Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 5, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 5, 1887
Page 2
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ALKMC TELEGRAPH. BT W. T. WORTON, O»t. Third ana flm»» Smelt, Alton, III. SATURDAY EVE., FEB. 6. A Hit at Kansas Town Lota. It may be to the Interests of towns And oltlei to advertise marvelous and w« might say almost miraculous advance* on real estate, but for some reason or other we CHu't see bow careful nnd oonMsteni business men (In every tiling else) allow themselve to get wild on real estate. We have in mind a any where buildings on lots worth 120,000 rent for f<0 per month, nnd it takes* ft four, five or six story building to pay a net income of sny tan por euni f«0,000 in a lot 25x140 feut requires & rental ot at Jeast $6,000 pe annum for ton straight years to not ten per cent. Now tell us please, if you can, what business under the sun cun •land such rents. We are glad indeei that we have no such investment* ir Wellington.— Wr.lhnqlon, JSTu»., Quid Jfune. We presume the city referred to •bore is Wichita, which is a near neighbor of Wellington. L1TEKAUI NOTES. Herbert Spencer is writing his anto- blogripby. The latest "No Name" novel is "A Question of Identity." A new volume of poems by browning has Juat been published. There are now published in this country 14,110 newspapers and periodicals. Jean ingelow is likely to have one of the annuities in the gift of the crown lor services to literature. Theodore Roosevelt writes the life of Thnmaa H. Ben ton, the latest Issue in the American statesmen aerie*. "The Duchess" is Mrs. Margaret Arflei-Hnngeriord, an Irish lady, not yet 86, and tnarrlcd for the second time some three WIT AND ItUMOltT Honor," pleaded ? ut the con- ly exeou- Be" . inquired the judge; cause Friday Is such nu unlucky day. — Afcw York Sun. ' »} Yifr~ l «*i d , on 'f 8ce h " w . you ctln SI »V that Sir. Whltcchoker hns nu cflumiii- ate way of talking. H e i v , 8 n Ver ,. voice." Husband--.! mean by tin effeminate way of talking, mv dear.' tlmt ho tjilks nil the tfmo.'W/arner's liazut. A Swiss law compels every newly married eonj)Io to plant trcos shortly after tho ceremony of marriage. The pi no and tho weeping willow are i )re . scribed, but the birdi is allowed as being j>rospoclively useful — -Providence Jelcyram. Orthodox Sunday-seliool 'tcaeber to small boy— -You know, Johnnie, there is nothing you can think of that God could not do if Hu wished/' Johnnie (an unwitting evolutionist)— "Could He make me .u 2-year-old colt in ton rninutcsP"— New York Tribwic. T°, m ,~," CalTic ' come into tho house, and I'll show you tho game I bngo-cd yesterday. Thought you'd like to see it before it was dressed." Carrie— 'Indeed, I shouldn't. You ouo-ht to be ashamed .of yourself to think of such a thing!"— Iloston 'Transcript. "Yes," ho said to the young lady whoso good opinion lie was anxious to capture. "Yes, indeed, I believe that young men should bo ' economical." So do I," she ardently replied; "but :hcn fried oysters occasionally' can iniilly bo culled extravagance "— Philadelphia Call. Mrs. Wayback (to husband, who has jrought home a verse of poetry with the author's signature attached)— Is tt oman (to trump)—"1'ou mliriit saw a little wood for that ni™ dinner" > Tramp (reproachfully)—"Madam, you ought not to throw temptation in the ! way of a poor man." Woman— ••IVmptationP" . .Tramp-.