Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 16, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1954
Page 14
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HOP! STAR, HOPE,ARKANSAS m w "KATES if"t. 4.00 ^ ms'w «8 ;;;;;;;*£>,. SOe pef iSth J.;.tib6va tit* fof eort* -* . Irrtfltatar W "-'•"- £Uk «K.=- utrt'l 6 D. m. for ten ,»fi* following day. iubllthdr* reserve tha right to K';edlt 611 advertisements 6f- .Sfv ttubllcdtl&n and to reject .j)gcfidfTabl* odviftlslnfl tub* r-Jrf on* or, traft letter*, i meh o* hous* or t fount as one wdrd< :•» will n6t b« respon- i -In Wont' Ad»- unlest i«, B - tu «ed to our bttentlflfi ! jRSt Inttrtton. of 6d Odd Jhtn [LY the ONE IrtWrreef Insertion. si'PROSPECT 7-3431 5,000 SALES pure Johnson Grass irt field, 30 cents. Call 7-3541. 14-3t or rntt my, Janw.ry II, 1»2f r, Pr*ild*nt . , . Wmhbwrn, Sccy-TNt. 1-14 J leulh W«lnut "' ' lH.fW«hburn t Idlfor fc^ubtfibw i, tdltsr crtiilng Hoimtr, At«ch. .7*1 i«cond clou 1 mott«r at ••>i; Offlc* at Hopt, Arkanui, phi Act of March 3, U97. ' of th« Audit Buriau of : ' .Clreulotloni *' ,< > , • crlptlon' Rates (payable In ad- jj-%,, " vanee): 'carrier In Hope and neighboring towns— *'i « ' « « 25 ^p.Jl""V".',.'.'".'..'"...'.'.":."'l3!oo -II',,In Hempstead, Nevada, >,*,Howard, and Miller coun- 85 months... 1.60 iths i 2.60 '" ..,{'.t..',.,', ..! 4.50 Jfmatt—'"'""' '"" f " HC... :.',..'.,...., 1.10 "•th*V «'f•'•».(« • 3- 2 5 rfjwH ,|-82 of™"* V "•' '!••> '»«W pUvcrtlilna ". R«pr«untotlv*i: is, 'InciJ 1602 .St^rifJ^ 2, Tenn,; 505 Texas. " 2; Texas;, 360 N. Icaao 1, III.; 69' E.,, jleWiYork«7, tf. .Y; 1763 a-.M, r^| t £s^M^i iTldilJrn|i,,CI«p2,? til of TN* Atiocidltd Pratt: .iqipfed .Press Is'entitled ex- /fttofthe use for 'republicatlon lie lopal news printed '!h' this i er,' a« well as all AP. news Ibyment Offered Merchant. ftgjip,*.* Information w f rite j|ehsi>flnforma'tion Service For Soli ftfiD spidef Hly bulbs. $i per dozen postpaid ,within Arkansas, Cheaper here, Arthur Qtay, ftJiaft, 8-1 Month COMPLfetE stock ift grocery store al wholesale price, Mrs. J. A. Miller, fipdcaw, Arkansas, 12-Ot Automatic Washer. Price $50, Cohtact Mfs, W. W. Biddle al, Fifth ahd Spnice stfeets. 13-Ot fOMATOFAWe pick Mohday ' Wednesday • FHday. Cftil Experiment Station, 7-4438. Will last about a week. 13-Ot Real Estate Wanted WE need listings on farms and ranches. Please see us as we hove prospects. SOUTHWESTERN REALTY AND INSURANCE COMPANY PHONE 7-4468 14-31 For Rent UNFURNISHED; 3 room apartment. $23.00' per month. Bills, paid. Private hath. 808 West 4th. Phone 7-3161 ' June STORE building at Fifth and Laurel streets. Phone 7-3392. 12-6t ROOM unfurnished duplex;' also, large two room furnished apart' ments 801 South Main. Phone 75837. , 13-Ot MODERN unfurnished house across from High School. C.E. Weaver Phono 7-3143. 14-3t NICE sleeping rooms convenient to bath. 315 W. Division Mrs. C. E. Urrey. 16-3t 3 ROOM unfurnished 507 Edgewood. apartment. 16-3t Wanted to Buy TO BUY Men's Used Shoes. Reaves Bargain Shop. 31-TF Political : fh* Siir i» ififbtfteed to ia* ftotmc* felt ihe foJlowtof *f* *widid»tei for public office tub- Ject to the action of th« CrttiC yti&ntf election*. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press LlpZhJkmkci/8? lukvnn- gan, l49'/2. St. Paul, slopped Al- 'redo Lagrulta, 1323/4, Italy. 