Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 7, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 7, 1887
Page 1
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20. ALTON, ILL., MONDAY EVENING, T, 1887. DYSPEPSIA. hara b«cu nffllitoa. I have tried •Itnoiteverylhlhg claimed to be a gp*- e^O'lof'Dy.dpoprta In the hope ot finding »Ofcty>40)fitW:ir« ild afford pannanont re' lleKl had abomt Biade np. my mind to aban ten mediclnei wbcn I noticed »n endex •«• !M»M>t W»moBiiMY»rB«£Bli»to*by * piom- ^•MM'ttMrglan', a JoMnt *hon> ; I knew, and ; ". ot«felttd»-<l,,»i> try. :(t». «t«ot» jn my oMe, - 1 tune UN* bnt tvO' tooitlM i»nd- «nt-f iail*fl«d *ha»,1J>»*!MtWk M>« right tUngi at 'tat. 1 • t*M i»«>b«a«flclal •fleeW'SimoM immediately. •Unlix* all otner .prepiu-atlon oj fc similar UlnJ no special iDftrucrlom i* required a* to :i ;'i»Jkl>» r "n»»'^li«>l;-..»)r 1 rt»U »oV«»'VV:Thl» Jnot .aJ^n^, piufht to ooauimid:it toall.troubled •with dy«p«p«lft. J. K.,«OUME». A regular habit of body can be ie«nred I w|U)<m%o>i*figlag the diet ,or. ' SIMMONS LIVEE REQUI.ATOR. See lhat yon itet tke ganolne. Prepared 67 • *pl IKULIM * CO. , Philadelphia, P». —t W« do not martufaotura. Lard, C&ndl««>:-Butierlnei : or «ny kindred truckr we do'not flret eque>e2a (the fat and oil out of ourstock, arid then convert the refuse Into a worthless eoap. : We are not-near stock yards or etauehtar'housesi buy no diseased or dead animals'or refuse material. •LLVICU SO4P is made of FOBS TAL- Ixiw, by a clean process, and can be used.freelyjWlthoutdanffer of having the ekln diseased or poisoned. MflK TOTB OBOOEB TOR IT. EMFIBB SOAP CO. aifv LOUI«. MO. TO^PYEBTISEES Foraoto»oktor.iMw«(<vlUprln* a ten-Una sArertUemHUt'ln One Million tiaues of lead- Ing ituerltmn N«w§P <poc». TliN l» at I he rate • erf only one filth of ao«»t» Hne.for l^tQctron • I»ttou4, The adverUsempnt will bo plaoed before One Million BICFKBBNT nowsnuoer twro»k«eri ;-br Tm MH-LIOK litAp^ss. Ten finei will ao"ommodiit« about 73 words. Ad- OrftM.with copy of »rtr, and qhciok, or sen/l so Sent*, for booK of 17« pnuea. OEO. P. BOW- BIX * CO., 10 gpruoe at., W. Y. jalSdlm W. 'Jf.ENS1WGEB, Vlat« and Oe«oratlve AU WOWS .TATTKMPKD TO A ') TERMS. .tSf,, NFAR PIA8A AF/TOW. . •fT.T> i SUITER &SON. >BAI«lEft IS > FINBAIO* COMMON FCRNITURE. A flttll wnd Con»i»let« Stock A)- DO'.NOT.PAIL TO OrVK.US A PURCHASING. >)UB FtTBNITUBB BOOMS AUK OK State Street, opp. Third, tpSdwlv ror Nble. AT-roombriokdwiiltluK and nut Mrs. Hornce Hiilynr Is still tho re , 1 cognized belle of the diplomatic circle at. Washington. A correspondent writes, of "her large, ruddy, Aldernoy-cow •tyle of bcmity," and udde: "To see Mer, striding into her little coupe, her, 160 pounds of solid aesh and rausc^ 1 enveloped in' the reddest of red cos«j tUmes, wi|h her cheeks like two rosy apple* and her pretty but somewhat »U>Hd face .glowing with health and complacency, gives one a refreshing snrjse of perfect health and animal. well-being. She is what is commonly called a bouncer, but she has the charm of a thoroughly well-kept and well- governed human being." A Frenchman nt Euntis, Me., recent* ly inherited $46,000 by the death of » relative in; Francei He had married an Indian iwoman, and on hearing of the fortune -ftwaiting him in France left his wife, and made the journey there and back, a sister of his coming with him. He brought his wife a present ota gold watch and chain, and went back to his home in the woods to