-Yoa, m«d- urn. if i were to saw some wood the dianees are I would carry off th o mw I m nn holiest man now, and 1 want to slay so."— Harper s Sttzar. Lawyer—You say the prisoner ac- .eidentally shot himself in the Witness—I did. Lawyer—Was gun loaded? Witncss-ll don't"L^ Lawyer—Now, then, will state to the jury how h J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALK113 you himsclfP I snppoHc Unit the •HI old gun was like a lawyer's mouth-went oft 1 whether (hero was anything i,, it or not AV. W y 0 Onco wns tho tfmc when the boss of the bull fuldle in Iho theater orchestra was tlm worst-hated man in thu establishment, because of Ills facility-in hiding thu stage from the parquet. u (1 , the buss viol-ator of other people's rights has long sinco 8unk into .^ mucanco before one greater and more accursed than he—the woman with the stupendous bonnet.— 'Boston Tra,i. script. Mr. Crane-Fallon (the eminent exponent of palmistry)—My dear madam, your hands seem to indicate that von at some period of your life experienced a great sorrow followed by n. great joy. Mrs. Nevada—How wonderfully cor- root! I got that scar from mV first husband's razor in '-10. H,, was try. ing to cut his'throat, don't yon know and in spite of all 1 could'do ho ceedcd— Tid-Bils. T&E KE8T TUJNQ «f • * *** fetor - In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water.' ' X.ABOH, VIMK ana SOAP loh orirapi', chunk*, be without It. Stoves jnd Hardware, HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flr e t clnis hcntlnff stoves (or woo J or cuftl, AlBo llftiiReaaiid Oliutnplou Monitor Oook •ituvuH, tho bust In Aliou. Outside WorK H specialty: Itpof Ing, Gulterlng, etc. Undertaker's Supplies .*» »i-a.. i i'-v*.hi- MCO\V yoitu. Ex-Preaidont While has given to Cor- n«ll University his historical library of volumes, 10.0 o pamphlets, and many munu- soript3 valued ut $100,000. llisa Murfree ('Craddook') was writ ing'for nearly ten years before shn attraotei any notice— some ol her otorlea having ap pOared in Apploton's Journal as lonj? ago a 1874. And she was also a contributor to tin MJfntio before 1MB. Mr. Gladstone has found time ro rear! •'The Minister's Wooing." and in a letter to the author, expresses his delight in makl«g H yerwmal acquaintance with tholiBiiutlful an. »oble picture of P.irltan life so JtulicltouslN exhibited In the book. Lew. Wallace's new story will bn ready for publication in March. The "ceno N laid In Turkey. A now edition has been Issued of "The Fair God." his tlrat novel Originally published In IP73, praised as "Thr- great American novel," and reaching soon Ut *w*my-flrat edition. The war papers which have for no lo»g been a prominent feature of the C,-nturi iftgrutne, will appe-ir onrlv In the sprhiK In book form. The volume will bo entitled. "Battles and Leaden of the Olvl' War," will contain many papers as yet imprinted, and will be sold by gubscriptinn. We think of Liverpool as a city < • traffic rather tban of sentiment, yet nnwhnrv •Isa have city streets -o literary a nimenoln- ture. Not only authors' names but the nnme« of their character* auound. Shako-peare itnet, Falitaf street, Macbeth street, Wordsworth 8tr«-»t, Longfe'low etreet, Tennyson *lr«et, eialn* street. Dickens street, Pickwick ftreet,Dombeyi«reet,Niokelby street, are a (<w examples. his fust class poetry, John? Mr. Way- lack (enthusiastically)—Pust, class loetryP I should say it was. I o- o t that in a dime museum, Mariar. The feller wrote it with his toes.