9. Brooklyn Fort HarrlSltoh Rocky Tomasello, I55 ! /2. Koyport. S?. J., outpointed Eddie . Red Prince, IS'Jli, Poughkeensic, N. Y. 8. **' ' Fof Congress 4th District dREN HARRIS 0. W, LOOKADOO NORMAN M. WARNOCK • tor Tr*«*ur»r HARRY ttAWTHORWa CLtFFORt) BYER3 DW1C3HT RIDQD1LL for County Cleric ARNOLD JT. MtoptEBKOOKS JOLLY (AMOttEftE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON for Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGOLE3 JIMMY COOK «.t>; (sc-Nv PHILLIPS TOM M1DDLEBROOKS CLAUD H: BUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Three B. L. RETTIO A. P. DELONEY for Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Aldermah Ward Four JESSE L. BROWN .CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T. O. (TOP) PORTER Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For State Senate 7th District ' GENE LEE. For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. YOUNG growth of cut over timber land. Anywhere in Southwest Arkansas, Will pay top prices. Phone 7-2228 or see Ralph Saunders. , , - J12-1 Mo. Real Estate for Sale NICEshpme for 'sole on North Elm, v Good terms. SOUTHWESTERN REALTY AND INSURANCE COMPANY '-1 PHONE 7-44G8 14-3t U .1 *„ * t 1ST, 303' NORTH' Pergusbn '- Six room duplex - 2 baths, complete; plenty closets) N.ice large rooms. Needs some repairs. Two large < shadyjlots. Streets paved. Pric- ed'to^sell cheap, ON, West Avenue G - We have a 'bargain,, a 12 room apartment Notice VOTE Boley's all new, "All air con ditiohed," court. When guests or Tourists inquire. 4 people $5.00. July 3-1 Mo, TWO weeks only. 20% discount on Beauty Counselor cosmetics. Lois Purtell. Phone 7-2150 or 7-2878. 16-Ot Legionnaires Beat DeQueen Jaycees 13-11 FRANK Du Shane is not connected with me. Samuels Real Estate (Farm Bureau Agent) 101 East Front, Street) *, j'w Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and innjer- spring work Cobb Mattress Co. 310 South Washington; Phqne 7-2622. , Mar. '4-tf Braves Whip Dodgers in a Thriller By The Associated Press, It was Milwaukee's last turn at bat. There were two outs. And. the Brooklyn Dodgers wore leadinn 8-3. It looked like the end. and Milwaukee's all-limp record ciowd • 43,033 was ready to go home satisfied at least wilh an even split, the Braves having won the first game 2-0. ' Except for one detail The bases wore loaded. . . Joe Adcock came to bat. Relief- er Jim Hughes cocked his arm' and prepared to fish off the Sido. But Adcock connected. Two men came in on his single. Brooklyn Manager Walt. Alston taking no chances at this -jDointl rushed .Erv Palica to the- mouh'd, The crowd went wild. : v: Andy Pafko cam-a up. Palicn tried hard, but Pafko got bis number and slammed out. a double that brought in two mom" runs.' |t was now 3-7. . ' ,.;•-' Then Johnny Logan came upi This was it. And he did a single; In came the tying run. Logan took second on the throw to the plate. By now the incredulous crowd was ready for the kill, and catcher Charlie White's single over second, bringing Logan in, was all tho Braves needed. The score was 9-8. Mib/aukoe had dealt Brooklyn its first double defeat since Sep. 6, 1932. The two losses, combined with New York's 4-0 triumph over the St. Louis Cardinals, boosted- the Giants' first-place National League margin over the Dodgers to 0>/ 2 games Cleveland's Indians retfiinod their half-game edge over. ,-No\> York in the light American Leagiu race, defeating the Philadelphia Athletics 4 0 as the ^ the Baltimore Oriole..