Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 4, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1887
Page 2
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Aura TELEORAPIL aflf-w.fc Oo», XMcA IUM MM* frtrMtt, Alton* nt. FBIDAT EVE., FEB. 4. Suit Spring! ID Madison County, (From Edi. Intelligencer.) i Thirty /ard< north of the iron bridge ortr Bum creek, on the Marine and Highland road, u located a salt spring. The oroek makes a turn at the point, and up to n short time ago, water gushed from a iyoatnore trco, in tho center of the turn . At limes the spurt* Ing was qnite violent, and after a heavy shower it is known to have oonie out with a rumbling noise, the force throw-. ing the spray several foet into the air. A short distance above the sprint is u deep basin, known by hunters nnd residents tn the violnlty ae Beaver Onm. The water, when high, cornea down with * rush from the dam, and as it approaches the torn, forms a kind of rapid, and at the spring a whirl pool. The stamp at one time was on th<bank of the creek, as the earlier settler* remember, but tho water out, in on th<side, and gradually eroded until u 1- now in about the center. Contrary to general belief the phenomenon Is not the result of a Hisure in a rock, but owes its existence to extensive drillings made at the point over three score vears ago. At an early day there was ft salt or deer lick at the place, which attracted the attention of tnu In dlans and the earlier settlers, in 18. '8. a Kflntuoklan, William Biggs, vUiten the spot, and being charmed with th> beauty bountiful nature had be.Hovveii on the locality, and impelled byjihu Delia of the probably existence of salt in larjr quantities, determined to bore. H> first sank a shaft, thirty feet deep, when he struck the rock, lie then coin men ced to drill, and finally, at a 'depth ot 400 feet, struck the salt water. Th< trunk of a hollow sycamore was set into 'the shaft and cemented t > the rook, itv salt water flowing from the top of it i> few feet above the ground. lie manufactured sale here for a considerabl time and until he had cut down all ih. timber for some distance around, making six bushels of salt per day and consum ing from twelve to fifteen cords of wood The enterprise subsequently proved so expensive and the price of the produc was ao low that bisfuncU gave out, ami dusatittied with his isolated position he moved away. Una of the hands employed by Mr. Biggs informed Hon. Solomon Keofli, deceased, many year.- ago,thatfrom the.depih of 250 feet, oven time they cleaned the shaft, un offensive smelling fluid like oil was brought up. It is supposed that Mr. Biggs struck St. Peter's rock at the depth he had bored. The hole is unquestionably tin- first and deepest sunk iu the county The water was sulphuric and contained some mineral solution. It ran cominu ally, up to a few months ago, but tb tree has decayed, and the action of ih. water la no longer visib.e on the surface. Several wells have been drilled to n depth of four.hundred feet and over, a' Highland, and tarnish a bountiful supply of water, but in, none doe* the watei . rise of its own force. The facts above given confirm thi opinion held by geologists, that an artesian well in Madison county is situph a matter of dollars and cents. The borings winch are now beiny made near this city, will probably settl> many geological interests in connection with the ground we Jive on, which have, as yet, been unexplored. ELS AH, Jan. 31, '87. There _1» considerable sickness here Just BOW. We ««e a good deal In ;tlio papers, of lute. about a man who ate to quails lu 30 days fo fl.OOC. If anybody will furnish us th« quail and the J 1,000 we will oat 30 Quails in every 3, dny a lor tho next yuar und consider ic a pin nlo. If we can't net the money we should lik. to bave the quails. Laxt Thursday night while a pirty of youn folks were uoidlnu a scalable at Hie -residence of T.F. Hunnell, some miscreant tin ew a rook through the window which oa>ne nou hitting gome ul the guests. Some one, wt- luppoao, who wa* uot Invited, and Ut. conduct sbofra Chut he ought not .to have been Invited. ' Engineers are engtgod at Orafton In surveying the ground for u switch to the r.vei •where the Uimntei' ot freight and passcuger.