Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 2, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1887
Page 2
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) : WEDWK3DAT EVE., FfiB. J The Boston £«-.,« thinks thnta Sena. *ri*I deadlock »n f.ur legHlatcrw Is . EnC^* 1 '""I"' **«*«••• ft Brunei encountered. The mUt-hUf porely jriechunW,.!} n fcfrten bod. h ^ QUESTION ABOUT ?Iron Bitters ANSWERED. TwDHDMBOLT-Mentlon , wrday of the death of Mr. ». Lee, of Opper Alton. Furthn art.-M:follow*i A tree- .1 front of and close to Mr* »"umoi Climith'a residency o puo .|i, , r> J * tt> «*' P<»oe, was struck forty'fcei now '"OKround. The lightning, bavin* th v* **" ***** ieflm * 1° h.ive croweii we lot, some fifty yardg wlde| M|J •JJtered Mr. Lee's house near a window which be was reading. Mr. -. -.-.j bis chair b • which passed through him, ">g Its'mark upon him, and the prompt'appllcation of restor. ttwts without regaining" coL!lonTne°s" • wife and a grandchild were in tb. IA «^U.U_ ' • nM. ., f »•*• former was unhurt ' received a sharp shock —'I results. out at the ,----» tearing loose auiuc ••» M at Itatntrance, but otherwise ! to injury to the house. The path "* i he space, between th«.,.„,.,, ...,-;-J o! enti-y j into Mr. house, is marked by a trail ol . --m. Mrs. .Clougu's home wa.< damasred only by the breakage of over forty l lg htsof glass. The, some of them withlD ten feet of the tree, w«re blinded but not injured. At Dr. James' re»tdence?wreral panes ol glass in tb.- conservatory were broken and man v flower pots* thrown from their .helves. „ place, west of Mrs h's, several lights ol glass wen- Mr. J, m I,.«r,«>(l«, olt Kama* (m» U . 1n» * i* *• "Mui^ionni uwTinntnontB b*MWim ^^^^^™ ITT nna t/ A ntmin*r WntKor nhnttriT***^ rcff*!" J. HOFFMAN & SON, DJBALKIIS IN $toves jnd Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flr>t cla«» heating stores lurwooJ or Dual, Outside WorK a specialty: Boot in,r. GutusrLug, etc. undertaker's Supplies ALWAYSUN HAND. rOB. 8KO.KD AND AI.BY 8TS. TUB ATLA'itfrro MONTttLT FOK 1887. Will contain. In nihltilnti to thn bv»t Short Orltlulicu, two aortal Swi u>s .•— Thn Swond SJOMJ. , By MBS. II, O. W.OLirjlAN'T Pnul Piitciff. DvF. MAH1O* Oll.VWKOItn, Author or "A KOIUIIU SliiDvr," "Mr. I»ntic»," ito. Papers on AtniM'Iciin History, Whoso previous pnpcr* IinV.- T-'cn so Intw KstliiK, lull ol Infoni iiilon, uiidBiuiT- ully popular. French n«d English. • continuation ol thn admlrahla pnper-a coin* pat'lutf tint fioiiuh mm ISuitlltli ptoulo. ByJ'.O.lJAJJKHlVN. E'sn.vs nnd Pooms, By OLIVBII WKNnEt.L, HOLv, K^ —ip-.*••*• ,t»u\4 u built the ttavo that effect. «'dob» it» Mt»,rt. T, W. L. B«.ii, John Porsytb, Banners Fettr Uorn»baeb, W. M «ry and Iw u Wo id, ot lletbalto time. - reooTere.1 to annblo tl.e orl- experiment to be rupoiited. ««,. i w "»^/f nin "fnnpeil to hi* tns; his bwly was , ie<Meoc« of ilr. «'wan I .,»t Monday er fln i u)f . arr Tery euj iyab «. .