The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1939
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUfjY g ( lgg9 JMiYTHKVlWJi, (AUK) COU1UKH NEWS CLASSIFIED i ADVERTISING ! FORMATION Dally rale per Hue for consecutive Jiis.ertlgns"; . • One time p cr (im;.........,,...ioe Two Umcs pcr hue per d'ay....d8o fliree times per lino per day...OCc tin limes'per'line'p« day....05c Month rate per line..... OOo Cards o[ -Thanks..'....l,59c & 75c Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered I or three or six dmes anil sCoppcd before expiration y,1ll be charged lor the uyjn- ber of times the add appeared and Sdjus.lmeiit of 1)111 nui'de. All 'classified Advertising cojiy lubmltted by'persons residing oul- _side of llie city must )>c'accom- panied by cash. Rales jnky be easily qonipuled from above table. Advertising' ordered for Irregular Insertions' takes ; tl)C oiie time rale. '"'No 1 ' Responsibility will be taken tor indie than one Incorrect. insertion of any .classified ad. For Rent 3 • rooms unfurnished with ball). Newly decoialed, Private entrance. Reasonable. 232 pougan. a-cK-7 b room fiiynished hojise on Kentucky si.'iierit $35. Thomas Land Co. ' 3-ck-ll 3 room furnished apartment, 509 Chickasawba.' Phone 846-W>3ckB 4 room" "fiirhlslicd "liiddeni .apartment. 2K Dougan, H. •". R. Schmuck..".'.. 30-ck-5 Cop]",' front bedroom, \vltli private enlraiicc to bath and outside. Pliorie '838-W, 627 W. Walnut. , ':'''''; •' 28-ck-5 2 large, .coo) bedrooms, newly decq- • ral'ed. Mrs. Ennna Noleji, 310 Walnut; " ";.''. .'.''. '" 26-ojE-tf Cool, "soutli" bedroom, conyeulcnt lo 'bath. 611 W. taaln. Call 280. ••'• •••• • Comfortable bedrcom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. '^' 15-clt.-lf Cool, soifth bedroom, pafage. 'llca- sonabie! Mrs. Simmons, 818 Walnut, . S-ck-tf 2 .or 3 room" furnished apaVtrtient,. Newly 'decorated. 914 Hearn. 3 :robin.unfurnished, mcnl/Mairi and Second. P. Simon phone 764. ~ ' : 3-ck-tf .Office rbonis, audbiiry Building. See 'Graham Su'dbury. 27tf , For Sale ; - Wild Goose Plums. 20c Gallon.'J W. Alley,-North Franklin. 23pk7 2 gasoline 'power'units. • llOwolt, D. C. Light Plant. Five "Airplane" Type" fans. One -office »afe. Barksdale Mfg. Co., phone 13 : ' .' ;., - • ; 28-ck-S 'Gold fish-minnows.-Day-and night E. L. Keith. -116 No. 611). ..-•-......'.. '. 24-pk-7-2' 213 E. Kentucky,. .4 rooms, will, bath. Newly papered and paint- ,fxl. $200 down • payment, remaindci (o jiiclude principal, interest. Insurance and tax's, payable monthly like rent. Kar"oy Morris, plione 128 or 50S 24-ck'-7-24 'Uy Stiicco home-and ' 2 acrps. Has 5 rooms pud.l) Blocked hnrri- s'pod floors. Phone ' 252 ' or 347 Paul Bynim. 23-ck-lf HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis "We goti;i dp all our jiviri' now, cat—ns soon as the instructor gels buck we'll Iiinla wnllx." Hoy Cycling lo r.iti- would most like to resemble «,E'of A ^so\r!r a ^ N S'r ; ' ««"«?« iS4TT««H. .10 attend the fair In Nc\ "-••-i tcullp the this slimmer, IC-ycur-olil Miirry, Jr., » high school moie here,•decided lie loo would make the tflp, Mvii'rv Is "inking Iho 2,000-iiille Ulpton his bkyclu, uunplng iilont! the wiiy juwi du- Iny lili> own cooking. University Hr:ul Ik'luvMl U'AVISIJURli, I'll. (UI')~Ariuuul C. MiiHn, president ol liucltnell Unlvi'iiiH yfor Iho past four years, was elected by Ihc Hucltnoll graduating class \\k the mini Uiey w'lUi n _,„,_ Fred < C '"i" 1 tor " l""''-"l of AMU/, to >iOn)lo- A 1'hlhdeliililn pastor has liccn hcnd of (he same cliuroh for '15 yours. Aflci- (hut long u stretch ns n visitor lit i will's 1 Ain niccllhiis, oiujlil to imvc u pretty hi If aliuut everybody In Ihe