Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1954 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1954
Page 17
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?"-,, •" *"•*»- i , *^^* ^* -c"*" T . *» * « Ui „ ^' _ ^, ;? cl ^ij Sfe&^M *<taJ*-.*^*f in*" f*%f™^p?f^ '%*• '•" STAR, MOPI, ARKANSAS Tuesday, My SO, 1954 __ •jj^'.'j-' "*A*" j^U 'jj^ U ^g'gl| |g^| ^^L L AS SI FI ED AMltartfiTlfl offlt* $i» B*fw« Public^* $ i*«ess«*.tt ,. ft fWfctorteJ, L-r>-^ REfi spider lily bulbs. $1 per dozen postpaid Within Arkansas, Cheaper here. Arthur Gray, Ozan. July 0-1 Month _, i3Ss 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 2,70 4.SO 5 " 5,00 6.00 7,50 9.00 ; 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 TWO girls bicycles cheap. 402 Nor- .h Main street. 17-3t |T|l|D DISPLAY Sot Mt Inch 8f* fof con- Iffesutof or tklp- l^e one-ddy rot«. Classified odvertUlng copy rt^4d until 5 p. m. for ptton.tM followlnfl day, ft fcjbilther* f«erv« the ftght to mm Bdlr.aft-«dv*fH««hMntt of- jfdr bublleallon end. td re|*ct ' JMODERN Grocery in Hope. Will sell stock, lixlUfes, and building, or stock, fixtures ond rent build- Ing. Write Box 339, Hope, Arkansas. 19-flt flli ' ol.'blw' W Mor» l«H*ra, f fieum* «Kh os hout« 6r i h£«rtbef« tKiht as,6ne word. will not b« respon- Wont Ad» unless tb -our .attention i-lftST,'lme/l!on of ad and thM LY the ONE, Incorrect Insertion. fe-f ROSPECT 7 ! 343l 19 HEAD good young stock cows, 14 calves, 2 bred heifers, 1 top registered Angus Bull, Will sell together or bull seperale. Sterling Cook, Old highway 67, near Experiment. Station. Phone 74975. 20-3t MY home .at 223. North Hamilton St. Five rooms with bath, glassed In porch, and garage on corner lot. Price $3200., Albert Robertson. 20-Ot Pr«»i 1M7 January 18, 1*2f ._ery weekday afternoon by ilTAR WBL1SHIMG CO. . . E. Polmtrf .Prtildtnt *. M. Wolhburn, S«ey-Tr*f. |(it,;Th« Sttr'Building ' .14,; South W«lnut; SlrMt ope, .,Ark«M«i/ •. , "Advcrtitlni Monogw y.r\He»mer,-Mech. Suph ......-oi-second clan matter at ipo«t?OHiee at, Hope, ;Arkanrai,4 lijr|the"Act of,Morch 3/18>7. Aemker of the; Audit > Bureau! of " irlptlon Kotos' (payable In ad- f -.*vartee): In Hope and neighboring Hernpstead, Nevada, oward,,and Miller coun- £,<.:,w' „,...,„ ,85 femontm:;:;,.,.'..<..•.',;>.....,: 1,60 sw,. " lri * l ^- (l j, l w i ' M j „ 2,60 , . ;.:....;i.,',.,,i: 1.10 .....,. r ................ 3.25 -jV...'.;..!w... ......... f-A" 6.50 " 4iw»V..*....,M* ...... v- - 1 ?' 00 ' . s 1602 Ste.r!ck v £M«rriphi*'l2; Tenn.; 505' Texas Bfdo'.f Pqllas'2,, Texas; 360 N. '., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E ,-clotea Press Is entitled ex- ely.<to the "use for republicatlon IgWjMoc al" new^ , prlnt.ed in , this elh ai/qjj AP 'news' ' - ,erop;Elberta' PeacKes 1 now f f Inequality, , Np. worms .M <_«**/>»«« I I«U^ ^^ U«4. . Wear , mWardlows i REFRIGERATION ' L For Sole Guernseys. Bred heifers, coWs and bull cnlvcs. Hale Guernsey Farms, Prescott, Arkansas. 19-31 144 ACRE farm, modern home, 15 head cattle, 1 mule team, machinery. All planted crops. Ample supply water. 7% miles South of Hope, Arkansas on State Highway 29. Price $12,500 cas.h or terms at 5% interest. Write or come see Oren L. Harris, Hope, Arkansas, Route 1. 20-31 USED lumber, building materials for sale. While it lasts we will have for sale at $40.00 a thousand 2 x 4's, 2 x,0's,'2 x 8's, 1 x 8's No. 117 drop siding, 1x6' and 1 x 8's ship lap all lengths. This is exceptionally good used lumber at $40.00 a thousand, at the site. Also inside and outside doors and windows with exceptionally good hardware. If you want a bargain come to industrial area of the old Proving Grounds. Saturday, July 24th call or sed Arthur Martin - Phone 7-3328. 