-Mr*. J T. meetlngB . Wedepob.. olNew Do,,,,^ „,„„ of j un> . aged „ y8 ^ 4 \Vudepobl. rormerly w.l.lud here, .nd "be 25,000 FATAL CASES felt the !w place on ihe .„.._ ofniscluwt Thoooeninif in The Ipipo allowed hint to 'breathe, while .throat was stopped by .he oc.ln. and it i bus had the effect of provoiuinz tie spasmodic action of tl.e Jlotti " f«w ojinirhd ,l.i. „..:*. j_ Mr. 8Imm», living orera block away, " JW^ "y t"o »hock and re quired to be carried to her room. A team^ belongian t> Mr. C. Van Ber»en were frKht.ned by the storm •ntl running away, smished the wagon bem K finally caught by Mr. Ball "ear his residence. ' Mr.Le Bwa , 69reilrs Qf Bnd ^ been » resident of Upper Alton tor on, » J-ears, ,duri.){f wulch ume he made an enriable personal and iw oy an who knew CO»m«MCE-The third annual con- jerence of ihe <; 0 lle Kl) i'. M . anU Y W «-bri.tian.A W oomtion of the State closed it. sewon Sunday night. The exercisei BooM-Uit.lwoni? WeJJ «It « should .roLe It wa,. I. Bmhaito to l,uv« ui.other railroad? We omatnly h.-pa .he will. The Uot 1. Mr. O. U. Kifak ^o^v.d . leu U rln,tnMr.McNoU. 1-re.ldeut oflh«pro- S 'M V" 10 r °'" 1 b ' tWe ' a P »" rt « "5st 1-outa. which wa.,arrey e d through thla place tbroe yrara a K 'V TnU Is i be b«dt route they have found and the Pre-ldent writer that the rouu wl.l b« P d,hed. and be w,U waH until tbe .th i to hear from onrcltxen.. KtbUioad it imlt our (oiks ,bonH use .11 their Influence I ^ have It cro.s .be I. & St. L. .t thin point. We bare cerumly gotgrea. Inducerannw. for the land in tl. Uv.elnlt, Uund«rlald with 1 .plea UlU vein , t .ooal aud wecan bf,tt k tof two «ooil lulll,, oue ol whlob ha. a capacity of twlve .uddr.d barrel^ flour p«r day J ih» proprtetor||Bt well tta other >vouldb,,«r B a t |yl D , Brested ,„ snot roud. Mudlonconmybasbad the .« ^"'"r°' Unty °' ' ha 8tttte ' and ««•'• «on •oiildbrinw the road throuKb tl,. | W|t pnr . tlanont.. Tue ,o tt d «ou,l beol «reat bemflt «nd we hope our folks will do all ibey can "• 8ecuru It. Kv rybndy pu.Jj. BRIEF VB^TIOS-MIJ^ A ..D. Formun H now •t Friend. JM,r«k ,, and writ s .bet" t6 8I ,T moment when ha heard the told p.ece strike . A CfllLD'S Of TYPHOID ANNUALLY IN THIS COUNTRY. HARPER'S BAZAR. IM-UbTilATKl). einVi,T"1.'*, rAZA .!' COIU|J1I| " ) - 1 «»<' choice^ lit- ^^oV^^^^ii-r^u 1 ^^ ^SuSTr s "'"«'—sasus ^»» a!?, ffio'MM; inli?B l inlv7,CI, Mlk " 1 ?''! !°" m " ke ' '"*li"<n" i,?,, Si .• eve| Th"'UBBHolil. Iw beautiful fi»h. J.i.,.1 1 ? i °n "" d I' 1 " 1 ""'" 1 «•« Bum.! tui'nt- -ih«H 1 ", l (" t ' 8 i to ?"5'' lm " n y "'uoHiie c,.«tof Vut « '. ,«'i«'•Ii Ml i'? " 1 " ) ' r "»'>"l'«H.maku f s. <., ni.i ii ll "". l ?" d «'' K'dtolis coluiuuii tuat could shook the iuo»t fimtidtou« taste. " HARPER'S PERIODICALS. ;|arp,.r'«l. (tza r..^ e '..'.?*".. .... , Y M IJiiipi-i-aMiiKiizlne • * J ^ iaip..r'» \(r>hly !« Uariifr'-Younn I'eoi.le o ^ "•">«'•'•'!;"""•"" «qu.,re LlbrirV year (83 niiiuucrii^.... ' " ' Serlta, By JAMKS IIU9SEU. LOWK1J* Oontrllniili'im roiiy lie i'X[H>Rtiil (ruin John Gri'on'i-Hi Whit HIT,*! bom •« Wnntwo M Htif tflnuon, C'hatl' x tmilliT -Wiirnnr.