Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 19, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, July 19, 1954
Page 6
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'-'"- -\Y- T"**! K>< "•' >j£ •fr&j^w^ffN^ t-'l- HOPE STAR, HO ,._i*Bi a "call meeting of ffaf ^elday night, July ••-•• §t <?:30 or irtc'e. are: , j slgtet fft^ft*ftWe*.ot tfie Am<**«,'*' ' ' , wife, sister Or dau- <» wblhan Who Was dfed "wMle' se¥Vlng in It ,' , tfet |ist4r of dati- oteftttef war 'siftCe tUsclharge from a '«6ltiati veteran of 8r II, *X usher board -will aptist Churo; at 7:30 Star lftN?lU?meet lat jBfe'e'Bee ^Me- ch'^-'We'dncsday . children Viola o Were f of tMr;,andiMrs '•'•^•'igtoh. and 'dflU- sir home .. „-, ,, ,- Spending PdayVvlsltteg, relatives and BOOTY AND THE BEAST—It takes two West Berlin, Germany, salesgirl to fit this customer with a pair of suitable boots. The elephant w&9 given the special shoes for comfort while walking on city pavement. The big fellow is with a circus performing . in West Germany. Sunday, July 18-20., Will'rneet Tges- ? 2<J, 'at 'the regular 8130*p. rh. All a, Little 16. F,u- Is ?,' nrtf incorn- t 'U «!* James H. Lloyd, Field Scout Executive for the Southeast Missouri Council, was recently promoted a position in Newport News, Virginia, according to an announcement made today by Lyle F. Holm, Scout Executive. Lloyd came _to Southeast Misouri in August 1951. He served all the Negro Units in Southeast Misouri and during his assignment here the Negro membership increased 73 per cent and the number of Scout Units increased 70. perl cent, reaching an all time high of Negro boys in scouting in Southeast Missouri. Lloyd, twenty-seven years old, Was born in Hope, Arkansas is a graduate of Yerger High School and Philander Smith College where heTeqeived many honors and play- 'ed on the varsity football team four years. He also served as business manager of the Senior Class and of the College yearbook, associate, ed- 'Mystery Continued from Page dft6 e have made to Dr. Walter J aftip. state toxicologist fcftd nationally-known poison exjteft. , Camp conducted exhaustive" tests on tissues taken from ThOfne's body. He said he found evidence 6f alcohol, barbituate anil ah alko- ioid indicating morphine'. Camp said Mrs. Geigher OHce ir.Vaded his office by telling guards a false story that she had an ap- jointment with him. She also made numerous tele- jhone calls to his home, his office and the hospital where he Wofks seeking advance information on his findings iri the Thorhe Case, he said. Mrs. Gclh'ncr had said eatlicr she was trying to get advance information for Mrs. Thorhe ''bcf ere the newspapers got it." Police said Mrs. Geigner's re cord dated back to!944. ' Several sad check.'-, charges have been made against her, they -Said, and she was put on 18 months' probation in!949 on charges of ..obtaining money under false pretenses. Monday, July 19, although they did not gel up' the ipeak Advance permitted in-- one day. • Wheat closed ]/2 lower to "I'/a higher, July $2.09'/4%. corn 3 - to & cents higher, July$1.62'/ 4 , oats 2 to 4 cents higher, July 77'/ 4 , rye 46% higher, July $1.13 and soybeans 10 cen s higher, JUly $4.00. • NEVE& ASKED FOR A BIB—This San Diego, Calif, pigeon looks startled, left, as the slice of bread he's pecking on flops around his neck, where it hahgs like a bib. Making the most of the awkward situation, center/the pigeon continues eating. But whea other hungry birds approach, lie takes to the air, , _ _ 1 __ J '_ __ Some Direct Continued rrom Fage One tion as he answered the latesl charges leveled at him by his three opponents in the fast approaching . Democratic primary election. Cherry was particularly incensed at an accusation made by Candidate Ofval Faubu in a telecast here last night. Faubus and 19 suvlvrors wdow and descendant of Civil War veteran were being treated "shamefully" at barrack housing them at Camp Robinson. "That man forgot to tell you that a new $200,000 Confederate Home now being constructed for those people .and-will be completed by October." Cherry shout- French Hurl Back Reds in the Delta HANOI, Indochina, July 19 (UP) — A force of 5,000 French union troops pushed back Communists moving in onthe Red River-, delta defense pocket near miles northwest of t Bessie iitor of the school papei', president pf £he college student council, and president of the Pan-Hellanic Coun- Lloyd is an active church worker , Vinh Yen, 24 Hanoi, the French high command disclosed today. French infantry, supported