The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1946
Page 7
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^THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1946 Chiang Predicts New Government Chinese Leader Says Communists Will Be Well Represented «>• MILES W. VAUGHN United I'rcss Staff Corresponded CHUNGKING. April 11. (UP) - GeiKi-illssimo Chiang Kai-Shek predicted Wednesday that a new coalition Chinese government, ill- eluding adequate Communist representation, may be formed within a few weeks. The generalissimo said In an interview thnt nil essential preliminary to a coalition government must be an attitude of sincere cooperation by the Communists. He said that Communist tactics in the slow negotiations proceeding in Chungking are Irksome at limes. Negotiations should succeed. Chiang emphasized. He stressed that thc Communists and all other parties must devote themselves solciy to Ihe welfare of China as a whole, and not attempt to "bore from within." The generalissimo received me iu I he living room of his Chungking home. He sat relaxed in an armchair while he talked for more than an hour about China's problems. He looked in excellent health and radiated vitality. Some of the chief points he made were: I ill—The United Nations will sue-' teed if the United States continues its present role of vigorous world leadership. 12) —China stands squarely behind the UN, but the leaders ol the present Chinese government, are not so naive as to believe that they can pit supinely by and depend upon the UN to preserve peace without thc active support of all democratic peoples. '31 - china signed thc Sino- Flusstan treaty last year in good fnith an<i expects to observe its provisions .scrupulously. Thc generalissimo repeatedly assorted that the United States "must continue its aggressive world leadership because it is thc only nation with tlic txnvcr to preserve dcinoc- rury in the lace of any threat. He sai'i that Cl.i-.p had nrt seen tin- text f the Yalta a-nxment untii it v as releases bv the State Department recently. At the time the Soviet-Chinese treaty was negotiated, he said. China knew the general sense of the Yalta agreement in which thc late President Roosevelt agreed to persuade China to grant Russia widespread concessions in Manchuria, Tlie generalissimo said that the present American foreign policy leaves little to be desired. He said the outlook for peace was excellent if the United States maintains its present firm support of the UN. Chiang predicted that conditions In China" should improve within a few months when communications are restored and foreign supplies arrive. He said the speed with which Chinese economy is restored depends largely upon the speed with which supplies arrive from America. Despite widespread inflation, economic disorganization and some degree of social unrest because of the cost of living, he said, he was not pessimistic about the, future. The generalissimo said he would like to visit the United States for at least one month after the new coalition government, is organized. He denied reports that China had asked Russia to delay the withdrawal of Russian troops from Manchurian cities to gain time for Chinese government troops to arrive and enter the cities at the moment the RussiRiis departed, thus preventing Chinese Communists from gaining control of thc cities. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • SUNDAY SCHOOL USSON How the Friends of Jesus.Responded Scripture: Mark 1:18-20; 5:18-M; 10:46, S'l; A modern hymn-writer has written: 'I've found a Friend, O such a Friend; He loved me ere I knew Him; He drew me with the cords of love, And thus He bound me to Him." That was precisely what Imppcn- ed mnoiiK the first disciples, ns they responded to the friendship of Jesus, nnct heard His call. Fishermen left their nets us He invited them to become fishers of men. Levi, renamed Mnlthcw, a publican UhaL is, u Roman tnxgnther- er). despised for his work by mniiy in the community, left his government job when Jesus snid. "Follow me." His mime is honored In the first book or the New Testament. He prepared a feast for Jesus in liis house, and a great