Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1954
Page 11
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^^^^^^^^^^f^^'^t^^ HOPE STAR. H6M. ARKANSAS Tuesday, July 26, am Tuesday, July 20, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS <of;'ihe.'Pdgfe" M&ncr - "--'' Hilary' "JthW«i,'as Wherry IIS. ,aut!iof. the ' designed «« stimulate tyieTar mlltary centers. efafM,- iifttueti 'fH same ' "" "-feyi»ticU!fJrobed geii- -.—,._- apartment program, proi-ided government Insur- Tor «Mcat«!T to fculldRrs, with gniCJcant exception:' fbl mititary'rentr.l holts- WH 'provision to" ce'rtfty to ^rAdministra- »erp,.»iore%ian.tho r "amount of Ji-rf* i * *.*_*4 ' .hi *. . ~. avail* building gy PHILLIPS ROGERS xxv f got ret>l friendly with Ruby Jewell, Her father hud been a Wrestler of the old sehcol and had been verSU.1 cnlebrhies as Frank Gotch> Whose bonk on wrcs tltog had first initialed me into the ftobie >*rt," and, al*6 tta schmidi,-"'thc ^Rulstan tion. wa» the wrestler I'd"' taken my dame from, having had it given to, " me by the manager of that buria*qfce ihfeat'er. We both ihoupht this was, quite 'a coincidence and only went to show that the world is a fretty small plac. after all. especially, &s Ruby told me, this Russian Lion wa& tho only man her father had never hoen able 'o throw. It 'till bothered her oH man quite a lot, she .said, although he was in his 80's" now and had glVen up wrestling except that lie had taught her all tho holds she krtew. Shp had only ( taken up lady wrestling as before that she had been a .a amateur s-.vjmmcr ana also an am- tbur golftr but had never be6n able to .Jtiake a real good living at either sport. Now she and Tucky were doinff" 1 well, as they had an agent; Tucky's name was leally Ken- 5*<r ^ generalprogram, how *Sg»'<i'•"-"' l re of Strangers * ' ' urPwri CANCELLABLte RITAlONSURANCE ^-^•^'VW..^ or thice yenrs ago. tucky, as her parents were there with a circus that was ploying in that slate when she was born. Her agent said Kentucky was loo Ion? a name to say all the time, and besides it sounded too much like a brand of whisky for a lady wres' tier to have. The Tucker part was strictly an slias as Her fpikp were Italian trapeze artists eveh in the old country.-, • Tucky did not know -anything about wrestling except a few holds that Ruby Jewell taught her but it didn't matter much as they fol lowed a routine that thr.ir agent iad worked out for thorn At first Tucky had done the sneering and making n a sty remarks about Ruby, but somehow jhc could ncv» er do it with conviction, so now Ruby did it. Milo offered to teach Tucky more about wrestling and invited ber to come down to thc Y, where we still worked out sometimes, but she said, "No, thank you, we are doing all right. What the fans really want to see is not lady, wrestlers' but two girls pulilng each other's hair out." Ruby was a very intelligent girl, besides having a build that came from having her father tc-ach her wrestling for so long. Shn had a expired, no certification was requited. Capchart estimates that uAder this section of thc ' law builders rer.ped.up In half .a bil ion dollars in "windfall" profits >y pocketing the difference bed--*--' ween the'loan amounts and ac- lUa lower construction costs, (One 'committee sources, asking not to , be quoted by name, said that despite the certification requirement, builders' profits wore substantial in the military housing program, which is still operating. The profits were possible, he saidi oy a two corporation device which Keeping Truce ddfittttted ffdfti Page first time Here since ay 4, said a truce in tndochiha may be the "best answer at the ni-<r::enl." He added he "would think" that truce line agreed Upon Would cne that would be militarily sible. But he said "it isn't I enthuse too much about." Wilson disclosed ho Js thlnkihg of easing previdusly planfted man fcowor cuts in the Afrriy, NaVy find Marine Corps,-. He said their strength will continue to drop in line with the military "new look;" But he said the effect of flh ^Indochina truce ott the tf. S. ttillU tary budget and on deployment of American forces would tee "nothing very fundamental." ftc srii'1 ho bMieVos the U. S Army will be able to maintain 18 divisions under plans, now being studied. The Army h&s felt the previously announced manpower limits would