Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 16, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1954
Page 12
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-*,",_ : f»T^«^f3B^ Vf -j 5* ^7f¥ r 'i HOPIT St AR Agents Study louth — Cnuny t «day ... t .- 0 on a "£Utl-scale (*']pf drought damage I o * ahd poulti y ti "der m- BrtfOm Gov, Francis «<* ,." • if C.-A, Vintes, of Ar- n^vn-c at Lil- tethokudyafter »er ~t? f tndfso will YOU! psT ( «y cooler, more iohtable, when your ?<is shaded with CAN- JAWNINGS. Enjoy Benefits of ventilation 'S^'-flexible sun control Canvas Awn.^.,3 you. Call us ee estimate on the Ssbst of Canvas Awn- i -. i r^ i i * home. -ift ^ &• ^ ... irktfope '? Supply Co. ing to Build Anything PJume (7.358,1; ,v, ARKANSAS Friday, July 16, 1954 Friday, July 16, 1954 HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS TftEAD LIGHTLY—It pays to walk lightly in a mine , field, so Urllish Royal Knfiincers are ' Ixnfriment ng wilh inflatable sneakers which they (.-an wear while sweeping for nnd mines. Soppcr John Bonny, left, inflates one of the sneakers before trying them out, right Behind Bonny Is Sat Ivan Lllcy wilh a personal detecting "device," n mine-muling dog named Ike. Scene of the experimenting is Tldworlh, England. •cceiving ''muny rcpors o f dis- islrous conlitions caused by ex- remc heat i n I he past few weeks." Cherry suid h c also asked Vines or a . survey "ns.lo HIP p roce- durie for |J citing drought a id u nder lUbliq.laW 875, not o ly fnr c dttl 'aiscrs ./. .but tor c rops,'poultry and water supplies as well." The agents appearenUy will havo plenty to r eport: T)ic withering icat in tho Bnlesvillc-Floral area has ' killed ' al least 30,000 broiler chickens , nnd . damaged layi g ions. The o wner o f I ho broilers, J. K. Southernland, cslimated t damage at $20,000. Chickens • were reported dying 'by t he thousands" i the While County broiler area. The Paragould a nd Darclanelle a rea chicks were also hard-hit. Vines said loss of chickens a nil laying hens was heavy t h roughoul orlhwest Arkansas and I he Ar kansas -River valley a rea. Some hen's'-.h-avo-jusl stopped laying i n the heat wave, h e reported. Farmers in the n orthwesi said cucumbers, tomaloes uncl • siring bean crops have burned UD. Farmers' also were unable lo fil up Iheir silos wilh foduer and iilagc. Many s. Ickponds in Ihc- norlh woslh ave dried up, VIIIPS said a n the h eat is beginning to hint livo- slock. Both t he Kansas City anc" North Little Rock ' 3 lockyaids 10 portod a huavy f low of thir. c all'o Mrs S. V.. Scott • .K'^ Hostess To ' '' ; . •>; W. S. C. S. Circle 1 "" ' | Circle 1 ot the W. S.C. S. of the' First Methodist Church met on Mon ; day aflcrnoon in the home ol' lhe| chairman, Mrs. S. V.. Scott, with D members and a guest attending. Mrs. Scott voiced Ihe" opening prayer and conducted the business. The devotional thought was given by Mrs. J. B. Heslerly. Mrs. Fred F. While presenled Ihe program on Work in the Rural Church." At the close of the meeting the hosless served punch and cookies. W. S. C. S. Circle 3 Meets In Home of Mrs. Lige Martin r $W.i »t * i*!. ' iff* K ; DEAR FRIENDS: j respect i fully solicit your Vote and influence in lha 7 Democratic primaries on my record, my qualifications and. experience. - ^ f ' ij ( '» My-one promise — an ag- l!" gressive, conscientious, and '^ impartial adminislration Sincerely ROYCE WEISENBERGER Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney SATURDAY, JULY 17 MONDAY, JULY 19. ~ ' • -by Roycc '" ' Ten members ot Circle 3 of the j W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church met on Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Lige 'Martin for the regular meeting. .: Mrs. 'J. V. McMahen, chairman, opened the meeting with prayer j and presided over the business ses- i sion. Mrs. P. A. Escarre presented the. devotional thought and program on "Work in the Rural Church." During the social hour Ihe hostess served cold drinks and cookies. Mrs. H. H. McKenzie Entertains W. S. C. S. Circle 4 Mrs. H. *H. McKcn/ie entertainer members of Circle 4 of the W. S C. S. of tho First Methodist Chin ch at her home on Monday afler noon. The business was in 'charge o Ihe chairman, Mrs. Doug Easterling. Mrs. Frank Hnllom Jr. gave the devotional and' spoke on "Rural Needs" after which she introduced Mrs. Max Kitchen who told how the local health office i rurual neds in Nevada County. The meeting adjourned with the Lord's Prayer prayed in unison Frosted drinks and cookies werp served to 10 members and Mrs. Kitchen. Valdes' Bout Draws Jeer From Press BY GAYLE TALBOT NEW YORK UP) It used lo b?! hal Ihe greal majority of the ountry's boxing fans had to de- lend upon somebody else lo tell :hem of the daffy Ihings .that occur in the prize ring, but now they are privileged to see for themselves, and th^v, must be gelling quile an cducalion.. *'' Take Iho latesi, little cameo, in vhich two large men who supposedly were fighting lo see which veight cbcimnionshin «'••!