- K.nC • 8(cd. miin, (Oirrti't W. I'rpetiin, 8ar^b Ornn Jowotl, Chaile- Kuliiin Uuuldock, Ai'thnr Pborbiirne Iliircly, It nry ('HhotLoiix'sEdllh M.'l'liomaa, IhirnuH K. Boiiddt..-. Qwiruo B. Wontttjuny,>Ft«'lorlrk Piusc-ii'. Miiurlon.Thottip Him, Lui'V I,HI com, <;I;]!H Thajfir, Jubn Hm>- r'liiKliD, Jmnog K-ecuinii Oliirhe, KHcKbeth Rubins 1'uunuil, IliadfoiU loil'uy and muuy utht'll). 1KRM8; |4nj-enrln advance, pnstago free; 85 UIMIIB iiiuiiiibiT. With luperb llto-Bbee portraltdl llnwilioniu, Enminon, Lonrfe!- 1'iw, Urynnt. Whlttlpr, lx>well, 01- Holmen ?S; each addltlunnl portrait, ?1. , The vovembi-r and DncpmhRr numbers of thj- Atlantic will bo ««nt nee of ebiiiite 10 new 'iinscill)> ra whofi' mibacrlpitooaiiro ri'oelved uoioiu DeccmUer 20ih. Pontal noie«nii'l money are at tl'e tlik <rf be made liy money order, dra t, or reulaterea 'WltC-Ti IO Uongl.ton, Mlfflln & Company, 4 f ark Btreet, llottton. Maim. —r-v— •••» C<utlcura. ALL! HEATED with UUININE | SsSSSs^J^^^^ • • | SH h HS u »^~ 1 ^^^^«: Bnuiid Volumes of II.UIPER'S BAZAR f T "'•TbVfn 1 ?!! 1 ",""-, 111 "'"/h"** mlmj^iiU sum U\ llinll iw». tuiru iiul.i .... i.,, ..— ..".. .. i» r ;.^?:.V"s!'«"f "'i-i'ic. i",{ VJ 1 ' 0 *; 10 '. ln " PlInlciHl ij'i "u.-pttiii.uct. 7ili, 18»l, said: "In ivrJiioirnilJ'^'^"""' ""V 7 "'- 18 8«. sawSE"?! Sf JrsrS'hanj ffl^asssF-- SSSiiSSj^fH KASKINE wiii bv «,.?ii . "V" »«•»'• lolh u n«»iM.wlll bn Sfe'^«f&^^«^ BJCCV, d one vuluini-; his B o underhand .u.oe vl,ltlu K that tate. he ha. united hi-r.elf with tlia Ohil . dan cnu-ch; Her many MenUa here «una ""SPS Ula 1>>ns ard b«« »l-he.. " liry " 1 "' "' «>"w>»win In town thU -* ree of interest. we(e-taade b*L:p. Wuhard and U. K .'Ober, Sooretaylei of the ' iiit« n *|«oi.i Committee, •Mi^Neitie Dunn, (; unel .« Seoreiary National Coraml.teo, ft K AN UNLUCKY MAN. Th« HemBrk,.b' B l' Bro .in»l Bjperleno. of sHSS^SSS that my Btatumnnf I.V.V.J..;.., ; ." '" kimw L Jlf w F' ;n f & Kidl -«y Ciesase iiPftliP utV u ' 8- llJtmulii UK SufifHiin in- T u fito"" 1 "' 8 ' <Kttak " 1B '»'!'« bent mod^^ per " 1 ! 1 ' 1 ' 8 """ ulu mueiy ostoffloc rder or Hi-ait, ,to avolu chnno™ ol HAlU>tR4B«OTHERS, New Y oik. TOST". Harpor's Weekly. JLLUSTRAaKU J la pluaaanttoiukH in • clul invill- al < i bu nae'd Oct. B, 1881. ( -:' '"if.j*-*. '-,*- —:,--'»• y.***.o depart* ^Christian labor. Sunday wu. »7i 'he national and state men led services m the chmohen, I,, the icornlnsr, ana in the fc venin K j ,, qw | Jn a nnlon service in the B«pii sl 0 | )Urch . "interested heareis. A series 01 sernoes was proj-oied well into' tn, nljtht. Some twenty conversions an- reported as a result of the day's work !ffu,?^ u *"'>'?- b « n «f : «'-w'»">..• Although, th.i colebratnd on?"