- wlll bo made alter the Hudson nuits. Wv hear of nothing being dune ut Eleuh vet. Mrs. Turn Segraves, wlioao eorloua IliiieBb worepoitod somo time ago, IH convalescent. Uumtathkablo ovldeuoe of tho skill ot Dr. b. f Kurloy, tho attending phygli-iun. We agioe with "0" of Melville, thut Ohurloj, Kates, our mall ourrler, deserves greut credli lor making dully trips over suon rouU*, an i In such weather as wo huvu bud fur t>lx weeks. We wish V. M. Roberta abundant tuocpsi In his now venture at Lttoliactd. Itu wrought inlKhtlly while bo had churue of the Jersey • villo Kep,-Kx. and wan a terror to evli-uoeru and Domqoruta. A blizzard accompanied by sleet and hall, thunder and lightning ktruok here tbli morning and has oontlnned all day. A. H. B. ALHA.MIIKA. AUIAMBHA, Ills,, Jan.Sl, '87. Buulneas fair In our town, considering bad roads, etc, Our store! will soon have their "spring HAWTHORNE. *nd StronttM* limn ftoXllTon, but Oontle M ft "When Julian Hawthorno left Har- tord he was 4 1-2 inches Inficer around the waist thnn John L. Sullivan. Hnd he trained for the ritisr ho could have knocked the world's champion out In live mlnntea." The svmnkor wiis Willlnm Blaiklo, tho Well-known Now York lawyer, lecturer, nnd gymrmst, nt the close of Ins lecture on "How to Got Strong" at Y. M. U. A. Hull one night— tho audience u Toledo lilade. reporter. "Httwtliorrie wiis nt Harvard when I rowed in tho rnco of '66," .continued Mr. liliukk 1 , "and although wu \v ice not in the same chins, wo were firm friends. 1 was nn oflicdr of the bout's crow nt the tinio, nnd Hawthorne uouhln't row n little bit. ilo tipped tho crow ovur in the river ono day nnd gave us nil n good ducking. Tlirtt was more tlwn \vo could sttuuT and wo put him out. Hnwthnrno W»B n stalwnrt follow, magnificent bnild, etc. But liu iimn rmturo couldn't stiind every* ihinp. 'Go down to Yiilo,' snld Wilkin- Kon, tho wit of the crow, looking up at Huwthorno, 'nnd tell thorn that you are tint big enough to row with the liar-' vtird crow.'* "But he wns stout Broad-shouldor- cil nnd bmvo and gentle, ho wns tho prido of tins school. One night ho remembered that he wanied something ut home. Ho walked Unit night to THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES, twenty-six miles there, twenty-six miles buck iignln, um! was nt the rollegu bo- I'oro sunrino the next morning— fifty-two miles in n single nl#ht. Am! ho. don't think any tiling of n walk of twenty miles even now. Runiember tho story of how lie broko the sword for n Ger- uwn officer who persistently, insulted him on tho bridge in Germany? Juliuu hits n sweet, kinil, friuudly disposition, and wouldn't quarrel with nay one. But bo took tho sword out of the hands of the Gornitm oihcer, broke it n cross bis knee mid threw it over the bridge into the river below. And he could hnvo dropped the big German iu after it if ho Imd been so disposed. , "Hawthorne wns an nthloto, but he was also a scholar. One of the boat things 1 ever saw him do wns when ho. helped Eliot Clark, son of James Freeman Chirk, out iu his sludius. Huw- i home came iuto young Clark's room' 10 get Clark to go on some short excursion. " -Can't go.' said Clurk; 'got to write n tbcnio." •• Oh, that's tho trouble,' said Hawthrone. 'Let me bavo your pen. What's the subject?' •• TENNYSON'S IDYI.S OF THE KING.' "In httif an hour Julian Hawthorne dashed off a review which has since been tho wonder of Harvard and surprised the best critics. He gave it to Eliott Clark, "'i'bo next time our professor saw James Freeman Clark ho explaimed: " 'I want to congratulate you upon your son's produrtion. During the thirty years that I have been couuccted with the school 1 have never seen anything equal to it.' "The next day, at tho dinner table, James Freeman Clark told his son iibout thu compliment paid to his work. iToung Clark at otico gave Hawthorne tlie credit of it "Whon Huwthorno selected a name for his little daughter' h'u" called her tiildugnrde. Some of his friends told nini that wouldn't do, that Hildcgnrdo wns too ronmnlic. So he uitiucn. tho next child John, 'i'.'hero,' said Julian, i lint will take all tho poetry out of Hildeifiirde.' By the way, little 11-year- old iiiklegarde can make u mile in seven minutes, and that's something not many niun in lists city can do. "1 huvo watched tlio controversy growing out of the Lowull interview, and must say that 1 udmiro Hawthorne's fmnk, open manner all the moro it is placed in nontrnst to the pie- i.'rusly sty li> ofLowun. Hawthorne told Lowell what hu wanted, and Lowell was quulud eui'rocily. Ihuvihorne is a jruutiuiimn uiul he U above deceit. NaturnllNtH mill liitternli. Mr. Koudrlok, the Evangellat, will begin B B8i lea of mnetlnga at tho Methodist i>huroli south Feb. 1st. Ho has recently hold meet* ln(f»lnNew Douglas with grout success. He U a powerful preacher und will, no doubt, accomplish nwoli good here. tie wilt bo assisted tn the meeting.