•»• forr--"i .o cease and dcsisl because one if them WHH wrestle;! to I hi? canvas briefly In Hie .second round. He wasn't knocked down, mind you. IIP war pushed. Millions oT those who wore enjoying a f rco ridp musl have won ricrod how Ihe poor blokes who ha'l iiaid their way into the . Gardon fell when they saw Hit' icfcrce hall Ihe sci-nmblit and clod Is re Nino Vuldcs of c;ub!i Ihe viclor ovei" Hun-lean Jackson of anolh world. We can tell them. Such Ihings havo been hapocniPK to I In- paying ciKiomor for so long thai he's practi'/ally numb and seldom feels anything al all. There is nothing much wrong with the law in Ihis state which calls Of r an automatic knockout when a man goes down for the third time in the same round. That is, it's a sensible measure when it is properly applied, which when a boxer is in clanger of being seriously hurt. It is waived in all championship bouts, and referee always has Iho last word as to whether there . have been three aullicnUc dunkings. In this case, scarcely anyone ex- ccpl Ihe referee. Ihoughi there had been. There had beon Iwo, for sure, but Jfcckson appeared to go down for the third time from a Stuttgart Girl Is Peach Queen CLARKSV1LLE OH. ' Nancy Terry McCollum of StuttK&rt last night was named Miss Arkansas Valley as the Johnson County Peach Feslival opened here. Miss McCollum is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russeil McCollum of Slullgart. She was Chosen from a field of 17 conteslanls. Runnerup was Miss Palricia Ann Man-ill of Searcy, Ark. the winner was Ihe 13th entry to regisler, appeared as No. ' 13 conleslant in this 13lh annual con- lest. Navy Cook and Champ Leod Public Links DALLAS, Texas (/I') — Bill Pear- bough, a jdant chief petty office who makes a golf club behave like- a Navy rookie and Los Angel f City Champion Gene Andrews loomed as top favoites in the 29lh National Public Links Tournament today. Top Redid Programs NEW YORK iff)' Radio: Selected programs tonight: NBC fi Hear Amovica Ewing- in«- H-30 Listen to Washington CBS' 5:16 Peter Lind Hays; P::«) GodE.x-y Digest; 7;30 Jat-.< Carson Show. ABC 7 Sammy Kayo; 8 Sports a ivIBS H:30 Take A Number; 8:30 Army '*' The General Sherman tree in Cal* round ,or l-.vo anci completely expose Jackson for the cr'ide. in.- malurc producl of television thai he is. This would have been a.: healthy a development'as was Kid Gavilan's man-handling of Chuck [Davcy, thc first TV wonder boy, out in Chicago 1!J .months t'go. .boomed his way into th- serui-J around the^ base. • !menl of terrific chip shots and a torrid puller. ! contended lefl at 40, and J<>c He squares off against Jack vans. 31, SI. Louis, Mo., bake. Zimmcrnan. 20-.vi-a.oid UnyU-u.! ScarlxniRh easily knocked oil O mechanical engineered in one Richard I'rcsluu of Detroil J .met l;;0-hole su.T.J-I'liii.ls malch today. ' 2, and Thomas Lambio. 1'hociiix, i In Uie oilier is Andrcwsl oldest Aria,. '1 und 2 WE WON'T BE UNDERSOLD! Of New 1954R.G.A. Every RCA Air Condifroner «n Stock Will Be Sold At shicl'.Lh' c market pur 'lOQ-'pQu'n.-ls 'Tho- .latter yard price is now $2 less t. him i twa.shvo)|non.ihsasj6. ; less than H was lwo'.ni.onthS;-"flgO; • The governor also --.said . he was advised by Rep. J. W. Trimble of Berryvilie that state .Sen. Chisrn Reed reriusted a drought program for areas 'affected by intense heal and dry wathr. • J' -' ••/.. "Paslurcs an feed crops in, .this urea are .gone a nd f nrniory hii'ying to dispose cil ciill'lo at f, i ve-aWay prices," t he ,Recd Icluram s aid. The l«islat.jr added I he situation was ovon mor critical Hum last yar, when 70 of Arkansas' 75 counties wore eclared"»rpu:jht disaster areas. '• . ' ',; ; -. The feriral govt-rnmuj; spent -l!)2,000 in' drought relief in Arkansas la si year/ •'']' The governor said h^;j expeclud to'have The first facts $nd lifiiirs on I he drought next Monday; morn- in S- ; -'".'. !':'$$'?{ Presbyterian General Meeting The Women o£ Ihe Presbylerian Church met on Monday afternoon at the church for the monthly general meeting with the president. Mrs. T. E. Logan presiding. After the opening prayer a brief business meeting was held. 'The minutes of the June meeting were read by the secretary, Mrs. J. C. Stegar and ...reports of officers and committee chairman were heard. Mrs. Tom : ;Bemis I ;'presentcd the 'prqgi'ariT ijri *'T; S<?[WjThe Cjiip-ch in ^Europe" isnd 'gaVe/iiitecsling facts onMiie Christian Mis.sionai y Church jrililclguim, The aldencsian Church ri'Stta-ly-'-l': ; '. and Ihe Evangelical Ctffirch", iii Germany. The niiieliug adjourned wilh prayer by Mrs. Bemis. mare. 