restrict it to 17 divisions. Wilson said the United States is continuing to send military aid to Indochina. • • • - -••' ? "Nothing has been stopped pending some kind of settlement,'.' .lie said. "We are still doing all we can to help short of actual combat." Asked about Navy aircraft carriers and destroyers... y.'hlch'., have steamed out of. Manila Bay. Wilson said they are on maneu- MARKETS §ti LOUIS Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYAtt'fiS,' ttbgg 9,500; moderately 111. ac tive; weights 180-230 lb 25-50 lower; heavier weights steady to 25 JcWer; 1?0. lb down fully steady; SOWS Steady to weak; choice 200240 lb 23.00-10, several .loads 23.15; few loads choice No. 1 arid 2 23.25; 240-270 lb 22.(i)«3.0t); heavier weights scarce; iT-t&O'lb 22.SO- 23,00; ISO-l'JO lb 20.50-22.30, few 22.75; Sows.400'lb doWft lG.§0-i8W4; few light weight? 19.00; heavier sows 13.25-16.75; boars fi.50-lG.00. Cattle G,70t);' calves 1,800, opening about steady; little movement of Utility to low good kinds; few loads and lots high good and choice steers and butcher yearlings 21.00' 23.50; active demand for cows at firm prices; utility and commercial 9.00-11.50; cahners and cutters C.50-9,00; light shells 5.00-6.00; bulls steady; utility and commercial 12.00-14.00; -canner anrt cutter bulls 8.50-11,50; vealers 1.00 lower; high choice and prime 19.00-20.00; good and choice 14,00-10.CO; commercial and low good 10.00-13.00; culls 7.00-8.00. Sheep 3,00; opening sales steady to shippers; moderate number choice andprime 21.0-50, top 21.50; aged sheep'"steady; «alguthcrewes 3.00-4.00. ' sholesale buying prices unchanged to 2 cents a pound higher; 93 score wholesale buying price 1 lo 4 cents a dofcen liower; U. S. large, 46-47; S. medium, 41; U. 3. standards. 3.5; current receipts, 30 dirties, 28.5; Checks, 24. theory that men who went to see vers He said Their i s no eyacii them thought of her as tthcir wife ation involved" in Indochina. -In and Tucky as their girl friend, and fact) he sal( j i "there has .been .no would work 'like this: Corporation "A" would get the FItA-insured' loan and corporation 'B" would dothe actual building. When -the project was, completed, corporation "B" would charge "A''; the full amount pf themort- gage as,. construction costs, even though costs were actually less. Then, corporation YA" could certify, 4 to the FHAthat all mortgage proceeds' werp needed to build the project. , .The gimmick was that -stockholders in> corporations "A" and "fie, would, be substantially tho same, theinformant said. what married man would not want to see his wife get her hair pulled by, his girl ; friend sometime? : After -dinner we drove the girls back to where, they' lived, which turned out to be in a trailer park. They had the longest, trailer I had ever 'Seen, :and on each side was painted their names in big letters. I asked Ruby how she came to be the champion lady wrestler of the U. S., like was. printed underneath, She explained that in lady wrestling you had to be champion of somewhere. Tucky Tucker could have been champion of Kentucky, because, for one thing, she doubted- that there were any other lady wrestlers in Kentucky,, but theic agent thought that too many^ fans mightn't oven know where ' Kentucky was, so she called herself the champion of the United States arid Canada. • .They said good night quickly, explaining how they usually followed announcement that there !is ..going to be any evacuation. We will know more in a few days." NEW YOftK STOCK '•NEW YORK UPI — Prices in the stock market dropped rather abruptly today with apickup in the Volume'of trading,, but in the early AA, 66.5; 92 A, 56.5; 90 B, 04; 89 C, 50; cars 90 B, M.S; 88 C, 1. Police Seek Robers in Randolph County POCAkbNfAS, (OP) — North- cast Arkansas today were search irig for thieves who looted i\vo Randolph county stores or several thousand dollars worth of mer- chandie. Sheriff Rex ttaroper said the Richardson Bros., store at Reyno Eggs unsettled; receipts 8,284; was robbed of clothing and money NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK Wl— Coiton futures displayed early firmness today on further commission house atid trade buying, but later reacted on profit taking and hedging, attracted by recent advances. On the early upturn the 1954 crop delive* ries reached new season's highs. Late