The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 7, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AJJD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. 122 BlythevlDs Courier, Blythevtlle Dally News, Blythevilla Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. Bl.YTIIRVlLI.R, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUOUST 7, 10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PROMISES DROUTH Scrutiny of Democratic Primary Races Planned WASHINGTON. Aug. 7, (UP) — ; The senate campaign investigating • committee, is not confining its at,' tenllon to Republican primary contests, il was made clear today when Chairman Nye announced Investigators would lie scnl into Alabama • to inquire into complaints received Neal, Gwinn and Hull Make r '™' ^ samelime H yc replied u> Charges of Illegal Ballot- statements the committee has been • • »« i •" letiorliig Democratic campaigns. ing in Memphis. He pointed out inquiries already : have b,?en ordered In connection MEMPHIS, Term., Aug. 1. (UP>— with Democratic primaries in Ten- Charge.? thai negroes arc being, nessec, Oklahoma and North Car- voted in the Democratic primary-alma. The World's Most Beautiful. Girls HERE LIST Cecil Shane Attacks Croo Assessment Law and Di version o( School Funds. In Memphis were made at noon today by John R. Ncal, candidate for the shon term senate term ufjatnsi Senator William S. Broci:. "I saw negroes being herded Into the first precinct polling place ol ihe sixth ward," Neal said. "I counted fifteen in one^ group.'" L. E. Guinn, op|K>sing Governor Henry Pforton for renoniination. made similar charges. Poll watchers for Cordell Hull, . candidate fo r the long senate term. FullmMlt. Lone, Hawkins ! also reportsd seeing negroes being; ° ^ — ' voted in the city and county. Gwinn charges that in some precincts liis watchers were barred ; Figures on the final returns of i from the polls The Shelby conn- • the 1'emiscot county primary elec- The assertion by Charles H. Btough, /orrner governor of Arkaiv sa.-, that attacks on the law signed by Governor Parnell relating to- the assessment of farm chops' were (ielibonuc lies, was met, at the courthouse here last night with a promise by Cecil Shane, local attorney and supporter of Brooks Hays, that lie would give 5100 to any charity named by Brough If I _ I Die supreme coiirt fails to hold that , ,. c I- • I \ the lnw requ'f's farmers to assess VlCIOrV JCems LeVtain [Of | their growing crops as of July 31. Mr " S " a " C * ls ? ? l , lacV ' ed , thc _ parnell tax relief claim, asserting Wilkei'SOn and Travis. ! that legation approved by the _ '.governor has cost tlie school dis- ! tricts of Arkansas $494,000, or approximately 80 cents for every PEKOT VOTE IEI ILL IN ty political organization is p:rtlng HorLon and Brock. sco cuny prmary eec- ; • , . .,-, . sup- : Uo ns held Tuesday had imt been F , cil001 c '" ll) '" completed today and will not b? ; uvailnble until Friday, acr-ordlng n NfEMPHTS, Tenn., Aug. 7. CUP) : , cp ivts Irom Caruthersvllle this'af- —A somewhat unexpecled quier' tcrnDon. settled down over Tennessee's spir- I The remaining six out of 3G box- ited primary election today as the ! es in PemLscout county to be ballots In , done, he salrt. ,„„ , Ph ; c ' (a !» vc « "' by diversion f of voters cast their 2.000 places over the slutc. Watchers crowded around anit counted are not expected to greai- ; ly change any of the results, the ; James F. Ftilbrlcht, congresslon- polling places In Ihe larger volin? ! a l candidate for the' 14th centers, automobiles whirred thru | distric:. conceded victory over school funds to other pn'rpose, in order to make possible an apparent rcduuctlon in the state general tax. Cost County Schools S19.317 This diversion, Mr. Shane said, cost the schools of Mississippi county S1P517 and affected every school district in the county, li cosl Blytheville special school dis tric-t No. 5 S3.738.40, Osceola school _____ . . streets carrying voters to the polls. ; rjiville Zimmerman, "his opponent, i district $1.307.20, Shawnee school'. but up to noon no disturbances of on tne Democratic ticket by asmali I district $1,112. Reiser school dis- any sort had been reported froin any section of the state. Expect 250,000 Vnles Political leaders predicted thai the total vote today would reach ovcr Fr ' Bnk u P i rd [0 assure his vie a quarter million. Supporters of Gov. Henry N.