by heavy tanks, fanned out north of loute No. 2 which runs northwest from Hanoi through Phuc Yen and Yuong Canh to Vinh Yen. A high command spokesman said the offensive, third nioiinted against the Reds in the delta in the last week, was "progressing favorably." |***4 rtp* "I," far. New I Power" Etso Extra is ed. The governor did not limit his remai'k to hhe three opponent, but also :sharply criticized the ad- minstration '.' of former Gov. Sid McMath, now-can candidate for the United State Senate . "You al Iknow the unholy mess created by the highway commission of the administration which preceded me" Cherry said You know you 'also we're saddled with a bigger highway debt which now -total $100,000,000. We • are building bigger and better road in my administration .without the necessity of more highway bond or any trade with -anyone" . Cherry said there were mdny 'influerital people" who' had ben v"pending your , highway money" during' McMath' administrators ^ "Those people are reaching but their greedy hand 'again," Cherry said. You must remain vigi- lana to protect -yourselves again, them. McMathin Caustic Crack atMcClellan LITTLE ROCK (UP) --Senator prices up around 2 points at the outside and ctown between land 2 points in the early afternoon. Ah'crafts were out in front at the start of trading with large blocks ont'no tape, nnd the oils moved lower. Also higher were the railroads, motors, and metal Lower were the steels, and chern icals. !\ 7 NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (m — C.itlon futures turned firm today, following n barely steady sl;\rt. on New Or leans and local buying. Hedge selling was fairly liberal, but was mostly scaie up innature.Mill operations in futures wcrcsmall. Late afternoon prices wf re 10 to 60 cents a bale 'higher than the previous close. Oct 34.29, .Dec 24.43 and March 34.72. Your Vofe and Wilt Be Apprecaited Elect W. B. "Bill" Rugglfe Your Sheriff and Ex-Officio Collector Hcmpstead County Pd. Pol. Adv. Paid for by W. B. "Bill" Ruggles SUPPLY THE IDEAS NEW BEAT IN OLD RHYTHM—As a group of Canadian officers watch, two Chinmokchong, -Korea, girls show the traditional way of pounding out a pound of rice flour. The girl at right, has constructed a modern mallet'out of a 25-pound shell casing, while the older woman uses a stone mallet, as her people have for many centuries. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (in— Live poultry steady; receipts 1,039; f.o.b. pay ing prices unchanged; heavy hens old roosters 13.514; caponettes 27 30. Butter steady; receipts 1,403. 558; whole buying prices unchanj; ed; 93 score AA56.5; 92 A 50.5; 90 B 89 C 48; cars 90 B 54.; 89 C 49. Eggs very strong;, receipts 11, 089; holesalo buying pi-ices 2 to C higher; U. S. large 50; U. S. mediums 42; U. S. standards 3P. 5; current receipts 32; dirties 27.6; checks 26. SUPPLY THE McMath . sug- a "permanent ^uw ft'* the 'Ifcj^yoU e»n buy! r.r5W? "' Gas Expansion Plan Approved LITTLfe KOCK !/P)' A $10 mil lion dollar expansion program by Arkansas Louisiiina Gas Co.was approved today % the Federal Power Commission • in Washington. Company officials; announcing the approval, said most of the money will be spent on construction of new facilities in Southwest Arkansas. Some of the projects already have been built under a temporary FPC permit. The 10 million dollar program approved 'today is part of the firm's 19 million dollar construe tion plan announced last year. Most of the financing is being .secured ial' candidate Sid gested today that rest is in order" for Sen. John L. McClellan. McMath made the remark in reference to a statement -by ;McClelan at Texarkana last Thursday that .he was "awfully tired^" because of'" 1 he strenuour carnpaign for re-election ne has been making. McMath, in speeches at Lonoke and England, said: "You probably read about the senator's snying down at Texarkana that he was awfully tired and needed a rest. Well, I also think he needs a rest. "You'll remember that he voted for a bill toprovide fiat senators who'd served 10 yeals— pnd^he's served 12— could retire at virtually full salary; So he (McClellan) well provided for." McMath jokingly added that " we can retire him on July 27— we'll give him a permanent rest." 'fppy Motoring" Csso in ttfes ol tgtK premium «nd regular gasoline e uten where Kssa prodttcts are sold Copr. I and a member of the. Saint James Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau, where he aiso directs the Men's chorus and served as a class leader. During his time in Southeast Missouri, he has served on many recognized educational panels and conference. