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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 20, 1954
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HOM STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Monday, July 19, I reason for gett'ng in all th&t mud, so t waited until he climbed down &M!jrint> thai frorn the platform to conpratulati hdut telling JhJfn bf- Mm. "You Were wonderful" I said ftS atfald hi fnwnt to pillow his morals, but he only bl ihbw arid a wrestler shook his head. Security Is Described by Double-Talk By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON m "Q" clearance, name check, full field investigation, evaluation, top secret, security risk, confidential: all gov She Tours World — 'She's 1 Statue JACKSONO1LE. Fla. W) —Princess Matsni Is home, grim-faced as ever and uncommunicative about her trip around the world. The princess is a statue of a Eeminole Indian. But he has proff, painted on herbase, thit she traveled around the world. By coincidence she disappeared from the Seminole Hotel lobby just Which ly Oreck to rhd, as Uicy - Id t**' .Mile wiped his leaked at them himself. on his robe, . ilie aisle toward the ring tts VSB in his '.bare feet ch had proved to toe i, molasses attd turned out I'wnarter Vln mud 'lor * good thick layer of |clay on the mat that may been* as sticky as molas- as !ft whole lot slippior. ald 'Hardly wait for the an'^ announcing, wliich trouble doing, as etkrted lo lattsh when into thc ring. time before, the Ta« gas the brother act called jumped for the' hillbilly, illy Ignoring MHo. It wasn't fffi.,«Milo seemed to bounce H* mat, and before thc bro- -** * i • .. . " No afruld not vvin ' feA< " hfl , ernmenl names for deciding who before the carrier USS Saipan left rnC back ' " Mil ° no liKC usccan sta y in a government ob or nearb Maort last fal an - came back, head scissors "Miio that llKC Me too strong. No want break head lika egg." use;can stay in a government job or 'be trusted with secrets. There wao national shock when atomic scientist Dr. J. Robert Op- pcnhcirncr lost his "Q" clearance, although the Atomic Energy Com. .. mission didn't i/se that phrase of the Century that w))cn H p8rtcd compnny w j th him is mind about taking, lt jusl £aid he was a BCCUritv the lady wrestlers to some night Ws k thnt ho couldn't be trusted place as ho wanted o celebrate any more wilh sccrGts he had:bccn MUo felt so good about gctlin? Dawn's letter and winning tho nearby Mayport last fall and reappeared when the Saipan docked yesterday. Princess Matsui's ports of,,call happen to be thc same as thoS'e of the Saipan. The princess has an olhcr memcnlo—a certificale lhat she crossed thc Equator Liz Taylor Synonym for Film Glamour By HUBBARb KEAVY For Bob thonias HOLLYWOOD iffl Now I can tell you 'about a glamor sitting The subject is Elizabeth Taylor. When the studios shoot pictures of their stars, making thr-m look eyen more beautiful than they are hiding defects and reducing hip lines and accentuating bust lines 'it. is a glanbV 1 sitting. If any of the pictures do not make tho star and celebrating is nlwa.vg more fun if you have girls along to celebrate with. They were in the box office 1 with Benny and a fellow who was counting tile money, as these two girls worked on a percentage basis of (lie gale, which gave no an idea. »8 K seems n very good way to get paid when the house is, sold cut. I told them what I had in mind and they looked interested until I mentioned Milo gnng too. Then they started to gaggle, You will remember that in th hand ,, ng adozen yoars _ ,, Q ,, cleai .. nncc is the AEC's way of saying a man has been found trust worthy with AEC secrets. In Oppcnheimcr's case it had been fottrid he had a long and continued association with Communists. Another man could be dropped as H security risk even though he didn't deal in secrets at all but drunk loo much. And there is a difference in tho degree of .secrets. One kind, of the most vital nature, is labeled top secret. A iess important r.nc Is import- Iftftew 'what was happening l neat of watching them WJP-.UC In-) "secret." And a still less i fe«he in ft .reverse hend lock B etncr an{1 thc Iark S n) getting «nt one i* "confidential." IMs.riBht arm. anrl.iho nthov « bad decision I called thc biondo For example, a "confid , right arm, and,thc other " hold,; under his '-left 'efee couldn't seem, to ,l|i$ mlnd[ whether a',head opponents >t tub samo hlcal,' especially as Milo ttrnp their, heads together y«<*that nobody's heads but V ' ,'afand «j heard such*' tr^ A your life. Tins • ae pullirigjor Miio, >§&eept epe 1 r laughing^ nt'jhow lopked, t The ^brothers tif the 'mat .and Ho ,hiH ft-et? Jia over ,,wiih ,nlud, weaving, while' he bang • -the su'e'on v oui- of s? ait getting, the loUer^ "/" f [ ' l *' ' , ' « the* .hillbilly mad;e u ,a , which * 'ps<rl. As confidential" document might be an FBI report one a bum. It turned out that she was'a very nice girl after ell. in fact in soinc ways nicer than the dark girl. Tucky Tucker After they : founcl. But if the report' got into It would lake the work of \ a million men to repair thc darhage dorte in the United Stales by insects. all its employes in the same way. For example, this would be routine for a man in a job in 3n agency which doesn't deal in national secrets, like the Labor Department: Jones wants a clerical job with the Labor Department, He fills out an application on which he lists glamorous., the negatives aje destroyed. Fast. When Elizabeth came into the gallery she was