-\v that you've seen their pic- pluraliiy. ! irict Sl.fiGS. and others smaller i tures, you'll have to agree that Ernest Long. Democratic candl- amounts. , those judges at Galveston's annual date for re-nomination for circuit ' Governor Brough who als'o spoke ' beauty pageant knew their business clerk, piled up a substantial lead j v( «i(. r day at Manila and Leach- j when they selected this trio as th? tovy. while Robert Hawkins de' cisivclv out-polled Sharon J. Pale vi!le, addressed about 100 persons High Water at Nogales Fatal to 2 NOOAUCS. Ariz.. Aug. 1. (UP) — Water which reached flood proportions claimed at least, tvi'o lives early today nncl covered tho,streets of this city and Its sister' center across the International border, Nognlcs, Sonora, under four feet of water. The unidentified bodies of a man and u woman were found, by Mex- Irun soldiers and police in Nogales, Sonora, and It was feared thaloih- is would IK fouiKl in the ruins of several adobe houses. Fifteen houses crumbled beneath he weight of the water, it wns re- wilcd. 'Hie Sonora chief of iwllce! said wo children were missing. 'Hie border wns closed lo all except flood workers. WILLEH TD Bin FEED II HEIR m SIDE "Miss Police 'Arrest Two Men With Sack of Goods from Cutler Establishment. James Curtis, 24, and Paul Jordan. 23, were taken liito custody ' _ J _ _ last night by city police 'who claim s'lore also entered the finals with foreign °" South Franklin street last night world's most beautiful maidens. at the courthouse here last night,. Dorothy Dell Goff, a New Orleans . ---. -- ur?in* the reelection of Harvey I hig ' 1 school girl—17, blond and llorton^seeMpg the Democratic . ,, ud Houston H . Buckley for pros- "!f "=„ l ™ I^raor and ot J«eph h.ue-eved-nol only triumphed over nomlni»**T-io'succeed himself, prc- ; ecunmj aU drney. .- . .- 1, £ a o^L* ,'u^iieS Sties sen- '^auUes from many, cities' to win "»1 dieted he would win over. L. E r , : .. T i,p. Rep ,,b!ieans picked Oscar'l^- « oblnson as United States sen (the t ,,, e of , ;Mi ; 5 ^^^./^j.^-j, -O-rtnn-ny BO.fRiO to eO.Owr votes. r WllKefsoir for associate judac- ovei I mo1 ' • •- •' ' •'• • ;' -"— Gwinn's siippirters oh the other ; tlvo other candidates, John E.'Bvas-1 He praised Dwlght Blaekwood.i hand predicted a victoi-y by 20.000 ' v[ ,]\ anc i rj. ,7. Haines. Through an I Lan Williams. Justin Matthews,] for their candidate, who hns con- : t . n . or the Courier News slated yes- | John S. Parks and Sam Wilson, the | ducted an almost single handed '. | C . r dr.y that liraswell led in thlr} members of (he state highway fight without effective organi/titian ' , al , e Wilkerton Is said lo have poll- commL'-sion. as "outstanding busi- j ed a large vole over his opoonems : ness men, not politicians," and said | ; Charles E. Travis was the R<>-1 Uuil Arkansas could not alfordd to ' publican choic? lor the probal o • "swap horses in the middle of the mrtpe nomination over W. E O'-j stream" and turn the'admlnistra- affairs over to Tom at rTni.,^M^" nnvA^Un rkai " H.»lvj«»._ P"r«*hy n« . uf Ne* OrlcanV, 'ifrand prtic. as Nadla Dckosarln. beauties and emerged Universe." As grand prize,. Dorothj received $2000 In cash and a silvr placqiie, altestlng lo Ihe fact that she cut quite a figure at the pn- geun.1. Second honors In the International competition were won by ."Miss Rounmnla," otherwise Ma- rianc Mtvica,. while thlrt 'i went to "Muv; Russia," al£o plac«j or other aid. Two contests for the United Slates senate were being decided, one for the shore term .created by Ihe death of former Senalor Ty- i Conner, son. and the other for the full' term of six years. Republican :Race Quiet For the full term Cordell Hull, congressman, former Democratic national chairman and one of the writers of the federal income lax law. is opposed by Andrew L. Todii. Decisive Battle Looms in Chinese Civil War PEIPING. China. Aug. 7.. (Ul'>— lion or road Terrell. Lee Cazorl, Brcoks Hays, might name lo the commission. He told of Parncll's support of the Martineau highway