The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1934
Page 2
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FACE TWO BLYTHIVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS wiio has been critically ill lor a oiilli, is unchanged today. Mrs. J. D. Porii, of Osceola, •as the guwl oj Mr. and Mrs. Joe . Pride SWIliay, Mrs. C. J. Crar.i Is scrlouuly ill at her home on West Walnut .Social Calendar TUESDAY'S KVEHTB City Council P. T. A. meeting, 9:30 n.m. . , Tuesday Contract club meeting with Mrs. M. A. Isaacs. Mrs. \V. C. Illggimo urmving Uic Ycung Matrons Bridge cluu. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. W. J. Pollard having Wednesday Bridge club. Delphian meeting at Hotel Noble, 9.30 a.m. Bible slurty ol Church of Chvlsl meeting with Mrs. n. S. Sliellon THURSDAY'S EVENTS Thursday Luncheon club meeting will) Mrs. Hoss D. Hughes. , Mrs, Harry W. Unities enter, "talning Mid-Week Bridge clul). U. D. C. meeting with Mrs. \V M, Taylor. The Central Ward P. T. A. executive board meets at 3:20 I'. M. in Miss Outlaw's vooni. Mrs. F. D. iloynci entertaining 'Ihursdny Contract club. SATURDAY'S EVENTS County Council, Home Demonstration clubs meeting nt Woman's club lor nil day meeting beginning a'. 10 a. in. To Wear With Spring Hat Driver-Ujstun. The marriaee of Mrs. Jan Vandcrvoort Driver of Chicago, formerly of Osceola and 1'ara- gould, lo Dr. A. E«slun, Chicago pediatrician, will be solemnized Saiurday, March 10. The ceremony will be pcrlormi'd at. the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Vnndervooit, al 4:30 o'clock in the alicrnoou and Mrs. Vandervoort will be hostess to a smaj 1 group of intiimitu /iTCnds of the couple nt n bnffel supper following the ceremony. Mrs. Hale Jackson of Osceola, and Mrs. Necly Bowen of Memphis, sisters of the bride, will leave early in the week for Chicago to attend the wedding. B, V. P. U. Tracing School, O;-cm Tonight. . The ! . annual Mississippi counl> B. Y. p. U, Iraliilne seliool opens cveiiinf. . 7 o'clock, at • Uic First Baptist cluirVh. E. K. Lee o£ Dallas, Texas, soulhwlde B Y. P. U, secretary, Miss Edna Simmerman of I'aragould, assistant B. Y. P. U. director or Hie chrrcli there, anrt Mrs. J. 1 Newsoiu, of Hie Second Unptls dvircb. here, compose the faculty which will • conduct ivo period ench evening interspersed with • devotional and recreational perloc ' Mr. J,<;c will address the hlgl schcoi assembly lomonow on 111 subject "Pigs".' Taylor-Elliott. Announcement has been mud of the marrlnge of Miss Ruby El liotl and Fred Taylor, both here, which occurred H'bruary '24 The Rev. S. M. Watson offlcintei • * • HolInwiy.Rldft. Miss Wiltner Ridge and Fvc liolloway, both of here, were unit eil in marriage FetWiary 24 by the Hev. S. M. Watson. . » * * Nancc-Spirey. The marriage of Miss Liiclle Spirey and R. H. Nance, both of Leachyiile, occurred In this city February 24 with the Rev. S. M. Watson performing the ceremony. Nichols _. Mrs. Mary Dcboard and C. R. Nichols, both of Leachville, were united in marriage February 23 The service was read by the Hcv, S. M. Watson. . , • * * Smi IbcraUM-aiorjjn. Aniioiuicenicnt lias been made of the marriage of Miss IZubj Morgan and Dallas Smithcrnmn bolh of this city, who were united in marriage February 20, by Jus ticc E. D. Walker. Bits q/ Nttis Mostly Personal Vcrnoii Wi|gliw, who. Has been ul CCC c»mp at Warren, Ark- has returned home. Max B. R*ld Is attending to business in Walnut Ridge today. Mlv> Blossom Christopher {pen ihe weekend In t §t, Louis. Tom Neal Simpson spent tin week-end in Dyersburg, Tepa. Marcus Evrard Is attending chancery court In Corning, Ark., today. Mrs. Harry liamb> nnd son, Billy, left Saturday night lor Springfield, Ui., where, they will spend a month with Mrs. Hamby's daughter, Mre. Lawrence Burnr,, who recently underwent s goiter opora- llon. The condition of W. B. Williams, cclfture tn wear with y our Sluing hat Is Iht one pictured i re, with wide waves, tiny curls UV ALICIA HAKT There's much tnlk In fashion ivcln nboiil variations ol the ir nnd other spring bonnets cover only one small £j)0t n'thc right slilD oi your head. So el's have a bcuiity talk about colf- ai.d » vertical roll at the bark. U'.TS lu wear v/ith these little, wisps oi straw and felt. Unir Is shorter tills season iloblKii locks nro cllpixd ijniti hifih on Ihe nccl: and long coif I lien nre arrnnsed up on Ihe bacl "f the head Instead of in