afternoon 'prices were 23 cents a bale higher to 25 cents lower than the previous close. Oct. 34.37, Dec. 34.55 and March 34.78. At Bigger;;, the W. H. Bennet store was robbed of 18 rifles and shotguns, wrist watches and other! hardware ind jewelry. Haroper said the thiewp? used an unusual method to gain entrance to the stoi'cs. They bored holes in the rear doors with brace and bit, reached through the holes and unlocked the night latches. Top Radio Programs Selected proRadio: NBC — G Democrats Continued from Page One urges the seriate to condemn "such conduct." Although he will not formally submit the motion today, Flanders planned to go ahead with . his speech, the text of which was released Sunday, ..,'••• ' In this he charges;that McCarthy's career parallel's Hitler -in a lf weak" and "amateurish" way, that his activities have blotted'out the "noble picture" of President afternoon there was jfrom. the. lows- a recovery 0 Today's selioff followed two days of moderately, declining prices. Losses went to between 1 and' 3 points at the worst. Gains usually were modest but some stocks moved up' strongly in 1he face of the retreat elsewhere. : Aircraftt> were under selling pressure in a profit-taking movement after their recent strength. Eisenhower and that he has made, a "major contribution""" to the present "confusion.in 'leader ship." ' POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO. Wl — Live poultry steady on ( young , stock; steady to firm on hens; receipts 746 coops; f .p.b. paying prices stc&dy to "/a cent, a.pound .higher; heavy hens 16-18; light hens 13.5-14.3;' fryers or broilers 24-29; old roosters -13.514; caponeUes 27-30. Butter steady; receipts 1,246,943: LEO - Joe Roy's FRYERS Blue Ribbon Winners lb, 45c SUGAR 10 Lb, Bog 89c Round STEAK Oppd ond Tender very regular hours, which we would understand, being in the same profession. It must have been almost four A. M. before I got to bed. One thing, Pa didn't gripe at me any rr) 01 ' G about staying out late since I started to pay my board ahead'of time and had given Ma S3 to buy herself something, which she did, using it for a; payment on the washing machine. Then I'had breakfast I was oing to'tell her_that'I had been wited out to dinner with a couple f ladies and that it had all been very' high-class affair, but ''on econd thought, I deckled not ^to. It wa'sn't that easy with Betty ane Blanu. "Can it be that you aye gone back on your solemn romise and have been wrestling vith that crazy Greek again?" she skedl • It was'- lucky that she put ie question 4he way she' did, so Icould answer perfectly lechnical- y that no, I was-wt out wrestling vith Milo. I wouldvhaya had to re- ort'to* a'white lie'if she had asked ! v 'i;'had/be'en, out with another irl,'as sorn'ethirig ,'told me that we voiil'd not 1 see eye' to 'eyo as to what, a nice,,'refined,' girl Ruby "ewell j-ea,lly was'. Betty Jane also-said that, maybe he had made a mistake,in getting •ne to give up my. job., in the supermarket, as now I was'doing noth- hg at all. To quiet her, I told her hat I was abou^to be fired from he • supermarket ^when I resigned Truce Line look upon Americans as possible friends 'and hope for direct aid When the French a'-c gone. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS • CHICAGO W) Soybeans shot up 10 cents for the second straight day and corn prices firmed on the Board of Trade today, reflecting the continued hot, dry weather ever most of thc Midwest. Wheat sold lower most of the session on increased hedging pressure and doubts over the outcome of Friday's farm'-'referendum on marketing quotas for'the, 1955 crop. Oats also were, easier much of the lay...-; •''•'-; ' • . Soybeans spurted 10 cents, the daily limit, right at the opening. Around mid-day prices Ml back about 5 cents. But toward the inish buying again became urgent and all contracts pushed back up 0 the 10 cent limit advance. Buying f o .1 ol o w e d a weekly weather bureau crop zeport which said many blooms on soybeans were dropping because of the hot weather. Wheat closed %-lVa lower, July $2.08i/ B -$2.08, corn 1 to 3 cents higher, July $1.65 -$1.65, oats unchanged to 1 lower, July $1.13, and soybeans 10 cents higher,July i/ 2 .i/ 8 3/ 4 . Cash wheat: No. 3 red 2 06-071-2; No. 2 mixed 2.11 . Corn: No. 1 yellow l.G2'/ 2 ; No. 2 yellow 1.6163; No 3 yellow 12.60 -61; No 4 yellow 1.57.'