Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 4, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1887
Page 3
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^5 uo ro IT AT TMP Wfi S(5°OP<1 stroot.near A UJUlSJUiN O t corner of Henry -FOR- F1NE ' STATIONERY, 1 r 11 , ' Ed « e > Balmoral Linen, Qriffl,i>a Linen, Turkey mid Llnon. {•"••eh Blow, Mlkudo, Ohurred Bdno, Oroum Lalil. Mourning Note, nnJ n lance usWtment ot luuminatnd ami D»oorati'd "tutlonery. ponnieon's Wax and Seald. School Tublots end Stationery. doc6dwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOB CASH ON TIMB PAYMENTS Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired 81 w- tng Mnohlnea repaired Supnllcs tor nil Ma- Mines. N. 1). LAUOItEUX, ALTON DAILY Pa-Lint. 10 cvnu, .1 FRIDAY EVB., FSB. 4. For tlie year J887 «re thall choice the following rntet tot t*an«l»nt notice* In our local columns! sitiRlo Inwrtion Throe to nveln»ertlon«, Six to twelve luiertlon*, HATES OP Aii TiU!»«MT.-.m t TT ct-ntt per Inch first Insertion, anil TirsSfTr.FtVB ceota p« r mob for onoli sul)» yuont Iniertton. $3 per tneh flrst montu, suo' per InoU each month thereafter, 1JEOAL ADVEUTtSINO: $1 per Inch for tlio Jim Innertlon.-and 00 centa per Inch for OBoh subsequent insertion. O-Above rotog will bo eti lotly adhered to. THE 0A»tY TELEGRAPH la delivered by carriers to all parts of thu city of Alton and upper *lton. for ton tents per week. Mailed t °™H',' y ""!""""> « «>o ruto of $s 20 per your. THE TKLEOIUPH ha* th« large.t olrcula- Many bargains at Globe D. G. s. ~ _ _ It ME. Cbas. Cheuey invora us with n copy of the Lynn, (Masa.) Hem. Tapioca, ooru starch and oereahne at Connor's. ' It Money to loan on improved real "state. Apply to Ruderahausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf A GKNDINB blizzard in raging in the northwest, nnd is traveling east with great rapidity. Sheeting and Muslins, at Pierson £ Carr Dry Goods Go's. lt A universalTemark by every smoker of cigara: NemiugerV Fig and Magno- Jm are the best cigars inj,he market. THE Jersey ville Oily Council have appointed a committee to purchase a Ure engine and hose cart. Dressed Turk?es,Cbiek£ns and Ducks — Seibold & Deterding. lt Money to loan on improved property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLK & - flBBATEST 80 DAT CA8B BOOT AM) 8UOK SWEKP EVLIKMAUK IN ALTOS. WMIOHT * PETERS' LADIES' PIHB SHOES AS KOLtOW*: Pebble Goat $3, button J2 00. Strait Goat $4, button 18.46. Strait Goat hand tewed f 4.60, button $8.66. French Kid $6, button 14.60. AMU OTHER MAKKSIN Our Ladies' 93 Kid Button down to $2.6u. Our Ladles' $2.60 Goat! and Kid go at *2.16. Our Matchless Line Ladies' f 2 shoes at $1 06. 200 pairs Misses' shoes worth 92 at $1. 960 pairs Children's shoes, worth $1.60 and $2, down to $1.25. Notlldlon's Men's fine $6 shoe, $4.26. A broken lot Lilly, Bracket &.0o. $6 shoes for $4. M«n's Hand Sewed Shoes value $6,at 84.76. Boys' $1-86 button andbals., knocked out lit $1.60. No Monkey Business, not Old Stock, every thing good and at cut prices for each.—Star Shoe store, Big 102. W. S. OARHAMT, AlanugiT. DE3TECCTIVE FxRB 1* ST. PEKSONAL, Jndgo Kldredge, of Brighton, rUitfld hi» daughter, Mrs. Brenholt, today. Mr. II, C. Prleat favors us with a copy of tbe Wiohltn Dally Beacon which has "a wonderful showing of f quaro and perfectly legitimate traimos tton* fortbo past us duyi" in that city. Mr. John Hoeun trill leave this evening for Baltimore, on account of tbe receipt of a dmpatoh telling of the dan-, gerous Illness, In that city, of his lather. M a sl ° Denier, Third street,' nearly opffoaite ' docBdwly Belle, Alton, 111. THE Weekly edition of the TELE- OKAPH tor Feb. 3d is f or sale at this office and