Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 3, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1887
Page 3
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toroiolng-.H. J, Bowman & Co7 \ Kemnanta -cheap-H. J. BownnnA Co. ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH, Oloakj cheap-H. J. Bowman & Co. , Blanket. yerylow-H. J. Bowman 4 THURSDAY £VK.. FEB. 8. Showli, splendid Talne-H. J. Bow nan A Co, Dress Goods, way down-H. J. Bow man ft Co. Flannels, for little money-H. J ilowman & Co. Underwear, ohoap—H. J.-Bowman & (Jo. Hoods and Mittens—H. J. .Bowman &Co. Wraps, at cost—H, J. Bowman & Co. Hosiery and Gloves—H. J. Bowman &Co. Fur Tnmmmg-H. J. Bowman & Co. Feather Trimming-H. J. Bowman Astrachan Jackets—H. J. Bowman & ' Astraohan Cloakings—H. J. Bowman &Co. Striped Jersey Flannels, reduced price —H. J. Bowman. VVules Cloth for Dresses, reduced—H. J. Bowman & Co. nt D0ttoe * ',» *>««• 'ooal Hlnul* Insertion . ty {Ant Three to five iniertloiui, . ' . J 8 C R • SU to twelve Insertion*, . . i HATES OP ADVERTISING! sertion, and lor each aub» quent Insertion. LBGAt, ADVEnTlBINO! „„ i* '?""! for tu ° flMk ""ortlon.'and BO cents per Inch lor each subeequonl InsorUon j«r Abovo rates will be gt.lotly adhered to. , °n and n, for ten cents por week. Mailed to any addros. at the rate of |8 20 ppr year ™ B , TKUM " AP " hM »»« largest drcna- «on of any paper In Alton, and la the boat medium for advertisers. PIA8A 8TUBBIS - — The steamer Spread tingle went to St. Louis this morning and will return this evening. She will He over at thin port to-morrow and go to St. Uuis Saturday morning returning here in the evening, is made of the large number of boys, and young men who almost daily throng the walking rooms at the Union Depot, to the annoyance and discomfort of ladies and gejUemen who assumble there to take the trains. The depot officials think It would be a good plan for a policeman to visltttbe plane about train time and see that the railway patrons are not crowded ont. Money to loan on improved real "state. Apply to Rudershausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf THE next storms predicted by Prof. Foster will occur on the 7th, 18th and 8ih. That o» the 18th, he .ays, will be hehbamst. Home Spun Dress Goods, reduced in price—H. J. Bowman & Co. Boucte Dress Goods, at reduced prices H. J. Bowman & Co. Fin» French Dress Goods, reduced to i jose— H. J. Bowman & Co. Fine Wraps, very much reduced in price—H. J. Bowman & Co. Black and colored Silks, all shad and grades—H. J. Bowman & Co. Black and Colored Velvets and Vel voteens, Splendid value—H. J. Bowman & Co. Low prices on all good*, to clean no stock whMe invoicing,—H. J. Bowman & Co. 3 Seoond atreet.near J« corner of Henry -FOR- F INE STATfONEBT, PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOB CASH OH TIME PAYMENTS ,i» 1?' 'J 1 / 1 Or «ana tuned and repaired Sew aChldeS Fresh sea and lakefisb at Connor's. _.. It THERE is scarcely a prominent Dem orat in the country, ont of a job, who" n t a candidate for the office of Inter- State Commissioner. There are a few families in and about Alton that do not me La Belle flour They should try a sack of it at once. 29 d eod 2w w2t IMDIOATIOKB for Southern Illinois: Fair weather: lower temperature. The temperature will fall from 16 to 26 degrees by 7. a. m. Friday. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. MB. W. J. Ferguson is at work on the plans for an office building for the Glass Works. It w m be a handsome building containing several rooms, including a private office for the proprietor, Mr. Smith. THE wind blew cold from the north, west today, with a light fall .of snow, typical Februaiy weather. The flags signaled, general suow or rain, cleai and colder. CAPT. Hedley's book, "Marching Through Georgia," U for sale on all allroad trains under the control of the Union News company, and is meeting vith so large a demand that a 'special edition Is being printed in cheap binding. Tho cloth edition will continue to be furnished from Cap't. Hedley's office in connection with the Bunker Hill Gazette at $3 for both. THE Globe-Democrat which has heretofore ridiculed the Alton bridge pro- jeot is backing water. It now says that the Central Missouri will not cross at Alton if the Merchants' Exchange bridge at St. Louis is completed within a reasonable time. As the Merchant*' Exchange bridge will not be.corapleted for four or five years at least, an 1 probably not at all, tha Globe.Democrat can hardly expect the Centra) Missouri to wait. PEKSQBAL. J Mr. J. H. Appel, of Sorghum, Kan., arrived in town this morning. Miss Lizzie Simpson, of St. Louis, is the guest of MIssos.Mena and Lulu Kuhn. Mrs. Wm. Morris, of Peona, spent tho night in tbu city, the guest of Mri. Henry Watson. Mr. R. E. Wilson, of Downy, called at this office today, He reports roads "awful" rough. Mr. Jonathan Davis, of CarUnvllle, returned home tbli morning »ft*r a visit with his relatives, Oapt. Cotter and family. Mr. A. K. Nesbilt has invented » valuable flro proof .paint and a company Is being organized to manufacture it on a large scale. Mrs. J. J. Forman, of St. Loulu, with her lovely little niece, Ada, is nsitln her mother at the residence of Miss C C. Fisher. Little Ada will spend se oral weeks with her grandmother. Heal Estate'Hales of Record. (Rdvrardivllte Intelligencer.) Transfers of real estate nled for recori in Recorder's office of Madison county Illinois, for week ending Jan. 29, 1887 H. H. Keebler and wife to P. Sweit zer, w d, lots 1, 2 and 8 blk 12, Guern sey'i add, Collinsville, f 326. John Benner and wife to John Scbos fler, w d, s 1-2 lots 9 and 10 blk 40 Hunter's add, Alton $600. J. T. Crocker and wife to Wolf Bros. -. J _«.!_. inn »» __ " "»• v J t Edwarduville NOW WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO BOAttD OF SUPERVISORS. The meeting.of tho Board, Tuesday, was an uneventful one, but little of general interest transpiring. The routine business, including the allowance of bills, was transacted. A report was made by the Judiciary committee to th» effect that ex-County Clerk Bayle bad collected fo25, beer and liquor license, from a resident of the eastern part of the county, for which hn had not yet accounted to the Treasurer. The report was approved. On a motion of Supervisor Weaver a committee of three was appointed by Chairman Gillham to visit the various townships of the county to ascertain the difference in the rales paid for the maintainiuico of paupers. EDUAKIJSVILLE. Money to loan on .improved fsrm property. For particulars, apply to WHIFFLE frB WATCH y. Hand , nude. Knit andOro- | tgooas. Hooda.Tobaggang and Ulia. Men'n Scarr. and Fwolnaton, at very low pricea. n ^""£7" "'" et °° me and Kiveuii ". Don't forgot the place, decedwly DePew, the witty New Fork statesman, thinks he might be abln to understand Culloin's Inter-State commerce bill if it was written in En- glibh. This is something of a reflection on the scholarship of the Illinois Senator. RIVEB men look with much favor on the Inter State Commerce bill, and hope the President will sijcn it. They claim it will cause a great revival of river business and bring about a return of "the good old days" when steam- boating was more 1 profitable than it is at present. IN GOODS! C.M. CRANDALL will offer his WerF&Glassfare AT ABOUT COST for thirty days. Third street, nearly opposite Belle. • • '. ' • I JMdwt Patents." oatkma and make applloatlSni for Patent. Ail oonwltttlon, In perton or by Iwfcw , (n« U'CAS Whb WOT I* kept on oi* M the erne* or ADVERTISING _ GENTS TJE8BUILDINQ JJjjUK* PHILADELPHIA. aiysmm SON'S MANUAL PARTY-Miss Essie Hardy pleasantly entertained a number of her