'As Valdes did not follow up his advanla.ee and pin his opponent's shoulders to the mat, .Iho [Hurricane was up al once, and •pHy to continue. There is no thought thai Jackson was robbed, but only that Valde-i should havo been permitted to go on and wrap up the job. If anyone got the worst of the arbiter's has, ty' action it was the Cuban in not I being allowed to go on another other right. Thc referee, Joe Red, stopped the fight. Theres No Gimmick No Trade See Manufactures Cost Sheet. This Is A Cash Price! No Installation! No Terms Free Delivery In Hope. Phone Prospect 7-2629 Hope, Ark. 114 So. Elrn 7 ' WE WONT Bi UNDiRPRl€EE>! WE WOHT BE OUT TRADE®! ' ' // Mr. and Mrs. A. V. llegnier have had as their guests, Hr. .and Mrs. A."V. Kegnicr Jr. ,of Sun' Antonio. Mr. , 'IJe'jjnicr was. enroute to the west coast lu sail for Japan whero lie will be an enlunioligisl for Iho civil service depurlmeul. Si I © .Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Orr left Monday fui' DeQuiuey, La., where tliey will reside. ,.h Mr. and Mrs. Dob Todd returned lu Iheir hume in Abilene, Texas un Mutulay afternuori a visit with her. parenls, Mr and Mrs J. H. bungley They were accompanied by Johnny Langley who is their gyesl. Miss Amanda Talu of Cainclen is -visiling Mr 'and Mrs. J. M. Ingram. " ; 'U3 jStutiefa OWN AMERICA'S STYLE STAR AND ECONOMY CHAMPION , , Cgsn In on this cash-saving deal! Save ' - 2 -iey jpnsationsilly on the cgr that holds ntsrrtalional style gwpra 1 ?—a big, begy. 1954 Stgdebaker sedan, sports model • station wagon, i Ipp oil records for selling ! It) q single month. We ar<? ttfl* $vfo9 f ;, f HfV* (fs j t^rms. Chance to own America's -winnpj- of ihe Mobilga> low c;pM. The lid is off I Miss Karma Hooks has relurn- ed from Commerce.', Texas where 10 allended a band clinic al East exas Slate College. 1 .:.:,' ARCHER MOTOR CO, 3 ; Afkanioi Tom Complon of Litlle Kodk -\vas Monday visitor here. Whit Davis o£ Jacksonville was ie Tuesday guest of Mr .and Mrs, ohn A. Davis and was accompa- ied borne by Mrs. Davis who 6:00x16 6:00 x 16 ....... $14.42 AS LOW AS 6:70x15 ..... ..15182 -£| 7:10x15 ....... 17.54 ^IJs 8:00x15 21.07 Plus lux and your old lire. Ceme in today... get a real bargain in our special sale 'of top-quality ATLAS Tires. / • Made of cold rubber for maximum wear! • Wide tread —moro rubber on tho road! More gripping edges —better anti-skid protection! spending Rock. several days in Mrs. John. Wathen, Mary Law- enee and John Randolph of Dallas re the guests of Mr and Mrs. .R. '. Hamby while Mr. Wathen is ittunding camp al Camp Hood. Mrs. Scotl Emorson of PI. Smith s Ihe. Huest of Mr. anci Mrs. Brozie •laynie. 0&: *,'*'?»"• f, & I'Af,* jte& &?!"(>l ' J WARRANTY Every ATLAS Tire is backed by a nationally-advertised written Warranty that will be honored OH the sj'i't by any of tlie 38,000 ATLAS Dealers in the U. S. or Canada! ^<. -X^ :.?$&£ Flanagan Kayoes LaGruffa in 9th LITTLE ROCK W) — Wellcr- weghl I'iglher Del Flanagan last niyht wuri a ninth round TKO victory over Alfredo LaGrutta before 1,900 swclterinp, fans here. The battling welterweifihls mel in the main event of Little .Rock':: profession:)! boxing revival. H was Iho firsl pro bout. horc in four years. liiyh-iranked welter'kept hi>; left hand M l.aGrutlu's face most of Ihe way to hold Ihe upper haivl over the Uulian who iia;: lust la of his 21 professional twills. LuGruUu had his only gout round in the seventh, In the oiglilh, Flaiuigun sent his opponent spruwlins into the ropes twice, but LaGi'iiUa sained his fret each lime before Iho count slarted, Flanagan lagged the Italian with a telling iifiht I" the head in Iho mulh. When LuGuitla didn't hi.n wiUj, J Tfie Sign of "Happy Motoring" GRAIN'S ISSO SERVICMTIR 313West3rdStr^t Phone 7-4518 The Negro Community t 1 * By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 . Or brlnp Items to Mis* Turnfcf at Hicks Funeral Home filling out blanks for the charter. All members are asked to be present and bring husband's papers. There will be a call meeting of the Auxiliary Tuesday night, July 20, at Hicks Funeral Home at 7:30. This meeting is for the purpose of Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 BK IT RESOLVKD by thc Senate of thc stale of Arkansas and by the House of Kcprcsrnlatives of thc State of Arkansas, a Majority of All Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following Is Hereby proposed BS an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, 'and upon oelng submitted to the electors ot the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, tf fl majority of the electors voting at such an election, adnpt amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wlt: SECTION 1. No ad-valorem ta» •hall be levied upon property by the State. A county, city, Incorporated town or school district may levy a tax annually upon property therein at Its market value for the purposes and subject to • the • restrictions now provided by the Constitution: except that where the Boird of Equalization hereafter created has for Ihe first time equalled the assessments of property In any county at Its market value and has certified such fact as p'Avidrd In Section 5 