the bookstore. MESSRS. FT. J. Bowman" & Co. are offering special inducements on Laces, Edging, White Goods, Table Linen., Cottons, &c. Don't forget we have the Embroideries. -Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. _' . dlt IT is said that not only will John L. Sullivan write a book but that he will canvass for it himself, hence it is neoes- sary to warn people to be careful how they receive book agents lest they "entertain" a pugilist unawares. New clothing store over" the ulobe. __ __ It A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear,.lately received, by H. 0. . Moriiz, Third street. 26tf INDICATIONS for Southern Illinois: Fair weather; slight rise in temperature. A noriher will prevail in this vi- oinity for the next, 20 hours. Tne temperature will fall from 15 to 26 degrees. DBUMMOND TOBACCO WAREHOUSE BUKNEU. The large, three<atory warehouse of the Druuimond Tobacco company, corner o( Third and Spruce streeta.St.Louif, was destroyed by fire lust night. Tne Hr« oroke out about 6 o'clock in tbe evening and by 8:30 o'clock the stock in tbu building was alino.-t entirely destroyed and the oireetssurrounding the etrueturu were blocked with part of the walls and scores of broken telephone and telpgrapli wires. Thn big warehouse and all it contained were a total loss. "Theie was a large stock of tobacco in the building," said Mr. J. T. Drummond, when he arrived after the building was burned. I do not know ;he exact amount, but it will not vary (ar either way from a $260,000 loss." The building was erected in 1832 at a coot §£0,000. It was nrst occupied as a factory,and when the company buib tbe largo factory building directly went ot it two years ago the petitions were tiken out and it was convened into a storehouse. The building waa in insured for $16,000. The stock of tobacco nnd liqurice was insured for for $260,500. OATS—Just received, a ca-load ot choice Northern Oats.—G. A. Herb. 42 LINCOLN-SHIELDS DIFFICULT!. The most of the account* of the duel; (that did not come off) between Lincoln and Shields* fctate that' the parties went to Bloody Island, In" thn Mississippi river, for tho proposid encounter. The fact is that the two noted men mentioned, with their friends, came from SpringBald to Alton in carriages and then went to whit is now known us B lylesi' Island, opposite this city. Bloody Island being about 26 mile!) below, constituting part of East til. Louis. The late George'.T. Brown told of a curious circumstance in conneoiion with the proposed combat. Tbe trip across tbs river was made on a ferry boat, and, the affair having got noised nround, the people of Alton were greatly excited • in reference to It. When, as is well known, the diflicul. tywH? arranged and i he parties were returning, some wag m the party took a Jog of wood, spread over it a r«d garment and exposed it near the bow of the boat, thuj representing a bloody, proi-trate form as thoughjone of the duelists had fallen a.viotim to broad. «word practice, thn weapon, something similar to the Scutch olayicore, being the one agreed upon. By the way, Mr. D. S. Hoaglan, still a resident here, who was hero at that lime and an intimate friend of Mr. Lincoln'*. a»yg that Dr. R. \V. English, our last Democratic postmaster.then u resident of Carrollton, was the person who arranged tbe dif. ttculty between Lincoln and ShieWg, without bloodshed. NOW" WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO E m b r o i deries, AND w: Goods, WATCH ^. BOILDINO. BKNRY VT., AT MK». D. HKITKAMf'S, All ktnda of Fancy. Hand tmide, Knit and Oro- en tgooas. Hoods.TobagKimsand Mils. Hen's Soar B and Kasclnatora at very low prices. Alao Dressmaking. Flain.and Family Hewing nnil Stumping Dine, cjomo nnd (jive uu u call. Don'c forget tUo p'oce, dntedwly IN GOODS! C.M. CRANDALL wiU offer his Fresh Eggs and choice Butler Seibold & Deterding. ' lt THE St. Louis & Central lllinolis railroad Co. proposes to extend its line of road from Grafion across the Illinois river at Wheeler'9 ferry, thence norr.h- wardly through C^lhoun county, inter- seoting the Chicago & Alton line at some point between the two rivers. UNOBSTRUCTED terminal faciliti bs and iree trade between tho States will make t,t. LOUH the greatest city wost ot New York.