Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 2, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1887
Page 3
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Invoicing- -II. J. Bowman & Co. HemnonU qheap— H. J. BownradY ' "' ' Cloak* c)^ttp-H. 3. Bowman * Co. Blnoket* twrjr low— H. J. Bowman A ' Shawlf, splendid valtte~H, J. Bow man &Co. Dress Good*, way down— H. J. Bow* man & Co. • _•. _ Flannels, for liule money— H. J. liowman A Co. ( Underwear, cheap— U. J. Bowman & «*>. ' J • . ' Hoods and Mittons— H. J. Bowman & Co. . . ' • . ' ..' \ . Wraps, at oeat-H. J. Bowmau & Co. Hosiery anil Gloves— H. J. Bowman &Oo. , '^ • For TrimmjPKr fl- J - B P wmftn * Co - Feather Trimming— P. J. Bowman TO AuVBBTUfcB. tor to* r**r MW -ro snail c&attte ttwtel. wlnn MMf lor transient MttoM In mtr total olumn*: inglt Insertion . . . tommu*. hNMtoavelnMCttoa*, • • t " ix to twelve Insertions' . S " BATES (jr Af irSBTl"! YO I TEAMl«OTi—J>7J! l rr c. ni8 per Inch first In- irtloo, and TirEfTTI firt oenU per inch oreucb *uib* queue Insertion. 13 per Inch drat month, fl.W per lnct>;each moutb thereafter LKOAL ADVERTISING: ft par tnob for the Ur*t ln«erti<m,'and to tutu per inch for each subtequenl Insertion, 4W Above rates will be *t ietly adhered to. THE DA'LT TELBGBAPU U delivered by airier* to all purtsof theeityoC Alton and 'pper tlcon, for ten cents per week. Matted to any addrom at the rate of IS M prr year. B TKlSttRAPM ha* the lar«eet Urcula- Jon of any paper in Alton, and la the beet medium for adrortlMri. OoBKKB TaiUD AMU PUSi mtHtl. Aatraohan Jackets—H. J. Bowman & o. .''... Astrachao Cloakiogs—H. J. Bowman Striped Jersey Flannels, reduced price -43. J. Bowman. Wales Cloth for Dresses, reduced—H. J. Bowman A Co. • Home Spun Dress Goods, reduced In price—H. J. Bowman & Co. Bouote Drees Goods, at reduced prices H.J. ! Bowman* Co. Fine French Dress Goods, reduced to i iose—ti. J. Bowman & Co. Fine Wraps, very mnoh reduced in price—H. j. Bowman 4 Co. Black Mid colored Silks, all aha-i and grades—H. J. Bowman & Co. Black and Colored Velvets and Vel vetoens, 'Splendid value—H. J. man & Co. prices on all good*, to clean up while invoicing,—H. J. Bowman &Uo. Mr. C. M Crandall advertises a great acrifice; Crockery and glassware at •Oout coit, for 30 days. New Century Cloth* and Prints, at Pterson & Carr l>ry Goods Co' Money to loan on improved real istate. Apply to Rndenhaujen A Sinntag. Third street. dtf IT was on a slippery mirmng tba he Boston Pott wrote; The man who bas sand in him is not lalf so popular now as the man who has sand on his Mdcwalk, Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLE A SMILEY. UO tTAT Til?WQ Second ftrner.near ro JJLufJiJLIJEin O FINE , corner ol Hunry -FOB- STATIONERY, Buvh a* Crane's Flora-. WhlttnK'a Standard Paiwra. Hnrlbut'a Frenc'i tlntMis, Kellpoe touted Edtfo, Bllte Hawed Kilge, Bnlrooral Linen, (jr.ffl i's Linen. Turkey I. aid Linen, J* • .oh Blow, Mllctulo, charred Edve, Oroaoi Lanl, Uonrutaic Nota, »n.I u l»r#e iui>urtment r« rUiuoinHtod .and Doooratrd stationary. DonniBon'u Wax and ttealn. School Tablets »ad Stuttottery. decedwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! Oil GAP FOB CASH OK TIUIC PAYUKKTS f^enos and Orgmut tuned and repaired 8>w tnu Maehtaes repaired 8nrtplle« tor alJ Ma- o.Vlnes. N. I>. LAMOBEUi. lUualo Oe-ler, Third ittreet, nearly oppohlte Belle, Alton, 111. decftlwly WATCH