Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 4, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1887
Page 4
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pcm, •m I fWfiSnift-s 6ift> Hip, JnMid - r- purchasers wtua •-™"™~ »"* Athlophoros Co, gladly re- felt sufferers from rheumatism, ' ' •Otauoa, nerroua or slok heodac.,, S lants to those who fan oeen .... . . , iseases by Athlophoros, nnd Will furnish name* and addresses of many iuih persons to those desiring them. Atli. lophoroils the only rwnVoyilo* these di* eaten that can. stand suchVtesV"' ' ' _. A - M. Barnes, M. D., 120 North Hazel St. Danville, 111., wy ., "After I had eshaust- A « VM ? other resource .J. resorted to use of Atlilophoros, and wag mlreii l 'by w"< "The dleeaie commenced in the sciaTlc of «ny lea limb, paining me almost beyond endurance. I thought by keeping on my feet and treating tfie disease at tlie sami nme l could soon overcome it. But such was not the case. It grad ual ly grow Worse "d I suffered in this wav for five weeks. At that iime I was practicing medicine and living in Lafayette, Ind., where I lived for S ve A t , c * nJ "> e « M - «y pastor, Rev. Henry ^^hWJ. djuaeih one morning and said- •-ifL^i!?.?^ 1 /"? gei^thlophoros that is ™»™™«nded by Blslioii'Bowman so highly r at the same time saying, 'I will order H for you ifyeu will take it." I soldi 'Oh,yea, I will take anything if I can only git rid of this terrible suuMM 1 ' "In ft day or two Mr. Hilt, the druggist sent npa bottle of Atlilophoros, and 1 commenced nsing it. I had taken but a few doses when I had relief, and in a few d»yji,*a^tn(irely well. 'This is. about four ytMSr^gO, ,* h»d another attack about a yew since, but a few doses of Athlophoros soon drove that away. Since that time I have had no rheumatism. I have recommended it to many different persons, where it has always done the same good work. • -lilflMAWM jlBj>.4*_t^A _!._..I,) 1_ t .11 « rfJ?, • ^P A""°P nor P s l Pills, but Vfliere they can'* * be druggist 'the Atlilo- a' r .ir"'? f ,T • . o'-j Now. York, will a either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle lorAthlophoros and 60c. for Pills, silver and kidney dlseascB, dyspepsia,in- nwe £se?fji.. n . e " oufl , a w*. Diseases YOUNG FOLKS'-.COLUMN, A SHADOW PLAY FOR EVENING ENTERTAINMENT. An feasy t*iion in Arithmetic for Boys . and Girls—How the Swallow* Build Tlielr Plilloiopher'i Pn«le. Bosket and Stones. None of our native birds seem more do-' mostlo In their nature and to con nilo more roadlly in their friendship of man, than dies' the swallow. Other species ot birds often disappear as n country settles up, but, swalldws on the contrary, abandon their original hubit of attaching nents to .cliffs and rocks, in order to come closer to human dwelling places building their nests Inside of chimneys: attaching them to projections of the houso, to the roof of on open shed, or inside of barn's. 1 There are many species of swallows, and they are found over a large part of the world. ? 5 '.' m "" • grnmlrtiaSi smile is ohtery! Bhp likes our noIse-Bhe doosn't nilnu; -. She calta us "put" nod "duary." ehoteiliitis'such'aJot ' Of storfei, witJi A felry ~~~"*~"> *•*•• W V w UbUftlibt , ., rv j htw^ 0 S. en '».f? n *!l lpnll 'U 1 .\, hcndnohc, impure Wood. &c., AUitopbonw Pllli are tmcqualed. 6 ... «.