Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida on March 30, 1969 · Page 3F
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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida · Page 3F

Cocoa, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 30, 1969
Page 3F
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9 Revamp Kitchen - But When? Is there a "best time" to redo your kitchen? If your refrigerator refuses to freeze, your cabinets need repainting, drawers stick and doors jam and you hate "dishpan hands" you may feel the best time to remodel is right now. And, according to the American Institute of Kitchen Dealers (AIKD), you may be quite right. A faulty appliance can be replaced, a door adjusted. But often a faulty appliance or a deteriorating cabinet is a sign of multiple problems to come due to the age of the equipment. Let's face it, your kitchen may be out of date! Or it may simply be out of step with your needs. Surveys show that the life of a modern kitchen can be 15 years. But families grow. Tastes change. New types of appliances and new features are introduced. So why live with something that's barely New Sprinkler (Automatically Waters Lawn i ' By EARL ARONSON I TODAY Special Writer An automatic moisture I dispenser will ease your mind ' about the welfare of your I plants while you are vacationing. The new item that takes the worry out of watering is named Easy Does It ' Park Seed. A reservoir built into the double walls of the container meters water to plants as they need it. The hanging basket will add a new note to your indoor or outdoor decor. One filling of the reservoir will last up to 10 days. The outer wall is made of strong plastic, in a translucent pastel green. The' basket is 13 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep. , It would be decorative with an arrangement of vining and ' upright plants, suspended from the eaves or the ceiling or from a wall or column bracket. Sprays of hanging petunias would be attractive I in the patio. The basket also would be useful as a tub on the ground. Garden Tips Garden News offers these tips for indoor gardeners: Excessive water kills many house plants. Most indoor plants like plain garden loam best. Plants like fresh air, but not drafts. Once a day, open a door or window in an adjoining room. adequate when you can more intelligently (and at a reasonable price) enjoy a kitchen that is totally new! What is a reasonable price? Well, how much did you pay for your current car? Kitchens range, as cars dd, from VW's to luxury models. It's all a matter of budget. And you can pay for a kitchen in the same manner as you pay for a car on monthly budget terms. Of course if there is a great deal of structural work to be done (putting in a new floor, tearing out walls, enlarging a window), you will naturally spend more than if you are merely replacing equipment without structural alterations. Whatever you expect to spend, there are three rules for spending it wisely: Chart your needs. Consult a specialist. Plan ahead AIKD members advise it takes about eight weeks to plan and install a complete kitchen. That's allowing time for discussion, for design and approval of layouts and budget, then three to four weeks for all merchandise to arrive, and a week or so to install unless extensive alterations are required. t With today's modern method4ndtSbls, the competent kitchen specialist can install your complete new kitchen 'most any time that suits you, with a minimum of inconvenience to you in the process. Should you have the kitchen "done" while you are on vacation? Some people do. Most don't, simply because they want to be around to discuss with their kitchenman any questions which may arise. But if you feel you have established the proper rapport with your kitchen specialist, go ahead and "vacate." You can depend upon the qualified accredited firm to execute the job with meticulous attention lo all plans and specifications submitted in advance for your approval. Actually, say the specialists, the time of year is not nearly so important as the advance planning of your and their time whether your target date is January orTune. More Important is the careful planning of space - and equipment to satisfy all your needs. Before you visit an AIKD member's showroom, why not compile your own "kitchen shopping list," just for fun. Do you need "full meal" space or just a snack area? Is the man of the house a barbecue afficionado who'd love an indoor charcoal grill? (Yes, one can be installed so no smoke gets into his eyes or ( yours!) What storage do you need for dishes, groceries, pots and pans? (Don't forget the "company service" Aunt Emma gave you. and provisions for Fido and the cat ) Do you wish you had a place to "sit down and work?" (Counter areas can be provided at a convenient height.) How about that extra cleanup sink for the gardener, or for the play crowd that always wants to "wash up" while the lettuce is draining? TODAY, Snnday, March SO. 1K "3 F T MKimaiMmmsMiaiM 1 I II III I I i vmmujmmmmmiitatmKmmati , i Ti 4I COMBO OF INFLUENCES TIED TOGETHER BY MULTICOLOR PLUSH WOVEN CARPETING Decor by Astrology Do you want a built - in oven? A dishwasher? A garbage disposer? An automatic washer and dryer in or near the kitchen? What cabinet style do you prefer? Do you want a baking center? A tray storage unit? A pull - out