-SI. Louis Republican This is a correct diagnosis. And Mr. Gould, who owns> nil the tercninal facilities in St. Louis, will see to it ihui they are "unobstructed" by any i rains not paying tribute to his monopoly. Sweet Potatoes and Apples.—Se ibold &-Deterding. THE I <>t UJB loss cau«e<J hy the Ore at tho Tile Works is being madi to-dtiy. Messrs. L. Pioiffenbergor nnd Geo. D. Haydon are the referees for ibo Tile Works Co., while an export ifrora St. Louis and one from Bloomington attend to the interests of the insurance companies. AT ABOUT COST for thirty days. Third street, nearly op. posite Belle. Patents. To ny persons wlebtuK to obtain lettoi patent pn new Inventions improvements o oeilmu, I will execute drawing und spuolfl oatloni and make applloiittons (or Patent i Ail oouraltatlon, in person or by Ivtte , ri-ce Ll'CAS Alton, White treatment, fair doaling, hn.nest goodH and low prices at Globe U. G. S. Id IN A CHARIOT or SONG.—Mr. Phillips' entertainment, "Around ihe World," afClty Hall. laH evening, was splendid and attended by a fine audience. Not only wore the -pictures magnificent but the illustrative songs wore Inimitably sung, with grout expression and thrilling effoot. Tho route taken was from New York to Bombay. A number of transformation pictures wore also displayed. This evening scones In tho Holy Land, Egypt, Italy,' Franco, Great Britain, &e. Tlioan who uilss I Lie-so exhibitions lose a great treat. Buttor 20o -per Uctordiag. BITER NEWS. The river-is rising .slightly, but the ice fields still hold >on the ^sandbars in uinny places. The Spread Eigle came up from St. LouU without difficulty yesterday evening and will return to that place tomorrow morning should there be no unfavorable change in the weather. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of II. L. Winter and pet the best. Office lit Mook's Pharmacy, Tnir.1 street, and in ./ob's new block, corner Second, and Hunry sis. Telephones NJ'S. 21 and 54. augl4 U7m DAVID S. Turuie having received 70 and Senator Harrison 74 votes in the Indiana Legislature, tho Democrats claim that Turpie is the duly elected United States Senator.-The Republicans will contest bis election on tho grounds of bribery and that illegal votes were cast m Turpie's favor. Notice. W, F. Eusmger has not removed to Kansas as reported, hut U on'hand to do your painting and paper hanging during tlie ensuing season, as hen to- fore, on short notice and easiest terms, Pleaso give him a cull at the old stand on Second street, near Piat>u.;J Sm Death of a Pioneer. "Uncle" Ford Hankmson died la't SiiturdHy night of old age. His age 94 yearn, 4 months and 24 days. For ibe pun four years he has been failing, \IH his wonderful vitality kept the .ipark of life glimmering. The luneral services were hHit Tuesday afternoon ut ihe residencp, R«v. 1. O. Tyson offlcia. ting. Mr. Hiinttinson was always no» led for his .integrity of cbaractbr, whose word was as good as bis bond. HH Itft a large estate. Lewis Ford Hankinsonwas born in M'inmoutb Co., N. J. Seott-mber 6, 1792. unit died in Jerseyville III. Janua- iii y 29, 1887 Ha was married to Eleanor Furnian, in 3811, she preceded him to the grave 19 years ago. Lewis Fwl Hunkinson was the fmherof 12 chil- dreii; two boys and five girls survive him. One in California, one n. Iowa, two in Kansas and three in Illinois. He is thn grandfather of 63 children, of which 32 mrvive him, and 41 great grand children living and 4 greiit grout srrand children living— Jerseyuille Democrat. Good Things! Liquid Sure Cnre, and A-corn Salve for Corns. Toothache Drops, relieve at once. Lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & pains. Marsh's Drug Store. Hon.