Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 2, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1887
Page 4
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-. T -;'<r*'p>?r'«»'-B-jtf*Ti .... •-,..... ... ........ & SWINDLER " doM not nkr possible purchitnen to bis victim*. Tb« Athlophoros to. Blndlr re- fen sufferers from rneunmtwn, neuralgia, sciatic*, nervous or sick hemf-iolie. kidney and liver complaints to thoso who haw. brut evrtd of these diseases by Atlilophoros, nnd will furnish names and addmses of niniiv su«h persons to those desiring them. Atli- lopboro* is the only remedy for ihes^'db 4 euce that can eland such a test. '•'.- A • A, M. Barnee, M. D., 120 North Hazel St. Danville, lll.,»ajs: "After I had exhausted every other resource 1 retorted to ntto of Athlophorot, aad was cured by lf( »Tli» disease commenced in tliesciaiio^trv^of my left limb, paining mo almost beyond endurance. I thought by keeping on my feet and treating the dwc.ite at the same time I could toon overcome it. But such was not the case. It gradually crew worse and I suffered in this ntty for five weeks. At that time I was practicing medicine and living in Lafayette, Ind., where I lived for seventeen years. My piwtor, Rev. Henry Buchteli came in one morning , nnd said : reooniffi«K|ed <»by Bishop Bowman - e so highly ?' at the same time raying, ' I will order it for yon if v«u will take it. 1 I Mldt 'Ob,yes, I will take anything if I e*a only get rid of tbJ« terrible suffering. 1 "la » oay or two Mr. Hilt, the druggist, oent np» bottle of Athlopboro*, and I commenced tieing U. I had taken but a few dosts when I bud relief, nnd in s few daya wa» entirely Well;•> This» about fotir ytart »go. >l'httd'«nother nttnck abont;n yew »lnc«; trot 8 fe\r d6»es of Athloji'horoB »oon drove that away. Since that time I have had no rheumatism. I have recommended it to many different persons, where It has always done the same Rood work. not be/toljUJlii of'Abe: dHig^it theiAtltlo- Bendf eitner.^(C*rriEg4i paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for Athlophorofl and 60r. for Pilln. For liver and kidney discern, dyspepsia, In" " " "llty, d\aec , digestion, weakness, nervous debility, of women, eomtlpnllmi, hendnrhe. Impure blood. Ac,, Athlophoiw I>U1» are uuequuhxL « REAt. ESTATE FOR -BIT- Rudersnausen & ,- For Sale. A oonvnnient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being n two-glory frame hous> on Klguth street, near Ilenry.^, 3 •• s *' •for bolei ;;•*;• ,1 •-', ' t A cUoloe farm o( Noacioe, with flrat claa Improvements, situated M mlleo east o' Brunswlek. Ohartton co., Mo. For aaln. A one Story frame dwelling house In goo* condition. In Topping's addition to Allon. „ . for Sale Cheap ; The leildelioe ol Oapt. W. t oblo; tw 12 room 4 ball Uara, oto.: 8 acres ol grour property In the city. *•* . .near city limits, « f >-o . nd 'twimo UWL a noosi he eK 'o >.at« stroe betvTeon8tB, : an'fJ|)s'; ; !lcots > -. ao t the briu. block of stores 6n"8e<X)n -fi&jfff botwee< Hnni and Kld^e street aown' as Hunter 1 • W ' : - '"• within nn> olooka of theT 160aoreH (good tarminu land, and anothe act ol -00 urea; both unimproved. Sltuat' . Mm .•' (.o.,'Kansu8, at |10 and.$16 per aoi i ' tract ol In Mm . Ciwh.balouou on tlmi . . A lurin of 140 acres on bottom land, all U' cultivation, near Madison, In this county. / two-story frame dwelling nouae on it . A o)ioloo fann ol lid acres, situate, l*mllv' aouthWBhlpmari, Mocoupln county, 111., ui a low,.Uguru. Parties Iniendinn to'bny Re'al ' Estate" in : tW oity ol Allon or vlolmtv will II nil It tot hull In' crest to call attheoffl oof Itudurebauiioi) & HonntHK and ux amtue their list o propur- tlos fbr sale ua only part thereof Is udver- tlt-ed. rti PLASTER A common sense cure, i>y a combined modlcal and mechanical action. Unllko any othqr-'pci partition, they rollovo tho pressure while curing tho corn, and novcr fall whore directions aro followed- Five