*'"'*' T"" "™Q™n It JB Wuftt We Jlkt>--»ointtUuj< real fcary. Bb» never scolus at afl:', ' Shi Mpibui 1 piny.tbhgahieiidfid' She drumpii dolls. She's what Wo call • A grnuilmn tlmfs just splendid I —(loldon .Bay» QU^g^lONS AND~AN3WER3.' Oft Curious Queries from Every Department • !; ' Answered In tlili Colnmn. Will you plepse stntq tbo best time mndo by buy ocean steamed lii crosslnR the Atlantic? X. In December, Ifi&J tho Oregon, a steamer of the Cunaitl linn, mado' the trip from Now York to .Quoenstown, a distance of 3,250 m|lcs, in 0 days, 0 hours nnd 41 minutes. This record was beaten in August; 18S5, by tho Etnirhvalso a Cubanl steamer, which made tbo trip from, gueonstjown to Now York In' 0 .nftysj.5 hours and 44 minutes, formerly thcso trips tverd reclt6tiod from' Liverpool to Now York. ; Now they are reckoned .from Queenstpwn to Bandy Hook. Tho old time— .twenty^ya years agor-was about ten days. Batting vessels roado'lt In from ; obbut twenty days to two months. ncbe. Bllliuunen, Liver r*om> reiilon. ,MlH bat eu>ctlvv. LD BV JJKPGGJKTK. REAL ESTATE FOR SAME OR RENT, -BF- Rudersnausen & Sonntag, For Sale. A oonvontent and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-slory Iramo housb on Jsfghth street, near Henry. j *or bale. A choice farm of 320 acres, with first olast improvements, situated 2)4 mlleu east ol Brunswiek. Oharlton co., Mo. For Male. Apue story tanno dwelling, house In KOOO condition. In Topping's addition toAIlonu . _. For Sole Cheap The residence ol Oapt. W. f oble; two itorlea and mansard roofi 12 room 4 haUs closets, dollars, etc.; a acres of grotm Mow -leslrablo property in tho olty. • for Hale. .IMIaoMsoI land near city limits. 3,...o two story brlob and tramo dwu n nnnoA both situated on the ea»- o i;ato streei u6tWQ6U 6th AUtl ?i)} '*'tl£QtS ' • 8O*thO brlofe Hear °and Md«[o strlet 0 " now^Tas HuSte^'t For sale. > within n ne * «<x>d tarminaf land, and ano'thei - ^res, both unimproved. 8Huat* tn Moi co., Kansas, at *10 and $16 per aor< reBpootively^ne.thlrdoash.balauooToname • ' ' ' ' ' ' • • - • '». . • . A larm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In thlaoouatr A ' Tfor Sale. h °U 20 aor ° 8 ' situate 1 mile alpwflgur" ' ouplnt ' ounty ' IU - at I '«^i, 0 ?>i' n i?, n< * In ' J to . *J n y Real Estllto ln the fn^^,.^ lton i? r Tl , olu »v will flnd it to their Interest to call at the oUlee of Uudershausen * Sonntug and examine their list or proper- tlfd M Only pftrt tnoreof *« adver. THE ZAVEB 8WALLOW. . One of.themostinterestlngspecies, says The American Agriculturist; la the^eaves or cliff swallow; which constructs its nest under tho eaves, cornice or any other projecting part of a house. It Is very entertaining to watch these swallows in nest building and the .care of their y6ung.~: The nest Is made of blta of mud or clay united with the bird's own saliva, which is of a sticky nature, and it Is compared in shape to a Florence flask or .gourd. The nests are lined with dried grass and feathers, and laree numbers of them are sometimes built in close proximity. ' Anothef species that te fc great favorite in our country because it Is .hailed as the harbinger of spring, Is tho purple swallow or purple martin, as It is variously termed. Its color Is a shining purplish blue with black •wingsand tail.,,,It willie^en frequent the streets of towns arid rewiily inakes ita nest in boxes or other shelters provided. The nest itself, consists merely of feathers, leaves, moss