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and a member of the Order of the Arrow, Fraternal Order of Scouts, Lloyd lived in Cape Girardeau while serving on the Southeast Missouri Boy Scout- Staff. He took up his nesv duties beginning July OHN L MCCLELLAN WILL RKANSAS FARMERS Statewide Radio Network Tufes,, July 20 at 6:30 A. M. Stolen Art Work Is Recovered SAN FRANCISCO, (UP) — Police, aided by two newspaper reporters, to:l&y recovered a "priceless"stolen painting in the home of an unemployed zamster. Police said the teamster, Lloyd C. Galloway, 26, admitted taking the painting from the Wails of the M. H. De Young Memorial Muse- im last Saturday. Details of the recovery of the painting, which may possibly be >y the famous Flemish master Peter Paul Rubens, were master ed by the San Francisco Chronicle n a copyright story. The painUngnna miniature of the Archduke Albert of Ausgi.i, w&s found neatly wrapped and undam raged in a carved wooden box .he dining, room of Galloway's nodest home. Galloway had been arrested yes- ^erday as a prime suspect in the case. Solution xthe theft and re. covey o fine painting came suddenly after Galloway had denied any knowledge of it. Galloway said he had had no idea of the tiny painting's value. "I thought I 1 mke me a fow bucks to tide me over for a couple of days," he said. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO W)— Hot, dry weath cr brought a rush of buying or ders into grains on the Board of Trade today and sent soybeans, corn and otats soaringin a -wild market, sparked by .Ihe ' mid\vest heat. ' All soybean contracts jumped 10 cents, the daily limit, within a short tim after the opening.' They were bid at thatpoint' through !.o the close. Brokers said there must have been bids for -about four million bushels, with no offers, at the close. • • '•,-, >.., With soybeans at the''top,»*'ndn trading brought to aWtffnd|uI)',- buying swung to cqj^f. Tno 5 «e|v crop months jumped l ^J''' daily limit for this 'grairiijt'He too, all the buying not be satisfied. Wheat and rye made sharp r gai! can get started on that remodeling or modernization idea of yours right now. Sketcn out what you have in mind ^ and talk it over with us'...'' no obligation, of course. USE F.H.A. REPAIR LOANS • No Down Payment ": • First Payment 30 Days After Completion < • All Labor & Materials In^ eluded. * • Call 7-2381 Hope u i I d e r' s $> u p p I y Cp> 7-23%i" :."'; HANDS, HANDS, HANDS-They're only ceramic, but they lorm a clutching frame about the portrait of Mrs. Fred Richardson, of Hutchinson, Kan'. Making detailed replicas of her friends and relatives' hands is only :one phase of her ceramic hobby. The hands are flesh-toned and perfect to the tiniest scar. MARKETS vyill discuss the Soil Conservation pro- ram, the.90% parity for basic agricultural products, fandi' far Agricultural Research and Extension, drouth relief and other tirnely subjects,. RE-IUCT «TAT|S Top Radio Programs JvfEW YORK W — Selected pro- f rams tongiht: Radio; NBC 6 est o fall Music; 7 Voorhees Concert; 7:30 Bsnd of America, CBS — 6 My Friend Jrma; 6:30 Talent Scout, also V; 7:30 Gang Busters. ABC -T 6 Henry Taylor Music by Camarata. MBC 7:30 Under Arrest. "Green Roadster;" 8:30 Distinguished Artists. ?T. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (ffi — Hogs 9,500; moderately active; weights under 230 Ib 15-25 lower than Friday's average; extreme top 50 off; weights over 230 Ib and sowslittle changed; choice 190-S30 Ib 23.25-50; latter paid freely mostly for weights over 280 Ib; 240-270 Ib 22.00-23.25; 235 Ib butchers 20.00; load 395 Ibl7.50: 170-180 .Ib 22.50-23.35; 150-170 Ib 20.50-32.50; few at 22,75; 120-140 Ib 17.50-19.75; sows 4001b down 16.50-18.75; choice light weights to 19.00; heavier sows 13.25-15.75; boars 9-50-16.00. Cattle 9,500; calves 2,200; open- jrtg 'slow; some high good and choice steers and butcher yearlings steady at 21.00-23.25; restricted iwjuiry ftr Iteergrades; cows also slow; some abot ste'ade lily opening deals and commercial cows 3.50-11.50; canners and ctters 6.50-8.50; vealers steady; lower vealers highchoice and prime commercial and low $14.15 20.65 27.70 plus tax I Chicago . Detroit . . New York INFORMATION Missouri Pacific Passenger Station <\^£SSuS&fa, ' Phone PRospect 7-2651 MPB-541 sorting a little deeper on grades; good 'and choice 14.00-19.00; 20.00-21.00; good 10.00-13.00; culls 7,00-8.. Sheep 