young friends last evening. The hours passed m games and social amusements varied with vocal and instrumental music. Rufreshments were served and nothing was neglected that tended to render the affair thoroughly eujoyable. Whiteness, L'ghtness and Sweetness are all necessary for good bread, and to secure this result you should use only La Belle floury 29d eod 2w vm IF the borerTfor coal at North Alton do trot strike a paying vein of coal, they may Hod natural gas or salt water. There is a salt well at DuQuoin in this State, wh:oh, we are told, yields, after evaporation, forty barrels of salt per day. Tuo hole drilled at the glass works struck salt water. Notice. W. F. Ensmger has not removed to Kansas as reported, but is on hand to do your painting and paper hanging during the ensuing season, as heretofore, on short notice and easiest terms, Please give him a call at the old stan on Seoond street, near Piasa. Jal;J 3m Mr. C. P. Smith, Supervisor of Fort Russell township in this county, will start on a trip to Palestine and the Holy Land in a few days, he wilt take shipping at New York, and will be ac- compauied by about sixteen others, besides an experienced guide. The principal cities and places of interest in England, Germany, France, Italy, &c., will bo visited by the party. The time thus consumed ^will be about five months. Mr. Wm. H. Koown, of Suraner county, Kan., formerly of Olive town> ship, in this county, U hi Edwardsvillo on a visit to his sister, Mrs. Margaret Olive, who is dangerously ill at tho residence of her son-in.lnw, Mr. J. T- Orowder, in New Douglas. A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. (T. Moritz, Third street. Sfltf GKAND JUICOKS. The following list of Grand Jurors was selected Tuesday by the County board for the March term of the Circuit Court, viz: Alton—H. M. Carr. Godfrey"—Peter M«yer. Helvetia—Jacob Mmulitlen, Saline—Fred. Sohrumpf. Leet—Daniel Ruedy. Naw Douglas— Jac. MoMullen. bt. Jacob—H. T. Wood. Marlne-J. B. Strauch. Alhambra—Wm. Mees. Olive—M. E. Spioer. Jarvis -Andrew Uawson. PmOdk—N.O. Klein. •Hamel—W. S. Hall. Omphgliont—./. C. Wordnn. Collinsville—W. J. Mai hews. Edwnrdsville-Mostj8 B. Sherman. Fort HmsHll-D. O. Schoer. Muro -Smith Doriey. Numeokl -Kurd. Vnrwald. Chouteiiu—Clms. Hessa. Wood Rivur—Jaok.son Vaughn. Fodtar—Honry (Jootc. Venice—Henry Byrnes. A. O. Auten and wife to 8. B. Baker w d, lots 32, 33 and 34, Penitentiary plat, Al'on, $6,000. Sarah J. Allred and husband to M H. Bouls, q c d. an island in Mississipp fiver known as Ldand No. 2. b«inu Tin st)0,J8, 6, 9 and sec 13, 6, 10, $160. A. W. Wehmeier and wife to Gen; W. Long, w d, a strip of land off of bu SO. 31 and 32 blk 18, P. Wise sub div, Alton, $66. L. C. Keown and wife to John Walsh, q c d all int ID 26 acres off n pt e KJ ue 1-4 nee 16. 6, 7, $1. * Susanna Hits to Fred. Ulraer and wtfti, iou 1, 2, 3. 4. 6 and 6 hlk 9, Allen & Evans' 2d add, Marine, $600. Piasa Woolen Mills t'o. to Ohas P Wl*e, trustee,. trustee a, certain lots m blk 68. Godfrey & Oilman's add. Alton, upon which is erected the Pias» Woolen Mill, $1. Miles Hoxford to Sarah J. Allred, q c d, island No. 2 m MissNsiupi river. being m 6, 9 and 6, 10, $60. Chas. Brannsdorf to G. A. Niemann, >™ lot 6 blfc 6 Kerr ' 8 add - 'Venice, poUv. . H. Hasam to Josephine Hasam, d, ne 1.4 ne 1-4 §^c 13 and n 1-2 ne 1-4 and ae 1-4 sw 14 SBC 28 and w 1-2 nw 1»4 sec 24, 6, 8, $11,000. Mary E. Hatcher and husband to J ",- c »u° keri 9 c d, all inc in w pi, lot 13, . Wheeler's add, Edwardsville, $100. Harriet A. Hatheway to Albert Wj<de, ot * 6 ' U ttnd l6 blt 1 Embroideries, AND Goods, I ' . ' Good Thing's I Liquid Sure Cnre, and A-corn Salve for Corns. Toothache Drops, relieve at once. Lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & pains. Marsh's Drug Store. Surah A. Cotter to Geo. Hedges, w d. lots 11 and 12, Emerald, $300. Geo. Boyle and wife lo ,/uhn Boyle, w d, e 1.2, nw 1,4 SPO 9, 5, 5, $1,000. Wm. Harmeyar and wife by master J lf h 2 A> Pri <*ett. d, w pt s-w 14 HHC , 3, 8 and e 1-2 se 1-4 and u 1-2 e 1-2 ne 1-4 sec 13 and e 1-2 nw 1-4 sec 10 >ind se 1.4 on 1-4 *eo 3 and pt sw 1-4 sw " 8e U4 sec »• Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and get the best. Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Thirl street, and In Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones Nj's. 21 and 64. ___ _ __aug!4 d7m The Boston Herald thinks that a SenaJ torial deadlock in feur legislatures is a good argument in favorof having Senators chosen by the people. n, Br p 0 ,72.~" Whatdld y° u thlt * o' the play P" Fogg-»Fuirly good; but what fu? J ect to IS tbo IQ tense realism in the third act— a church scene, you know. i' WM ., 80 natural that I actually went to sleep.' —Ex. ST. LOUIS. The Largest and Most Com plete Assortment of Hard and f ott Coal and Wood Cook and Heating _Stows EVEE BROUGHT TO ALTON~ The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, Socu L^TI.—The Socia Laiti olu Rave a dnnoing party at Crowe's Hall last night, thttt was notable for it enjoyable features. About 30 couple w«re present. The Elite orohmtra ren dered mmio of a high order of excel enoe. Among those present from abroad were: Mlsnes Emma P.iul and Mary Ornig, Fosterburg; Miss Llzzin Simp, on, 'St. Louis i Messrs. H. Forniiin, Buthitlto; Chas. Viiughn, Alion June- Ion; J. Griffin, Indianapolis; W. C. Vnn, Chicago; Mr, Failcy, Bdwurdsi Hie. The Floor Managers woro Alex. Vottvur, Ttioa. Morfoot, H. Kisii, J, )HI ' mport. The parly WAS suoh u, lino ffair Hint tho Uianagurs sny ilio oait-of-Heiiry streeter*" c»a't ffy Reason for Hearing Philip Phillips Tonight. He is peerless as a singer of descrip. live song. • . . Tho Bontlments of his songs are richly illustrated by bflatitiful pictures. He shows the principal sights of the world ia his "Chariot of Song." He has sung to more people than any other man and knows how to do it. Ho gives a portion of the proceeds to charitable objects. Beholds his audience spell bound from •beginning lo end. His enunciation In so clear that all can hoar every word h« ullera. He graphically describes his'pictorial tour of the world. His pictures are the most expensive and nrtistiocver shown upon the screen. It) com'jinoH music and art in the ighest. sense. HiHontertrtimuontiaro always rnlir;. ig and deputing iu character. III don't go tonight I shall regret it Pants, Pants, Pants, Chlnnjo. the n( "' . 82BT lit ~ |l ' eh . rUltnr * olfl Rt "Vo, March . April iu7«V«79o at S6Xa85!k o- Muro "' For Fat Men, Slim Men, Bojs, and Children, 1 l May at . , Juuoil.V - May Tue Effect of Bl.ntm Exbniutlon Many dUeaioi , obpeolally tuoio o( th* ner- voui eyntom, ure the prodnoti of dally renewed mental czhauiitlon, Ruilnei* aroca- tlona often Inrolre an aqount of mental wear and War veiy prejudicial to physio*! Health, imd I he professions, If arduously puruuod, are no hm deitruoiivo lo Drain and nerve tltnue. It In onn of tho mo«t Important attributes of Hoitetttr'g Sujmaoli Blttera, that It oompen- autoi for this uniluo Jo-e 01 n»«uo; and (liat It Impart* new energy ti the brain and norvou The rapldlvy with whloh It renown weaken-d mental energy and physical vitality U ro- maikaula, and. »howi«tlmt iti lnvignr«ttn« pmiiurtlos uro of tho hlKhunt order Uvalilun IncriNialiiK vital Htiiuilnu, uud oounturuutiiif (hn uBuotii of uiantttl oxImiiHtlon, tlilx Dotfii mil inwllvliii' c(,ruj und pr.ivinf? fever i "d ' " " P ?w ' ;ni iini»nH' v»p««p» u f-Ji^iE"" 0 "' kll *''«y and iiUHna wuaknvii and other oowplu nt». Pnyiiulnni alin o' ii u.. H. M. Schweppe Third Street Clothier. Branch, Socond and Bidgo streets. L. J. HARTMAM.JManager.

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