* by tho Uovu, Bufford, of Worclon, and Long, of Now Douglas. Preparations are being made au rnpldly a« possible (or the widening of thu gauge of our railroad. We presume it will be UnUhod at early iu the sonson ns possible. Our Uardware store Is being enlarged and when completed will proiunt a flue appear- anoe, Last week the marriage of Mlis lierths Oolis and Auituit Qhorlg, both of tills pliice wa* ooniummatod ut i esltlunro of tho bride i father. There wata largo concourse of puo pie pr««eat. All enfoyed tho occasion very much and wish the happy couple ull tho happiness they deserve. "Who'll be the awf." *• There was a timo—ami that not so very long ago—when a man of lotiers wns entirely unlikely to bo a man of uoionco, and men of science wore scarcely more, likely to hnvo much facility with thoir puns. It was said of Scott. indeed, Hint lie was tho first English novelist to load his readers out of doors. However Unit may be, hu certainly did take lhen) out of iloor», and right glori ougly, iu both liis proso nnd his poetry Nor'can that man bo called other than unhappy who does not still enjoy reading of ull those knights'and merry raun under iho greenwood iruo; who does not like to hear tlio "hark and whoop and wild halloo" in "Tlio Lady of the Lake," or go joyously into tho fainting fluid with Ui Vurnon; who does not, iu '•Rob Hoy," gladly accompany tho groat novelist who mado tlio Highlands n Mueca with iiis striking lalos of war and lulvunuiro. But Scuit's readers look to him for action, fur romantic scunury, for air and uxorciso, and do not expect any minute observation of nature, as Ami u bou and liuffon understood it—aa wo have boon made to understand it by Thorenu, Mr. Burroughs, Mr. Tovrey, and Miss Thomus, whoso "Hound Year" has just set iis to thinking of this subject 01 Orlirnnll bunks lire wild nnd fnlr, A ml Grout wuuils »ro grocn, Ai«I j'i u "my giuiii'i-Kiiiinnds (hero Would gnicL' u snminor ijiifon. But you may nsk in vain whnt ilowow wont to muke t!\ci50gurli\uds which were gathered on JJrlgnuIl banks and in Grotti woods, just us one is inclined to doubt vvhothor Stutlioy know whora his skylark Imd its no»t, and to suspuot Burns of not knowing any too much of tho natural history of tho liold mouse, in splto of thu gouius-born words in which ho describes tho cuweriti' boustio. Tho natural historianx, ou tho othor hand, UKod never to bo oxpiictod to show literary skill, and tho greater mimbor of llioiii—ovun sovorn) of the awst famous— onu would not think of rending oxoupt for Information. UulYon, to bu miro, has a Klylc, but it Is usually HO nut of keeping with hin (iiiUjcct t'iiat his ruadera aresomutiimin tumjilod to wisli tliat, like most of tlio olilor naiuralJHtti, ho hat! none. It has been reserved for nn American school—Atlantic, as it might bo culled —to show whnt tniuute observation untl good writing onn accottipli«h between them. In saying this wo do not forget one or two English novelists who have como closo to nature in some of iier visible forms. Klngsloy and his Devonshire const can Hot soon bo forgotten, but ho ngnln, as well ns Mr. Bhiok. is chiefly concerned with what may bu broadly described as sconery. As for Thomas Hiinly—wuudurftil itttd beautiful as arc many of his descriptions—his treatment of nature is so subjective, so uutch ol his own personality enters uvcu into n piuuu-o of n hudgoruw, that he scarcely counts iu our discussion. It is. then, to an American school that wo must look for a real union of literature and natural history. Mr. Burroughs, Miss Thomas, Air. Torroy—llio list is by , no menus 'exclusive—not only knows ••« bivuk wlmruon the'wild tliytiio grows. 