Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 5, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 5, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. QYSPEPSi complaint. II tapolri, n nutrition, nnd do- WBtom, to pi-6|»to tho way — BEST TONIC 3 8?f^.Mi. eo ?J5H! lir V» Ill t n P, 1 " IK fi, E P»i" i» «n Ita forma. Ilciirlhuril, liulclllntr. TnnthiB Uio fpou-iow. il ,? n "°hMand puriUOH tn«biood lillinu- fe™ t l 8 ^ p nH.f iS? d "i?" 'V «««te««Mon of toad. ^•"ST ', Tto i n ° 8 ?'3p<- tho Tlotiored pnutat ot tho mm KcfomieJ Oimroh. Baltimore Xld.. e»yi: " H?™}t u«ed Bnvn'B iron Blttors lor Djnpopdt •nd Intllgratlon I tait* groat pluwure In rScS. mendlnc it hlglily. Also coneidor it a BDlendJd tonla And Invjffnrfttat- «fi(| very utreUBt'---- 1 -- *«"»« I. SUIT, Judge ' , uge ,, lrealt Court. d, My.: " I b«ir mi*t. ibcurtul totK .. """•'" ^ Bl ««™ "« CATARRH HAY-FEVER .JSL r S CUE AM BA Uf Is not n liquid, snuff or jmitdcr. Applied into nostrils is qukUy alaorbcd. It cleanses Hie head. Allays inflammation. Heals the sores. Restores the senses afta-steand smell. «0 cents at Druggists; l>y mail, f-gistcrtd, 60 cenU ELY BROTHERS. E* v ? B S!" lI ? n i 0 '' c . d . b y citizens of every town and olty In tho U. S. Mnrvclous Cures Imvo been wit . . s ures mvo een wit neisml by tliniiBUiulfi of people, who cnn te»tlfy to _ TUE WlXDKKKll. I1BAWNO I'OWKH OF Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache, Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords. , RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, _ Wounds, Old Soros, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and AH Aches and Pains, »re quickly relieved liy tins rcmwlv. Trj- It once iiiid you will never be wltlumt It. For tnle by arucElsts. Price KOc. Our so.\a BIIOK frco to all.. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. GOLD MEDAL, PAEI3, 1878, BAKfe&'S Wnrrnnlcd absolutely pur • Cocoa, from which Uio excess of Oil him '-/eon removed. It hoei/ira; times '.he strength, of Cocoa mUed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, nud la therefore far moro ecouoml. cal, costing leta than one cent a cup. H U delicious, nourishing, (itrungtlicnlug, easily tUgcmcd, anil [admirably adapted for Invalids as well ns for poi-aoim In hrullh. Sold liy Urocem etcryithcro. EVENING. FEBRUAKY 5. 1H87. llcmcmlier<!<t Tun Well. Colonel Moxly, wln'Uv in ii dry goods store, remarked to the propriolor: "Yes, sir, llu; avnrage nwn shamefully neglects his memory. .'There is no reason why iv mail of sixty years should not have ns strong memory as u man of .thirty. Of eotirwo, tht> memory re. qtilt'os cultivation. lleiiliaiug that my moruory was becoming w<'id<; ] bought 11 lipok tlovoted to inwiliil gymniiitk's. Jbngaii studying if, and, ah-', tho result was wonderful. 1 co ,,ui rwnelubor (.lutes with csiso, and ideas thnt had long since escaped mo, canv back with delightful freshness." • "Can retmMiibur anything now, ehP" the merchant replied.' "Oh, yes, perfectly well." _ ','Do you remember that you promised me time, and again to come in and pay that bill you owe me?" "By George, sir, I thank you for the •<;luw. J remembered to come in, but forgot, to [>ay. Oh, the book don't claim to be nble to bring about a complete revolution at onciv I am studying_it with diligence, nnd believe that f will .soon remember ivcll enough to keep my promise. I am jjlad ydiuiien- lioncd it, for every litlj,! suggestion helps. I will beiu again soon. By the way, you ought to get one of the books. No. I don't, think you should. i r ou can remember too well already. _ Ai'kniisaw '' ' KUMBER 213. I. VTEST NK\V8. Absolutely Pure, o pnwrter never varies. A mni'vel o- imi-ltv, si ro nth wlii>l«8< raiiiiHHH. iMme ..ui>. ii'iuifcnl thenriltunry limlii.anU iaiiii"t )() «olil liifiinputttlon with the niultliuUe en l"\v tust.i-hoi" wi> |;ht. a'nni phuiiiiiu « now. . >L " AK1NG _ __ jiui.lil w 1 y J. SUITER '& SONT~ 3EAJJOU8 IN FINE COftfMON FCR'NITUKE. A, Full and Complete Stock AJ- M'uys ou Hand. 00 NOT FAIL TO GIVE OS A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. "'JU FURVITUHB UOOMS AllE ON Slate Street, opp, Third, ALTON, • Cocoa is recommended by Brazilian and Chilian papers as one of the best remedies for cholera. J. Pinley Iloke, the Peoria bank forger, was -afely lodged in jail'«t inat place yesteiday. Chas. Talbot, was captured in Kansas , City and l\,nnv JMvenport's diamond- recovered. N'ealand Hill Robinson, fal her and son, qiiari-ulle.i at Paris, Mo.,and (lie father killed the sou. rruiiHiirer -Ionian admits thai ho is to bi; Vice President and Set:i-eiar\ Manning President of the Western N'utio'ual bunk of \ew Yo.'k.' The recent storm in the Canadian Northwest is said to be the worai. ever experienced in the history of the Canadian Pacific railway. Tlie Franco-German w r cloud k f.»sl disappearing, an the belief is growing tli it the vvh >le scare \v.u thu work of bourse speculators. The Senate bill lo refund to tilt- several States th.; ilii'fct tax paid during the war. has just passed the Senate. 'It will give Ohio and Illinois about §2,000,000 . ach. Mi: Parnell s mdudy is reported lobe Uright's disease.' In the event of his enforced retirement Mr Mealy will probably succeed him in the leadership of the Irish party. Report fro n Evansville, lud., and other Ohio river points, are to the liff.-ct that the water is rising rapidly and that the low lands in many pi ices <re submerged. Several casualties have been reported.' The Minnesota Legislature has passed a nigh license bill. In cities of 10,QUO and upward the license will b« $1,000, and in smaller pi ,ces •SpOi). v There is a local option provision. Minnesota is on the relit, tack. h Harry McMunn, the Cleveland fur robber, was rescued from two detectives on the Cleveland to Pitisbtirg express tram near Ravenna, O., by. .'i\'e confederates, who shot the officers several times, inflicting 'probably fatal wounds. William Comstock, the oldest convict in Auburn (N. V.) penitentiary, died yesterday. Me was received at the prison in 1858 on a life sentence for a murder in Madison county. Me killed his father and mother and cut out tfaeir hearts and ate them'. . •> dent on tho subject as strictly con- lidential. It is learned, however, from trustworthy sources that the Attorney-General, as well as the President, consider the bill «yl ic hhas ju-t become a law free from II the features which were objectionable in the Senate bill of two years igo. Aoenrditig to this info'rmaiiim th Attorney-General's objection to the oldliill was to the vast powers of a legislative and judicial character tint/ Were given to ihe commission. The Attorney .General i< said to'hold ih t the nresent bill does not/confer ju- dieial powers on the commission, but ills them in the courts on report from the commission, and that it does not confer legislative power except in the fourth section (the long and sho.t haul clause), and that .thin is wai- ronted by numberless precedents in I he legislative history of Ihe government. . WASHINGTON, Jan. 3U—Senate- Letters presented urging that St. Louis and Chicago be added to the lis: of les rved cities where reserved bai.ks can deposit money—Hubs ituti- f••'!