met by oight people who would work with her and me, who would just watch. This octet consisted of Ann Strauss, from publicity, who made all thc arrangements; Virgil Apger, the photographer; Eddie Hubbcll, head of the art department; Emil Berg, electrician; Charlie Ryan, props; (Jack Fraiicls, the grip or scene shifter; Junnc Roberts hairdresser; and Elsie Rogers, wardrobe. Elizabeth went lo a portable for sonic previous years the jobs dressing room to be costumed and he held and the places he lived. In addition, he answers qucslipn» about subversive organizations' to which he belonged, K any. In a case like that a m?.n looking for a nonscnsitivc job (no secrets involved) in a ronsensi- . . . .... »' O^IJI two ill\ <-'4V V.VA/ At* e» i ..mov-ii.Ti- of its investigation- of.'a man tivc agency thc Civil Service c-gainst whom nothing wrong ^ was'.commission's own -'investigators Thc y nool < 9 nto a very skimpy combed. In a lilllc while we heard feminine screams and a few mild damns. Ann came out to announce that Elizabeth's opera-length hos-: had sprung a run. Opera hose reach darned near tn tho .waist and it is no easy trick t oget them on and get the seams straight. liad finished giggiing about going out with Milo. Ruby Jewell, the blonde one, said, "Any fellow w'.io can hang on two head locjs and a head scissors to three olncr fellows El'one and the same limes *o a rerl mijn, even if he does look like a grease ball. I'll bo, f,lad to have hiip escort me." She explainer! that because they Communist hands it might disclose "investigative techniques" of the FBI. . . ..-.'.-..' ,....' ' Officials in any agency dealing with matters involving national security decide who can be rllowed to see "top., secret" . documents, who should see only "secret, mr- terial" ami who needs to icnpw only "confidential"- matters.':' 'That "tied to know" position is make a check. pair of panties, Ann. told me as kj' iw *-;.v I~MC.I ,iiiv,i i LI in L (jv. i_ uuoi 11 «W:.T . .. . _ . .,. , - - - . tAI^UOI v t; j.^w \jn . ^u v. worked three o, four niphK n week ^ lhc hon! ' ot security, in agencies th(n . j Qr rcporled; ol different dubs they never dHi;? 0! ' in " *"' h »>.nrmn.tipn vitally .a f- .,.)., . . ..... . Ifppline 1 in nntionnl ..welfare. . For They check with his previous | of she was telling me something bosses, perhaps with his old land-! m ' w > which she certainly was. lords and neighbors. They run" al chnn fi in S meant a half-hour de"name check" with the FBI, That la y- "Let's cover up the. run some- is, they find out whether the FBI has any record on Viim or information ngninsl . him. The samo check is made with the Army and Navy and House Un-American Activities Committee, whic!' keeps an extensive file on subversives, ei- hOW, So suggested Eddie. Elizabeth emerged in her touch celebrating, btil it we know If Jones then is not found to b long black hose and a black velvet bodice and skirt that didn't make much of a dent in MGM's black velvet supply. There was a black net something hanging Irom. the waist. She stepped in frort of the earner and struck a tentative an habitual drunk, .or homosexual. P° se - J " ne checked the hair-anc mucn ccjcuriiung, 0111 H wo Know, , ,- i i- - an naniiir.u uruniv. ov IIUIUUBUXUUJ. i - -••--••-" v..^. ,.„,* u .. vl some nice, caiiet place, they'd corno|? xam P le - ;V,' 31 tbllc ,/ c , a " on *-'' Irt ?"|or criminal, and if he has no sus- Elsie arranged the net so it cov- nlong. Be.Mos. they du,t,'t know! 1 " the AEC would have to. be - -- - »-" > - PRESCOTT NiWS Mrs. Bill Edd Dlxon Honored Mrs. Bill Edd Dixon, a recent bride, was honored with a miscellaneous shower given oh Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Bill Beck and Mrs. W. M. Glass in the home of Mrs. A. L. Wicker. Mrs. Dixon was presented a corsage of pink carnations. Bridal games were played with Mrs. M. N. Shelton- winning the prize after which the honoree opened her lovely gifts that Were arranged on a table. Mrs. Wicker had charge of the guest book. Punch and cake were served 75 guests. ' ' to Mr. and Honored Mra. L. D. Klnney :TWIN RARITIES — Albino squirrels arc so rare that the • capture of a pair of them at ; Seneca, 111., caused much excitement. The snow-white oddities arc progeny oC two normal, wild red squirrels. They are : pictured with Jimmie Jones, on whose parents' land they were i caught when a few weeks old. i The animals are very tame and I are thriving. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Kinney, who left Friday for DCQuincy, La. to live, were honored when a; picnic supper given by thc Fellowship Class of the First Methodist. Church on Wednesday evening at Kiwanis Park. The invocation was given by Kcv. W. D. Golden. The Kinneys were presented a going-away-gift. There were 40 present. Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Smith of Arkadelphia were out of town guests. the Guard in the state as a whole. Capt. John Gann, commander of the Prescott guard unit, was master of ceremonies and introduced the visitors. Also presented were: Col. Blake Scott and Capt. Sam V. Scott, former company commanders of the local unit, Mayor Bill Ward, and J. V. Fore, president of the Prescotl Chamber of Commerce. The Dixieland Rebels furnished music for the occasion. The Rev. W. D. Golden officiated as chaplain for the event in the absence of Chaplain W. A. Lindse.y Thc armory when completed will be as good as new and will be classed as one of the stale's better guard drill structures. The expansion IB providing work lor about eight local men and is expected to last several months. Nabholz Con- slruclion Company of Conway has the contract and Jack Starkcy is superintendent of the job. Mrs. John W. Davis, Mrs. Wilburn Willis, Glenn and Gail have clurncd from Shrcvcporl where they have bcea thc guests of Mr. and .Mrs. H. O. Barber. Gov. Cherry Breaks , Ground for New Armory Governor Francis Ciierry b"okc dirt on the now 543,000 National 'j'i.;rd arnioiy expansion . in' Pros- colt Wednesday morning in the t ompany ir M ij. linn. Abraham adjutant general of Ar- ">j otlr.v »t :iii»nit;u->;:. Ho mvlo a sl-c-t talk piv..