Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 2, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26, ALTUM t lLL. THK OEKAT UNFAILING SPECIFIC yon, ,, Liver Disease \ j IMttor or bad taste (n I he •-.- . • n> nth; tonuuii contoU white or oiivorod wltli tt brown furs p»ln lit tho buck, sl'le», or Joint -oltnn raiiltakiili lor Klioumiitlum ; toar Btpmadh, lug* of uppotltv j •ometuBiiauB'-u.atiTiiriiBh.'irlndlKOBtln fltttul-ncy ana add bruoutlociBi nowi>Jn alternately onstlTO and lux ( headache I io»8 of memory, with a painful m<nB ,tlnn of h vlnu fftllud to do wmi'thlnff frnlon nuitht to luiVe been dotio; dubllity; low shli'ltsi a thick Tallow unposranou of tha Bklnand vves; a dry onugh : few r ; rcntletuneea ; .t he . I rln« i i» scanty iinU higlioolorfd, and, U allowed to •tand, deuoalta a Bedlmeat., Simmons Liver Regulator KEENING. 1TEBRUABY .», 18»7v la generally udo<l in' tlio Sooth to nroase the torpid live to a henltby afltlon. it ftcta with aitraordluary efflcuoy on thn L rVJBB, ktDJfEYS, and BOWELS. Mnlnrla. Gouttliintlon, i>fiioaiin«Mt »lck Heodm he, Jrtu .lice, Nausea, v t oilo, Meutai Dopr«-ilon, Bowel Complaints. Kta., Kto., r.te, Bndorsed by the use of seven millions of bot- The Best Family Medicine for Children, for Ada'ta, and for the A^ed. Bufo to tuke In any c<> dition i J. U. Zoilin & Co., Philu, Pa Sole proprietors. Pr oe $1. mv28m*r< wkly We do not manufacture Lard, . Candles, Butterlne, or any klndrod truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. SILVER SOAP is rnade or TUBE TAL- tow, by a clean process, and can bo used freely without danaer of having the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOUIl GROCER FOB IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO, ST. to ma. MO. GOLD MEDAIr, PAEIB, 1878. BAEJbiR'S _ Warranted abiolulely pur- Cocoa, from which the CXOOM of Oil bos been removed. It has Mre« NflMt thi ttrengt\ of Cocoa mixed with Btarob, Arrowroot or Sugar, and it therefore far more ecououil- ail, costing leit tftan one ctnt a cup. It U ,dcl|c(ou», oaurUblng, otronglhenlng, cully dlgeiled, nod ladmlrably adapted for Invalid! »• |'yrj»li a» for' pomoan jn health. ' SoU bj 'Croeerii 'tterywhere. & CO., Corclisster, Mass. TO ADf |Ef I8EEEJI For a clieokforfWWn irlll print a tan^llno advortUumi'nt ln( Olio Million U-moa 1 of lean- JIIK Amorioiiii Nowap .purs. Thl. la at-'he j.a'te o( only one fifth of u cent a llno.for 1^1)0 oli cu lutloo I Tlia aclvertlsempnt will bu ; plaooil before One Million ;mm!RitNT ,^ will ao ominndHtettUoiitia wurds, Ad anil oheok^p ~»(\ni\ »i Plain and Decorative OKV1OJH AWl> BHOf ON iST,, NB4R HASA _ AN AORII 'on lonjr Mm*. Tfc* HUM piwptrbnu •nd promltloir «»W frr MtiUm«nt In lh» Uis. r»U • iBfanuatlan with ivod mip free *ho Seal'B Honlttiy Appetite. Where do they (llio fur sank) go tof Certainly not nortliwitrd, for 1 it in well known Unit not u single Mint Is to be found north .ol tlmPribyloviv and tlie floating loe of Winter tmivehu «ny con- Kiegiitlon of iimphlbiouB life, There U iliun the soutliwnrd, tlio onormous expanse ol sea South of the Aleutian chain, live thousand mllos of Witter between Jnpiin nnd Oregon* DWitrralng with,th« uaiuriilifood of tho soul—tin h, Tliuy onn have no rusting .plivo, or ty would be known; they mint tlioruforo spend all tholr time afloiil, Booing thut Ibey sleep at sou Ju*t na contfortiibly n*. or purhnpf mow so limb/, on Iniuf Tliey 116 on thuir bucks, fold thu foru flippers across the brimskjiurn, tho hind onus up imd over, so that the tips test on their nenkj BDd^hlriB, thna ekposlnjf wily the nose andjtbeilieeld gf iha Wud^ijiper* rtW^ Wat0r, nothing else