— Life.. Wealthy merchant—"What' You here again! Why I kicked yon down stairs and out into the street this morning, you impudent follow." Peddler —"Ish dot so? Vat a splendid memory! I had forgotten all apout it. Don't you vant to puy a feclder . duster pcfore you kick me out some more?" — Texas Siftings. "So you would like an office, my friend," said the President. "Y os sir," replied the applicant. "Your recommendations say you have clone some effective work at the polls. In A Fair Mnkur ofOhocolnto. _ The secret of Miss Evarts 1 popularity as a maker and dispenser O f choco- SAD ACCIDiiNT. Drowning of Charles Jones. Mr. Charles Jones, un estimable ool. ored man, lormerly engaged at tbe National Mills, since the opening of navigation a fireman on the Spread Bugle, Has drowned a little after 4 o'clock yeitcrdny afternoon. He was engaged In cleaning tho wheel of the boat of the masses of ice which obstructed its action when a turn of the wheel made him lose his balance and he fell into the icy current. The wheel from which befell was nearest the shore, a distance of only about 20 feet and It U supposed that had he swam toward the landing ho could have been saved. He struggled manfully but floated down with the current aud was 40 or 60 yards below the boat when he finally aanlc Unfortunately no skiff or other craft was ' available olse he might have been Bftred. Steps wore immediately taken to recover the body by drugging. The body waa found just before dcrk, near the place where the drowning man disappeared and taken to the residence MM. Hutchinsou on Sixth street, deceased's boarding place. Coroner Melling hold an inquest before tbe body was removed from the levee and a verdict of accidental drowning' wa- returned. Deceased was about 88 yean. age and was ». member of tno A.Y ftj order and of the United Uroiher-4 ol Friend-hip. Hv was the bass player 01 Hunter's cornet band. Tbe funeral w||i take place at 9 p. m. tomorrow from tht Union Uaptltt church. what way?" "In the line of my roo- U - lar business sir." "Your regular business?" -Yes, sir; I am a barber."— Pittsburg Chronicle. Landlord—"Why, how is this? This is no marine piece. It is almost an exact representation of the interior of my saloon." Artist—"I meant it for that." "But I told you to paint me a bit of sea-coast, a tasty little marine , niorceau, a " "That's what it js sir. Don't you see 'the schooners crossing tho bar." Philadelphia Call. They worn married and she was a Iccided loser in the trade. "Well," le said, one morning after a' squabble, •you needn't bo finding fault with mo all the time. Yon took mo for hotter )r worse, didn't yon?" "No, I didn't," she replied, savagely; "I took you because there wasn't anybody else to take."