Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 3, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1887
Page 4
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A SWINDLER dots not refer possible purchasers to hit victims. The Athlophoros Co. gladly re- fen sufferers from rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, nervous or nick headache, kidney »nd liver complaints to those who liwc.bcf;i eurtd of these diseases by Atlilnplinfut", HIH! will furnish names And addresses of many *u»h persons to thooe desiring them. Ath- lophoroa is the only remedy fur these diseases that can stand iuch a test. A.M. Borne*, M. D,;l 20 North Hazel St. Danville, IH.,«ay8: "After I had exhausted every other resource I resorted to use of Atliloplioroa, and was cured by it. The disease commenced in the sciatic neivo of my left' limb, painjrig hie ..almost beyond endurance. I thought by keeping on my feet and treating the disease at the same time I could soon overcome it. But nucli was not the case. It gradually grew worse and I suffered in tliis way for live weeks. At that time I was practicing medicine and living in Lafayette, Iml.,*rhero I lived for seventeen years. My piistor, Kev, Henry Buchtel, came in one morning and said: 'Why 1 don't you get Athloplioros that is recommended by Bishop .Howmon so • highly ?' at the some time saying, ' I will order It for you Ifyeu will take it. 1 I said: 'Oh,yen, I will take anything if I can only get rid of this torriblc Buffering." ,"ln ad»y ortwoMr. Hill, the druggist, Mint op a bottle of Atlilopliproiy and I commenced using it. I had taken but a few doses when I had relief, and in a few day* was entirely well. This is about four years ago. I had another attack about a year since, but a few doses of Athlophoros soon drove that awayi Since that time I have had no rheumatism. I have recommended it (o many different pereo»s, whero it has always done the same good work. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but whero they cannot be fcouiiht of the druggist the Athlo- phohwfOb;; i!2 Wall 8t..:New York, will seod either (carriago paid) on receipt of 'regular! t>ricJB,S which .is $1.00 per tattle for AtMopnoros and 50c. for Pilb. For liver and kidney diseases, dyspepsia, Indigestion, weakness, nervous debility, diseases of women, constipation, headache, Impure blood. Ac., Athlophoroi I'llli ore unequalcd. 6 PorHejiilnclie, Blllontneo, Wvpr Pom- pUfati, IndlBettlon. M1H but •flectlvo. BV J)HCQOI»TS. REAL ESTATE FOR SAIJE OR RENT, •-. -,.. .* , ,-. .-..''... , • . —BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. . For Sale. A convenient and plpasant home at a reasonable figure, being H two-story frame housi on El«'ith street, nuar Uonry. *or bale. A choice farm of 320 acres, with first olos> Improvements, situated 2>* miles ' east ol Brunswick. Oharlton Co., Mo. For Male. A one story framo dwelling house In gooa condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap The residence ot Oapt. W. t oble; twt stories and mansard roof) 12 room 4 halls closets, cellars, etc.: 8 acres of group, Moai Desirable property in the city. ,. ' For Male., • ' . • Ibu acres of land near city limits, S...-} .. two story brtcfc and tramo awu n aouse, botn flltuated on the euK o >.ate street • between 6th and 7tb 'icota- so the brio) block of stores on Secon 'treec, betweei Bern and Bldgo street nown aa Hunter' row. s. j For Sale. a email frame •' ^Ine house within n m okvjka of the d t (or $378. 