«"•; ,*'«•>. built ihe Grout Easter... <liod «t tho comparatively early nsre of 68. it Is uron iiwtor of surprise-'ihi.t he Hve.1 so long. Ho had more perilous escapes fro... violent death than fall to the lot of most men. At the oui.sei of his cnreer. when not ng "*. ^•'•i'itiini.enfrineer lo his father. In luiikiiijr the Th«nies 'J-unnoJ, he hm two narrow esoiipes from drowning bv 1™1 Ivor middunly bursting in upon the worKs. bonio time nfier, when IIMIICCI- ln £ ' he sliufts of ihe railway tunnel un- uer Box.ilill, lie was onu day ridinir a hill, wheiriho iiiilmalstuinb"od and fel'l? pitching the engineer on his head with great violence; he was lakou up for dead, bin eventually r.'cwrod. When tho Great Western lino was J'uabo. y. • ^''THVOX, iiatuviu, N. T. !" 0 * to Cure Skln Diseases." ASSOCIATION.— Amendments to the by-Uws, g lvin g mo , e , lb . eral terms to borrow .rs, were adopted at the monthly menting, Tuesday eve- nln K»f* t*rii loans m »de at 20 DBI cent prerniain. PMI fffiW?,"-'-**- •'ohn W. «,,en, an old Upper Alton boy, „„„ 0 , CH .,, Boone Allen, ha* lately been appointee general agent of the St. Louis, Aric«ns sasATexas R. R. (or the territory •outhofiihe Ohio and East of th,- Mlsiisslppi, with headquarters at Meiu * * r ' /' . Mr. C; B, Johnson is home off the road.' t •'•'";. Sor. Dr. Kajidrlok has gone to New Yorjc .City, where hu will deliver an address before ihe M inhauan olub. FOHKBAL -Tho renums of Mrs. ,Knoaitnun, mothurof Mrs. Ur. James, who died at her borne in W«b..te. Groves, Wo., from A paralytic strokV, were brought here and burled Tuesday afternoon from . Dr. Jamei' residence. She leaves a husband and three daught •rs: Mrs. James; Mrs, l.ouidu Murfru , of Minneapolis, and cme unioairted aod rertclent »ith herpareuH. LieoTom( T l'hd bust lecture of im presfut •cioson wa< delivered Monday •vening by Dr. Jamas Hedley, the bill. Hani young orator of Uoston. It was a collection </f gem* of thought woven in ft web of wonderfully elegant language. His carriage Is a little wthetio but bit delivery is natural and tffeotive. . - •--*••» »»<w U9uu 4i uq y - ride upon the engine with the inver, and occasionally he drove it *"• One day. when pissing through sidorable up ed, lirununiiour'hu'.e "d'ia" cernod between him HI)d the'light some r^T 1 ."" 11 ^",'?, 011 tho 8lin '« "no erf road along winch his engine was trav- e Ing. He instantly lurneil on the full stenm and dashed at the object, which was driven into u thousand pieces. It alterwards turned out lo be it oon- *tt/>tf\t**a tmm\r ml.fot til 1 «*'«• K, which hud broken loose it-train on its wiiy throuL'h -— -«.... u( . Another narrow C'HCUDO which he ha<i was on txmrd tho Great ^:^. n .!I?f_™!j ll t r 1 '. 0 !"" ''« '•" ''own . A Word about Catarrh, caSSSST""^- • ^£HS£«^«s: TlfKKASKlXB CO . H War.en St.. No«- Y.Vk'. The CentuFy For 1880 87. mSiS?"""! '" nnr . |lln ".>' Bt<> . d m "nthiv THE Lipjs OF L1NCOJLN, By I.IH Confidential Secretaries, John o. Nicolwy t.ud Col. John Huy, ent )' n" .£.1,?,', ' >l ""'- 1 "; (ll »" « HIM prea • •on,,i«i aiiiun bl'Q |li('tUl'( J ^ H A K iti^it'it "' KKKL V lit WH\ >, f*(tn t ni i ' ^**' *•'» " .'lav" 8 !!'," 'u ' ,",' ' W "' Ol "'"«'l»'"t l'c'.v'rN V,f °l"V IS 1 . 