20-5t Wonted to Buv TO BUY Men's Used Shoes. Reaves Bargain Shop. - 31-TF YOUNG growth of cut over timber land. Anywhere in Southwest Arkansas. Will pay top prices. Phone 7-2228 or see Ralph Saun ders. , . J12-1 Mo. FAT, young hens. See Hope Lock' er and 1 Processing Company for 1 de,Jiyery date." , „. j 17-Ot r- • . .„ *-~ **'- •*., Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and inner• spring work Cobb Mattress Co. . 310, South Washington. Phone ' 7-2822. Mar. 4-tf QUICK' Mimeographing service Reasonable rate. Call Samuels 7-3760. "Farm Bureau Office. 101 East Front Street. June 17-1 Mo. A. A. EAST well digger. Contact Olen Jackson, 316 East Ave. B. Hope, Ark. 20-lt CO. W«st i Bsr,r?l» for Sale WWII , ^Intp innyrf ^rlnf ar^KP 1 *' ^Wll Funeral Directors OAK;CREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . .' . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 J7-4MO. Political Announcements fh* Stif If itrtbofltM to *fe* BttUB&i l&lt t&ft following At* candidate* tof mibUc office tub* Jeei to th« tetion of th* Demo* crutitt fcHajiftr clectlotu. 4th District Oftfctf HAttftiS 0, W. LOOKADOO NORMAN M. WARNOCK Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Boston Wnshington Baltimore Philadelphia BARRY HAWTHORN* CLIFFORD BYERS DW1QHT For CoUhty Cleric ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBROOK8 JOLtY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLE3 JIMMY COOK H. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM M1DDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. SUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Thre« B. L. RETTIO A. P. DELONEY for Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Alderman Ward Four JESSE L. BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH Alderman. Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T. 0. (TOP):PORTER Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For State Sanata 7th District GENE LEE For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. Notice AMERICAN LEAGUE w 61 81 57 ?.6 37 49 37 50 35 f,0 32 30 L 28 ao 57 f>4 Pet, GB .685 .678 1/2 .633 4'^ .430 22'j .125 23 .112 24 .360 29 .557 28Vi Yesterday's Results Now Yo'-:i 8, Delroit 0 Boston D-l!, Baltimore 7-5 Clevclnncl 4, Washington (Only games scheduled) Today's Games Chicago at New York (ngihO Cleveland at Boston (night) Detroit at Philadelphia (.2-night) Baltimore at Washington (night) NATIONAL LEAGUE New York Brooklyn lincinnati Milwaukee Philadelphia St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh' W GO 54 47 46 3 42 34 29 L 30 3G 44 44 42 46 fi2 131 Pet. GB .667 .600 6 .DIG 13 !i .511 14 .395 24 .322 31 SPORTS ROUNDUP •y ttAVkt fAttbt. NEW YORK 1*1 — The successive victories scored by Bernard Bartzen over our two fair-haired tennis stars, Vic Seixas and Tony Trabert, as he won the- National Clay Courts Championship over the Weekend *re hot to be t^ken too seriously in sizing up the summer's grass court campaign beginning this week at Philadelphia or the annual Davis Cup embroilment in Australia during the winter. Bartzen is no rrieteorie newcomer who might sweep through the Eastern fixtures, including the Nation- ial Championships at Forest Hills |and lead a triumphant invasion of Aussielantl. The thin left-hander is just a very good tennis player who happens to be at his best on the slower