3,500; .market not established; few small lots about steady to shippers and butchers; several lots of choice 20.0Q-21.00; part load very heavy springers 20.00 cull to good slaughter ewes 4.00. few 3.00- NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK W)—The stock mar loket wasmixed today with the air crafts sharply higher and the oils lower, • ' The split in direction earned through first mortgage bonds and. temporary bonk loans. The company said H has buiH a three million dolltiv compressor station near Taylpr, Ark., in Co5 umbi? Co«nty and plan a 47 transmission iU)e to S^wthw^st a 34 mil* pipella? frpm liejd o| 'The Best Qualified Candidate Should Be Elected/' , . Elect as your Prosecuting Attorney a hard working, conscientious lawyer with 14 years experience making a living in the actual practice of law in all the, counties of the circuit, and all State and Federal Courts. Your vote and influence will be sincerely appreciated. ROYCE WEISENBERGER Candidate fer Prosecuting Attorney Mrs. Royce Weisenberger at 12:?0 NPQH WilSINIlRai* 18 THI IfSt RCA-World Championship RODEO 5 BIG NIGHTS Tuesday Thru Saturday July 20-24-8:00 O'clock Produced By TOMMY STEINER J • Don't Miss The Greatest Rodeo Ever Staged in ; Arkansas!!! ' ^Lpil|k%fc|^ Is5l,'<.i -^Ta '-£^.11 .W Monday, July 19/1954 HOP! StAfc. M0f»l* ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phon« 7-M31 Between I A. M. *ti4 4 P. M. Calendar Monday July 19 At 7:30 p. m. Monday, the Will-, —;-- — - ing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity |white linen suit with blue access- — .'-. . . - ...I . _ _ »- r\r'intr ft l-l rl <t«lt*t«1«H O f*r\lr\ttl£»l VlOII- with white streamers. • The couple's only attendants were Miss Billie Jean Kidd and Olen Yocum. Miss Kidd wore a Baptist church will meet. Mrs. L. C. Kennedy will be in charge. • "Monday July 19 "•"Hie Order of Rainbow for Girls ories and carried a colonial bouquet of asters. will meet tonight at 7:30 at the , on Friday were Masonic Hall. All members arc re- hobcrl <-. quested to be present. Out-of-town people who attended the funeral of Thompson Evans. Jr. Tuesday July 20 Hope Gospnl Tabernacle Choir will have rehearsal at 7:30 on Tues| ..day night. The Intermediate G. A.'s of the Fil'it Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. L. C. Cook on Tuesday morning at D o'clock. ^Tuesday July 20 —Poplar : Grove 1!)G, WOW Circle, Mr. and Mrs. of Little liock; Miss Jillla Monroe o£ Washington, Ark,; Mrs. Elizabeth Ilorton of Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hinzman of Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Brocning of Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Maniiic Stevens of Tcxarkana; Mac Anderson of Little .Hock; Miss Josic Anderson of [Little Rock; M. M. Anderson, Jr. of Little Rock; Jim Strait of Little Rock; ' A. W. Willis, Tcxarkana; Mrs. Jolly Wilson, Little Rock; Mrs. Weldon Crawford, Little Rock; Roy Atwood. Little Rock; '* "J. Tf-l/lW I '. *-» i " »*-•*. ""i ..•«-.. , " Will-hold a picnic for members and Mrs. James R. Henry, Conway; at Fair Park Tuesday, Ju- Miss Virginia Henry, Conway; James Gunter, Jr., Wilton, Harold Gunler of Wilton; Swann Sinclair of Little Rock; George Hawbccker Coble to Link Alaska and 48 States NEW YORK —The American Telephone &-. Telegraph Co. announced today it plained to construct an underwater telephone cable system linking all 48 states with Alaska. ' The proposed system will ptretcli £00 nautical miles between Port Angeles, Wash., and Ketchikan. Alaska. American Telephone said the project should be completed by 1956. It will provide, for both public and defense purposes," a speedier means of telephone com munications between Alaska and the United States proper," the company's statement said. Telephone service between Alaska and the U. S. mainland is now provided over 13 radn oiadtandmn line circuits which the company said were inadequate to handle equipment and estimated future business. and other relatives. ly,«20, at 7 p. m. All members ure irrvitcd. J Wednesday July 21 .file G. M. A.'s of the Unity Bap- .Jist Church have planned at meeting at 6::30 Wednesday night. Thursday July 22 of Little Shrcveporl; Rock; Rev. Rock; Ed Morneau, Jack Miller, Little Fred Harrison, Little Mrs. Webb Lasetcr, Sr. is now at home following a months visit with her son, W. M. Short, and Mrs, Short in Alburquerque, New Mexi CO. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Decroo and fa of Greenwood, have been thi Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Witzansky ; - -••;-;-- _. ,_ , , of Texarkana; Miss Mary Rochelle juo.