aots of plasters and box of ointment pat tip in kandaomo tin waft .convenient for uso. Price 25 cents, complete. Ask for "Pedacurn" an|dSo|SUier|'-CSn:> : ^' 113 W. . Of KIRST^ILASS ORUtJCIB H. W. CUAMBERLAIN, Dial, Agent fur Alton. -DAM CEntt-Mfl M 8«ao«d«itM« MutUr »t tb» t, O. at Alton* ll».) KVB., FEB. 2. PROGRESS AN IMPORTANT PROBLEM OF AN -A Eiperiment with • Nlokel Plated LlRhtnliig ltod—A Peonllar Combination of Urtdgc, Cable C»* and Ferry ' BdBt, Knofrii ai the Trurellnc BrldKe. In tbo harbor of Bt. Molo, Frnnre, a jwcu- llnr comlilnntlon of bridge, cnhla car and torry boat hng IWPH for fifteen j-earg nucctw- fillip nsed to convey passengers and .vehicle* ucrjpss to tho to$vn 6'f Salnt-B^t-vaSj. V :•« ?' A TRAVELING BRIDGE. The illustration here given represents thli traveling bridge, as it is termed in Popular Science News. At high tide tho water ratchet nearly to the toty end the bridge presents a strange ajiiiearnnee 'iu it travels 'ocrosi Jthift watcr,;iilte some efgahtld'insect The structure; Is aboutxtilrty-throe "feet highji andtmoV&t upon roils laid on &e bottom of tfio"iiarbbr. * It is built as lightly as Is consistent with safety, so an to avoid friction in passing throuch the water. Tho motive power is «p- .plied by wire cables, connected with a. station- ; ary engine. -' The o^stoni^traversed,is|4^out 275 foot, and tho trip is modern a tQinute'knd a half. 1 '" No accident has-'ever ''dccnrred/nnd communication has never been interrupted by wind or weather. This system of transportation is specially adapted to small hurbors or siiream vtrb'ere" : an ord Innry - Krfdge"-is *hSP practicable on account of expense or Interference with navigation; and there are doubtless many localities In this country where a similar institution would be a public convenience nnd payifflj hircstment. ;.,;.«' ; '•;> 'S Book Worm*; nnd Their Fo«5. J5 Th(5 book worms—tnBt'is, tholarva that eats book and binding—is named, according to Mr. Sydney Klein, tenebrio mollitor, and is a coleopter. t jt is attracted, by the gluten in the paste ehiployed ^n jbihding thaboold- The tenebrto'flrid i-lch pastures Ih'tho.bofikYof today, when these are not medicated. •Light if afforded on-thoBubjectipf medica^ tibn b'y Mr. EusSeVT3abbiris. < -'Hls tcffebrios showed n decided preference £or dark colored pnpor,5whll6^Ught yellow, paper," nlmosl'with- out'exception, csoaiied. One of the A papers that escaped was a light green-c-an ai-senical papbr. 1 ^ Popular Science, cdrajinentlng on tho above, suggests that the light yellow paper was prol»ib]y> colored with chrome-yellow, chroraite of lead; Soj It appeal's that tie insect may bo fought by exercising judgment in coloring the papers which are to receive the paste..}' ...'• .> , ! .., ... y...r Abnormal Growtli of ZIftlr. The abnormal crowth of hftir over the entire body of individuals of the human race, of which instances are not rare, is caused, according to the Ktfltement of Professor Mason ; by the porslsjem.'o, i of , the prenatal,,..downy hair, or. rather the non-development of the h'alr-folllclcs. ;,VThls persistence of the em-" bryonal -covering is shown, as n normal condition, in the ostrich, apferyx and penguin, where tho feather follicles produce through; life the soft downy plumage of the chick. ''"' AB11IEN TESTIOHEW. A correspondeiit in Science i-ecnlls tbo case of Adi leHfTestiehew, the Hussion "dog man," \yho.