and the like. • ". Swallows feed entirely upon insects, catching them In the air; and ; when on the wimr. circling and darting swiftly hither and tuither,ttiey seize upon their prey. Ournntfvo swallows arid such as appear in the colder ports of the world aro summer birds of passage, migrating to warmer regions when winter, approaches and insects disappear, 'i hough exceedingly graceful and strong on the wing, most swallows are possessed of such short and weak legs as to make thoir attempts fct wolking.very awkward indeed. Tho Bosket and Stones. If 100 stones ore placed in a straight lino, a yard distant from each other, how. many yards must a person walk who undertakes to pick them up ono by one and put them Into a basket, placed also a yard from the first stone? ; . Answer: It is clear that to pick up th4 first stone and put it Into tho basket the person mustwolk two yards, one In going for-the stone and tho other in returning with it: that for the second stone homust walk four yards, and so on, increasing by two as faros the 100th, when ho must of necessity walk 200 yards, so that the sura total will be tho product of 203, multiplied by 00, or 10,100 yards, which amounts to more than five miles and a half. • An Amusing Shadow Play. An entertainment that will 'cause young folk much sport and many a hearty laugh, may be found in tho play called shadow buff. Though even more amusing than tho well known blind man's buff, it differs from the latter, because among .other -points, the chief player, "Buff," is not blindfolded. ; .,, , ,-,: *he ClflcaffO Tire. Will you plenso state the'dftte l bn wbloh tho Chi°!« fll 2.°«: ufr «< 1 f Was It on the Sth or the Oth .of October?; • ... . T Tho Chicago flro.broko out at 9 o'clock Sun- da £°!? nin . p ' Oc . t 8 ' 1871 - "I* "burned nil night and the next,day.: 1 'The 9th, ! the day the prln. dpnl damage was done, is usually mentioned as tho day,of the fire. , , JLacrosse. : . _Wboorlglnatea'tho^ain&'6f Incrossef Is It of French Canadian or Indian origin? F. W. It ij of Indian origin, and first witnessed by the French when exploring the St. Lawrence region. The French' Canadians called it bag- gatonayj : because 'of the similarity ofi the, stock used in the game to the crosier of a bishop. '. .Tax on Bank 'Stock. Is national, bank stock taxable r If so, who pays tho tax? FnfXncB. ' It • is taxable. 1 • The bank pays It and charges it to general expenses. •:.; :,..; Thoatren Burned. ;• ' Please state ( through your columns whether tsere-hate oeGn any• th»tres''burned In tho States since the Brooklyn theatre, .where lives wore lost. If so s where and how' many lives were tOSt - "'''". A SOBSCliiBEH. There have been several theo'tre fires since the Brooklyn theatre burned. Accurate information on this subject con only be obtained, if at all, from the superintendents of fire patrols of tho large cities. At the burning of the Temple theatre nt Philadelphia recently two firemen's Jives were lost A curious circumstance occurred nt this lire. A number of wax figures were destroyed, leaving only two unharmed. These were the figures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, An Unfrocked Priest. Seeing a statement that Dr. McQlynn, the Roman Cnthollo priest in New York wlio advo- cat«s Henry Georfio's land theories, has been "unfrocked " I would like to know What Is meant by tho term "unfrocked." M. O. An unfrocked priest is one who has been deprived of the privilege of performing his priestly functions, such as saying mass or baptizing, marrying or giving communion to the people. But ho remains always a priest, and can in a great emergency perform these duties. For instance, in case of danger of immediate death, ho can hear the dying person's confession and give absolution. From Ricbronnd, Va.