Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 4, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTOK, ILL., FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUABY 4, 1887. KUMBER 212, TIIKGKKAT UNFAILING SPECIFIC Liver is ease R lttor or bad tastein Hie OlluriUittO, niimtli; tonuuu eontoU white or onvered-wlthubrowu Fui'j piln I" the back, sides, or Joint—nflnn ml»uiku» lor Ilhonmutlem i eour Htomui'li, lusn of upputltf; 8omotluieBnau8fH,\Yiitt)rt>nisli,orin(ltKi>8tlon; fl*tuli-noy ana auld ei-uatntlotia; Itnwflu at- ternately ooatlve and Jai; Bommulio; ioss of memory, with a patnlul BHua.tlou of h .vlnit failed to do iorai'tblns wliluli ouuHt to Imve been dorm; dolitaty; - low spit Us; n thick, T«llow apponrunoo of tho nfelii nnil eyuu; n dry oough:i(cv<-r| reBtleusiumfi; tlid urine IB •oanty and hlghooloreU, uud, it allowed to Hand, doooBtts a sediment. Simmons Liver Regulator ; CPCRBLT VKOBTADta) 1» generally need in tti9 South to arouse tho . torpid liver to a liunltby action, It acts with wttruordtaary effloaoy on tlin , : L IVER, KIDNEYS, ami BOWELS. AN BFFKOTUAfc SPECIFIC V6n ' Malaria. -• •; ' ' Dynpeimla, Oouatlpxtloa, , MUiouHiieiii Slok Bendafhe, Jnu mice, • Naasen, - Coilo, Xtontnk Depression, Bowel Complaints, , Kto., JEto., tie. Eudoraed by Hie use of seven millions o[ 'bottles, as ' ;• :" / -•-.•'. The Best Family Medicine lor Children, tor A.du)ts, and, for the Aged. Bate to take IU any condition of the system I J. H. Zeilin & Co., Phila, Pa Sole proprietors. Pr en $1, yrkly We do not •manufacture Lard, Candles, Butierlne, or any kindred truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of Our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. •liven SOAP is made of FORE TAL- 4.OW, by a clean process, and can ba used freely without danger of having the akjn diseased or poisoned. 'ASK YOUR, GROCER FOR IT. EMPIBE SOAP CO. ST. LOUIS. MO. GOLD MEDAI., PABIS, 1878. BAKER'S ' • Warranted altsoltHcly pt<f Coeoa, from which tbo excess of Oil has boon removed. It has Mr;:« timej tfl« itrength of Cocoa mixed . with Blarch, .Arrowroot orSugnr, and U.tkcroforo. faf morq ecououll- 1 cal, totting le» than one cent a cup. It IB delicious, uourlahlng, strengthening, easily dlBeated, and admirably adapted for Invalids iu) well no for pcrqouB In hralth. Sold bj Uroeorii ereryVrbere. & CO., Dorclicstc^ Mass, TO ABVEETI8ERS Fpr^B clioch for $40 wo *111 print a ton-line udvertlflemunt in Ono Million Isauoa of loin- InR AmerlOHii Newsp ipurs. ThU In ft' Uiu * utu of only one; fifth of a cent n line,for 1,0 to el'on • liulonl Tlie udvortlsoment will bu plncQcl before One UUIIon/DiiVEnBNT.'nflwgnan«r purobanersi-ol'FlVBMltUoKRBAUBiiB. Ten linos will ao"otnmnduto about 73 words. Ad Ureas with copy of uilv and obuek, o- nonM .11 cents for book of HOpnvos. OKO. P ROWELL A CO., 10 Spruce si., N. Y. Julfidlm W. Jb\ ENSIJNGER, Plain and Decorative AV. WOBK PROMPTLY ATTKNDKI) TO A i I.OWK6T TKKM8, OHFICW AND HHOl> OK 'SECOND ;ST., NEAR PIA8A . . . . TI.,1, JOSKJ'H ja.UKJBTT'8 LIVERY STABLE FRONT STUElST, nKTVVKKN AUJY AND KABTON, AI.TOJ, • • • • • , The Story of BniHa Cliuu. Under (he head of "(Jufstlons and Answers," will you bo Idml enough t6 Inform mo what Is the origin of tho utory of Santa Claus! H. Y. Z. , ,Tho custom ( originated in Holland. St. Nicholas is Wild to havo been bishop of Myrn, and to liayo died In tho year 320. Ho was fond of chlMi-on, and became their patron taint,' Ho is said to linvo supplied thrco des- titute.widows with" mnrrlngo portions by secretly leayliig'lnoney at tlielr windows. This occurred just licfm-d Christinas, and all tho children In Flamlem and Holland en mo to believe that Santa