-,irv the local Na';: K-.' Guard unit, Company "C", I"i3iv'. infant-.'v and the efficiency of Boltimoro at all and wo could show IliRin a little of Ihe town. I said we didn't know Ballimoi-o either but W- had the best wa.v there was! 1 ;"' 1 Vlf seeing II, which they agreed I f they saw sport roadster, He. wanted to Ui ive so Tucky Tucker and I sat in the back seal, which didn'l havo rnnrh nlaoc cleared to know some information. But there might be no reason lie- should be lev in or. a deci- lo make bigger or smaller, hy-' ;on bo.nbs. He'd be allowed to only information that he hand ip/neatest head-scissors frfr legst but managed Milo drove secrets h- "••+,1 f in i . .* - .-_.. lirtcc -,. There was u brother needed to know to do his job. Before a government employe into a position ot handling any sgf his "legs fnrward^anrj tjijl keeping his- h'iad Kicks -"•h(|r1i,^ and caught th<3 p/neatest liead-scissors '.Itfaerc was u brother I Hire h" UE.ir.Jly did , hv i.t-^ni; ar,- "^ s ' supposea 10 oe inveswgaiea. others> . a more thorough'check tl id^unddr jWiio's 1 jijjht pnejyho was in front of him until J hc government docsn t check on lhe routine civil service investi ^|§ST?SW u 5^Wuhder ^RufesCSfuwcJl said, "1 do nol imiir.1 . „ . i tion'is supposed to-be-made.- all' or no secrets. he's, supposed to be investigated. knees ,. „ ., can<imagine. 1 b'lily^corjceded^and I'"'" JBI .«• ~ti >_> •» * i j * i"" » *."» v as they,.' were . . j(?ious,' so, '^Miiq itPthe, winner. -J"Saw"no" •4 7. y t M *- - >> picious history of connections, with Communisls. he can !>et thc jo'o. But if doubtful information L is turned up against him, then tho FBI can be called in to make a lull field investigation'. which means an investigation since the day he was born. In the AEC, where all jobs are .considered .."sensitive," although some are more sensitive" than others, a more thorough'check than nvestiga- E?ing-'out on a date with you fol- fort-nee, a.-, when a car 'got in| When all the invcstinations ar lows but I expect to gel back in front he put his foot down on the finished, one thing remains: one piece instead of in-pieces, so could you tell your friend hot lo drive so fast?" f told Milo, although of course he hacf heard her say it loo, but that waa just his way of driving Nothing you said made and dif- .sccelerator out of habit. By. this time it didn't matter, as we were already at the place he was going; which was run by a Greek. Th" way Greeks stick together is a caution. Since some derogatory information is bound to .turn up against anyone thoroughly investigated, either factual or spiteful information agency officials have lo (To Be Continued) (evaluate it to determine . whetht.-r !a jnan can see secrets or not. ered.the run. Emil turned on the lights and Virgil looked through his ground glass. 1 '.'Here 'we go, honey," said Virgilj Elizabeth smiled and Virgil pressed his cumera bulb. "Very, -nice,..honey," he saicl. "Now turn your head." Another . shot. "Very, very nice, honey. Now,, one more, head up." Eddie said, "In this one,' turn your hips a little to the right. That's it," and Virgil marie another. "Good girl, Liz." In three hours''98 different poses Were taken. . '. In making glamor -shots, which will be magazine covers months hence, Eddie explained that "You shoot'for line. You make the'legs look as good as you can andntht hips as narrow as possible. The bust line is; important and must Pels Perched on Top of Southern By The Associated Press The powerful New Orleans Peu cans perchtd atop the Southern As- . .. sociation ^tendings ioclay. climax-1 and l ie -.second game was sin ing a spectacular victory mal . ch lP«ndeci atlor five innings with Ih sparked by a smallish. 20 yeai-ol.l Chl< ' ks luo " ln « 2 '°' ll , lc suspended r-n^lrm ^nnnrl hn e om n n £ ame WOS '° be Completed toni{jht. Mrs. Dallis Atkins spent a part of last week in Hope with relatives. Mrs. John P. Cox and Mrs. Eugene Cox of Hope were the Wednesday guests of Mrs. Clarke White and Jphn A. Davis. Mrs. O. G. Hirst returned Wednesday from Little Rock where she was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Matt Hitt, and was accompanied by Mrs. C. D. McSwain who '|| has been the guest of Mrs. Hitt, and Miss Ann McSwain, who lias been the guest of Dr. and Mrs. A. H. .Tuttle in Memphis. •• Birmingham. Chattanoo?a'sweul a ,, , , ,, T ,, n i i HIT „ , ,i i i 1 r •• - AT , .r, „ r, Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Roberts, Mrs duublehcader ipom Nashville IJ-2L,....... ' «,., j .