/ 2 ;. No. 5 yellow 1.57 58; .sample grade yellow 1.56 Oats: 'No. .1 heavy mixed 1M?.', No 1 heavy -white 78..-79;-No. ; 1 white 77,1/2-. Barley;nominal; malting 1.10-00; feed 90-1.05. NEW YORK grams tonight: It Happens to You, "Steel Casket;" 7 Dragnet Repeal; 8 Fib' ber and Molly . . . CBS — 5 Tennessee Ernie; 6:30 Suspense Mystery; 7:30 Jack Carson Show. . . ABC — 0 Jack Grcgson hour; 7 America's Town Meeting "Foreign Policy". . . CBS — 8 Mickey Spil- ane Mystery; 6:30 High Adven- ure. NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans for all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — the interest reduces each month as you make monthly payments on loan. There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loon Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 SOCIETY Phon. 7-»4S1 Between I A. M. AM 4 P. M. Calendar Monday July.. 26 Tuesday July £0 W - S ' C ' S ' Cil ' cle 5 of the First Hope gospel Tabernacle Choir M^odist church will moot Mon- will have rehearsal at 7:30 on Tucs- day - Ju l y I 6 ' at , 7 = 30 p "'TV,., " thc day night. the In,term.ediate G. A.'s of the home of Mrs. LaOronc Williams, with Mcsclamcs Sam Harlsficld, Joiin Pierce, and Steve Bader as Church will meet i n l co " lloslcsscs - Mrs. Winston Monts 2 Of Mrs. L. C. Cook oni wi11 havo c |» ar « b ° £ lh ?. P«J8r«n, morning at 9 o'clock. ! and Mvs ' Wayne Russe11 wil1 S 1VC thc devotional. All members hav- |ing birthdays in June or July are Intermediate MYF'S To Attend Carh|i A group of Intermediate MYF's of the Hope Methodist church left Monday for Camp TaHako on Lake Catherine. They were Susan Davis. Carolyn Strong, Judy Arnold, Linda Polk, Dale Wylie, Charles William Wylie, Larry Garrett and Jerry Garrett. Notice The Bodcaw Improvement club will not meet as scheduled on July 22, because of the conflict with the singing school. Personal Mention Pvt. Bobby J. Phippin has completed eight weeks of basic train- TONIGHT! SEE AND HEAR ^ UNITED STATES SENATOft JOHN L. MCCLELLAN ON KCMC-TV 0 10:00 P.M. Tune-In To Your Nearest ; Television Station and Be .. Sure And Consult The TV Listings In The Paper For { Corect Time. '; C! Grove : 106 WOW Circle i ln £ oiruiaays in June or Juiy are pieica eigni weens ui U.IDIV. ii«ui- a»ic uit «o; members and j -minded . to bring their ...weight ^^^^^^^ parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phip- families at Fair Park Tuesday, Ju-i and birthday pennies for the Life ly 20,'at 7 p. m. All members are inv ifed, Wednesday July 21 Tho G. M. A.'s of the Unity Bap- 1st Church have planned at mcct- 9 fa ',at 6::30 Wednesday night. Thursday July 22 At 2 p. m. Thursday the Ladies! Membership Fund. A full attendance is urged for this meeting. Penecostal Auxiliary aj- meeting. Miss Carolyn Strong Entertained Miss Carolyn Strong was honored with a dinner party last Tuesday night by her grandmother, Mi's. Sam Strong, in Arkadclphia. The RUUKts were several buffet pin. Pvt. Phippin will report back to Camp Chaffee for 12 additional weeks ot training in Radio Speed Communications. having style on the patio i home. The tables Coming and Going Miss Charlotte Hood of Emmet spent last week with her cousin, of thc Strong Mrs. Tom Hamilton, in Texarkana. were covered rod checked cloths. Guests .-Chancel Choir of the First'were Misses Linda Greer of Mi.i- ESfp'M.s'l Church are to practice atimi. Fin., Judy Barnett. Dana Abra- 7:30 p. m. Thursday. ham. Jo Carol MfCorkle, Ann Elle- clgp. Ann By.rcl. Judy Whorley, The Junior Ladies Auxiliary of; Johanna Conch, Judy Crawford and tjb Garrelt Memorial Baptist Chur-jjeannie Meslerl. ch will meet at 7:30 p. m. Thursday. T$Irs. Lyle Allen is the. president. On Saturday night, Miss Carolyn James Larry Stone of Navasota, Tex., is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Collier, and other relatives here. Mrs. James C. Henry and daughter, Mrs. Dorothy England are motoring to Dallas for a visit with Mrs. Henry's father, Mr. W. A. Joe Roper and his Melody Boys will.appear at the Bodcaw highlphui. school Thursday, July 22, at 8 p- ! A Strong was the honor guest at a Youngblood. Before returning to barbeque supper given by Jo Carol j Hope in the early fall they will McCorkle at her home in Arkadel-1 visit in Los Angeles, Calif., as the m.. I the A number