Claus, or Knoelit Globes, he they called him, would put a.p'rlzo in their shoos mid stocliiiiKS for good conduct on Christmas night. • From Holland Ihe custom spread to other parts of (JUHstotidom. Non-Trniisimroncy of Steam. Why Is It thut water Is transparent and steam Is not, though steam IB only liwitc.l water? E. Steam only becomes non-transparent when it comes In contact with tho air. It isclaimcd that steam within a boiler is gaseous. Tho reason why water is transparent and freo steam i« not is that puro water at rest is of uniform density, and the light rays, though refraetedj pass through it. Free steniii Is vapor of different; degrees 'of density, so that tho rays entering 1 , it are not uniformly refracted, nnd therefore neutralize each other. A good illustration is cross seas making the water smooth. , _. TIio First'Settlement. . Can you nettlo a point of history? I want to .know when'and where"tho first'settlement was niaCe on the coutlnunt of Arfiferlca. , lliBToRV. Tho flrst settlement was made at Darien, by tho Spaniards, in 1510. Absolutely Pure. Thio powder never varies. A marvel ot parity, sire >Rth wholnsmnenops. More eoo- nouilcal than theurdliiary kinds, and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude of low test, sliort wn slit, alum plionpirn'o now. dors. t'OLD ONLY IN CANS. HOl'AL BAKING FOWDElt 00., 108 Wall at., N. Y. lanSdwly SCOTT'S OF PORE COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatabloas Milk. Ths only preparation of COO MVEB Olt thftt can bo taken rcadll}9w<l tolerated (or a long time IJT delicate stoiunclis. AKD AS A 11EMEDT FOU COSSUMPTlOft, AKKKITIOA'S, ^AAKHU, OK.V. UKB1UTT, COUGHS AXD T11UOAT if. mid all V ASTOU DI80IIDI IIS oP CIIILDHEN It la ronrrollOM in Proscribed and emloMC J by tho boat 1'hyelclini In tho countrlo of the world. JFOR *8fll.F HV .»• J. SUITER & SON, :>KAI>BKB IN FIDTB AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Always 011 Hand; DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. uuu FURNITURE: ROOMS ARE ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILu. apSdwlv Kor Bale. A 7-ronrn brick dwnlllnK nnd nut bulldtniia oa Thhd Biroiit, between Oli'Tiy mid Vlu» W.Hir'I'l,- *-M ICV. C )00 AORE8 CHOICE IDWOOD FARMING AND AN ACRE on Ion* tl'moT Thl"« r .._, «nd |)ronil«Hi(r fl«!d tor «tttlem«nt In the V. 8. ruU For Sale Cheap, -ONK- With nil iho AiH)li«'H'i's to Kuti it. Everythitiir In Goml Onlitr. A. 11.11ASTINOS, Jolfiwtt Upper Alton. LATEST NEWS. New York latvyerB ' sfiy Nifaa's marringe to Spies is illfgbl. Frcucli rentes tbok niiothfet tumble, yestertiay nutl English consols also declined". Fotlicringham, tiie acoiisecV express messenger,'will not 1 be ' tl-ied until Match. Russia, following tho example of Gci-iniiny; b'ua forbidden tlie exportation of Three or four British gunboats of small capacity are sniil to be all that will bo>ent to "protect" the Canadian fisheries. James Horlj.'aged 16 years; shot and killed Gilbert Barker, aged 17 years, at Oblong, Crawford county, 111., Wednesday. Willie Beckhbltz; living'near Sioux City, Io., pointed a loaded gun' at Flora Larhbevtsen'; 13 y<:'ars old. It went off and killed the girh The loss by tin burning of the State Industrial school last night' 1 at Rochester, N. Y., is estimated' at $100,000. Tb, re was no loss of 1 life. Isaac Barnes, of Boston, agrees to give $5,000 to establi-h a new Baptist church, but only on the condition that all the baptisms shall be performedTin not water. Congressmen say that measures will be adopted in the Senate 1 and House wiiich will force Canada to cease her actions toward our fishermen or they will have to fight. Another wolf hunt was held in Sargent