live M usual GeorgetR..?Frost;< a rich old fellow living in Cairo,- hns* worn the same hat for/twonty^six years. The other .day., while^he-was getting shared, some one stole his'old tile and put a new one in ita place, arid 'Mr. Frost , got out war- ran t« for four or five parties, paid » private detective ,$15 to. work up ; thf cose, and' ^iljl, 4q .his best to make MV- eral hfi'arts ache. , Absolutely Pure. Thlo powder never varies. A marvel ol parity, stre igth wtiolngiimeneea. Moio oco- nouiloal than the ordinary hinds, and oannnt bo gold In competition with the multitude ol low to&t, Rhori wi» ght, ultuti phnnpha'D now- di>r«. SOLD ONLY IN CANS. ItOYAL BAKING rOWBEB 00., 108 Wall St., N. Y. JanSdwly OF PURE GOD LIVER OU Almost as Palatable as Milk. The only preparation of COD LITEB OIL thai cut b« Uken »«Ulj%ud tolerated for * loaf Uat* br dtUcatt etouuhi. ASP iS A BEaEDT rOB COItgOTlPTIOir. SCBOKULOI-B ' *!• t'lECTlONB, ANAEBli, OKX- UKBIUTT, 'P^OH8- AXD. TnBpiT'Aff P180BDKII8 Of In IU rfMlta. PrMcribed and enilor.La by tbe be*t FbyiiolaH to the coontriM ot tb« world. r mv •;.* •• .000,000 ACRES CHOICE • HARDWOOD FARMING LAND •WiS.WHttaX'- . AN AOM »n SOB* U»» TJwiwit,™ M>a promUlMf tut for Mttl«mm< ta ili^J,., .,». «wjrm»5si«*:!? ••** ntv fr»»i -AiMnM Ufp t*MflllHre.F«4«uli Cuinl ft. n, lllwukM. n, Lucas Pfeiftenberg-er ARCHITECT, GENERAL HUFEKINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third st.,one door we«t of Pluaa, jjtird floor. 2OO BAGS HIGGIN8' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dutryand Table Uu*-, ID 14 Ib. HIIPU «ttok« and 00 tb Hacks, for aule by J^JL. RYRIE MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY Whollr unlike ArilflolU Syi|ero«-Onre ol MlDrtuWanrterliiK—Any tiook I' arnort In nna ri'Rdl K. ProHiiiioiiiH, with oplnlonn </l Mr, PIIOCTOII. tin' Amrnii"iiii'r, linn*. W. \V. AKTOR, JDDAH r. naxjAuiH, DI». UIHOK, WOOD »ml uUim-i), ne»t Mint ITUKB. l>y I-HOC, LuISBTTB. 8»7|fUthAT.un., H^W York NUMBER 214. NKW«I. Johnjlnd Blthferd Bjiddott^ broth* ! e*i,-quHrr^llodatfFore*t vClty, Ark., hundred r»nd::*hirty-«ercn deaths: occurred ;, in; thift'. city of St. Loni» . Belations are strained '•', bktween Senator Warner Mlller'anii r.Senator- eleot Hlseoolt of New York, an I the former refused to ait nt a banquet with •the ,I»tter.'*»jribg he-had too. much self re»poot. Thsy have »tobaggan,BHde.At Bl»- mai'ckf Dakotaj where they say tL»t t 1 e steel *hod toboggans acquire a velocity ot three mile* ». minute. DakotahB would'like to get thi» ad- minihtratioa to take a slid* Attorhey-<3«Deral Garland told the President he could only think of two' men qualified to aerve on the Inter- State jomruerce commisiion. One ot these, -he said', is Senator ;Cockrell,: and the other is.the President himself. It is certainMhat -not one of the nations of Europe; desires- war >ndiT present condition*. The#g5jjaritvft military -establishments,, they > have built up areKevidences /of a sense of insecurity *»ther than of warlik? pyr^ pose. 1 be proportions to which' those s establishments 'have, grown Is ruinous. France staggers under it. Getraany suffers even more/ Austni is worse than .either,. . Italy is badly oyeriBtrnint.d., Russia'.is ' i'n nnanclal ch«6». ' Such enormousibur-i dens', cannot be borne f orerer. They can be removed only by war or general 'disarraament. , If, disarmament is impracticable, war, is inevitable.' To judge tae,praetieal>Hity of general disarmament, it is