1 ' but thoy know also nil t'hnt is to bo ioarnud about tho wild thyme itsulf, in other words, tho woods nnd Ilia llelds mid Iho streams arc ns miich within thuir koti as thu pools'. Mr. 'Burroughs —Mi's. Oliphtint says that Amerii'aii womon abroad ispoak of him proudly as "Uunr John Burroughs"—Mr. Burroughs no^loots no smiillust detail in his ac- t'puiiU of birds and wild flowers, but 1m likewiso has an oyo for wlmtavor is grand in nature, and an car for thu greatest pouts. Miss Thomas, loo. is capablo—and shows that sho is cnpublu —of observation, as wull us Uint of old White, of Silbortie, whuu lio was wutcii- logfor the venemblo tortoiso to comu put of his hole. Hur vigilance is so 'keen that tho slightest changes in tho iiiiemono whuu the wiud blows over it do not escape her; yet Miss Thomas also is hand and glovu wiih iho pools— not only with those who nru familiarly quoted, but such as Elizabethan Davis, "whose verse." shu affirm, "linn a touch botn Of the savant and trnuscendoutal- iet."— liosloH Post. Mr. Tildcn frequently Invested in railroad stocks whenever thcro wns n decline in the markot or a chance to got in. on the ground, lloov in a deal. It netiled liitu, ho\vpyev, to be considered u speculator. Ho would Jiuliguuntly repudiate tho characterization and say: '•'I am an investor, not it speculator. 1 buy whnn I coh^idur stocks are :i good purchase; tlicn I decide on the figure I will sell at, just as a grocur murks liis Helling' pricu, ami I sell whcnuvci-1 cnn get my price, without reference to 'tiie inarkeu" A CHILD'S Ears and Scalp Covered with EC- zematous Scabs and Sores Cnred by Cuticura. TUT: little son, aROd elirht years, has boon at- AIi fllctea with Eczema of th*» scalp, and a times a ureat portion of the body, ever since he was two years old. It begwiin hl3 ear* and extended to hla sca'p,which became cov ered with scubs and sores, and from which » sticky fluid pourei out. causing Intens' Itching and distress, und leaving his hair mutton nnd lifeless. Underneath these scab.- the skin was ruw, like a pluee ot beefsteak Uraduully the uulr came out and was tie stroved, until but n Bin nil patch wns left ivi the back of the head. My ii-lcndsln Peubotl know ho* my little boy lins suffered. A' night he woulu scrntoli his head until his pll low was covered with blood. 1 used to tie his bands behind htm, and In many wuy- trled to prevent his scratching; but It wu- no use, he would scratch. 1 took him to th hospital anil to the best physicians in Pea body without success. About this time soiiti frldmls, who Imd boon curtd by the Cuttcura Kemedle-, prevailed upon me entry them. I begun to us" them on tho l.thoi January last. In seven months every parti clo 01 the disease wns removed. Not a spo or scab roinilns on his sculp to tell tho stun «f Ills rulfeiIng. Ills hair hus vivurned, nn Is thick and strong, and his sculp us swnui and cieun as any child's In the worlil. I cun not say enough to express my gratltudii tm this Wondeilul cure by the Outlcuru Kerne dies, and wish all similarly onheted to kno • thut my statement Is tine and without exaii (jeraiion. CHARLES MctCAV, Oct.«, 1885. Peabony, Mass. I have seen Mr. McKay's Imy wlivii bndl\ affected »ith the KbZtriiiu. Ho was a pitllii si|;ht to look ut. 1 know that he has trtuil our best physicians, and did all a lathm conld do lor a (-uHerlnj; child, but availed nothing. Iknowth t the etuti-menis he ha- inude •• an regards the em-lug ol his 603 by > Of On Icuva Rem> dies are true In *vori partic VliUAUJ 4ICUAIMIIY, 83 Foster stieet, Teabody, Muss. I do not know of any Instance <n which tin utlcui'u Kemmllea have failed 10 iiroduc sutl'fuctorv results. I believe I have -ol>i nmrxfif themthiinnf any other fkln remu < les I have evor hau.ileu unrinu thlrty-tlirei- veurg ot my experience us u dinv^lst. A. U. TllYON, Uutttvlu.N. Y. Sold every whore. Trice: tiutlourn, 00 cts.; Cutleuia soap !J5 contaj Outl»ura iosi>lven>, fl. 1'repared by Potter Drug nnd Guernica Co.. Boatoi. Send far "How to Cure Skla Dlscnses." O I ]V/f 1'LUs, Illabkhoaiis. skin Ulemishef aoap. ana Baby llumura, use Uuticuiu A Word about Catarrh. "I! Is the mucous meinhrunn. tlint wonderful semi'tluld tmvehipe surrounding thu Jell cute tts-uexnf the ulr and food passngus,thut (Jutarrh mukt-s Its stronghold, unco established, items Into tho vei-y vl'uls, and yrn dors life but a iong-arawn breutli of mUor.