— Washington Critic. "What kept you so late last niHit Archibald?" demanded Mrs. .Spotca-h' "Tiikiir inventory," replied Spotcash. "I kiwwed it." she replied; -smi-lled it on your breath the minute you came in. You'll keep on takin' it. till yon get in the lockup and dis»ru'o your family, and then I hope you'll be satis.- tied."— Chicago Ledger. "My clear," said a congressman to his wife, "I have just been reading a medical work, and I have discovered late when her father, was Secretary of State lay in the fact that the chocolate was exceedingly rich, and callers relished it greedily in the tiny cups ii: which it was served. More chocolate was used in one of those small onus than ordinarily enter,* into the composition of two coffon cups of this bevor ago. Beaton white of egg with cream was served with it, and the mixture was so toothsome that, it'gave the young lady a national reputation. KASKINE (THE NEW QT7IJVJN1S.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. ringing ears, C urc8 quickly Pleasant, i nrc A POWfcJUFUL, TONIC. th&ttho most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOH MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOUS PROSTRATION, Diseases. HAND. . . SlCCKiNU ANI> A I HV 8TS. and OVIM ' 2U unU "" Pro,. \V N.Y.cUtel mnioms with jtcdly the bust 51 st., •.'"""'"""M m.L/., 01 at.. J IB'H • Y< Mui1 ' c " u 'k rt ') wltB"! and never produce* tho'lilghteat'lu" "'"'' const! -' '""""i Ears ard Scalp Covered with Ec- zcmatous Scabs and Sores Ciirwd by Cuticura. WHIPPLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE,« LOAN AGENTS, HEHEKSENl'lNU THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: IBH. Co. of North America: Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelphia; German American; North BritiHh and Mercantile, London; _ » Com. Union, Loudoii; Lancashire, Manchester, Ens.- Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co THE ATLAjfTJC MONTUL.1T FOft 1887. Will contain, in nddltlon to the be«t Short Hot-let, Ski'tcliBfl, Knanj-n, Poetry m\d OrlLlolgm, Mco serin) Stories;— Thn Second Hon, By MftS. M. O. W. OU 1'HANT Pntil Piit<'ff» Bv F. JIAKIO.V nitiUVFOttD. Author of "A lluiuuii eiiiKei," "Mr. isaiioi," tto. •• • , Papers on American History» --, Dy.MliM FISKB, wiioso orovioiiB napni-g liiiv^ licon so Intor catliig, full of Infoi'ii'iiltoii, undgoliuis ally popular. French and English. contlnimtlon olthn ndmlrublepnporaooni* j>ntlati tho Kronoli niitl Bii«ll»li people, IlyP.G.llAMKIU'ON, . Essnys and Poems, By OT,1VEK WENDIilLL HOLM ES. Occasional Papers, By JAMttS UUSSEU, LOWELL, Oliuilos Etilmri Oradilock, Arthur Sliorlufiuj IInrrty. lI'-nry(:iil)otl,o(iK<',BOItli M.TbanniB. Ihiinou R. Sonddnr, QBOI'HO 15. Woodboriv OooiwiFioclcrlc'k 1'aignii'. Miiurlco Tholnii mm, Lucy I.uicom, (JcllH Tlinxt'tr, Jrilin B«V- ronglis, Jiiinoa Fieeiinui Olul-ku, Kllziibcth n/)blnal'unneU, Brndfoi'd Toiruy and luanv Olllt'1'8, * TERMS: f4 n yenr In advance, pnstngifrou; 85 cents u nninbor. With superb llfc-nlru portrnltof Iluwthorue, Etnvi-Hon, Loiig/ol. ' !•.