- „ -. ...,,,.,. Chicago's third-place Whim Sox fell four Dairies off the pace'^' losing to Washington 3-2. Det'rolf and Boston divided a day-night doubleheader, the Tigers winning i '.he nightcap 4-2 after the R^e'd^SDm&ad taken v the opener 3-lr"'•>••:• y^-. l #*tf'«S*i Cincinnati's Redlegs elimbod ( int a three-way tie for third '--pWce with Milwaukee and PhiJadclphi; QUICK Mimeographing service Reasonable rate. Call Samuels 7-3766. Farm-Bureau Office. 101 East Front Street. June 17-1 Mo. V, -f ** V EJP&* *'t r fi >i^. L t, *S p-t/^ J*, • £» J » «»W^ •AM^ M.^m^* /**• U*. J.A r * 'A ^*vZ$t3-v \ Wvnffl'W, ,t L " i. fXwBVirsp/' 5 ' x r ' %>, ^PJI" wr^\ -t' L*S<V--> Iv j.aJ»,-'i, v .\ BU1 I »WIB''^ *»i« l '.- t|Sri9pnHQlSerye YPM! ''K-i^HlfXVvay/f^est wmm^:, for Sale .Hop* ArK, OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME ^ ^CUSTOM. 5UUQHTIRING ygH^arjd wrapped fpi lor deep for PepP Fre?w ifi .Montgomery Mkt s'/Phene 7,??er (ESSES ' lnt» Inn urt * Miftnvi Ct, ^^ je TT ( T^t' 3n * wS'fc'V iBp/W 3 ff >Sft£ii? Jf.MMt ren in my home. Mrs. IS von Crider, 10CM E.Division. 14-31 hoUse. Good tenants, a real mo ney maker, Doubje garage - 4 Jarge lots - street,paved, Rents will soon pay for it. Will make ,,,„ T , ... money tt tear down and buil a WILL keep as many as three child- smaller houses. Plenty of lots for this purpose, Don'tj overlook this one. ' i ^ TJST outside' city limits - We have beautifu} and modern 4 room tile honie,'/Ha,rdwopd floors - plaster waljlsv- Aplenty 'built-ins. JOO' x 205' lpt t \yith, small poultry house and yard. Garden and truck. ROOM cottage on extreme East '§h6veY street. 50' x 150' shady lot. Qwner leaving town, Will sell cheap,- GBEEN.ING INSUHANCE AND - BEAlA-Y COMPANY G._ I, -F, H. A, and Conventional koans • Real Estate ' - All Kinds Of Insurance , Phone 7-4661 15-3t .1. Funeral Directors INSURANCE AMBULANCE PHONE 7-2123 J7-1MO. Atlanta Ruins All-Stars in 9-1 Victory ALANTA Atlanta's record in Southern Association All- Star games stood unblemished today after the Cracker? turned the annual mid-year classic into a nightmare for the league's "dream team" last night. Ne'arrperfect pitching plus power and precision at tho plate paced the league-leading Craekprs to a 9-1 victory over the All-Stars as a iccord 16,808 partisan fans roared approval. Leo Cristante, ;Do;i McMahon and Bob Giggle 'frustrated tho pow§r-pa ( cjv6d All-Stars on four hits, a superlativeAjob considering SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. GB SO 38 50 40 H3 44 51 45 44 50 41 55 41 55 37 54 Atlanta New Orleans Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Mobile Little Rock Nashville .596 .592 .546 4 .531 0 .468 12 .428 16 .427 IB .407 17% ARMY WORMS WAV INTO KAN'SAS-Army cutworms are shown destroying barley heads on an Ottawa, Kans., farm., in some sections of the grain-producing state, damage tb wheat, barley and other crops is estimated at 80 per cent by some farmers, who are arranging to. have their land sprayed by airplanes. leveland NeW York Chicago Detroit Vnshingtnn 3oslon Philadelphia Baltimore MORE THAN r^E BARGAINED FOR—Wilbur McMillan, 13, thought he was seeing things when he found a bat on a Liberal, Kan., street. He \yas really surprised when he found it was a • mother bat with two of her youngsters clinging to her. . Yesterday's Games Atlanta 9, All Stars 1 Only games scheduled Today's Games No gaincs scheduled . AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 57 27 079 57 28 .071 '/a 54 32 30 45 33 47 32 49 30 