belngtsetm. Herp if "mtikcdtln.tho cradle of the deep,'* , Onocnnjiot but think of i the enormous quantity pfu>U ih e y must get throng The common BOH), sunn ns, wo see In our iiquarla, hns evidently a t moBt voraolous >"nppetite,, nndi , never- «eenls to bo nblo to get us much as he ottp ,do jullh. Consider, than, the we|£ht thut; must be consumed in the jeur by the fur senl, several times Its sl?ti, roaming about under thoroughly natural con- onions jn-its .natural element, instend of being C0pped,,op within Iho four Vralli of a tank. As a mutter of fngt, the hosts of the fur seal produoo n. ^notabje scarcity ot fish iarouml the Pribylovs. i It IB perfect,, ly hopeless to throw a line overthegnft-j wiilo of a boat You must go put at leitst seven or • eight' miles, nnd then- von'qnn got .nothing bu; very large JiaU- but; Practically the sea for, A hundred ' miles around is cleared of fish, it is computed that forty p\>und»,per day is , rather n starvation allowance • for tin adult male, twelve pounds to a female, • and not much, jf any, Joss for tho fast- growing 'pup:). Allow an average of ten pounds per Individual oer.dav, and calculate what four or five'millions would consume every year—only seven million tons or BO. Why, all the Hshing of the world is but a drop in the bucket compared with this. Wo must remember, too, that the seril is only one of the creatures which prey on fish. I can well believe what is' assorted by many well-informed people, , tnnt the, gupply of sea-fish is Inexhaustible by any means known to man.— All the., I'e tr #qur«t v L.ATE8T NtiWrf. Absolutely Pure Thin powder never varlOB, A marvel ol puHtv, sire !#th wliolnaomuneHs. Moie eoo- nimjloul tlidii the ordinary Unds, and canii'il be sold in competition will) tha :nultltudu ol low test.fhort we ghf. alnm plmxpVia e now- dl'pg. (-OLD ONLT IN OAN8. ROY vL I1AKING POWDKUUO., 108 Wull uu,N. Y. JanSdwly IMEMJ OFPUEE COD LIYEE Oft Almost aaPalatabloas Milk. The only preptratlnn of COD LtTEU OIL Owt cun be Ukan nwdllj%ud lolerttod far a has HUM lij dellculc st«uin(hi. AND AS A 11E1IEDT FOB C111LDUEM A, N'D. Til BOAT xoM In lii i n-«uH». rrc«rlbfd nod endoTnr j by {lie t«l Pbv to tlio coun tries of tlie world, POP sal r nv •!-• ""i tnn t «rrs. _ J.SUnER&SON7 1BAMCH5 IN FINE AND COMMON F URN I TUKE. A. Fall and Complete Stock Always ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CAI.l. BEFORE PURCHASING, .»nt FUBKITUIUB UOUM8 ABB ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, I »p8dwlv Var Hnle, A 7-room brloU dwnlllnn mid out biillcllnitB ou'HjUUntltJut, bttwt'Kii Olii-ri-y mill Vln>< ••"••—--• - my iReprc In the National House of sentatfyee yesterday advene were ffiftrteo t h flie Senate bills grant-, Ing pensions to the wlrtoW of Gen. Ugan amt.Qt'n/.JFra'nuis i 1 . 'Elatf, The Austria Hungary Government will ask the Parliament for, an <at>. proprlation of 60,000,000 florins ($80,000,000) for the army ami half that sum for the miliiia. This in something like a preparation for was, j The chief obstacle Jn the way of the woman suffragists is not Congress, nor State Legislatures, nor man the tyrant and oppressor. It is the ten-pilljons or «9iof s women .who and expressed influence haudicwps the movement with a Jeaden wejght. John A. Logan, Jw, is advertising his >-eal estate business in Washington, for sale. He will remoVe'lo Youngstown, Ohio, whei'e his ^n«e, Miss, Andrews, resid"^. >His proV Ts'one of \ the millionaire iron, masters,^ the Ma^ honing Vatley; and ha»yoffered Mr.' Logman aa interest i^,the business/' L A panic affecte4'^tt.Paris Bourse yesterday, abating somewhat toward the close. Three per cent, rentes deeJined^o.Te.TO'fran.