Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 3, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1887
Page 1
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26. ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY EVEJSTIKG, FEBRUARY 3, 1887. KUMBER 211. •1,, •THfc BEST 'TONIC. Thli medicine, combining iron with pure Vegetable tonlM, quloltly and comnletely Cnrci DrnMP.lBt Inaureitlon. vvcak- MM, Ia»»uro < Blood, ftalarla, Cliill* •nd F.T«nfi,'ima Neuralgia. J ----- "" Kidnap a*ul<I It Is invaluable for Dl»en«cs peculiar to Women, and all who lend sedimtary llvei. •" Ildocanotlnliiretheteclh.cauechcadaclie.or produce ootttopatlon— «(/!«• /mn mediantt do, It enriche. nnd puirlfle. ttoe blood, rtlmiilBte»the appetite, aids the atslmllatlou of .food, rolleyei Heartburn and Belching, and , itroiigth'fetw tne iMMbktatid nerves. . ' • . For lateiritaltunt Pevcr., lAitltnde, Xiielc of En«!rg]r,'et<;.; It hou no equal. . tsf The genuine hiu above trade mark and crossed redllneB on wrapper. Take no other. 'riii <*tj-'t;'Bhomi tsaiictt oo. IULTIHOR*. «o An Attractive Pudding. A pudding which presents an attractive ap- peovauco, In addition to, (urntshtnff an 'appetizing dessert,' may oe made by using pink gelatine with the following recipe: Make a boiled cuntanl with the i f o)k of four eggs, a pint of intllc and nugar to tnstc. Soak a, third of a * box bf gelatine in a little cold water, then 'pour over it throo-fourths of a cup of boiling water. . Wiioii the custard la cold odd to It.tlip gplatlrib olid the Wliltea'of four eggs, beatell; Sllflt. FlaVor with vanilla, stir, together mid pour Into a mold. It will settle Into three layers, limiting an attractive pudding: t>f dolleaU) flavor. It Is cqxially good when ordinary gelatine la used. ' Flno Gluts itncl Sllverwai"). • The tendency Is to ah association of fine glassware and silver, Lemonade owcrs, claret Jugs anil water pitchers of glass, with an applied decoration in silver; are instances at hand. A beautiful example is a crystal pitcher of antique shape overlaid with silver open work;representing wild roses and,their 1 foliage. This piece, in point of fact, is a 'silver pitcher, if you please, with a glass lining. Very pretty, too, arc- Bohemian glass! salad dishes and bowls' oct In silver standm-ds and edged around tins brini with, silver. A Warm Bath. For ninety-nine persons out of every hundred the best time for a warm bath is. at night immediately before retiring, 'The relaxing of the system in a warm bath opens the body for cold, and not a few serious re- suite are brought about by undue exposure nfter the bnth. An excess of bathing:, even In summer, is more or less debilitating and therefore ought to be avoided by persons of delicate health. ~ . - ; > ELY'S. CREAM BALM It not a liquid, snuff or powder. Applied into nostrils is quiekly absorbed. It cleanses thfefuL Allays inflammation.. Seals the 'tores. Restores t/m sen-see of taste and smell. ' 60 ctntt at Druggttti; by matt, registered, WeenU. ELY BROTHERS, »rugrgists,Owego,NY. avo boon enjoyed by citizens of overy town and dty In tho C.,8. Marvoloua Cure* have been wit* tteaaed by thousands of people, who can testify to TUB WONDVnrDIi HEALING POWER .Of - <. Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Noti'rnlgla,' ToolHacho, Headache, Earache, 1 Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints,'Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains,. Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, »re quickly rollevqd by tlilb muelcnl ronmrty. i TIT It once nnd you will novor bq without It. For imlo by drugulntB. I'rlco. tiOe. Our FONO BOOK froo to all. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY, CHICAGO. QO£D UBDAIii PARIS, 1878. BAKER'S _ Warrnnted absolutely pur- Cocoa, from which tho ciceeao/ Oil haa been removed. It hn» (Met times tilt itrtngtH of Cocoa piixod with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and !»' therefore far raoro cconoml- cW, colling Itti (Aon one cent a cup. It to dellcloui, nourlnhlng, 'Mrengthenlng, cully dlgcatod, and admirably adapted for Invalids u well o> for peraona In health. Sold by Groccra eTeryTTUflro. BAEEE & CO., Dorcbester, Mass, Plulu and Decorative WOUK PWMPThV ATTMNOKD AMP SHOP ON TO ADVERTISERS For a check for {20 we wlU print a ton-line advertisement lu One Million lnsuOB ot load. IDB Ainoriciiii Nawep ipera. ThU la Ht ilio >hte of only onoflfth of a cent n lino,for 1,0(0 clicii • lattmil The advorttsemunt will bo placed before One Mlllloit DII'FKUIJST nmvatxinor jmrotiasera:—or FIVE MILLION UKAPEUS, Ton linos will Pjoi'oinrabduto ubout 76 words. Address with copy of adv and olieolf, or sonrt 8n nts (or book, of Wpnuon. QEO. P. HOW- .y.lO.;^prilCB'tt.j y. Y. JulBdltn AT SJSCONP iST,, NEAR PIASA Absolutely Pure. Th»u powder never varies. A marvel ol purltv, atre iRth wholosnmoness. Mnre eeo- noiniour tlmn the ordinary kinds, and cannnt bo soltl In competition with the multitude pi low teat, Hhorc woignt, alnm phrmpUa'e now- dnrg. SOLD ONLY IH CANS. