Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 17, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 17, 1954
Page 8
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f;">'?5tj*~?iNf*^ \ ^ », . Hut't STAR, M3M, ARKANSAS Sejfurddy, July 17, S&:v t - :'jt1uir%h a& £&ff '^f »v il Carey-Audrey Totter lhe Junlc-t G. A.'s of the Firsl t church Will meet at the bf Ann Sutlon-for a missionary ijpfdgram at 4 p. m.Monday. Til*, Seni&r Ladies Auxiliary at the Utoity Baptist church will meet at the s church at 2 p. m. Monday. ( >' Trie Barrett Memorial Senior Ijadles tAtOttUary will meet at 2 m. Monday, July 19. Here's Effect of Wheat Referendum As July 23 approaches, Ihe date 'or the wheat referendum, more and mote growers are asking questions about the marketing quotas »nd the referuhdum, according to Chairman H. B. Gilbert of the County Agricultural Stabilization ahd Conservation Committee. Pointing out thai County ASC of- Ice people ahd all county and com- •nunlty committeemen have the insWers to program operation Questions, Chairman Gilbert gave a quick review of answers he is most frequently called upon to \ All cirales of the W. M. S. of the First Baptist church will have meetings \1n the homes at 3 p. m. Monday, \ At 7:30 p. m. Monday, the Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist church will meet, Mrs. L. 3. Kqnhcdy\ will be in charge. Tuesday July 20 Hope Gospel Tabernacle Choir Will have rehearsal at 7:30 on Tuesday night. \ r __., k . , The Intermediate G. A.'s of the First Baptist Church will meet in the home of Ttars. L. C, Cook on Tuesday mornibg al 9 o'clock. Tuesday July '20 Poplar Grove t19S, WOW Circle, will hold a picnic, for members and families at B Fair F'ark Tuesday, July 20, at 7 p. m. All members are invited. ' > Wednesday July, 21 The G. M, A.'s of the Unity Baptist Churcjvhave planned at meet- Ing at 6::30 Wednesday night. ^ * Thursday July 22 '' At 2 p.-m. Thursday the Ladies IPehecostal Auxiliary are having 'a meeting. The Chancel Choir of the First Baptist Church are to practice at ,7:30 p. m. Thursday. The Junior Ladies Auxiliary of the* Garrett Memorial Baptisl Church will meet at 7:30 p, m. Thursday., Mrs. Lyle-'Allen is the president. } j V MiM Hefner's >j'B»tW>th'al Told t *»L* _i \ : Ktr- .' The results of the referendum vill determine whether or not mar- tellng quotas, with penalties for overplanting acreage allotments, will be'in effect for the 1955 crop. They will also determine the level of price support which .will be avail- ible. These and'other basic ques- ions are being sludlcd carefully >y wheat growers. Some have ask ed, "Who is eligible to vote?" Th« insvver is, any farmer who would >e subjecllo Ihe quolas Farms will )e. subject to the quotas if. thd ivheat farms 'or grain in hat 15 acres will be harvested 1955 is more 'If quotas are n effect, what will be the penalty 'or failure to comply with acreage allotments?" The penalty on excess wheat will be at Ihe rale of 45 percenl of the May 1, 1955, parity price. Anolher frequenlly asked question is, "How does Ihe referendum affecl 1955 price supports?" The answer is: If two-lhirds or more of ;he farmers who vole favor quotas, the full level of price support which is authorized for the 1955 crop — apparenlly somewhere from 90 to 75 percent of parity — will ho available for Ihose who comply with Iheir wheal and other acreage allotmenls. If less lhan 'two-thirds tavor quotas, price supporl will be at 50 percenl of parity for thosp who comply wilh Iheir acreage al- ^otments. No price support