rOB THE BAKOtlNH IV JOB'S KKW COB. RCILUIMO. BKNBY >T., AT M«ti>. O. UiaiKAHf'S, All kinds of Fancy, Hand inudu, Knit and Croon tgoods. Uoods.TobugKttoi and Hits. Men's Bear a aud fascinators at very low prices AJao Presstntiking. Plain and Family Sewing anil Bumping D no. Oome and irlTe UH a call. Don't loruet the p'aoe, deed <lwly Patents. Jo ny penomi (o obtain lettet naeent on new Invention*, improveraentB o desUrn*, I wUl execute drawing* and specifi 2*tk>nt and make appltoattona lor Patent All eoJioultatloa, ta p*r»on or by lette , tree LI 'CAS FKRfFFENBEUGDK. Alton, ill. IN G001>S! G.M.CRANDALL wlU offer his Crotey&eiassiare AT ABOUT COST for thirty days. J hird ' street, nearly opposite Belle. • U' ' tWevwer »,*»»* «*«• a* »eee«e«e* lYER^SON .DVERTISINq GENTS 1UII.Y WI1)«1SDAY 'JBVKi, FEB. I. ADDITIONAL loual natter on second IHDICATIOHS: Station»rr tamper*.ore, r»ln or anow . California and Franeb Prunes at Connor's. A nnivenal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemlnger'a Fig and Magoo- in »re the beat olgara in the market. Being obliged to make room for spring rtock, great bargains can be had dating ibis month —h. F. Lnhne. 1 3 THE weather today was elondy and gloomy; the iitrnal flaga indicating stationary temperature and general rain or anow. As it waa cloudy the ground bog, in thii vicinity, at least, did not see his shadow, bence we may confidently (?) expect an early spring. But now the question arises: When the ground bog becomes extinct what will wedo.for sptiug weather? Napkins, Towels, beautiful edgings and laces, at Fiurson A Carr Dry Uoods Co'a. • v dlt The Ivers & Pond piano, 80 in use in the Boston Conservatory of Mumo, and the old relitble Behning piano for sale by Floas * Rabe. Come and try tbeir splendid instruments. 36 5 For Bent —Dwelling 1 have been living in, on Market; street between Second and Third—J. Wead. 266 "Arowd the H«r!d la * Chanel «f MM*." Philip Phillips, so well known, seems to have gathered new Inspiration in sing ng during bis peregrination* over the world. He has added a mew and mosl attrattire feature in bis entertainment* "Songs Illustrated" and "Tours Illuminated. 11 The sentiments of the songs be sings are graphically portrayed and crystal ited before the audience upon a screen in most artistically executed pictures produced by tbe Royal Pbolo-Opticon His singing alone is always woril tbe price of adnmtton, but we propose to avail ourselves of the opportunity o seeing this new entertainment when his Chariot of Song come* tbia way which will bo Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at City Rail. Married by i*r<xv. CHICAGO, III., Feb. 1—-The an nouncement IB made this evening that August Spies and Misa Nina Vau Zatidt have been married t>; proxy, the groom being represents! bjhia brother. A suburban justic of tbe peace officiated. Spies dc olines to speak of tbe ceremony anc Miss Van Zandl refuses to be inter viewed or even to be seen. He father alsn declines to talk, but doe not deny the fact of tbe ceremony. L A Freiieh Polk tonr* Will 1 be a nun, v«8 or no? Will I bo a I Nf»r iiivfithfi'i IIIIUOM there grow* A taneli'd wo il, w|i» e, it»> and nlxht, A niKNilnifHlob •'nnatinu* nriHl't Who kiinwetb not duwr lx>vi<'*deil||bt, Out u t (or me liU * <d oouiplalnm 1 Uave a luvur, pralae tbe ealnml If, W. Bay, notice. W. V, Ensmger bas not removed b Kunsas as reported, hut I* on hand t do your pnmting and paper bnngmi duilng tlie enduing auuson, as hart Ui fore, on short notice and ennest lotniH Plouflo give him a onll at tbe old *tim on Swond stre«t, near Pia»*. J»13 8m THE C18TUAL MltlMUtBI. Thtf purchase of the franchise and hterestsoMhe St. Loo is and Kansas Jlty Short Ltnt by the Central MUsou* wa» ratified yeiterday at St. Louis y the BoArda O f Oireotors of both roads. The Directors present from Vlton werei Messrs. 