^,,,,i,. a ,. ,,f Rock r i-'l in a 16-inning opener Eugene Roberts and daughter of Gurdon were the Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Brozie Haynie. rookie second baseman. Gene Freese is the rookie's name in trade. sinjfle ;;ive the- over Pols Some strategy backfired on the Bears when Freese connected for his only hit of the twin bill. With the score tied 3-3 in the ninth. and hittins: is his stoc Freese unloaded a short last uighl to a 4-3 victory over Mobile second game of a doublehcader,, and the victory put Iho Pols half a ; lcav y elected to walk John Powers ?ame ahesd of the" all-star chnm-! a slugger, to set the stage- for a pion Atlantf. Crackers, who had double._play. in the Qne OL1 '' anc ' runners-on first and Mobile Manager Greg Mul- been on top since June 8. Mobile won but. Atlanta But Freese, the league's top col- the also lost — 3-2 to be lighted properly. The hands must be graceful." first g'ime 7.3! lector of base hits, hit snfely to bring in the winning run. An unearned Memphis run in the' ninth sent the Chicks into overtime against Little Rock. Georee Elizabeth, it seemed to me. met Moskovich's triple and Jim B'aum- p.ll requirements naturally. er's single provided the winning -— run in the :"6th. A home run with i ar Although iron was once exclusive j man on by Ken Landenbergcr a'c? ly for the cores of electric-magnets, counted for the Chicks' pair of silicon steel now is widely used runs in the suspended game A. R. Underwood has returned from Washington,,, D. C. where he was the guest ' : o£< Capt. and Mrs. Ross Nelson. ""Mr's. Underwood remained for a longer visit. Mrs. W. L. .Lambert, Mrs. Brad Bright and 1 -Miss Joann Bright motored to Stephens Wednesday for a with Mr. and Mrs. Arl Fin- Bright remained for a Ibngpr ..visit. Dr. and Mrs. Glenn .Hairston, Ruth and James have returned from .a weeks vacation on Lake Hamilton. Friends of Mrs. Lucy:.:. Slifer will be glad to know, slief. .has returned to her home in'-StUttgart after under going surgery at the Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. PRE INVENTORY MERES YOUR eHAHCB^^^gf fO MOP UP BIG ^Entire Stock of Spring and Summer goods have been Marked Down to Clear. We inventory the last of the month. Stocks miist be Sold. Dresses, Suits, Toppers, Blouses, Skirts, Swim Suits, T-Shirts, and many other items. Shop Now and Save, ' '•;•.•..-. '______ . Stiffs Swim Suits bffon Underwear Toppers IHlMMIUBHHHIWJill « in iniuilJiilmiiln mi mil I nun i i,....i ., i . imiiiii n i i LI i Ji JI •»•"»•• ' '"I-. '. Shirts charge it Now and we won't bill you until September 1st Get your Bonus Bucks on each and every t Tremendous Savings- i Don't Miss These Bargoms Hurry! Hurry! Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort From 8:30 A. M. to 5 P, M, Our Daily ® Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor .....' -Alex. H. Washburn _____ The Rain Came With Complications Perils of TV Viewing We got a rain all right — a lulu. Jkit not without Complications. Mmday afternoon's storm caused several interruptions in the local power supply, paralysing The Star's linotype room. We had the Assbciated Press report complete before the teletype went out about 2 p. m., but couldn't turn it into type on schedule. Electricity is a "must" in that machine-shop commonly known as a newspaper. We finally limped to press at 4 p. m. The newsboys, splashing around In scjjkjm-seen water, didn't seem lo fats' unhappy about it. We had it in mind to write a weather roundup story this morning for today's edition, from a nice comfortable seat by the telephone. But when we tried a few numbers we found the situation called for a car — not a telephone. Local lines were out cast of town. culling us off from the state police station and tho exepriment station. But the operator was cheerful: "Vto got a rain, didn't we?" And so we did. Star •> Arkansas fsrtt? 1 artetndofl, totttgtttj Wider? scatletea atte hlng thtmdershwfrefs* wa fciternoon. Experiment Statloft hours ending 8 a.rh. t 62; low fr2; precipitation 3. 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 234 Star of Hope 1*«i . Consolidate Jan. 1ft. 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JULY 20,1954 M*MB*ri th* AMoclaUd fitu A Audit Burtso ot ClK«iatl<M*i Av" N«V>aM Clfel. » Mo«. tftdlHft Mfltth it, 1»S4 — MS* The hardships of this Television Age are enthusiastically described by a fellow newspaperman, Louis Graves, who writes in the current issue o£ his Nashville News. Lady with a pleasant voice | called and wanted to know if we had seen the "TV party' 1 .trend. Folks are putting their sets in the windows and lining UN 'chairs outside the house, and fw. the coo] (?) o[ the evening a party is under way. She says one mother even furnishes, insect repellent to discourage mosquitoes from joining' the show. Cease-Fire Is Agreed Upon in Indochina Truce Line Drawn Along Benhai River Deaths Over the Nation By Tn c Associated Press PQRT CHESTER, N. Y. - •Mr: ITullis Lord Parsons, Y7, Alice worker foe world men's rights and an observer thc United Nations for groups. Died Monday, peace and wo- at Cohn Quits as McCarthy Legal Chief WASHINGTON UP! — Son. McCar thy fR-Wis) today announced the lesifinntion of Roy M. Cohr., chief counsel ot his Senate Investigations subcommittee and No, 1 target of members staff shake up. McCarthy made demanding a the announcement in a stalemcnt iusl two hours before a scheduled meeting a' which committee members seckin.fi the scalps of Cohn and others were By JOSEPH W. GRIGG GENEVA (UP) (m —The Com- munisgs and thc West today agreed on a cease-fire line for Viot Nam largest ot Indochina's three associated stiles and a spokesman said agreement also was reached for evacuation of Ihc port of Hai- phong by the French within. 10 months. Virtually all obstacles lo a final cease-fire agreement now hav? been removed, a spokesman said. The signing ot the asroern'ent appeared assured before the rnidnif.ht deadline set by French Premier Pierre Monries-Franco. At 5:45 p. m. (12:45 p.' m. EDT a responsible French source said all 'cease-fire agreements are cotr.