• joint resolution regarding investigation of Pacific railroad's books nnd accounts reported from jud clary committee—Hill lor holding a term of the Un t.-d Stales Circuit Court nt Texarkana, Tex . passed for payment to -Stales and Territories of money collected under direct tax levied by act i f August. 6. 1801—Railroad attorneys' bill .taken up and a substitute offered by Mr. Hoar ad'pled, after which the bill was passed House—T«o private pension bills returned fr-un the President without his. approval—Committee of whole on private calendar—A fi-w p ivate bills were disposed of and, a night se^sii n h j ld, at which a number of pension bills were passed. TO ADVERTISSRS P * ''"'»; "," i,.(V." .-.... 1 " miforo Onu Mllilnn nurolm-ii'»:-oi:,lf oA-sp "' '"•'•»' Thl. Is iii i lniH.f'ir 1,0 II n.-winu ...... UEAI.KIIS. Ten <... ,„,,. l iimi clu-ck, r. ricn.lX' KLI- Viln ", n ?S °' •»«!'» «'• OK'J P HOW.,M Spruce at., .V. V. JiiHillm W. Jb 1 . EN SINGER, Plain aiitf Decorative 8 2»'22?., ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING AND IKNORTHERN W | S . ... . 'CONSIN r,,,-MI,, „, SB Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GK\EHAL HUPE1UNTEXDENT AND HKniANIt-'At DRAUGHTSMAN, Olllce on Tliiril dour west BAGS HI.OOINN' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Tablo UM», (u 14 Ib. linen Hacks and 50 ll> »ackn, for »nl« by J. A. RYIUE WOHK PROMPTLY ATTKNDEI) TO \ LOWKKT TFIUMfl. OXYIVif AN1> HHU1- ON MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY . -.iru n( lorl.iK-Any IKI.IK I u, ni-U In oni r in I'V. I'r..«|i™iii8, with onlnl.iMH,, Mr. I'IKICTOH.IHII AHIVMII .IIIIT, llm.», \V W A«T^ SECOND ST., NMR ALTON, . . . NlwYolk _ . ___ _ __ ___ __ ^'JL'".! __ FOR SA1B. Soviily cii/ht lion- (n in In F ,Ki/ir Town. » .|(i, MmlU iiiuiuniy:ill. ; 40 n r"- In t-iili V..II..N, ljulinMv-1" UN tlinlmi-. ij ,,,'j nun Hliin "ml Imlf IIIIIIMU wlfi Mix niiiui4 ( ,,.u. Inf. itvtolxi-niH, w i| no. ul Imni H ,,V , .fT - I'no $J50l, : u,li. AUUn."" J, , Ujijier Altuu. Ul. At a funeral at New Orleans, the police nabbed Margaret A. Murphy, who had been seen to piok the pock- ot of a mourner. It was soon learned that she had practiced this game for many years without arousing suspicion, and had lived respectably on the proceeds One lion- drul complaints had been flleU wi h the police. ' United States Circuit Judge Gresh- ara has again caused a sensation in legal and im-neyecl circles,.in a suit invqlvinjr the affairs of ihe New York. New England and Western Investment Co , a corporation chartered under the laws of Illinois, he nas-said that hu will issue an order for tha arrest of parties in New York City, for contempt of court, unless they turn over to a receiver, as di- reet.-d by him. tu books, papers and sex-urnies of the company removed by Ilieni out of ihis State. They must come to lime by Monday next. One of the ol lest chancery cases in the history of the Slate has been settled at Peoria, by agrtemjui. It is that of Allwood vs PrettN in-in.and involves the ownership of 1^800 acres of land in Mason county, valued at S15U,00 i. The case has beeu on trial for over forty y ( -,,-., has been tried in half a dozen different counties, has been lour times before the Supreme Court, and nearly every prominent lawyer who has live I ' in ihu •State has been connected with it. in aoiiio capacity, including Abraham L iicoln. Tno terms of seltlement leave the laud, with the exception of 700 acres, sold since the Miii, began will) the Allwoodn, eaJ) side selllin" its own costs. ° plsluture. ', III., Feb. 