1 .. °, } '' lua " ule(1 . wllb 8h-it a HeN THE DIHKOT AND.FAST UJI« TO ' CincinnatJ, Louisville, Waislilncton, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST, 4. SOLID DAI1,T TRIVHto * Ciuclnnati and Louisville Itarppr'.. Weeltlv «.„ Hai'nei'aSlHiiHzlmi '. * J L il<ii i |wi''a£«zur f,™ arpei'a M.UIIK iv-ople..::;;.""" oi" "I'aT'JjIS'L'i?.;^ 111 "' «<»»'y.'oni "Hi-pBi'o Handy Scrloa oiio"jear"('2 PII tu^ulrt-o to aj statua or Canada. i«W±W^^^'l^«*i*. S^^;s^^ii-SS To TWO DAIliY Washington in 28 hours. Toiialtimoiein29houra one But the most extraordinary accident oniS? i ""n ' hlm , Wtw tlmt wl »'«h "'> ourrud while one day playing with his children. Like his fathtir. Sir Isiin.biird ne was fond of astonishing them will! 'loiglH-oMiiind trick*..-In which he dis- Ct y tl '.T1 lllo ™ w » «««loriiy, and the loat which he nroiKwod tc» llutin on this J'OTTKK DBU04Clie>HCAH O..BOSIOX. HOW IT ACHES, ~~ JLW""',»'•" P»«". of^raffi,' • T P. rlr> , b ' >gu ". w ' eh the Ban^lon ^^r : ^^ o " n ^ ; "^'^r ^ U :^A^^^^-^ HUtborM w. i'o I lunil^ „( Lin" il , b, i 1.1 SSaiHT.i.h" 1 !? *««• m,."t Ini'inM e J it r&xsSn'® &z -A j:ass:"a n Tras were transieri-ecl uoon l.ln<-,,Jn'. d"?uli al h M Itf'tnV? {;?"°l', a - i"n' u w "' ""<"" '' e ),!» d" hlKtoiy (ii ,he rtvll war ant) of l'i'i-sldHi,i Uncp.n's a<liiili,tMrHit(iii -InipoitHi t <?. t»lii «.l whlo i l,av,,|,it|,..n..i'eiiiHH-o i..VHab.,i bUt'o'A" y iW fl " C •}''? ""• "' ''''' » >"» ! o blHtorj. liy .e,i»on ol ihu publication ol tbib THE \VAI£ SEtUEL, which ban bum inlbiw, d l,h ui'flaifulnu i'^.v^w^ja^iT.S? !.r > ?^n« U (3«K;' U oT,^ 1 J 11 d. l , 1 n-Vr^W ^!^^^V^^;?J:\ywS : Miirm, t., the ',.,.. i,y cj,.,,,,-,,, 1 ,!, 1 /i,;,' 1 ;,, 1 ,! 1 ' 1 , 1 ;;,» , w i oy Hiititf post HI/o D a it) />»* >»« MYIIIIUH-, IIAlil-EU.< BROTHERS Now York. Palace Buffet Sleeping C, re are run by thla lino on night as Pft salt-am K T. LOUIS TO NEW YOBK. -DAILY- > Without clmngo In S7 hours. Best Routa to Jacksonville AND W1NTKB KK80RTB m THE SOUTH- The Double Dally Imea'of Parlor St. Louis to Cin'ti & Louisville No Forrles or Transfers by this Bonte. Gen. January Number, No, 1, Vol 1. NOVELS AND STOUIES. Hr*od's Sarssparilla hat cured Ihnm ends of oases of rhcunmtiMii. Thn i- ahundant reason for belief lliut It »• U •*"• -"" Try «., M ; f." •••» moutu om of his our. Uii- fortunuiely Iw •wallowml tho coin, which droppwl Into his wiii<|r,|pe. i ho iioui Jen t occurred April 3. 1848. and t was followed by fr..qiient 0isTof coughing and occasional unonslne-s In ;"" r .f llt * lt '° ?' ll '° "I'uat. but no slight was llie diHturbanoo of breathing tf. llio*ooln 0 nnU n wiiil" 10 <l "" b "" 1 ^""' l " r pliw, Aftur the lapse of UfUi°, aliva Sir ft Bnxlio met Mr. K-y in o....milt,\ti,° . and they concurred I,, the opi,,!,,,, u,« most probably the Imlf-Wrelgn w s lodged ut tie bottom of the rich? bronohm. "t>" 1 '. The day after. Mr. Brunei plaowl him. self in a prone position on liln faoonnon soine oliiurs, and, bending his Innul and nock downward*, ho dimliiifily Mt ihJ coin drop towards llie glottis. A violent cough ensued, itml on rcsiiiniiiif the •TOM posturu he felt m if Hi,, (il.j «i move I downward* into ilm chiW. was an engineering difficulty ;^i£S«S^gS iMSSf^aS UPPER ALTON, ILLS. D. E. KITTIMJER & CO. Oo .