- COLORADO SPRINGS,, COLO.— Mrs. Carolyn Thurn Windmuller, 89, once a promininl figure in women's fashions in New York. Died Monday. WHITNEY, Tex. — "Uncle Tom" Rose, 101, whose marriage is be lieved to bo the longest in United States history. When his wife, "Aunt Easter," died a year ago the couple had been married 80 jcars. Died Sunday. women s get to geck a s h ow( jown vote. The resignation of Soy Cohn .„ ,- .. ,, . ., , , Jnloto cvcopt for n few technical Illustrating tho inevitable trend)' .. ' of this Asc of Gadgets. „,..,: First you need a television set —then you need an air-conditioner. Signature tonight seems., certain, this source said. • Frenuh sources saicl the Viot Nam cease-tire line will run, alon,; llidia, Britian Confer on Truce Body NEW. DELHI, India <£)— Prime Minister Nehru and British Acting High Commissioner George H. Mi^|lelon today discussed compo- sifWn of^ an international commis-l sion" to Supervise an 'Indochina rcease-firc, an Indian government spokesman .said. The spokesman declined to say whether the subject • of Indian membership on such a body was taken up. Sources at the Geneva conference reported yesterday that the French and the Communists had agreed to a supervisory com- miFion made up of India, Canada sujjjf.' Poland. Keeping Truce lsn y ttheU.SV Headache must bring great satisfaction to the Communists and fellow trav elers," McCarthy said. "The smears and pressure's" t< which lie has been subjected make it clear that an effective anti-Coin munist cannol long survive on thi Washington scene." McCarthv made iiublic a Ex-Wife of Slain Man DETROIT Iff) A quarter-trillion- dollar damage suit against Dr. Kenneth B. Small has been filec oy the divorced wife of the man iie • killed, Jules M. Lack, Ne\\ York businessman. Only last Saturday, the 31-year- old 'Detroit dentist was found in»' noceht by reason of insanity in 1 the- May 29 pisl'ol sla.ving of Lack, his; pretty wife's suitor. The suit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court yesterday, asks darn- ages, ot $250.000 in reparation /or the lost potential earnings of thc shooting victim and a? conpnnsa- tion for the "pain and suffaring ' of Lack's two sons, John, 9, and Andrew. 7. It was brought'by Mrs. Jeari A. ; l.ack of 'New Y->vk, ex- ancl 3.41-Inch Deluge, | Heaviest of Year, | Rakes Hope Area f General Rain McClellan to Give His Side of Tidelands By The Associated Press Sen. John McClellan, who been running on his record, may fire back at his opponents tonight on some of the issues of the cam has in which Cohn said he was resign* ing because "there appears to be a lack of unanimity among the members oi the investigations sub- committe upon the question ot continuing my services as . chief counsel." Actually, the committee was reported to be lined up 4-3 in favor of firing Cohn. Bef6re McCarthy's wife- Of tho late industrialist, David C. Lewis. Mrs. Lack and Lewis are co-ad- letter ministrators of Lack's estate. Lack, 43, was shot to death by announce- Secretary Charles E. Wilson said today that defense of the pros- Auto Racing by Air Corps Tax Supported WASHINGTON (UP)i .— Government investigators sai.l tcday the taxpayers directly and indirectly have been picking up the tab for sports cai- races a.t Air Force bases. They concluded the races have been running into the hole rather than making money as thoir sponsors claim and that the expense offset and maybe exceeded the take from ticket sales that was turned over to air force welfare funds. ,||foo gimmick, according to the General Accounting Office, is that 100,000 man hours of work, by airmen and Air Force officers, has gone into each race on iho average, and tlfat the Air Force has not beert reimbursed for this work. The GAO investigators said a lot of other costs have Ivpcn loaded onto the taxpayers, including that for wear and tear, on vehicles am Continued on Page Two U. S. Prestige at New Low in Indochina By JOHN RODERICK SAIGON. Indochina:-'/! 1 ) — -American pcstige in Viet Nam, largest of the states of Indochina, appear'; to have hit its lowest ebb sines World War II. Until a few days ago, the United Stales could still count on tha friendship of some element of lhe population — anti-Communist Vietnamese in the North and the Nationalist government of Catholic leader Ngo Dinh Diem. But reports from Washington that President Eisenhower's administration now accepts the principle of partition of the country seem to have wiped away much of Ihir, good will. In the closing days of the Geneva conference and on the verge en a possible ceasf-fire in the long and exhausting war, the United States stands discredited in the eyes of many elements of the population. It waa to save this population from communism that the United States contributed billions to the Indochina war effort aguin.st the Vietminh and substantial civilian aid now being directed to help the hapless refugees of evacuated areas in the North. The general feeling in Viet Nam now appears reached neva." Wilson Lhe agreement in Ge- said at a n'ews conference he is sure the United States will not commit itself 1 to defense of the line "in any unilateral action." He -added, however, that this country might undertake a commitment as part of "an alli- nce.'" Other U.S. officials had stressed earlier that his country .hopes for an honorable end of the Indochincse fighting. They