clay surface. His victory at Chicago, while no doubt a happy one for him, does little to brighten this country's over-all tennis picture. Trabert and Seixas, despte their indifferent showings at Wimbledon, Yesterday's Results Chicago 9, Brooklyn 4 .' •' St. -Louis 5, Philadelphia 1 Milwaukee 4, Pittsburgh 1 Cincinnati 1, New York 0 ;(12 innings) - - , Tiday's Games Nwe York at Cincinnati Brooklyn p.t Chicago Philadelphia at St. Louis (Only.games scheduled) remain the best we have in sight. No report has reached here of a single brignt young prospect coming up this summer with any hope '14'^ of Dlazin S 'o the top, as they used .477 17 "i to do- Evcn California seems to ave run completely dry. There is an outside chance of n important development in thii-- •eek's . Pennsylvania Champion- Some think that Ham Rich- rdsqnji.' the intercollegiate king, light; be ; ready to come into, his wn in this one and supplant Seix- s as;,oui- ? Np. 2 man. Soth Seixas nd Atk-Larson are entered. But ven if Ham should win it. our 3avis Cup prospects would bo SOUTHERN New Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Mobile .. Little Rock Nashville ASSOCIATION W L Pet. GB 61 41 .598 57 40 .580 1'A .550 5 " .40 6 .490 11 .420 18 55 45 4 46 48 50 42 58 41 fj9 38 57 .410 19 .400 19 1 / VOTE Boley's all new, "All air con- ditidned,-" court. When guests or Tourists inquire. 4 people. $5.00. July 3-1 Mo. Yesterday's Results ; Memphis 2-9 Little Reck '.0.-2 Chattanooga 6, Nashville 3'j\ Birmingham 21, Atlanta 2.' -' New Orleans 5, Mobile 2 TWO weeks only. 20% discount on B.eauty .Counselor,, cosmetics. Lois Pucteli. Phone 7-2156 or 7-2878. 16-6t FRANK,'Du Shane'is not connected With-me. Samuels Real Estate .001 East """* l'6-6t , Frbnir HAVE :srnall amount of Citizen's National Bank stock to selj around'September 1st. What am I offered 'per share.. Write box A' % Hope Stal-. . 20-3t BLACK land; farm to rent for cashv One 1946 ^ Ton truck for sale] Mrs. Herman Stoy, Route 4, Hope, Arkansas. 20-3t Real Estate for Sale NICE liprrle for sale on North Elm. Gbod terms. SOUTHWESTERN REALTY AND .INSURANCE COMPANY PHONE 7-44(58 14-3t HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arftansa.s.' Call 7-5505 for our agents J15-1 For Rent BEDROOM with private bath and private entrance. Phone 7-3391 3 R.OOMS unfurnshed apartment good location - $25.00 per month Pljls paid. 808 W. 4th, Phone 7- 3J52. 7-20TF Real Estate Wonted WE need listings on farms and ranches. Please see us as we have prospects, SOUTHWESTERN REALTY AND INSURANCE COMPANY PHONE 7-4488 14-31 TOP'S Glass Put and Installed. Complete Repairs, New and Lfsed Parts. Highway 67 West 303 NORTH Ferguson - Six room duplex - 2 baths, complete; -plenty closets. Nice large rooms. Needs some repairs. Two large shady'lots, Streets paved. Priced to sell cheap. ON West Avenue G - We have a bargain, a 12 room, apartment house. Good tenants, a real money maker. Double garage large lots - street paved. Rents Avill soon pay for it. Will make mpney to?-.tear down and builS smaller houses. Plenty of lots for this purpose. Don't overlook this one. JUS.T outside city limits - We have beautiful and modern 4 room tile home. Hardwood floors - plaster walls •+ plenty built-ins, 100' x 285' lot with small poultry house and yard. Garden and truck. [ BOOM cottage on extreme Eas Shover street, 50' x" 150' shady lot. Owner leaving town. Will sel cheap. GREENING INSURANCE AND REALTY COMPANY G. I. F. JH, A. and Conventional Loans - Real Estate All Kinds Of Insurance Phone 7-4661 15-3 7-2767 Hope, Ark. You'll Enjoy Eoting At OAKS Cof« & Service Station ' ^v"r ^p The Negro Community Today's Games .