The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 8, 1940 · Page 10
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 10

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1940
Page 10
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TEN THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1940. FOUR ARE DROWNED Fla, y April S S>.— Four f,, a, y Apr (S>j.— our j^ members >o£ a taimly were drowned S&mflay \vheii their skidding auto- plunged front a highway into canal, dead, were IX W. Crosby, "wife 2S; then- 5-month old iji|<luld. autl the husband's brother, 7 jDevrey Crosby, 3S, all of Miami. **> The tragedy ieit four other Cros"^ Jby. children orphans. ARTHUR DORSEY'S MARKET — Phone 215 Today's Radio Programs RE»»Y KILOWATT "The 'S 1 e c i r I: <-• e cooks' every- hotter, because it provisos th*r uiost .accurately cuntr»>Ho<] heat in Hie world, Every meal — a bit? success." NOW AT YOUR GROCERS SEE the Largest Selections of High Grade .FURNITURE in Hagerstown MEYERS &BERKSON 41-43 West Frnnkiln Street YORK, April S.—In corn- in? to th»> networks for another sponsored series each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. beginning April 30, Mis. F. 0. Roosevelt will be heard over 31 stations of the \VEAF-NBC chain. The network will extend as far west as Chicago, into New England and imo the South. Mrs. Roosevelt will discuss subjects of interest to women and on occasion will have guest speakers. The money.she receives will go to i charity. Attorney (Jenera 1 Robert H. Jackson, speakins: at the tenth anniversary banquet of Boston College | law school Tuesday niftht with a CBS broadcast. ... Among the new FENDER BENT BODY DENT HUGHES MOTOR CO, voices seeking 1 a place in American radio is that of Anita Bolster, 'now playing in a Broadway show. A'na- tive' of County Cork, Ireland, she has been augmenting her sUige appearances with an occasional dramatic microphoulng as a cockney mis*. She traces .her radio experience back to the BBC of London. Reception forecast ou Uie short waves is announced as: "Fairly Rood the first half of the week, improving to good by the end of the week." Listening tonight (Monday): rope—CBS 8:55, 11; MBS 10. Eu- -- WEAK-NBC—S Rep. V. E. Hook on "Agriculture Progress;" 8:30 Margaret Speaks song; !> Doc 1. Q.; •JtJiO Alec Templeton piano; 10 Josef Pasteriiack concert. WABC-CBS—7:30 Blondie (west 1.0:30); S--Martin & Kostelanetx; S:30 Howard-&• Shelton; 9 Fibber McGee and-Molly in "Mamma Loves Papa;" 10 Guy Lombardo. HEADACHE \VJ2-XBC — 7:15 Youth in the Toils; 8 Little 01' Hollywood; 8:30 True or "False; 9:30 liocfeeeife: Civic Orchestra; l6":30. Radio foruin. Sen. Carl A, Hatch on "Preventing: Pernicious Political Practices." MBS—7:30 Lone Ranger; 0:30 M. Gould orchestra; 11:15 Rep. M. F. Smith on "Americanism." Liquid PA pUDINE Chicken And Waffles 35c NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS By OSCAR HITT Quality FURNITURE At Low Prices! Miller's Furniture Store 31 South Potomtto Street Smartly Flattering In Larger Sixes Style Ko. 32t!3 i« designed for si/.esJG, 3«. I5S, -12, -H, -u;, 4S ;uid 50. ^ Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15 cents), Tor this PATTERN. SPRING FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept., Hagerstown, Daily Mail, 121 Nineteenth Street New York City. TODAY'S CROSS WORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1.. Stalk 5.' Vipers 9. Sort 12. Cavity 13. "Delay action 1C Regret 15. Dillsecd 16, Coming In IS. Stanza 20. Demolishes 21. Do without 23. Let it stand 25. Kindled .26. Particle 2S:, Facility 32.' Fruits ot the oak 34.-Proper condition: COllOQ. 36, Onatlomed 37-. .Ovule 53. Number •40. Close tightly 42.