sai3,' however, they won't be entirely happy about any ceasefire agreement because it will mean once-free parts of Indochina will go to the Reds. But Secretary of State John Foster Dulles told thc Simale Appropriations committee lale yesterday the United States will not try to block a "reasonable settlement" between the French and the Communists, Wilson, meeting reporters for the Continued on Page Two the handsome society dentist during a Memorial Day weekend rendezvous with dark-eyed Mra. Edith Small in southweslern Michigan. Still in jail at Allcgan. where the trial was Held, Dr. Small said: "Seems to me that atlr.r the rulins> of the jury they couldn't sue an'-Insane man. Where would I get that kind of money? It sounds like abloney to me." Allcgan Attorney Leo Hoffman, who 'successfully defended Dr. Small; said the plaintiffs would have; a tough time trying to make a, ca'se. . -_„ __._..._..-,-,__-„ ; "T)}ey must prove that the ftual point. In any future investigation |^verdict was wrong and that Dr. in which I appeared as chief .counsel, all the slanders voiced against me would be repeated to minimize the evidence presented. Cohn's resignation letter was riated yesterday., .'McCarthy's prepared statement of comment on it bore today's date, and was released in his absence'from his office. , . ' ment, there had been widely pub_ i iishcd reports that Cohn was re- By DONALD J. GONZALES s j gn j ng WASHINGTON <UP> - Defense | The ' chjcago Tribime quot t-d Cohn as saying: "I, feel lhat my helpfulness to , tho subcommittee in Indochina has been ' brou ght to the vanishing While McCarthy ,^did: not state Especially that he^-was accepting j«Wmg lawyer*s*"'vv'icKffrawa! as an i«Wing lawyer* s*" he resignation, he spoke of the Sm'ali was not insane when he bhot Lack," the attorney said. Critically Biirned in Boat Blast Continued on Page Two Arkansas Weather LITTLE ROCK W) — The weatherman refused to give- up again today. A new extended forecast covering, the next five clays — ending Montana's Voters Go to Polls Today HELENA, Mont., '4V-An. estimated 170,000 voters start to the polls today after one of. thc quietest primary elections campaigns in Montana history. Campaigning was so quiet tha' incumbent James Murray of Butte did nol bother to return frorr Washington to contest the two candidates opposing him for thc Democratic nomination for United iccomplishad fact. He said: "The resignation of Roy Cohn States senator. Opponents of the 78-year- old Democrat, seeking his fourth full term, are Sam G. Feezell of Great Falls and Ray Gulick, Joplin i armor. he Communists and- fellow travelers. The smears and pressures ;o which he has been subjected make it clear that an effective anti-Communist cannot long survive on the Washington scene. "He has rendered ucrhaps unrivaled service in the conviction and exposure if ' Communist? and spies in this nation. He prosecuted Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the atomic spies; William Remington and the top leaders of the Communist infiltration . -in the government Printing Office, the Voice of America, Ft. Monmouth, defense plants and other key places. "The jury of thc American people saw a'nd heard him during the (McCarthy-Army) hearings. Thcy know first-hand of his ability and his effectiveness. I know lhat they will resent as deeply as .do I the treatment to which he has been subjected." Following is the text of the letter from Cohn lo McCarthy: "Dear Mr. Chairman. "As there appears to be a Inck of unanimity among the members of the investigations subpornniiltc-o upon tho question of continuing my services as chief counsel" I hereby lender my resignation. "It has been a privilege to perform my duties under your insjilr- ng leadership, The enthusiastic JOTT, — (IP. old Roy Terry of Cape Girardcau, Mo., was reported still in critical condition but "slightly improved" by hospital attendants here • this morning , Terry was one of six men burned when gaoline -they were loading towboat near Arkansa City exploded. Captain M. S. Spanfield, 51, of Jollet,;: 111., died yeterday from burn-sufefred in the explosion. Three other'-men are reported to be in satisfactory ondition. Attendant say they may be releacd in a couple of day. They are Che tor Meek, 48, and M. L. Chandler, 38, both-of Arkansas City, and George W. Holman, 52, of Olmstead, 111. J. .R Thomas, 38, of Wcntzville, Mo. was released from the hospital after treatment for his burn An announcement from 'McClel an headquarters yesterday In Heated the senator would "discus ome of the issues that have been injected into the campaign." Among other things, a -return fir by McClellan probably would in elude his side of his votes for the bill giving-title to the oil lidelands to individual coastal states and iis ote for Iho treavty Which gave Germany money lo pay off U? pre-World War II bonds. Former Gov. Sid MeMath. one of McClellan's opponents in his bid for a third term, in tho U. S. Senate, has hammered at McClcllar. throughout the campaign tor his stand on those two issues. So far in the campaign, however, McClellan has hot mentioned McMath or McMath's charges. Instead he has cited various public works he has secured for the state and his parl in keeping a numbei of federal Installations in operation after Washington had announced plans for ' abandoning them. Paul. Chambers of Helena, another of McClellan'i opponents, plans to carry on with his "questio- thon" a marathon system of radio question-and-answer programs. He visited Walnut Eldg? Batesville, Newport