hereof, thcrc- ' after Ihe tax levied for nny such local y' v Subdivisions shall be a total tax for nil purposes and shall not exceed five (S) mills for thc county, eight (HI mills for any city or incorporated town, and twelve (12) mills for any school district, on each dollar of the assessed value of the property therein, exclusive of taxes levied by Improvement districts, and exclusive of taxes levied fur local Imurovc-inents In towns and' cities as authorized by Article 19. Swlion 27 of the .Constitution. Provided, however, there 'Fhall be set aside annually on amount equal to the ma>lmum amount col- lar'ed for HIP ''Hi remc-nt of each Is&e of oulKtandin?, bomls during any year prinr lo (!IP year of the collection ut taxps wherein the aforesaid Elgiblc ladies arc Invited to cornd out nnd join the Auxiliary. You are elgiblf if you are: 1. The mother, wife sister or daughter of a member of the American Legion. 2. The mother, wife, sister or daughter of a man or woman who was killed or died while serving in World War I or II. 3. The mother, wife, sister or daughter of a veteran of either war who has died since discharge from the service. 4. Yourself a woman veteran of Wprld War I or II. Hcv. n. V. Wilhurn of Texarkana (lincl Tuesday, July 13. Funeral service will be held Wednesday, July 21 in Texar-kana. With burial in Ciiles Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Landrum have returned to their home in Omaha, Nebr., after spending a few days' visiting relatives and fri- Lcgal Notice Local Polio Chapter Gets $700 Check Evidence of the gravity of the nary is almost exhausted, with chapters in many parts ot Ihc country drawing heavily on fast-dwindling national resources. ,Tbis up- preeedented drain Is In addition to Ihe costs of Polio prevention, the Foundation's newest program. Polio prevention calls for DAViD DANIEL KEEGAtf, 35, of Kingsley, la., alias David Oanlal Keeean. fcurt Williams. WANTED for unlawful flight to avoid pSution for murder. Keegan is five feet eleven Inches tall, weighs 159 pounds, has black wavy hair, and blue eyes. He has a two-Inch scar where a birthmark was removed between his shoulder blades. Keegan reportedly has continual dental trouble and has several visible gold-capped teeth. Previously he has worked as a bartender, taxi driver, farmer and salesman, CAUTION: Keegan may be armed and should be considered extremely dangerous. He may have suicidal tendencies. If you can help locate him NOTIFY the Federal Bureau rf Investigation, Department of Justice, Washington, D. C., cr_FBI. ascnt.nearest • - your community. in °fi a check for $700 from the National Foundalion for infantile Paralysis, "this financial help is not enough to cover all thc chapter's outstanding bills but is part of a National Foundalion arrangement to provide needy chapters wilh immediate emergency aid," according to Andy Andrews, chairman of the ocal National Foundalion chapler. The money will b'c Used lo help pay for treatment already provided .0 polio i>alienls here, he said. Mr. Andrews explained that even the record March of Dimes iunds raised nationally last Jan- maximum have become ef- fc-ellvp. to be uspd for thp reliremenl of Kiicli bonds nr. ornvdlecl by Hie terms tlicn-nf: and the tax shall niivtr rjp IPSS than that necessary to produce siu'h annual amount until the boiulp havo bt'r-n retired, or sufficient funds linve been ret aside for tliolr retirement. As to bund'; Issued after the date of the certification that assessments have been rqu.ili/ed at murkc-t value in any counly, th,^ mnximurn tax rates herein provided '.nay not be exceeded e^epl when ncce^nry to prevent or cSve a d'M'M'.ilt. Whc-re awiPsFmcnts of benefits In nnv improvi'iiipiil district are based on' thc asriPSMP'I value of the propprly for s'alp or cuunly purposes, thp assessors of Hie districl shall have the right to equalize all future assessments of benefits: and for this purpose may reduce the valuations to the extent dial such valuations have been increased by reason of tills amendment. SECTION Z. The tax shall not be levied upon any property now exempted by the. Constitution from taxation. , SECTION 3. There is hereby created a Board of Equalization which shall Sjt'fess at Its market value property used in the operation of public, utilities, or such other "-property -auth- ; orlzed to be taxed by the aforesaid political subdivisions, . as the Genera] Assembly may dirert. The total assessed value nf all- public utilities shall be apportioned to the various counties, cities, incorporated towns and school districts as Is now or may hereafter be provided by law. Until such time as the assessments of property in any county are equalized at market value, the proportion of the total valuation of any utility allocated to any county, city, incorporated town, or school district shall be adjusted by applying there- (iiQ'-'the percentage of market value at which the Board determines