11. R Phiohey and M. H. Topping, Mr. M'PIke being bsent m California, At toe Short Line meeting there was a lively discn »ion nd an earnest protest was eatered by he minority representation against the ropo»ed absorption of the Short Line raoohue, aud (wbstdes by the Central, at without avail, for the consolidation as d«ly rat tied by a vote of • to i be joint meeting also ratified the agreement and under it tbe folk wing onrd of Directors was selected t John Perry, George I. Post, Gtoree W. 'arker, J. T. K. Ilayward and M. C. JaUoo, of St. Louis; tkeveuson Burke, 'resident of tba Bee Line, Cleveland | R. P. Williams, Fayettei J H. Wangh Columbia, Mo,; John H. Uartb, HannN al; Frank C. Hollands and D. M. lendersoD, New York; J. d. Watson, Fulton, Mo.; anal H. B. Phlnney, of Alton. Tbe ratlhoatlon of purchase of the 9bort Line and the election of Directors was really all the business accomplish* d. < Br«ryihiog else was left to tbe >ew board wkiuh embraces th* names of some of the leading o»piuU»t(> and •ilroad men of the country. As to the ower behind tbe throne there seems a o« a varwty of opinions. The Globe- democrat says: Tbe board is strongly Vanderbilt, ontfruiing the statumunt* that- the tral Missouri M to be built in that ut«r««t. The scheme for entering 8t. Louis by the use of tbe Colorado track* « very favorably viewed, and it is bangbt will b« adopted* Ids thought bat at least $850,000 of tbe Short Line ubsidltt* will bu found available. On the other hand the Bepublictm *ay»; Tb« consolidation of the tit. Louis Unas* City Sbort Line and Central dbsouri project*, was tffuoted yester- lay. If H'said the bonded debt will be (30,000 a mile, and tbe sum of the hare capital 910,000 000, divided into sja.OOO 000 preferred and 88.000,000 common slock. Construction will ba* gin on the. eastern division a,"HUH Febuary tbe U. The mileage of tbe whole ine between St. Louis and Kansas City will be about 260 miles, which will b« seventeen ra\l«* shorter than the VVn- asb and twenty three miles shorter ban the Missouri Pauific. Those who •could Know all abuui it say thut neitb» er tne Vanderbilts nor the Bee Line company have any tfoanoial interest whatever in tbe project. There seemi to be no reasonable doubt, notwithstanding the Republican'* opinion, that the new ro*d » a Vauderbilt and Bee Line interest. One of the new directors is Stevenson Burke, Priuident of tbe Bae Line: another u Goo. W. Parker, President of the Cairo Short Line, both Vanderbilt road*. Frank C. Hot* and*,a third Director, is Vice Pre'sideai of the L'ike Erie and Western, another Vanderbilt line. Uf course the election of these men mean the road is to be an extension of tbe Bee Line and the extension is to be west from Alton not from St. Louis. The Pott Dtoatch admits this: tbe (JCoin democrat and Republican ignore it aud try to figure out itaat tbe road will enter St. Louis over tbe St. Louis and Colorado from Forest Park. U