-s, or almost 24 percent, bflow par. The. decline its not, however,' from par , as' tbe ( average, price, {•» about $0 franca. The war campaign iof, Bismarck in German poJitJcsV is probaply ,the cause of the f panic, „ Bismarck, , for the purpose of -carrying th'e parliai mentary electjpnsf is ,making the Germans believe that war with France is Imminent, and is shaking to their foundations the,commercial interests of both countries., The State Capital. SPRINGFIELD, III!, Feb. 1-^In the executive session of the Senate this morning the 'confirmation- of William Mitchell ias humane officer in the town of Lake was again passed, and Senators Crawford, Bacon, of Will,' and Reavill were appointed a committee to investigate, the charges against Mitchell. Senator Bacon said he had further charges to prefer against him. Mr. Leman had read letters .from Charles Carch and L. Doty, of Franklin Station. Doty's letter claims, Mr : Shortall deliberately deceiv-d/Gov.; Oglesby when he recommended the appointment of Mitchell and that the Governor knew there were charges against him when he sent his name to the Senate. Charles H. Deere, of Rock Island, A. VV. Kingsland, of Cook, David Ross, of LaSalle, Patrick Day, of Sangamon, :'an'd'. Bert Stewart^, of Macon, were confli med labor commissioners. Senator, Crawford presented a resor lution asking the auditor and adjutant general .to rep.ort to .the senate the amountdue to soldiers who set in Gen. Swift's Cairo expedition. In the house Chairman Miller of the committee on judiciary reported back bill No. 39 for the revision of the law in relation to criminal jurisprudence, with recommefldatiohs for its passage, and Air. Fislier, from the committee on canal and river improvement, recoinme.nded to second reading^he bill providing for the cession of the darns a :.d looks on the, Illinois river to the federal gqyern- roent. House bill .VQ. 2, appropriating $)5,000 lor the incidental expenses of the general assembly and for care and custody of state house, was taken up for thir,I reading, The bill passed by a unanimous vote. Bill No. 95, appropriating, $10,000 for necessary expenses of the State unprovided for and to be incurred until i be 1st day of July, passed on th rd reading by u vote of 118 yeas arfd J nay. Tho follow'nj bills were introduced : By Mr. Archer—-To amend the law in regard to the exercise of t',io right of eminent domain so ac to provide compensation to jurors summoned to ascertain compensation for right of way. By Mr. Baker—P oviding that all public buildings shall be inspected by proper officers before occupancy. By Brown, of LaSalle—To pro. vide for the preservation of health, the sale and usu of whisky. It provides that a<l whisky must be two years and nine months old. By Bundy—To partially reimburse Williamson county for loss of public buildings by fire, appropriating *20,000 thurefor. By Clark—To amend the fee a -d salary act by providing that $ 10 shall be deposited by any person o tin- mcncingsuit or perfecting an appeal In full of the clerk's feu* until the termination of the suit. By Mr. Condon—To fix the pay of members of the (junural Assembly providing for tho payment of 91,uOO for the sessions after 1891, and deducting $10 for each day's absence. It p.ovldea for the payment of ffi 'peri day to wembe;s fur the first, thirty days of extra uessiona and fa per, day thereafter. Decreased Cool Production. SmiNomuj, IJ|., February I—Advance sheets of the annual report of the State Board of Labor Statistics show that t ie aggregate product of the Illinois coal minus for the year ending July, 1686, was lest than the previous