company of publicans and others were there. People reputed to be religious were outraged by such a scene, an'i they complained to the disciples. "Why do ye en I nnd drink with publicans and sinners?" How many of its "Rood" religious people would react differently today, it the unrecognized Christ came into a modern community, and attended a party with many persons of had reputation? It is a common maxim that "a man Is mown by the company he keeps," but that Isn't always a good criterion. What an answer Jesus gave to His "respectable" critics! "They that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick," He Souvenir Collectors SEMINOLE, Okla. (UP)—In the . first, seven days of operation, parking meters here netted the city S490.15. and t\vz German 10-maik pieces, one Tunisian coin, one Belgian coin and three slugs of no value. • 5:27-28 never Implied thnt the publicans were better (hint the Pharisees. As a matter of fact, among the strict •sect of th c Pharisees were many fine and eanifst people. What Jesus did Imply was llmt the publicans needed Him most. What n different world this might be, If «11 who profess to Ix-llcve in Jesus were filled with the same for helping those most in need—thc sinful, the discouraged, the Poor and needy, the careworn nnd heavily laden! If we had been living when u-vl gave his party, would we have been with Jesus among the guests? Oi would we have been among those who looked in, and found fault? What sort of response tlo we make to the friendship of JesnsV Do we try to be. friendly, as..our Master was, to those who need understanding? There were two sorts among the friends of Jesus. To some He granted the privilege of following Hliv and being in His company; to olh- ers He gave the harder task of going home and telling of Him in their own communities. Those forced to leave Him did have the greater burden. Think for example, of the poor demoniac whrX Jesus healed. That mm wanted above all things to be wltl Jesus, but the Master told him to go back to his unfriendly neiglibors and tell them what had happened to him. Sometimes il Is in plain, unex- citinc tasks that we can best serve Jesus and show ourselves HUi friends. Demonstration Members Meet At Shady Grove Tho Slindy Grove Home Denian- sltjition Clnt> met Thursday flfter- noon with Mrs. K, S, Lxjveless, the president. Mrs. C. C. Williams rend the devotional from "Upper Room," When Mrs. John Willinms, Llie secretary, called Ihe roll each member told (he progress she was making with her Sprint; ftnrclen and baby chicks. Several members reported that internal parasites were bothering their chicks and Mrs. Herman Williams, the poultry chairman. told liow she hnd sprayed her poultry house and equipment and tlic tonic which she had used for her poultry to rid them o[ this trouble. Miss Cora Lee Coleman. home demonstration agent, explained the leaflet on "Garden Insect Control" and the leaflet on DDT was studied. Thc club plans to put on a play at the Play Tournament and the officers of the club are acting as a committee with Mrs. E^sie Davis and Miss Ruth McCormick assisting in selecting a play arid a .skit. Miss Colemnn told the group about the expected visit of Miss Sue Marshall, extension specialist in Clothing and Hoxischold Arts. A new member, Mrs. R, L. Files, was enrolled in the club this month. A group from this club plan to attend the County Council meeting at Leachville on April 27. At the conclusion of the meeting thc hostess served a siuidwich plate and a bottle drink, Thc next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. C. C. Williams on April 13. Several members were appointed to be on the program. At this meeting each member is asked to bring some article made from cotton feed sacks. The smock v;orn by Mrs. C. C. Williams and thc apron brought by Mrs. Loveless at t he April \ meeting were made from feed sacks and were admired by all. Held in Spy Case Romans Smile Again As Hard Times Improve By NOKMAN MONTELL1CR DnllrU i>rrss Stuff Correspondent HOME il).I'.)