table? A spice cabinet? You see, happiness for you, too, may be a new kitchen that you've just started planning! Now they're advocating decorating by your astrological sign. At least that's the theme of the Home Furnishings Market in Los Angeles. It might be a good idea, but there could be a terrible conflict between two opposing signs in one household. What is going to happen when a Cancer who hates to buy anything new meets up with a Leo who does every thing on the grand scale? Healthy compromise would be the answer or else one terrible mess. Maybe these two could alternate rooms. One fabulous room done in painted wicker and odds and ends saved from grandmother's attic. Then the Leo could do the dining room in grand scale (they're supposed to adore baronial dining rooms). Handled in this way one could end up with an interesting if slightly schizophrenic kind o f decor. Or how about a Scorpio with his love of dark rooms, subdued light, understated decor and colors of battleship gray and blood red in combination with a Libra? These go for pink and the en - t i r e hearts - and - flowers approach. In this case, let the Scorpio have his way with a great study all in leather and oriental rugs. Let the Libra do a really giddy bedroom In medium pink using heavy silk twill. From a co - operative standpoint, probably all kinds of good decorating things could happen when two widely different astrological signs get together under one roof. Sounds like an interesting challenge, anyway. 3S5SmraffiKSMS3 A Co! Sector's Prize: Old Walerford Glass Lots of Squares On Your House Even a house with a family of swingers has 17 squares on the roof. In roofing language, a square is the amount of roofing material needed to adequately cover 100 square feet of roof area. . It's estimated (hat 17 squares are used on the average roof. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, 42,788,035 squares of asphalt shingles were sold last year indicating that asphalt shingles were used on some 2.5 million new roofs. TOGA CHAIR BY ITALIAN SERGIO MAZZA Piece of Sculpture And a Chair, Too By LU ALBRIGHT TODAY Special Writer This is a piece of sulpture. This is a chair. The chair is plastic. First there came the chair, then the fact of its material: plastic. In a rather frantic rush to climb on the sales bandwagon, too many American manufacturers are first considering the material, then trying to design around it. Good design cannot work like that. First you have to cultivate good designers a thing we tend to forget. If a good designer cannot survive without watering down what he knows to be true, you're not going to get that which is good no matter how much plastic you use. Ed Frank, president of Moreddi, Inc., has been bringing exciting Italian design into this country since 1949. This is one of his latest finds. Designed by architect Sergio Mazza, this lovely thing will sell for less than an ordinary upholstered chair. The design of this Toga chair dictated its material not the other way around. True, without the realities of the man - made materials, the chair wouldn't have been possible, but Mazza did not sit down and say, "Now, I'll make something in plastic." He designed something, then used the only possible material: plastic. This is a chair made in a mold. In our country too many manufacturers are using plastic where it makes absolutely no sense. They are substituting it for wood and saying, "See how with - it we are. Here is something in plastic." It simply won't do. Let us first revere the good designer. Then, and only then, will you come up with noteworthy furniture no matter what the material. Old Waterrord, which ;s highly prized by collectors, is a flint ptess which was produced in Ireland in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Flint is glass in which one of the alkaline bases is lead. Lead oxide was introduced into glass - making in England in the late 17th century by George Ravenscroft. who borrowed the idea from the Italians. (Ravenscroft marked the pieces he made with a raven from his family crest.) Ravenscroft died shortly after his seven - year patent expired and other glass houses immediately began to manufacture flint glass, "hich was noted for its refractive powers - md its resonance. Ir'sh flint glaFS was mde at Waterford, Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Londonderry though all antique Irish glass is usually erroneously thought of as Waterford. Glass produced in the glass houses of Waterford and Cork was of exceptionally high quality and, from the standpoint of the collector, Cork glass is more precious than Wjleiloid It was produced in moie limited quantity as the facloiy was in operation a much shorter time than the Waterford manufactory. There has long been a legend that Waterford glass has a special pale blue tinge, and this has been debated for years by glass experts. Dudley Westropp, Irish glass authority, denied it, but other Waterford fanciers have produced examples of old Waterford to prove it. They insist that Waterford is characterized by the blue tinge which constitutes one of its chief charms, since it cannot be mistaken for anything else. Other experts taking exception to this dictum, declare that most flint glass produced before 1810 had a bluish - color, due to impurities or the Darbyshire lead first used in manufacturing flint glass. The color was considered