- Singing birds 44. Encourages 47. Greek letter 49., Influence derived from past success EL Deed* 54. Salt 55. Preceding nights 56. Chief god of ancient Memphis Solution of Saturday's Puzzle 10. Cwsccnt- Phapcd bnrrcla 11. 17. ID. Control 21. First iM«rn cut from mons-uro ~\. Accopt 17, Gro.-k mountain L"J Draws Hi), .search 3S. ^7. Type mt-nsure ilS. Impetuous 59. Princely Italian family DOWN L V\'il-1 ph^rp or India J. Unit ...! weight 3. Hoisti n.C S. !ntimnl;< ten <"> Most rational S. CtiWo 4 Down 33. Musical cli;<ractcrr Not busy Funeral or.i lions 11. Compound other 43. On pine •41. Part of a church 45, Outsrr coatlnp of cereals 4S. Fit Ml Tho hfrl' evo r-C. Make l.nco 53. Pronoun 33 41 So 23 II WELL 7 GUE^S THAT AIN'T THE !DEA-TH£ OL' PETERS MOViN' OUT Y\ YA CAIN'T HARDLY ] OL' COOT'S RGNNlN' OUT; TO HIS BARN T' GST AWAY FROM THAT PRESSMAKIN' AIN'T HELPIN' US NONE,^ BLAME HIM FER LEAVIN'US FELLERS SETTlN' HERE T' PAY FE^ ALL O' THEM PRESSES MYRA'S HAKiN' THE WOMEN FOLKS // W W\\-/ -AND IT WAS PRACTICALLY A GENTLEMEN^'AGREEMENT AMONG THE BOYS THAT PETER5 WASN'T GOING TO LEAVE THEM HOLP/NG THE Wx! THE 5ELF-APPO1NTEP COMMITTEE HUSTLED RIGHT OVER TO PETERS,PRlME-P FOI^ A PROTEST RALLY/ 7 What to expect Tuesday: Eu- x*?!Z ^TBC S A. M.; CBS 8 A. M., '4:30 P. M...... WEAF-NBC—1:30 Nature Sketches; 3:15 Ma Perkins; G Program from Mexico. WABC- CBS—12 Noon Kate Smith comment; 4:15 p. in. Of Men and Books; 5:45 Scattergood Baines. LOCAL QUOTATIONS Furtjishec by Kline Bros., Benevola Local Prices Paid Producers Wheat (at mill) $I.OG Wheat (at barn) 1.05 Corn (at mill) .. bbl. .95 Onioue . per bu. 75c Butter Ib. 20c to 25c Country Ham (old) Ib. 25c Country Ham (new) Ib. 15c to 20c Chickens Ib. 15c to 16c Springers Ib. loc Lard Ib. 5c Shoulder Ib. 15c to 20c Potatoes No. 1 bu. $1.00 (Prices Paid Farmers) Country Bacon . Ib. lOc to 12c Eggs' doz. I5c Dried Apples Ib. 5c Eating and Cooking Apples' bu. 50c to $1.00 Walnut Kernels •... 35c Dried Corn Ib. 7%c to lOc Turkeys (live) Ib. 14c to 20c Walnuts in hull bu. $1.00 Evs'ry Mon., Wed. & Fri., WJEJ 10:45 A. M. ' KAY JEWELRY THE CHICKEN ~TH)EJ= S^iO^A/ ^ BHCAMH A PERFECT TARGET T=OR THE L.OCAL_ SHARP SHOOTERS NA7MHN THE SN CV^ DJSAPPEAREO LAST A\\<^MT COPYRIGHT. I940. KING FEATURES SYNDICATE. >"<:, WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED POPEYE Ship Ahoy, Sailor! VJELL, A FIRST TJME FOR SHIPS AND PEOPLE TOR COUNTLESS £S. KOME HAS EVER DEPARTED AFTER YEARS, YOU'RE GOIM8 TO UPSET A RSTORCAL FACT? I YAM GOMER SAGASKER, IF ATS w^ATc^^ AAEfXM ., HE IS GOING TO LEAVE SAOASKIA AW, GNATS/ HER! KEH! <v\AMY OTHERS RAVE TKOUGrAT TKEY WERE GOING TO LEAVE World nghts resent Copr, 1940, Kinc Fcaturia Syndicate, Inc. SCORCHY SMITH By JOHN C. TERRY COME AND GE you COMIC-OPERA BUFFOONS IS WAY BLOCKED Y TWO GUARDS, SCORCWY RESORTS TO A PARING TO REACH THE CAPTIV6 VV&NDV ANP ZORA... BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray BRICK HAS CALLED AT THE SALISBURY RESIDENCE TO ESCORT JUNE TO THE THEATER- THERE IS A KNOCK HE OPENS THE DOOR HI/HI/GRITTIN6S/ IS PUFFESSOR SILLYBURY USSP!KKING,WODOUBT -YES-HUH? i NO-fAY NAME IS BRADFORD-WHAT DO YOU WANT? r HA/HA.'JOKE-YES.'VIRRY FONNY-YOU SILLYBURY- THIS HIM WIGWAM-SO YOU HIM-YES/ BUT I AM-NOT MR. SALISBURY -WHAT IS THIS, A GAG? O.K/OK/BUFFING YOU NOW.' YES/THIS CHIEF KAY-FAW- WALK-EE-JIG6LE,MINNIMG ' UNITED STATES "CHIEF ETERNAL MOUNTAIN'7 MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP ' EFFIE I WAMT >OU TO AAEET MY AG<3RkSAT»OM, WE a/AWSVlLLE BEAVERS'. BOYS THIS tS > TME LITTLE GAL WITH THE GOOFY ttTCHIN'MMD-UP...THAT I'VE &EEMTELLKVOU ABOUT n. n\\ f/A /SAY LlSTEM ( *POWER-HOU9e"YOURE MOT TR.YIM' TO TELL US THAT THIS IS THE KID THAT RAMMED VOU 1M THAT SAMD-LOT • ^AME THE OTHER DAV, AREYA? DIDM'T MEAM, : DIDM'T KNOW WHO HE WAS FORGET rr, KID IME TO XSH 15 COAMNGl

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