Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 5, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 5, 1887
Page 3
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ALTON DAILY TELEGR/^ JJInKlo Insertion Til''*" lo <IVH Insertions, ' . ' Six to wulvo tlong. . . ' SUF AUVSRTl'IVQ: monu " J-KGAL ADVERTISING; THE City Council meets next Tuesday in regular monthly session. . MoAdam,. lectures, n Lltchfield next Mondayand Tuesday evening*. ' ' -he stable until they can . Paop - Foster's prediction that Keb- ury would he stormy month, h tt8 been venBud so f,, r ; Ca " »t C. i;,u,,a7il's Crockery ele s, lowest prices. dwlt . So do P8 •tore rent and everything else that ,s Wut you can't make money with, better , «"»•> "1'ich froze as it fell, covering every a coating of glttreice>sli Ut " e " at the Star store, advertised m th.s paper, auraotinggeneral altention . ™ offered defy hard times. A uniyorsafr^nlark by every smoker c.gars^emiuger'sFigand Magno" »« tho besTcigftra , n the GO i'O HOLDEWS Sooon <J ctrnot.noar **»*«** J2I AS O, corner of Huury —FOR- FINE STATf ONERY, PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! OiiEAP FOR OASO ON TIME PAYMENTS ttflnrta dnH sW.*...' . • • BI LL SiGNED.-The Present has at length signed the bill g lrint , a Jbartorto theS, Loui, Mints' Bridge company to build abridge over the Mississippi river at St. Louis. Money to loan on improved f*rm property. For particulars, a pply to WHfPpi.pfr SMILEY. THE I. & s t . L put on a new egress train to S, LOUIS, but as Ln"^ Alton passengers ftro oonpelied to uliange cars at the Junclion the C & A will continue to do tbe passenger b' ness between this cityjind St. Louis. A complete line of Winter Goods for tent s Wear, lately received, by H C t. Morilz, Third streeU ' e - K"«««n.IOro- a.TobugKunsand Mils. Men's ri K ,T ljialora •* very low puces, o Orp 88 m 1( kl,, g . n -ta a ,, a Fumll ^ ° e ' Uomo and K«wiid luco, '• dotO-lwly IN GOODS! C.M.CRANDALL offer bis AT ABOUT COST for thirty days, r street, urou'ly posite Belie • Patents. P"" 0 , 11 ' wtBhlnR to obtain lott.-i ",1!* 'nvintlniw. <m|irovuinuiuH c */""*" 01 " 8 «.1rawln«» and spiiold lliml(u "I'l'lloutlons lor 1-iiton'i u l£!»V?i l J?,i liml( , u "I'l'lloutlons lor 1-iiton A» ooiia.Uttttlon, in pumou or by i«ti« , t« i PFEfFPKV Alton, Uf. THE Chicago, Burlington and Qumoy has secured an entrance into St. Loui, from tho west by leasmg from the Wa- oaBhn>id,iB-perpe:miv, the right of way from St. Peters, ,„ St. Charlea county, to the Union depot including tracks, switches and teraimal facilities INTEKKST in tho building of the C«n- tral Missouri road continues unabated inihwcliy. Tho benefit that w,|| arise therefrom is generally recognized and holders of real enato are B niloipatin B a sharp advance as soon as work on ihu bodge commences. Anew Board of Directors having been elected, mado up of some the most prominent railroad men and oauitalU* in the oountry, it ought not to be long now until all the details of th a e nt,r. prise are duflniidy seitlud. Thu building of a bridge at Alton would puc a qu.etuson the expensive high bridge proposed at tho through western freight from several ro a «J 8 would , 1)OV e r the Alton bridge, thus doing away wiih the necessity f ()r more faoilitia. ac ,Sl Louis. The estimated cost of the Alton bridge is $30U.OOO, wbllo the Marohnn^' br.dgo al bt. Louis woui.l .vq,,i r ,, „„ uxpuniiiiuru of (mm $i QUO UOO lo W.000,000. Fu.ther, , 1)U „,.;„ ^ A-biuouuidbu