- Jehn Baker's Killtlnn ol Montesquieu's (irandcur and Ueca.- dtsnce of tlie Komans. (From tbe New York Sun.) As to Uiu uiitli-irV competence lo cor- ri'ot and t-upplumciii tlie conclusions of Munie>quii'u bv th« friiin of Ulur his- tonoiil ivtmircli nnd cntiul«iu,the candid render who JH himself du'y conversant with i he subject will acknowledge that it is hero treated with remarkable insight nnd fullness ot knowledge. Even i lie method adopted by Mr. Baker, whlnh, at tirs*. sight, might repnl the student, will be lound to have weighty advantages in the case of a popular hand book. * * * In short; Mr. Baker hag taken the treatise of Montesquieu as a text on which to bmid a concise summary of the discoveries made in the field of Roman hi-nory by innumerable scholars from Niebuhr down to Bio ram-on. Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and :• ott Coal and Wood Cook and Heating .Stoves EVEE BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They baveno equal Al»o ROOFING and utirTRKIN'U and JOBBING done «t reasonable raios. Ouil and ex mine my Jiock uefuru purolm»ln< eljawlmre. 532 East Seoind st., wes t of Henry Comity Court. The February turn) of iha County Court, Judge Cuok presiding, will convene one wi«uk from m-xi, Monday. The doi-kct comprises 42 CHSU*, eighteen of whioh are en mum I and iwtmtv-iour uivil actions. Of the eighteen oriminttl cases ontertid, fourteen are for nulling liquor without lliwn-o, twu for bastardy, •out) for catching li<h wi'h net and soin, and one on appeal. Wlu'e on the lnw aide tun are actions in iHaumusit, seven attachment^, six afipcHlD and one for raplevm.— Eds. UepubUcun. For more than forty yearn, Ayor's Cliurry Pectoral had been successfully prescribed in CHSCS of consumption This iii'diclrie alwiiys ultn\dt great rulii-f in pulmonary UHUUSUS. Ask your dmg> gist for jit. dwlw A Paiufnl lilsoppoiiitinput. It was a little newly-itrnvuil nistor that nurao liulil in lu'r mm* ivnd 7-ye»r-old Uohhiu Htood joalously iiiKpci'iing her. T« hi* niliul uliu liioked Niiuillur anil lean altriictivu tliun any little nlxtor of the other iioyj tluu ho couli) n*- ttionihor, and lie full u kiuin thrill of disappointnitnit. So lui put hid han'U •Urti'p i lit'i his pcjokcu like papit, wrlnk- klud up hu HOSU, and, regarding the new acquiHition suvugely, said: "Well, I c,ill thut P.'ott? riear i» faii> urol"-A'u. Mrs. Parishioner—"I* it t ,,.*,,.,,,. f And HO your wife is a deaf-route?" American mint.-ter-''i'es;ihe was born -o •' "II,.w terri'ily «he rnu.t fuel the iitllietion!" "On the contrary, she U Hie luippinst miiiHtorN wile in ibe country." "Indeed!" ••¥«)< ; the nevcv ht-ar» a wonl iho o'nvrregation iay about her."_0 ma /i« World. Pants, Pants, hnils. PRICE LIST: For Fat Men, Slim Men, Bojs, and Children. BIU, LaBelle, • • - $4,75 Fairy, .... 4,50 Diamond Light, • 4-00 Fancy, • - - 3,50 s, s Wben H»by WM «lok, w« K.T« her CutorU, Wlien ,lio HM a CliUd, ib» orleU for (,'Mtortm, WLeu ibe bocua* Ulti, >U« fluuj to CattorU, Yfhtu «U kid CMIdMa, tl>t gtrt UMU L'MttwU, n n n... H. M. Sclrweppe Third Street Clothier. Branch, Second and Ridge streets. I. 3. HABTMAM,iIunager,

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