^ of £; ^o» «J« and Miss Ella Rochelle of Little .Inursuay uuiy *.£• - . Ai'2 n. m. Thursday the Ladies'Rock; Tom Purvis of Fort Smith; . > • . ~ , . ' .-, • . 1 ! . I 1~\i. nnd TV/Tl'L! TV/I *1 "V R'llfl I'lfl fP TPV- r Penecos'lal Auxiliary are having * Ifteeting. •The Chnncc-1 Choir-of the First I •'•Baptist Church hre to practice at ',1:30'p. m. Thursday. /-?tic Junior Ladies Auxiliary of (thejGarrett Memorial Baptist Church-will meet at 7:30 p. m. Thurs- da-y.'Mrs. Lyic Allen is the presi- in Washington. Dr. and Mrs. Max Baldridgc, Texarkana; Mr. and Mrs^ Jack Cleary of Magnolia; ' ' T '" Texarkana. Mrs. W. D. Hulsey had as he Persona! Mention ancl Erie Lamb of guest last week, her brother A. H Decroo of Superior, Wyoming. Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Hill o Fall River Mills, Calif., will arrly Bennie Edmiaston, Marvin Sinyard Are Married has arrived in Korea, and has been assigned to Headquarters DET. HEPL. Depot, 8069th A. V. Pvt. Hulsey attended school in Washington and Hope, and entered the service in January of 10.54. Boyle Continued froffl Page One can be rotated or spun, Btil it that were the only test ofa schizophrenic every-kind in town would Lave a spljt personality. Times-Mnrches-on Dept: "Nothing ever changes," oeople say , in a world that is changing as swiftly as they are. But look back just 20 years at a few things "the world lacked that are now commonplace: Jet planes nylon, television, pert! cillin. Our iJea.Of a roil old4irnnr is a guy who dan remember when aspirin was a, \vortder drug. Almanac Editorial: We have been informed by what Ws take to be a reliable source that the Saha ra desert is creeping northward a the rate of 20 miles a year. Or maybe It Is 20 miles everj century 1 clipping. we ; have mislaid tli< ,„ „ „ , .Tuesday via plane for a visit wit Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hulsey o ! Mrs Hm , s parents ,, ; .Mr. and Mrs _ ., Washington, have received word ; cl , c Monts ch-will meet at 7:30 p. m. Thurs- u u it their son, Pvt. George Hulsey, | __ _ji Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Hulchings and dent. - assigned to Headquarters jJ^i. li()lil s()n ^ Tommy, of Marshall spent the weekend with Mr Collier. RATON BEAUTY-Pretty Betty Atkinson tries out the ice prior to her flrat performance'in a. London. England, show. Betty, known as "America's number one drum majorette was taught to skate by her husband. Thev'revfrom Long .'.such. -Calif In any event We demand to knov what Congress intends to do abou this creeping African menace. An our statesmen-asleep at the switch We pause for, roply. It's-A-Woman's-World Dcpt: Th effort to rclliJve ladies from th< strain of 20th century civllb.atio: never noascs. The latest feat o Gallantry that lias come to ou attention involves • a dcpartmcn store Thnthimer Brothers, Inc of Richmond, Va. It is now offe ing free .-showers to weary out-o town lady shoppers. The pipe industry also is coining milady with dozens of no feminine styled pipes. The one that fascinates us- most is a Ion? curved clay pipe, to be worn with lounging pajamas of a matching color that is said to be Ideal for puflinc' purposes while watching television. Somehow we had never thought that watching television required any particular style of pipe, an.l No. 1 Rim Cowboy? Ntver Heard of Him By KEAVV , HOLLYWOOD «?t Db you know 'ho the bpjl cowboy in all Molly- ,/ood is? Ken Johnson, that's Who. Why he had apretty good part n "Shane. ' said Joe, but they cut it down to nothing almost. I asked- Sen 'ook belter than Alan Ladd? Frank One. F^ank T\vo and Joe made uncomplimentary sounds at he mention of Ladd. they unmistakably meant; he's no cow» boy. Who's the next best? Joe said he'd put Joel MeCrea ripht up Inert, and Frank Two said he'd sure put it with that. So do 1, said Frank One, but that Ben Johnson, -why, he. took top dav moncv nt the.- • Tucson • fortno and he was the world's champion the name. Joe &%„, „, names? filStdd t Orte Said . mention Van and Gieft Fd._. Frank two Sflid hft was a sad mistake in up sUCh hashes wheti ing 'about dowtjtiys. even metjfibfi thbsfi jfoe ( pointedly', S6 1 said f them. ' . i ' steer roper. No. I said I never hnd heard of Deaths Over the Nation By the Associated NEW VO.RK " . 67. who helped found chain of appftrei ' Philadelphia. Died "Announcement has been made of the, marriage of Miss Bonnie Ed- reliston and Marvin Sinyard atl 7-p.