52 31 52 .028 4 .444 19V4 .413 22 .395 23 V, ,373 25 .373 25V2 Yesterday's Results Cleveland 4, Philadelphia 0 Washington 3, Chicago 2 Boston 3-2, Detroit 1-4 New York 3, Baltimore 1 Today's Gam e s Baltimore at New York Cleveland at Philadelphia Chicago at Washington night Detroit at Boston Hone Lcgionaires defeated the DeQueen Jaycees 13-11 in a leafiii? encounter Thursday night in Lu«i»n pa rk. DeQueen scored first Retting single run in the second and coming right back and scoring another in the third. Hope went nhcad"rn their half of the the third scoring 5 runs on 3 walks, and hits by White, B. Guntor, and Nix. The Jayccos scored ' single riili9»^ in the 4lh, 5lh and 8th innings and; . three each in tho 7th and nth to. t round out their scoring for the .' night . Hope picked up a single run in tho 5th on n walk, a fielders choice;' and a single by Nix. Hope crime., right back scoring two more run? \ in the Gth on hits two walks aha* a single by White. The Lcgionaires iced the game n the 7th on hits by Nix, W. Hi ,'Giih; • er, Boyette. Johnson which pr,6t.. duced 5 runs> • -> Top Smith, winning pitcher, gayq • up 11 runs on 10 hits walked 3. and, fanned 4. Pickett loser, gave up-8- runs on G hits, walked 10 and wiffed 7. R. Wilson, relief in Gth. gave.4.: runs on 4 hits, walked one an ned none. Spingner, his relief in the Jth gave up no runs on 1 hit, walked none, and fanned none. New York Brooklyn Philadelphia Cincinnati Milwaukee St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh LtAGUE W L Pet. GB .G82 .005 G'/> .500 15 .500 15 .500 15 .482 17 .383 25 '.321 30''. 58 27 52 34 40 39 43 42 43 42 40 43 31 5(1 27 57 Yesterday's Rss'ilts Chicago n-3, Pittsburgh 2-0 New York 4, St. Louis 0 Cincinnati 2-4, Philadelphia Milwaukee 2-9, Brooklyn 0-0. Today's Games New York at St. Louis fnight) Brooklyn at Milwaukee (night) Pittsburgh at Chicnfio Philadelphia at Cincinnati (2 two night) COTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Terry Moore Takes Helm off hi Hies CINCINNATI M>) 1 'Amateur" , . _ . •»' t ' !(. VrfA»T|^*ii.1A1/VA*. W» I Jlillttt.V-t.il sweeping both ends, of n twilight Tcn . y Moore llac , a majfjl . league twin bill irom the VPlullius 2-1' and . , „.„_.,., , nilnv , n(i tho 4-3 to; spoil Terry Moore's mann- perial debut. Chicago's Cubs HERNDON CORNELIUS SVRIAk ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas, Call 7-5505 for our agents J15-1 Mo. Wanted to Buy WE aye how buying Watermelons. C. B. Russell, West 3rd street. Phone 7-B933- 16-3t the stars had ei eAjo ight men batting over .300, seven over .320. Amid all this power, a relatively puny .287 hitter. .with fiery red hair made himself one of the big heroes of the game. Jack Parks Atlanta's catcher, stole the thunder U90I Notice Special IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT ALBERT STUART .. . PLAINTIFF VS, LUCJLL.E STUART . PEFENPANT WABNWQ ORPER The Pefendant, Lucille Stuart, hereby warned to appear In this <?puyt wJtWn thirty days hereafter •PWJ answer the complaint ol Albert Siuart, Plaintiff herein. WITNESS My -hand and seal as ej-fc pf tjjjg court »n this isth 4ay of July, }854. • , C-lerk / ?3, 80. Aug 6 ' Ice Cold Watermelons 3o Ib. No. 1 Honte Qrown Tomatoes and Cataloupes, Try our dry cold melons for, quality. E. M. McWilliams Ea?t ?rd Street HY 67 TOP'S Glass Cut and ' Installed. Complete Repairs, New and Used Parts. Hiphway 67 West Dial 7-2767 ^, Ark- Y«*i'U Inj«y At THf knocked off the last-placo Pittsburgh Pirates twice in the afternoon 9-3 and 3-0. Hank Saner" and rnie Banks homered in , A .each game. ' \ The Dodders were limited to only three singles in Ihe opening game Ly Milwaukee's Bob Buhl, who won his first -game of the season after seven defeats. Eddie Matthews : slammed two homers, his 20th and "ilst of the season, for the Bravo?. His first camo in the seventh of the opener with a mate aboard to break up a scoreless duel between BuhL^and Brooklyn's Bob, Millikin. 