township, Douglas county, IJJ.,'Weduesda}v Many wolves were seen, but only two scalps were taken. Those killed weighed 'from fifty to sixty pounds each, and one of them was at least 15 years old. The new $5 certificates will not be issued until about the middle of this month und the issue will then be very slew and in small quantities, it having been decided that it is best to withhold the notes until they have been much more thorough y dried than were the $1 and $2 certificates. Colonel Mosby, the ex-guerilla, is said to be building up a handsome law practice in San Francisco, and he has recently made a contract to deliver a series of lectures on the war which will pay him $15,000. He is now busy in the preparation of an article-on tlie battle of Getlysbnr r., which, he says, is going to prove a "bombshell." RESOLUTION OP THANKS A1JOPTED For the Pas«nge of the Interstate Commerce Bill. SPRINGFIELD, III., Feb. 3—In the House this morning Mr. Murphy, from the committee on federal relations, reported back the resolution of thanks to Senatcjr Cullom for the passage of the Iiite^-Statc Commerce bill, with recommendation that it be adopted. Mr. Fuller niov< d the previous question nnd shut off debate. On the cajl of the roll on thu previous question the Democrats and Labor men refused to vote. On. the call of the roll on the adoption of tho report of the commit toe Mr. Dixon voted aye, with tin Republicans, and Mr. Messick voted no. Mr. Veile, Mr. Messick'a colleague, did not vote. Mr. Blackburn voted no. This ma le a b:irc quorum voting,and th'report was adopted by a vote of 70 yeas to 2 nays. Mr. Co bran's resolution providing that bills must be reported back from the committees within twenty days of their commitment camo up in the Si'uute and was passe I by a majority vote, but tho President ruled that its passage would require a two-thirds vote and it failed. The object of the resolution was to prevent the smothering of bills in committee. The house bill appropriating $15,000 to the live-stock commission passed. The Senate cleaned up its calendar by referring the several pending iv.-- oluiions to committees. Mr. Hill's res-iltition, concerning th« election of United Stales Senator by tho people, was referred to Senator Garrity's committee. Mr. Reynolds, of Chicago, introduced a bill providing that in trials by jury in courts of record th i fees shall be paid by the party demanding the jury. Mr. Scharluu's bill appro >riatus to Simon Ryan, of Chicago, $4,443 to r. imburse him for the quarantining of JUS) ueud of cuttle by the Live Stock Commission. Mi- Ryan hud his cattle at the Chicago and Phrcnix distilleries, and the bill sets forth that ho expanded in feed for his cattlu (hiring tho quarantine tho amount appropriated. Another bill of Mr. Seliai'hui.'n appropriates to Morris Ryun $2,118 for loss of cattle under thu eaiuo circumstances. Morris had 178 head of cattle at the Chicago distillery. From Washington. WASHINGTON, Feb. 3— The Randall men are yet undecided when to go into committee of the Whole on tho ••ill to riducc the surplus. They can hot depend upon Republican help, and it look very much ae though ttie Morrison people were preparing to play a very sharp trick on 1 them by going into committee, and as Morrison's bill is the first revenue one on tho calendar, Mr. Randall will hnve to move to lay it asid •. In that case. say the Democrats, whose ideas of revenue r. form are embodied in Morrison's bill, he will have no claim tc further support from them. REDUCING THE SURPLUS. Congressman McAdoo, Mr. Randall's friend, has introduced a bill in the House, appropriating $20,000,000 for coast defenses Judge Kelley will, on Monday, ask