••-.'• Mobile at Little Rock' -^ Birmingham at Chattanooga New Orleans at Memphis' Atlanta nt Nashville COTTON STATES LEAGUE ery little improved, as the AUF- ralians have four or five play rs who are better than the Tulane enior. That is, they have been up 3 now. Trabert, who must win two sin- les if we are to have a chance f bringing the big cup home next .'inter, is passing up the first grass ourt event this week in favor of he Colorado State Tournament, on lay. So are Gardner Mulloy and Billy Talberl. Sponsors of the Den- •er event must have sent out some eductive invitations. It mgiht be a mistake <o dismiss Jartzen so lightly. The 6-year-old pprtngi goods salesman could lave improved tremendously since ast season. Bit there always is i tendency to accept victories cored on clay with a minimum if excitement and wait until the vinner proves that he can hold his '\yn against the "big" games en ;rass, whe,re the national rankings ire exclusively decided. El Dorado; reenvule : VIeridian VIonroe ine Bluff Hot Springs' w V L 47 43 38 34 25 55 .595 .538 .451 17'A .430 IS'/ .313 28V Yesterday's Results Hot Springs 5-3 Monroe 4-6 Pine Bluff 5, Meridian 1 Greenville 13, El 'Dorado 3 Today's Games Meridian at Hot Springs Greenville at Monroe Pine Bluff at El Dorado. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Charleston 6, St. Paul 3 Indianapolis 12, Toledo 8 Louisville 6, Kansas City 1 Minneapolis 6, Columbus 3 TEXAS LEAGUE Fort Worth 6, San Antonio 4 Houston 5, Dallas Oklahoma City 8, Beaumont 4 Tulsa 5, Shreveport 4 13 innings Or &Hnq Item* to Miff Turner it Hlcki Funeral Homt The meet at Tuesday P- m « " Usher board will % Baptist church July 20, at 7:30 B. B. Chafer of the Easter Star No. 413 will ro£et at Bee^ee Me' CM,® July g} Wednesday The Silver Chalice 7 Is Being Filmed By HUBBARD KEAVY , For Bob Thomas : : HOLLYWOOD Iff) — Thomas Cos tain's 500-odd pages of narrative called "The Silver Chalice" tun out, in the movie script, to be onlj 134 pages long. Yet none of the -drama of Cos tain's story of the siavc who fa shions a receptacle for the wine cup used at the Last Supper wi! be missing, scenarist Lesser Sr t m ucls assure potential vielers. Foi the benefit of Costain's readei and perhaps also for aspring see narists, Samuels explains how h< did his job. After reading the book carefully he made notes on what he cor; sidered the 'necessary cliamati scenes. Primarily the difference be twen his job and Costain's wa to emphasze some scenes fo greater dramatic effect. Then he listed each .scene, wit: a brief description, on a smnl card. He remembers (hat be ha 100 cards. He pinned the«e to large board in- sequence and &U died them, lie finally. rc-duced th number on cards to 76 the essen tial dramatic steps." With the characters and the 7 scenes, Samuels wrote a l^O-pi "treatment," actually a synopsis From the synopsis ho wrote th Center Point. With Hicks Funera Home iu charge. Jar Keystone Lodge'No. 43 will meet ' ' ' " ' $>, at the regu- Time 8:30 p. service lor the Funeral service fpr Y. C. Star of Ozan were held Tuesday, July 20, at the M E. Church in. Clow With Hicks Funeral 119019 in char Fwnerai service for Floyd R were held Tuesday, Jyly §0, Next 10 Days Crucial for White Sox By BEN PHLEGAR Associated Press ports WVRITER The next 10 days can go a long ay_in Heckling tho American eague pynnaht chances of the hicago White Sox. During that spell the