is available for those who fail to complv with acreage allotmenls, with or wilhout the marketing quotas. ;. Bryon Denson Hef- nefjjttnounce the engagement and ap'jSroaeftmg marriage of their daUghWt|||iArthadale Claibore, to |jo'uis < Deantoood, son of. Dr. and Mrs, Louis l^prter Good of Texar- 'kana. \ ,. "''i "Miss Hefner is-'a 1950 graduate of Hope HJgh School, apd attended Southern J^Iethpdist University at 'MAIN 'A- COUNTRY CL'UB RDS. Swings for the Kids! A Gpod Doubje Feature • TONIGHT ONLY • HIGH POWERED! ... a box of shells ... his Telescope-Rifle — and he could .stop any lawless onslaught! - W0VPS Morris 'THE MARKSMAN" ALSO 3 \. H ! »lt,'s Every Man FonHim- •self! 1500 G. l;'s and only 3 -gals to go around! DON TAYLOR LEO GENN • TECHNICOLOR • PLEASURE ISUNP" "Little Audrey" Cartoon 3UN.-MON. They sent Zcjck Hallet to do the job that no man hqd lived to finish. NoW he must teach his son t° fear him — and the woman he loves to hate his name! ,, . JOEL MCREA BARBARA HALE ALEX NI COL f^"fr» I JT| •T*"s* "IHE LONE HAND" ?enty the Cplorodo in colw by TECHNICOLOR! in CRUISIN' UP TH£ RIVER—ted R. Boles pedals along his wate* highway on the Htiron Rivet near East Rockwood, Mich. A teddeht of Toledo, Ohio, Bole's saUSned both his oycllrig and.boating desires with his water lt bicycle, made of a bicycle frame, pontoons and a paddle wheel. _ CefrTl 8 M IB4 byHroltqt HMM,IM. Oliiiibuld by NUStrtu By PHILLIPS ROGERS XXIII The next night, when I saw Betty Jane Blanc, she said, cold as a pickle. "It seems v ery f unny o me that for two Friday's in a row you have not a round Is it possible that you a re dating some other girl on Friday nights, because f it is you can date her the.other* lights too." I told her that I would n ever c interested in dating another. eirl, as sh* was my first ahd only love. I felt real good about deny* empty chair practically undur he r ing apron and 1 slipped in here. The. girls were about the ame h eisht and weight, but one iad a nasty sneer that I didn't ike. She had blonde hair that was cut short ahd f r izzed. Her name w"a ; s Ruby Jewell. The one I liked was c ailed Tucky Tucker. She had dpg, curly black h air and b lack >yes. 1 began to root for her right iWay. Half t he time, all t hey'd id V'as pull each other's hair, which .he men in the crowd e njoyed. I Enjoyed it myself. ove. i re real gooa aoout asraa*; Thcn t his Ruby c aught Tucky by ing something to Betty .Tare whesr$ „. „„, _..,,„, h „„ , ntn _ head "Producers must comply with ac- reaege allotmenls in order lo. bf> eligible for price supporls — wilh or without.quotas. -If quotas are not in operation, there is of course no Marketing penalty involved in exceeding acreage allolmenls—Ihe.on- ly penally is the loss of prjce-sup- porl eligibilily". "The vole on Ihe 23rd will decide about .'.'marketing quotas for next year/This is a vitally imporlant decision for 'wheat rowers. It will effect their opera on Ihe degree of production of con- -ols, and the level of price support hich is available. Bui Ihe .vole on uotas wi.ll have no direct effect on creage allotments." To qualify for rice supports for wheat or-for any ther crop in 1955 a, farmer must lay within a,ll acreage allotmenls stablished for his farm, explains B. Gilbel-t, Chairman, of the bounty Agriculltival Slabilizalion nd Conservalion : Committee. Fur- jermore, he points out if more lan 10 acres are to be diverted bm allotment crops, the .farmer must comply ,with>a total acreage Uotmenl in addilibn lo any crop llolments assigned to his farm in )55, In other words he musl nol xceed any acreage .