-m. Friday in the First Memo- j^.r^ dist. Church of Hope. The bride is |£ v "chrisa'Tex.. Is Jnme s W. the daughter of Mrs. Ben Edmias- ' . M d Mrg _ w Among the 700 NROTC Midshipmen from 25 colleges and univer- on a three-week training Mrs. GcorgePeck and daughtei Julia, had as housuguusts this week und, Mrs. Phillip Guyol and dauRh tor. Dcbby, of Suffcrn, N. Y.. and Mrs. Jett Black and daughter, ton. Mr. Sinyard's parents are Mr. anO-'Mrs. Henry Sinyard. Th'e'double rinfi 'ceremony was performed by,,the _Reverend Virgil Complon, son of Mr. and Mrs W. Compton of 511 Novth Main. Hope. James is a student al the University of Oklahoma at Norman. I, D.. Ke,ej'e'y"in ' the presence !' /dramc'diate •families; Miss Kathleen Walker has returned to Commerce, Tex., after a visit with her , parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Walker. She was accompanied to Commerce, by Miss Nina - panied to commerce, ay mia» ix^.a Army Cpl. Robert McKamie of , Jcan Walker w j lo w j]i be the guest ope, son of Mr. and Mrs. J, U. . . h j te for , a wee k. Kathleen K. - »- - , -« •- «•»-. Hope, State Teachers College Company L, he entered the .Army in January 1952, and has be«n in Korea for 14 months. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. John Gaines, McCaskill. „,.,„,,.. Raleigh A. Black of ITope, Discharged: Mrs. Penton McKa- /and others members of the 099th mie anc j daughter Martha Joy Buc- v A/rnored Field Artillery Battalion ^^ 5tvifo are stationed in Korea, are iuimshing technical supervision and "High up.in the skyscraper, "beauty and power clash in primitive conflict .Here is the bold story ,of the lives and loves of -ich men and their women '7 . . a sensational screen drama thai grips you from /start to finish." materials for the construction of a grain warehouse as part of thi? Armed Forces Assistance to Korea program. Cpl. Black, son of Mrs. Emma Black, -Route four, Hope, is a switchboard operator in Battery C of the QOfllh. Mrs. Lonney Wright, Branch Admitcd: Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Billy Scaton and baby boy, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mr. W. D. Downs, lope. Discharged: Joe Killebrew, Hope. Misn Billie Jo Hulsey, formerly of Washington, was elected vice- president of the Little Rock Junior B & PW club. She attended the convention held recently in Hot Springs. Miss Hulsey is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hulsey. Coming and Going Mrs. Emile George and children of Lake' Charles, La., have returned to their home after spending a week with their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Lula Allwhite in Emmet. ' intend ourselves puffing a cigar They have chinrester. But the pipe, tycoons arcr-.'t altogether VovgeUihfi. th» male trade come out with a new model for men with false or weak'teeth. It has a specially curved stem that puts weight on the chin. Of course, if you. have a receding chin, ,-vs weir as weak teeth, there is another smoking padget on the market. .11 is called a • cigarette. him Well said Joe. vm.1 asked who the best cowboy in Hollywood is and we told you. You didn't-'ask who is the b'cst cowboy in Hollywood vnu f>v<*r heard of, did you? I -ought Ip -explain- thnt the two Franks and Joe are .wranglers'; best in the business. They rent horses to the movies. They started out as cowboys, but they like a- touch of the city. They-cow joyeed in Arizona and Utah and Texas until they' fjot tired of driv- im* 40 milfs every time they wanted a beei. In Hollywood, you just turn around nnd thete'^ n beer Now talking about felluws yoti heard of, continued ,Toc that Jel MfPica. I ihink he's cooler Wuh a horse than most In other words he's nice to a hot"? 0 Wh\, he's to go light on got his own ranch un in Venlurn County and he does his own covv- 50, publisher of a ch4to>. papers in loWa and NfeofSS Died Saturday. CAR WASHING i Greatest A!i"Stor,Top-Stor Picture in Years! Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brandon of De- Queen, and Mr. Clyde Zaehry of Drumright, Okla., were Sunday i guests of Mrs. Bernice Clingen Clubs Melrose A demonstration on the Seven Car clinal Principles o fGood Laundering was given by Mrs. Wes Ninemire when the Melrose Home Demonstration Club met for its July meeting at the home of Mrs. Nine mire with Mrs. D. B. Dragoo as co-hostess. Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home de monstration agent, showed mater ials to make straw purses and told how the material could be obtain ed. 