'HisV|ioc- cnd also came with a man on |}.ase to furnish Milwaukee's first.,;';two runs. ., r vf Pitcher Don Liddle and catcher Wes Westrum combined their:'talents to down the Cardinals. Liddle, the tiny southpaw, limited the R.ed- birds to five hits wliilo Wesjriim walloped-a home run anii a jingle to drive in three runs. : Home runs by .Andy Seininick snd Jimmy .Greengrass eiiabled Art Fowler to win a pitching duel from Philadelphia's Cuvt Simmons n the opener of their twin bill. !us Bell's bases-loaded single in he eighth drove in vh;3 tying and vinning runs in the nightcap. Early Wynn tamed Ihe Alhletics vith four hits for his llth victory is the Indians snapped af our- ,ame losing streak. Al Rosen dou bled in the first Cleveland run and Wynn participated in the three•un rally laler with a run-scoring single off loser Alex Kellncr. The Yankees scored ;i run on ,ach of two passed balls by catcher Les Moss and added another on Irv Noren's homer. TUoir vic- ,ory string is now 10 straight. Veteran southpaw Johnny Schmitz pitched a five-hitter and outfielder Tom Umphlett drove in all three Washington runs with a single and triple in their 3-2 vie- ory over the White Sox. Outfielder Bill Tuttle's two-run double in the ninth snapped a 2-I! tie and gave the Tigers the nightcap victory over the Red Sox. Tod Williams ' ninth honor helped Willard Nixon pick up his eighth victory in the' afternoon from the sluggers with * tome, run snd two singles good for four-h in four trips to the plate. v He shared batting honors. \\ Bob Montag, who started .the Cracker scoring with a border in the s.econd and added another in Cafe & Service Station ball club to manage loiiay and the Philadelphia Phillies were hopeful the former centerfiekler of the St. Louis Cardinals' Gas House Gan^', can rejuvenate the Whi/. Kids. Moore was handed his very first managerial assignment yesterday in a surprise road-trip shift. "Gentleman" Terry took up where rough-hewn 1 Steve O'Neill left off directing the endeavors of a ball team in third place in the National League, 15 games behind the first- place New York Giani:; and a fa" piece. from preseason expectations. General Manager Roy Hamcy called sporlswriters .together and announced that Moore wus beiti;; called up to replaco O'Neill in hopes he might be able to instill in the cooled-off 1950 National League pennant winners , some oi the "alert" type of play that characterized Moore's own tenure with the Cards. . - • • Hamey said • -the selection of Moore i was "a shot in the dark," decided on after, only 43 hours of serious '.