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 100 Wall St., N. Y. JanBdwly J, SUITER & SON, DKADKR8 IN tA'l'JEST NEWS. ' Henry Raab ban been appointed Superintendent of the . Belleville schools. Two men named Lee [and Leferge were killed by a giant powder, explosion at Cedar Vale, Kas. A company has been formed for the purpose of reclaiming the bottom lands of the K u-kaakiu river. •Senator J^urwell is not for Blaine. He says the' choice should be made from Gresbain, Shenuuu and Allison. . Thirty-three candidates—all prom- i ent—have ..been put iforward for places on.the Inter-State Commission. "'"' •'""• ''.'•'• Wan. Walter ,Phelpa says Blaine will not be a candidate unless the party leaders oon ider bis candidacy a necessity. ' ' Un<ler tjie .workings of the arrears of pensions law the pension list is still growing at the rate of 20,000 names a year. . The principal question touching the surplus now seems to be as to whether it will last until the Fourth of March or not. John Miller and his wife were arrested in, East ijt..-Louis, yesterday, while engaged in unloading a car of pig iron into their wagon.. We are now ass red that New York City ,vt\\\ erect a suitable monument to Gen. Grant as soon as the General's widow ( contribvites a sufficient sum for the purpose. , St. Louis Trades and Labor union has sent a.circular to each member of the "Legislature opposing the submission of a .prohibition amendment to a vote of the people. A Catholic priesV at Lyons, Iowa, who was deposed (fifteen years ago by Bishop Hennessy, !pf Dubuque, has just been awarded $200,000 damages against 'the,Bishop. Forty men in Lowell have been discharged from work because the strike in New York prevented the factory from getting material. Thus does the striker help his brother workman. Judge David S. Turpie, United States District Attorney at Indianapolis, was yesterday elected United States Senator by the Indiana Legislature to. succeed Senator Harrison, whose term expires next March. Judge Turpie served eighteen days of the unexpired term of Jesse D. Bright, who was expelled from the Senate for treason in 1861. He was one of the counsel for defense in the trial of Joseph C. Mac-kin in Chicago about two yearn ago. Randall. The indications , are that the bill may have a majority, but it 18 doubtful about a two-thirds majority, such as would be necessary to pass uniler suspension of £he rulea. ' , ,. Thu general belief is now that the President will sign the Inter-State Commerce bill, it is said that be Is inclined to .ask J.Udge Thui'man tp take ttie prestclency,and to, put Judge Cooley, of Micliigun ; John D Kernan, of New York, and \V. O. McDowell, of New Jersey, on the Commission. WAU TAXES. Under the bill to refund war taxes to the States, which has, been favorably reported .to the Mouse, the State nf Ohio would get $1,567,000 and Illinois 81,146,000. • FINE AND FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock Always 011 Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CAJ/L BEFORE PURCHASING. ,/JK FUBNmjRE ROOMS ARE ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILii. apidwlv For Sale. A 7-room brlekdwolllng and nut buildings on Thlid street, between Ohwry and Vln« WHIPPL" ft 8M BY. 5OO.OOO ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING AND In NORTHERN WIB. NORTHERN WI8- i, • -, CON6IN lor iilo at CS • AN ACRE on long ««». The moat pro«jieron» and promlslnpr field for mttlomont In the U. a Full with good map free. Addrcm HID For Sale Cheap, -ONK- With all tho Appliances to Ron Everything in Good Order. A. H. HASTINGS, JolBwtf Upper Alton. ALTON, ELfc Alt PRICE LIST: LaBelle, * Fairy, • • • Diamond Light, Fancy, • - n in. $4,75 450 4.00 3.50 Congress. WASHINGTON, Fpb. 2—Senate— Message received from the President transmitting Lii'ut. Schuetze's report regarding distribution of testimonials to persons who aided the survivors of the Jeanneite expedit'ph—House liill appropriating $10,000 for drouglit- btrioken section passed—Consideration