>". Bryant, WMitlcr, Lowull, or Uolmon ?»; eueli iiddltlonulportruit, jl, Tho Vovembpv nnd Deccmbnr numbers of tho Atlantic will bo tent ncuof chui'ROio nuw subscrllji-rH whose subsorlpilous uro recolvca beloru UeoemheriOih. /^UJYBU PostHl noio-t nnd money nre nt tho risk <rf ihe-oiKlur, and thcrorornrfinlttanooaBluiuld be made by money order, drait, or rogietci-od iylt£r, to Uonghton, Mlfflln & Company, 4 I'nrk direct, Hostdn.BIuss. out ciiusliiK UitfiiHi Itoliing Mini -distress, »nd l««vliu n s |, il- innKeil and llfultss. tJfidcrnciiuli these so ih '"-*'' ="•"" TlimiMindsunon tlioiisandSAvrlte t':at Kns- cme e =. h"»l°f"r d ,"''«' , nlU:r '"' °'" B ''' "^*- n.nmi'i" ' Wlltu Ior boo)c ul t^ 11 ' Kiw-hliienanbetnltPn without iny spoolal I iiUvice. SL.OO per bo.He. Sold by : by iiiiui oti receipt uf j.i i, c. CU.,6t Warren at , Kuw Y.irk. lu owl in $20,000,000. VVB ALSO BIOPEEsi!; WT Tils Mutual Benefit Liie, of Newarh, a. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ina. Co^Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank Cor, Third and State sts. n!« 0 h"l)e'ir*u 1 jy fci . (lto , 1 ,,} s huuel uniilhis pit-' low was covered with blood, his handa buhiiid him, llttlo boy has siiHVreii. At ils p«. to lie . scratch. I t ,uk him to tl'ii" hospital-OIK! to the bt-st piivslciun" n IVa b,,dy without success. About this tdm- 8<)-., u lrl.,nUH, 1 vho hud been c-nr.' by th,.' Cut euiu It-medlH , pt-Bviitlod upJn ran tV t • them. 1 bcsun to us- them on tho 1 thrii Junuary liim. Hi seven months every ] jn Vti' tho disaa«o wiis removed. NOT a spot The Century For 188G 87. Is nn tnu.'tratca monthly „,.••_ --• , t? a rcttular clroulutlin ol ^"X. 1 .. 1 .*'.:.! 1 .! 111 ..'>-«. tl.ouMinU t . 0 pi,. 8 , un"! '.•le o' or scab rem .!..« on hisVca.p"to to, the, « ry !*'M'." l u " e ' ta e- •"* I"'"' "as ro uiYictl. in ?i Is thick ami sironif, and his sculp Via sw.e and ciean as any child's In tho we 'hi ] cannot say t-nuuKh toexpresu my (jrat tud.-lor this wonduilul cure by the (Jtitleuri, liomC dies, ami-wish nil similarly BlHictrdto know Kerm",?n. StUtemI!IU J ^^r^ ".'C'K v U v eX1 ' B ' Ocjt. 6,1885. , l'eab'i)i.y,Mass. nirected with iiie'Eczuua. Jlo wan' 1 ?! 1 nii'i'iiM slKht to look at. 1 know that he 1 as "d our best phj-Hlclanc, and did all a /at h Mr ggn? tfnoVtfvsjf .»r.«! ^-toru-r^d^r^i 1 ^ Diutku,^, WllUAMJ WCOAH1HY J 33Fostorm.iuct, Peaoody, iUusa. m ( J°,, I ;° t te"',9L t "Jy.! 113t ? n ,9 B , | n which the lor Iltnt. THE DIRKOT ANT>;FAST UNB TO Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. A SOLID DAILY TRIW8 to * Ciucliiuati and Lonisvllle tn TEN HOtTRS, ivlth Throuoh Dav Palaro Cars and Palace sienplnK- "•-—'-- ^* ohan.e of cars lor any class of TWO "DAU.Y To Washington in 28 hours. To ualtlmoi'e in 29 hours. This is FIVE HOURS QUICKER than the/ost- u "y other Hue. ™ VJUS( ruuH endra train con fH.E LIFJB OF LINCOLSr, By his Confidential Secretaries, •John O. Nicolay and Col. John Hay. \nv f^.'^! — ." "i "*•"*'""" o auuitiun w» Any or all ol above at a gicut barualn of Pro.-iUent Lincoln, nnd continni-d under ine authority_..{ his son. the Hon. lljhort T Lincoln, is the only mil and amlioiiiatlv.' record of the life of Abraham Lincoln, its MUthore xv.-ro I lends of Lincoln b.' "re his l'- ro ?J: 1 .»?°v...;"By i W'=rn m ; >jt (( lntl,n,,!ely us~' • "'• - and-.tu thoi rlonce us a drnuttlgt. A. U. TUYO.N, isatavla, N. Y. MM!?