\ and disease, dulling >he m'nso ol huurlng, traitmielttngtliH power< f Bpecch. destroyln. rbe faculty ul mieil tnlntlnir th« hn-utli,'an • kill'nK ihe rt-lliu-d iileii»nr s nf IOHII-. In >ldlnu-ly, by ct'i.-eplngon from a Hmplecol i lu the lieud, U ussatiltii the mombianous lln- Inn iind envelops tl.o unlive, outing through iliHdcllcute coats und cnn-lng li>flnminatlon, sloughing un'l douth. Nothing short of urud Icution will secure heulth to the (iptlcnt, am) nJl iilievluthes are simply proovnmlnaieii bulIuiliKo, limOliiK to a lutal teimliiailoii. .-nnford's Radical Cur«,hy Inhalation and by Internal administration, line never liillo i; ••van when th« diet-ago hua mi-.da d-luhtfu InroiK's on > ellcate constitutions, hearing Bine'l nnil uisiu have liecn recovered, and th. " thmmiKhly driven out. .„.,.jitu's UADIOAL CUKE consists of oin bottle 01 i hit Ilndlcai Uuri-, i-ne box Data rim Solvent, and ono Improved Inhniur, neuily wruppi-d In one packaue, with lull directions; price $1. POTTEIl PlIUG A CHEMICAL-CO.. HOBTOK. TTmXT 1 yP A /"*T7T?G XIU W JLJl Au£l£i3, WITH out with pain, hut still com- polled by stern necessity to ptund up to the work hotoro u« und IK-IU- thu jpoln. Itollnf Inonn tnlniito In u Outturn u Anil-1'mn I'luunir lor achliiK r,,, oliloa and bnuk.wfalt A painful 111114- eles, the sore chest ami hacking couidi, tui'i ovoi-y piitn and aeno of dully toll. Klttgant, inn 1 , original, upoedy, and Infallible. At iriivgluii-, Me.; live lor 51; ur, pontauo tree, :>( Potter OiugandOlnmiU'iU Co.,Huston. O 'flu UUYKHS' «w-Jl>H It turned Krjit, niMi Jlarcll, ea4!li year, fcy-.'iia iiugrt, 8^x11% Inches,\vlthovcK 3.0OO mu»tr«»Hon» - • wluiln j'lct .iro aollcrjr. O.'.i'J-S Wiole«ale Pi-loci direct to toniinnci-i au ull fiomU for peyMmal or iHutlly u*«. T-li» how to urderi mid glvvi exact uout ot : every* tiling you IUK>, cut, iti-lnli, treat, ai hart fnu tvltli. The«t> UOOItS coutalu lufurniuttou ulc^uco tvorJU. " the iimi-Urt* of Oio will mall • lujiy KHUI''. to uny oil- ii)iou i^i.i'tpl 'tf IU cU. tti dcfiuj- i:;^- l.oi iu licur from you. Ilttj MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. »»1 Ot 8*0 WHiiMli Avcaue, CUlcugo, Ui* BROWN'S IRON BITTERS WILL CURE HEADACHE INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA NERVOUS PROSTRATION MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVERS TIRED FEELING GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN IN THE BACK AND SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOR SALE £Y ALL DRUGGISTS The Genuine hu Trade-Mark and crated Red Lino ot wrapper. ' " TAKE NO OTHER. 25,000 FATAL CASES TYPHOID FEYER ANNUALLY IK THIS COUNTRY. ALL IRE A TED with dUININE Dr. J. 8. Satchel, of Chicago, In a cllnlon Im'tura at the OooUOo. Hospital, Oct. 7th, 1888 HHld: "In typhoid fevr no posslb.e noou c^u rexult fmui tjlvlng Quinine, as ut heat H can omy eitttt a teiuporury ietlucti»n ol temperature; and altnriorty-olRht hours the levoris usually higher than ut flrst." Tf A WT^ ITVTT? UESTKOYS THE AV^*.f3J.\_ll>l JC< DISK ASK GERMS IN F E V E JB 8 , MALARIA, DYSPEPSIA, NERVOUS DEBILITY, Liver, Lung & Kidney Diesase Prof. W. F. Holooii'be. M. D., 54 East Kith St.. N. Y., (late Prof. In N. Y. Mud. College.) wiites: "Kaaklne Is Bupnrlor to quinine in It .-p»-cltlopow«r, und never produces the Blight- etit liijiny to the lieurlngor constitution." The U. 8. Kxamtntnu Snixuou, Ur. L. U. white, wntcs: "Kaskine U the best medicine made," ("Every patient treated St. Frnnclanos.N. T. < with Kaskino baa been (illsehnrged uui-ed." Bollevuo Hospital, K. y.: "Unlveroally sue ce«slul." St. Joseph's Hospital, K. V.: "Its vise IB considered Indispensable. It ucta perfectly." himkme U pleuantu to talso and can bu used without spi clal meilUal eounsel. emi for the grout list of testimonials un- putttllellod in the history of medicine. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mull on receipt "t price. THE KASKINE CO..M Wan-onSt.. Now York. ' jul3 dwlni The Century For 188G 87. THE CENTDUY is MI Umiarafea- monthly tnH|>uzliiL-, hiivlnK a rcuulur clrculutlin ol udout twu huir red thousand copies, oitc.ii luiichliiK aid aoinetliiies yxtuuUliiy: two hundred and twenty Hve ihmisuml. Uhlof nnioiiK lu mnnvutiruc'tlons lor tin- coming .Ncurls u aerial which Ims ht-en In active piepurutlon loi-BUueeu \ eui-1*. It Is a hlwtory ul our own country in its most critical time, ua bet torth tn THE LIFE OP LINCOLN, By liis Confidential Secretaries, John O. Nicolay and Col. John Huy. This preat work, bpgun with the sanction uf I're.