program In ihe past, and if his pledge to devote a major portion of future highway expenditures to SEES NEED FDR TK iJISlENT Hawks Sets Speed Mark; Plans Eas'. jvard Flight whoever | Drainage District Cannot Pay Obligations on Present Basis Says Buck. Addressing Ihe Blythevllle Rolary - ... n --, - - club today, C. M. Buck, newly ap- No-,1 rlilmpd hp wmiH A tatlle whicl1 was . F xpecle . cl .. tn bc I Ihe working out of a system of pointed receiver for Drainage Dis- nmninnHnn for'^hn Z,', • " dccisivc " '" «« Cmllese cml war 1 .. farm , o mnrkfr roa[ls . , . j iriot „_ gnvc u as Ws £ rfOa ^ nomination for the short wns lmlx , nrtin g t odny between ihe i The spc;lkcr n!U i WOT ds of praise opinion that the lands in the dis- Republi Ihr.r Bruce of Memphis, a "business man's candidate." war, generally believed lo have a decided advantage over Harry Bum for the nomination for governor. The contest was drawing bill little interns 1 .. Dofted mas?ed in Shanlune and Honan provinces and reinforce- i mpnfs were en route to Ihe border | region. Scores Campaign Methods "The whole campaign against Governor Parnell has been a whts- Ihn receiver said, and declared lhat cooperation of all property OA-ners, the commissioners, an:f 1 others interested in the welfare of , ork LOS ANGELES. Cal., Aug. 7 (UP) —Frank M. Hnwks, holder of a new east-west trans-continental airplane record, prepared loday for a return flight on which he hor.2d to break the speed mark set last easier by Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh. Hawks landed at Miles field here yesterday at 4:50:43 p. m. Paclfllc coast time, selling a . new mark to Tx)S Angeles from N.'w York o[ hours, 50 minutes, -13 seconds. with u sack of stolen goods. Bud Blokes; negro, saw two men break a door lock on the small grocery store nnd enter the building us he was walking down a rall- ioad nearby. He hurried to a phone and called |»lice headquarters. Night officers rushed to the scene (in^ Just as they arrived Iwo men dashed'from the 1 brJldi rylng K sack over hjt-sl , officers gave chase and captured Curtis. Another' man escaped pursuit for a short time but was plck- Signs Point to .End:of Dry Period in Middle West but Mid-South Still Bakes WASHINGTON, Aug, 7. (UP)- v The federal farm board laday an- ; noiiiiced It would lend money lo formers In drouth slrlckjn areas to permit (hem to purchase feed for livestock. : ; _• - , Under the plan It has formulated farmers and business men In. slrlcken areas will form local cooperative agencies for borrowing money from the farm ' board through Its grain stabilization corporation. These local associations will gu.'.ranlee repayment of the loans which enable farmers lo carry ihelr livestock through the winter. Under (he agricultural market- Ing act the federal farm board has considerable discretion In the mutter of terms ori loans. If existing teed distribution agencies o r other business msn or farm- .?ri in any stricken community; county, district or state will form mulcr the laws of their own s'lato u rcsiKiislble corporation which will guarantee payment of notes- to be given by Individual farmers;, a plan probably can be quickly developed whereby .l-h» grain stabl- llzatlon corporation can sell feed grains or any kind in carlols at market pr|c«s on easy lerms of one o r Iwo years, the announcement said. .'.'•- ed ill) in a short, lime, officer? > Otis Ruin CHICAGO, Aug. 7. (UP)— fcull! and harbingers oj rain brought a small .measure of relief, to'(he sun • parched mld-wesV tpdiyi-Y'"." After «ai early'morning, downpour in Chl$k«o an oppressive haw t claim. Police declared the two ad- milted breaking into the store but when arraigned In police court this morning on charges of petll larceny they denied the charges. U was Indicated today that warrants will be sworn out tomorrow ngainst the p;Ur, charging robbery. IRSuTDtK I^EIIORRDW But Other Candidates for County OHices Are Slow in Making Definite Plans Whether or not there will be nn.v speaking, at Ihe courthouse tomorrow night Is up to the candidates. Despite lack of assurances from participants In the leading county primary contests that they will lx>[n •.