-w picture ia here given, as a remarkable illUftiHtlon of this abnormal growth of the. hud-, and explains that this hair is not always >oft. and downy but may, through pathological ro/irfitiopa, bo conrsu like that of tho adult The] 1 , animal ors dogliko appearance of Tes- tlrbun- is'also t probably as striking as any over observed. A family of tho Sixteenth rontury, however, presented a very similar aspect. J In this family, thn father, sou and daughter'; wero^all covered, according to descriptions now extant, over tho entire body with long hair, with tho exception of a space below tho eyes, Tho, notable case ; of Julia.Pastrana,-of Mexico,'may also bo 'cited,' She' was a most rcputsjve looking person, tho hair of the bead, forehead and face being course like ordinary balr.'and' her cheeks and nose nearly bare. Another point of interest in these abnormal eases Is tho tendency shown to heredity. Thi-ico |io.s the anomaly lieon developed in the locond' generation, and once, in tho Itinnan family, in tlie thiixl. Tunnel in the Itooky (Vloiiutulu*. < A tunnel hi projected to be bored under Gray's peak, in tho Uoclcy mountains. It AVlll bp placed 4,441 feet Ijolow tho Htimmlt of l,ho mountain, will bo £),IXKI leot long unit will give dlfuct communication between the .valley* In the Atlantic slope and thoso of the PiVctlo.sklo, willi a Bhorteiiing of uoiua 800 : "roilen In tho tTonamontanu dlstancos. A Nlckul LIuhtDlnif Hod. It Is reported that the experiment of placing a nickel plutnuL lightning rod .0(1 ft bulMing ,h.M been succeiutttUy ti-fcd fiv tJrwduiv. Tho 'advahtnges clihiicd by ddroc/itos of thli .tn^tal j\ro that, hoiuj; nQU-cfo^ixllblo, it will last longer than iron, and will nUo keep bright at the points, which latter is very es- Mmtla! to the ofllchMicy of rods as conductors ' ' -' ^' How to DeternUne Uenth, M. reyrand afllrms that one of the best means of determining tho dentil of an ludj- ivl^iml la wiutei'lznlloi)' by Viouna puite. ' It lliu' evchiir forum slowly, and 'ilr-of a yellow color or trannpai-ont, deolh may be poaltively declanxl, while U it li red, brown or bhwk, fect nlTtke'chllrfrtfo 1 6( «i ! hous«hold, t »«irlet fover,'bx ft'i'l-tilo, liniita >iU attacks to one or two, oveiifthough there mny bo others who bove never hud the disease, and 'are therefore presumably tnaceptlble., v . , : . , ,., It Is just posgibie,' Buggests'ahcitb&r authority, in' considering the above, that if parents took the sanfe'precauttbns' regaining measles and whooping cough> na they -do with Scarlet fever, J>r. Molg's opinion") would bo erixinemis.-. Generally ^spcaktiig,, when ' m'raslcs or" whooping 'cdtisli appearVparfcnte jtermld their .children .'to expose thomMlves on -the ground sthat they .must, have these diseases Rome, time; swhlle scarlet fever, being especially dreaded, tuMffectcd thildrcu 'are ieolated from the tif- ; f ected ' ones,- '-Neither measles or whooping cough arc trivial diseases, and the EOoner;paTr ent< and guardians roalbo the fact the better It will be. ^j' __••-'• ^ '•'• ' ••"••. ,; Bptr t,n. WTO .to Old Ago. In order to li vo" to a good old ago, says Dr. H. C; WoM, of Phlladelphliii the several vitnl organs must be approximately equal in strength. A' man of. ordinary physique, doling the authority quoted ,in Popular Science Monthly, .who possoRros tnis , fortunate bahuico 1 o'f ' poWer, will hi oil pr^babllrty' bu^ Uve an nthlele whoso' dsfrelopmerifrhns been 1 unequal; .Excessive strength, ia one part is, in fact, a source of danger, An over devel- | oped 'musciilar system invites dissolution,' he' Cause It is a ooiutant etr.iin upon the less pow- ' erful organs,, 1 and finnlly wears them out\ Ceath, in the mdjorityof cages, is the resul'. of local weakness.', It often happens' that a vital organ lias been endowed with an original longevity .loss^than |hat of the rest .of, the or- ganlsmj and Its failure to act brings death 'to other pdrtlons' of 'the system; which In them- Belvesfpossessed tho capabilities of long life. The .fact of , having succeeded 'in life, with the Batlsfaction and comfort 'it brings, "cou- tributos' 'to the prolongation of existence, while failure, with ita resultant regret*, tends to shorten it. , In old age the organs possest less elasticity to m.eet' an?l overcome such " strains'" ad ^can be 'Invited with Impunity in youth? *Hene<y the old should bo spared the striiiiSr^t is s also Desirable that, OB their years advance, they should .moke their' per-' sonal habits' the Subject of careful study; : arid, with the help of some wlso'counselor, regulate their 'daily life in accordance with • the changed conditions ol fheir animal economy. This is poi-ticularly tbVcase^with reference to diet •/••.