-idunt Lincoln, and continui'd under ilie aiithurlty ol hlsnon, tlio lion. Itobert T. Lincoln, IH the only lull and authorliatlvi- rvi-ovd ul the lite uf Aoi'iUmin Lincoln. lt» •uthorn, wi-ro t lends of Llni-ol j lu-inre lil.- prool lonov; they wer» m.iat Inttmntely iw- uncialed with h'm ua prlvute yocvuturlcs throxhoiit hid term of nftlce, and tu them wero translcrretl unon l.lnculnSdeiith all his prlvqte tmpe.-s. IIoi-u will he told tlio Inside history ot the civil war anrt of President Uncoln'a lultnlutstti-atlon -linpoitruit, (U-tnlis <.f whloi havu liltlR.riureronlned tinrnvcalcd that tht-y might llrst appuur In tul.-i authentic history. l!y loiwon of tho publication of this work, THE WAR SERIES, wltteh hna beo.n lollowcd «tth ui>fla88lii« Interest hy a Ki'i-at Interest by a ureac uuili- eiice, will occupy ICHS space During thu com(UK >ear. GnuyaMUK will he described by ti'un. Hunt (Ohluf of tho Unhin Artillery), <4en. IxinBtrtiB t, Gen. E. M. I uw. and others. Ohlcaniani:a, by Uun. D. II. Ill I; Sliennnn'u Marnn to tho (.-a. by UcnerulB Howard aii'i Mocutn. Generals Q A. Ulilrnoru, Win, K. -inltli, John Gibbon,Horace Porter, and John S. MoBby will deoui-luu special battle* and Incidents. Stoilou of naviii engagement!*, prison IHo, etc. etc. will u. pear. NOVELS AND STOlUES. "The Hundredth Man," a novel by Frank li. Stockton, iiuthor ot "The l.tti!y, ot the Tlxcr." bi-uliia In Novi-mber. Two novulenos byOeorisn W. Ciihlp, storlCB by Mary llnltocl- KIIOIO, "Uncln lluinnn," Jullnn Iliiwilinrnu, Kdwii'd l-guloston. und other nrouilnuni Aiiieileuu aiitbum will bo printed during tin- year. SPECIAL, FEATURES. (with llliiKtviit.ons) Incluiln a n-iles of art!i-li a mi ti/liili-fi in Kii-Hln und Mlb-rla, by UKO. Kcnnan.iuitliof of "Teni I.lie In Siberia," H ho liuHjiixti-uvurtivd front u muBc eventful vl-H to blberliin prlwuiis; pitpnia - n the SVnU QuKxtlon, with reference to Itx beart K on the Labor I'robl'-ni; Kngll-h Oathi-di'iiis: lir, KfiKleuion'H Uullgloiu Life In the American C.ilontov. Cliitrvoynuci-, i-plvttmillsm. Aatrt>l- ogy.etc., hi Kcv.,1. M, Itiiculev, H.O., editor 01 tho UlirlHtmn Advuculo: uitronomlci-l pa- in-rsi throwing llKhion UtUloi tstory, etc. PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, $4.Oil a VPIIT, 85 cento it number, Iii-ulcfs, pnoinmi-ti'i'8, and publish- oi-ii (ako aiibaorlpilnns. Ktiirl for our beiinil- fnlly Illiict atud 'U IMIRO ditulouuo (In-e), cnntnlMlnu full pid.-poctu", etc., Ihc ml Inn a siH-clnl ulltii 1 bv wh'ch new roadeis i-an yet l nek r.nmbent to the beKlnnint,' ol the War Serloa nt it '-uiy low pi'lce. A specimen onpy (buck nuinlier) will 1.10 aoulun voqiiubt, Mention thin pnpor. Oan yon atlci d tn bo wlilmut Hie Uonlurv- Tllifi CKNTUUY CO., New Votk. Subscriptionsroeulvod nt tlili onico. Tbli pnprr la liupt on Hie at ilia ofllee or YER^SOH DVERTISING GENTS ffi8SS PHllflDELPHlA. SON'S MflHUAl J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALERS IN Stoves and Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flr«t clang heating (tore* for wood or coal, Also Ranges and Champion Monitor Oook Hoves, the best In Alton. Outside Worn a s peclnlty: Roof ing, Guttering, etc. undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. ' ROB. BKGOlfn ANO AI MY STS. 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. ILLUSTRATED. ILuii'Eii's r.AZAR combiner the choicest lit- eratUK und thu lii'i'nt iliu-triuliniH wl'li the latest lushlons und the most useful famcy feudlnx. Its stoileo, poems, and esgiiys arc by the best wrltora.unu its timuorouBHketchvB mo unsurpasai-d, Its papers on social utl- queue, dev»rutlv« ait, house keeping in all it« branches, tookury, ttc., make 1 Indlspeu- »ublo In L-vory hnusetiolU. Its beautiful faction plates and pattorn-»i>eet snpplemcnti' enable ladles to save miiny times tho cost of nubscrlptjon by tiring tlielrowtidrest>makers. Not a line la adtulitud to its columns tinu could shock tho moi>t fastidious taste. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Per lean Harper's Bazar I 4 00 Harper's Magazine 4 (X< Hiu-per'M WeMkly 4 OU llurper'o Youug People 200 Harbor's FrunHlIn Square Library, one year (8S numbers) .. 10 00 Hatper'a Handy Series, 010 year, (52 numbers) 160 Pobtage Frei> to all subsci-lberslu the United States ur Uan uil». Thu volumes of the lUzxn begin with thu flr t Numbei lor January ot each year, When no tune in uientluned, subscriptions will u«- Kin with the Number current ut time of re- eel ot of order, linund Volumes of IUIU'ER'8 BAZAR, f >r threes ears buck. In ticatcluili b.ndmg.wlll be sent by rn'ill pottage pulu.or by vxprvus, irui- of expense (provided thu it-eight doeR not cxcui-d one aollarper volume), (or $7.00 per volume. (Jioth Cases for ench volume, suitable for binding, will bo sent by mall, postpaid, on on r celptol $1.00 oui-h. Kemlttaticca should be made by PontofDoi Moucy Order or Uvult, to avoid chancu ol loss. ' . Newspapers are not to copy this advertise- incnt without the express order ol llAKPiiit A imoTnKiis. Addrtisa J1AKPKU & BKOTHKRS, New T ork. 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. HAKPBB'S WEEKLY maintains Itg position as theicuUliiKIllustrated nrwspiiperln Ainor leu; and Its hold upon public este. mand cnn- irdenuu was »uvu> btronuer than at the prca unt time. Besides the plcturen. llAUl'Ku's "EEKLY alwu.N H contains liiBtullincntB of OIIH, otisHbloimlly o[ xwo, ot tho best novels of tlf ilay, llnely Illustrated, with short stories, pouins, sketches, and papers ot Importsnt uuiTciit topics by the most popular writers. The care that has bcensuccessluily exercised in the past to u ake n.viU'Kus WEEKLY » sine as well as a welcome Msltor to every Iiouno hold will noc bo relaxed In the future. HAI*PI2R'S~P*;ji rODTCALS. for Your: Harper'* WcoWv $40 Harper's Muuuzlna 4 00 Harper's Puzur 4 HU Harper's Umnis People '.,... 2 Ou Harper 1 " Franklin fcquaro Library, ono Venr (52 nnnibt-rs) 10 CO "Hi'per's Handy Series ono joar (..2 nnmbfiv) 1101 PH. luge tree to all aubscrtberR in. tlio United states or Canada. Thfl Volumes of the Weekly begin with tho fli'atKuinbi rfor January at eaMiyear. Whon no lime IB mentioned, substitutions will beuin with thu N umber ctm out ut- time of receipt oJ order. Bound Volumes of JfAltPBU'a WEEKLY, for ihree years back, In neat oioth binding, will lie sect by mall, postage paid, or by express, tree of rxpensu (provlued the irelght d,ie» noi exceed one uollui per vclume) lur ?7 per vol. Cloth cases for each volume, suitable loi lilndlni;, will be sum by mall, pobtpuld, on receipt PI $1 uuch, Keinlitunces i-liould ho made by Postoftlcc Uorty uvilur 01 Urttlt to avoidchaice ot !t>»8. Nowspupe s are not to eopv this advertise M.eiit wlihoui the exprutiB order ol lliaport liroihers. Addresa UAUl'BK & JiltOTllKKS, Now Vork. Januaiy Number, No, 1, Vol 1. NOW HEADY. CONTENTS. G«MBKTTA I'll ><:I,AIMI«O THK'BK. PUIILIC e f *• HA SCK, Front apiece. ITnwn liv FIovvAiiD PYI.E. Euynived by FKANK FIIENCH. UKMiNlSOKNCFSOKTHESIEGe AND COM- 11 UN E or PAULS. First P mer— Tlui Down full ill till) Einpliv. By K B. WAKHDIJIINB, ex Mlnlvti'i-to Frain-e. With lIliihtrinloliB Iroin purl rails and donnmonts In Mr. VVuHh- liiirne'H posHHR-loii, und I'om diawmuB by TiiULSTiiur, MKBKEU, UKIOII, nnd others. SETH SUIlOTHEll'H WlFE.-OhaptorB l.-v. 1IAIIOI,D FlIEDKUIO. T1IKSTOIIYOF ANEW YOI1K I1OUSK. -I.- It. C. HuNNKii. lliiiHtratril by A. 11. FIIOST, K. lloi'KixsoN SMITH and G. \V. Ei>wA»ni). SONNKT8 IN SI1AUOVV, AHLO BATBi. OUIt DbKKN(JELKSH COASTS. K. V, CJBEBNB l aptiiln U. B. Engineer. VV'ltli maps, sketches nnd diagrams. IN A COPY Of T11R LYniOAL FORMS O'F KOBKUTJ1KUIUUK. AUSTIN IJOti.ON. IN MEXICO. A Story. THOMAS A. THE FOB 1887. K nAffYLGNfAS 8EAI.8 WlLLUM IUYBf> WAHO With llliir-tnitii'iis Iroin Hi-nls In the " o " c uiia iLIMl'SKH AT TUB HIARIKS 0V OOUVER- NKtlHMOIIlilS. Social l.lfo and charaeier in tnu I'i'il* n[ thu Kuvnluii'in Firm I'upor. /iN.viK CAKV Moiiins, With portrait. Vn OUlVu ".f (1(Jl . lultiIS1 ' 1 '' (1 '° ln the paliitlng nt SOCIALISM, KlUNCJs A. WAtKBll. TUB NEW YEAU. MAT11UHY KUiMtNQ. A VIOLIN OUlvIOATO, /< Stwy lUlltuilBT CllOBU V* •S.OO a Y«nr. WS cm, n Mmuber. llcmtttiinceB uluiiild bn mado hy nhoolt nr money order. J.VTARLES SCHIUNER'8 SONI8, .713 and 740 Uromlwny, N«H Vork. WUl oontota, In addition to tho beit Short Stortoi 4k«tcUe«, BMny», Postrr ««d Orltloiim, two aerlftl 8torle»!