-I sell a groat deal of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup ana find that it gives bptter satisfaction than any other cough syrup.—1. Wilson Mose. ley, Drnegiat. "Once upon a midnight dreary," when I tossed so sad and weary, upon my bed half niad with pain, a friend bought mo a bottle of Salvation Oil. It cured me. I needed this, and "nothing more." "ViI~V"»7"r~" ~ ™ '*W"Aof country lying wuth of Afghanistan, Turkestan and Thibet ^nd Jutting between the Arabian soa nud tho Gulf of Bengal Into the Indian ocean. It c.t- tends over, an arm of 1,625,040 square miles and .lias n pojiulhtloii of 2!Jf,000,000. Within its limits^ arc tho Himalaya mountains, In- eluding, Alt .Everest, tho highest mountain In the world. Its pluins are watered by tho Indus nnd the Ganges, two rivers mentioned hi thb earliest histories of tuA world. 11 T h ? * > * t ^ ! ? st -Indlo company was estnb- llshod by Queen Ellzateth in irtw. The 1 French niid Portu-ueso nlra nm.lo sottlo- mciits. Tho rival compnnics of Kngluud and Franco cnmo into •collision- in 1T40 and a young Engllslnuau named Clivo commenced ,n brilliant series of successes which resulted in the expulsion of tho French and tho establishment of tho British empire. The Fiillh or donornls. Cfm you Inform 1)10 whether Hens.' Sherman ruiil Shurldan ftro Roman Catbollcsf o. J. 11. Oon. Shormiiu Is not n Unman Catholic. His wifo Is of thai fulth and his oldest son is n. lionmn Catliollc priest (>en. Shcriilan Is o Hainan CatbolJc. Contnmo for Brides. for abHilnlort"ress In trtivclluf-dressd>trlns°tho inarrlaRoccruniuny. , g • _., customary for a bride to wear cither traveling dress or bridnl costume if married nt noon ov nliy hour up to say 0 o'clock If married-ill tho'evening it is not on regie for her towcar traveling costume. But if haste must be nmdo to 'cnti-h a truin or thero is anv gOXHl ronsou, it would not bo amiss. A «lft for Allin order i o give all a chance to test it, and thus .be convinced of its wonderful curativei powers, Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will be, for a limited-time, given away. This offur is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of ihts great remedy. All who suffer from Umghs s Colds, Consumption, Asthma, UronchitiP, or any afftiOtion of Throat, Chtst or Lungs, are especially requested to call at E. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle $1. Kenens tlur foath. Mrs. I'hoabo Chealey, Peterson, Clay co., Iowa, lolls the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, cuuld not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and atn able to do all-my own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for huvino- renewed my youth, and removed completely all disease and pain." Try a bottle, only 606, at E. Mnrsh's Dru°- Stor e- fbldwlm ' BncKion'8 Arnica Salfe. The Best Salva in the world for cats, bruises, sores,i..aers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ail skin eruptions and positively cures piles, or no pay