only necessary to glanoe at the relative pObitioB of the parties concerned. M^: Febj i5;-^~Senste-r- Report of Lieut; ,E. H. ,TaUnt of .his six-mcnth's journey- 1 on • the v -.Congo river .submitted. Dubuque ..bridge bill passed Conference report oh public building at/ ChatttmoQga agreed to. Siiiy-six pension bills, passed. Indian appropriation bill passed. Bill to incorporate Atlantic, and Pacific ship railway discussed. Adjourned. House— A number of messages re- v ceived 'from; the President 'vetoing special pension bills. Direct tax bill referred to committee on jud:ciary. Bill forpayment of 'Fourth. of July claims passed. Committee of whole on diplomatic and consular appropriation bill. ' LONDON, Feb. 6.—A review <; of British trade for the past we. .t shows that the improvement lately reported has been largely checked by the war. scare. Confidence remains shaken, and securities continued depressed a); the close, notwithstanding the pacific statements put into circulation. The belief is general in mercantile circles that war between Frar.ce and Germany,, in spite-of the di -lomatio assurances-of,the representatives of>those powers, in Berlin and Paris, will break out assooa as fighting weather sets in. LITCHFIELD, III., Feb. G—Mrs. G, W. Atterbury^ a daughter of Mr. S. M. Grubbs, banker of this city, died at her home in Minneapolis, Minn , last evening, The body will be brought here for interment. What Tra« tfsrit friii~D». The unprecedented sale of Bosobee's German Syrup within a tew Tears, baa aNtonlHhed the world. It is without doubi the safest and best remedy ever diHcuverod for ihe speedy and effttetual cure of Coughs, Coldn and tha severest Lung troubles. U acts on an entirely diffnrent principle from the UKU»! pre- soriptious eiren by phyalomns, as it does not dry up a cough and leave iba disease atill in the sTatem, but on the contrary removes the cause ol the trouble, heata the part* atfuoied and leaves tham in a purely hualtby condi- tioo. A bottle kept in the house for us* when the dUuu.He< wake tbuir appuar- anoe, will save doctor's bills and ft long ttpull of seriuu* illueas. A trial will convince you uf thuHe frets. It IB pin 1 lively soli! by all druggwi* andnuneral doaliTS in the land. Pnon, 76 ots., Urge buttles. ja 10 tlwlw eod THK Boidhouai- Jtye H*yn: Dr. Daviil Miller, of .Pearl, w»n offurwd by the Chio«ic<> and Alton Uompauy 36 cunt* a carload for ail the rooks i liny would uka outuf a bluflt on his (arm, to be used for ballast on tha rallroad.aiid uon- <«uiptuuu»ly refuitd. autowqucntiy h» sold tQu company the wholtt farm for (600. Mow h« »eon from 601» 100 oar- luadf of stonfl taken out of th« bldff every day. hud he accepted the com* p ny's proposition b« would bsreosirinf 1600 per month. Croup, whoopina oougb, sore throat, sudden cold, and the lung trouble peculiar to children, are easily controlled by promptly ad ninUtorlng Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Thi« remedy IB safe, to take and oartaln la U» action. dwlw APPALLlffO RAlLiKOAD AMTBB. Pltty «r Sixty Live* Want BIVER JOXOTIOS, Vt'., F,«ib: 5— Tne most appalling railroad i disaster which srsr happened - in, the precincts of Ntw England oconrrsd about 2:30 this morning on the Central Vermont railroad at th«; bridge which crosses the i White river, about four miles west of this -place. By ! it four heavily loaded |)»sseng«r cars, filled 'for the most part with pleasure seekers en. -route to the , Ilontn al carnival, WeWhnrled, whilb running atff ; ull spied) Yremiaajopau bridge, orer.and orer, down a terribly ragged roftl^V-gOrg^.r^Vfhty.jfeet' jntd,. the darkhes!