Kox face he New Yoik Yankee:, seven mes, starling tonight in Yankee tadium. The Hanks trail first lace Cleveland by half a game, he White sox are another four engths back. It's going to be a lor.a hard road or Paul Richards' Go-Go Boys, jut their four-game swop over he Indians just before the All-Star reak convinced a lot tif fans the ox still are a big threat. The Yankes are the big stum- ling block. In 12 meetings so far le White Sox have corne out on he short en eght times. Against very other team, including -Clevc- and, Chicago holds » winning dge. Sandwiches in belwcn the home- nd-home series with Chicago, the "ankees meet Cleveland in a iree game set in New York over ic weekend. It could turn out that the recently revid Boston Red Sox: vill hold the immediate key to the irstplace scramble. While the Vhite Sox are playing the Yankee defeated Pitsburgh 4-1. Boston. Favorites on Top in Pro Tournament ST. PAUL, Minn., (UP) -Sam Snead, Gary Middlecoft and Ed Kurgol topped; the favorites today vjio warmed up on dry, hai-'l course for the man-killing, veek-long PGA golf tournament. More than a dozen top golfers n the field of 110 were mention e'd as threats to the title in the 36th annual tournament opening Wednesday but 'the big names o. ap inead Middiecoff and Furgol jeared to be the favorites. Snead, the colorful VVest Virgin an,. blasted a 63 over Kellei course Saturday — nine under par —although he slipped in hii seconc practice round Sunday to 73, Middiecoff, who walked out o: he Manakiki Open at Clcvelanc ast week because 'he said official; jave his reserved hot.ol room to ij'urgol, fired a practice 68 hen. l^onday. ;; The best practice round Mondaj jvas- fired by the sentimental fav ^ri.te^iiJSrSjik V/alsh, \vho lost tc "".""" in the finals of th J932 PGA meet — aisb played a Walsh ripped around th< Monday in 65. ("'-Among the dark-horse golfer were Georse Fazio, who tied fo the 25,000 Manakiki Open title and lost iu a playoff. The defanding champion, hi;sk> Walter Buvkemo of Detroit, seem ed almost a forgotten rnan. Tlr curly-haired 6-yearld golfer \voi last year by beating Felice Torz; of' St. Charles, 111., in a battl of underdogs. Fights Last Night B The AVSSOCIATED Press Brooklyn —, Chris Ohristensen 148, Denmark, outpointed BUI Graham, ISO, New York, 10, New York -T Al Andrews, 153 Superior, Wis., qutppinted Saiweu Chiocca, 1-tO, Cprsica, 10. first script, 140 pages o f dialogu and stage directions. This prel minary work was used to .ietei mine how many actors would needed and for how iong and th number and size of the sets. Cost have to be estimated first, so In first script was littje niore than budget guide. The final shooting script too Samuels 10 weeks to write. tain, who read it, was' pleasd wit Ihe faithful translation although h must h<ive misled some scene an characters he liked. Th e Chines prince, for example, was en in ieresting character, but he ha nothing to do with furthering th 4ram*tic elements of the ttoiy. H l)is lonjj fingernails will not e film, . prop it Jn witches to Now oes to Boston. And when Cleveland Yoi-k, Chicago The 'Indians and Yanks both won •esterday. Chicago had the clay ff. Cleveland defeated Washing on, 4-3. JCcw York whipped De- roit, 8-0. Boston won a pair from Baltimore 9-7 and 8-5. In the National League, Harry 3 erkowski of Cincinnati pitched 2-inning, three-hit shutout over tiie eague-leading New York Giants 'inning 1-0 on Hobief Landrith's iome run. Second-place Brooklyn Uso lost, 3-4 to Chicago. St. Louis beat Philadelphia 5-1' and Milwau- see defeated Pittsbirgh. 