of boys and girls of younger set were invited. Pol. Adv. Paid By Pat Henderson, Chm. HOPE WATERMELONS T TOMATOES S^ ed ,b lOc by? Ut I V^WlYM Plenty Dozen HTp.Gi Plenty of Peas --•• RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET 901 WEST THIRD ". Continued from-Page-One way No. 9, which runs from'Sav- annakhet in the state of,, Laps", jto the s'e'a near Quang Tri. , * This lirio leaves the atom bomber and naval base at Tyrahe'weil within the". French-held .section' of Viet'Nam. The spokesman,said a few drafting problems still remain to-'tje. ironed out in the agreement covering Laos and Cambodia, the other .two. Indochinese states. -, ' The ministers attending the conference adjourned to enable -^ihe experts to catch up with their progress and include all Agreements reached in the draft pact?, for • election;: in all Viet Narn vby; July, 1956, with 1 provision made for • interested parties to meet and,' discuss ' election arrangements by July,,1955,, -..;- ; -'.- ' •"; ••;•,'.••-.•• AuO'V; , TJhia cpnferenpe will issue a jefec* laratlpn thatf will ;nof commit. the United States to, join; any ; joint more • 1 B Worth more TOMORROW md there' was>);no need to have hat on her-conscience. I went on o say -that alter thinking it over [ thought it would be a waste of ime for me to go to college and I would do much' better to go to night school, There were classes beginning at the y in a Jot of educational subjectsv's'uph as English and how to write a business letter. Also a course on., how to sell insurance and maybe that would be jood for me to take, as, insurance was something everybody bought f you know how to sell it to them "Why, Freddie, ing up ' ahe said, stand ' do Think you \ave an' idea' ilwjre', It sterns to me that you were ,cut out to be an insurance salesman better than anything I can think of. Tho course on how to write a busmosis letter is good too." (To Be Continued) guarantee, of the : armis'tice the Communists. ."•'':' • ':.';-^i 'The-'Reds had demanded InclU-- sion of a one-paragraph' preamble in the general 'declaration 'stating' that all nine conference powers — including the United States., -r had taken note of the settlement an dagreed to it, . ' That: was unacceptable.^ to -t}ie United States and much of jhis morning's discussions betweeji Mendes-France, British Foreign. (Secretary Anthony Eden, Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Moiotoy and (Viet JMinh (Indochinese Com-;! munist) Foreign Minister Ph?ijT> Van Dong had been spent working out an acceptable plan. -...'••'.-'; That agreement removed one ot the last hurdles to final agreement. Mendes-France, whose telf-im* posed deadline for ending the war ends at midnight tonight, intw> rupted the last minute bargaining sessions with the Communists long enough to tell newsmen: "It is before minignt or noth» ing." He ordered his plans to arrive here at 10 a. m, tomorrow (a. m. EDT) to fly him back to Paris. © TODAY ONLY • — Feature Times — 2:00 - 3:50 - 5:33 - 7:32 - 9:36 -BY REFRIGERATION! FORD and ONLY FORD in its field has H' Bomb Pay kOS ANGEILES W~ A UCLA psychologist suggests family preparation against any ''H-bomb day." Experience has shown that activity reduces fear nn,d anxiety, Dr d Boder a|J4 yesterday. He studied the" impact ot ai&aster pn large Accordingly, sues Plan specifJoJ, duties for each member of th.e family, Dad .pan ' Jpad th,e Mother the example-. ' while after |he food. Older foy fsmil»,c»r JjqiVi stall or (am- and H8V* »!" P* $m V-8 Power Ford's new 130-h,p. Y^block V-8 is the most modern engine in the industry... with, deep-block construction, and low-friction design. U. S. Prestige Continuefl from Page Oat to be thai' the United State? didn't do enough, .and much, of what it did wasn't done right, The aid program, for example, is a major cause of dissatisfaction among Vietnamese nationalist?. "Instea.d pf giving us aid money and .materiel through tha French why doesn't the Wmted States t«O> it over diveetly to u$?" «ne pronjr iperit Vietaamese jskyd rec,e ly. "In this way Vjet Nam wowW able to stand pn her P,wn feet, Fprd's^lean, rnpde.rn styling will stay in style.