- i r~ D _U'« on hand, members of the group British Commence bombing Operations Againsl Hos- Endurance Monoplane • lx , en Passes 400 Hour Mark, ••*«• ST. LOUIS. Aug. 7 (OP)—The endurance nionoolane "Greater St. Louis." niloted by Forrest O'Brinc and Dale Jackson, swooped low over Lambert municioal flviiiB field today when it passed its 407th hour aloft at G:ll a. m. central standard time. The flyers reported everythiii" going nicely and saicl they would remain al n hich altitude today lo escape the intense henl. If tliev nre aloft at 7-32 toni=hl they record Chinese authorities at Hankow' periiie^ one, basedjm. fallaciesjnd | •said thev considered live city safe "" """'"' r,, mn ^n from danger. . The American cilizen ^.., .Cameron, reported plain, now h'a"s Governor Bro:igh declared. j Such a program, he sold, will in lie particularly attacked n. cir-, the long run be for the test iiuer- • cular on the 1929 legislature's crop i ests both of the bondholders and j assessment law. widely distributed • Ihe property owners. Women Held for Ransom j here by supporters of Brooks Hays. China. Aug. 7 (UP)— whicU he described as a deliberate! that of the approximately 1C5.COO ! unfounded rumors, and unworthy I , rf his oppments who are aspir-1 lnxil)g of Ule llm(ls m n „-,.,,. of named | '"S lo th c high office of Rovernor. , tl , c burdcn they arc nble , 0 carry i nnw h'a~s' Governor Bro:igh declared. ! - - found lo be alive, advices Texas Attorney Admits Placing Bomb That Caused Wife's Death. The" British, consul al Fuchow in I lie. Tim circular tells of an act of i acres in the district 20.000 nre now routh China proceeded up Ihe Min ' the 1!)20 legisyature providing for in default, while only about 28 per river todav lo seek Ihe release of I the assessment of all farm crops cent of the land in the district '? Mi;s Edith Netlleton and Miss 131-1 of Julv 31. It was his contention i enjoying adequate drainage, eanor J. Harrison. British mission-1 that the act indisputably applied J Guests of the club besides Mr. nry now held by Chinese bandits, cnlv to crops that had been liar- j Buck included Leon Norrls. ol Seat The' women were captured five vested, and which ordinarily would , tl(1 . Wash., who with Mrs. Norrls weeks nso near Chunghai and held ' be out of the farmer's hands by i « tllc S«<-st of E. B Nob.e and his ! July 31-. but Mr. Shane, in ans-1 cousins, Mr. and Mrs Samuel-P. said wering him. declared that there Norris He gave a mock demonstra- and could be no question that th« ' lon ° ( ** & A \ as anme j? er h 1 | I * '™»* ™™' " AMAR1LLO. Tex.. Aug. 7 (UP) — Officials today announced that A. D. Payne. Airmrillo attorney, had Mr. Buck quoted figures; i tcld them he was ready to confess he murderal his wife with a bomb in order that he might elope with his attractive former stenographer. Sheriff W. N. Thomson, who made the anouncement, said Payne for ransom. A finger which the bandits si was cut frrm Miss Nettleton's handituiuii uc uu mn.^.^, nmv m- hey 'will "have suroassed their old ' »'as senl the British legatrn along | churls would rule that the word I „: ccord of 420 hours. wi!n a note demandiiiR *5nOOO ran- "crops" mean: growing crops as' -sum tnr the two, women. The note well a ' added that nnleis the demand was \ vested. met the women's other fingers would i be cul off. well as those that had been har- Business Man M Resisting Holdup Man i\nd these were also displayed with r. brief account of his activities. sponsoring the joint spenktun scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow night decided this afternoon to go ahead with their plans and give an opportunity to talk to any canrtldiUcs who take advanlagc of Ihe Invitation. W. Paul Marsh, candidate for representative, has announced his in- tention'Of being on hnnd, but the committee In charge of the affair | "' Tnc "7na°la'n"o"fnce announced the tile Tribesmen. LONDON, Aug. 7. (UP)—Royal air force planes have begun bombing operations against hostile Afghan troops who have threatened to attack trie clty~bf Peshawar on the Indian-Afghanistan frontier. have received no reply from his opponent, E. E. Alexander. Neither George W. Barham nnr Zal B. Harrison, candidates lor county judge, would say definitely today whether or not they woul'l participate In the