required, it is guaranteed to give perfect, satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 GPHts per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alt °n. 1H. mch7dwlm Don't be humbug p >r r porous piaster. INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, J LOAN AGENTS, MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Pnrltj 1 , Strength, and Honlthf nlnOBS. Dr. Prlco'9 Baking Powder dohtalns no Amm»nI»,Lline.Alnm or Phosphates. Dr.Price'ii liitracta, VaiUllo, temon, etc.! flavor dellciously. THB Flrst-GlasS Ins. <3o.'w RAILWAY TIMK. • TAH1.JK. OH10AGO AHL» Al/TON. On and after Sunday, Nov. 14th, issfl, train on the OhlCfKO Hud Alton rola-oncl. will leavi the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, is follows: Kor Onlcaffo and the Ensti Chicagoilall*... 0:00 u.n. Uliicogo Accnmmodatlon* 6:00 p. it Ujhi-nlng Express'.. Peoria and Hoot Island FastLlnet,B:00 a. m For Jacksonville, Kcokuk, QulDCv, Kan- ,iaa Clty.and all point* west. Kansas City Mull* .. ,.9:00a.m Kansas Olty Exprosa*, »:inp.n Denver Bxpi'eiist.... ,...7iOSp. m Jacksonville Accommodation f... 7:05 p. iu For St. Louis i UuhtnlnK BxproBS* fl:4S a, a Ohluagp Acoommoilutlon'. 9 : ao a. n AltonSpeclalt 12:06p. in Kansas Olty At all* ..<B iob. n OhloogoMiiilt 0:80p. " rilAIKB LEAVE ST. LOtJlS TOION DEP01 yOB ALTON. f7BOa.m. t60flp.m. *< M p. m. ^ 86 p. in. (8 16 a. to. Sundays only), •Dally lExcept Sunday. 1 s. D. REBTB, • . Sup't. St. Louis Division 1. NOBBU, Ticket Atnmt. • Inn. Co. of Nojrtb America; Hnrtf ofd, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phllndolyl'la; Gorman American; North British and Mercantile. London; -Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, EDIT.' Continental; GiTHrd; Glens Fftlld, I; Amurcan Ventral) Firemen's ^nnd, Western Assurance Co $20,QQO,pOOr IVK A1SO REfRKUdtPI! IKK Mutual Benefit LLte. of Newftpt N. J., and Traveler'aE.?!^' Accident Ina. Oo. ! ,Harttord, Office: Over Alton rJNat Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. ' '" ifor Sato';-''! 1 . ,-• Seven-lots with good brick dwellln outbuilding,. In go"d repair, Ih iJnne? KesmBBOoof o. g. «Jolllu8,.on«l taSRJS and . . Merrill property. WHIP J't«> * ton, or D. W. Collet, Uppar^Alton." ^ AI A1 ' ».''•• 1 • *o»R*nt. .'' ;; . , • A 7-room,frame dwelling) in toou renalr nn North side Bluff St. ; ,wa!pPL¥^8MlLEir? OmOAQO. BURLLNGTOH. AJiD QUINOY. Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: " doing; Northi . g?PJ«Bs (except Sunday) ... . 8:86 a. m Night Express .......;....... 7:05 p. in W. W. AKNOLD, Auent. WBI.L. KLUNK~ UNDEETAKEE AKD T*KALKH IJ» WHIPPU! d into buving'a . "Ask for "Poirc- rov'sPfiiroline Fluster." 28 S~~ " ' '•" '•• ^»«"«^.*«MMMB«p PLASTER _™. *••••* ^ m P ^*^ ^P* m V OR IMS* A common souse euro, by a combined raodical and mccliaril- cal notion. Unliko tiny,other pre- partition, they relievo the pressure while curing the corn, and never fail where directions aro followed- rive sots of plasters nud box of .ointment put up in handsome tin case, convenient for use. Price 25 cents, complete. Auk for "Pedrwura" nud take no other. MANOfACTDMUtS, 118 W. Brpa4way, ^, Y., U.S. or fias/rk^i^ssiDiiupGisTa H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, _ Pint. Agent for Alton. . In Chiciga, will l>no n on ,<it V SHADOW BUKK. As may bo scon In the cut, a large piece of white cloth is fastened neatly up at ono