^ help keep Ford's value yp for the years ahead, It's styling that has started a , new trend,. / Ball-Joint Suspension Only two higher-priced cars and' Ford hav.e this new suspension V ... the greatest advance in chassis*; design in : 20 years. It makes all riding and handling easier. ..., ; Nothing could keep him from this woman he . .. claimed- as his own! STABBING ROBERT SHAYNE-RICHARD CRANE DORIS MERRICK- JOYCE TERRY CEUA&ED THRU UNITED ARTISTS tuests of Mrs. Henry's mother and sisters. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Dischagerd: Ronald Huett, Pnsa- Boyle Jenkins' Name ort Tennessee ticket Commueatfom Page One KNUXVIUJS, Tehri. ift-.Ray Jenkins sftid recently he \vould not nets, and the partners write alter- nm f or | nc Senate, but his name nate scenes:.. But the Hacketts bo-j >v ji| i, c on ih c Republican primary ballot Aug. 5 anyway. Jenkins neglected to give official notification needed to cancel qualifying petitions filed by friends aft' er he gninsd trie 1 public eye as spc- cial counsel in the telvcised Army 4 NOW WE KNOW—"Who's got the ding dong, who's got the bells." It's pretty belle, MaUreen Eisenberg, surrounded, by bells of all shapes and sizes at the: American Bell Association convention in New York City. The conventioners collect bells from ,all over the world. DOROTHY DIX Haunted By A Mme. Butterfly Dear Miss Dix: I've been married 'J'exas, Ethel G. Bicl;hemjii 1VQe months to'a man who is all and son, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Loney Wright. Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. Bob Rowland, McCnskill Betty Daniels, Hope, Miss Mary Lou Moore, Hope, Mrs. ficulties. Very often women, who licve fighting makes good writing. Each does the same scene, and then comes the nerve-Wearing job of piecing them together. "We fight, fight, fight —every line of the way," said Frances. —AIT:! rewrite, rewrite, rewrite," murmured Hackett. "We used to have separate rooms, but now we write together in the same room, and that's better." continued his wife. "We're closer in the clinches. We don't have so far to walk to fight, do we, Hacky?" Um-m-nvm," murmured Hackett. I think it's a good thing we fight so much over our work," said Frances. "That way we avoid the rniarrclt that other married people gel mixed up in. We never fight at any. other time, do we, Albert?" "Oh, not much anyway," murmured her husband. , "Listen, liacket." said Frances, 'that three days I didn't speak to you — it was a quarrel about work. Remember? It's more In tercsting t-i fight about work than about whether you can afford new dress." "M-M-M-M," murmured Hackett. In 1939 they both wearied of the writing Strain and let their typewriters 'rur; for three years. It was a lovely nervous breakdown," said Frances. "And we en joyed it together. We just broke down at thj typewriter and Start ed ciying, and neither of us couk stop crying." "In a relationship like ours, said HackeU, "if one partner geb sick, he soon puts the other in the same condition." Now they pick the scripts tho; S.. V. Cobb. Hope, Routon, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Cecil Mrs. William '•I-have worked -together in want knoc!; olT often for long vn kef] any girl could want — kind, con Rogers, Hope. Mr. Kelly Minter, Odessa, Texas Miss . Mary Lou Moore, Hope. Mr. L. W. Spears, Hope, Eddie Mae Milligan, Lewisville. • Mr. and Mrs. William Routon of Hope announce the arrival of a baby boy, Stephen Anthony, on July 18, 1954. TV Lovers !«• FUa! Romance PASADENA;. Caw;, 'wi TV songstress Joan O'Brien and radio singer William Stronge, who met as singing sweethearts on a radio program two years ago, were married yesterday. ' The ' 18-year-old.:.,-blonde.-bride is featured on thc Bob 'Crosby Show. Strange, 23, sings on the Tennessee Ernie Show and Hometown Jamboree. Gourt Docket just to new ways fins', July 19, 1954. in Japan, he had lived with a panose ei.rl. He said they loved each other very much. Hint she had given him a pleasant comfortable home but that she refused to come-i : Muncipal Court o£ Hope, Arkan lo this county with him since it would bu so difficult for her lo ad- . • * ., , -., . i Later, however, he admitted that i ' Mary Ella Deloney, Petit Lar- he didn't love her enough for mar-|ceny, Forfeited $25iOO cash bond riatfe but had grown to depend on her to ward off loneliness and homesickness, I wish he had never told me of this episode, as I haven't had a moment free of worry since. I keep trying to imagine.what his life with her must have