160 acres f good fanning land, and unothei tract of 00 WOB, both unimproved. Sltuan in Mm co., Kansas, at 510 and $16 per aor. respectively—one-third oaah.balanee on tlmi For Sale. . • ,•• •',.'' AI arm of 140 acres on bottom land, all li cultivation, near Madison, In this county. / good two-story frame dwelling iiouao on It Prloo $3,000 . • . . •• tor Sale. A choice form ol lilt acrcu, situate 1 mile Bouih of Bhlpman, Uaooupln county, 111., ui a low figuiti, , Purtluslnlondlng^o buy Keal Estate in the city of Alton or vlclnltv will 11 ml It to their in'crest Ui call nttheofll eof Undershnuaen A Sonnttg and u> nmine their list o, properties fbr sale us only part thereof is advertised. PLIABLE PLASTER A common sense cure, by a combined medical and mechanical action. Unlilco nay other pro- paration, they rollovn the pressure while curing tho corn, and never fall whore dirootions are followed- Five sots of plasters and box of ointment put up In handsome tin case, convenient for use. Price 25 cents, complete. Ask for 'Teducura" and take nq, other. The Peleg White Proprietary Go. ! MANUfACTVKWU, 118 W. Broadway, N, Y., 17. S. OF FIRST4U.ASS DRUGGISTS. U. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Dlst. Agent for Alton. on «A»i#«Mg»0»o« wt"0 In ChioMO, will find It on i'l«>%l ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. (EnUred M SoooadmlnM Matter M the P. U. lit Alton, 111,) 'IHUK»DAX KVB., FEO. 8. „,..-,.. WHAT SHALL WE WEAR? APftONS DESIGNED FOR ORNAMENT A3 WELL A3 FOR USE. Fashion* In Walking ttooti and " for the Hou»e— Favorite Style* in Gold and Oem Set Bracelet*— Skutlnn Col- tonics for Young I.ndlcs. Braceleb are favorite adornment,} nt tbo present lime, Theso ornaments ore by uo means conflneil to what Is known as o popular patronage, but aro fashionable among tbo crcmo do la mine, both at home and abroad. A desirable stylo ot bracelet Is sliown In our cut This consists of graduateU links nf gxil- Uncd gold until tho top of , tbo ornnmnnt is reached, when the links are richly cbnsod and net with small gems. OBAtinATRtl t.tVK Very attrantix-n, too,' ; 'ttra' : br»ttelets tbnt slttinlate a narrow rlblxin ti«d: oh top In a doulile bow knot.- A' brrtnelnt deserving of mention, not only limiuse of its novelty, but its grace nnd beauty, Is a graduated lace chain bracnlet, Goms are much set in what are termed knife edge bracelets. Styles In Shoe*. Walking hoot* ate frequently made with cloth Uppers, finished off ^th patent leather. Tho buttonwl hoot continues to represent the popular OIIB, although hvcei boots aro permissible. A walking boot, which is finding high favor just now, is of glove .kid, .wjth patent leather foxing and medium heels. Equally lashionable are the boots made with pebbled! goat uppern and patent leather finish. Ladies have learned the Importance of walking in boots with low heels, and these prevail to a large extent on,sh,oeairiadefor outdoor -year. High shoes for, house iSrear are, however, still largely;.made .iwith the high curved French heel or modifications of this uncomfortable style; so are low shoes aud slippers for «ven ing wear. Bronze shoes made in open work leather over colored;silk and fastened either with bows or buckles are'worn with visiting toilets. ;For negligee wear ore furnished a.wonder- ful assortment in Tray of colored silk mules and French kid shoes. . Numbered with comforts 1 for-bed room and sick room are felt shoes and slippers, which are noiseless, warm and durable. At night, these shoes have no equal, for they can bo changed to leather shoes without danger of taking cold, being made of pure wool. _., : A Charming Skating Costume. A skating costume admirably adapted to misses and young ladies is of dark green cloth trimmed with gray ostrachan. The foundation .skirt is bordered with a four-inch band of plush. The cloth skirt above this is scant in front but fuller at the sides and back, and has a six-inch bond of the astrachan at tho foot. Tho long draperies, pointed in front and square at the back, are