low, ila Miss Virginia McCatl, of 8t. Louis, who arrived, ten days or » visit, with Mrs. A. M. Bint, A'ill remain her* u>>lll next Monday. She formerly made her homo hi this city. Mr, and Mrs. Samuel P, Nouls l];u! <is their guests last evening Mr. and Mrs. Frank Y. Love and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Stewart. ol Jwieslxiro. Miss Marguerite Dolen returned last evening Jtom Jone&boro where tlie spent, the weekend. She. formerly lived there. Mrs. 0. J. Cox left last nighl lor St. Louis on a buying trip for (lie New Economy Shop, Miss Geneva Slalllngs has vc- tun:ed from McCrory, Ark., where she spent a week. Miss rs'iia Flo Thompson, who attends Joncsboro Baptist college Jonesboro. spent, the weekend Vl llQIllC, O. W. Lewis .who has been 111 trora Influenza for two weeks, is now up. Mrs. Lewis, who became 111 several days ago, Is fillli cw- llned to her bed. Miss Goldle Leg, of Wnlnut rliughlcr, Miss Mildred, 'Oi'er the E. E. Alexander has returned :iom Lltlle Rock whsrc lie al- ;ci)dcd lo business for Mis. N. H. niioadcs Lois Akin have returned from Ci-iro, 111., where they assisted In MONDAY, MARC1I5, loa.J I r» 1 - f-> „.., i lhc brakcs - «- "turned with I i l$(lCk 10 CtdrCCtf (information Hint the ear had < 1 •**"•**"" jvelopctl a shorl-circult and bun itre lie al- i >r tWO <l n S'i.. « a ".« »''">! I a revival meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Ed McGregor, Mrs. G. E. McGregor and Miss S°ra McGregor spent the weekend in Memphis. Alvtn Huffman, Jr., returned ;o Mississippi college at, Clinton, Miss., Saturday after luvlug inv vltrgone an operation at the Memphis ISaptlst hospital. Mr. an Mrs. Jiike Huilman accompanied iiim 10 Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Worsley, utto wore married Tuesday, have m-ivKl lo 130'J West Main street. Itieir marriage followed: the fjram- in;f of a divorce to Mr. Worelcy's Ic'-iner wife. Mrs. Mclzlna Hayes. who hus been m;mled to him for H years. Hldge, was the houseuucst oi Miss Stalliui-;:; over Ihe week- mis on the ntex. The ujjxL hnporUul coiisldcrn-, irn 1& curls. YO'l'rc going to scJ, 'J; lore ami morp of them as Easter i l ''™' ... ,. ,. , ,, wronchcs. Lltlle round flat curls! Mrs - Hllntcr c - Slnls alllj - Mrs ' le with wlilu waves and combina-i ^iv; of bolh are chic. Todny we concentrate on :i (.Iffurt- for .iliouldcr-lcn$lh hair vlilch emphosl/es Ihe two Imperial iwlius alre.idy mentlon-jd. ihe lialr is p.irled high on the i(,hl s|(lc n.iid the back Is rolhd ir.d pinned, not strnlyht acros-i .c Ijp.cli of the hrad but vertically om nape of neck to crown ol icad. The roll is soft and fasi- encd with invisible plus. There Is one wide wave on 'he left side uiiil a very small one im the right. From Hie wave dftwr.- vard on both -sides the hair is .ir- In tiny curls that are also securely. Is very flattering with n Diminutive, imt that shows prac- litnlly the entire head and also very good feu- evening when ine wtars nn Alice i» Wonderl-.utii '.'andean of tortoise shell sludd-m vllh tlireo large pearls. " "The Proper Thing" pinned 'lilts Ftojd White arc spending today in Memphis. Mlis JeJisle Srite, who -has been III for a month, wus admitted n the Blytlievilh hospital today. Mr. anil Mrs. B. A. Lynch returned Bivturday night from lloi Si'rliies where they spent two necks and attended Ihe races. .Mrs. Margaret Dcen is In Memphis today and tomorrow lo iil- lenil (he Beauty Trade show a! :>ip Hotel Peataiy. She was iic- I'limpanied by Mrs. John Dcsn, ol Horncrsville, Mo. Mmes.. Mattle Brycnas. Virgil Williams and Oinnils Urownine arc fliwnding ii few days in Hot Svit'Uips attending the taces and v'Uting friends. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Moore aic spending Ihe wfck-end in "Should a woman permit strange i :u-n on the same tniiti or bus to converse with hci 1 , or lo take! her to meals?" It ts not improiXT for a ivon:nn 10 converse briefly about, the trip, tf.e scenery, 1 or «:uch inatlers v.-ilh courleoiis men siie may encounter on n (rip. She should nr>t encourage such an ucquain- U'lcc by accectiin; an invitation to a ineal, unless the acquaintance 'i- established by mutual friencl- s'llps to sucl\ a de?rce Hint she !"