property In therein assessed. SECTION 4. The Board of Equalization shall see that all property Is assessed which is required by law to be assessed, and to this end shall assess property which the tax assessor of any county has failed to assess, after notice and hearing by the Board. ' SECTION 5. The Board of Equalization Eha«l equalize the assessments of property in each . county at its market value, and for that purpose it shall classify property according to typp, use thereof and Income there- item, and prepare and prescribe a t&thod or formula lor use by it and the tax assessors of the various coun- . ties in determining the market value of property or classes of property; and shall reassess property not Assessed in accordance therewith, after notice and hearing by the Board. Each year whan the property In any county has been equalized at its market value as herein provided, the -Board of Equalization snail certify such fact to the county clerk;< SECTION 6. Within the time and 'manner provided py the General Assembly any taxpayer or any of the aforesaid political subdivisions affected mav appeal from any order or de- tvfcu'on of the Board of Equalization tShhe Chancery Court of the County in which the property affected Is located, except that any appeol from an order or decision affecting prop- prty of public utilities assessed by tlie Equalization 'Board shall ».e taken to thc Chancery Court of PulaPla County. The Chancery Court sball try any such cause de novo. Either party may appeal from any adverse decision of tin- Chancery fourt to the Supreme Court of Arkansas where it shall be heard do novu on the rec- l SECTION 7. The Clovernor shall ap- ' point three resident eU-eiors UB members of the Hoard of Kquulization. «*io shall respectively serve, as de- tfrmined by lot, four, eie»il and twelve years from Ihe dale of their appointment, and shall appoint a tiuc- • ccsKor of each, wiio Ehjll nerve for a term of luvlve. yearn; which appointment;;. Ini'liulina appointments in the cvuut of a vacancy, shall be •subject lo confirmation by the- Ken- ate. The members may be Impeached or removed from office as provided by Ailii-le IS of (lie Constitution. SKCT1ON 8. The tulal expenditure %for .any year for all purposes by tt»y ~ iuuntv, fily, incorporated town or 'Asclioui district, shall not exceed the ••amount of the budsct for that year, or the amount of revenue, whichever 8r lesser. "Except as may be necessary to ealisfy outstamiini; valid bonds, no au valorem tax shall be levied upon property by any county, .city, incorporated town or school district until a budget has been approved by a majority of tha qualified electors voting upon the issue. The budge shall not be submitted for approval or rejection at an election except after public notice and hearing with respect to the amount thereof. It the proposed budget is approved, the tax rate certified shall be that which Is necessary to provide the required net amount after deducting available bal- -->es and funds forthcoming from ,er sources. II the proposed oudBCt 'or any year Is rejected, then the expenditures tor the preceding year shall constitute the budget and the tax rate certified shall be that which is necessary to provide the required net amount after deducting available balances and fund- forthcoming from other PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. « BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate; a Majority of all the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: THAT THE FOLLOWING Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the. State ot. Arkansas, and upon being submitted to me electors of the State for approval or rejection at .the next general election for Representatives, and Senators, if n majority of the' electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopts such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to- wit' • • • SECTION 1. Phe Executive Department of this State shall consist of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of ytate, Treasurer of State,. Auditor of State, Attorney General, ' anq Commissioner of Slate Lands, all of Whom shall keep their offices at the seat of Government, and hold their offices for the term, of two' years and until thtir successors »re elected and qualified. . ' SECTION 2. TUe annual salaries «f such Slate officers, wliich shail be pa»i lu monthly installments', shall b? »» follow^: •-•.•-• . • .., .-. Tue Governor, the sum st f'ifteee Thousand 'Dollars- ($1».WO.OO); .the Lieutenant Governor, the sum of Thrte Thousand and Six Hundred • Dollars (S3CIW.UO); the Secretary ol -State, the sum of Seven Thousand 'and ; Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00):, the Treasurer of State, llie . sum ..