end of the room, so that it hangs perfectly smooth Buff eeate himself on alow stool with his racd to the cloth, a taMo, on which is a lighted candle, is placed four or five feet Iwhlnd him. and tlie rest of tho lighm in the room nro extinguished. BiWs playfellows neit para in succesHion between'tho condlo and him, distorting their features in as grotesque a manner as possible, hopping, limping and performing various odd antics so us to maUo llioir shadows very unlllco their usual looks, uuff must then try to guess to whom tho 8 mJows belong; and, if ho guesses correctly, tho player whoso shadow ho recognized, takw his place. But ono guess is allowed for each person, and Buff must not turn his head either to right or loft, to see who passes. The riHlosopher'n 1'uizlo. Tho philosopher, Pythagoras, being aakod how many pupils received Instruction from Utm replied: "Compute the number thyself: one-half of my pupils Kt udy mathematics, one-fourth natural philosophy, ono-seventh observe silence, and beside those I have three fwnalo pupil*," The ()uc»tioii is to Bud out a number, t4io one-half, one-fourth and ono- seventh of which, plus a, shall be equal to that number. Will be on hand.—Gentleman—"I am sorry, Dnole Rastns,-that J can't do anything for you this morning, but f-hanty, you know, begins at home " Uncle Rastus—"All right Mr Sraif—«11 right, sah. I'll call round at yo' home 'oout seven dis ebenin», sah."— Earner's Bazar. The distressing disease, Salt Rheutn, is readily cured by Hood's Sarsapariila, the great bbod purifier. Sold by all <Jruggi8ts._ 61 ' A clear skin adds to the beauty of a fine face, and often lends a churra to homeliness. To beautify your comp'fx- ipn you should purify your blood with Ayer's Sarsapariila. As a tonic and alterative medicine, it has no pquul. Price fl. Six bottles, $5. dvvlw No Use for Pennleti. Eastern Man—"Is it possible that you do not use pennies in the westP" Western Man—"Never see 'em at all • no'hing smaller thiin Dickies." "Well, well; what do you do when you go to church P" "We don't go."—rid Bits-. Ready-Made CoflBlns, Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes For Ladles, Gentlemen and children. Office and Shop on State street • nlllv< JT 8tat " e - Wl » attend to Job neuaulne Fnrnltnrti. riiA farbni* ~ •:./.. late residences of J. i. aold w. H, —;™J*l, on. Mill St., two o^ib ii best nlAflnnfti residence bropertr U> Alton. TieiBronBrK teuownas'^heParir,. easrol.above; if loS on Mill and Stimmttjstraets, aiia a^ttumboro? ott IriMmer/kMltoheU'saddlWoit'M t?£S! Anv or all of above at ogrcHt baraaln. ror For 8nle. IJOBlrnble Kesldeoces for Salo] -*•'"" »»"*«' iMjBiuwacea xor tialo. Atwostorybrlclcdxvellliig on State sti« B t known n » Wm. A. I'latt huraastead, lately out In Kood repair. A two story trame dweuFn B oiillulu street, nearly now.* A?two storv orlck dwelling on Seventh street,, all lor sole at a auoriaoo. owuer huvlu^ decided to Ifor or Hiue. •* convenient jorrn of 120 acres, -most all in t1ate<1 n Inre^OonBrh^Coiai, HMreen^ODu tion, ana relieves consumptive mnam In wlvannxl utams of the dlwwe, Prico Beta _0»u. tion. Tlio Pennine Dr. Biill't iOounft S'jrup Is ipM only In tirtttte iwYimiprA, nnil beard our rMrlstemI Trado-ilarki to wit. A Unit'slleail In a Clnlt.a Ilrit- Stria Caulion-LatHl, mid the .'r/>o.slnillotlBi!nliin.'