-deliberation, ' O'Neill veteran manager of long standing and onetime catcher with the Detroit Tijgres,' said the announcement that he was through came as 'a "bolt from the blue." Moore had little to say. He pointed out he had seen the Phillie?; play only twice in thvi last two years. Moore, who also was a coach for the Cardinals following his llth season as an active player, by all Jackson and Gonrad Lead Denver Golf DENVER, (/P) — The Trans-Mississippi golf tournament moved into tho third round today with Jim Jackson of St. Louis, Mo., joinin;; defending Champion Joe Conrad and medialist Ernie Vosslo as the gallery favorites. Jackson 2G, Walked Cup player turned in yesterday's finest per- fomance in defeating Bob Vickes of Whichitu, Kan., 2 up. Jsckson was four under par and Vickoi-. was two under par over che (i.SBil yard par 72 cherry hills course. Jackson, a paper salesman, won with a putter that found the range from as for as 30 feet. He and Vickers shot every hole in par or betler. Conrad, a lieutenant at San Mai- cos, Tex., Air Forco Base, was not pressed in disposing of Floyd Addington of Dallas, 2 and 1. lie- was one over par through the 17 holes. Vossier, Fort Worth, Tex., plumber, was one over regulation iigures in winning his match-from Ron Moore of Denver, 2 and 1. j Joe Waiser Jr., of Oklahoma City, captain of the Oklahoma A&M golf team this spring, was even par*' m defeating Bill Webb of Kansas City, 1 and 1. Walscr plays Jackson in what shapes up as one of the best tird round matches. Gene Zuspann of Gotkdla'nd, Kan., won the longest match of the i::ur- ney by whipping Ed Hart of Den; 2 holes yesterday, us- pann was five over par on tho had planned until tapped Mam.ey to retire and device his time starting ne.« fall to a dance hall, bowling alley and cock- ail lounge he owns near St. Loui^. He took over immediately after the press conference and his first day at the helm was marred with a double defeat at the hands of Cincinnati. The Redley.i won a twi night double-header .2-1 and 4-3. Moore'was signed to a one-year contract, s a l.a r y undisclosed, Hamey sai:l, adding that one-year pacts would be a Phillies policy j with managers from now on.' O'Neill will'receive the pay coming him for the balance of this year, Ihe extent of his contract. O'Neill packed and left the club last night with no apparent hard feelings. He -wished his successor "better luck 'than I had I hope you will be there for a long, long time." ' . ' , Other tlum the club's fuilure to El Dorado Greenville Meridian Monroe Pine Bluff Hot Springs 53 44 41 34 32 24 25 31 3fi 43 .079 .507 7'/ 2 .532 11'', .442 18 >/a .438 18".', .310 28 • Yesterday's Results Greenville Y, Hot Springs 4 '' Pine Bluff 10, Monroe 9 (10 in nings) Meridian 5, 1 El Dorado 2 Today's Games Hot Springs at Greenville Monroe at Pine Bluff El Dorado al Meridian By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indianrpolis 10, Minneapolis 5 Kansas City 0, St. Paul 2 Charleston 3, Louisville 0 Columbus 9, Toledo 8 TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 3, San Anlonio 2 13 innings Oklahoma Cily 8, Shrevoport 0 Houston 3, Fort Worth 2 Tulsa 7, Beaumont 2 Pine Bluff Faces Loss of Franchise By The Associated Press Pine Bluff's fans were threat ened with the loss of their Cotton Stales League crowd of 2,500 team unless i attend!: tonight' regular 18 but fired three purs and a birdie on the extra Inp. Denny Shute in Cleveland Tops Golfers By FRITZ HOWEUL CLEVELAND W) The race fnr the $5,000 top prize in .the $25,000 Manakiki Open Qolf Tourney was a wide-open free-for-all today. Headed by veteran Denny Shutc, who earved.'out a 31-3.V6C in yesterday Vs." opening round, 45 hotshots were rrifisspd in the par-or-under bracket. of them, and soma who were .r. bo vo. the magic figure, were