^ V « rywl '^ re> 1 ' rlel!: f u«l<:ura, SO cts.; ntlcuraboiin 26rent«j Cutlouru U-solvoni t'o..Bo 0 8ton? l * byl>0tter IJl ' Ug " u<i Cheiulett! Send for "How to Cnro Skin Diseases " P1M n-3 > .S.'SH k . 1 !?.'y 8 :.? kl » Ulutnlshcs soap. n 1 II I --—••—»*• w»n> *^iUlll JSIIV3 ana llaby ilumura, use Cuticuia A Word about Cafarrh, .ill.'.•,")S.n! uc n» B .. me »''"-nno. tbaf «on.le tlmt wiitar docs not decay (loud bodies." "Indeed," she replied, with some insinuation, "that's nothing. It won't decay live bodies, either, if they don't I use any more of it than some persons i I know ul."—Washington Critic. Sho (to young poet)—How much do yon get for your poems, Charley P Charley (with pride)— From $2 to $5. She—Well, isn't that very little, Charley? I see that Sir Walter $10,000 for one of his. Ch but you see writing poetry the business it used to bo. There's too much competition New York Sim. An interior. Professor (who bus been giving simple lessons in phvsio- lo ro r )—"Where is your heart, dear?" MalH'l—-Hore." Professor — -And whore is your liver?" Mabel (imlig- . - nantly)—"I haven't any. Cows have Lu l ifB 11 i l S v l, ut 'i« es n" ro . 8lmp 'y P"'«"">-<ina.t.d livers." Profossor-.'O, ves, you Uanfordv'"-'. 1 ''.'."£...»».».««!«'. «»n«in«.i,,i,. have. J ' •-• . ui u £±™^^ lu «''°«» f«* Sale. on stale street that thi-y might U.»t appnar In tiil, amben'iTo work!' 5 '' y 1CUa0 " ° l " 10 » ulM <:iMou ol this ' THE WAIt SERIES, which has lollow. d .lib ui-flaBSlna Intelesthv a vn-at Intoi-tist by ti; liuui ei.c.:, will occupy l«s b spac« lining the cm ng year.»i.m«'win bo tluTcrlb,-" by '•un. Hunt (Uluof of the Union Artlllerv) \f M l .» _ . ,. *' ' ' ,,n mi onic-drawn' bivuth'oT ul ""» "° Sl ' nso e power i.f spi-ech. k ni,w i, yn °,' e ,!" cl t" 1 """*-' 'Me I Killing the refined plaaxnr a of mste. ln- ,?"; 1 '' 1 . 11 ', 01 '™" 11 :" 01 ' '••«'" " "Implncold ,«,i ' f n83 "" Jt!1 "I" iiienibiuin.uH lln- inel imveloDsthebi.neH, cullnu throuuir 'in dellcute conts nnd onu-iiiK IP ilmm it MI ?P?!'? llln( f ,?"'' (loutl1 - Nothing sho t " Vud ' will secure he,,],,, lo tllo llHllt . nt| 1 ,, buttles Hl,d . "'«,' a f" u:ri " a Stoiiea of nuvai Oii«ui!cinent8 prison llio.cic. oic. will n near. ' NOVELS AND STOtdES. "Tho Hundredth M A FIME ENTKHTAINMKNT.—Another fine audience were delighted last even- log by Wr.PblJJips' eotejtam i*ent. Thi- pioturei wore superb, tho description- interesting and tho songs tuuli us the ••Singing Pilgrim 4 ' ulono can render. It Is ihn remark of all who have intended that the entertainment Is (be of the kind that ever was seen here. Closing exhibition tonight with views in Ibo United State*. FBOU the effects of sleet the gidt>- walks were practically impassable today, except to persons equipped with •kfttes, consequently tho middle of tho treoti wera uiill7-jd u; pedestrians. • J' 08 ' J'° u Mabel (after some thonn —"Well, then, where is my bacon P Life. English artist (on board a Kliino steamer)—"How do yon like the Valley of tho Rhino?" American girl— "O, it is lovely!" English artist—"In my opinion there is no valley so bean- tifnl as tho Valley of (lie Yosemite, in your country." American girl (in astonishment)—"My country! Why I am an American, not a Japanese " Tul-liita. "Now take it home to yourself," said a jolly fellow who believes in personal