bordered with •the nstrochan. The jaunty Jacket has also bands of astrachan set about the neck and upon the fronts and lower edges, and a double row of buttons and tailor finished; pockets complete the stylish effect. A turban-shaped cap of tho cloth, with facing of aatrochan: and fur pompons as trimmings, and a cloth muff' with nstrachan ends and ornamented with ribbon bows, should be worn with this costume. Novelties In Trimmings. A revival of tinsel is threatened. Recent advices from the French capital are to the effect that tho display of gold, silver and bead embroidery upon evening and other dressy toilota is fairly dazzling. Open embroidery executed In silk upon cashmere is used by French dressmakers as a trimming for winter dresses. Some designs extend to almost the entire depth of the skirt, but as these are mounted on a substantial underskirt of silk they nro not so.inappropriato to the season as would seem lit first thought. Folds or plait- ings of Brussels net, with tiny dots or points of gilt, aro used in the neck and sleeves lot dark drosses. ,:. A narrow ribbon known as "cornet" is used in profusion on dresses of tulle. Two Dainty Aprons. In the making of pretty aprons, designed aa much for ornament as for use, individual taste in material and trimming, width aud length is allowed wide scope. The skirt should reach below the knee, and be wide enough to cover tho dress front well; the bib may extend to the bast, but not too high, or it will appear ungraceful. LADIES' APRONS. Numbered with attractive patterns displayed by Dumorost are the two given in the cut. Ono consists of etamlno or scrim, trimmed with velvet bands aud a girdlo of contrasting color and cross stitch embroidery done in harmonizing tints. The other is of straight breadths of pongee laid in box plaltj, and the lntorvcmlng space* ornamented with horizontal rows of narrow velvet ribbon. The bib is made to correspond with tho skirt, and tho bolt is of velvet, finished with a velvet bow on tho right sido, Illnti Worthy of Consideration. Artistic dross i* always more beautiful than merely fashionable 4rcss. U is because French women pay great attention to tho minor details o( tlio toilet, that tlivy are considered tho best droned women in tho world, A bit of wblto about the neck has been called tho Insignia Of ladyhood. ; • WbUe a woman may be able to wur different o^iori, tb*M if uiutll/ MM tb»t ,b«r " comes her Iwst and when this has Iwcn decided Upon, nothing will be gained by change. Toe shade of the hair Is a good guide for becomlngnos* '-.Ji V ; ••. . Instinctive preferences are in general a good guide ox-to forms and colors thnt .are most suimble In dreufi. ' ALU AROUND THE HOUSE. , Donnntoint, la Kitchen and In th* ILttfiy** Parlor. The eavly part of tho day i» the time for entlng fruit Tho adage, f.Goldi at, morning, iilver^nt, noou and load .at uiglit," has a •dentine bastf. Tho natural acidity of fruit acting trpon tho empty stomncii Is n "chol- gognoTor tho torpid liver of • which most Americans aro the victims,- It often occurs that pereons with active brains find it Impos- stole to eat .uncooked friiit, nnd for this class is advised fruit stowed or baited and mod- eratoly sweetened. ..