4-.. The big. thriller was in Cincin lati. Perko\vski,. a left-hander who iad lost seven out of eight decisions this year, pitched brilliantly against the Giants. He walke ive struck out six two of them n the 12th. inning, and was in dan ;er of being scored upon only 'in he seventh when Monte Irvin led iff with a double against the score- aoard. Irvin, however, was picked iff second. W h i t e y Lockman doubled with two out in the second. Al Dark beat out an infield iingle in the llth. Brooklyn put on one of its worst ielding performances of the season, committing five errors, in los- ng to the Cubs for the first time n 10 games. Peace and quiet reigned at Busch StSdium in St. Louis, scene of Sunday's riot, as the Cardinals whipped the Phillies Rookie 3rooks Lawrence scattered 10 hits HOT NEWS—Humans aren't the only ones concerned with t"he hot weather. Here, on,e penguin studies the rising temperature on a large thermometer while his pal is making tracks for the beach to beat the heat, in Frankfurt, Germany. League Leaders By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting — Noren, 'Nov.- York. .36,0; Avila, Cleveland, .341; Ml- nosp, Chicago, .422; Rosen, Cleveland, .318; Busby, Washington, .31,5. Runs Batted In — Minoso, Cm cago, 72; c,rosen, Clovclpnd, 71; Berra, New York, 69; Mantle, New York, 68; Doby, Cleveland, 63. Home Runs — T.'Iantlo, New York, 19; Doby and Rosen, Cleveland, 15; Minoso, Chicago, Boone. Detroit Zernial, Philadelphia and Vernon and Sierevrs, Washington 14. Stolen Bases — Jensen. Boston and Minoso and Rivera, Chicago, 12; Busby, Washington, 10; Fo.x and Michaols, Chicago, 8. Pitching — Reynolds, New York 10-1, .909; Feller,, Cleveland, 7-1 .875; Consuegra, Chicago, 12-3 .800; Morgan, New York, 7-2, .778 Kcgan, Chicago, 12-4, .750. Strikeouts —- Turlcy, 'Baltimor.p 108; Trucks. Chicago, 92: Wynn Cleveland, (i5; Pierce, Chicago, 82; Coleman, Baltimore, 77. NATIONAL LEAGUE Batting — Snider Brooklyn Giles to Hear Both Sides in Game Forfeit By PAUL DIX ST. LOUIS (UP) — National League President Warren Giles planned to .listen to both side;: today in a closed hearing on the Sunday game which"the'St." Louis Cardinals forfeited to the Philadclphio Phillies because- an uiripifc ruled the Cards were "stallitiw." '_ Pending Giles' decisions niter thojji' hearing, Card Manager Kcl Stanky, Card players Ellis (Cot) Deal and Sal Yvars, and Phillie player Earl Torgeson arc under suspension! A fight between Yvars nnti Torgc- son in 1he top half of the fifth inning of the second finmc of n double-hcn.-lnr, just after T)enl hnd thrown pitches close to Torgeson. touched off a free-for-all betwcn the two tc;)ms. Minutes lalar,' when Stanky went to the mnuhtl toQ change' pitchers, Plnte Umpire Babe Pinel'i ordered 'Jm game forfeited to 'he Phils. Giles saicl he had ",'tudiccl the reports of the umpires" and that he would rnr-ke no further comment .mtil after the hearing. Attendance r.t today's hcarjnR was limited to Stanky. Yvar Deal the two Cardinal cooche, Torge- Manafjcr Terry Moor; of the Phillie, two Thillie coache and/\ no more than three representa- VJ tive of each' club. Stanley, in a formal pi'etot of Pinclli' action to .Gilo, coirmlained that 'he was "within my right" in going to the mound to change pitcher, and charged that Piiielli had ''ekceeded hi authority." The Cardinal later claimed that quote attributed to Moore played a part in fanning tho flame that broke out in the free-for-ali. Moore, whose relation with