisville, Washinifton, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. 4 SOMD DAILY TRIKSto Clnolnnatl and In TEN HO0E8, with Through Day. ratace Cars and Palftoe Sleeping Cosine*. Bo. ohant-e of ears tor smr claas of, passenger*. TWO DAILY TRAINS To Washington in 28 hours, To Baltimoio in 29 hour*. f\ • '- •- .••;•>';"•, '- 1 - Thisls FITB HOUB8 «UIOKKB than SCO fastest time by any other line. THE DAY KXPEKB8 runs entire train consisting of Day Coaches and Palace Vtoeptnf ear* from bt. Louis to Washington.' THK MOTH KXfHBbS has ueepen throufk without change. No other Hi. e from It Louis offers a Daily Through Train MrrtO* to the NATIONAL OAPITAI* Palace Buffet Sleeping Can are run by this line on night ex- , press Irons . ST. LOUIS TO NEW YOBX, - DAILY— ; Without change in 87 boon. Best Route to Jacksonville AMD WINTKE KE6OBTB » XiU ' ' . . The Double Dally Line* of Parlor Ojin mat Palace Sleeping Coaches by this , Bond from St Louie to Oin'ti & LouirvHl* making direct oonnectlons at both point • with morning and evening ExpreM Trsln* having PuJaoe Hotel andSleeptog Can »? Chattanooga, Atlanta, Havannsi and Jacksonville without change. No Ferries or TranR&n by thte Boot*. for Tickets Rates, or any particular Information, call on Ticket Agents ol connect' 'hg lines. West, Northwest and Boutbwett. Or In St. I/onls *4 101 * 108 fourth ft. JMU. F. BABNABD, V?. B. »HATTUO, Pres. G»n. Manager. Uen'lPasi. Agt. Olnolnnati.O. L.D. RaCOM, Q«n. West. Pase. AgeW St. Louis, Mo. WHEN YOUTRAVEL , T«l(» th« • • : i.^.V; Un« xtocUd by (S« Unlttd Sutti GowrnmtM to ctm tlw Put M«ll,—th» Burlington Route C.B.aO.R.R. Al It li thi Lint running Thiovgh Titlnt to tnd (tout Of Mowing cltiti «nd towni on ill «vn Un«*l OHIOAIO. AOROIA, OTTAWA, tTtlATOR.ROeKrORO.DDIOBOI. UOROKE, 8T. PAOl, MIUiAVollI, MINDOTA, PIORIA, OAIMBURB, IT. LOIIL niNOT, lEOKttl, I8IL1MTON, WMHIMIli, OIKALOOIA, Oil MOIMfl, 0HARITII, tREITQN, IT. JOIEPH, ATCHIIOI, IANIAI BITV, NIIRA8IA CIH, OMAHA, OOUNOIL ILtifri, LIROOINADINVM, Making Direct Connootions TO AND FROM NEW YOUR. IAITIHORE,WAIHIIIOTOI, OIReitJNATI.PHILADELPHIAJOITOI. MEW ORIEARI, (oUltVlUE, BAR FRAHIIItO, 01AKOELEI, lAULAKEOlfr, OOIORAOO AM AQIflC OQA»T REIORTI, CITY Of MIMIIi PORTLAND, ORISON, MAMITOIA, VUT08IAANOPUOETIOUNO POINTt. Good Equipment, Good Servloo, Ooott Oonnaoslon. For Informatlpn cono»rnmg the Burlington .ttut*, * i th> n.iieit Tlcktt Ag«nt ul Uit C,, B. /: Q. o' •cling rilliotdi. tlHKVB.BTOHB, f> AUU W(X ITOM

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