given a chance to win. Some experts were pointing the "favorite" finger at Freddie Haas, a belief in Ihe off-tested precept hold down the No. 1 spot in tho the lanky club designer from Ne\\ leaiiue the main reason for thajOrleans, who soqmed. in with a Moore' appointment socmccl to be 35-32-67 for second place. In last _'i««»f in ihe off-tested nre'eept year's final round Haas scored a 62, giving him 129 or 15 under par for hid last two jaunta around this 6,65l-,yard layout. ___ Athough the sun shines 24 hours so well, the seventh, \ |if the team isn't doing The Qy.ackers have won all Vive get a new manager- AU-Star games in which they have been host. Only other tcaqi to met the All-Stars five times is . , i i4 ui i n Nashville and the Yols s.on two The extreme height to which Dou _ and lost three. Host teams now gl#s fir trees will grow.is hard to That was the way Hamey expressed it. gams with Monroe. President Sam Cook said it would take that many funs to provide the $2,073 the team needs to meet the payroll and leave on road trip. In la si night's action, Pine Blufi edged Monroe 10-9 in 10 innings Meridian beat league-leading E Dorado 5-2 and Greenville toppec Hot Springs 7-4. An estimated crowd of 225 saw he game at Pine Bluff. Doi'g Kas say drove in the winning run with a triple. Merrill Smith hit a home run for Pine Bluff. Monroe ,hac .hree homers two by Lin Mor rison and one by Paul Flores, Bii" Ecklund, who scored the winning run, pitched all the way. Meridian, also in danger of los ing its franchise hac! 800 fans a the game for a two-night total o 1,931 Meridian owners have sa 1,000 fans a night as the needled Stlendance to keep the team go ing. TherJ were indication's the team would continue al last througl the weekend. Banks McDowell's two-run hom er in the seventh inning sparkei Greenville's 14-hit attack pn Ho Springs. Hot Springs took the leac in the first inning, scorini,' thre runs. But Greenville tied the fcor in the third and never trailed nfle that. Earl Castille limited Hot Spring to six hits. Hope Gunter, W. H. Boyetle Johnson White Gunter, B. Gough Lane Webb (6) Nix Smith Totals DeQueen Smilh R. Wilson H Williams Mize D. Williams C. Wilson Zachry Park Pickett Spigner (3) Totals AB 2 4 4 4 5 2 1 1 3 5 30 AB 4 5 5 5 4 3 4 0 39 Thomas Jefferson and John ners of the Declaration oj Incl.e- a iO-« record S eyJ § ?. repqj\d., Uecnuse most o< a day at Point Barrow, Alaska pendence and former President during July, the temperatures av-jboth died July 4, 1826, 5.Q years to a erages 39 decrees Fahrenheit dur- day after the Continental I &^'i^M^':Ml^Mi^<f I S If 1 $M H tf f f § t.A ft ARKANSAS 02ARK IKK WELL. NOW THAT Jt * YOU MEKKTIC-M IT, 1 GUESS 1 VVILI. SO DOWN AND MAKE MVSELF ONE "in GAGWOOD, WHY DQNT VOU A NICE BACON-ANO- TOMATO SANDWICH? By J. R, WIIM.HW OUT OUR WAY VIC FLINT TH' BULL OF THE iOOKlKJ' IWTH'SHOPTC) MAKlE IT LOOK LIKE IT WAS* HIM WHO PlSCOVEEEP OUR MISTAKE IM THE PRAWIN'.' Answer to Previous Puzzle BE NERVOUS HERE-.TOSIE- THIS. PRIZE PACKAfSE Playthings 5 Heart C Foreigners 7 Iranian coin 8 Girls' playthings 9 Moderate 10 Metal-bearing rocks 11 de foie gra's 16 Prayer 20 Ledger entries 22 Work groups 24 Dry 25 Nevada city 26 Authoritative 28 Underworld 30 Roman date 31 Nostril I UP HERE.' I Plying . plaything 8 Playing 9 Spinning plaything 12Topnotch players Id Medley 14 Age 15 Of a barber •48 His plaything was: a fiddle' 50 Arabian' robes 51 Cut ,, 52 , . .tekel, ; upharsin" (Bib.) 55 Suffix 33 Fathered 35 Least polite 40 Regular .customer 43 Angled edge 45 Speedily 40 Jap outcasts 47 Passport endorsemenl 18 Closed curve P 2l Endorse 23 Sainte <ab.) u24 Part of a V circle 27 Waist band WASH TUBES TftJft JP.DW WKC , THINK THKT GUViS .,, . , COWNS UP WITH JU6T EM^I46H EMCOURhSE THOdE OUTLIUB& . COME ALONfi |. TOO l E^&y l > " ~ 6TORV f 36 Baseball period v i"37 Cleaning tool "'38 Entrance f 39 Raced 41 Compass point 42 Bird's beak JL.14 Bewildered ^-^e Apparent 49'Coritraction 53 Twitching 54 Truly .THE-BATTLE OF THE SIAMTS OUR BOARDING HOUSE joMu.mHKiHM.' lu'mu'KKi-'VM we ». nive isiTOAPo BID ADieu AWD,vJi=MD'pue'WAV% TPAe^z^£ « TO EA6LE tiOO\<, AlSP ALREADY ** .*^ M >= • ..-,-*vJ X'M CKOklMS BAck A 6OB/. PARTIMS Ff?OA\ YOU, ^ , CAM 66 Biblical name 57 Love god 58 Abel's slayer "My Gal Solitary 61 Italian city ! DOWN 1 Girl's nickname BOOT* AND HER BUDDIES EVEM FDK 6O BRIEP A 503PLJRNJ, B(5lti66 A SV^OSTTM^SS ! CLOUD OM£I?MYHEAET'' X '•-'-•-' 2 Sacred image 3 Camp shelter ,«i CARNIVAL By Dick Turner §U6S BUNNY L-O&GrB WANTS i DON'T .- •.FINISHED . PWS6SINS ALLEYOOP fat>on,ine:r Ttmrfmy 't, t wnt \juai p«»r»u WARN'T KIPDIN 1 , WW KNOW rOV\ AN' WAT^H ^^^^. ^* I'M *' * • ' ,l*'*'"'"ll IfXt ^Kfl 1 »* »**»? I ™*rf¥ I*' I ¥J »« ^FP • rGEE,' NOW'5 \IT Jfi MADE Wm \VElL,EVER I A SUV WHO r ;V/EVE CHARGED AOFIRON.ALLWffi-SET'lN^ ,^. RP^S/^ ' CASTLE WALL, R1SHT.XINPA i;WHAT PO WE /RUST>; T : PONEXT? 'Don't be alarmed, folks!. They'll leave just as soon a* fH :. .•:• -• the wrestling is overl" ... : ..;..: .. |%v-.'.; . , "' . •..:'.'.. | / SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith "I take it your husband's on a fishi SWEETIE PIE By THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE T. M. Ri|. u. e PH. OH. i 7_ It »Pf.l»54byNW8«.lc«, Ins, ' '• " !"Ni?t <J-Qing a tbing ', Mil ,,K*6 . l %'4f l .,J«M^'.'i * kS^dtf' Cardinals in Huddle With Farm Clubs ST. LOUIS Iffl - St. Louis .p.ir-; linal officials got together yestor-J lay with their top farm club rop-' cscntalivcs to talk over next year's prospects. Players in the International cague, Texas League and Amer| ican Association wen> disousspr.il Vice President Bill ham said the players were those who "might be o the parent club in I93f>." > Wnlsingham said weeknesses ot he organiinlion in the top .mino.r.-5 also were discussed "so we ifoulcl direct our scouts toward filling at .Ihose positions." WalSingham woulcln'l talk-, about A'hich players in Ihe top minors were mentioned at the session. Dick Meyer, Cards so ager and Joe Mathes. director-- 'o£ minor league personnel .he meelin;} wilh Birig Devine anrl Manager Harry Walker from Roch-. ester of the International League;;: 3eorge Sisler and Manager iy Keane of Columbus, Ohio, the American Association and Routzong and Manager . Walker of Houston in the Tex't|si League. . Beware of Strangers DEMAND NON CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL INSURANCE Home Security Life Ins,;G"S," Little' Rock. Ark., Issue this' type pollcy--Premlum never increases. Buy From Local Agent, He will be here during the months'to come. . Your Doctor.and Hospital know this company. Call or Write .' . . CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3141 P. O. Box 104 CAR WASHING ^CREASING po in, the washing fin?, For complete service . pn.your car see ^ GEORGE RASCHKE GULF SERVICE W, Third &

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