- i -:-: - --••'•:• - - ; - : PHY8IOLOQV Vaets, Tlieotlen And BttMiHtDoc* in Ev«ry ,-<«•! BM iiay JtUWpiO' ..i'i . ». .1 Dr. -Arthur V) Moigs, In a pnper •• read b»- • fow the Philadelphia County Slcdical society. '• take* the ground that 'scanet'foVir Is very tnucl^ lees con tagloua tlian is cominpuly. sup: posedV'm'iich letej'Ju t &Ct tfran'cJlher 1 fflfoslci- or whoopiiie .*ou|hi^ li -proof.'of bl» ophi-, IOM ha. cites tho fact that; vrhila it is u usual thhJg for iueaslcs 'aiiil whooping cough to <if fect nlTtke'chllrfrtfo 1 6 «i ! os t ETIQUETTE. Ing Tee in the SIcIt Room. A convenient and efficient method 'of keeping ice in small quantity 'in a sick room for "a cousiderabld'tlme -is as fdllowg! ' Cut-' a ; pi«ce of flannel about ulna inches 'square, ami so-cure it by a ligature around tho mouth of an ordinary tumbler, so as to leave a cup shaped depression of Oannel within the tumbler to about.'.half its depth. In the flannel cup so constructed pieces of ico may bo pVeserved many hours, all the longer if a piece of flannel frotn four to five inches square be used as a loose cover to the ico cups. Cheap flannel, with comparatf vbly open preferable, as the water easily drains Uiroufih it, and the ice is thus .kept quite dry. When good flannel with close texture is employed, a small hole must bo made in the bottom of the flannel cup, otherwise it holds the water and facilitates the melting of the ice. 'Fish as a Food for Invalids. Dr. J. 8. Nairne, of the. Glasgow Samaritan hospital, has recorded several histouces m his practice in which the uso of flsh, boiled or fried,' as food by patients, even when considerably advanced in convalescence, was followed by evil consequences; and he had begun to believe that, under any circumstances of debility, flsh was a dangerous diet, and forbade its use. , Further observation taught him that the fault was not' in the 'flsh itself, butin the method of cooking It; and that when: steamed, Instead of being boiled ;or fried, it was much moj *. easily digestible and perfectly harmless. ..= :;.• ' , ;• "Ddn't stand ou the 'order of going" r-rbat go s'rnigbt to the next corn'er and buy a bottle ol Dr Bull's Cough Syrup, if you want to cure your cold, • FarmeiH and HorBemen rend this!— 1 find Salvation Oil a most excellent liniment among dorses, and I take pleasvue ID indorsing it as a certain remedy for scratches — James .Thomas, Franklin road, near Baltimore. A joint resolution . for submitting a prohibition »ni6ndmeni to the con>t'nu- non'has been adopted" in : ' the Ti-xag Home of Representatives, - For 20 years Henry F. .Balcptn, of Mass., suffered 'with rhpumiiti.-ni. ; He found no reliul till no took Iloud>.Sni» '.-. / ..''•' .}..•' ,'49;' A clear skin adds to the beau'y of a fine f«ce, and often lends ii' charm to luimolinoas. To benutifv Vour comp'ex- mn you should purily.your blood with Ayer'a Sarsaparillu. As a tonic and Miieraiivo mfdicinp, it has no f;qtiwl. Price $1'.' Six bUtles, $6, dwlw Why hare a lame or wenh back, when vou- uitn jret a "Poraeroy'd Petrollne i'laster" for 25 cenUP 20 An advprtiH^menl of n hotel at Jack'. Honville, Fla., says, "The bust Now En- trland cooks." Jhis in impdrtmit.' We were aware they hud left New Enj_'l«nd, bin iliUn't.know where thuy hail gunuitu. RV '1 ' • • • i ' ' Ex. They are Worn bjr Noldlrra. Evidence of Iho value of Alicock's irpUrt'Plaite'rs coiiie»'ih 'he fo|iow'mer loiter fr<)m CharlC't Yeager, o( Cuiupuny A. ll>li U. S. Infantry, stationed at Foit SullYS D«koU; . I have been lining 'AllcockV Porou 9 PltiBlerrt (i>r tlm la-t, ten years, and fen I qiiite lost If. Mmvn not half a dnz<<n in iuv pout'Oafl'in. In thl» eectum o( ih« cnuniry we hnvw at times very «fVBr« onld. / When \ lie iharmomutar. U («*U»w zero, I tind'tlmt an AI ciiok'n PCJKIHH I'ltiHter on the pit of my t-tonvHolt is invaluable; Ttiey »pp< l ft r no ^°4'y l( * WJ*" the body, hjil uwigurute , Iho ijigwlioi). At time* 1 have buun greatly, tnmuluil wuh R> lame buofe. Two> AUci>«Vi» i'i»rotf>* Pltt'lo'is placed upon the opine Invanftbiy ('iirri tuv'iii't'Wi) t>r Ihruo dnys; Si'inuiiiniH* I hnvii luii a »Dvi>re a'-Ukrh tiiul vviv bnd cntil An Allnck'a I'dinu- I'liMur plHcmt arouiid Hut ihroiti Hnd on tliu (-huht, ami onv bfiween (lie ^h»ulder blades,, fcave invarlufaly uffordtU me Immediate relief a&d a qaiok cure.' Manner* and Social foltte Practiced' ih When von nxvltett, friend -W n, family din. t»er, : dd"%ot;a<Wtt>pt • too'intfch. It Is really tforeVslegittrt to hhre the dinnel- njjpear : t& It t< Were an avefy dny:.iaflfatr'itJiaH t<> imprt* the guest hy an osteutatipus,, variety that it, la quite ah* ,eepoeldl eveiit to ask a friond to, dinner." -Many AmerlcaiM are deferred from 1 «htertaining, bocausp they think ,lhoy caiinot ; have company .without n . vulgar, ftbtuidanw, •Which Is. of course," as bxpeiiiiVb ond trouble, BOineWlt la contseiiiid uhraflticiL'-' • ' '• ' For, rctlsonobld people thoro IB ,110 flinner niftre satlafaetory than one consisting (lint of soup, then a flsh garnished with boiled potatoes, folleAved by rt Wast' aUognrnislicd with ono vegetable) perhaps an entree, always n saltttl^sorna cheese and n dessert. .This, .well eopknl' olid neAtly" and 'quietly served,' is n g'6nd eiibnga diinw-r for any onbmid Is ^Khin the power of a hostess of: moderate; moans to , givo, jNoycraUompt a new dlsli with ^company— ono (lint you aro not entirety certain will prove in every why acceptable, • ', Brides mid, Wedding. , . : -Quiet wcddingR,' cither in church ornttho house, nrb very niuch' prbfor'rod -by'sdiiin fdm- 1 'Hies. For a quiet wedding the .bride dresses Uv a traveling dross and bonnet very often, ready to depart on tbo wedding journey. , ' As to thb wedding tour, It Is no -longer c6n- iilricred .obligatory, nor is the seclusion of a -honeymoon demanded. . If tbo nc'wly married pair begin hoitsekeep- hig directly, 1 they generally 'Issue a fow "at homo" cai Us and thereby open an easy door for future hospitalities. • The young .couple -are hot expected, however, to be Immediately rwpouslblo in tho matter of entertainments; .The announcement, of a day ou which .the brldo wi(l receive her friends is' almost indls- 'p^nsable'.' ITie refreshments "oil these 'ofca-' •slons should not exceed tea nnd calife, or, at the most, ten, chocolate and .cake, .-which may* Btaiid on a tahlo at oiip end of tho room, or may bo handed by a waiter; ; Bouillon 'ou n cold dny is also in order, and 'is perhaps one of the most serviceable of. all simple refreshments. , , .-•-.•A bride (Slight to be very nttcutivoand conciliatory to nil her husband's friends. They? will naturally feel moro or less curiosity and Interest from the time tho engagement is announced, and it is in tlK worst possible taste for her to show iudiffereueo to them. , 1'nvorH nt Cln-lstcnliiKB. •At a christeniuc; paity all the favors savor •of the nursery--eradles of fiowoi's,- -powder boxes, littlo socks filled vyl th mignr , instea<l of littlo feet, biiby hoods and other, garments. Of course the baptismal dish and silver-.cup are easily imitated in favors. Elei>bants full of- choice confectionery and tigers with chocolate inside, please tho children, as do favors in form of fruits and •flowers;'' •' ''•-.- ; - --, '-. ; A tilU for All. , , In order to give all achancp to lest it, and thus be convinced of it-i wond«rful curative powers, Dr. King's Ne.w>Di.