>;••;:• Good housekeepers very properly class apples first in value. There is no moro healthful breakfast dish than baked apptcs, as a valuable property underneath tlio skin is, in this form of serving tho fruit, retained. Following tho apple comes tbo ornngo, then all tho licrrles of .the teniperato zone. That fruit Is best which has grown in full sunlight. Fairy Lamps. The fairy lamps introduced during the present season have gained great popularity. Thvso lamps aro mounted in clear, cut crystal, pearl glass, ivory finished glass, nnd in various fancy patterns. They nro small cups holding candles, about two inches in diameter aud nearly two inches long. Onu caudle will bum all nlglit. .Tbo cup is set iii a saucer of fancy glass and covured with a dome shaped shade having an opening In .the top. These lamps are specially adapted for nurseries or for invalids' rooms, the 1 light being quite sufficient to enable one to go about and without glare, smoke or danger. They are inexpensive in most, ot the patterns. , Others aro.ot cut or fine fancy glass and are of course morp costly. Sometimes these fairy lights, are used on tho dinner table, one being placed between two platen. There is just now something of a rage in the fashionable, world for individual lights, of one kind; or another, on the dinner table. ; For this purpose come miniature lamps with fancy bowls end .colored shades. Then there aro, tiny .candlesticks of silver, brass, c6pper,-or, wrought iron, one of which is placed at each guest's plate. , ' ' Beauty and Utility In Qua Article. When beauty and utility are blended in one article; that artjclo is •• worthy: of respectful consideration, and especially if it represents, as in our sketch, n'subject'of universal .interest. The tea kettle, in one f orm .or anoth-' er, sings on'every- body'a hearth, and is just now the object on which our •workers in metals are spending -much taste and ingenuity. The "5 o'clock teas," which have come to be a recognized social .institution in our larger "cities, have encouraged these artistic productions in silver and .less precious metals. The cut represents a recent production in brass, that has been also largely copied in FIVE O'CLOCK TEA. copper and wrought ; KETTLE. iron — all fashionable metals at the present time. This-is only one of many fanciful designs in which the teapot finds its way into the bouse beautiful. _ ••' •• • . •'I had rather be a kitten and mow 1 ' than groan all night and sc/ild all duy with neuralgia, when one little bottle of SalvDtioo Oil would make me gentle and we'l. Pussy, wouldn't vou? Coughs, hoarseness, asthma or anv irritation of the throat or bronchial lubes will be relieved by taking Dr. Bull's Uougb Syrup. It has cured thousands. Recommend it to your friend and neighbor. A gas well that was developed yes- terdnv at Lancaster, Ohio, after nine months of patient work, yields a bup- ply believed to he quadruple that re* quired fur the city. The drill was sent Uown 1,900 (uet. Hoo(l?a SttMaparillti ha* cured t.hou4 nnds of cases of rheumatism. Thu ii abundant reason for belief that it will cure you. Try it. 60 A clear skin adds to the beauty of a fine face, and often lends a charm to homeliness. To beautify your complexion you should purify your blood with Ayer's Sareapanllu. As a tonic and alterative medicine, it has uo equal. Price.91. Six bottles, $5. dwlw A fireman on the .Central Railway of Iowa has been defeated in an attempt to secure $15,000 damages for being thrown from an engine by a collision with cattle, the court holding that tho plaintiff, know the danger attaching to Im duties., Scarlet Fever. Darbys Prophylactfo Fluid is unequaled in the treatment of Scarlet Fuver. Used a* a gargle it prevents tbo ihrout from becoming diphtheritic, allays the inflammation ana subdues the pain. Usud to apnnge the body it allays the itching iDllamraation of the akin and destroys inftoiion. Exposed in the sick room It will prevent the spread ,of contagion, and keep tho atmosphere wholesome. ' •-___ _ tu tli s wk AN exchange well says: There Is only one amendment to the libel law of which tliu State stands in need at present, and that is n provision holding lawyers responsible in civil und criminal notions, for dufamaiory, lungunge used, in courts. We nil know how