df sundry civil bill resumed nnd the bill passed—liill providing for ti military post near Denver, Colo., passed—Bill to bridge Missouri river between Omaha and Council Bluffs passed. House—An oi'dtr made setting apart Feb. 8 for consideration of business reported from' committee on foreign affair-Hill passed authorizing construction of a bridge across Mississippi river at Dubuque, lo—Message of President vetoing bill granting pension to Carter W. Tiller called up, but House refused to pass bill over veto—Bill to prohibit appointment-of Congressional committees to attend funerals at public expense laid on table—Pleuro-pneumonia bill considered in commit'.ee of whole. From Washington. ODK DEFBSSEt,8S8 LAKB COAST. WAshiNGTON, Feb. 2—Anent the discussion as to the possibility of defending the lake ports in case of war with Great Britain, a navy officer is quoted to-day as saying: "It is absurd to think of defending our lake cities Individually. The only chance in case of war would be to seize the canal and' destroy the locks with dynamite. Five British gunboats, once through the canal, could devastate our entire lake front. The whole truth of the matter is that we are in no paution to bluff, and while it is all right to stand by our rights and maintain the national honor at any cost, it is next to criminal to invite trouble ncoalossly and on all false issues." THE TOBACCO TAX. It in announced hero to-day that Monday the Speaker will recognize some gentleman to move to suspend the rules and pass a Dili repealing nil internal revenue luxes ou tohucco. It is not decided whether the bill almlj bo presented by Judge Keljey or Mr. Legislature. SPRINGFIKJ.D, Feb. 2.—Senate— Seiiutor Pierce introduced .a joint resolution providing for the appointment of a commission to investigate the circumstances 8.urr,ouncUng ,tlie recent 'labor',,strikes in, the State which resulted",in the!serious' disturbance of the public peace; the destruction of much valuable property; tbe interruption \ of business, and the loss of life. The 'iesolution provides , that the Speaker of the House shall appoint five members and the President of the Senate shall appoint three Senators who shall hold sessions at Springfield, and have power to subpoena witnesses, send for books and papers, and incur n'-cessary,expenses. The resolution was laicl,over under the rules. Senator Funk's Pleuro-pneumonia bill passed to a second reading with an amendment by Mr. Chapman to 'the effect that the. Board bfCpmmis- sioners shall have povrer to slaughter diseased cattle or those exposed, to a number not exceeding five; also another amendment fixing the fine of veterinarians not exceeding $500 for failure to perform their duties. The House bill relating to the same subject was also passed to a third reading. Bills were introduced by Senator Berggren. of Knox, to prohibit the marriage between parties one or both of whum being charged or convicted of a felony, and while under sentence of the same. By Senator Curtiss, of McHenry, to establish a State .industrial training school for girls and to establish a State home, and to provide for the maintenance of the same. HOUSB. Bills were introduced as follows: By Mr. Fuller, to extend the authority of City Councils in villages and towns By Mr. Fuller, prohibiting the employment of girls uuder 16 yeam of aye. By Mr. Jones, of Sangamon, exempting all hpnorably discharged soldiers over 40 years of age from the payment of poll tax. By Mr. Lament, .to. suppress immoral.'literature.-" By Mr. Mahoney, to compel railways to stop trains 25 feet before r v aching any crossing*" • By Mr. Merritt, .to provide for the non-forfeiture of life policies after two assessments have been paid. By Judge Merrick, to provide for grain inspect.! >n at East St. Louis. By Mr. Miller, proposing to employ convict labor, first, by classified labor, which is to he used,in erecting building-i and walls necessary to the penitentiary ; to quarry and, work stone for sale and use upon public highways to be sold at a ivnuineru- tive price; to manufacture brick for sale, to manufacture wearing apparel and prohibiting contract lapor, Mr. Murphy, to authorize cities and villages to .establish and mam- tain kindergarten schools and levying a tax not 10 exceed $2 on $100 for the maintenance of such schools. IOO Doses On* Dollar. Hood'» Barsaparllla Is the only juodlolne of which this can bo truly said; and It Is an nnoniwcrable argument as to the itrength and positive economy of this great