-~ cnvory for Consumption, Coughs and Cold?, will be, for a limited limp, given awuy. This offar ia not only liberal, but shows unbounded Inilh in' the merit* of ihia great remedy. All who suffer from Coughs, Unlds, Consumption, Asihraa, Bronohiti", or any iiffeciion of Throat, Cht-sl or Lunos, are especi illy rrqnosted to call ai. K. Marsh's' Drug Store, anrt get a trial boule free, large battle SI. Ifcuews Ifur i'ontli- Mrs. I'hoobn Chesley.. Ptta-sort, Clny co., Iowa, le.lls the fcillowing remarkable i-tory, the truth of which if vouched for by ihe residents of the town: "1 urn T.'Jyi-ars old, have been troubled wiin kidney complaint 'and latuehe.'-s for many years, could not dres.t myself without help. Now I am.frije from all [jam and soreness, mid am able to do all my own buutiewurk. I owe rov thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed me youth, and removed completely all di>-ease and pain." Try a hottlu, only tOc, at E. Mursb's Drug Store. fbl dvvlm Arnica Salre. •.-•• The Best Salya in the world for outs, bruises, sores,;..aars, salt rhoum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and a!! sum eruption-", and positively cures piles, or no pa'y : required. It is guaranteed to give .perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. F^r sale by E.-Marsh, Alton, 111 • mch7dwlm The Trouble with Arthur. "What can be tlio muitifr with Arthur, dear P He mopes so, he mu-l be sick " "1 don't think it isi as suribm as that, minima. It'n his'whiskers." '•His whiskers. Why tho boy hasn't g it any." "That is, just it mamma. He w,i=lns h • Hnd them; don't you know."— Town Topics. When you ride yon don't want your buygy jtimpv, nor'jerky, nor crenky, nor sw-iymif fr^m 'side to side. You want, it billowy. Then ^«t the Rift- C-iil Spring. Everybody says hi> nevei i«aw tho like of it for.ease of motion. A>k your town carriage-builder about It. (1«'lW SYRUP Cure* CoupJu. C^tdn, TTrmmcnMS, BroucltUJo. >vtooj>in» Couch, }w\ ^-jST^fc.. tlon.oncl ivtic\ Croup,/jthnm, I Cnew l.nnao'n u owl—1'rlo" i ... .1 In advanced i ...„ Ilio Uuriuw. ['rlL-aitiois. Cnu-i. \tinn, llio Ccunliui lit'. finll'§l llCttiifih Bnrtip ij fold enly In I irbtte fni/jiK-rt, nnd lx-ni-4 ouri T WFIrlttvcl Trnilo->.ftl-|c* to wit. I i A Iliill'i litttil in ii Circle.a [tfil- 1 IStrtl* Ctttltlmi-ljtlM. AiiJ tltofl Bf«c -tlniilgueuixunnoi Ji-nii 1C. I >Jn// if A. (T Hretr * Co., Sola < i'lyn 1 ', lljlinioro.^la., U b. A. ; I'liiKu-'i'lii; i:r«n«Tohncro An- M'I- -lit liMtvnlll>ruu;t;lDU). ^: Lucas Pfeiflenbergei' ARCHITECT, AND MECHANICAL UKAUUHTNMAN, Ofllco ou Third at., ono (four west of PittMh third floor. MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with 8trl(itrogrtr<UoPnrltT, Strotigtti, noil UealtUtuluw. Dr. I'rico'o Uiikmi? Powder cqntalng no Aimm-mItt,Umo.Alum dr Phoeplitttos. DhPrico b JJxtracUi, Vaallltt, tcmori, otfl., flavor doliclottBly. KAIMVAV TlMK TAJ11.J1, OI110AQO &HL< AJLTON. On KoA nftor BundRy, Nov.'Hth, IttC, tratti on the OhlCMto Kiid Alton i-allrond, will loav* the Union Depot, Alton, Mtuiilara time, t« follows: rbr Chlcnfro and the EiMti ''• ' " • OhfcnRO Tlail'.,- ....... ............DiOO U.ID Ohioago Acpnroinoctotion*. ...... .8iOOlt.ii, ,U rtitnliig ExpreBS'. . ...:,........... B tip p. in Peorift and Rook Island Fast Llnet,9:00 a. m For JaokocinvDJe, Keohuk, gulu«j-, Kan- sun City, nnil nil points we»t. t Kauaiu) City Mull* .. .- ...... 9:OOa.H. Kunsus City Exjires:!*, ........... . J : I" P- " Denver ExptesBt...- ............. .7;r5 p. m Jacksouvllle 4.coon>n)odatlon.{<.. 'I'M p. u.- ror 8t. Lool> t LlKhtllluv! Express* .......... . ..... O-46 tt. u; Chicago Accommodation* ......... 980 u Alton Special I ...................... 'S^P- !' RansHS City Mall*. ..... . ........... •.&«».»• Chicago Mallt .................... B.SOp. rUAINSIJIAVE ST. LOUIS UNION DEP01 FOB ALTON. tt 60a.m. W 00p.m. *4 W p. m. *1 &5 P. jn. (8 -J6 a. m. Sunday* only). •Dally Sup't. St. Louis blvislon O. Q. NORMS , Tioknt Atrent. , OH10AQO, BCnLiNGTON AND QUIN07 . 'IrniuB. leuve thn .Colon Do pot, Alton to'.lows: Kxpresa feicept Sunday) . ' . '. . 8:S5 v. tn ' Night JBiprusa ...... ............... 