liberty (o a disagreeable crunk who wants to make the world good by legeslativo enactment; "how would you like to go without a drink Sun- dayP" "Ah," said the ruformer, "when I lake it homo to myself I generally have my drink, don't yerknowP" Xew Orleans 1'ic-ayunc. A lonely Skating-ltink met a Toboggan Slide the ollior dan "How nro you feeling?" asked the lUnk In doleful tones. "I am hunky," replied tho Slide. "I am in fast company and making barrels of money," "Conio und see mo In about two years from now," said tho Rink, "and we will condole together. I have been thero mv- BoU."~PMIadelj>hi lt Call. iiln.f, lAu'Hnu to a nrd'H Itmlleal Curn,liy r/ A i', ICrA V CUME ""ni'ulfi of one Sol M, ,,,,i n " l " u V' Ulllv ' """ ""* °" lu ''I'"' Solvent, and ono improved Inlnrur ijeailv ' I'OTTtiit Diiuo & CIIK.MICAI, Co., Jiosiox. HOW IT ACHES. ,,nnmi"l '"", Wii1 ' '" ll "' llUt """ com polled by Hto; n nuees-lty to ttnnd up it" tho work beloruuH and i,,.ur the Ipnln. UuilnllnoiK. nil ..... o in it c" I cuia AniM'jim I'liiHinr inr nehhiK "lies and Si pulnitil it ,,. oBoreeiieiit a>.n luiclnn^ vuuvh. in' '"V", ""," " or '« "' 'l»'ly 10 1. KlXini "'''" ''"' nH l" !lll V. '"'d' Inlallil, ,. At flviMor H; .,r, po N tiiue line '" ' Ainm-Ivaii authors will bo printed during tni; (with n^'l FE/VTUR ES. <i|i-s I'll iillalrs In Uu-Hlu mid Slh^rla. bv Uni Ivoiinan.iiiitliorol "Tent l.iiein Sihi'i-la,"»ii.. lias],i-i ruiurni'ii IIOIIIH IDOHI evnntlui vl |i to Mbiirlaii i)rl«,,i)H; piijuiifi n tlm If. ,,,j (.lii.tkt r.ti » l.t. ,,..r . ' ,. . »«»•' A il |>rln,,iu '1th ri'fen yii«btlon, with ii'feriinct 10 it^ hi-iirl "n'cin 111'.' Uibor 1-rol.l m j Kujfll-h fatlmlnil.^: ] £KI/>*J:OII'N UullKlouM Life In tin, MiiHrlca' Onloiilu>: Chilrvoyiiuui., >inrltunllKin. Amr»|. oi tin- UiirlHtiaii Ailvoc'iitw: a^troiiiiinl'i;.-! iia- IM'i-n, uttto.aa throwii) K Jfehcon liiuio. IHLOI-J , Ce i'HICKS. A FUBK-COPY. SnlisLTlntli.n price, Jl On a yi'ur, 30 r.-nts a nninlii-r. lii'i.lci-n. puniina-liTH nnd i.nliiuii I'M laUo siib^ilpiiniis. Sinn lo,- our heniiil- I>»KO o.iiilin.Mie (ine), Buffet Sleeping Cais nro run by this line on night express Irom ST. LOUIS TO NEW YORK. ; -DAILY- AVithou t chniiffo In 37 hours. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WINTER 11ESOKT8 IN THB SOUTH Tho Double Daily Llnos'of Parlor Oarsanfl Palace Sleeping Coaches by thiaT^ Koadfroni St. Louis to Cin'ti & Louisville making dlreot connections at both tinlni. s^TK-ssjratSc'-SS tnattiinoogtt, Atlanta, Hftvuiman and .THnit aonviiio wftnout chantro. *^U U Uttuu Ko PoiTlos or Transfers by thia Routo. ' I'ros. Gen. MannB°r. Uen'll'nss. Af,t! Olncinnati, o. ••"'•'• Inlly il .ii-t utccl "'m'.'.'h i"!ff ''.'" I opi'chil «.|lur by a<;k r.nti,b«r» to s.'riea nt n .•„,- |, 21 These Wnahbonrds ore raado with n Kent-Wood rim. The Strong. e>t boaidd and bebt nnnuera in tht world, for cole by all dealers. Tnlio nn other. SAtarvAW ni'F'n ro., Sniilliair, Michigan. SHORTHAND WRITING •liuiifhi by mull. '" .\'!!!.'Cff,P!. u " " IIVH 01 "y « ii'inli-m i an ,,, 11K ol t ", \ ,.|,.,.. A „)„)„,,„„„ c . 8Ullto " m "" ; '> t - " EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Sohwpppn, (teernsed. 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