«of John If. Xiill jt A.C. timer- * Co., Solo Prop's, Baltlniore, lid., t) B. A. „ „ Chew f'*S?v» I'liiss-TIie it «l otal—i*rlc;" J»«'u-«clci ii A Quotation. ' tbe "And night Ints hor curtain down nnd plas It with * 8tflr ' 11. 0. ^^.'m 1 ,, 0 !".! 6 ' !W» ITO, <He<l W9. NlRlit dr«w her sabl* curtain down. And pumfdit with »»ur. % Reliable and Always llio Same. BrHndnith's Pillo are ihuoldo-.t.safoFt and best blood purl/ier and pureutive known. They aie purely veeetahle, therefore harmless. They aro always the samo and always produce the same effect. Other (HiigHiivos require increased doses and linally cease acting 'alto- fretbor. A course of one or two of .BrntKtrelh's 1'ilU taken euch night is u positive cure for constipation, hoadanhe and all biliou* disorders. If you can't take them plain get them sugar coated. Miss Matilda Johnson has just died in London 116 years old. Jvi^lHy-nnid yours ago her intended husband died (Wddnnli, and she mado a will giving b«r entire fortune to the Military hoi- pual, directing that "Love Killed Her 1 should be mewed on hnr tombstone. When you rido you don't want your buifgy Jumpy, nor jerky, nor orenkv, nor swuyinir from Hide to side. Y.m want U billowy, Thon <{ot the Ku-u Ouil Spring. Everybody suyg bunuvvr saw the llku of it for ease of motion. Ask your town oarriage»bullder about t. .«. * Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DBAUGHT8MAN, Office on Third St.,ono door west 3OO BAGS HMiGFNN' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table Ds««, In 14 Ib. linen sucks and 56 Ib, Hacks, for Halo by J. A.HYRIE ^Tlio undersigned tiavo oneuod a nnw inuslo tore at tlio cornnr of Hilrd ,aud Piasa sts ORGANS AND PIANOS of the workmanship for salo at rr-a sonablp prices. Call and examine our mstru ments hoforo purchasing elsewhere. FLOSS & BABE. moh22dwrtin T . *"or Kent. Lato renldeuce ot M. J, Noonan : on Stuto street, knovn us tho A. Watt place Goods room brick housti. in flrst olusg repair .. vrtueeLS & SMILEY. *or itent. Good 9-room brick house with about I acres oi ground.lnoludlna Upper Alroa Former ruoWonca ot Dr. Huniben. Jij&SMlLEY. - JFOT Sole or Itent. , no dwelling with ,9 rooms, 'na-VhX^lJi 8 ? 0 ! 1 b , a " 1 anU fin ° hnU >l n'"i«'/i; * . "'ohols homestead, situated on 12th at,. In a deslraDlo uoiffhboriood -^E&SMILEV. t. dwlw MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY JVholly unlike Arilfloltl SysiotnH-Ouro o Mln; Wumlorliiu-Any I'onK 1 arnrd In nn r.'Hcll n «, I'riwpccins, with oiilulnriH of M •PlIOCTOH.thi- ABtroivincr. HOIIH, Vf.W. AST Olt.JUDAH P. BEHJAM1N, Urn. StlNOIt. \VoO Hlld (tttltl'H, sent Mint PKKK, I)V - "- • "UulaHTTlC, Ni-w York ]Hll<lllll For Toilet Use. Ayor's Hair Vigor keeps the hair soft and pliant, imparts to it tho lustre and freshness of youth, causes it to grow luxuriantly, eradicates Dandruff, cures all scalp diseases, and is tho most clcau- ly of all hair preparations. AVER'S Htv!r VI 8° r has fi^on wo n»n.i i 11 J )erfoct satisfaction. I was nearly l>al. -for six years, during whicli time l used many hair preparations, but without success. InueedVwhat littlo 1 tried Av ^^ f»r owi . n 8 thinner, uuttl . bottles of't.'io ViKorlan'S'uiy headTs iio\v «-el! covorfd with a new growth of hair. -Judsuu U. Chapel, PealKKly, Mass. HAIR' tnat Ilns 'boeoms weak, crav. iii-iiu ami fmiod, may have new li'fc and color restored to ft by tho use of Aver s Hmr A igol .. .. M _ liair u , and dry. and foil out in largo ,(,"',• ','"'*• A y, er> * Hair Vigor stoppoU llio fal.nift anU restored my hair to ita iin^iiiai i-olor. As a dressing for tho hair, ihis preparation has no equal.