7:OSp. m W.W. ARNOLD, Aitent. Wffl.LKI.UNE TJNDEETAKER, DKiLETt IP Ready-Made Coflfins,,, Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes ForLadJos, Gentlemen and OhUdion. Offi.ce and Shop on State street OverHaM a LivnVy Stable, Will attend to Job WorkanO KeEaAiiflK Knrnltwvu. taf, The mifierslanod Have opened a n»w mu°lo tore at tuo coranr of Third and I'iaau 8t3 ORGANS AND PIANOS! of tho flnoet woikmanshlp for sale atrea aoimblo prieei. Call and examine our instruments before purchasing eUewhere, FLOSS & EABE. . mohlEdwBin For Toilet Use. Aycr's Hair Vigor keeps 'the hair soft anil pliant, imparts to it the lustre anil freshness of youth, causes it to grow luxuriantly, eradicates Dandruff, cures , all scalp diseases, and is tho most cloau- ly of all huir preparations, AVCD'C Hnir Vigor has given me n 1 1.1 1 o perfect satisfaction. I was nearly liaM fur six years, during •which tiiMe I used many huir preparations, but without SUCI-KS3. Jmieed, what little hair I had was growing thinner, until 1 tried Ayer's Hair Vigor. I used two Ixitlles b( tho 'Vigor, unil my head is now we!! covered wuh a new growth of huir. — Jmlsoii U. Chapel, Peabody, Jlaas. HAIR " ir " ' las become weak, gray, M/till and fudcil, may have new life and color resioicd to ft by tho uso of Avi'r's i{;t;f Vigor. ••Mv hair won thin, (ailt'il,- and dry, anil fell out in Marge (|>.<<. Aycr's Hair Vigor stopped Uw fai'.urj, niul restoreil my hair to its original color. As a dressing fur tho Imtr. tiiis nrrpnration has no cc.iml. — Mnry X. Ilamiuond, Stillwater, Alinn. VIRfiR . V0l "h, nnd beauty, In tho • iMUilj itjijieuranco of the hair, may ho preserved for an indefinite period by Hin i\so ut Aynr's JIair Vigor. *• A iliK- nnse of tho snilp caused my hah' to be- cmnp har«!> a;nl dry, and to fall out freely. XM: 111113 I tried seemeil to do me any cood until I coinmoncpd using A.viir's Hair Vigor. Three bottles of thin preparation restored my hair to a ' healthy • voadsttoti, ami it is now soft nnd pliant. My scalp Is cured, and it i« also free from, datu|ruff. — Airs. U. R. l f oss, Milwaukee, Wis. Ayer's Hair Vigor, Bohl liy DrugKlnti anil Perfumer*. SAFETY, prompt action, nnd wonderful curative properties, easily place Ayor's Pills at tho head of the list of popular remedies for Sick ami Norv- ous Heudachos.C'oiistipation, and all all- man ta originating Iu a disordered Liver. I have bcim a prcat »v\ffcrer from Jlfiadache, nnd Ayer'» Cathartic Pills are tho onlv medidne that has ever given mo relief. Ono dona of these P11U will tjiilckly move my bowuls, and froa nwhrnid from pain. — WllUaw U Page, llfchmoiid, Va. • Ayer's Pills, , W»p»red by Vr. ,1. 0. Aver fc Co,, Ixw.ll, Utu. BoU by ill DealarilQ Uedlola*. fur Hnle. the Woudrool pv»|iurty. A « »toi-y Iraaiu ouut) ol 8 rooiun, on Filth and Alton streets, i 4 room frame house on Filth utrmit. WHIPPLE M iflSf, fflSilMNCE, "~" K LflftH:*fi£fiT5,. lh». Co. of North America:. . Hartford, Puttitilx, Franklin, of PbtlailelyMtf: Oerninn Ajrwrlcnu; Nortii Brltlt* and Blercuiitila, Lonclyu; Coin. Union, I LanciiHhlrc, IHanclicHtor, 1 Continental; Girturd; Glentt Fulls. Ainerciu'i tontralj f .. , Westorn' AnBurairiec Co ANi) OTUKUSt-A . ENTUK AG8KKGATK. Pf..- toe ALSO UBPKBBKNT TUV Mutual Benefit Llie. of ?i<ywai'h, N. J., and Travelor'e t,jf «,n,ml Accident Ina. Cb..Hortf o'r'd." Office: Over Alton Nat. -Bank,Cor. Third and State uts. tror Ka.e . . Seven lots with goo.'l unok dwelling and outbuilding . in uro^d repair, In UDJHU- Alton. Hen di-nouol,il h,. 'VUlujt, and lin LWII. as the Merrill property. WHlfPLHJ'AJsMlLKr,'Al- ton, or I>. VV. Oinlot, 'Jppsr Alton. ftorHeut. A 7 room fra^e dwelling, In Rood rcnalr. on North side Bluff St. WUIPPLlj:.* 8M1LKV. For Sine or neat. A desirable tenement on Bluff street.iiwtiea bv Mr« S. J.Duno. ••••-, • ; .., ....**i tor emu The late rosldenoea ol J >. aiid,W. U. llltohoU, on ; MUl t)t.,'two o U c Best, plocea ol * rusldouou prupuity. in Allot • Tlio uropevty knuwn as "Tnu Park) 'eastJl above; If low pu M.111 and aumuiit streets, an i a number oi ou In MUlor $• Mlfoliull'a uddlttpu 'to Alton. - Aiivor all'tit'abOVu'iit&Kmtt bargain.'