may be possible, but is suit probable tnat a branch will eventually run into St. Louis by that route: but the Central Missouri is to be a new through route to Kansas City and its main line will cross tbe river at Alton, Every thing indicate* that there will be a concentration here of the anti Gould roads now entering Bast St.Louis Tnestt roads oanu'it aff »rd to wait for the building of the Merchant*' Bi- change bridge. That structure, as chartered, is a high bridge and will require years of time 'and millions of muuey to complete. The ouly escape the outside roads have from the grip of the Guild monopoly u to make tiattto agreements with the O<mtral ,Mi«oim aud cross their through freight over thv Alton bridge, fnw id the logic of tbe situation. We do not .wondur that tbe Si. Louu papers bate to admit it, but that does not exomo tbeir deliberate misrepresentations. In addition to this view of the situation Col. H trward, the projector of tbe enterprise, told M\ Pbinney yesterday, pouUvely, thut the Alton bridge would bo built. The f.tot is the Alton bridge it fie key to Inn entire scheme. If mat were abandonud inn bottom would tall out of the whole enterprise. At preteni the Beo Llnu dodgos tbe Gould bridge on through freight, by its trans- fur symom witb tbe C. it A. at this point. Ic mm intends co dod^u tde Gmld bridge by building a road of it» own anil pooUotin^ the lolls that h vj Ueretoforu been bar rested between Alton and Kaunas City by the C. A A. TbanVat meriting of the new Board of Director* will bo held soon, at whii-b important busmen* will bo. tratuaotc'd. PBHfrO&AU Mr. 11. H. Topping hat retarned from Brooklyn when he went to att»n4 the funeral of his mother. FOB BJWT—A oomtaodlctu dwelling house, with astern, stable, woodnoa*e, 4c.,on Thirteenth, between Qk>orge and Lingdon streets. Po»«es- MOD given about tbe 1st of March. Apply to Edmund Beall. IS PIASA BtCrrS A9HIM0LT. Mr. Wm. Armstrong attended a meeting of tk« Director* of thtPlasa Bluffs Asuembly, held at St. Loal* yes. terday. It WM decided to commence work M soon e>s the weather would permit. A competent engineer will b* employed to lay out the ground, aid the intention is to have a sale of lots in May 01 June, alt* to erect the A»oem> bly bulldina IB time for the Assembly meeting which will commenee Aug. 8th and continue for 10 days, to b« followed by a.eaosp meeting to last M days more. / Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and tret the best. Office at Hook's Pharmacy, Tbird street, and in •lob's new block, corner Second and Henry it*. Telephones NJ*S. 91 and M. _aug!4 d7m MEXICAX TBTKRAJlS. There are a number of veteran sold* ie» of the Mexican war la this eity and vicinity who will receive pensions vns der the bill lately become a law, except in ease* where they are receiving •8 or m<>re M pensioners of tbe war of the rebellion. Among tbe number are Dr. I. K. Hardy, Wm. Austin, J. M. Bryan, John Diamond, Goo. fletcher, Capt. D. R. ajparka, Wns. Bnrbridge, Peter Vogel; also Wm. R. Wright, Jos. R Elwell nnd Col. A. F. Kodgera, of Upper Alton; Ge». F. Birth, North Alton; Wm. Bwley, Alton Junction) Jas. Hull, uf the American Bottom. There are nlso some Mexican war pensioners on Wood River. sow WE DEVOTE ATTEHTIOS TO Embroideries, Demand f«r Bolllar Stock. ST. CBABLES, Mo.,P«b. 1 The St. Charles Car Company has ju*t construct* «d with the Chicago, Kansas