and other East Arkansas points yesterday. I,DOh l and.J''E"^$.iot'Littln Book, the fourth candidate, Is not campaigning. Calling McClellan "nn errand boy for the big interests," McMath at Harrlsburg last night attacked "big businpos" for "propagandizing against :parity price supports for farmers" while "thc subsidy paid big businessmen Is moie than twice .lhat paid to farmers." He said farmers received 523 million dollars in 1953 for soil conservation, price supports and other government help, On thu 'businessmen million dol- 4-Year-Old Found Safe on Beach i ST. JOi.lNS, NQd. MP)—Tyrone Power was safe and sound today, -.one the worse for a night's sleep on a Newfoundland beach. Tyrone is 4, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Power of St. Johns. Ho walked aw-jy from his parents on thc beach near here Sunday and couldn't be found later, Sonrchbrs. 500 in all, finally located him yesterday, sound aslceo in n clump of bushes not far from the scene ot his disappearance. Helps County and GlibTongued Opponent Hit by Cherry By The Associated press Gov. Cherry yesterday came back 'fighling against charges -thrown al his administration by one of his opponents for a second term Democratic nomination. The silver-haired governor scribed Orval Faubus of H villa as a "man with a glib UHV gue, adept at whole falsehoods. 1 ,' The heaviest rain of the^a'aftd! uged Hope: Mondays irfttitobrfiif ' terruptlng municipal^ 6l6epfi&£ ply and knocking i"'"" phones, ' <- *.'>'. 'p \*,, The official re&ding slrumehts Of the Fruit ,ahdVt Branch Experlrnent.Stailori|te. 24 hours ending <8'va,m.-todays Sunday. 8 this mor the low Reports by, The Agent ,Oliver 'L. Little Roclt Press; showed"Jha Bureau's origlhal^o tered' thundershow,ers'i' ,had| into* a ''"" * On the Republican ballot, Rep, July 25 — predicted tetv.per&turesiWesley A. D'Ewart is stepping out of one to five degrees abovo the normal maximum of 87 10 9f> degrees the lows will be one to five planes. More than 40 plane trips rjcgres above, the normal of C9 do been made in connection with thr races, they said. Rep. Errett P. Scrivner (R-Kan) chairman of a I-Iousu Appropriations Subcommittee on thu Air Force, made public the GAO report with ihe comment that it "fully justifies" his recent complaint about the races and the air force's subsequent decision to halt them. ENGINEERS of his House seat to seek the senatorial nomination. Ho is opposed by R'obert YellowUiil, a Crow In- dkan leader from Lodge Gr&ss. Three Democrats and four Re_ _ m ^._ ._ ..._ publicans seek parly nprninatior.s erate precipitation,'" the forecast for the 2nrl Congressional District 76. 'Continued hot with to mud- mournfully concluded. seat being vacated hy D'Kv/r.rt. Writing Pair Peacefully Wed for 22 Years Reverse the Hollywood Tradition By HAL BPYLE NEW YORK W — Figl-ting be- ween married people often ends n black eyes and divorce suits. WANTEP Scientists, too r- by the -modern world we live in. The future can be bright for youngsters who will pre- fjfe for careers in these rewarding • professions. But preparation inust start early by taking math and science courses in high school. (=91 lh» r yovng»tftr'» (old»r High $lptl«n, N»w York IB, «« a fa to- wood, man-led, and settled down with the M-G-M Studio. "We wera in the doghouse for a long time," Mis/ Goodrich But 22 years of almost oontinu- called. "It was easy to get verbal warfare have made Albert Haykett and Frances Goodrich into one of Hollywood's most successful husband-and-wife marrying teams. Their long wordy quarrel has re? suited in several jointly svritten Broadway plays, 25 movie scripts, and an annual income in the high clear financial stratosphere somewhere abovn $50,000. "But i£ we taks time off to dlo play, as we have this year, we sometimes dpn't earn a nickel," said Miss Goodrich. re- lost rut there then. The studio had 135 writers, and everybody w^s taking a fling at everybody else's script. "Now they have only 30 writers, and they cast a writer almost as they do an actor for a part. They try to fit the writer to the kind of material he is best at." started put as aetors. They turned to writing during lean seasons. After their third play, "Up Pops t,h.e I3ev«," mad? the grade Frances ?nd dirt first with "Hacky" hit pay "The Thin Man.' Among other well known s.cren plays they fought out togethei ate "All, Wildamcss," father of the. Pnde," and their recently com support which come to me rom thc American people for ihe small part that I have played in his task of exposing Communist nfiltrntion in key places has been inspiring . force and n groat comfort, f extend to tho great American jury my heartfelt thanks or its lpy<il support. "Needless to add it is with much cluctance lhat I leave the ch.i!