TOiimmnUy. he REAL Notice Fishing License FOR TOIVR CONVENIENCE, U'K » R E i'KEI'ARKI) TO 1SSIJK VOIJR FISHING LICENSE 'AT OUR STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY HAHDWARB CO. Phone 35 Welding KXI'KU'I 1 ' EI,K,C'nil.C AND ACKTYMCNK VOK .HII.Y 'illv USED CARS ".W Ciiev. Coiicli ..? ('!' f Kurd I'irk-Ui) .......f2M I)r;iy line :n Found Arkansas 193D 1-2 ton .truck license. Number 214-545. Owner may liave • license by 'paying cost >/ this ad. Courier News. For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery and market for tale or Iraclc. Well iMaiecl. pstab-' llslietl Write Bos "P", c/o Courier News."'•"• 28-ck-tf Minnows For Sale Mlnriqvi's;,'lind ilslilng canes. 300 E. P :.Matn:-'Phone BOO.' G.'C.^'Hawk'' •--••••'•' ' ' WELDING Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'ltoiic JO or. l(cs. 1C19 5"akc ;inrl FJsli Slorv SHAMOklN, Pii. (pi 1 )—A new "fish" story" is lold by nuss Parsons. He iviis ndilng, he says, when a trpul struck anil oaiticd off his fly. An hour Inter he killed a water siiakc on the bank nearby and found a li-oiil; in 'its mouth—with his ny hooked in tiie captive fish,. Lions reach maliirily at the iiuc of seven. LAWN MOWERS Sharpened, factory method, adjusl- ed bllcd—Picked.up & delivered {1 Used Lawn Mowers For Sale '35 Chcv. Coupe SI'!] ';J7'I''orcl Tmlor... '37 Chcv. Sedan '3S Ford Tudor '36 ModBo Sediin ......?2i»S Visit Our Lot 'I'oinnrrow Hurry Kor 'fhusc Specials PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, .., pDlrtrish .Minnows 8. F. Brogdoii,"' .' 310 Donpan KINNOfVS & COCK HOAJJHES an .Utjnion. Cor. llailrnad « j£y. It is cstiiimtcti that during 1038, the" 28,000,000 drivers of the United States had about 10,000,000 flat tires .mid ran out of Easollne about 1,350,000 times. ";' ; ATKINS Machine Shop & 410 S. 2nd ' i'lion'e 28J Wert Optometrist "IIB .flJAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Slorc Phone G'in CABINET OFFICIAL Sweel peas awl oilier cul). flowers. Lois ; Hooper, Phone 300 or 793. 70D dozen used frnit jars, any size. Save money. Alvin Ilard,v, 212 E.' Mnln. ''• '' : ' n-ck-7-17 Cans for Jug Fjs|iing coinplcte with straps. Guaranteed won't leak. 7',i cents each. Raymond Brooks,' steele, MQ. O-pkl-0 We have a rnnfibcr of attractive • and desirable cottages in.BIythe- .vlllc, well located, which we can sell at reasonable prices. 'ferry Abstract ^ Keally Co. ' • piinrie 617 0-ck-U Dairy t'AtVjfRptbry quality and service In Dairy prodiccts. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In best of physical comiillon. Call Mrs. Grace t-owery. onx-j. for Kalscll's Grade A Raw Mill:. Cream. Country Butter. Kut- tcrmllk, extra or lioltrtay orders. Insncctlpn encouraped anytime. Idlscll'a Dairy Promised Land. Rouie 2 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable roles. 803 W. Ash. Phone OJ3. 22-ck-lf Personal Arouse SiusKish Liver, work off llie hllc, lo rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling- Take'one box o< KIRBY'S ACTIVE L1VEII TILLS 25c st all'Klrby Stores. HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured U. S. A. cabinet pfficial. Answer (a I'revions Puizlo 13 Egrjct. 1 5 One in cards. 16ScptfiEh coiirt ofTicial. 18 Lowbred person i 19 Squints. 2! Entrance. 23 The' ci'appie (fish). 24 Mountain ' 2fi Young person. 29 Soufh Carolina. 30Feather scarf. 32 An essay. 33 Sooner than. 34 Portuguese money. 35 An indirect tax. 38 Buildings forming a square. 40 Skin. * I Was misiafc-n 44 To relate. 45 Compass * point. 46 A soft-soled 'iS Pronoun. 48 Preposition of place. M Ascot. 51 Pleased. 53 Postscript. 54 Exaltation. 57 Three. 58 Her title, Secretary of 59 A labor organization. VEUTI.CAL 2I-ong inlet. 