built in ono-foufth the timmlie niiw Htrjjtm'y ut St l^mw would n-q•iiro. Tho (hfforuimo in O.MI. is so ^ru.u Him tlm Murolmni*' hdigo at m Ir.tiU o,iu|,| „„(, Ul , m ,,Hte w t'l a Horo ex-upt at a he ivy t,,^ t( , ••* OWIIOM. It tt, u Alton brulg, p n) |, )ul pmliud forward, a* now BBUIIH Ou. V»nd (juuHiiou, as tho nucurtsiiy for it IH , tho pio>- s of U|u Meroliinta' at, St. Louid will navae obstluoi navigation. . Hull will put in (uTuppur or low lu of tcuth lor $8. umoo t-losud ^VL•d^ »ociKnj*piut. e Johnston is visiting n - Mr*, j. j. Forman and daughter, of St. Louie, are visiting friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Ja-nes, of Chicago, are visiting friends and relatives In the ciiy, Vl t^ fv Mrfl, K. O. BfiWfnnh nt v * uu «iuun. oi tnjiweyvmp. has been veiling Alton Mends the pan week. r _ Miss Daisy Johnston, of Uurl.ngton, AO., la here as the guost of Miss Bessie Forbes. ' Thef Stale Street Club were enter- tamed by Miss Jennie Selm on Friday afternoon. Miss Maggm Tansoy has returned from Bunker Hill where she has been visiting the family of ox.Mayor c lotoher Miss Van I'mfelrk, o f Bloommgton, in., who was visiting Miss Jotitiio Hm- Kmson, returned home the Urst ot the week. Alias Bertha Drurarnond loft on Wednesday morning for Montlcello where sno w.ll again enter as a pupil of the institution. Mrs. Goo. Ellsworth, who had been visiting with her aunt, Mrs. Hawkins, for some months, left for her home at ot. Louis, yesterday. Mrs Dr.Girvm has returned lo Alton from Terre Haute bringing with her Misses Mary and Cedulia Cox, for nieces, who will make their homo with her. A small company was delightfully entertained by Hon. and Mrs/ Z B. Job, Saturday evening. Card:, an.l music occupied the evenlno- with an «legant suppor at seven. Tha guests *«re Mr, and Mrs J. fl. Dru-nmond, lr. and Mrs. H. J. Bo iy in in, Mrs. \y >V. Martin, Misses Bertha Orumnioui and Matie Pinetcard. The young g en tlemen present wore: D. B. Tunnoll, W.D.P,ttman,VV. P. Finlay, Wyat Shallcross, all of St. Louis. On Saturday afternoon last the ladies of the Round Table entertained the young ladies of the No Name Club et the home of Mrs. u, 0 . R.Hewitt. Progres. sive euchre was played and handsome pr.xes g 1V en at the termination of tlie games. Miss May Taylor was the fonunate guesr, and the prize was -t'verjr elegant oxidized s.lver fru.t knife. Mrs. McMillen had a box of torchon lace as a souvenir ol •he occasion. An e| ( >gant supper , f three courses was s.-m-J, l.uer, that terminated au afternoou of uuujual eniov- uient. J ' A pleasant company of friends and neighbors assembled at the home of •Mrs. Wm. Huskinsou on Tuesday eve- mng, that being the time set for tho dime soembla of the Episcopal parish " was hoped by many that this particular oojasion, being adjmted w suit the moon's convenience, w.-ud be available for tho large attend- dunce that has characterized thn ' preceding sociables, but ,| lu moon „,„ not come to the front at all, alibougb ihe snow and sleet did, thus preventing many from participaiing in the general good time that I am told all enjoved who were brave enough to venture out. I ho company were treated to a fine piano solo by Mi S3 Alico Carnuhan; a vocal solo byiMr. Floyd and some m,- Cresting .