*, striking. »t last with *n awful ctashiupon th» 'bleak( barren surface of an Ice bound rlvsr where forty or fifty human, belngr perished amioV a scene of ,. horror. ^ indescribable . • The wrecked train , caught fire almost immediately; and 'the victims not kilted outright w« ^quiokly^burn- • ed to death, The ..'.":• cidentt. is attributed to * 'broken rail 1 oter : -wb'icli-'th*Vengine, •postal land baggags car Safely paised. It is, positively 'known ,tbat;forty- two persons- perished j 1 while there is a probability , that a number of other cprpies will :be found in , the wreck or under the ice in the cre^ki Jtt«t how jn& y parsons - were killed cannot be aecertained." while ' there '*xiats so much uncertainty as to thei'inumber on 1 the^raln; • The iniJnibt^ot.irouad- ed who escaped'from or w«re rt'»cui,d from the ruius is 36. Some" of these are; slightly ,, and , others 'aeriously injured. t Oae^of the wrecked' o«» l •'«» .the ice had aotr been 3 rtoverhauled at last'acqbuaM,: and Jt^ras thought that at least-twenty bodies were > in the debris. , Should this prove so it would run ; the • list of • killed ' 'up' ; to over sixty, -not including itbose which may'have been carried into the river through the ice. The latt at computation as to the number of .persons on the 'train places if- at oy«r' lOQi 4|Probably 8,000 personsivisited the scene of the railroad *ccidenHo-day. The only trains run. were 'for 'the accommodation of offlcialir and for carrying wounded land dead ; oonse- quently aUdtnanner ' of ••» conveyances were' brought into requisition, many team's ponling f rom^dWfcaneh' of forty, to nfty,niiles:and centering here in long processions^: Seven 1 or ;eight bodies-were today identified by friends, and many UearUrundingiScsnes 1 were 'Witnessed.' • It ! 'ir'ufterlyi : ,injp6isible to identifyi more than >ten or twelvt of those recovsred, the i clothing being entirely gone and the- bodies -burned to a crisp./, The iworki'of, recovering . vigorously »11 day n- Then uins ihave been minutely.w?»rchedi and probably all -recovered that can be. The iron-work of the oars has all been pulled over and 'cleared awAy. AMli«r7> Dog. ' • RoVer^ ."tile > old canine-', friend and comparilgW'pf'Miser/ Jbd'^iParryv lonely and .ibroken-hoiu'tod, ikocpB 'mr't aithful watch- in the v sileH|! y,ahl:',6f biiB dead mastor'8ihou8o,oti.»Lo(;uBt)'BtrooU The little'Scotch terrie.r' is "in' deep distress at-tieloss of liis.bld friends, and seems to. bo the;ono;Bineer(Kmp.uniflr of penurious Joe Pen-y and his erratic cousin, Dick Price, ( The dog was true to the old men from the first -and'constant to the eud. • Ho shared, their misery and ho will' die' of ^hungy -'before 'be will voluntarily.desertihls-old home. i. Hour by hour, ;c.ay^ and Anight, 1 he 1 'lids watching thp" time-worn, dbov .and'.'whines and paws at its rotton'boards.' But it doesn't' oppn'as .it was w'ont ,to do at ; his- lightest i scratch. -'He" whine* oul bis grief as.ho used to burk' his opinions i litt .neighboring curs. It would have 1 beeu'-a'churitiiblo ending if Old Rover hsd been found dood in tne little back) room with itho old.inirtr and bis •partner. •' The woman who keeps the grocery store next/ door to the house of gold and filth' pushes food to the dbg through a hole in thu fence every day, but Rover