the House to suspend the rules and pass the bill repealing the tobacco tax. It provides that the tax on all kinds of tobacco be repealed after April I, which will make a reduction of about $28,000,000, and these two measures may be all that will be done this session toward reducing the surplus Congress. WASHINGTON. Feb. 8 — Senate- Credentials of Senator Whitthorne of Tennessee and Senator Sawyer, of Wisconsin, presented — Resolution to discharge committee on- pensions from further consideration of bill removing limitation on applications for arrears of pensions taken up and passed — Resolution calling on Secretary of Interior for information regarding applications for pensions discusspd— Railroad attorneys' hill considered, but no action was taken — Adjourned . House — Legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bills referred to committee of whole— Several other bills reported from committee and referred— Bill authorizing appointment of clerks to Senators and Representatives other than chairmen of commit- eea laid on the table after discussion — Pleuro-pneumoiin bill considered in committee of whole- Adjourned. A Wire Tlgl)ten«r. At present trellises 'and felirrs nrc TO largely, made ot wire that ft lionu-nincle contrlvnnce for tightening Hie wire Is often of great service. A useful article for tightening trellis wires is made as follows: Put two'Ecrews about three inches apart Uitpa small piece o£ wood a tew Inches long, iind near one end a single screw, leaving tlie heads projecting about half'an inch. By placing the wire' between the two screws and turning the wood around, the wire is drawn tight; and by engaging the head of the single screw upon it, the tension is maintained. Fig. 1 shows the operation of the contrivance, nnd Fig. 2 the arrangement of the screws or pins. A strong piece of wood two feet long nnd Irou bolts fastened with nuts at the .back furnish a form of this device that may be used to tighten wire fences, Facti Former* Wont to Know. Canada, It is reported, lias voted $800,000 to buy land and establish nn agricultural experiment station in tlie Dominion. Great loss to Montana cattlemen is reported in stock dying Irom exposure and lack of food. The United States-wool clip for 1880, according to The Annual Wool Circular, was ehort ol 1885 by 7,000,000 pounds, notwithstanding (in increase In the Pacific states and northern territories, the diminution in Texas being nearly 20 per cent., with more or less shortage In most of the states cast of tho Mississippi. The estimated clip for 1880 IB set down at 823,303,000 pounds against BSD.UOtyOOO pounds iu 188S. Statistics compiled by the New York Produce Bxclmhgo give 83,008 packages ot tmttor on hand In New York city Jan. ',., 1887, as computed with 00,870 packages Jan. 1, 1B88. Fifty per cent, of this Is western creamery und about 25 per cent, state dairy. Free Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and the taking off of rcvonuo stamps from proprietary uiRdiolnoii, no doubt, has lursfoly hunirlltiuil tlieoop^umerfl, us well as rullovmtf ilio burden of humu muiiu- taMuran. Eypaomlly Is thla the oust; with Green's August Flower »»d Bon- cliHu's Uertuitn Syrup, an the reduction of thirty-six cents pur dozen, linn boon added to inoriniiu the HJZH of the botilus containing those rmnmlioH, thunjhv giving onu-tUih more mcdiclnu in Ihu 75 cent bizo. Tim Auuuttt {flower foe UyHpopBift nnd Llvnr complnlni nnd the Gorman Syrup for oout:U and lunji; troubles, hnvu, porlmpa, thu largest mile of any rat>diome» in the world. The adrunuiftt of increased »izo of tlm bottles will bo prmuly auprkilutad hy Ihu Hiuk und itlllicti'd, In «vnry town and villnuu In