- enging work of the committee, but am'certain that the fight against rithejstic Communist influence will| jontinue until every vestige of it s driven from our shores, "Respectfully yours, . "Roy M. Cohn" Scientists Called Into Murder Quiz By ROBERT. UOUGHRAN CHICAGO (UP) Scientists today examined newly revealed evidence in the baffling Montgomery Ward Thome case, including a "vividly.'stained"'sheet taker, from the young heir's death boil. The evidence was turned uver In authorilies by Benjamin Bromberg. near north side "Monty" Thornc other-hand, he said, got one billion, 210 lars." McClellan returned from a flying week end trip to Wnhlngton in time to:meet engafiemcnl? yesterday at DcWitt and Stult.iart. Russia Again Demands Ship Be Returned "MOSCOW (B— Russia has sent a third note to the. United States demanding immediate release of the Soviet tanker Tuapse, 'held, by the Chinese Nationalists at Formo- landlord building of tho whore died in mysterious circumstances Juno 19. The items, all found on the bed. also included a portion of a largo pill, a wad of cotton, a cigarette and a, handkerchief. They were referred to a team sn. In their latest protest, hnndpcl to the U, S. Embassy yesterdy, Iho Soviets threatened to ask rkimngrs from the United States lw capture of the 8,840-ton ship by tlu> Chinese Nationalists on June 23. The note declared: "The Soviet government considers the government of the United Stales fully lespqnsiblc for the capture of tho Soviet tanker Tuapse ns well as for thp security of the crow and safety of the vessel," The SoviJl government, thc notr> of four top pathologiiits who arc continued, "reaffirms its prolosl ciates "pressured" state employes into buying blocks of tickets to'a "Cherry appreciation breakfast" In Little Rock. ' The two candidates snapped verbal blows on separate>p.aid' polity cal, telecasts over' .K'AT»Vi*, • Pine, Bluff, The two men did not'-flieet as Faubus v left 6iS^stud'io''and Ch'er- ry entered. ( , Another ' of Cherry's opnonents:, State Sen. Guy Jones of Conwajf, carried his battle into south Ar,^arli sas last night. Speaking over a Texarkdna television station,, Jones icpeatcd his charge that Cherry is a ''do-n.ithing governor.' Jones also, "As far as tho people of Arkansas are concerned, in regard to anything for their advantage or ihe advancement of the stale,' the governor's office is vacant." Gus McMillan, the fourth candlr date for governor, spent •> yesterday in Liltle Rock, On tho Vine B'uff television program, Faubus hold up wh.a): he ^aid was a news release "describing questions and answers on Cherry!s Talkathon, which is scheduled, lor tonight. *, The Huntsvijle publisher has charged hlnce the outset i of the campaign that Cherry's Talkathon questions are screened, He said he held in his hand a news rele^se-^ which he said wes writteb in the past tense and for release on Wednesday ~- which was propf pf his charges, Cherry lid net mention tho press release when he followed Faubfls on tho TV screen. Fnvibus, a former highway co.nv nilssloner himself, took a swing at Cherry's "non-political" road com< rainlng;4ri|U distant #/$$$ 4f j*t £j.i.£/^kfc.Si.j I' rt; conducting a searching examma tion of the medical evidence in Thorne's doath, Hope Girl to Read Medical Meet Report Dr. Janet M. Lemtey-Stone and Overlooking Meter Sends Himtolail Denver (/P> A paroled con- against further holding of the- bank' or and insists on immediate liberation of Iho banker, Its cargo and crew, , The Soviet government re serves the right to demand from the United States government corn pensation for all damage inflicted on ihe Soviet Union in connection with the Illegal capture of the tan'ker Tuapse; 4 The Soviet newspapers Pravda mission for not buiKlmg more roads In the Little lioqli »roa, Tho program tor a high.vay Pino Bluff from Little ROCK pleted "Seven Brides for Seven Hope Brothers." For mutual safety m«w collaborating teams divide » script Wr vict's failure to put a nickel in a y parking meter led lo his arrest him yesterday after a $9,658 bank robbery, Taken into custody an hour later as h? stopped for a beer and charged with the holdup was Otto George R. Meneely, both of Nash-'A. Atterson, 24, of Denver. He was ville, Tenn., will present a.paper accused of taking tho money at on "Effect of Tissue Extracts on gunpoint from the Metropolitan Oxygen Consumption by Homogc-i State Bank in Derby, a North nized Mybcardial Tissue" at the Denver suburb. World Congress on Heart Disease to be held in Washington, D. ,C. September 13 to September 17. Dr. Stone is the dauehtcr ot Jud- . .,. . , «"• and Mrs. W. Kendell Lemley of; cast description of the bank and IzVesua published the government .statement, lecallmg the original Soviet pro-Jest ot June 3-i which was repeated July 2. Tho United Slates disclaimed yctponsi- bllity for the ship's seizin e in notes of June 26 and July 4, The Chinese Natipnalists mean* while ftdmlited they captured an-1 were' holding the ship, whiph, was carrying M cargo 7! uetrpleum products to the China mainland- was seUed It) the L.u8on Strait, , set up beCore J left otilee • two yeas ngp. And you know how.fimc|i progress has been mad-f," said. He said thc Mack BlackweU amendment which sc^ up tho commission as a constitutional .body was cvplvcd under the McMath administration "before Cherry even was mentioned as a candidate governor," ' Cherry agreed with Foubus that "he certamly should he with highways." ' "He was a member of ^ue mission thut was inv*>s{ir,ated the Highway Audit Investigating Committee," Cherry said. , "If all roads into Little Roek s^-wld bj four-lane, why didn't he dn it, whe? " ' npnrfj oiution n<t $6l4wve> f i sojirje peg" 1 - '- 4 Pcitlhjr 1 " statements'^., An WWH»d l J nupnt-nepjJ^ojsa pone Officers said all but $7 was recovered from Atterson's car. paiked outside 8 tavern. A motorcycle Pa^-plman headed 9 broad- wjl) ed by physicians scientists fram. dit's get#wey car, recalled ticket- v, e pHf*»•>,.'we i| fjpr pvertime parking and ~ ihe wrfri " " ' pa-, F1J ^V>,.<^!ffc: ,} £._*•,i.. f^s-7w.j.\v"r »**.. if V betw£n Formosa and the Soviet not? y§«tefd.ay iho U. S. note? a/"g.v9Wd,lcs> ial Q| pavycipatlpn by naval ol he wa§ with'the commls?<pn? Chombefs Herf Wedn^teyjfl Question-then

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