seldomtoxmhM 'it, nml Is dally g^rowlng weaker. The 'little terrier has a stubby tail, Hhurtrle^s, and a shaggy coat of sorrel colored hair.' He was a piip wheu gjvoit t<?;jPfarry a number of ^yoftiis-ugo— ~Phite<kli>hw(rimet. Proflldont Gravy of France can dls- • count'Mr. Clowaland >ia thett-tn'atter of salary;. "As Pitesidpnt of tho French R«. public Mr. Orsv}* twoclves a yenrly salary of $240|000/-bo«i<UJfl the fol|owiiiu alfowaac<Mt;;|90tOOO' *or • boating unu lighting, aorviwUi 'HUd-wtwhiiigi (60,000 forltis entertainments and JOUVUCVB. and |25,000 for the uiainUtnauce of nil game preserves. He al»o has an pie. gttpt rftaidepf^, pmvidwlior.ljlm, Is • doadhcful on. -»1J jraiU^adf, Una a free box at the opera and tiioater, and Is not called upon to contribute lor thi relief of earthquake sufferers. Three Peculiarities toteparilla, UM crd«tu««dpwtt*r tttc«p«nUimie*i Miatly TIM «otoMn»Udn or tt« vatim OH* Tb«proporttonlnwbklub»'K>9U, 9/1 • Tk»iproeM*'1>r wWrti th* ' lb« >«nlt I* ftMdleibBot nnnituil rtrroith »nd «UM«T« pitttr, wbiefa «ffMU enrei beret« Hood'* ud ut Unknown to Others Hoed'* . »k!U and •«•; t>r - nwadn« worthy of •nttreeoUWUnct.i feys* Mfltr from Krofal*, »alt twoni, « tny dta- •Me ot til* Wood, djripepii* WUmuaw*, »itk • BttadMb*, or kidney rad liTcr eomplainU,. •eUrrb or rbeujnatUra, to not Oil to Iry Hood's SarsaparIHa "I recommend Hood's 8*r*a|>triU» to *U «ny trteodi M the kut blood' : purifier *a ckrtb." VM. GATP, drucfcltt, Bunltton, O. " Hood'* SanapwUto bat eurtjd tat at KM!-. Blow burner, -and done ae ^rorUb «f (oed ••UttHrlae." O, X. Aftvou>; AtnoM, He. - A book conUlatag many «ddllion»l itat* Beast clews will to tent to *Uwb»deiir«. Hood's Sarsaparllla Bold fcjr »U .draggisti. <i .; tU tat •&. i H»4«' •olybj 0.1. HOOD * 00., Lowell, HU*. IOO Doses One Dollar. B. GUHlilOtl, Physician and Burgeon, W. A. UAJSKBLLi, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, omot-Mooin) ST., AITOH, ILL. 'ffloe houn-f a.m.j 11 to 1. and« p.m UKMTlHTBk. DB. O. B. Dentist) U THIRD 8THEKT, ALTON, XLti. OflloeBouk—8a.m. to 13m.; 1 to 4 p. n O. A. McMUXEN, DentiBt, OVBB BROKQQKM \X!C'9 OIQAB STOBI SEOO.MI) ST. TELECRAPHY^r I MnO»b*tf. Write Valentine Bn«., J*n i her*- fttid Mra . ay. Situation* Write Valentine Bn*., J*r>-iTlU» Wfc Paid, for Conn and Pickle* 8TELI/SLOP FOB JOHN BAUEK, FURNITURE. SECOND'STREBT, Opp. OltjC llall, AliTQW, ILL. Ml. kind* ot to* ana.pcnnmtrx lonltnre oonitantly on band. Al»o f «So>H»ker l • • ' • A. J.H0WELL, FORNIBQRE1 A Full and Complete Stock * UPHOLSTERIHG XeaUy aart proutptlT caeenHd. Belle st., be t 'Third and -ALSO- ' AKE B8 BEBIDEWSCOR. BTATB* 8ETMTH m EMPIRE MILLS. 6IOON1) 6T1UCBT (NearPlaUaj; ALTOB, IU. rOB SALE : Ground Oatu, Ground Oorm, Uay, (>at«, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwbeat i Flow, Graham Pleor.eta PBOktPTLTDBUVKHKD TOAUt TAKT OV THK OITV. M.WILRIN80N. ir? 4tt HABIA1 CO. Hardware and Farm HKADQUABTER8FOB THE Best Buggy in the World. in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly pay men is. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, $1.75, $2, $250, $-1. $6.50, $7.50 to $10. Heiui quartern for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Bugffy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Stg., ALTON, ILL TI1E BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Year*. BBEECH-LOADIXG GUNS, from $16 to $80. J l-l . n. THE LEADING f JEWELER

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