«/eight of hind porformanc is by preMldiuitaUurRtibe. A luxu.ious »upper was .served an.l all wore delicti ted with the affair aVa whole. " ' la entertain mams of todvy tbe da to' novel-/ a* well as a wish to throw vu gmsts together, inform illy, u« prootp. tod »oino very uniq Ud i,j ortj . T(l(j gressive euohro crazj Ins mstitutoj ono very den^htful and that is the one ol hiving smill tables for tho sup per, and that en-tbting guasn to enter urn one another. This social inter, oh»nge I.* impossible when four aru abjorbed with a g;imo of cards. Tbv origin of me progressive lunuh *,n probably du L . lo this f, lo t. For thoso wh,, would like to.know how u is d mi) I win ^ivu a da<oripti,>n of a gressive lu.ioh tint was given m ti •''"»''*, ft >v.-ek or twiiag.i,ihii will 8Hr The river Is about on » stand. The Spread fiaglfl went on an'etplor K trip up the ri?or todiy, it the go t»Portage, na. tlon not being open above tbat point up to last accounts. Rlw bu-ine.M I 8 at a stand still at St. LouU owing to tho impassable eondii-on tl f the levee, which is one solid sheet of Ice Whiteness, L'ghtneaa and Sweetness are all necessary for good bread, and to secure this result you should use only La Belle llour^ 29d cod 2w I'EKSOJiAL. Mr. John E. Htiyner has returned from a trip u> Chicago Mr. E. A. Riehl \<s home again from his visit t.. Vickaburg, Miss., and othur souihern pninls. Mrs. Anne Gillls fell on the loy street today and sprained her wrist. She was taken home in a light wagon. THE Unitarian Circle of the Young met last evening at tbe home of Miss Trenohory, where they were pleasantly received, and enjoyably studied the closing portion of "As Y<,u Like It." At the next meeting ihe entire play will be read by "enter" nn l "exit." MR. Louii BiokBl IMS bought of Mr Louis Haagen a house and four lots oc Liberty street; considMrn'ion $2,000. ADDITIONAL local matter on seoond page WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO Embroideries, AND Goods, CHE QRRATEST 80 IMY CASH BOUT AAD SHUK SWKKI- EVKKJHiDK 1H ALTON. WKIOHT *• PETBRS' LADIES' FINE SHOES AS FOLLOW*: Pebble Goat $3, button .*2 60. Strait Goat 84, button $3.46. Strait Goat hand sewed 84.60. button $3.66. French Kid 85, button $4.60. AND OTHER MAKES IN Our Ladies' $3 Kid Button down to S2.6U. Our Ladies' $2.60 GoatJ and Kid go at $2.16. Our Matchless Lino Ladies' $2 shoe? at 81 05. 260 piirs Misses'.shoes worth 82 at $1. S50 pairs Children', shoes, worth 81.50 and $2. down to 81.25. Ntitilflton's Men'H flru. 35 *h'i<>, $4.25 A broken lot Lilly, Bracket & Co. 86 hoes for 84. M-n.'s Hand Sewed Shoes value S6,at Boys' SI 85 button and bals., knocked out HtSl.60. No Monkey Bmfnoss, not Old Stock, every thing good and at cut prices for cash.—Star Shoe store, Big 102. W. JS.CARHART, Manager. OATS-Just received, a ea-loa-1 of choice Northern Oats.—C. A. Herb. 42 Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and jret tho best. Ofllce at Mook'a Pharmacy, Thir.l street, and in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones Na's. 21 and 64. augl4 d7m Jiotice. W. F. Ensmger has not removed to Kansas as repotted, but is on hand ti. do your painting and paper hanging during the ensuing season, as hen to- fore, on short notice and easiest terms, Ploase-givo him a call at the old stand on Second street, near Pias,a. Jala 8m CHCRUH NOTICES. ( To tecure insrrtion, Good Thing's! Liquid Sure Cure, and A-com Salve for Corng. Toothache Drops, relieved once, lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & pains. Marsh's Drug Store. It Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and.