4—The Senate, having cleared up its calendar on yesterday, had but little'O do to-day and went over until next Monday at 5 p. m. By au order made a few Hay= since, this was resolution day in the Mouse, which occasioned a lively session for Ihe gr. ater part of th time. The subjects co.ered by the resolutio, s offere i were many, the most promim ut being that of securing the employment of some friend of a member as a janitor, policeman or page. A few of these were' lu» ky enough to gtt places before it was discovered by the "waUih dogs of the treasury" what was going on, who knocked out the balance of them by sending the reso- lii'io s of appointment to the committee on co 'tingent expenses. Mr. Lamont got his prohibition constiiutional amendment before ihe House, where ii »as promptly sent to the committee on judicial depait- ment. In the Senate the only appropriation asked was §l2,00i). There were no appi'opriati n bills in the House. The House passed the Senate's bill allowing County School Superintendents to make quarterly settlements Of accounts. Rheumatism tt t» an established fact that Hood's Sar. sapnrllla has proven nn Invaluable remedy fn many sovcro cases of rheumatism, effect- Ing remarkable cures by its powerful action In correcting tho acidity of tho blood, which is the cause of Uio disease, and purifying and enriching the vital fluid. It is certainly fair to assume that what Hood's Sarsaparllla has dono for others It wilt do for you. Therefore, It you Biiflcr tho pains and aches of rheumatism, givo this potent remedy a fair trial. A Positive Cure. " I was troubled very much with rheumatism In my hips, nnklcs, and wrists. I could Itardly walk, and was confined to my bed a good deal of the lime. Being recommended to try rood's Sarsapartlla, I took tour bottles nnd am perfectly well. 1 cheerfully recommend Hood's BarsaparllU as one of tho bctt blood purifiers in tho world." W. F. WOOD, Eloomington, 111. For Twenty Years 1 have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 18831 found no relief, but grew worse. 1 then began tailing Hood's Snrsaparllla, arid It did me more good than all tho other medicine I ever had." It T. DALCOM, Shirley, JTass. "I Buffered from what tho doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sar- saparllla and am entirely cured." J. V. A. PROTOFOOT, letter carrier, Chicago, 111. We shall bo glad to send, free of charge to oil who may desire, abook containing many additional statements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Soid by all dniRplsts. 81; six for $5. Mado .only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. T. L. FOUL1XS & CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STILL, 8LOL' FOtt 8AL.K. — - - _ no.' 7»lwilm •JOHN BAUER, DEALEIt IN AND MANUfAOTURBR FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City liall, ALTON, IIX. n« A11 hln ,' 19 of flno nn " eomitUM farniturfl constantly ou hand. Al»o uua«-.-Ciker, ' PHYSICIANS DK. E. Physician and Surgeon, W. A. HASKJSLL,, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OFFIOS-8KCOND ST..AJ/TOS. ILL. rp h«- •> K. m.; 12 to 1, and 6 p.ui DR. C. li. HULLLAND, Dentist, ISTHIEIISTHKET, ALTON, ILL. Office Bnnrh-8 11. m. to 12 m. j 1 to J p. i- fnh(lwl\ G. A: McMIL-LEX, Dentist, '>VGR BRUKGGK.M v.NX'S OIGAll STOKE SEOO.NU ST. 1n",1 ilt'l TELEGRAPHY ^ • lurm.-lu-il. Wilio v, t l in>- llrui,., . A. J. HOWELL, -DEALEIi IN- FURNITURE I' 1 ' • •••.'-•• -/. A Full and Complele fctocic ' :••;..• CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OHDEP UPHOLSTERI^Gf, Nontly an'' promptly executed. Belle St., bet. Third and Fourth. —ALSO— TAKERS RKS1DEVOE COK. STATE & SEVK.NTH 8TS EMPIRE MILLS, ••ECONIJ STKUKT (Seiir I'lil,a). ALTON, ILL Ground Oats, Ground Corn, Hay. «iiit«, C»rii, Curn i>Ii-ji), Buckwheat Floar, Gruhuiu Plour.etc PROMPTLY DELrVEUKU TO ANY PART OP urrv, M.WILKliVSON. lyTdtf flardware and Farm iladiincry. Inter St itn O'ltiuu >re < BUI WASHINGTON, Fun, 4.—The Preni- Mit has signed ihu inter-slate com- erce bill This in in full accord with the opinion of Attorney-General Gin-land, rendered to him on last Mond y, and it is very well understood to be in accord with tho views of the cabinet. The attorney general w':is asked to-night to give his, views in regard to the bill un-l ex- I .)lain wherein it differed fr. lin the, j S. nali- bill of livo years ago, which [ ii! opposed on I.e. ground that it, to <lo so, KIH ing tha he regard, il the : opiuiuu Jju Jjud givwj to tijo Pfca.-i Free'lrnde. The reduction nf iiiu-rnal revenunnnd Ihu inking i.ff 'if ivvenui) stmii|i.s from prnpriHiHi v mi'diclne-i, no iloiilu, hns liiryuly IIKIH h't'eil ihee.onMliners, n* well us rHiYvmjr i lie burden «il lioiu,- inunu. fiiKim-KRH. K-pecuilly \^ ihls ihn cuse With Gri-eii's Aiij.'11-t Kl.nvur iiml HIIS- eliMi-'s liuiriwn Syrui>. us Hm tviluclion of thirty.«ix cents per diizuii, hit" licen HiHml lo moreii.e. HID .-i^ ot Uiu bullies eunltimnjr Hieso I'nini-ilii'.n, i/ieie'iv giving niie-liiili more medicine, in I he 76 cunt MS.'.. Tim Anyn-a Flower for Uv-pmisin untl Liver coinpluini and tlm Oiiriuun Syrup for umi^li and lung troulili-a, hiuv, piirlmus, ihu IIH-STUHI sule of tiny mwlieine.i m HJH world. The ttih'.jiiiitui! of increHseil H'ZH of the liot- tlrs will he trn-mly ainiivcmti'il l>y tho ->"k mid nlH i!t-d, in i-v.-ty lown in i (I viiliisri- in uivinzril eonim-im. Sunnily b"itlus lor 1U uuiita remain Hie HKADQUAKTEKS FOR THE V Best Buggy in the World. in tin* city, at hard times priors, sold on weekly and monthly puymeii s. Afrits for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FJ \ K 1 1 A\ (V J \G LAM I'S, r $1.75, $2, $2r,(), ,f;t $i}.5o 7.50 t o 0 "Is tlil-i it trunk ii'ii-p" ii.kod the Su rtrirl ill ihi) r;iiuvuv statiun. "N-i," ri'phi'd ion nukut it 4 i'iit, "it H a brimeli " "Oli. I'm t^o sur y, foi 1 wiui't-d t'i lake four irun't.s ulomj with mii'"— Ex. $1.75, $2, $2r,(), ,f;t, Headquai ters for EUP10.N aiul CAKMI\EBUR\'ING(»ILS. 81GNAL OIL, ENGINE and CV UNDER OILS, CistM'ii, Well and Sfock Pumps. Prepared I'aims, roady for use. See our $1() liug^y Harness. C;ill and j»-et our pi-iocs and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL Food Kor C'onsiiiiipllveH. Soiiu'n Kniiilsiuii ot cod l.ivor O I wiih Hvi'ii|'li"»|)liil(!.-, ii u iii'ii-t wonilcr» fill fund. Il IMII only jjivi'M Min-liulh mill incriMiNitN tli- ll«.-li 'inn lii'iil* tliH lrri:u» linn nt ilu* i In uiti mill liui^s, I'ululiiblu HH milk Hint in «ll tvuiiiiie <Ji«ntx<'M, liuili fur i|iluit-< nnd uhildruri, is tt liiflivuluua i'o»d uiiii ini'dioiiii'. Crnnp, wli.iKuiiiif onii.'li', Hurt) throiit, suitdiiii <ioi<l, mid i ho lunir trouiilu IIH- oilliitr tu uhildri'ii, HI-H nmlly ountniUed by |]iniiiiiilv >tii iiinl>tvrliiir Ayi-r'a UhiMTV P.<uior,il ThU i-oiui'dy it nufo to liiKu liinl UKflttiii In it* action. d w 1 w A 7 muni lirlfhilwiillliiK ami <nit bullilltiui) uu 'iUljU .ti-cct, liawi'i-ii ill), i iy iniil Viii>. >V JUU'i'Lu, d «/U KV. mam ETCHES, THE BEST ON EARTH ! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH LO ADI \0 OU5S, From $16 to $30. THE LEADING JEWKLEU

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