3 Eucharist chest 4 Ppverty- ylrickcn. » Sound of inquiry. G Dry. 7 Seed bag. fl Printer's measure. 9 Srnall deer. 10 Frosted. 11 Modern M Tolled. IB She is the first woman of the U S. A. cabinet. 17 Disturbances of peace. 19 Luster. 20 She is especially inteTOsicd in —— reform's. 22 Soup dish. 23 Long step. 25 Poisonous r ptomaine. 27 New York (abbr.).' 28 Southeast. 1 20 To barter, S! Skin -infection. 31 To suffer remorse. ,10 Want. 37 C'haracterislic. 33 Street. ' 42 To sioalt flax. 43 To piece out. 4G Step .of a' scries. 47 Amber- colored resm 48 Back of fool. 49 Singer's vbico 51 To gossip. 52 To suffice. 53 Professional alhlcto. 55 Musical note. 56 Chaos. 57 Palm lily. PRESCRIPTIONS 1'Vcsljcst Stpck (! mi ran 1 cod- Iteiit Vekt* Kirby Drug Stores A Moiitnnn JnllWul pulled 1 out, K cell mdlntor \\tt\\ his, U uio IIUIUIS. Blll)g (hat RV |y mound f,q;ne jilglu i)exl \Unlcr v,)ie» Iho b«iloom indliiloi is, knocking. i J. L GUARD Optometrist Only Orartimifl 0|iloino- Illsl in Jl/y(!ifv||(c, (iliissts Filled Correctly B;ifc - - Accurate Yciir 1'i'Csci'li'jUmi Dm^ta Fowler Drug Co. M;iln & ilt-,1 t'huiie HI ill! & WillmiL I'lionc « OHTAIN KKl.lliW KilOM CVSTITIS (liiHumcil Kiaddcr) A 30-ilay of I his N A T V li A 1< ri!)Ni:iI.M, 'WATGK will cost j-iju very lllllc . . . Malie Ilils I csl .yourself and _im(c (he l»u- Dlstrlbutetl by Crosstown Whiskey Shop IMI'OUTKII & DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUORS, ALKS 109 S. Division St. Hiivn Vour l)n|; ^'nrvlnalrd Agalnsl liiiljU-s Dr F. J. Weitz survey J fumils l-hoiie* , p(vrtri)cnt • Wo.sli. (Ui'J—Thereof the c ' • ,,. * v i^^-n ,*'• vj/vfut*iiu jn i Is one telephone for cvciy five wn*lmiBlqii Acportpa a crand"total , icklrtcnli, In the slnlc ot Wuslilnu-P rt " 11 of J3.882.157 -for 1930* ana £ ion, tho ttnle public seivlce de- S'WgJn VW- '_', ,,';... .; HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For l'roni|it JjHtmtlry and Cleaning Service Now Located ul 101 Nnriji Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON l'.l)\VAKl)S, l'ro)irldur All Muki'S »f llrlnillt T;'|>e»TUi'r«, AM\ng Mni'lilncs C'alqitnlars—K.ciinlrln^—1'arls—Kltita 0113 FOR SAFETY'$ SAKE! Jtl'MI) AD Hfe us ,ii)d !,avr! h.ivc JclayJ liniililol Ifofgre gulli); Ol ><iiir v.ualluii or l.tklng iinjtw ljis, M us check the follo»ii«; Danger Points I'an JtclL , Mcctni'iil Syslcni Hrnkcs. IJiaku Fcdiil & Clulch Wheel DifTtircnlinl antl Tj :insmissiuji PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Sllj * IValmit I'baitt dig RKP rVVDKR Ae Ifclp Needed KY I'RKD HAttMAN KY V. T. HAMLIA (MRUSMAW5HIP...BY \TVie WAY, HDlW.GOOC / A SHOT- ARE SOU i 1>1IMG VOU ODEp CAN'T HIT THW Pwe'cbWE UP7HERE/ BEUEVINJG v „. - T? '^^"PHAWTOM^ °» JBC -T. APE" TO HAVE A GIRL FR1EWD SOMEWHERE 1WTHE viciMrry OP HIS FIRST APPEA.BAMCE, <S-MA)J TUM , ISWRK1MGW THE BLUE HILLS DISTRICT HOOTS AND IHW TUJDHIKS HY RDGAR MAKTIW WASH TUIH5S HY KOY CKANK BLA.Z-JS! so TIAERE'^ ANOTHER "AMD IIESRIGHT HERE if MUM'S THE WOKD, PODMER. IHTGRESTED IU HIPPAH U L^ «LL«8 ^n-^ ^^I^^ E WE,BOU»D FOB. \ «OUt40S LIKE AM IUTERESTO6 , BALI 1 VACATIOM,EH,LADDIE? AWO BOEHEO; HATES, VitTH A •STOP AT \WEVL., THERE AWT NO ROOUv', VOU SLEEP C3MPECK. 60T A PA^EHGER FOR WPPA-V.ULA. HE'S EW3<V6ED BOW CABIMS. MOST KWOW 8USIUES6' SURE; LET'S GO AL.OMG. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS \ Change in Plans BY MERRILL BLOSSEK r IF GOT To CREST THE You CAM COAST/ Wo WONDER rrs SEEM so i vyeve BEEM <SOIMS w THE HAVINS. MONSY OUR. Bors HAVEN'T AMT nose TO 5IPWOM GAS FROM TUB OTHER CAR, SO---- fa. l»*BYNEA£tKYKM\C- T. M. * EC. U. S. FKT. OF*

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