meeting. Belli It Is understood, have other plans, but whether they will modify Hies; to permit them to participate in told him he had Intended to com-', the local meeting was uncertain mil suicide rather than be arresl- this afternoon. ed. ' While no invitations have been ^frs. Payne was killed June 26 as mailed lo candidates for township she drove the family car along a ricwntown street here, A nitroglycerine bomb exploded, under the front seat, hurling her through the offices, aspirants for Ihe Dcmocral- ic nomination for justice of the peace or constable will be welcomed at liie meeting and will be In- roof of the car to instant death. | vited to speak a lex words if they Her son. A. D. jr., was seriously in i desire. tribesmen had concentrated In the Bara valley, southwest of Peshawar. The Irlbal fighters are saving in their attacks and often command strong forces. The present renewal of their threats "against Peshawar coincide with renewal of violence in the Indian Independence campaign as did the first hostile advances. llire was..,not high, but. made tile 'air' seem 'hotter .than V;| ever to a perspirlrig populace.''. .' i Today's weather report "for .llic central states Indicated thutcloiid- Incss, a possible forerunner of rain, was general -throughout.the''Chi-.' cago forecast area. . The millions of farmers whose... l| fields have been laid heat > and drouth sinco-July 1'also found some cause for rejoicing In suddenly Increased grain prices which added millions of dollars to theoretical value of their depletes crops. 'Forecasts lor .today were -there would be no great change in temperature throughout most of'tl)e country, although it was predicted showers again would fall In scattered areas. In Chicago where rains have fal- i len for several days and lake breezes have driven the temperatures downward, the day started with an electrical slorm and drenching. , Rainfall was general yesterday In the Dakotas, Nebraska, Illinois and Kansas, while In most other sections the drouth continued, shriveling the crops . rauslng watev shortages and forest fires, swelter- Ing and despair. Heat belts for Ihe week passed the 120 hour mark and .•-> this danger was added the peril of poison-' ed wuter. Jured. NEW ORLEANS. Aug. T. «upi- • Veteran Hurt in Lean Reuben Chtsholm, 56, prominent New Orleans business man. was shot nnd fatally wounded here ear- Iv icdav when he resisted the .-!- Harrs- Nickerson, 35, a World forts of Frank Mullen, 30-yrar-old : War veteran, who was picked u i French Youths Start on I Announcement Heralds 1 Round World Auto Trip i New Move by Durant From Automobile Here! PARIS. supi-Driving a tiny six- i DETROIT. MICH.. Aug •? (UP>! horse power French automobile, i Willuun C. Dtirant, financial gen- two French youths, Pierre Martin- llus who twice headcd.General Mot- eau and Antoine Berlin, said good- iors, today appeared ready to step ex-convict and holdup man. Mullen later died from bullet wounds inflicted by Chlsholm's hands. . by police officers tale yeslerdav near the C. L. Bennett Coal and .Feed a revolver in ' company in a weakened condition, ; was reported Improved at the'Bly- hospttal today. i Services at Bariiald Today for Mrs. P.ow Funeral services will be held at Barfield cemetery today for ifrs. Daisy Row. 33, who succumbed to an attack of paralysis at her home south of Barfield yesterday. bye to Paris on July 16 on their : into the automlive industry lime-j Thc dccca s e( | {5 survived by her departure for a trip around the Might again. world via French Cochin-China. Durant announced at Lansing Having been refused permission ! ' hat three chief executives of the Dtirant motor company would re- bv the Soviets to cross Siberia, the husband, two brothers. Arthur Powell and Bud Powell ami a sister, Mrs. Ruth Drown. The Cobb Undertaking company Is in charge of funeral plans. ; for an abdominal operation an-' Dn-icrbt H Blnrkwrivl chairman i was hitch-hiking to Leta. Ok!a., \ of .the Arkansas stale hWiwnv com- ; where he lias relatives. Nickersor ! mission and former Blvth°ville res- ', jumped from an automobile yes- | ld»nt. arrived here today for a brief | terday and injured his incision | visif. • which had -not completely