-allotments as igned to his-farm in .1955 if he ex- ecls any of his crop to be eligible or price support, 'he total acreage allotment will rop allotments and the 1953 creage (or adjusted acreage) of ther crops. Hay, cover crops, ;reen manure crops, pasture and die crop land and summer fallow re not included in the total acrp ige allotment, This provision ,of the program las not been in effect in 1954, Mr. Gilbert explains, and .therefore hould receive careiiir consjdern- lon by farmers before planting rops to be harvested .in 1955. Noi s it affected by the outcome of the vheat referendum to be held July [ was telling the tuth. The next Friday also did not see Belly Jlne, although' I had every night b elween. which w ould n't k ee p h er f rom being unreason able; I was nol on Ihe card, bul I drove Milo down for the Mud Battle of the Century. Benny greeted mo of the Century. Benny greeted me like he hadn't seen mo in a week, which he h adn'l. He s aid, "Honey boy am I glad lo se you a lug on Ihe prelim just wired from Washinglon t hat he ctn't show and I need you to substitute. Get d : own and c hange. You c ome on before Ihe lady >vrestlers o n the s em finals." ' . •->I objeced that I hadn't b rough/ my robe or my tights orariything but he said, "We g ot some around and also a mask as you are billfei: s the Masked Marvel. You ill give awoy 15 p ounds of weight o you n oedn't w orry." Not only was Mahoney very fa? nd hard to hold on to but the ay my mook kept twisting Ij ouldn'l see mosl of I he time. He aughl me in Ihree' or four h ead jcks, which also didn'l help any /hen he sot me on the mat h o ised n further n elson. w hich is a :old I couldn't feel him put on mtil it was on, I g a va Mahoriy a< ody slam .which only brought Bronx c heers from the customers. This didn't help Mahonoy's I empor, ilher and .he-,brought me to Ihe mal with a g rapevino and p ul o n oe hold, and finally I had to con ede. Anyway, I had held my own or 19 minules and 10 seconds, while practically blindfolded, which felt was pretly good, bul tho crowd kepi booing and jeering u n(,|]i gol oul o f sight Mahoney, urned out lo be a clecenl enough^ ellow, lold me that he had been, he Masked Marvel A couple o£ imes and always had trouble with .he mast twisting. He proved to b e a c. pUege graduate a nd quite a ihilosopher. He said he was goin; .o make a study of w hy a wrestler n a mask always gets booed along vith f ellows w ho wear n-.ustacho^, or whiskers Dallas, where she was a member of ihi Omega sorority. Mr. Good, a graduate of Culvei Military Academy, attended" Duke Jniversity at Durham, N. C,, anc s now a senior medical student a Texas University, Austin, Texas The wedding will be solemnized ieptember 5, in the First Methodis Church in Hope. ..^«tta».' Coming and Going Ten b'oys and girls from the In termediate Methodist Youth Fel lowship will leave Monday fo mp Tanako to attend the MYF .raining school. Little Miss Ona Jo Nash ha returned home from an extendec visit with relatives in Nacogdoches Texas, Miss Margaret Ann Archer i now at home following a two week visit with Miss Betty Crabtree i Helena. Mrs. B. N. Fritz of St. Louis Mo-, attended .the funeral of he uncle, Mr. D. F. Wiggins in Hop on Thursday, She is now visitin with relatives j« JSmmet. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fink an children of New Orleans, La., ur speeding part of their vacation ii Airman and Mrs. Ray Allen, Ji of AUas, Qkla,, have been recei visitors in Hope and Prebcot While in Hope, they were the guest of Mr. Allen's parents, Mr. an gr. DeCastries Is Held in Secret Prison By LOUIS GUILBERT HANOI, Indochina (UP) A returned prisoner Of war reported today the Communists took Brig. Gen. Christian de Castries, commander of fallen Dion Biei 1 Phu, to a secret prison on the Chinese frontier to. prevent the French from resoling him. The prisoner's import was the first news of the gallest general's whereabouts since his men last saw him driving off in a Communist jeep May 1 from the smok ing ruins of his lost fortress. Identified by French authorities only a Perre S., i.he prisoner said other French captives told him that De Castries had been whisked off to a special camp in extremem northern Viet Nam right on the Red China border. Pierre S. said the Reds feared the French high command might Mrs J W. Teeter Htastess To W. S. C. 8. Circle 2 Mrs. J. W. Teeter was hostess to Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church at her home on Monday afternoon with 15 members and a guest, Mrs. Georgia Prultt of Cof'feeville, Kansas attending. Mrs. O. G. Hirst acted as chairman to fill the unexpected term of Mrs. L. D. Kinney. Mrs. L. C. Gatlin gave an irispir- ing devotional talk. The program on "Rural Needs of The Church." was given by Mrs. J. T. Worthington. Punch and cookies were served at the close of the meeting. commando team to parachute a rescue him. The prisoner, one p£ 63 JF ranch Union captives hospitalized in rjanoi following an exchange yes- ,erday, told his story as the fighl- ng itself fell to local levels in tn- ticipation of a cease-fire. Pierre's eyes burned deep in iis gaunt, pale face and his scar' red, emaciated body showed the effects of a year and a half of brutal treatment in prisoner of war camps. iair and pulled h ,er ,into a head lock that wasn't put on r ighl, but brought hiT. to the mat. TUcky Was just getting out of it.with either shoulder I ouching, when the referee gave Ruby the tap I do not mind telling y ou that I gave the referee a piece of my mind right from whre I was sitting, a nd-I w asn't.t he only one. ting, and I wasn't the o nly one! Why, that little blonde tramp had wreslled dirty right a long. I t old he'roff, too,-..! -b/gfore •I went down to/ ; t he dressingXoom t b.soe-Milp. •Me was j'veiey deprassed, a s he had learned that "Dawn . O'Day show had moved o n to "Charleston, $V. Va., a n d s he had left without 4aying goodby o r anything. It rio'd to c heer him up white' tho door p'rizes were being given, b ut he .just sat there, not e ven looking n 1 the t hree' fellows who'were goiti natched w ;th Jerry Mahoney, wtilift 0 wrestle'v/itJ} him iri the Mud Bat lie of thel CeiJtury.,';'fwo . ' them jy.ere a br'othSr .team lhal made a snecially of thai kind of wr.estlins, although it is beyond me why anybody s hould want't o. They claimet to:be famous in the Wesl and no ,ised lo working in a neighborhooc |oinl like Benny's. - ft The third fellow was billed as the Ozark .Mountain Hillbilly. He wa a, hillbilly, I guess, but didn.'t even tnpw where the Q zark Mountain-, were and: asked me; if I knew. I \yas hard tc imagine a fellow so ignorant, but I told him I would tell him after the show. Then HO many things happened that I forgot to find out. I dressed a quickly, as . 