— Mary .N. rfamuiond, Stlllwater, riiun. VIGOR • T0 " tll< nnd Beauty, In-the w luwii, appearance of the hair, tnav be preserved for an indefinite portol by tin- uao of Aynr's Hnir Vigor. "A dlH- oase of tho scalp caused ,ny halrfo ht coino harsh and dry, anil to fall out luolu.'y ^o'a'mnn i r 'f' Rpfmei ' to u " Aynr's Flair Vigor. 'Three "bottle's"!)'? thin preparation restored my hair to a WILSON WflSHBOARDS. The«o Wmhbqardl oto mode with n Beut-Wood rim, Tho8tioDg- eit boatds and best walten In the world. Jfor a»lo bjr nil doal«B. T»ke no other. . ., SAOINAW M'P'G CO., •-•-—— Mlchlgim. SHpRTHflND WRITING. by mulli'"-Young mem have only to learn a.hnrthunu to make itn sure sourou ol won ' W S °W f It1a ™P' ( °LPW°PHlot a™° men. W. \V. llulton, Mctobnre, 1'n. T °^ ... T"H~B".~.TOB*A0*0*0 - .,+**.+*. *, MW ».»w i jiii,— it or a di cat oa the oste .for.-nnd daetrnys'mi bn^cffeot!. ttris- ig from thn use of Tobacco. This pre.mra- i"n strungthous the iip'potlto. clears the JiPA- 1 "?™'."!' tn« memory; It Is put ' ' « ™. " ox Is 8utUol ent to euro V i 1 80m ." r *1 at ™ lwo boxos. Ovor "">'» ontlre satlsfuotloii glvon in d A^SW^r^'lTW 1 Ililtl film n _li *.•*•. . . ., " ., • 1 ueedei1 " of Bowoll , In good m«<SfeS?o e S?[ 8BHotlw O mtty o! tlmti-nn, j BM Ol l' ci ,\ lt ,' 0 oi iw " t J l«<lls»" count}'. March torrn i\ 117. IO3( • llnnry f.rrlnBt.Biirvlvlnff pnrtiur of noun p. Hwuctmir. ilebiiaaHil, laui pnrlimi-n unr,i>i tlHi^niniiol S*uotm-rand IVIout, vs. U-ivId H. Hiiarks. Alum , f purkn, |I!H .vim, W,H •ll' y Kmf, t i, utl »Vmi tnn N'lt'i'nal Hunk, tn« 1) l( spinUH MIllliiK compiiny, Alln/n Wuik nv!i?"th l .', B> ! l i fll ' lb Y« <l "« n " <) '" lia ° l -- ••»""> Host tluit i he ubnvo nuinod coinnliiliiiini imrutoroio fllud bis bill of uoinpJiiliu in 1 1 court, on tliu oluincory uld« itiuYtmf, HIKI tliiit a nun.ino.H ilicrinipnn lusnud out of HI I court UKhliiM tint ,il)ovd nuiiied dofoiulm IH lutiirniibl. on tin- tirat il-y in tliu n-rm .'f tlii. ic'iiin t ill Mlllll^nll I'liniilv, to IJM hi IH in IKJIIHO In bilwanlBvlIlK, In unHi .Mitdl^xi' •TT.V us ' 18 ,, b V l»w ri'qiilroil, Hid wliu'Vi^uult'ls bllll pending. MOllEKT WAO.NAUKU, WJIK A DAVIS.Oompl'M Uol'fB. jSrt7w and' , Is cured, and it Ayer's Hair Vigor, Bold by DrnggUti «ncl r«rfum«ni. SAFETY, prompt action, and wonderful curative properties, easily place Ayor's Pills at tho heaU of the list of popular remedies for Sick and Nerv, ous Headaches, Constipation, and all all- wonts originating In a disordered Liver. nLi h n a .i'° bKcn i a . f^ 08 ' B »ff«rer from Heartache, ami Aver's Cathartic PIIU nro the only medicine tha^ has ever « >;« nnn '«'-«iief. One dose of the«o Pllll will quickly move my Imvels, and free L AWKSwanted ]r» «ot up Tea Clubs for our ...'"ra.ToiisnndOoiroes. A host of UBoful select from as premluml. Send ''' nn<1 ^'•«ml.un Sat. sl-n . 1 'J' T«NTII person tliat 1111- d i* 0 i ri|> ' emoi «j we w111 send '; V' 1 ?? Toft. Addruss NAT'D ., Uos'on, Mass. ooMd3ui Ayer's Pills. d by Dn J 0. A«r fc Co., Uw.| SoUl by Ml Dwltrilo Uodjcto*. 4t* aataK P»olflo»tloo« pr«ptMit ind t\tt [liiitd[In tai m fmntn. >jft eaatilnS'ffii'Suoffoj M§&&Ms'ssugmm ^M.iJL^uJiLL^J^jJ^i jk

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