a defect at the time, and chemists strove to eliminate it. In modern times chemists have striven to rcpioducc it lint without success Wj'iMioid is heavy with a ilnck body which allows deep and pro'use cutting and elaborate decoration. Facet cuttings were the embellishment devices most commonly used, but step - cutting,cutting, fluting and herringbone were also employed. Stars pineapples and festoons were popular o rnamentation. Among the outstanding pattern characteristic of Waterford were hobnail, diamond and strawberry, which are often repeated in American cut glass, so that Waterford must have served as inspiration for our glass industry. An enormous quantity of Waterford was imported into the United States beginning in 1784, mostly drinking glasses or tumblers. In the years between 1974 and 1803, according to Irish Custom House records, over 1 million drinking glasses were exported to the United States from Ireland. After the War o' :,'12 ghssware and i.,l)le iio of all varieties wcio shipped here from Irelard. Household g'ass was a large item in Ireland's bid for American trade. The fledgling glass industry in the United States soon began to take measures to check Irish competition. Glass objects made b y Waterford include many varieties of wine and drinking glasses, salvers, plates, jelly and syllabub glasses, custard cups, decanters, bowls, jugs, c a n d 1 esticks, candelabra, chandeliers, and lighting fixtures of various kinds. One of the inspirations of glass makers in Georgian England was the popularity for social occasions of "the banquet " "The banquet" was not the modern version of a many - coursed dinner with speeches, but a colllection of wines, fruits and sweet - meats, both wet and dry, fancifully displayed in glittering glass arrangements In the drawing room. Guesls weie not seated at these entertainments but moved about, sipping wine ard nibbling at confections such as jellies, custards, creams, biscuits and nuts, piled on salvers, or poured into cups, glasses and baskets of Hint glass. "The banquet" was obviously the forerunner of the cocktail party and hostesses vied with each other accumulating glass objects to add glitter to the array. Salvers and rooted compotes were stacked on top of each other to make pyramids until the epergne was invented. Glass collectors might think of reviving "the banquet" as a way to show off their collections. Waterford was famous for its custard cups and syllabub glasses and stemmed glasses for candied orange peel and crisped almonds. Any kind of sparkling glass could be used ' to make a display, in case modern diets can bear up under a party composed entirely of desserts. . w&vEasmwsik Ifeiatfak GOLF, COUNTRY CLUB & LODGE Where It Costs No More To Go FIRST CLASS! Air conditioning trade - in sale! GET 75 FOR YOUR OLD WORN OUT AIR CONDITIONER ON THIS NEW from f TfVj II un.. - . :1T.w i : H I ' 2 ch j K - X, YOU CAN BE HAPPY EVER AFTER, IN A HOME AT BARONY ESTATES PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE NOW ... SEE THE NEW MODELS OPEN DAILY I DIN. ARIA " - l ' BR. 4 rfiw - J ri ,... f rr ; Featured: "THE DRIFTWOOD" I 4 - Bedrooms 2 - Baths 2 - CarGarage Disposal Ducted Ga Heat Foyer Paneled Family Room YOURS FOR 23,150, VA - NO DOWN PAYMENT FHA - FROM $1,650 WCARPET AND AIR, DOWN , SEE ALL THEtXTRAS THAT MAKE THIS HOUSE A HOME. LOCATED NEAR COLONIAL PARK PLAZA MERRITT ISLAND - OFF STATE ROAD 3 PH: 452 - 3113 , aycjjT" OTnL . FROM 20,00000 up VA - FHA - CONVENTIONAL FINANCING Homes Available For Immediate Occupancy . Right on the Golf Course. Many 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes with 2 to 2'a Baths, mot hornet with wall to wall carpeting, fully landscaped 100'xl50' loti and 2 car garages. Itcplfak DEVELOPMENT CO. Exclusive Residential Homesites .. ' . , 269 - 4500 fn - rnn - uuncmignii financing tituiviui m CONDENSING UNIT MofllMCFOM (31,000 1 TIL) SmtuMiitiii LESS TRADE - IN YOUR NET COST (Plus Installation) $520 $75 445 This exclusive new condensing unit is available in seven sizes, from 18,000 to 60,000 B.T.U. They set new standards in appearance and quiet operation, and all feature Carrier's famous quality and dependability. If yoy already have central air conditioning, regardless of the brand, you II probably just need 0 now condonung unit. If you havo central hooting, you'll nood tha condensing unit, a thermostat control, and an Inndo expansion coil, which, of course, will raise the total cost If you don't have central heating, you'll need the above units, plus ductwork at additional cost. Pre - Season Offer Ends March 31, 1969. Act Now! Paying loo much for repairs of your old air conditioner? Dots it always seem to break down when you need it most? Than replace it with this new Carrier unit, and savel Your old air conditioner it worth $75 during our Pre - Season Trade - In Sale. Let us survey your home and give you a free proposal tailored to your air conditioning needs. Then, if you decide to buy, your sale will be registered with Carrier. After the ob Is completed, you'll receive a $75 check for your old equipment from your Carrier distnbutor You can trade in yourold condensing unit, cooling tower, room air conditioner or furnace, so take advantage of this special offer. Call ui today, and enjoy Carrier comfort and dependability for yean to cornel

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