1 as I w anted I o watch t he lady wrestlers. Mahoney said ho w asn't nterested as he knew no 1 ady wrestlers who were either ladies or wrestlers, which I thought was a pretty sharp remarks. There was Prescott's Guard Unit Wihs Plaque Company "C", 153rd Infrantry, .' the National Guard unit at Prescott was awarded the Honor Company ' Plague as outslariding company of ' ; Ihe first batlalion, 153rd Infantry... Regiment in ceremonies at the • unit's regular drill period WednesS- "' day night. • .. , LI. Col. James J. Vannoy, retit- •• ing battalion commander, preseh* ted the plague to Gapt. John Gatin, '. company commander of the Prescott guard unit, ; while Ihe guardsmen slood al attention. The plaque was awarded follow* ing six months of competition between the companies of the first batlalion 'based on the following activities and degree of excellence attained under each: Attendance al drill, 25%; Irain- ing efficiency, 30%; morale lO%; mainlanance of clothing and equip-.... merit, 15%; recruiling drive, and military courlesy and disclp- '' line, 10%. ' The honor was given for 'Ihe six- months period of December ' 1953" Ihrough'May 1954. Compeling ag- ainsl Prescott were Headquarters-- • Company of Texarkana, Company""' A of Hope, Company B of Malvern, and Company D of Arkadelphia. ' - • The plaque will be awarded twice " each year based on the same po-" inls as Ihose listed above. The next award will be made in" December.- The plaque will be displayed Mrs. Kinney .Honored Mrs. L; D. Kinney, who is learn- ng this week with her family 'or DeQuincy, La», to live, was lonored with a morning party and surprise handkerchief shower given on Tuesday by Mrs. E. M. Sharp Lovely arrangements of colorful summer blossoms were placed a1 vantage points. Other guests included Mrs. H. J. Wilson, Mrs. J. B. Hesterly, Mrs. Irrion Gee, Mrs. C. G. "Gordon, Mrs. Jim Yancey, Mrs. J. V. Fore, Mrs. J. W. Gist, Mrs. L. C. Dill, Mrs. W. D. Golden, Mrs. W. F. Dehman, Mrs. Homer Ward, Mrs, Fred Powell and Mrs. J. C. Marsh. Dainty refreshments were served from the dining table covered with a linen cloth and centered with a.silver bowl filled with mixed flowers. He said the Communists captured him on Nov. 18, 1952 when four Red battalions attacked 'his battalion while it was on its way U: the former french stronghold o) Na . San, River delta. The French fought tor a whole days against the overwhelming odds, -and after a futile, bayonet charge^ the battalion commander ordered his men to lay dowi. their arms. the Prescott armory until some other company displaces Presoott as • the honor company of first'batta-;, '.'. lion 153rd Infantry. Connecticut births records are the most complete of those kept by the 48 states. "That, was the beginning of a terrible road of agony," Pierre S. said. "We were insulted and beaten 'at the least pretext. How ever, after the fall of Dien Bien Phu, lightly. our treatment improved 'I was supposed to have been reed last November, but the po- itical commissar of my camp dc- ided I .still knew nothing .about Vtarxism," 'he' said. "The commis- ar thought I ought to have a few months more training in this sub- ect. Apparently J was not a aright pupil. "Finally the camp authoritip.s ._ Celebrates 'Birthday ?«"'• '•''•' Bob.Rpuse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Rouse, celebrated his fifth birthday with a swimming party on Tuesday morning -at -the -Presbyterian wading pool. . Following the swim cold drinks and picnic lunches in paper bags were served to Marita Jane Me- rhis, Karen Ann Rouse. Jimmy Franks, Jenny Gray, Frankie Anderson, Caroline Haltom, Sarah Margaret Purtle, Phoebe Johnson Valter Nelson, Judy Long, Pcr- soilla and ,Cass 'Bensberg,- John Reynolds, James Bright and John ~M Watkins. v Milo w as getting so depressed I was afraid