-of'• Seven Thousand and' Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200 OU): the Auditor of State, the sum of Seven Thousand' and Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00): the Attorney General, the sum •• of EIHht Thousand Dollars ($8.000 00);-, and • the CumnuKslonH'r'of State. Lands,. the.;sum of Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000,00).. SECTION 3. The . above ...mentioned Stale Officers shall be elected •'.by the qualified electors ot the State al large at the time of the regular general election for voting for menir bers of Ihe General Assembly; the returns of each election therefor shall be sealed up separately and traps r milted to the seat of government by the returning officers not later than the last day of November of the year in which the election Is held, and shall be directed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The General Assembly shall ; convene ,}n special session on ..the*-/first. Monday in December'- of .the year in which the members of the General Assembly are elected and -shall -be in session for' a period not to exceed three-days, unless -called Jnto special session by the G6vernor. At such session of the General : Assembly, and .upon : both: Houses ' belne organized, the Speaker . of the . House of Representatives shall open and publish the votes cast and 'given for each of the officers hereinbefore mentioned, in the presence of both Houses of the General Assembly. The person having the highest number-ol votes for each of the respective offices shall be declared duly elected thereto; and shall Immediately begin his term of office; but if two or more shall be equal, the hisncsi in votes for the same office, one ol them shall be chosen by a joint vote of both Houses of the General Assembly, and a majority 'of. all the members elected shall b« .necessary to a choice. : ; .'; :. ,-.-. .. ,.' .•-. .. SECTION 4.' The 1 General Assembly shall meet in regular.': session- of si* 'i-.hicn •--•'•• ly increasing the supply of gamma globulin and conducting the field study of a trial vaccine against polio. This program alone is costing approximately $26,500,000. "We have in Hempstead County," Mr. Andrews $aid. "a good example ot how thft local chapter and national headquarters always have worked together. In the past, If we ran irt the reoV the National Foundation sent us whatever sum was needed to pull us out. "However, In spite of the record nationwide March of Dimes last January, we ; wound up $20,000,0001 short of our actual need. The nation did not raise enough money to do the double job ot caring for thtt year's record polio Jond ahd supporting tlie nation's fertiftHsiftg ¥oho Prevention program". This mUst be made up during the Emergency March of Dimes in August." Mi Andrews snid that patient care bills still outstanding will be paid out of the Chapter's share ot contribulions to the Emergency patt tflfeftl' fll fof years. The first Mlbll ed th areat^SMiatt,: g contraption isn't a flvn It's a Milan, Italy, inventor's device for'teaching '' plane, mounted above the car, responds to the controls 1 e a real airplane when the carrier car is moving. Copyrl 8 hH9y by Himllogi HouH, Inc. Diitribut.d if NEA S.nic. .By PHILLIPS XXII ROGERS could have done '- , up all between them. I did w resile Lopez the next week; ^^ ^ ^ ^ b . )c] . U) ^ c [ vess j !v r l ! h'6pe"'y" b ti aon'if:care' if ;I give lim win, like Ihey do me in Norfolk, or he musl be hated enough so t hey want to see h im lose, like cy do here w ith me. "You're a natural to have people like you, but fans are funny people like all people. Most men In their hearts don't like a good-looking guy with straight features and c urly hair who i s five-ten-and-three-quar- lers and lips Ihe scale at 1 pounds, besides giving w ilh the muscle. They would like to see his nose b roken or h is face scnrred or a fresh blue cauliflower hung or his ear. They want lo anticipate al that during a match, which, is why they c ome. Now when you clamper that scissors on me in seven min utes and 10 seconds, they went oui of here feeling cheated. "There's o ne other thing: If a fighter givos another fighter a r eft shellacking, c hances arc he '11 do the same every time Ihey meel, The fact that you threw me tonight demonstrated only that you're a pretty good wroslter. If sv e-'d w rn.n- tle al Harrisbtirg. I might t hrow you. I k n ow guys'I've thrown fiO lirncs and they've thrown me aa many. That's another 'reason fans say Dint wrestling's fixed—-becausej they don't sec why fellows can; pin each other so often. It is not good for wrestling f or them to think so, bul it is nn angle of this btisi- noss yoir can't explain." I hadn't thought n hoiii it thnt way b efove, so we inncle r. gentle--, men's agreement that if we were versus a sj.iin, like if seemed likely, we would give a 20-niiiuile 'exhibition before we went to work I had patched 1O nesl. -, (To Be Continued) HOPE WATERMEL01 TOMATOES SWEET CORN. Plenty of Peat RUSSELL'S CURB 901 WIST THIRD WE WON'T BE UNDERSOLD! SALE AID J^^k 1 1 ^L Every Air Conditioner In Stock