— Tho Second Son, By WHS. W. O. W; OLIWIANT Paul Patoff* . By F. MAIUOX OBAWFORD, Author ol "A Hoinnn Sliigei', 1 ' "»«•. J«Mio»,' ( tto. Papers on American History, ByJohN FI8KE. Whose previous papers liuv« boon »o Inter cetlug, lull of Information, andgonor- Ally popular. » ' French aud English. contlnuntlon of tlio nUmfraWe papar* oom- pnrlnijtho Pi'onoh and Knirllsh people, Dyl'.O.HAilEUTON, Essays and Poems, By OL1VBU WENUEIA nOI,MB8, Occasional Papers, By JAMES UU98ELI. LOWELL. Contributions may bo expect' fl from John Greon'oal Whiltier, I'liomm) Wnntwoitn HlR- Klnaon, Uhuil'S liudlvy. Warner. B, 0 Steelman, tlarrlia W. Proston, Sumh Orno Jewett, OliurlaR Egbert Ornddook, Arthur Sherbunio Hiirdy. Jlimry CHbotLodxB.BiIlt)) M.TJiorons, IViirnou K. Bendtlni', George E. Woodberty, GeoraoriO'ierlck J'ntBon", MHurioe Thorap Bim. LUey Lai com, (]olla ThR»t«r, John Dttr- , James Ficomim Olnrho, Kllzabeth I'oiiBa, ames icomi , Riiblna 1'uniiull, Bradford Toiroy and many others, l TKBMS; $4 a year In advance, postagn fi-ooi 35 cents u number. With guporb flfe-stie portraltot Uuwthomo, Kmeison, Longtel- Inw. Bryant, Whlttler, Lowell, or Holme* $;; each additional portrait, Jl. Tho November and December numbers of the Atlantic will uo i-ent tteuof charnoto new 9iil>9crlUers whoae subseriptione ura reooivnu before December 20tli. Postal notes and money are at the Halt of the Bender, and thcrpfoniremlttanoeaBhotild be made by money order, drnit, or registered hitter, to Hough ton, Mlfflln & Company, 4 Park street, l»o«ton, Mosi. ' THE DIRBOT AND^AST LINE TO Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. 4 SOLID DAILY TRIN8 to Cincinnati and Louisville In TEN HOUI18, with Through Day. Palace Cars and Palace Sleeping Coaches. No chaui-e of oars for any clans of passengers. T\VO DAIl/ST TRAINS To Washington in 28 houi's, To ualtimoie in 29 hours. Thta Is FIVE HOURS IJIHOKKB than t ho fastest time by any other lino. THE PAY EXPRESS runs entire train consisting of Day Ooachoa and Palace f looping oars Irom bt. Louis to Wasnlngtou, THE MGT1J EXl'liEbS has sleepers through without change. No other line from St. f outs offers a Dully Through. Train, sorvlor to the NATIONAL CAPITAL. Palace Buffet Sleeping Cai-s are run by this lino on ulght ox- press tram ST. LOUIS TO NEW YORK. -DAILY- \Vlthoutcuungoin87honrfl. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WINTER UKSOttTS IN TRE SOUTHEAST. The Double Dally Lines of Parlor Oars and Palace Sleeping Coaches by this Hoacltrom St. Louis to Gin'ti & Louisville •making direct connections at both pointe with morning and evening Express Trslne, huvlnx Palace Hotel and Sleeping Cara to Chattanooga, Atlanta, Savannao and Jack sonvlllo without ch&ngo, No Ferries or Transfers by this Route. ForTlqkets Kates, or any particular information, call on Ticket Agents of oouneot- Ins lines, West, Northwest and Southwest. Or In St.. Lnul* at 101 & 1O3 Fourth »t. JNO. F. BARNARD, W. B, SHATTUO, Pros, Qon, Manag»r. Uen'l Pass. A'gt. Cincinnati, O. L.D. IUCON, Gen. West. Vnss. Agent St. lx)iils, Mo. • WHEN YOU TRAVEL Tike the Uno ntlocled by ftte United Stato> Gov<mntont to orty tho F»«t Mail,_th« Burlington Route C.B.&Q.R.R. Al It l( (he Lino running Through Tralni to >nd from tt» following cities and towni y\ ill own Unet i CHIOAQO, AURORA, OTTAWA, STREATOR.ROCKFORD.DUBUQUE. LA OR088E, ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, MENDOTA, PEORIA, OALE80URO, ST. tOUH, QUINOY, KtOXUX, BURLINGTON, WA8HINOTOI, 08KAL008A, DE8 MOINE8, OHARITON. ORESTON, 8T. JOSEPH, ATOHISON, KANSAS CITY, NEBRASKA CITY, OMAHA, COUNCIL BLUFFS, LINCOLN A DENVER, Making Direct Connections TO ANO FROM NEW YORK, BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON, CINCINNATI,PHILADELPHIA.BOSTON, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISVILLE, SAN FRANOI800, 108 AKOEIES, SALTLAKEfllTY, COLORADO AND PACIFIC COAST RESORTS, OITV OF NIEXIOO. PORTLAND, OREQON, MANITOBA, VICTORIA AKOPUQET80UNO POINTS. Good Equipment, Good Sorvioe, Good Oonneotion* For in(orm&tion concornintf tho I to the nv>rvtt Tlcktt Agtnt ol Iho C,, B. (l Q. Of <x>K nocting tiilroffdi. 4ENRYB.BTpNB, PAULMOIiTON, OU10AOO,

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