Stanky wertQ trained when he resigned as a Cards coach two years apo, was quoted as saying that beating Stanky wns his dearest with. There were no further incidents in last night's meting for the two clubs, won by the Cards, 5-1. Stanky watched from a rooftop box, Deal and Yvars ft;orr. the press box. Torgeson was not present at the game. .361; Bell, Mueller, Cincinnati, New York, .351; i'10; Schoendienst, St. Louis, .338; . Mudal, St. Louis, .335. Runs Bated In — Musial, St. Louis,',86; Hodges, Brooklyn and Bell, Cincinnati, 77: Snider, Brooklyn, .Mays, New York and .lublon- ski, St. Louis, .76. Home Runs — Mays. New York, his fifth game since Redbirds less than a n winning oining tho month ago. Home runs, accounted for both Boston triumphs over Bnllimore In the first game : vet-.'ran Mickey Owen climaxed a six-run rally in .he ninth with a grand-slam drive. In the nightcap the Sox came from Jensen hit a ; pair and Ted Wi!- iams, M lit Boiling and Jim Pier- behind with five homers. Jackie sail hit one -each. 33; Sauer, Chicago and -Musial, St. Louis, 27; Hodges, Brooklyn, 25; Kluszewski, Cincinnati, 24. Stolen Bases — Bruton; Milwaukee, 18; Fondy, Chicago, 15; Temple, Cincinnati, 1, MOON, St. and Jablonski, St. Louis, 7. ~ Pitching — Antonelli. Nnw York, 13-2, 7-2, fl-3, New .867; Meyer, Brooklyn, Wilhclm, New York t/ Grissom and Maglio, York, 9-4, .692. ....... £ Strjkeouts -r- Roberts, Philadelphia • and lladdix," St.- Louis', 103; Erskine, Brooklyn and Spahn, Milwaukee, 84; Antonelli, New York, 82. Kansas Bank Folds, Loss Is $310,000 VALLEY CENTER, Kan. W — Merchants and others in this community of 1,100 were stunned yesterday when they went to their town's only bank .and found it closed. Bank Commissioner Elmer T. Beck .-aid bank losses would exceed $310,000. The doors' of' the Framers and Merchants State Bank were closed following a week's investigation by slate bank examiners, Depositors had no hint, that anything, was wrong. Beck said John W. Basore, the bank's president, had admitted irregularities and had promptly resigned. After announcing the probable loss, Beck said he would have no further comment until his report is complete. Some merchants were caught with Saturvl|y and Sunday receipts and no place to immediately put them, Some of tJiem had a hard time rounding yp change so they could open up this morning. L. R. Beny, hardware store operator, said gioomjly, "i might as well have stayed closed today. No one wanted to buy anything. Thty just wanted to talk about the bank." '> " , There have been no arrests or charges filed, County AJtwney Warner Moove was trying to find Ba:>ore, who he said had apt been at the bank all o,ay and vyag not »t his home, Beck, s_ai4 the bank is not protected by «,h,e Fed,era,J peposti insurance Viruses, cannot live by th.ems.eli VOTE FOR C 0 N G R E S S C O N G E S S G. W. LOOKADOO 4th District Vote for the man with a Constructive Program. Check the records of your present Congressman against a Program of Constructive Benefits, LOOKADOO'S IQ-POINT PROGRAM OF ACTION 1. To represent all the people. 2. A fair representation for agriculture and livestock industries, \ 3. To work- for new industries, creating more jobs, less unemployment and providing for a better standard of living. 4. Federal Aid for education, leaving control to the states. . ; • •' 5. Better Social Security Laws; more Federal Aid to our welfare program and especially the aged and needy. 6. Fair and just treatrne.ni 'fpr. labor pnd management. 