medicine. Hood's Bamparllla is made of root*, herbs, barks, etc 'ORE and favorably known lor their power 'U purllylng the blood •, and In combination, proportion, and process, Hood's BamparlUa Is peculiar to Utctf. "for economy and comfort wo use Hood's BMsap&riUa, 1 ' MBS. C. BuEWSTBtt, Buffalo. " Hood's Sarsaparllla takes less time and quantity to show Its effect than any other preparation I ever hoard of. I would not be without It In the house." Mns. C. A. M, HVBBAKD, North CMll, N. Y. 100 Dotct One Dollar Hood's Satsnparttta cures scrofula, »itt rheum, all humors, bolls, pimples, general do- blUty, dyspepsia., biliousness, sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and liver complaints, and all Directions caused by impure blood or low condition of the system. Try it. "I was severely afflicted with scrofula, and for over a year had two. running sores, on my neck. I took five bottles of Hood's Sarsapa- rllla, and consider myself entirely cured." 0. K. LOVKJOY, Lowell, Mass. ''Hood's Barsaparllla did mo an Immense amount of good. My whole system has been built up and strengthened, my digestion unproved, and my head relieved of the bad feeling. I consider It tho best medicine I have ever used, and should not know how to do without It." iUar L. PESLB, Salem, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparllla Bold by all druggists. »l;slxfor$5. Made only by 0. L HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass IOO Doses One Dollar. T. L. FOHLD8& CO,, SUCCESSORS TO A. B. MOKJJKKBt ft CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles, STILL SLOP FOR SALB. _ . aopTdwflm JOHN BAUER, IN AND MANCFAOTUBEK OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hull, ALTON, ILL. All kinds of fine and common famlture constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. FHViflOlANS AND DB. E. Physician and Surgeon, OFFIOK AND EESIDBNOB, OOE.FOTJBTB AND HBNKY STS. 1aS-dwly W. A. HABKELL, M.D., Physician and Snrgeon, OPFIOIE—8HOOND 8T., ALTON, IC.L. itflce h ours- 9 a. m.: 12 to 1, and 6 p.m 1t,r**l.^w* DB. C. B. ttOlELAJTO, Dentist) 18 THIRD 8T1BET, AJ-TOS, ILL. Offlco Hours-S a. m. to 12 m.; 1 to t p. ir (obdwly A. J.HOWELL, -DEALKE IN- FURNITDREI A Full and Complete Stock ' CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OBDEP FOB UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. Belle at., bet. Third and Fourth. —AL8O- G. A. McMILLEN, .Dentist, OVER BB0EQQEU'\N.S r 'S OIQAB STORE SECOND ST. (o^ dt( l - eorn " c 'V:' I ' n ' 1c '" rn|.a>. Biniiaiiiiiii [urnl.lii.Hl. \Vrllt ValvnUnu llros., J»n"«»Ul» WU. UNDERTAKERS RESIDENCE OOR. STATE ft SEVENTH STS EMPIRE MILLS, SKUONU STREET (Soar Plasa), ALTON, ItL FOR SALE : Ground Oato, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Plour.eto PB011PTLY DELIVERED TO ANT PABT OF THK 01TV. M.WILKINSON. Jl7dtt Hardware and Farm Winery. HKAJDQUAltTERSFOB THE Best Buggy in the World. In the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, 1.75, *2 V ^2 50, a-l, $6.50, $7.50 to $10. EUPION^amY ^CAUMJNE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, E Free Irade. The reduction of internal revenue and the taking uff °f ruveaue stamps from proprietary mndiolnos, no doubt, Ima largely benetitied thooousumers, as well as relforinp; (be burden of borne mariu- faoiurors. Especially Is tbls the case wltli Green's August Flower aHd Bos- otiuo's Uertuun Syrup, as the reduution of tbirty-six oenta per dozen, has boon added to moreaso the P!ZB of tbe bottles containing those remedies, thereby giving ono-flfih more medicine in tbe 76 cent size. Tbe August Flower for Dyspepsia and Liver complaint and tUe German Syrup for couj;h and lung troubles, have, perhaps, tbe largest sale of any medicines in the world. The advantage of increased size of tbe bottles will bo greatly appreciated by tho siok and aiUiotud, in every town* aud village in civilized countries. Sample bottloH for 10 oonts remain the same size. j» 8 dwlw eow For more than forty years, Ayer'ft Ghurry Sectoral has been auooesufully prcsonbi'd In cusrs of consumption This mi'dioine alwuynnffurdd greut relief in pulmonary duumiui. A*k your drug- gut (or It, dwlff Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Paiius, ready for use. See our $10 Harness. Call and set our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH 1 BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BBEECH-LOADTKG GUNS, From $16 to $30. J f T r->/'^n~v-rLJ THE LEADING . . H. BOOTH, JEWELER

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