year. Tlie industrial depression is given as a partial explanation. The competition of Eastern coal, driven west by natural gas 1 , and v the development of ,other; western' Coal fields are also recognized at 'affecting- Illinois coal, but the pret diction is made 'that' the 'lo'weot poiut of tjhfi depression has Already btan reached, and & revival js antipipated- TLe statement is made that the awr- "g^ wag38>patd minera, .were, lower than eVer before in tuis State. The deiline was greater in the Central and Southern portions of the Sta-.e than in the vicinity of Chicago.,, Mother and Daughter , Hang Three peculiarities BfexVi SankparlUa, the great blood purtfler nxlircgnlatlng misllclne, li nnaraeteiUetf br - thm pesullMlUM, namely i . READWO. Pa., Feb 1—At a farmhouse near East Hanover the county, yesterday,Rebecca .Buck, .aged - 85 years, was t fpund hanging |n the attic n •dead. I He woman, bajd been' quite, melancholy of late.C bii$. Ithe cause for her taking ,h«r life is not known." The deediSreyeS on the mlnd'of he> mother, Mr'g. S^ab^B^c^, , f aged; 72 1 years, to,such an jjxfcpnt J that » Je^ h>urs later she.hanged herself. in exadtly the : same place, ,wh,ere s ,het daughter's bodjr had been found. The double tragedyi'tiaslcaused, gre'at excitement iu the'neighborhood. Bain of, Thoroaghbred , Horses. NSSWBPKOH, N. Y., Feb. Bacbman, of the Stony Ford farm, has' J. V. Stryker, of Jerseyville, III., 31 thoroughbred horses, at an aggregate price of $50,000.; The, sale ; ihi:luded; Miss Brunette^ Lottie: Langford, ; , Miriebla, Maggie, Durye,. Cpsette.,., Coraelia, A m8nda,Fairy,Romance and Princi'ss Annie, , The animals'' were shipped West in pala(e horse cars. Married in St. Louis. CoLUHsviLLKj 111., Feb. 1-T-Married in St. Lpuis.Tuesday afternoonj at the St. James Hotel, by Rev. ti/ Gardner. Mr. Edgar D. Peers to, Aliss ,Effle Davis.! Tuey, Were .accompanied „ by , Mr. Welhy,.'.'Davis}' brother of the bride^ and Miss Julia Wooldridgs.. All!parties : are fi; fi%n Cjllineviile. Ists 2d: 3d: The combination of the varioni The proportion In which ttie root*, iwlj*, boric*, etc., are mixed. ThoproeeMby which the attire medicinal properties ore secured. • ' " " t , t The remit Is a medicine of nnnina] it£«n(t& MdjOnnUv* power, which eflaots «nrei B«t»r , tof ore unequalled. . Th«t« pecnllMltlM.bploog, «xclMiT«Jr to- Hood's SHMi»riJJ«, and fn, Unknown to Others ) too' » ot h Is a ' Hood's B»rttrartU» :! to r;ep greatest Mft an4!,«nre fJ ,l education and long experie eaace, ,or cney an er compans, efttarth or t houawtlsm, tlo Dot tall ,to try Hood's SarsaparJIla "I recommend food's BartoparUla to aU, my| friends, as pie best IfloodjIuHflw on ' ' , earth.!,' , W*. $*rr, druggist, .llaoiiftos.'O. ' " Uood't Sarsapartlla has cored me dt scrof- clous humor, and, done me worlds' cf good otbcrWtoe.'/'.C.A.ABxotp.Xniold.'We. •> A book containing rainy nddlllonil state- mentf ol cnres will J)p sent to all who desire. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. $i; Blx'tor 4s. Mad* only % 6. t'HOOti & 'CO., Lowell, Mats.' 3OO DQseo .Ope, FVYSICIAMB Aim SUKGEOH 01 DB.. B»-i OtTUJLlVU, Physician, an^ >mOB AND RESIDKNOB, OOB.FOUBTU 8T8. IM-dwlf W. A. HAHKELiLi, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OmOK-SEOOXD 6T.,AVTOH,ILL. noon>->a.m.; 1« to DR.C. tt. HOULAND, Dentist, 18 THIRD 8TTBKT, ALTON, ILL. Offloe Hoar»-8a. nu to 12 m.; 1 to t p. 11 -.;.,.... febdwfy . G. A. McMCLLEN, Dentist, OVEB BBUKQQKM SSN'3 OEGAR STORE SBOOJiO ST. , le-13 dtf l-earn Hermann ram innKlimy. Bitiuilum furolBhed. iSrlle Vafcullnu Bra*., •'"'"••vllle Wli, T. L. FOULD&&, CO., Highest, Paid for >6orn» and, __ STILL SLOP FOB 8ALB. JOHN IT* i. DBALEB IN AHU. MANCT AOTUHBB 1 SECOND STREET, Opp. City Mail, ALTow f ,rr.g., UPHOLSTEEDJO Belle at., bet. -ALSO- BE3IDBNOECX)E. 8T.VTB *. EMPIRE SEOONO HTIlBBt'ilN Oroand Oatu, Ground Cont. Hay, Oats, Cornj Corn Meal, . Buckwheftt Flonr, Gralb^minpjv, PHOilPTLY DELTVKRED mitu* T ^^»n ..