'i.-SUGARF'OOT CARTOON 2, NEWS OF TODAY 'TUESDAY ONUYI MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. OPEN 6:45 FINAL NITE • The untold story of the secret outlaw empire that ruled the Rockies! • JOEL McCREA » BARBARA HALE « ALEX NICOL "TKe Une'Hand"' TECHNICOLOR! . Devotional was given by Mrs Dragoo. The surprise package was won DJ Mrs J. M. Hockett; game by Mrs Fred Stewart. Refreshments wore served, addition to those mentioned, to Mmes. Otha Roberts, C. A. Browr Glenon Huckabee, Perry Henlej C. J. Barnes, and J. F. Mangum members, and two guests, Misses Gladys Roberts and Genia Norvell. The August meeting will be a picnic in Fair park. H CART TH ROB-Billy Rowe, 3, couldn't resist kissing this cute calf when he saw the heart-shaped mark OH its head. Billy.dis- covered the lovable animal during a tour of Miami, Fla., dames, now celebrating dairy month. DOROTHY DIX Teen-Age Girl's Worry Dear Miss Dix: I am 1C years old!you're doing them a favor, inrl have almost complete freedom —— m choosing my friends. My pro- Dear Miss Mix: My husband ha, L em "that mother insists on leav- been in Japan for the past year and the porch lUht on when I come is' due home this fall. Shortly before me poiui Jit, _ ^ le£t we had bccome f r i cn dly will a' young couple in our apartmen House. The wife wrote to my hus norne from a date, it's very embar- raising if my escort wants to walk me home or kiss me good-night. Al-,.. wi ihmit m qn I am expected to be home from ! bapd a few months ago, witnout m most ^f-^-s by 10-30 . JENNIE! knowledge. He replied and a cox most aljaus u> .-espoiiclence-began which has be quite sentimental on her part. Marie Didnne Continued from Page One ie.. .The latter in the headlines herself when she became lost in Montreal Friday en route to join Marie. .' •.- : •. '. ' ,--'•: Commenting on -..that incident, Girouard., said:,.,. 1'Appareutly all kinds of rumors started to spread when Em ilie approached a policeman in Montrea.J. The gu-1 simply identified herself and asked for directions. She was visiting friends in Ste. Agathe Que. and was on her .way to St. Charles, Que.. t"> meet Marie." The brother-in-law said Mario had come to his home fiom the conenvt and that Emile had joined her here Saturday. GiroUarcl said Marie —smallest of the quints -at birth— seemed onfuscd and homesick. He add- d he did 'not know whether she planned to go back t olhc cloister were she look two-year vows ol jo.ve'rty, chastity an obedience May 24. The Montreal Gazette quoted the iuints' father Oliva as saying Marie had written him last week complaining of homesickness, "I suspected from her unhappj letter that she was trying to de cide whether to remain m the clois .ers or corne back,". the Ga/.ett quoted him. "I know she has bcei terribly lonely, but she car. alway go back. It has been tough ou he being separated from her four si* ters with whom she had lived sine they were babies." The*Donne home in Callandi could not be reached by telephoi boying lt"n and his sons, thev hilntr in their own calt'o, brand 'em and dehorn "em anc everything. Now Bob Elliott, I'd rate him about No n said Frank One You ..„..., Joe' Who's Bob Kliiotf I asl-ed Weil, he was pretty big at Republic but they lol him po an-1 maybe it hurt his ego a little. But he's a cowboy, make no miolako. Oh, maybe ho sometimes pets .1 hltle marl a I a hoi so, but he's good He's making ?i\ pictines a yeai for Allied Aitisis. Who's ni-xt' Well, now taid JOB, I'd put th..t Robert Taylor next Yes, sir, he's a good cowboy. You mean, I asked m astonishment, that «6r on your GEORGE;RASC|] GULFSERM! w. handsome oetor? You damn right* said Joe. tic's got gobd horses and knov s how to rHo 'em, 1 Of ourse, he's got that Val Valdez leaking 'em and training 'em for im „,fcuiu» How abojt Aoy Rogeys?t§mg, ,of ie Cowboys? ' Frank Two, with o grunt: Well, C owns n horse. And Gene Autry? Joe? Hell, he can't c»en ride o Accept Parents Restrictions Answer: Why not match co-operation? Your parents are quite liberal in most respects; the least you can do is accept their restrict last night. When she took Phone 7- ^^ 11 i *4" 1 '* T * * V. t * J*T , 'i'JustLil day, her father ( said Marie ap-, cared genuinely ' h^ppy in the,' onvent, ' •• > The order requires candidates or nunhood to (.ervc two years as ovies. Iiife at the convent was fie- cribccl as "not, difficult or hard," ..ut it war, along austere lines, with other whitearbed nuns, Marie bpeni her days in prayer and Silent work on