the orivilepo of tiUousaion is abused In the courts— h'jw' innocent and honorable pt'optu are abused -i iul Ijbulod m tliu summing up of evidence. When you rido you don't want your buggy jumpy, nor jerky, nor oretiky, nor Hwnyinir from side to side. You want it billowy. Than "jot the Rice Uoil Spring. BvoiyhoUy says he never •aw tho likw of it fort-use of million. Aik yuur town «iirrluge«bulldor about it. dwJw will get It for you —It wil euro your ' Corns— "Pcdaouru" is its n»me. • 37 Eoonomloal . The following wijgoitionsara made with view of assisting in the eomfortabli furnish- lag of a srriall horns st a rnodfefftle coat. Body Brussels carpat, whleli wttnin \vollj tt very suitable for the parlor or rooms that do not ro- quiru to be swept every day. The prevailing price is from *1 to $1.25 a yard, but a bargain «noy often be met .with in remnants of rolls which liavo been marked down. A moro economical lloo- covering is tapestry at seveiity-flvo cents, a yard, this, too, is more easily .swept and cleaned. For bed rooms, In pined of carpets, may besubntltuted good matting nt twenty-Ova cents a yard] This, with ruga laid down In front of tho bed atid bureau, will onswer very well. <. .. • A handsome cabinet In which to place bric- a-brac will bo found a pleasing addition to one's parlor. An inexpensive nnd nt the same Umo attractive one may bo made, say.s Tho Uecoiiitov, of ordinary pine. When tho frame Is mode glee it n coating of unamel paint, then varnish with clear varnish. Before tho latter ia dry, place on tlio panels' small pressed ferns, tjistoCully arranged. When dry, paint tho ferns voiy carefully wilh gold paint. Tho result will resemble- a Japanese cabinet to n limited extent, Medium priced, serviceable upholslcry goods nro shown in great variety. Probably tho most popular of uny ouo stylo is tho goods known to tho, trado us "petit, nolnt." It is firm, dumble, in uii excellent assortment of colors, uud is atuong tho most desirable of nil middle grade uphblste- y fabrics for regular service. Somo ot tlio finer qualities resemble tapestry when seen nb a littlo distance, and as the demand for them Increases, more pains is taken to bring them out 11 choice designs and artistic combinations of color.^ Whore strictest economy rules, very pretty effects can bo gained by covering furniture with Rome ot the- cretonnes. At twenty-five cents a yard ono can buy cretonne in artistic colorings, nnd designs that cleverly simulate expensive tiumt>^-f-\^iz^ • A'OHt.ror All. In order to give all a chance to test it, and thus bo convinced of its wonderful curative powers, Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will be, for a limited time, given away. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of this great remedy. All who suffer from Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any afiucuon of Throat, Chest or Lungs, are especially requested to call at E. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle freei large bottle $1. Keiiews Her fonth. Mrs. I'hcebo Chealey, Peterson,.Clay co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, tave been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pam and soreness, nod am able to do all my own hounework. I owe my thanks to Klcet-ric Bitters for having renewed mv youth, and removed completely oil disease and pain." Try a bottle, only fiOc, at E. Marsh's Drug Store. • fbldwlm BncKien-g Arnica Salve. The Best Salva in the world for cntB, bruises, sores, 1 ...oers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chUblaius, corns and all skin eruption*, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cPBts per box. Fir sale by B- Marsh, Alton. Ill • . mch7dwlm "The Greatest Care on' Earth for Tain." .WillI relieve more quickly than any other knownrezu-l euyt KhoumaUt>m, Neuralr*' BwcUlops, Stiff Neck, BruL .., Burns, ScaMs, Cute; Uimbtb-l '—• Pleurisy, SOIJM, Frof t-Ulcn, I kochf.'