- M;WIliElNSONv " • • ' ' ' .' ' : •••; <,'••'• Iy7 dtf A Madison County 'Corporation. SpKiNQriBLD,.Hj,; Fen.' 1%-The' Secretary of. State to-day, issued a license of, incprporatlon'^6 the Marine Mining, anirt Manufacturing Company, of iMarinp.j.lii^'toVmln*' coal and fire clay; capital, $3Q,flQ^. Incorporates; Loui?,, Kolb,; 'Heijry Gehrs.iE. M. iEaton, and .othersi, Reagan isleqtrd. AUSTIN, .Tex., Feb... 1—On. the thirty-first, ballot iforiUniiedVStates Senator here to-day Congressman Reagan was elected.: ' . The reduction .. _,._.^, the taking off of revenue iiampg from proprietary mudiclnen, no doubt, but lurgoly bent-fitted tti«coD»un)er8,4".wall as relfeviDg ibe burden of home tnanu- fantureri. E»peq)al|y Is thl? , tfte bag,« with Green's August Flower and Bos- ohwe's German Syrup, as the reduction of thlrty.six cent* per dozon, has buen »d dud to increase tbe.sizoof the ^bottles contalnmsr these rotnodien, therehv Hiving one-fid h more medicine in the 76 cent size. The August, Flower for I>y«pep8ia and Uvar complaint and the Ournmn Syrup fur . eou^h .and lung troublei, haVe, purhapu, the largest sale ot any medicine* in the world! Toe adVHntatce of mortased alie of the bot- tlea will be preaUy ftppreolatod by the (tick and »fflicted, In every'town and in oiviheud oouoirios. Sample for lUoeuu remain the mime aiKl I arm HEADQUAKTBB8FOBTHE Best Buggy in the Wbrlct For mure than forty yeari, Ayer's Churry I'octpral ban been mieoeMully prfHonbnd In caacaof oon«umpUon Tlii» m»dioine always afford* grumt relief m pulmonary dineates. Auk your drug* gmt tor It,. rf Chancery JNotioe" in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly paynienis. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, ' $1.75, $2,- $250, $i, $0.50, $7.50 to $10, Headquarters for EUPION ami OAK MINE BURYING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and w CYLINDER OILS; Cistfrn, Well and Stock Pumps: Prepare*!; PaiuiH, ready for use. See our $10, pugg^. Harness. Call and get our prices and you will nave money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, O unly o' JJ idi-on. | " Oli cult court nt MuUiouu county, Marcb term Ail) 1987* . i Uunry O. I'riost, surviving purtiiT of Oonry 0. bwu"t«ur, ilecennuil, la u |)«rtnnr« UUUIT HIM fuinu nt «*uutu r and I'lloat, vs. U'lvlU It. Siiaik*. Anna ». Hnurku, nl« »l(u, Wi H. Icy llrvt. thu Alton ,'Mutiniial Dink, tlin U. It -pinUK Milling oiimimny, Albert Wailo uml Kruiik R. Mlli)(ir, In i Imnoin-y Noiluclu littii'by tflvun tv tlm ^utfl Won|*v nflllpur. Httv«"' n wuai fcuuv >i,v »ui,Yn, KMiiiru «.Hiia«ninnn» •inl-otofon' tll«d hlii lilliof.couijiluUt In Maid court, nn tlm olmncdry kldri tliurtiof, und that a »u>iimoi»« ^lifi'oupoo 1 iHsuud out uf 1 tmld court miiilnut I lie abo\<i UHOII d d.*«BU»ii(8, itiiiiriniul on HiV dr-t d y in tUu IITUJ cif tlia clrrultoiiurtol Mu<li>on ciiuntv, to bi-lu-lil ut iiduii hiiiimi lit hidwiifitevlllui'ln sulii MnUl-HMi couniy, oiiiliM Uiltfl.AUili^iiy ol Miirqll, A.U. 1887 UMlntiy litw ri!<|iitr«it, HII-I whli.<ii>«nlt | N bllll ptlldlllK. KUlthKT lUli.VAl I'll, Wll» A WAru.OouiwUM Sol'ja, TUB BEST ON EARTH I BOSS FILLEI) WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years; BBEECH.LOADI>G GUNS, From $10 to $30. f W J. n. THE LEADING JE\VELECt

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