Will Be So ' ' \AfUOIECAtE ¥ ™ n^^fcs**'*"' * if .. ens' shoulder had been touching, if any, a ;nd that not for any count whatever. You never., heard such booing, a nd when I took the ap- plaudils from Ihe crowd .there Wasn't even'a s ingle razzborry i n my direction. Mild, Dawn O'Day, and Benny Lefkoe were there, but not even sitting in ringside seats, which shows how nearby the joint was sold.ouW Maybe, like Ihc papers said. 2000 people were turned a way. Anyway,- Benny was s itting on o ne imic of Dawn and Milo on the other which showed like nothing else . . you a little advice. Don't think that scissors on me, as I h ave had many ascissors hung on me before and one f all ain't a winter. We h ave a good combination here and thc next time Benny puts us on together the customers w ill be back lo see if I can make a comeback." By now I'had grown used to Pan- clio a nd from thc s ofl way he w as speaking, I knew he wasn't sore. While 1 started to take a shower, he went o n talking 'You have ends, in Hot. Springs and Hope. . The General Assembly shall the means and the manner ot the preparation and determination oj the budget, the lime of holding the election and the means and manner of certWeatlon o* the tax rate. ,J&prove4 * ty (60) days, whicft neqd not be tinuous,' at ttie .seat of- government every two years on -the .first Monday in February of each odd /numbered year until said time be changed by law. The members of the: 'General Assembly shall receive as their salary the sum of Twenty-four Hundred Pol- lars ($2,400.00), except the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall receive as his salary Twenty- five Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($2,550.00), for each peripd of two (2) years payable at . such time and in such manner as the General Assembly may determine; , aijd in addition to sucn salary the members of the General Assembly shall receive Ten Cents (10O per mile for each mile traveled in going to and returning from the seat of government over Ihe most direct and practicable route; and provided, further that when snid members are required to attend an cxlrnorclinary or special session o[ the General Assembly, they shall receive in addition to salary herein provided, the sum of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per day for each day tlic.v are required to attend, ahd mile- use, at the same rate herein provided. SECTION 5. There Is hereby createu a jcint uU interim cumiuiUee of the (jentTul Assembly (o be selected frui'.i its membership,- as may be provided by law, for the purpose of cumlucl- lug research into KoyernmiMital P. 1 '** lems and making aiulits of State agencies. Tlie Cieueral Assembly shall fix the amount of per diem and expenses tf committee members and the compensation and expenses of the cuiiiiuillee's employees. SECTION 6, (a) The General Assembly shall (rum time to tine provide tor the salaries and compensation of the justices of the Supreme Court and for the salaries and expenses ot the Judges of- the Circuit and Chancery Courts fat this State; provided, that such salaries and compensation (if the justices ol. .the Supreme Court and Ihe salaries and expenses of the judges o( the Circuit and Chancery Courts shall not pe less than now provided by law. (b) The General Assembly shall by law determine the amount and method of payment of salaries to the Commissioners of the Workmen's Compensation Commission; provided, tliui the salary of any Cummissiuiiei' shall nut be less than now provided by law. (c) The General Assembly shall by law determine the amount and method of payment ot salaries of county officials. Nothing herein shall be construed as abrogating any rights of the people of the State of Arkansas undei the Initiative and Referendum provisions of the Constitution or the statutes of Arkansas. (d) Tnqt Section 93 ol Article XDi of the Constitution and Section 9 »> Amendment IX to the Constitution of the State ot Arkansas be and the same are hereby repealed. „ SECTION ft That Section » Wl Article 7 of the Constitution ol .the State ol Arkansas Is amended to read as follows: > "For every five hundred eleptyrs there shall be elected one Justice, ol {he neape, tat every township how; ever •.