• -' jeor atue. ,'... ....... The Mijrriman proportv on 8taw. stree. in Miller * Miclioll'B add.; to Alton; W ttory tiouso, 8 roouia and aut-buililUKS; all in IIQV feotordur. Oan be bad at a bargain. tt ___ " ' For f ale. >.-• '•• '••' A IX story (rauiu dwulllng, eornox 1,'e and t utu mreutH. • ' • WUU'PLB & 8JULBV l>«8lrnble UosUlouoen tor Sulo. A twoatory Oduk duullint; ou Stuus atr kiiou n aa W m. A, I'luti liuinubUiud, lately iu K"»il I'upuli. A two Htory Iruiue dv/uHlnH on Alain titruut, nuany now. A two • story . 01 lek dwrelllug on Suventh street, till lor aiUu ut a uacrldou, ovvutir auvltiii dcoldud to ar v s- VV HIPI'UK .'* SMIIiKY mil *ur salt. • , A convenient turm ol 120 acres, most mi In Hltuucod on tbeBothaltoroHd, ' : For Reut. Lato residorioo 01 M. J. Noonan on Stute' 9tveut, known aa tbu A. l j lutt placu. Uood B room briuk IIOUCH, In llrst class lu WUU'l'LE * not llent. .;/. .',::• ' . ;.,.'.' Good 9-rnom brick bousu with abont'4 ncros of i;ruuii(J,lnvludlu j uco .n~<', in Upper Alton. former rut>lut>nco ui Dr. llumbei*>. ' For Sale or Kent. Tlio 2-story Iramu uwuliing with 9 rocunfl, Inuludln^ 7 Hits; good barn and fine linUa, known as tho Muhnla bouicatuad, ultinited on 1-Jthat., In a UoBtruolu uulubboihood. WILSON WASHBOARDS. „ ..^..-.. »Ja tlm^Tba-Btrong- o»l boards and btrtwuUets in tho wutW. -Far «alo bf »U Jo.nlrM. Take no other. SAttlBfAW M'P'O — SHORTHAND WRITING, Inuuhi by mail. Young'iijeii have only in learn shni thainl to inuku It a 'sure sonrco of pruHc. Bond stamp for pamphlet and speol- inon, W.'W. Uultoni Pitt«burjf,.Pa.. 17dlm T O ANSIHIfc.\T« flfB APPETITE POU TuHAUoO U8K • TUB ', .TOB A 0 O O TvSTK UE3lllOYKH.-r,Jt aradlrutes tb« tuatu for, and diixtroyx nil bud ef/eotn, an'n- IHK troin thn u«i> ol Tobaoeo This pro >nra- tl-in strBhgtlien< ttni upnutltu, .vloafs tho mind Mint .Jinpiovm the mom >ry, It is puc up In the form of luzonuos, which aro p on'- an to tulto. Quo »ox It auWulent to curu most casi s, y«l dotno r .-quire iwn bozns. Ovor l.OOU H"ld ami en tiro, hatltf.iutlon Klvon fn UIICUCIIBO. ilnndr.dsoi tuutiinnnlaUriculv- ud. t-ent MI any aiMrum. pimtsu-fl paid — ou receipt of Jl OU |)«r b"X. Prepared b> agriul uaiu .n I'himmioy. AddromtR. 8.'lllUcr, 9th wani, Wllmlimtou', Pol. •.;, • • I'dlin A dvertlrti'ra by addressing floo. i> ttowoll ft Co., 10 tpiiuxt «t., New York, In (irood taitli, ean o tain all nrodod Information uut any proposed lino of AdvurtlsiiiK In Ainorleun ^luwl^ptt|lor8. ' '__• 17dlm __ A^TCD— A live, cnei'golloman, to re.p- ruai-iitu-, J//i PI-I-UMI .th and expenses, Goods staple; >-v«rv onti buys; outfit) VUKK, bTA.spAitD blLVKHWAUE Co., BoB'o'nj*. •'•' ••"• ' ' ' ' W r I ADIE>v wanted''" srot up Tea Olubsfor out 1 > I'uru TMH. anil Ootruu«. A lii'ct of nsulnl rtluleii 10 auluct fnnn us premiums. Bund in- illusM'atuil I'll e an'l I'ainiliiiii Uit. SrK IAI.UPKKRI to (<v/)rj TBNTH pur-on that uii- nwiirti tblaa(lvor l;(»nci)it, «n will ennd ritUH IPO pound ch>. low Tiiu. Addruas NAT'I/ TWA *(JOITKI!0'>., noa'oii, Muss. ottudilm Thonjanrf •pnllo»tloni fat pi the United Uitci «nd Foml tries, th« pttlitiilwn of th« I American cocillnuo In tot M i Fo lerleno* . i puitlon of moff n bn« Hundnit _„-_ j S\^9 American cuntlnae In to *^*> I forpiVentB, cnv»at«.tr»de medl rlthli, eto.; far tVi« 0nVt« la ohoia pJeiitt In C)»n»da. TEqgliniL Fraaef, Otrmanr. «nd nil oilier count r!n>" Thelrtipen* •noe U unequtleil «nd their IMllltle* »r* nuor* PrmlnRi «nd "ptcincitlonl prepired and Btrf In tlio I'.iont Office on •hurt notice. Terrai Terr teuontble, No ch»ti;u for «i»mln»lion of nwd»l» or druwlnfi Adrlce by m«ll free r«l»nnolit«ln«cllliroufli Mn«n*0o,»r«lliitl» In Hi. SCIISNTIIttO AVtBRIC AN, whloh h the I I0WS] » «n Iniimllnn la TOtral writ* W , BubllihtM of 6«I«iit!i» 4<HlHM» S«w Vurlc \ VlL-':•*-'

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