7. Raise .personal exemptions in income tax from $600 to $1,000 a year. 8. A strong military defense program. 9. Agpinst further raids on' national resources similar to the off-shore oil c> prpgram. ' 10. A beneficial veterans program. Has Mr. Hgrris represented the people • in this District during his 14 years? Compare the strong positive, Ten-Point Program with "14 years of Do Nothing/* VOTE LOOKADOO JULY 27 Tuesday, July 26, 1$54 HOPE STAft/HOPE, ARKANSAS »LONDIE ly Chick YMfff " OZARK IKE OH, GOODNESS. -""Si; 1 i ALMosf FORGOT THE PR06RAM THAT GIVES tHOSE GOOD RECIPES ) ' OH, BOV, y/HATA FIGHT/ I CANT WAIT UNTIL THEY AMNOUMCE i THE WINNER .. t^ANS STtR BRISKLY OUT OUR WAY Movie Actress ACROSS 1 Movie actress, Charlotte performer 13 Wrinkle 14 Citrus fruit i 15 Raved i 16 Fencing position (pi.) 17 Senior . 18 Equals 19 Withdraws 23 Go by 26 Compass point 27 Ripped 31 Hops' kiln 32. Route (ab.) 33 Dance step 34 Meadow 35 Lamprey 36 Onager 37 Nobleman ; 39 Cornish town (prefix) 40 On the ! • sheltered side 41 Reformer 44 Blaze 47 Nomads . 51 Venerate . 53 Man's name 54 Retaliate 55 Genus of . herbs 56 Female relative 57 Ensnare DOWN 1 Measure of land 2 Russian river 3 Dispatch 4 Potatoes • (dial.) 5 Department in France 6 Diminutive of Edmund 7 Territorial jurisdiction 8 Mourning band 9 Most unusual 10 Grafted (her.) 11 Bavarian river 12 Promontory 20 Rounded 21 Hospital's resident • physician 22 Staggered 23 Wooden shaft 24 Sailing 25 Asterisk R 15 IV I 3 73 31 3H- 37 W 2? . 14 51 £4 5b IS 1b 4 IV m m 38 41 Answer to Previous Puzzle p E K M A r fr A t» B A o R i= A R B A 4> 1 A R P R €• 1 & e. N T T A & lA P A M IB 1 17 ^ c? Ete N A B T 4' T s 1 E R T B B S A B UJJ FiV 9 E P S S s H E N N B H R M E M 1 E P E A 1 R E P O N C E ^ T S y ffi '* A T E N o i? *» "ty F 1 6 r i» 1 0 1 A • V t I i- C n T A T 1 O R S 1 5 l_ 7 E ; s \ w >« E • s 3 T 1 V 1 E B 2 T 28 Jewel 45 Son of Jacob 29 Demolish 46 Class of 30 Essential vertebrates being • 48 Asseverate 38 Bewail 49 Mr. Lugosi 40 Take into 50 Shred custody 52 Always 42 Mingle • ' ; (contr.) 43 Consumed 53 Mariner's 44 Brothers direction 5 ^ 1 M Y//!', V. fc tiJ lio 3Z 3? V) 51 u 7 N It //. 53 55 51 8 IH W m n n yi 47 9 . 2.7 10 II IZ. 26 if V 40 Z9 30 <fc IV 50 2fl CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "AM he ever gets is Hquids—rpilk SIDE GLANCES By Goibroith Scpr. 19M t) NEA Sl'vlct. live. T. W- g)t- V, >. an. OH. can farmer* §Yer §fli their vegetables 19 •<.'. V'j S*f^*»«,,'f 'r ,\ **-* * AM*V By J. R. WIIHami VIC FLINT STX&ttS LEAt?- TO THE HO&PITAU MOSWAU \V6fcE WASH TUBES HOW W>N<S ^< DUUWO, RODNEY* BUJHOOK YOU RECXOM \ flOT I ORDERED SBKlT OliTU, tUCHNFWBe/ Df\C06TUMB£ WBU.WEAR &1CK..JUP?/WKSNW6 PNRAKDB 1 . W>U&T 86 MOTHER TRICK OF TH0&E TO PROLONG THglKSTAV nfefflM&u «Vj^., ' SrtVl-j'in? *• _i"W With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE DERANSE,\\EWT SEMTLEMENi/ BOOTi AND HER BUDDIES BUGS BUNNY I'M TOO PULL J TABLE TlliU TH i I <<3UA'5S IS EMPTV CAN'T DBINK FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP I CANT HELP REELING THAT TH' CAVE WHERE /i.tT'5 SOT TO I I<NEVVVTWW I ENCOUNTERED TH' / BE UP HERE IN r\nA/"»/"iki i& -rij/,iye:v/ I mjece uli i C CW/E WAS AROUND - PRAGpN ISTmKEV I THESE HILLS J TO QUR SIEGE OF \SOMEWHERE! \ TH 1 IRON CASTLE.... . . 7-ttO T.M. B.J.U.S f.f OH "Dp you think the house will last until this ifwtflg' The bases are loaded!" '- * SWEETIE PIE 'THE STORY OF MARTHA *M'd like to opfn a JBhygi ifi^BJtolP i ita&KKl ;j/wd7tei .. Vt "-*ss£

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