•mall, »h»14 h»v« tw« luspeeil o| I. Thif amejjdmeot upon tU adoption I/a'ye'rn MorHson left Monday for an': 'iiidefintely slay in Omaha, Neljraskal Mrs. dinner Gladys Weslon were the guest of Mrs Jim Glenn and her sister, Mrs. Mattie Rains of Shrevepoi-t, La., on Wednesday July 14. Mrs. Heslterly Douglas and children of. Chicago, 111., are visiting her'parents in Prescolt and relative in Hope. John Thomas Hill of Center Point died Wednesday, July 14. Funeral arrangements are incom plete. - • • . • I Theres No Gimmick No Trade Cost Sheet; This Is A Cash Price! No Insra'llqrioh^HIp, , Free Delivery In Hope. ^ **<*J$SN f *Cy «J. ALLEN ^^ ^"^"" Phone Prospect 7-2629 Legdl Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 44 BE IT KESO1.VED by Ihe Senate of tlje State ol- Arkansas and by the House of Representatives, a Majority of all the Members Elected to - Each House Agreeing Thereto: - That the following is hereby proposed «a' an amendment to the Constitution tl the State ot Arkansas, and up*n being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejtetiiqn fct the next General Election {or Representative and Senators, if a majority if .the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of ihe State of Arkansas, lo-wlt: 'SECTION 1. from and after the adoption of this amendment, the term of ciflice of Governor of the State of Arkansas shall be four years and the Governor shall not be eligible to succeed himself. Provided however, 'this amendment sliall not apply to the person elected as Governor at the General Klection to be held tu lt)5i. SECTION 2. After the effective date of tills amendment, the Governor shall be prohibited from taking an active part or using his office in favor of or against any candidate for any constitutional office in any primary. Special or General Election, except only wherp the Governor himself is a candidate, 'in which event, he will be authorized to b«s active in bis 3wn behall. A violation of this sec(Jon shall -be a misdemeanor- from which the Governor shall have no Immunity from arrest, prosecution and trial. Upon conviction, he shall be fined nol less than rive Thousand fe^df . M*l Dollars ($5,000.00) nor more Twenty thousand Opllars and ui addition thereto, =>"»v . maUcally forfeit his office and guile*, .power and authority of than the the chance to m ake iriorp d ough .than you ever made in your 1 ite before.' Righl away I felt disappointed in him, thinlwns he wanted lo bribe me so he'd win I he next-time we met. I said, "When I beea'n to wrestle. I made up my mind to be strictly on Ihe up and up and never t hrow a bout." He laughed, showing all his gold teeth. "You musl have been a college loolhixll player o r something before you took up c<runting and p.roaning. In this racket, throwing bouts is nrnctically unheard of. I'll tell you why." lie took my place in the shower and blowed out I ho water so he i-.oundcd like n sen 1 ion o r something. By tho time he was done, I was practically d reused. He said, "Rest yourself i,n I he c orncr of ihe i-,hi» 'thoi-a, while T do some explaining The trouble is that you are like a 11 t 1-1 e customers They think thnt wrostlhii should b e like boxing which il ain't. Take a boxer. How many times a -week can h e g o 10 rounds in competition? The answer is onco, rnr.ybo, and hi- oan't do thnt if he ;a-ts a shellacking. In a year he c nn take a .bout 20 hunt 1 ', and with luck he's good . for 10 vonrs. Tlv-n he's \v asl'.o.'l UP. New«- pnpevs call a follow over 30 a scared veteran." Everybody knows that boxers are sometimes punchy after their irst h Liiu-|)''d fit-jits, but 1 didn't :oe personally what it had to do villi mo. L.oppz wont o n: Now take a wrestler, Me, for nstaneo. I h nvr- b i-on w liistliiii! iinro •ypnr< : than yo\i lire o Id. 1 {ot n son pu.'hin" 30 nnd threo 'ranilehildren. N<>xt time 1 see you I'll s how y on their pictures. H'.iw v>any limrs a week do ytu Ihiu't I wrestle? Oner, a ^^•['^>k hr.'re w ith Bennv where I'm a villian. Alter- •uite Tut-sdays I'm Chief Ghocataw «t a e'.ub in Norl ! 'jlk.- vlire the riinute I a pproach tho ring, everybody stands: u p anci cheers, as there I'm a hero. Jt's a smaller place than Benny runs here, get 'a hundred a bout. Besides, 1 wrestle once in a w hiUe in Camden, under my own n a me. which is Frank oman, and get better dough" than here, even. I can wrestle five or six nights a week and throw we can give you on - I&?'* J Amorlca'a iriort •eoneniltal PJ«|tai»— fte new ford E-100 with 115-h.j). 3ix! 6H-ft. pickup box has 45-eu. ft. capacity. Fully automatic Fordomatic Drive, ga*-*aving Overdrive and Power Brakes available at extra cost. AMERICA^ MOST put option and ww i» office shall be immediately assumed by Ihe lieutenant qpyernor, iTluW- cohvtctto ehould flwlly be rWcrswl, then the Covernor shall be restored to his office- . .. -^ SECTION 3. All parts ot the Constitution ta conflict Vith this amendment be and the Wr* »am« w« hereby in a couple matinees without even feling-il. Now does thai add up lo s omelhing lo you?" I finessed tlial il did. "To slay i n business a promoter needs lo keep Ihe crowd c ommg which he d oes by pul.tiuj; guys o r hi!j cutd wno.havc a (ullpwlng, to h,|ye a tollowwig, a t9 Bring your old truck in today! It's worth of money when you * i ' trade it for a new Your old truck will never bring ygu Dealer id ready Lo pve y«ij ii' you- |»iykup. Tlie Triple Economy of Ford's Saving %m, sn4 Trip^ very firet 4ay 'of pwnerghip awl every best of s re&l bargain, see ^1 ^1^ 9 ^^^^^ i HOPE Phgne 7494! YOUR FORD PEAUR ¥ wflP^ ^F fef-* 1 !

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