. Quinsy, Boro Throat, I -—itiea, WOUUUB, Headache, | Toothache. Sprains, etfl. Price | -5ct«. a bottle. Sold by nil I nitrfflata. Caution.—The frdn-l ITIU Sattutdm Oft bonrs oar I —i.^- rcgUtered Trade-Mark, and our! Ifac-cimllo Blgnatiux. A Q. Meyer a on Solo I I Proprietors, !lal'Jiiiore,Ud.,U.K A. i Dr. linn 1 *..-Couch.8vnip,. will cuie voi Couch at >>'>(!(!. I'rlcconlv 35 C'to. n bottl Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MEUHANIOAL DBAUGHTSMLAN, Office on Third St.,ono door west of Pinna, third floor. 20O BAGS FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table Uno, in 14 Ib. linen sacks and 50 Ib. sacks, for sale by J. A. RYRIE. MARVELOUS MEMORY , DISCOVERY Wholly unlllie Artlflclil Syslems—Ouro ol Mind Want'orliK.'—Any book li arned In one n>adl n g. Prospectus, with ciplnlmiH of Mr. PROCTOR, tlm Astifui'iiner.•IIoni«. W. W. Aw- OR. JUDAII P, BENJAMIN. Pis. SliNou, Woon and ottitis, eoitt tumt PIIBK. by FROK, LU1SKTTK. it37 Fifth Avenue, New York Jnfiitlm Chancery Notice- 8TATBOFILUNOI<( fiB 0. unty ol MaUicon. ( Circuit court of tliidlson county, March form A.I). 1887. llunry U. Prlnet, surviving partn'T of Henry O. Swui'tmir, ilouoasoil, la'« pnrtnem unui'i Ihn Minn! ol Swuutdi r anil Prloat, VH. ' , . It. Spin Us, Anna . Spurkt), HIM .I'Uo, \Vi s- Icy Ut'Ht, iliu Alton Nutloiiul llnnk, (lie 1). H SpuikH Milling ooinpuny, Albert \Viiik- nnd Kruiik H. Mllnor. In chnncaiT . Koiiiw Is liait'by iflvan 'o tliu sum Wuulnv Itost thnt ilia abiivn named complainant inirutofoio tllud his bill nf coiniilulnt In «uld court, on Ihuctmncury aldti ilior«<if, ami thn< a ttuiniiioia i|ii'ii'ii|iiin Ixuuiid nut nf Hiiltl court ugiiliiBt ihu iihovo iiaini'd (l,i(rinlaiiln inlurnnbli mi tlio m-«t U>>y nl tliu lorm »f UH> rliriiUumirt ol Miidlrnn coiinlv, to buln-ld HI cnnit IIIIIIHU In fcdwiipljvlllti, In niikl MaUlion coiiiuy.oii HIM llilul Mondiiy ot Maroli, A.» 1387, unlit bylaw ruqulrod, mi') whlcn milt IB mill pending UOltKUr UAQNAUKU, Pl»rk. WUB * P*vu,Oompl'tB Bol'is. MOST PERFECT MADE Proparod with strict MgaM to Pnrlty.TStTongth, and lUmlthf ulnnss. Dr. Prlco's Unking Powder contaim no AitimBnra.Llme.Alum or Phosphates. Dr.Prlco'b Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., flavor dellclously. RAILWAY TIM 1C OinOAQO AHU AJL'CON. On and ultur Sunday, Nov. 14th, 1888, train on the Chicago and Alton railroad, will leuvt the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, us follows: ••!••• ITor Chicago and the Kagti Chicago Uiall' BiOOa.ur, Uhloago Accommodation* 6.00 p. in UjjhtnlngKxpi-ess'.. .•• «:10p.m Peoria BJid hook Island Fast Unet,9:00 a. m For JnoknouvlUe, Kooknk, yuliMty, Kiui- .«na City,and »11 points west. Kansas City Mall* 0:00 ft. in Kansas City Express* - 9:10 p. ri Denver Bzpi ess) .7:05 p. m. Jackspuv-ille Accommodation (... '/ :OB p. ui For tit* Lonlii'i Lightning Express* 6:45 a. n< Ohiuago Accommodation* »:30 u. -i Alton Special) 12:85 p. m KausaaOltyMail*............... ..,.6 *o p. u, Chicago Mallt 0:30p. ir TRAINS LEAVB 81'. LOms TOJION DKP01 (7 60a.m. Hi 00p.m. •4 SO p.m. *1 A5p.m. (8 45 a. m. Sundays only). *DaC.y fBicopt Sunday. , Sup't. 8t.'lx)uls;blvliilo'n O. G. NoilBIS, Tloknt Acont. CHICAGO. BTJRLitfGTOJt A.HQ QUINOY. Trains leavo tho Union Depot, Alton follows: , '«..... ....•• Gulng Northi ' Express (except Sunday) ... ,-8.'£&a. m Night Erpreaa ....: 7:05p. in W. W. ARNOLD. Agent. Wffl. L. KLTJNK UNDERTAKER, -If'. ,' .