healed. ' interests." ; Election Officials for : i Promised Land Are Named — • ^ Election officials for the Democratic primary to be held August 12th for the Premise Land box in Chickasawba township were unintentionally omitted from the list of officials published Tuesday and Wednesday. Thr emission' was called lo the attention of the Courier Neivs today by W. M. Burns, comrr.lttermnn for the town- Senator Heflin and Son Hurt in .Auto Accident DECATUR, Ala.. Aug. 1 (UP)^ Senator Thomas J. Hcfllu and three members of, his party were slightly Injured near here ihis morning when their automobile crashed into a tree. Hefltn was slightly cut and bniis- WEATHER . He was waiting for a train when his weakened condition attracted the attention of local officers' who 'h"'i> be 1 at one time j tcok him to the hc«pitil for treat- served as Mississippi county sheriff, inenl. x This afternoon he was me=Mn<- ! frlpnd* and rennwln 47 acouainU ee* at the sheriff's office in 'ho | Masons Meet Friday • The Chickasstwts lodge No. 134 i ARKANSAS—Fair tonight and Swain Bids Farewell to Beard to Win Fair Lady PORTSMOUTH, England, (UP) — I After he was jilted 15 years ago, F.'and A. M. will have regular I Friday. communication Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock. All memljers arc urged to a! lend and visiting brothers are welcomed. It is 101 here today according to Francis Carpenter, official government observer. The minimum last night wns 75 degrees. Jabez Gordon swore never to shave or trim his beard \mtil he fell in love again. When he asked Mrs. Violet Lawrence If she would have him beard and all and she said "No," a barber had an hour's work removing the facial foliage. Forest Fires in Tennessee MENtPHIS, Tenn.. Aug. 7. (UP) —Forest fires rei»rted in middle Tennessee added to the damage done by the drouth in the tri- slato area this summer. Slate authorities said the fires In Monroe county were unabated, adding that vast stands of limber were being destroyed. Memphis ftnd environs -entered its 81st day of drouth today and a hot sun gave evidence that the mercury would "rise to near the century mark. The maximum here yesterday was 98.3 "degrees. Nearby wealhcr stations reported warmer weather. Farmers are hardest hit and ed and his son, J. Thomas, jr., was; damage to crops in this area ship. The list of oglclais for the Promise Land b;x follows: Judges. Walter Stewart. Jim Ball, C. P- Tucker' alternate j'.tdgef. Huston Skelton, Prof. Ifainll. J. H. Gurlcy; clerks. B. F. Fiizjorald. Jerry White: alternate clerks. Jultus Brisendinc and \VaUer McGaughey. TAILLESS .CATIISI1 CAUGHT HAZELTON, Ir.d. <UP) — Ted Byrd. local fisherman, reported catching a 23 pound tailless catfish in White River n?ar here re- ctnlly. The fish liad met with an accident, scars sho-.ved. badly cut on the head. Walter Brown of the Fellowship Forum, and Harry Schuffler, driver of the car, were also slightly cut by broken glass. The Heflin car was forced from the Bee Line highway when a truck turned Into the road from a side road. Senator Heflin's injuries were such lhat he was able to continue on to AnnUton. Mother Gets Jail Term > For Selling Daughter VIENNA, Aug. 6, (UP) — Six months Imprisonment was the sentence given Marie* Weiss, a 41- year-old woman here following her conviction on the charge of having sold her 16-year-old daughter to a keeper of a disorderly house. The buyer was sentenced to two months Imprisonment. mounts daily. Another problem faced many- farmers and livestock raisers today when water supplies began to fail and it became necessary for them to haul water. Fiflit Cape Cod Fire PLYMOUTH, Mass.. Aug. 7. (UP) —Reports from the Cape Cod forest fire area Indicated tcday that 3,000 firemen and volunteers had won a 40-hour battle against th? huge wall of flames which had menaced a dozen communities, including this town. With damage already estimated at upward of $300.000, threatening fires on either side of the Cape cod canal appeared virtually uf- dcr control, although fires were still burning in both sections Twenty-five or more summer cottages were burned. Firemen rescued s5veral campers after fire had cut off every avcnus of escape.

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