Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 15, 1954 · Page 32
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 32

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1954
Page 32
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mWi^f-- <" "/•» '**-»/ 3 >V'V ' »y. _» , • , .f H 0 P t STAR* HOPE* ARKANSAS I., Y. Ui cb&£ti Jftflifed'"lite political ?',,«'.«& fcatidh's. V.'lhd up with xvlth ft vast r rLu • Jersey, €). Men ' pf-J^Chlgan atid ol ^/jieiapi to- thti foiofror.t JeratlS fmrnde W poten j presidential candidates fiaBjg&j^nors, who often it£party'* 'hfttnlnee, hid a blanket a,.» t y,..,,, Ji-esldent Eisen fe/|ijJH»g to be a candidate _...je xrt/tfieni MHcd the cor HE/|lhe*'<»VeHet to make it " 'Ivately that they would no ;<i to being considered ta It the President should ..-t it> rifri again. ISi'Vanfeuard 1 ot- these' \ Wf Willianlj' OA Strfctton o p tjirijed away direc hls r futtire aspira r _ ..jusly-, wasn't ver; $|fithOfi0 who asked. t> unsettled politioa trie conference, how lfed,a l tnan who twic as beefi-the 1 Hepublican prcsidon- ial nomfoee &nd whose friends hink he wtfuld like to haVc a third h6t at the grand prize — Gov. WiSflS fi, Dewey of &PW York. fiewey fiasT been an affable host o this conference and nothing more. Be said flatly he won't talk about the possibility that as might ru.i for a, fourth, term ns 'overnGr of New York in Novem- >er. Among those who kriow him )est. Dewey wns pictured as not 'inally decided. Mis friends said he doesn't waht to run and would ike to retire • to-private la\V prnc- Ice, believing .that the pfesideii ial lightning is as likely to strike dim there as in elective office On the other hand there are those rlosC to him who believe [hat in the end his name will be !ound on the state ticket in November. He might be opposed by Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. or Mayor Robert F. Wngncr «lr. of New York, credited hero with beicfi among the most likely Democratic nominees. The outnumbered Democrats among the governors have bce'i getting the most political attention at this conference — which publicly has concerned itself primarily With a'long-range and somewhat confusing debate with Eisenhower over Whether^ the States or federal government are to build a proposed new transcontinental system of highways. Because the area of visibility is narrow, it may be hundreds of years before: any one place on the earth has a total eclipse of the sun. • Lake Erie is 240 miles long and 57 miles wide. • > Court to Rub on Case of Fasting Twins LOS AN.GELES wT~ Tho fastinj? Finn twins learn today if it's food for supper or just the 2;irrt day of a starvation strike. The U. S. Circuit Court of Ap peals is slated to - rule on an appeal foi- bail for Iho twins, who were sentenced- to a year's jail term for interfering with a government olficer. The 40-year-old identical brothers, protesting agaittst the "injustice" of their sentence and the government's sci/ure of their war surpius. transport plane, have vowed to sliurf" food until they die or are released. Whatever the outcome, the case of, the Flying Finns lias become. lh<- biggest human interest story locally in maViy a .''car. Los Angeles newspapers report on the' brothers' starv.ition rigors with banner hoadlinca. Finn fan clubs spring up. Auto stick ers with "Hurry up and help the Finns" have appeared on the highways. In Bakersfield money is being collected to help them. Charles weighed 130 at the start of the fust and George, 130. Their latest weights arc 112 and 111. The Finn case started v. ith pur- Chase of a C4G from a school district near Bakersfield. where it had been used as a classroom. The Finns spent several thousand dollars reconditioning it and flew It 18 months. The government then "FIJI WITH COUPON BELOW! 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DOROTHY DIX Youthful Husband Dear Miss Dix: Three months a- 1 ! go after knowing Alec for almost a year. I found I was pregnant, and we were married. I am 17, he is 21. Now his whole altitude toward me! has changed. He seldom takes me out, has no apparent interest in the coming baby and refuses to give up the companionship of his unmarried friends. He doesn't -realize that he has responsibilities. T want so much to make our marriage a success and to have a happy home for our baby, but I seem to be getting no co-operation from my husband. How can I make him appreciate the seriousness of the situation? - ADELE G. Answer: It is-one of my deepest convictions and the one with which most readers disagree — that the wife is fundamentally responsible for the success or failure of any. marriage. However, in no instance is this contention more marked than'in situations such as yours. Obviously the young man entered matrimony unwillingly. After all, hac he been possessed of any true' love for you, any sense of responsibili ty, or any principles, he would have offered marriage before you be came pregnant. The facts.speal for themselves. That you succeed ed in getting him to marry you a all was a triumph Having accom plished that, you have a very good chance of going all the way iiijmak ing your marriage work, but ijt wil take time. You can't expecjt t break down a man's resistance toi responsibility in the course of a few weeks or months. However, you will soon have the help of your baby — i'or few fathers can resist thg demands of their offspring. Her Specific Jpb Alec probably regards you now as a jailer who is trying to keep him from all fun, but in his b'alJy? he'll ^ee a very good reason.,wlvr he must settle down and begins provide, Your specific job at the moment is to make marriag&SSs at- ti active to him as possiblqXJH you have your own home, iru\M| it a place- he'll enjoy; if you dQag have; your own home, Uy to l |||t one soon, even if it's only a tinyjfepart- ment Bo sine Alec has a.jg|>re m creating a real home out "c ever surroundings, you find, and let it dawn on him that marriage is a wonderful thing i'or everyone concerned -r- husband, wife . and hild. I'm sure that' with' patience nd understanding, you'll overcome tie initial error. Democrats Plan Recoup in Virginia RICHMOND, Va. (If} • The task of recapturing two o f Virginia's seats in Gongress from -the Republican was handed to Ernesl iHobertspn and John C. Wehb both members of "the-House of Del egates by Democrats yesterday in .primary- elections in the 6th and ICth districts. Robertson a 39-year-old Roanoke County salesman with six years' experience in the State Legislature was the somewhat surprising winner over Powell Glass Jr., Lynchburg newspaper publisher and grandson of the late U. S. Sen. . Carter Glass. A third candidate in the race, Dr. J. Carl Pomdexter. Salem College professor, was no factor. Webb. 33, a Fairfax attorney and newcomer to the Legislature this year, topped a field of four in the northern Virginia 10th with his closest opposition coming from Dean Brundage, 30, an Arlington Hight School teacher. Two other attorneys in the race, J. Ay alter White and Charles Lewi.3 Knight, were also-rans. ;.•: .<, : . . • When Associated 'Press tabulation of the vote was halted with 196 of the 6th's 206 precincts reported, the vote waj Robertson, 5,982; Glass 4,699; and Poindexter, 936. Complete unofficial returns from the lOth's 104 precincts showed Webb. 4,696; Brundage, 3',741 White 1,247; and Knight. 715. In 1952 the GOP captured three of Virginia's 10 seats in Congress in the Eisenhower ssveep. Robert son will go against Republican Rep. Richard Poff in November Webb will try to unseat .Rep. Joe Broyhill (R-Va.) the first congress man to represent the new 10th The Democrats nominated Sherii Pat Jennings of Smyth ; Count several months ago to take o n th third Republican 1952 winne Rep. William C. Wampler of th southwest 9th District. 'The seven Democratic Virgin) congressmen had no primary 01 position although at least four o them face .opposition in the gen 1 Ib. Can Swift's Allsweet ~ Margarine^ 29c i ib; Pkg. SOIL 24 oz. Pkg. IVORY SOAP 2 l °£l 27c IVORY SOAP 9e Medium Size IVORY SOAP Persona I Bars Ivory Snow 30c Large Pkg. IvoryFlakes 30e f Large Pkg. Camay SOAP i t I' u-r-i .* i< ces STAM P6! Plus-Valuable Yes, you save TWO ways at Piggly Wiggly ..;. 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Although she's married, site comes to our lome several times a week, telling us what to do, critcizing everything ^n the house — then borrowing money from her dad. I'm. so fed up I'm ready to leave him, though I am 64 years old. Mrs. B. Answer: Breaking up your home at your age would be, in my opinion a foolish move. Your home life may npt be perfect — few homes are — but the" certainty of loneliness isn't very attractive either. Try to be a bit more assertive; that might remove many of the difficulties. Since your husband and you get along very well, except for this one problem, you'd be better off to learn to endure it, rather than risking your married happiness because of one snooper . and a school official said today will be admitted academic requirements are met They are the first of their race to seek admission tothe school. Dr. R. 0. Bachmann, registrar at the Pharmacy School, didn't identify the registrants by name but did say that one was from Little Rock, the other from Pine Bluff. The men "will be accepted" if they meet the school's requirements, Dr, Bachmann sad. CRISCO Shortening Large Qfi£. Bottle Ov/V,. P & G SOAP : 2 Large -jy^ Bars I / V KEN-L-RATION 2 llb - Cans BETTY CROCKER BISQUICK THRIFTYiSTRAW- BERRIES 40 Or. Can lOOz. Pkg. 49c 23c GOLD MEDAt: FLOUR GOLDEN AGE SODA WATER r SPARKLING - DEL- CIOUS-IN A BIG 12 OZ. CAN . ... . . . . The Pure Bleach - PUREX : Pint Bottle PIGGLY WIGGLY TOP QUALITY M EATS V if ffc. '*• Dear Miss Dix: Last summer a neighbor had a very attractive nephew visiting her for the summer. We were very friendly, and had some nice dates. However after he eft, he didn't even write me. Now ;e's coming back for a few months and I'd like to know how to act toward him. T - GAnswer: Greet him warmly and pleasantly, ask him how he's been luring the past year, how he's done at school, tell him you're very glad to see him again and perhaps invite lum for Sunday supper. Then let him take over. If he does ask for dates, accept, but don't _ give up your year-round pals. Continue dating other boys. Summer interludes are very fragile things on which tp tiy to biuld a permanent ronv began action to get it back^hold ing that the contract withC the school district borbade its resale lor ance. Negroes Apply at Pharmacy School UTTLB ROCK MB T- Two JjJegro m,en students Jiavp applied fpr admission 1,9 the U»iy?r?jty o| Aj• --- of jy^ffnasy j(\er,e WE WON'T BE UNDERSOLD! SALE r Of New 1954 AIR CONDITIONERS ^ Every Air Conditioner In Stock Will Be Sold At '**. WHOLESALE - PRICE Theres No Gimmick No Trade See Manufactures ^ Cost Sheet, ' This Is A Cash Price! No Installation! No Terms Free Delivery In Hope, ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 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