been, and am constantly questioning him about it. "i wonder if he loved her nore than he does me if she contributed more to his happiness than : shall ever do, if he misses her or .hinks of • her.; How can I get this whole subject out of my mind. LORA D. PLUS A BIG ADDED ATTRACTION! •. WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY • MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. OPEN 6:45 • Tonight & Wednesday • TOWERJNG! TERRIFIC! TREMENDOUS! TRIUMPHANT! The mightiest drama of the century in all its glittering spectacle and overwhelming power! Clifton Webb Barbara Stanwyck Thelma Ritter Titanic' Highest Resale Value An analysis of, used car statistics . .'.-.'. shoWs that Ford returns a greater v portion of its original price any other car when resold. So a Ford costs less to own. FORD 'Jennifer JONES Gina LOPBRIQIDA Crazy Town Cartoon and 1 day in jail. Franklin Carrol. Samuel Arington, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Jim Maxwell, No driver's licence, Pica 'guilty, fined $5.00. Jim,.. Maxwell, Olin Smith, Driving' f jxh,ilq,,intoxicated, Plea guilty finSd'$50;00 and ,1 day in j alii Buster Stinson, Dan Daniels, W. me. He never gets to take ndvan .age of all (lie opportunities in He: iywood —- and there are.so many,' "UM-M-M-M-M-M 1 " murmuitd Hacketl, a look of distance on hi face. Father Refuses Custody of Son BALTIMORE Wl — Irivin 2 Adams, 10, was biought befor Magistiate llo\\ard L, Aoron yes terday and charged uil'i burglai of $6 50, H novelty machine an Er.plock-rach-v fi;o ( m a giocery slori 'The magistrate offend to rolpa'c; the boy in the custody of hi L.,',Holbcrt, Dave Hardy, R. B. ' father. But the father, Thomas Watson, Fred Weathcrspoon, Jeff rAJiamb, refused custody and sal •a T^-I,,,.-,,,, n.,,,,;«- w~~t~u~j tin - Often Temporary Affairs Answer: This is a problem that faces many young women today —• and will continue to do so long «s we have armies of occupation abroad. Many servicemen, especially the younger ones, haven't acquired the stability to adjust lo the drastic change that foreign service presents In an effort to alleviate the almost unbearable homesickness they welcome ea,gorly whatever sy- mpatliic understanding is available. Sometimes these relationships deepen into genuine love with re-, sultant happy marriages; more often, however, they.are merely temporary affairs soon outgrown by one party or tho other. Time will help you put your husband's past in its proper place. After three months of married life, you will expect all romance to wear a rosy aura; the slightest cloud would loom as a tempest to you, the smallest imperfection in. youi' beloved would be tragedy Having to face the fact that husbands likn all other human beings, have fail B. Johnson, Gaming, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Ellis Bostic, 'Assault '& Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash' bond. Hollis Johnson, Assault with a deadly weapon, Plea guilty, fined $50,00. /jLuther Butler, , Jim Peoples, Pat Easter, Otis Crane, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. State Docket H. W. Uagan, Operating for hire without Public Service Commission authority, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. . Excel Steel Service Co.. As lesser Shipper aiding and abeting unlawful, lease operation, Forfeited $100.- UO cash bond. James Edward Booker, Seduction Examination waived - Held to Grand Jury-Bond fixed at $500.00. J.' H. Nowlin, (H.'B. Nowlin, drier,) Operating without Public Service Commission authority, Plea guilty', • 'fined $100.00, $50.00 of fine suspended. • Deneen Mica Company, Lessee- Shipper being party to unlawful loa,se, ,-Plea .guilty, fined $100.00; $50.00 of finp suspended. told m jail. can't handle him," Adam the magistrate. "The onl tiinc I ever see rum is on Frida night when he comes in for , h allowance." The youth then was sent to city jail when he could not furnish bail of $1,000. ACCJ Each tablet 1M g ains — easy Blve exact dosage "Just ns doctor ordfeM." & caii 660 IKI1IL5 World's Largest Selling Aspirin For Children NOWf t new, >if» hot* drop for thiidrtn. Contain! nao-iynephrlne, $fe, Mt ili»*. »T, jotiPH HOU pnart Now Buy Your Beef at Special; ^4 J WHOLESALE PRl<ffi Good''Ha*$e>! ARMOUR STAR or SWIFT PREMIUM Side of Beef . . . Ib. 39c Hind Quarter . . . Ib. 50c Front Quarter . . . Ib, 30c Side of Beef < Hind Quarter. Front Quarter -OTHER-SPECIAL. CUTS AVAILABLE"{ Hope Locker & Prpcessin SOUTH MAIN STREET' , f Vote for and '••.Wt**® . _,IS •«!