- ott Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves ^™~ EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON^ The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove nnl»f ll^uJ •>n tins wiin fo; tw rt ,it sjuasta. The tiblo^ Immg si-t with i .icousiome.l inpory. China. gl,, M u silver ware A,, nlabo.ato menu w survod by K,) t -r.s. There wvro -ixto. COUMBII. AIM each O-IU-HO a cup moved from the table (hit tlM-y ooouDie-d to on,, beyoud, Uius thro*j.i ' - ••'" in and ahni Alton I hat do not use La Belle II ,ur They should try a S'iok of It at one.-. 29 d oo.l 2w w2t MKSSRS IliidersliAii-ft,, & Ronntnj. ynsurdiiy pa,,! a loss of $1,71446, oau-ud by a lire in ,),„ Caiholio uhurch at Uetlmlto, about a monih ^o. Advice to Mollicrn. ll?' '""''"v'" .Smelling Syrup, fdi milldron liM'tliing, Is the prcMcrpnoii n| one nt ino bent luinulu nurnoit IIIH! uhy. HiuiaiiH in the United ijiatnn, U H ,\ | m i iH'Hii u.>ed for forty vi.urs wilh imi-ur. i!!! !'h, "T'.T hv " """ llf '"..ihi.rH l"i llii'ir i-hildi'iiii. During tin) pruuim- «iltnnihiin> iu viiliio is Ino.iliiniitlili' 11 r.'lun-ns II,,. t .|,i|,| friim IVHHIilyry lll)( | ,j mrr | lm ,, t j,,.,^, u ' '« motUo a botUo,. |a 16 tu w « wk „ „. m . . PAUL',, i UUHCH.-SOIVICU, wmion »nd Holy Cum niinlun 10:30 u. m ; 8. S. 9:80 a. m. Rvenln*ii<)rvioi'8niid8iirin n «t thu Oluipul. 3 p. in j Evuiieo-iff nt thu church at 7 p m-.wUlt, continuation uf reiulltiK Iram Ben Ilnr. All cordially Invited. U^hor* at tbe door. roxo->KOATiONAL riiuncn.-Oorner Slxlli and ll, n y bin ots. Wt.niliiK service at T«:«. by tlio i a«ti,r, Hov. II. 8. Mill*. • 8in,J..«jt: "And ho pitched lenf towar Soilntn." 8. S. iU93i VounifpBop.o'.muut. ln« in 0:16 i-.. m. Kv<-nln«B6ivlcent7. J'liEiiirTKMMKCnoKcii-Preafhl-ir hy iho pnxtoi', u, iv , A. T. Wti'ff, D.I'., al 10'W.iin itii'l 7 p. in. Subject In .he momlng. "I ot'a Ohnice" Su'jj.'ctlnthoevmlDK! "Harvest Tinrnii," Firnngp,.,, uu.lnp.H men, and the y. mm people m o espcc'u] y Invited to Kttuud thu cvnilna etrvtuofl. YOU will nnd utliora at llm Unor. ClIOllCH.-nrv. L. A. AbDott. D.D., .... ..I. I „ „ . „ _ . . . . * For Fat Men, Slfm Men, Bojs, and Children. piiBt..r. to-mor ow niorn'iig . K o-mor ow niorn'iig Mnd evun n B iiy Kuv.VVin.Oii-en, who wlllo.uitlniie to HK* li-t tl.u pastor next wot-k. Sunduy nohool it W:30 H. m ; llunii-iviown clmpi'l 8.8. at 2 p. ui. \ ouiijf pfoplu'n niufiliiK at 8:30 p. m All inien uti-u me coidlally liniitu it> uuand oil bir- HI on Trouble A bind. Whenilm nppa>liu ful|.,iiua 8 li'e|> grnw* •BilVKn.uiii-ufru^iiliiK, tin.MI it tniublu nlioiiU. Tim dlif.-tlVB (iix'itm., n-lii>n liuuldiy, cruvo ioU, tin. nui VOIIB S) KIOIII, when vlifuniu* uud it A ti.iuo, ID boolfuullvo, should not by ITU iippHlx^ r, tinr uro Iho IIOIVI-B to bo IIKI|IC-III-U mid Miotlird by Ilii-u .Hldnil no- i>f n»tU«ilvu(i»'uniirc(itlo Wliat U re. nnU Id » m. dlHni! which !hrl«oru'ei tno iiotiniL'li, and promntu* nstliiillntion 1 1 Jood •ihiiH)>u-iu. hy whi'ii moiiia the norvom •t-in. nt w«ll at othnr purtu n| do phy,| c ,,| KiiniMii. UI'P«'I-M< iiihciu-d, These are the ui"«uf ll(i»iiitii'r'«8'oiniieli Biit-'i'K, iilnud- no wlioeuri'iiiuallnn l« /ounjui lliuilylu iiliruiiiiiliifucii,mil wli'eli pliynloLiimooiH. •nd Inriu Knilr, uiilM.ilx .in iuiU<ii(u.r i|iuril««. It|» used «|,li thu bi'«i ru»ul»» I«-vi'ruiid ujtui', iliiuinatlfiii, kidney »ud orlno irookneti, and oiber ualndloi. Pants, U H. M. jSch^reppe Third Street Clotliior. Branch, Socond and Ridge streets. L. J. H1RTMANJV, Manager,

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