-,!,. I - I / AMD DBALEB IK Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes For Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street OvorHarl s Livery Stable. Will attend to Job WorhanC Konatiini; Fnrnitm-tt, Inft Tlie undersigned have opened a now muilo toco at tho cornnr of Thli-d and I'laea ata ORGANS AND PIANOS! of the finest workmanship for sale at rrm satiable prices. Dull and examine our mstra monte before purchasing eUewhoro. FLOSS & EABE. For Toilet Use. Ayor's Hair Vigor keeps the hair soft and pliant, imparts to. it the lustre and fi-cshnusa of youth, causes it to grow luxuriantly, eradicates Uundruff, cures all scalp disease.*, and Is the most cleanly of all hair preparations, A VCD JO Hair Vigor has given ma niu.ll \j perfect satisfaction. I was nearly lialil fur six years, during which time I tided imuiy hair preparations, but without .success. Indeed, what littlo hair I hail was growing thiuuer, until 1 tried Ayer's Hair Vicor. I used two bottles of tho Vi«or, ana luy head is now well covurcil with a new growth of huir. — Judsou li. Chapel, Peabody, Mass. U AID that ha* become weak, Rrap, limn ami faded, uiav have new life anil color restored to ft by the use of Ayer's Hair Vigor. •• M v hair was thin, failpil, and dry, and foil out In largo c|iiiin:itiM. Ayer's Hair Vigor stopped tiiu falling, and restored my hair to Its original color. As a dressing for tho hair, this preparation has no equal. — Mary N. Hammond, Stiliwdter, Minn. VlfiflR y° llt h' a " u beauty, in the » luuil; appearance of the hair, may bn preserved fur an indefinite period hy tlm u»c of Aynr's Hair Vigor. •• A disease of tho scalp caused my hair to become harsh and dry, and to fall out frtjcly. Nothing I tried seemed to do mo any cood until I commenced using Ayor's Hair Vigor, Three bottles of this preparation restored my hair to a hemthy condition, and it is now soil ' and pliant. My scalp Is cured, and (t is also (reo from dandruff.— Mri. E. R. Koss, Milwaukee, \Vis. Ayer's Hair Vigor, Bold bjr DruggUU »nd Porfumtn. BAFBTY, prompt action, and wonderful curative properties, easily place Ayer'a Fills at the head of the list oJ popular remedies tor BicJc and Nervous Headaches, Constipation, and all all- menu originating in n disordered IJvor. •I have boon a great sufferer from Headache, and Ayer's Cathartic Pill* are tho only medicine that has ever given rue relief. One dose of these Pills will quickly move iny bowels, and free my head frTim pain. - William L. Page, Bichmond, Va. • Ayer's Pills, Vr«p»rodbyt)r.J.c.AmkCo, 1 Low«ll,U«a. Bold by all Dubri la UwIletM. INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, First-Class ,Iii8, OO.'M: Inn. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phooutx, ,; Franklin, of PhllailolyMa; German AiucrliUn'} North British and Mercantile, London; Com., Uulou, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bug.- Continental; Olrard; Glens Falls, Aniercaii (/entral; Plromou's Fund, Western Assurance Co Mil) OTHUB8: j> OA8H OAP1TAI . IN TUB AOGB.KQATE OF $20,000,000. WK ALSO IimiKBKNT TUB Blutual Benefit lilie, .of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ino. Co.,Uartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. "for - '- i ...... ' •••-•'. Jfor 8ole."'"- ; -'Seven lots with good brlok dwelling anil outbuildings. In t«^d repair, In Upper Altbu. Residpnouof (J, E. Molllns, aud hnuwn us the Merrill property, \VHIPPL,K A SMILE V, Alton, or u. w. Oollot, tlppar Alton. tor Kent. A 7-room frame dwelling, In good repair, on North side Bluff gt... jUPfLB & SMILEY. For Sale or ttent. A desirable tcnomunt on Bluff street, Owned by Ura 8. J.Dutro. •'•'•• 'WHIFFLE &SMILEY. for btu» .