<<&« SHERIFF and A Candidate . Campaign Honest Efficient Hear Syvell over KXAR-r- July 21, and 6:00 to 6:15 P. M. Pol, 'Adv^ ,Paict forjBv Jyy Hrf V *' « "«.*j MODERNIZE NOW AND SAVE! H. G, t Driving without «.. u v.. k < <4kt*i*M^. MbAi.*];,^^ **t»»w j-w*4-. * A. ,vj.. ; jyj.^.yjiiiij, JJf ivJIlJJ Wlinplll ings is bitter to''a bride of 12 weeks, driver's''license, Plea guilty, fined Try to appreciate the fact that you have the man, while the little Jap- enese girl has lost him, Her lovo was doubtless as sincere as yours, and her efforts to pieast; were probably sincere. Shn Will not have tlie happiness that you enjoy and will keep — unless you throw, it away through constant nagging about tho past It's impossible for any one person to passe?! or dominate completely another soul No wife can.own hor husband's entire past, present and j cash bond, future. So settle for the present anil future; follow Longfellow's advice, "Let the dead Pnst bury its dead" $5.00. Jim .MeFa.'dden, Disturbing peace Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Wilmor Caver, Driving while In, toxicated,' Plea guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in-jail. H. C. Mayhen, Driving while in- loxieated, Plea guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in jail. T. J. Harris, Speeding, Forfeited ftfiiOO cash bond. Owner Truck Lines, Operating without -cob card. Forfeited $25.00 CHOOSE YOUR *&C CABINET SINK NOW! SAVE $6455 'fW', . &wj ON A GENUINE YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS FOOD WASTE DISPOSER t Butt ?pijip!«teJy of' I » Flexible THE QJNiY REAUY MODERN CAR IN THE HOW-PRICE FIEUEH U herseU really is tempt to k e e U-o} would fe Yet, therg t}\at end us HOPE AUTO CO. nw* 74141 •'-Oi YOUR FORD PIAUR FOR OVER 30 YEARS ARK. We're Topping Every Deal in Town! Don't miss the dealest car-selling event this town has ever scwi! It's. N4s.ii Challenge Deal—and we're offering Hade-ins that beat anything! We mean it! Bring in the bes>t offer you've had ... see how far we bcui it! Come bee for youixlf how much moie your old car is, worth on a new Nash ... with Air Conditioning ... Reclining Seats,.. Twin Beds. Gel the buy of q lifetime, with a deal of a lifetime! COME (N~COMPA/?E/ ChaHengj Ksssmssas««sWismiUM«PSS8^^*e^^« Deal! 230 W, Second St. , ^ • ,'• ^ i< BERT RETTIG NASH MOTORS ?< Aik, Dear Miss . Dix: I spent a week end in the country with some family friends. There I met a very nice boy, who took mo to a-chance one 1 evening, and a movie ' the next. Since I love writing-letters. I'd like to have a correspondence with this boy but I'm afraid he'll think I'm running after him if 1 write. Would it bo permissible for me to writo him first? 1 have a very extenr.ive list of correponcleuts and would like to add him to it Answer: Surely WINNIE C you may write the boy Tell him how much you enjoyed the week end,, which wijs made extra pleasant by his company. 1'Heu so on«with the kind of letter that has.made you such a fine correspondent, and I'm sure ho won't be able to resist replying. Dear Miss Dix: I moved recently to a strange town where I knew nobody. I joined a church group, but find the women so unfriendly in fact, so rude, that I don't enjoy the meetings at all. th,ejr Hw can I Walker, Possessing untax* ed beer, Forfeited $150.00 cash bond. Annie; Juanita Cole, Muclrer, in first; ''degree, Examination waived- Ileld to Grand Jury. K. D. Caldwoll, Lester Blakely, living an overdraft, Dismissed on o.!^; costs; chock paid. ,. Mallress Company, Mrs. C. W. Calhoun, James E. Wil- pei- lease contract, Tried fined $100.1)0; Notice of appeal; fixed at $250.00, Civil Docket Tho/ ^ Toggery Shop vs. Beulah Mae; Jackson, C. B. Jackson, 'Gray clon.An.thpny Lbr. Co., •> Garnishee Action "bn schedule for exemption, file.eh '*Dismissed without prejudice exemptions noted. The' Toggery Shop vs. Hollis JohnSon, Anthony Lbr. Co., - 'Gar- nishce, Action on account for $13.18 for exemptions fileo;), Dismissed without prejudice; exemptions The ,earth$ magnetic pole h^s been'fpund to move slowly ovpy a period pf many yeavs and VJr, i? .the eat'pvs

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