—Postwar Rome today l s strides ahead of other European capitals lii the. return to normalcy. Rome's beauty and appeal an outstanding to a newcomer aftoi first observations of tills capita 'and Paris. A city of contrasts am contradictions, it apparently lifs come a long way during the one year of Italy's liberation. Crowded streets, congested traffic and a surprisingly carefree a)r arc In sharp difference with (hi! bleak picture in 1'arls. conditions in Home improve by the month but hard times arc still nhen<t. Contrasts are In Ihe peuple. walking Ihe streets. Most, have no Place to hurry | o and no Jobs to (to. Their smiles and lively chattel show a nonchalance and lack of worry. Amid them move hordes of tattered beggars—ranging from old women and men to tiny lots huddled in doorways crying for money. HUick Markets Glutted Contradiction.; are In (he pconlr who slill consider an American cigarette worth more than Italian money but who no longer eagerly buy American canned goods or clothing because their black market is glutted with supplies. They lie in the people who openly run Jlack market restaurants and welcome all customers while local authorities decry such activities t'lierc Is a backlog of thousands or ii'ice and ration law violation cases but no effective counter- id Ion is taken. 'f'his is ii city where dally black narkct currency exchange figures nre published In tlic press. Prices ire geared to that standard. Llv- Is expensive anil "scrounging" for necessities Is a fnct of life which has spread far beyond the realm of foraging GIs. An average good dinner cosls from S-l to S8., Coffee and cake are $1.25. Twelve small pieces of toasted bread, r.assinu for biscuil.s. sell for 70 cents. Little rolls that appear at every niral in Sun Francisco or New York restaurants cost 25 cents. Hut. women's kid gloves, beautiful leather handbags PAGE SEVEN linobdiltiBbls In Ainoilcn stockings or lli>ni'i-lo Imnd-tuolcd okl silver Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested J. S. Benning, above, in connection with the widespread espionage ring accused of disclosing Dominion war secrets, including atomic bomb facts. Benning was secretary of the muni- tion assignment committee of Canada's Department o£ Muni- tiooi and Supply. Three or four rabbit skins used to make one felt hat. THE BEAUTY CLINIC Margaret Deen Smith, Owner Ingram Bid;. Phone 3274 Read Courier News Want Ads. "It Pmym to AdrertW SCOTT ALLEY of All Kinds. FtMBC&M! SIGNS . Franklin 84. Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main Phone 3616 Bales - Phillips Roblnaon Berrtn - Felix Cirnej We are Now Contracting ior ^ Crowder and Purple Hull Peas Delivered Price in Pods '65°° Per Ton Blyfhevilie Canning Co. Inc P. O. Box 310 • Blytheville, Arkansas We Arc Also Buying Crowder and Purple Hull Pea Seed pure silk and lovely tire In thu FCMMI Prices Drop Thc cnst, of staple Items Is far too high lo bo anylhliiK but a mailer of grave concern for American residents. Hut they assert Ihiu Judicious buying, iwrsc- verencc In seeking Imslc foods mid careful planning result In "good home-cooked meiils at n reusoi able price. Kaling-oul regularly Is still beyond the reach of inosl. These residents describe the (narked Improvements in Rome over lour months UKO—eggs dropping In price from (JO cents CM tut (he old exchange ol 100 lire lo $1) to eight cents apiece under I Ihe new official 225-to-l rale Cheeses and spaghetti arc avail able for n fair price. Hutlonci items mnsl be stretched, nut there no loss In food content values Embassy officials and employees ind Americans In business hero igree Hint thc outlook Is still dark or Italy anil Rome. The sorry tale of transpoilallon Is grudual- y Improving. Foreign ll<iutdiil!on re siKikcsmen sny surplus army •chicles soon should be distributed widely enough by the Italian gov- to repair thin vital link. Communications arc iwor. Train ravel Ls an arduous wearlno mater bill Italy has managed (o rc- >:ilr most ol (lie key bridges vreeked by war. Air travel Is only low beginning lo expand enough o meet the need. Spring (ilves Answer Lack of heat in most buildings s a major hardship. initialled fuel mil a shvlage of electricity for icating and illumination added to lie problem. Hours-long perlodH of We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables , Seed and Plants Wholesale or Relail Blytheville Curb Market 1 130 E. Main Phone 973 WOMEN IN YOUR'40 s who suffer fiery misery of HOT FLASHES This great Medicine helps relieve such 'middle-age' symptoms If the functional 'middle-ago' period peculiar to women makes you luffer hot flashes, touchy, hlghatrung, nervous, weak feeling*, try Lydla E. Plnkham'i Vegetable Compound to relieve •uch cymptomj. Taken regu- l*rly—this great medlclni help* build up rwljtanc* agakut such [•middle-age* dlstrut, J ' Till i in <« O*M nmiMii Hifriil Plnkham's Compound Is one of the beet known medicines you can buy for this purpose. H has proved to some women that some of their happiest days can often be during their 40'e. We urge you to give Plnkham's Compound a fair and hones* trial Just »•• If It doesnt help yoo. to*f It'e also a great stomachic tcnio. Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Delivrt Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We Buy Radios. and Sell Used Moonshiners Get Part Of Sugar On Black Market ATLANTA, On.. April 10, (Ul>> — 1'lie OPA said today I'uat more than 1,000,000 povmd.i of sugar found Is wny to southeastern stale black markets last month, with much of It ttohiK to moonshiners. Approximately 500,000 pounds of the Nugiir obtained through use of counterfeit coupons went,, to C|.or- glans, the OI'A said . "This figure lops the previous peak month of January, when 85911)0 ix>uiids of sugar were drained by Illegal means," OPA said. It Is nn alarming Jump over the 287,085 pounds diverted In February." Tho regional OPA office reported that H08.03U counterfeit sugar coupons were discovered in southeastern stales during March. Of tlic num- ber, 117,410 bogus «Umw turned up in Georgia. At the same time, the Olf1c« of I'rlcc Administration said c Ktlor.s hnd been fl!*d against !«• §ug»r dealers during March. The metlons resulted In fines, Injunctions ami suspenstc* n from leading : lri Sugar for the duration of rationing'. ..' , Counterfeit sugar stamps turned In by other «tate» Included. South Carolina, 31,690; North Carolina, 26,089; Virginia, 1»372; Korlda, C.1S8; - , , 49« OKLM MOUTH WASH •nd 3*> ORATON TOOTH BRUSH • OJU.I5 MOUTH WASH IS PLEASANT, RLKRtSIHNGl • ORATON BRUSH IS WATER RESISTANT! RAIS/NG A CROP! Producing new tractors and fartn machine* Is like raising a crop ... it take* months before they're ready. Perhaps there will be ' plenty of new tractors next season and you'll be :ible to get one. But if you want to play it safe, let us put your old tractor in good repair nou'. Tlien, conic what may, you'll be ready for work. McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE k DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blythcville, Ark. McCORMICK-DEERiNG MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE KIRBY DRUG STORES ; ' •-.' *.-,..; V '' - ' -,v. ' MAIN 'At-SECOND -_' BROAD WAY-DIVISION LL1 ARKANSAS LUI Store DR. LYOM'S For Flawless Make Up Kliy.. Aril I'll Duliitrry Chen Yu Cloud Silk 'FWtor Citmpun Sulilairc Drib, Grty ID-COLOR FOR HAIR Comb (n- QQc <luJ,J. . 90 U>* onlf ai dh on lab«l i 4. Lending Library Head all (he New TOOTH POWDER, 25e SUE <u mtt i f 17 A J| EPSOM SALT « 16 OUHCE MEDICINAL < L "»" " ..... *W 50' MOLLE CITY RADIO REPAIR 3Z4 East Main Phone 2407 IftUSHLESS SHAVING CME4M a WAX PAPER 125 FOOT ROLL. IN CUTTER BOX MINERAL FASTEETH "rfoublr trou'o[* H -4vMrl burn and acidity, •j vou prompt • h«| 11on* 5iom*ch Juil »1t«tpcH>r\ful n » |Ui* ol waler «nJ doufal* iroutiU" «» out Ntii fme tard fi 79 e CE-LECT STATIONERY KURLASH REFILLS New Shipment Monray Fine Stationery 50c up HYDROGEN PEROXIDE VASELINE SHAMPOO $1.00 JERGENS LOTION 79c WALGREEN'S ASPIRIN kttli eMOO FORMULA SHAMPOO Regultrly Priced 9Sc DEODORANT AQUA VELVA SAYBROOKS YEAST-IRON SHAVE CREAM o Brushkss. (I.imil 2) Jar 45' HAIR TONE Trains thc hair. 6-oz Don't Sunburn Rich in iron and Bi. COD LIVER OIL, PT. Imports.) Ololnn Ufettn. Fruhl MALTED MILK I'owcJcr. Chocohlc, pl.iin. Lb. MENKEN QUINSANA I'ot athlete's foot. 4-oz GARDEN INSECTICIDES and SPRAYS FLOWER SPRAYS DDT for HOUSEHOLD and BARNS

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