• certain the man is one she AoulU care to have as v\ guest iii lier own home. If you CMC! o you may decline attentions from it stranger but on long trips I Chocolate Ice Cream Saved Caih Drawer WASHINGTON* (UP)—Sinici; m t):e fare with n quail of chotol.ue ice cream, a sneak Uiicf lusuiy ;gavi! up Ills idea of robbii: a M IS JM. I. Saunders' ice-cream parlor i Tiie ihief, who had previously robbed the casii drawers of two I other similar establishments. i>n- Icred -Mrs. Saundc-rs' stoiu um 1 , ordered .some ice cream. While telling the ice en-vim. Mrs. Saumters turned to fiml \\:-.n laiupcring with ihe cash drasu-i t>o she o]>e;iod fire fiom behiuii tlu- counter. Her aim was goud. Ket-il IVJlcrfiiu-l WASHINCiTON i III'; - '1'hoii- -•••;;i::(s of wild water fcwl Hieing -suirvullon along ihe n-tbiitaries i-f Chi'sape.ike Hay nnd the lower Totoimic River mv licing fed with i Jin furnished by Hie. Utolo-iical •ev, Ihe Maryland Slalc eamu anil pleasant, iliicsn'l E!IC?—Mynia i- acircss. la (Jlciurcd u l.or return to Los An- -oi'i a month's "hide- vvcai!"u lu Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Michie end Mrs. Sid. Michie, of Micola, Mo., visited Mrs. Nora Cudd and 'here is no occasion lo repulse r-sual conversation on ycncrnl' "II an actiiKr.nluncc is met al the station or on ;i train, sliculd he be allowed to buy lic'ftels. pay lips, or perform other attentions?" A woman ma> - iKrmil a male Jrlcnd to buy her tickei and clicck her bagyase, but should en paying him for (he He may properly assume tips. Fire Destroyed Plan Of Court for Evidence MILWAUKEE tUP) — A cir.irgi of reckless driving against Eddie Grcenwalri. 27, golf professional has been dismissed for lack of . deuce. "My brakes suddenlyl went ba<l. Gvcenwald tokl the judge n e.s iug the accident which re suited in his arrest. An officer was sent to iusiicc Chest Colds .... Best treated without "dosing" .:uly Went To Taking CAHIHJI Ami WHS Helped For severe periodic pains, cnimiu • nervousness, liy Cardul M-IIU-II r many women have praised, favorer fifcy year.-). Mis. Dora nuu- ran, of Science Hill. Ky., wiles: 'Pevf-rnl years ago. when 1 \vns .onclnng school, I got run-down •:;ul suflcrctt Intensely during men- ,lruaiion pencils. I took cavtlui '-.ud was all right ;igain. Alter I married, when I !elt all rundown and was irregular, 1 alwavs resorted lo Cardui ami was helped." ...H may l.-e fust whal you need. Thousands of women tostifv Ctir- iliii Ijcncnted [licin. If it does not benefit YOU. consult a physician. —Adv. ;}< Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance UTICA, N. Y. (.UP)—Nine par- rakeets received here, from California were put to/lealh by order j of them died o! psitlicosis, or par- 1 lot fevpr. | CARD OK THANKS The family of the late Mrs. W. D. Jones Is very eralcfiil to all of their friends for the s^ioni! In the'r recent bereavement. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Quick Belief, or ion Only Fay When Satisfied If you suffer from High Blood Piessure, dizziness, 'ringing in the ears, can't sleep at nights, feel v;eak and shaky, bad taste, nerv- tus. If your heart pounds and you fear a paralytic stroke, lo cemonstratc Dr. Hayes' prescription we. will send you postpaid, a regular $1 treatment on absolutely FREE TRIAL. While U is non-specific, many cases report remarkably quicV relic!; often symptoms diminish and normal bleep returns within 3 days. Contains no salts, physics, opiates or dope. Bale with any diet. PAY NOTHING UNLESS GREATLY IMPROVED. Then send 51. If not improved your report cancels Uiarge. Write Dr. Hayes Ass'n. 6213 Coates, Kansas City, Mo. —Adv New Spring GEORGIA In a Special Offering that Will Bring Thousands of Thrifty Fashionables to Our Store Tomorrow * . • . Be Here! $^95 /$?'<§• W &-\ • Or -«i They're fresh . . . they're new Vrr they've just arrived ! Everyone of these nationally famous GEORGIAN A Wash Frocks is truly a - , splendid value. You'll be amazed at the assortment . . . the extensive variety of fetching spring fashions . . . and the interestingly low prices should induce you to buy at least several of these frocks! Vs l .. 'XVv ' v " : " - * 'i-* "' •••'" ' Mm^^KM is*' & Every version of the Spring Mode is embodied in this lovely assortment of GEORGIANA Frocks! Broadcloths! Shirtings! Corded Cloths! SiZES 14 to 54 OKUM A Raw Milk • • Rraaa 74 • ' Craig's Dairy The FAMOUS Joe Applebaum _J -. via £110 16 -4* Choose from o complete Assortment of patterns, colors and color combinations! Checks! Polka Dots! " , Lace end Fancy Trim*! SIZES 14 to 54 The FAMOUS Joe Appkbaum

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