and Western for the building or 1,884 stock, coal and flat cars, besides 28 coach, mail i<nd baggage. Thev h«v« now in conrse of construction 1,100 uars mostly, freight, also ten tourist ears for tho Atuhison, Topeka A Santa Fe. These with fifty fl.tis for the St. Louis aud Colorado, and iort.y'for the Kansas City Fort Scott and Gulf, will keep them busy for some time to come. Alton is much more farorably located for manufacturing enterprises than St. Charles and if oar building is profitable there it would be more so here. With a bridge orer the rirer and eereral new lines coming in here, as is no* assured, a car company in Alton is an euter- prUf" that khould commend itself to capitalists. The St. Louli Si Central Ultnele. .The acquisition of the Jerseyville branch of iho Wabash system by a St. Louis syndicate, the moving spirlU'in wh'oh are L>oloi K. Hayaes, President, and H A. Fisher, General Manager, of the Sr. Louis and Central Illinois, is about to be supplemented by the acquirement of the Pekin, fooria and .Incksonville, running from fekin to Jtc-lnonvillw. Judge Treat auiborisvd i he leceifers to louse this piece of property to responsible parlies if they «aw fie, and it is considered run probable that the deal with the St. LOUIS xjp<ii» onto will be consummated. — Qlobt- Democrat. The St. Louis A Central Illinois will nerer a become profitable or desirable property until its track la extended from Blsahto Alton. 800 BAGS BIGGINS' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table ETsr, la 14 lt>. llueu •aoka and SO Ib. aaokfl* for •«!« by J. A.RYHIE. MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY Wholly unlike Ar'lflclU 8y»mm»— Cure ot Mlnrt Wanrtertmt— Any hook li arned In one ProMprotui, with oplnlnn* uf Mr, . PHOOTOR.tnn A«tmn >mer, Hou». W. W. AsT- On.jDDAII P. BttlUAMIN, l>rg. MlVOK, WOOP and others, Bent IVIIM rn«E. by • FROir, Luiaerrrc:. »87 Fifth ATBnae, Ifnw York For Sale Cheap, -ONK- A complete line of Wlntor Q-nxl^ fur Unnt's VVimr,'lately received, by H. C, U, Monic, Third streeU Wtf With (elSwtf all tbe AppHnnow to Run Everything: in Good Order. A. II. HASTINGS, Upper Alton. CYKIUt' OCiOB to Sept. maA MmnlW cacb rwu-. tar aW rw««« SXxllK tnoliM ( wUli P»e» 3.OOO Ul«wti»U«m* - • Plctiu* O lUret* t* edMumurr «n all C0«t Ot rrMjr* m n*e, **>t« rtrtakw wear, ••> i w»Ui. Tkee. OTVAWJABIdi BOOK* ««ataU» InAtnaattan Blek>u« market* of tlui worM. W* • euiijr VHUU to any a*> <«««lp( of 10 eU. to drfrar »r mn'.Uui; t*i o* brar (ru» dr*i>. AND Goods, Good Tlungrs! Liquid Sure Gore, and A-corn Salve for Corns. Toothache Drops, relieve at once. Lotion for Chapped Hands. Universal Liniment, for aches & Marsh's Drag Store. Largest and Moit Complete Assortment of Hard and • olt Coal and Wood Cook and Heatlng^Stxms EVEE BROUGHT TO ALTON. The C«lobr*U4 Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. Tbej haveao equal Al*o BOoriMOand ODTTEBIKQ oad JOHBtKO d«»e e4 reue«»>le rate*. OaH and eXfiulne mr «too*r belore purohaaliw eUewhere. A I n^rr^«that"Hf 532 Bast Second it,, .J. JL/tJgt/I II Ictl L4L,5th door west of Henry you. MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. r *k tat WaXMfc ATMM, CU*M* »* Paots, Pilllts. Pants, For Fat Men, Slim Men, Bo>s, and Children, H.M.Schweppe Third Straet Clothier. Branch, Socond and Ridge streets. L.J. HiRTMANN, Manager.

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