priests' vestments, altar clothes and similar duties. her vows last HOPE Extra 1 SWEET CORN Plenty of RUSSELL'S CUR ^. ^ • • i M^*t^* iMMl • has sent all her letters home. me, so 1 know exactly what •" writes. Am 1 being unreasoii- k> jn resenting this correspon- HHODA ions with good grace. But by bit the j - Ailswt , r . Altliough the oorrespon limitations will l)t' ramoved as you- jjrove • Animal Pacemaker • Cat Cartoon TH| NEANDERTHAL r MAN • . - w e d. > Doyle Mrs. Odean Weslfall, home ma- nai'finent leader, was in charge ot the meeting when Doyle Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. George Boozer, July ", |W ith six members and two guests i present. . ,, The meeting was opened by the group singing "He leadeth me. Mrs. Boozer vead the devotional and prayer was given by Mrs. Lawton Cobb. A special musical number was given by Miss Dawn Cobta. Roll call was answered by each one giving a good management practice Reports were given by Mrs Mark Jackson, health leader; Mis J. L. Westfall, poultry leader; and The mightiest drama of the century in all its glittering spectacle! t CUFTON WEBP BARBARA STANWYCK t THItMA RITTSR "TITANIC" the sewing of nylon, orlon, and da cron materials. . Mrs. Odean W^tfall gave an m iteresting discussion on the seven cardinal principles of good lawn Each mjember participated i, the surprise package bag. Two games were conducted £ the recreational Deader. Refresh merits were served by the hostess ••* s f\llf> \\ I" i • *»1LMV»*(S l * ' * * _---,--., lions will bt- removed as you| ^^ ll|U , oublcd , y has nu signifi- by your choice ol Inends, ^^ . ( M bothe ,. s you to any great our conduct-, as well as a will- ' (ml it woulc i i),. ( .'onsidi.'rale of id y ac-c-t-pUuice of present condi >ns, that they aren't .needed. . it would hoconsidurale- .vli'ur husband to i-"<i it. Since you ':,'l.''.i:iriv linvi- liinlrd ciuile broadly •d quite broadly to the- lady that you that poor Mac would go on indefi- nituly taking any thoijghllessnes!. you dik'idud to iiaad out. Well, tlie boy had some spirit and icfusud to accept thu . door-mat tieatiiR'nt, What finally won your respect was his independence. You have undoubtedly lust Mac Cor good — as you-r- i-esetrved — but if you have learned a lesson from the experience, Don't use the same tactics on an* your heartache hasn't been wasted other beau. Dear Miss Dix: I li.'ive read your don't like the econiriii-'iidalion th.'it mature wo- lfs unlikely l.!i:;i she'll stop 'writiiiK. 1 The deci- could find jobs as baby sit-js/ph, then, is clearly up to your hus ers. Just how can a woman, W, jbaud. o about yetting this kind of work': MYKA C. Answer: You live in a largo city. ) my sujjgestions will be ccordiriijly. An ad in the 1'MP 1 ' 1 '! j.V, u irtn'l "kivp froni flirting with ev Kit circulates through your parti- j.^ olhe) , - - ••• '-•--' ujar section of town would be Uie ' Dear Miss TMx: I wont steady will) Mac for three 'inonths and, ' tjioush I.liUod him a lot, I just jest all-around approach. Two or hrce lines would carry the basic nformation, ami thu be expensive, jrinted with ad wouldn't Second: have cards your rates, approxi- boy then saw< WL . bruke up , did I realize how riate' time available, and a few vords about yourself; then ask tlie superintendent of large- apartment buildings in your . neighborhood if you could post one on a central bulletin board or at the switchboard For a small charge your local grocer or drug store will display the same card or a larger version. Approach some members of your local P. T. A. or church organisa- tion. tell them you're in business give them youi telephone number, and await results. Baby sitters are sp much in demand that it's neces sary only to spread the news in tl^ much I liked Mac. Unfortunately he is now going with- another girl, although i did apologize lor the way I had acted KITTY S. ..Answer: You piobably figured Beware of Strangers DEMANP NON CANCEUUABI-E HOSPITAL. INSURANCE Home Security Ufa Ins. Co. •Little Rock. ArK-, Issue this type policy — Premium never increases. , ... ... Buy From l-ocal Aaenti He vylll be here dMi-ing thS months to Doctor and Hospital know this company, Call. OP Write . . . CECIL, WEAVIR Phone 7'3141 P, 0. POX 1W gp^jppggmjB^MBppKHq^w^^^mpR^mHPfW^mi^^^prir^vwv "*> <r '" >1 ' "* ^^ BE SURE — BE SAFE Elect TOM MIPOtEiROQKS Your N9*t Sharif ft 16 Years experience gs on officer- HONEST CAPABU IFF1CIINT Thanks/ TOM MIDDUE||00KS AND COUKTOR'f Lf< '"«.

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