•.,' i, The late residences of J. i. and W. JJ. Mitchell, on Hill St., two 01 t..c best pieces ol t'OBldenoe property In Alton. Tlie property known as "The Parjr, east of above ; H lotn on Mill and, Summit streets; an U a> nambor ol ota la Miller A. Mitchell's addition, to Alton. Any or all ol above at agrrut bargain. ;. WJUPPLKA SMILEY. tfoT ante. • The Morrtman property on State stree In Miller & MiohelFa ada.. to Alton, IX story house, Brooms and out-buUdiii|[s; ollln perfect ordor. Can be had at li bargain. '. • ^^- "WHIPPmi A SMILEY. For Sulo. A IX story Irauie dwelling, corner So andFUth streets. . • VVIIIFPLB A 8MILBV Desirable Kes'ldonoes tot Sale. A two story; brick dwelling on-State street known as Wm. A. Platt homestead, lately nut In good repair. •• A two story Irame dwulllmi on Main street, nearly now. A two story brlok dwolllug on Seventh street, all for sole at a Bttcriflco. owner having decided to gr v-s- Y WHIPPLK 4 SMILBr JTor , A convenient lama of 120 acros, most all In cultivation; sttiiatod en the Bethalto road, milpf *roiiiAltor,. For Rent. Lato residence ol M. J. Noouuu OB State street, known as the A. Plutt place. Good 9 room uriclt houstt, in flrst class repair. & SMILEY . •• , .- * or Kent. ,., ' • Good 9-room brick house with about 4 acres ot grouad,ineludtaH ovc aa-n, In Upper Alton. Former rooldonco of Dr. Humbert. : WUIt-PLE & SMILEY. . Fur Sale or Bent. The 2-story Irame dvyolllng- with 9 rooms, Including I lots; good barn and fine tiuits, known as the Nichols homestead, situated on 12th at,, In a desirable neighborhood. lJS & SMILEY. rdi ura made with .,.riin. TheBtrong- e>t boanln aod, t»»t WMUeni in tbo wurU. ' For Mia bjr aU' dealers. co., Michigan. SHORTHAND WRITING, Tuuiclii' by mail. Young men have only to leaviiBli'iithunil tornnke Ha sure source ol prnilt. Sund' stamp foi'pamphlet and spwji- mon. W. W. HultoDi Pittsburg, Pa. ITdlui T O ANXItllLATN) THB APPETITE FOR TOBAIAA) USE TUB . TOU A 0 0 0 T,\STE 1JES I'ROTEH.- It eradicates the tante for, and destroys all bod effects, arts* nig Iron) th« use of Tobacco. This pre.mra- tl»n fltrengtlien, tho apputlte, cloarj the mind und improves the momnry. It is put up In tho form of lozenges, which are p oa>- iu< to take. One nox Is euttlclont to euro most cast s, yet soam require iwo boxus. Over 1,000 sold ana. entire tatlsfaotio'n 'given la eueli oueo. Hundreds ofttestlWohlaU received, bout to any address, pbttige jpald—011 receipt of Jl.QO: per box.,' Prepared by a grad- uatu in Pharmacy. Address K. S. Miller, Otli wanl, \Vlliiiliintoo. Del. lt<llm A dvertisers by addrosalng «eo. P Kowoll &0o;, 10 spi-uoo »t., New? yorlr, In good alth, ,can o >taln all needed information Hbout any proposed lino of Advertising In American newspapers. 17dlra W AKTJED^-A llvo, energetlo miui, to represent u^ t $76 per mouth and expenses, ooods Htiipio; iivery ono buys: outfit riu;K. BTAADAKD BILTEIUVApB Co., Boston. ' L ADIES wanted !o got up' Tea Clubs for our Pure Teas and Oouees. ,,• A; Uont of useful irtloles to select' from fts:>prernfunjs. Solid or.illustratod PrUij and Prumliiui List. SPB out. OiT.i',11: to every TENTH person tlmtun- swora this adveri|»oinynt..we \rtll send VHEH ono pound choice Tuiui Address NAT'LTKA . &OOFPBK CO.LPoa'.on, Mass; oo3»d»m _ , , The WoodrooJ property. A a Htory framo house ol 8 rooms, onYlftn and Alton streets! u 4 room Jrawe house on • ' to obttm P4\«n|« in 'Otnuli,^ utrmtny, tnd all olhar oountr *«u«d' ""'I"''" 1 < tt " 1 Ul>lr " . D["'li>*« »nd •nwlnottlotii r In th> I;>Mot Offla* on ihorl notio*. Tornu TI» ruMDtbl*. MoeU«rc>Ior<ikmlaUl<u>o(la«d*u n dtiwinji, AdrlcwbT nulllrw. , . P»l«nt§obUln«(lthroaih MunnAOo.»r»«irtlo»* - - - - iSl.whTobha rtl «ff?°S5flS __ ,n tb* «*ru. ItSfn trj p4H»t»t til tf-n^'S' — —,.b«tHib«i Btehulet. bnailtw etbtr diptrtmenu ol lliutd ID ujr.oauntn, ft »ll piUnUMuodtltlo »l»nrftnini *s«* In ureauntn, It .od tltlo af .r Tr»;.it,ruur monthi

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