tiivihzitd (icaiutriuH. Bitrnple b utlbs (or 10 ouiiu rtmmiu the tauiu «izd. ]tt 9 dwlw uuvv A Creat^Victory A Terrible Case of Scrofula Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla " In tho winter of mo I was attacked with Scrofula In one of tho most aggravating forms. At one time I> less than thirteen large abscesses over and around my heck and throat, continually'exuding an offensive- mass of bloody matter disgusting to behold, nod Almost Intolerable16 endure.' It Is Impossible to' fully describe my suffering*, M the ooso wu complicated with Chronlo'Cfttatrh. Alter three years of misery, having been treated by three physicians, I was worse than ever. Finally, on tho recommendation of W. J. HnhlUy; druggist, of Lockport, I wn» Induced to try Hood's Bareapartlltt. And now, after having token twelve bottles, within the last twelve months, the scrofulous eruptions have entirely ceased, and the abscesses have all disappeared, except the unsightly scars, which are dally becoming.'smaller by degrees, and beautifully less.' I do not know what It may have done for rlhers, but I do know that In my case; Hood's BarsanarllUv Das proved an effective specific indeed. An an evidence of my gratitude I send these facts unsolicited, and I am ready to verify the authenticity of this cure, by personal correspondence with any one who doubts it." CnAitLEs A. Bon- Kins, East Vllson, H. V. ThM statement Is confirmed by Vf, J. Hunt- Icy, druggist, of Lockport, K. Y., who calls the cure a great victory tor Hood's Sarsaparilla. Seed lor book giving statements of many cures. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. «i i six Jor $s. Made- only by a I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Macs. IOO Doses One Dollar. PHYSIOZAW8 SUttGEOMB DK. B. Physician and Burgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE, COB. FOCTRTlJ ANDHKNhTSTS. luJ.dwlv W. A. HASKJSLL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OmOC-SECOND ST., ALTON, ILL. nfioe Ti ours-3 a.TO.; 11 to I/and8 p.m DB. C. B. KOIILAND, Dentist, 13 THIED STtBBT, ALTON, ILL. Offloo Hoart-8 a. m. to 12 m.; 1 to 41>. n fehdwly G. A. McMILLBN, Dentist, OVEE BHUEGQEJI VXN'S OIGAU STOUE 8BUO.NI) ST. le 1 *! rttf T. L. FOtLBS & CO., ''to" A. It. MOKINNEt « CO., Highest Miarket Price Paid for Corn ^nd Pickles. STILL SLOP FOB 8 ALB. got 7dH6m JOHN BAUER, PEALEIl IN 'AND MANOFAOTURKB OJf FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Mall, ALTON, ILL. A.11 Wno.8 ot fine^nd common [nrnltore constantly on hand. Alao undr^iker, etu. • " A. J, HOWELL, -DEALKft IN- FURNITOREI A Full and Complete Stock COSBTAHTLTf OH HAND. jLLi, OB6BP UPHOLSTERING Neatly and. promptly aerated. Belle at., bet. Third and Fourth. i-AL80— farnl&hed. Wi'ltu Vulitullau nij-y' ~n T muni |.»>-. siiuutiuns .. ,lnn»vvi)lu Wto [INDERTAKERS RESIDEXOBCOO. STATE 4 8BVKNTH 8*3 EMPIRE MILLS, SECOND dTUEBT (Mcar-1'ia-.u), ALTON, ILL KOH SAL.B : Ground OatH, Ground Corn, ilay, <iats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Oralium Flour ,ete PROMPTLY DEMVEKED TO ANY PABT OF THK 01TV. M.WILIQNSON. lyldtt Hardware and Fanlacliinerf, HEADQUAItTEKSFOR THE Best Buggy in the World. in the city, at hard limes prices, sold on weekly and monthly pay moms. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, $1.75, $2, $250, $t,- $(3.50, $7.50 to $10. Headquarters for EUPION and CAKMINEBURMNGOILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS, Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paiius, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADISG GUNS, From $16 to $30. f u Dnrvru TUB LEADING ^ J. H. oUU 1 o, JEWELER mulfWlufltf

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