^o — T— — •-•»**• v^« \j tsi aw ty f *n"T!' 0 "'""Iredth Man." 11 novi.l by Krn->k «: 8IUOJIIIHI ol "Tn.i l.aVy, or th" Tlaer" b.«hw !„ \, IV , mb.-r T«r" m v" o t i byUKuruHV.Onbl,., Nll , r ,eH by Ma "y ll«l|."i Kiiole. R Unol« Ui'imin." Jiillin lla.ilmrm. Kdwa H i KuliiHuiii.' and niber nmi "i »!,,' Amm-lean author* will bupHnteU durlnK Tia- SPECfAl, FEATURES. f-'"i, aH,'!r"hMlV.Sfa" 1 !,'!! ".b.-r/H,'' l',v 52! baHyr.^y^uni'l.o'fmJ 1111 •'•» H «''«i«-VlVi.' '»n giiivtion, « ltlM-,*f,! l |.e n< . ( ?! l o"u 1 ? I,,,/,',-! "» „» ,'|lf. litlior I'nibl in; Kiigll-b «'ntli'uViila- Hi 0 K |JmlH 0 -"p.!n l » W01 " '•""'" ""' '•»»'rl««' u -11111111-: Uliilrvii.viiiici.MiiritiiHjli.iii A«imi o'l'liiJuKX/Hr,"' J / *'• l "" ! «"'v""i"'. «'HIO »i uii- uiiiHtian AilvochUi: ii-ttom.mli', ! mi. p.M'.i a.tlcj «H Ibl-owlHKllKbtoiiJJibi". li.JrJ 'l»BICB«». AFRBROOPY.' ni f" ll '' < ; l ' l|1 n l " I i PI ' lci ' 1 * 401 " 1 Vl'lir, M nnt4 n niiinlii-i. lii'iili.|'». iiiibiiiin.tiTH, HI,d , iibiuil ffTly"S f"t U ,".«'f'«"" "' u " '"'' ""' I""" ' ililiy Mlil-C tltU'4 24 I>(IKO C 'llilfti/liit /(r r.i t«.niiH.Hni» lull |, „.p«|.tu.,"t''..- he », ,„ ,' biii-Hiii, n,., i,.. «.|, e ',, ni . w ' ,.,,,;,,!"' " "'»« ' H.'kl-uiiilii.|Vtii II-.. bl'Cln.,11 i> ni i ""wif »-«TlM lit K «•,.!••• I w ,„.,,.,. A „ " ' "' ll!ml < .,l 1 ",'!!!r;/. HUI "°' 10 " tl '" '•^'""" "'•'" (/'an you alfi.nt tn bo wnhoiil Hie (k'nini'> • Till,; o>.NTU..v , </" \ e ;J"yS,'i. NOW EKADV. CONTEXTS. "KSS-i^^x FHKXCII. Kuisravou by FIIANK B 5Vi!^ffi^«^«M'«*?noo M . WHENYOU TRAVEL T»h» th* ^"^"rr^' 1 ^"' MUNK'oKl'Aiil' ex'M.Mfef^'tf.ijir fv^Y^'" 5 "^. !«1MK;' S**8T- s ?«'w«B- T.ioMTH 0 pr»rB^iHrtf, lrc rate i i'i. bi - Ai It II (o Burliiijton Route - C.B.&Q.R.R. i.ine lunninn Through Tr.lni to tnd (ram th* wg cltici »nd town, on M. own L,n,,i OHICAOO ; t"'. With luaji 0 I'-'O. A siury. THOMAS A. JANVIBI T «-iV>»^JAN8KAU .1 . ii ^« i 'Si;LFS/»?''-''' !•'"»» *"' '* <*n "KU FrcsU Oy.terg ard D. B.KlfriNGER'« CO, Murphy'sold 8t»ud. f28«3oi Bubncrlptlong rocaivuil at tbl< onioe. JO8KPH JAittlKTT'S LIVERY STABLE FBONT HTUKriT, HKTWKKN ALBY AWO KA8TON, At,TOsr ... . JLCl> , v mylctiv *M. KIIANCISA. WAIKKIC, TUKKKWYKAU. W*monv KWM.KO. J OUL10ATO. ^ Wort/ lUnOAIIBT I '.00 a Year. 88 o... aNutub.r. I m ' mtuftuo< " "'nr^r;, 1 ' by »"- k * I CVARLES 8GRinNBR»S SONS PublishoiH, M "o'lJ!A IT Jn^ OMAHA, OOUNOIL BLUFFS LINCOLN A DENVER, Making Direct Connections TO AND FROM « E J* .VOBK, Good Equipment, Good 8oryJco, Good HNRV B.

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