he might be defeated, so-1 told h im about the two lady wrestlers and suggested that we should try to take them to a night spot afterward not meaning to t'wo-lime Betty Jane Blarie, but strictly otit of friendship foi- Milo, He only shook his head and said that after what Dawn had done he was off women for life and advised me'to do the snme.';-f • Just then Benny Lefkoe himself .came into the dressing room. He took one look at Milo a r(d'.said, "What's the matter with him?" , I said lhat Milo was just depressed because Dawn had left. "I have a letter from her," he said, "which is why I came down." He hands Milo this blue envelope and you never saw such a change in a fellow. "Fed, open. Milo no can, read, account 1 'tears iri eyes." (To Be Continued) and B&PW Club Meets. The Prescott Business Professional Women's Club met on Tuesday evening at the Hotel Law son for the .monthly dinner meet ing with twenty members attend ing. Mrs. Dale' Ward was weleom ed as a new member. Mrs. Vuel Chamberlaii), presi dent, conducted the business. Mrs. LolHe Heiff, Membership chairman, presented the program on "New Goal's'.to Win." PRESCOTT NEWS Rainbow Girls ! Have Invitations ' The Rainbow for Girls met Tues r day evening at 7 o'clock at the Masonic Lodge for formal initiation. Miss Betty Danner, Worthy Ad*r visor, opened the meeting After introducing the visitors a short bust ness meeting was held Misses Virginia Ann Hays, Mar- Musician;, .Uenevieve 'iCing, treasurer; Nina Nell Mila.m, recorder; and Miss Bertha Gray,. Mqthei Advisor. Refreshments were served fol lowing initiation. Dr. and Mrs. .Jack Harrell and Mrs. Marion Franks left Friday for .Gulfport, Miss., and will visi Miss Amelia Harrell at Camp Gul Park, who is participating in fina camp events Sunday and Monday Miss Harrell will accompany them home. came would to Ihe conclusion thai have lo be classified as r 'non-recoverabel' and it was Ihen they decided lo release me." Other Dien march from the flaming to south 'of the delta. The march took 41 days Those who dropped were left lo - * die, one prisoner said, and others said., of ten they had to live.bn less,,. . other "said,' ' and' none was permit-. visit with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Robertson in Topeka, Mrs. L. C..DU1, JinafDill and Miss Ida; Rae Hamilton'-'ijwer'e. Monday visitors in ''Jfexa'rkan'a. -h, .. • —^ t(\ \*-'- '• Mr. and Mrs. .Darrjel) Ma»'s> and Johnny have return^^lo Iheir iiome in Birmingham^ Alar, after a visit with Mr. and Mrsj^JS.-ft. Weaver and Dr. and MrsV.-Jaqk Harrell. Mr. and Mrs. Bill McNeil and Nancy of Atlanta, Ga., have returned lo Iheir home after a visit wilh Mrs. Hazel McDaniel. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hamby had as their Monday guesls, • Mrs. J. J, Bailie and Miss Mattie Royston of Fulton. Cpl. and Mrs. Clarence Gordon III of Camp Hood, Texas, announce the arrival of a daughter Deborah Ann, on Tuesday July 13th. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon of Prescolt are Ihe great-grandparenls and Mr. E. E. Gordon is Ihe greal-greal- grandfalher. ' • Mrs. Bob Robertson and son. Bobbie, have returned from a W. M. U. The W. M. HJjpf the First Bap. list Church me^i on Monday after- gie Clark, Nancy Lewis and Nan- at ^ burch fw a cornbined cyGulley were jmUatedmlo Ihe od busjness meet|n g a ' nd Royal ser . der by Ihe following officers: BettMy^g prQg ,l ani , Danner, Worthy Advisor; Frances CJroJe a i wlm Mrs Vhell Banning Wooley. Worthy Asst. Adv»Mr{ Claudette Smith Charity; Judy preseti^ed the program * _. „ ,. M on "Seedtime in the Philljpines" Gilbert Hope; Sirnone Golden J The Jng son 8 ,, M k Me Faith; Betty fc-rskme, drill lw<»«fUch«i»el of Ble5S j ngs ». followed ?" e . K . ec ^... L ,°, v : e: £i* W™'..5|witb Prayer by Miss Lillie Butgh, ligion; Freddie Moberg, Nature; Wanda Dail, Immortality, Mer ilyn Lee, Fidelity; Mary Yancey Patriotism; Jo Ann Bright, SerV vice; Patsy Wilson, Confidential Observer; Elisabeth Koslosky, Outer Observe^ Margaret Hunter Scoll; Chaplain; Carolyn Andrews, 23. Furthermore, he • explains, the "compliance with all acreage allotments" requirement for 1955 price for forma supports will be in yviilt a wheat acreage. er. Talk,s were made by Mrs. Lewis Mrs. -Rpy I,°orr,is, M fs. Wilburn Willjs, Mrs. H. W. Mrs. L?roy Phjllips, Mr?. Buddy Sarrett and Mrs. Harrell Bines. Tl\e program eloped with the singing of the song "Open My £yes. After 8 brief business session conducted by the president, .Mrs. Poy Stainton, the meeting adjou/n,' ed with prayer by Mrs. Wesley You'll Want To See and Hear GOV. FRANCIS KCM CLOCK SATURDAY NIGHT Leffel Gentry, Campaign HOM «S<f**fb "HO-M* OtARK tKI I BROUGHT UP ALU MY TOOLS AND W0RKBD ON It A HALF-HOUR OKAY I'LL ADMIT IT'S A LltTLE LOOSE P^s'ti.-tJ fct S-.fVn Htnlft(t. C«ti!:;»- ! j*4 U Krhe P-antcl Sift.! .-IK. tltt; BY J.R. W!lli««i OUT OUR WAY VIC FLINT Answer to Previous Puzzle Liberian Lure Uf» AM VILLAGE VWfth TO, THAT'S .A CIWCH/ ACROSS 3 Hereditary 8 Italian coins 9 j ap outcasts nersice 10 Social unit 3 Explosive 2 Exune 12 Expunge 1V ' entor 13 Abounds 27 Cleave 43 Horse's neck 18 Jamaican 28 Facility •.UUUOUUK; i» Jamaican zu-jvacimy - nans 16 Compass point beverage 29.Ages . 44 impel 1? Propelled 20 Armed fleet 35 Lock of hair 46 Versifier i a boat 21 Overtax 36 Disencumber .47 Hireling ! 19 East (Fr.) 22 Arab 37 Frighten 48 Soothsayer '• WASH TUBES WB POkl'T X SOOO 37 Frighten 48 Soothsayer 20 Arrogates garments 40 Chafes 50 Turf .' • IZZMiinicker 23 Father (Fr.) 41 Aromatic herb 52 Manuscripts ' ;25 German river 24 Indian . 42Twirl (ab.) : 26 Large plant 30 Road shoulder HMOLY LOOKED CM B6TTERTO MU&lCl 32 Operatic solo 35 Troops. -(ab.) 3B Roman date 39 It. is on the »••• — continent .42 American OUR BOARDING HOUSE WithMojor Hocple ;,MA'PM'^RVETO . ERS'S THe UUMCH POT HUM Are 20 45 Fortification TWS t-UNCH ,46Footlike part - .rM fi>/coM&eceY<~ 6000/ .49 Analyzes a . i sentence BIChinky ;S3 -Casts of metal 54 Hebrew ascetic By?Edg«^ai^B BOOTi AND HER BUDDIES •\WRtt SVkKVX 140V ALL/ gfeTl/'WY V .55 Requires 56 Compound ether , DOWN 1 Title 2 Goddess of dscord than a cup of rice a day They . : walked only at night, By .Dick* Turner CARNIVAL • ' - - - CAR WASHING <V GREASING,., rt c f SM-*: 1 -- •«*!* V v ' \ v * ^^SO j (j - ' '"^ / M •* '^ l £ $& By rierfh'bcfiger FUNNY BUSINESS For complete service on your car see ; GEORGE RASCHKE GULF SERVICE ALLEY OOP W. Third & Heryey Phone 7-2737 H 1 CASTLE SURPRISE, IT'LL MAKE TAKIN' OF IT JU5T MUCH EA5IER "COhgratwlations, Perkins! "• That triple^dip, almond, pistadiio sundae of yours certainly has been a Business K • —especially In the prescription, department! SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "That brush salesman who called on the x,wiie^y*s| 1 really can SWEETJEPIE .By , .i t r • ;.^-,.. ' L r t MiK.ii I - ' WW ' '^ THE STORY OF MARTHAWAYNE 3ai/.Ut^4liW«HM«*! HOPE WATERMELONS TOMATOES EE.'HK* , b 10c SWEET CORN P F Ef y Plenty of Peas RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET 901 WEST THIRD

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